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Longton Signal from Longton, Kansas • 2

Longton Signal from Longton, Kansas • 2

Longton Signali
Longton, Kansas
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i FIRE! riRt! CAPITAL STOCK PAID UP S157.000. Hrgerdie of toe per cent, taxes are alwata coowidetrd burden, but taxea which Would furnish to a cou munity prtp-t fire protection should not be mosidrred. Ten to twenty Leof ton bj $20,000 Coon, gratlen aad Tare of fcer Largest aad Best lllib-s Destrej ed. W. 8.


XX. RRI-CK KS It DO Aaslstant CatLlrr, 34 Aasistaot Cashier. or twenty-five tbuud d4 lam Invest I EfcrfWt at IU frwiafc-oerre Ml LiMjtfaMB, KeaiM, a aeatl fttatl nHvr. rVSLUBXa OS II1 ajkCS. UU TOM C.

tOrEL.VXI, roxtrrox. i i KANSAS. ed lo bonds tr suen purioaa wouia supply our little city wtut excellent Our joung people cannot get a better preparation for buines than at Ititner Commercial College, tl Joseph, Mo. Tasas J4 Im-w Wkita Ttna Is eallniUNt ba liar tisie. Uwaetey say sseM a teiwasae a Ike inie aclkt Ia4iais.

Tku rrear. seal wm aw a saa-atrs te teceifiag a tare i(kiTaUee Ow eaia I' Boats, aa4 fceaej af all kta4s Is as-lie. I tit I Trt-, vwwalee Uat fa lias freai Ckiewgs krt. rtk, llaae sad Csltsaioe aas rvce.Uf bsr eel daw eearty aa oaf, via eaia BwaM. Tkreafa fire prot-cuoo aod enable with an organised and drilled ouoipaoy to at least prevent the spread of fire.

Ktea lk Latl fteateaa Ylraa a Fear Seer Or4ra tlaxlt UcMnOUtA, ii t.rmtl -mi honk a(Ml lidfr ot Om Te. If ttl JUtbc. 2sl I paoy could have saved V. K. While'e mi M.rtta.

A dock twa o'clock Tuesday roornlnr IM- ucsaay rooming. gooa $tihesi4Ma set said la eiteanea. im reservoir oo the mound In the north or powtibly a few mloulea before that are eot proi ily imn at tte abeve naJere ilitnit. Oaty west part of town, with water main l(t, UaMiiiutii.Ul be st toe foliee wjt rsa time 1. II.

litgirers happened to ob serve signs of fire in Oust. Anderson Tessa aaaalsg tkraack tk teaatifal Ok l. year and hydrant lo tb principal part of the city at least, and a hose reel will) HOWARD STATE BANK, HOWARD, KANSAS. -i-natlxoxizeca. $250,000.

moats Tare rVmce Pajcru at FrUitta. two stry ttose butldUig oo the comer of Kansas ATeuueacd Fifio stmt. aluiwi any soft of ofgaoltaiion, of Cesslry. far fsrtker lratie lkHr of local treat, sdJrvs U. Ktcktast U.

I. A T. Tika. Ja. J.

Byres, A. ii. I. A T. Ckwaga.

Ilk, tral large cittern wllii porn good and at mc prucecdrd to give I lis AiertiaiBf rates uul laeaa afpil chemical tog lue or other apparmio HB. tAdeertlaeaaseta may aal alarm. Before assistance airlred the fire had gained headway very rapidly and the fltmM bten to efeuot fHtlli pumping and tbrowtog water wouia east the city much lea than wa con iae. latrt. OaiicWH.

at eet err l.MWMM'ImiMutU Miwnt.) aHl beeaarjrel Mr a from the vtttdaw over the etairwav mm a fiimi tut a sumed by our late fire, and beanie, we wooid have it in readteeaa lor a second aod dcalruction of tba satire builUing emergency. It mhtbt be a grand idea INCORPORATED 1SS6. was certain. Abe only eTvrt waa aod paying Investment to eater into save the goods from J. F.

limit's geoer- BAILBOAO TOO. TABLE. T. 8. K.

Division. cupartnsrsuip with the Southern Kan at mercbaoatae sum e. bat liltle hvad way waa maUe In tnat direction until aka retime! company for the porpoae of bullUlajr a rood reservoir oo tbe ir aka eels fceee e-nv mm eaefcl eel r-ISel k- eet fWlaeil'a em aa weakt btcM ae f-at ae t4 laa-e ew Itaea. It im a erae4 tvetaalr lerce ae4 alt rat-rw I'mM. a-e iikMael aaiaa la-aaece.

II Sre iioa a trete mr -wMI eMalme. Il am nr. MMMWfT Rane imiImi aaHl a aaetevl aa tea Ikr-ti ae4 11MM4 le tear vol ierlee rMW ea aa aewat4i raara ea-arr, laaaily rmm ba artnvno it if ee Vmrf baee eatae. Tty H. ritca reaia.

4 kt llelaMa. raala. DOES A GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS. the raad names had bari throuati tb TrataSe. I isr-m.

bMMad ana patting; in power to keep a supply of water fr emergencies aod cviliojc in the rear end of the store aod almost lnaiaotly the room waa filled eotao wur. reurrl use. tr let the city put in wun nre ana smoae, wnen It was TralaXe. depart (Ata. toe work ana rent water privilege to dwiKi iteceasary to turn attention to the rail.

oad company and many of W. U. Whlte'a general merchandise store In the next boiktlog urtn. lie- oar people who would gladly pay for aaaaa a. rkaca.

swl. 1:1 CtULStKtm Ccr-ot wmu saar. rrmXnX.i)S. tet w. r.

rtAC. water coooeclioo. Tbe rldSAl. aev- fore the wuotien awning which extend- FLACK A FLACK, ca along the front of the threw store era! month go dvoeated lb adoption of tout kind of fire protection ru.arta a. tiS, SaSS 3 coua war.

buildings couid be torn away the Physicians and Surgeons tirricc at nttntxcE. system and now a vroiud or ehouid Directors D. H. Foster, Hamilton, N. C.

Ii. BIglow, Sprinfidd, Mass; Jona Travilla, Westchester, Pa: E. J. Footc, Trenton. N.

G. IL Haines. S. J. Haines.

W. S. Lambert, J. Q. Burch-field and A.

W. Kirby, Howard, Kans. Keyaton Natewtal Rnk, Ihlladlphla, First National Rank, WcttOiteter, First aliocaJ Hank, Lmport, rwanaaa. fixmc burst through the front of the lnspIrour people and city government S. rr.

arri 1 1 jM a.n. Jj-rt tl-Js fa. first building and belched forth fnoi one end of the awning to the other to action. like a flash and were communicated In tbe Con errs which waa lo exist- fTraiaa M. 204.

269 and St ere iaroeb I expraaa. II. W. CRAIG. Aitsl.

to White store, almost instantljr that building waa also a a furnace. OTIS SMITH TONSORIAL ARTIST, te Oaer ssaUt frf fo-t-efllte. LOXUTOS. KAXHAS. ence front IMsi to 1M1 tbe Democrats bad a mj of tu In the Heuate.

the fUmee burst thrtugb the rotf and That it tue ocly time which th Hen FRIDAY. NOVKMHKK H. 1JWX ate ha bee a controlled by th Demo there was a sorry prospect for the Hale and bank buildiog. The heat was sa intense on the tiu roof of the farmer rtaa aew ckate, kaea raaers. eleaa Sawets.

reed crat siuce befa tbe Wall. In the soeeeedtur two years, from laal to A PI 0 0 rl 0 tMUtxrr. l4iea kaletteaMag a aaectalir. The horse la stolen lock the door 9 0 4 that the ioterior waa soon ablate and I SSI, tbe Senate was a Ue, allbousrh the sooth window lu the rear room of Fire Is about all are know this week tbe Republican, by th aid which the second story of the bank building they obtained front (Sen. Mabooe, the Condemn and oast the wooden eaugnt lire.

Alnwat a steady streauj Ileadjoater. aod such help aa they nlngs. of water lu pil from the cellar under were able to get front David Davis, the Independent, managed to domi the diamond drug store building oo (Bee our "ad of Iiitner Commercial the opposite side ivausaa AVeuu. nate that body, Tb question which College. and the pcrtstent urxioir of V.


TJ'-Oa sat eoatk af Aawfceri's I now exercising to Democratic nitud Wooden awaicga are dangeroat Walker, Cy. McCIure autl no or two Llst of Stockholders. MASSACIIimrTTT. Waa Matleaa trtraM Horw rerau Ja Wei Mr a aw-ake4ca tt KlWr tck Jmmm Wlecee sUerea AtdraS at AS4c aiet ti tteerr a Care Vt II r-a-a NEWJEItHRV. F.

a Xaria eary Mrr It eataael 4eeatais Startka Heat IWtva Jaw a Tracy Lev kaxaws ruciitw KANHAH. Xtia tamrert kt tVs) lor 1 1. t.eaaUrvt tt ekeiw 4 tur. fcl Wacy Hrf a I II Ttwaiaxa llaOera Itaraae A kiirty lrrt rwaera ot.f ft tirawketrfctC tMAaras ft eraser SEW YORICa I a to the length of time which will have to pae before tbe rjenal again others kept the flames In the Hale come into Uemocraiie hand. O.

M. Flory called at this Sice "on building eubdoeJ until the roof of the White buildiog fell, wheu the beat this morn log. waa so diminished that accese waa had Lost. A large red or cardinal bro lo the roof of the farmer and further cade ptuih album ennialulng a num Same system of tire protection should sprted of the Cauiee vn rtevented. be adopted In tbi city.

the excitemeot was I tense, and there bcr of, hi us, very valuable portrait. A It mitng since the fire and cannot be found it wa evidently cariicd C.J.rATTKRSON, frap i le4tf Mark Twain mother died on the was mucn cause therefor. Kerry body wanted to d. some good and all JMth at Keokak, Iowa. away by stn- one lUroiuh mistake or STATEMENT Of tk eeeAttlae af Ik llewaet Mtote ftaak af tteaaei, Ksaeas, at tk cleasaf baataeas, ea Jesr 1st, Mm, rxwvttttvN Ttaas aa4 4kaaU a flee twlMia farsiiar a4 1 stares I ea 15I I1.ob il lak, -Uhl esckaae.

ae4 da frem tWaka aa brvaers tt.1S Kltwae X.9S sa 12 uiniuiiEait ramtal ssack as llta. eatptaa S.eaa ee l'artase4 featts. ll.UJ ii eaeeeeea 4TAir.Of IIJIMAH.I OnrsT or Ixa, I miff rvttlf tkat lk aWtr a eerrerf efaie-mrai uf ike amreest a eaa ty re rr-i ef Ike lhal iai Itaak, ef Ileae4, liasaaa, at UrCUoasef baaiaeaa, 4mf I. 4 IIAlfv1f, taaker. SaWritMil sa4 ewer is before a tkis S4 Oaf af Js'j Igw.

ii I rit. I Ketsrr I'aUar Cuaair, aaaa, I Xj fjwaiaaaa ftirta Jiatil 1, We. Ike ea. eenlle atae la im eeestf ine af lae llaeaet Kaw a(Uclae at tea is era, 4 air tat. tae.

Tcatn did their beet. The tale buildio otherwite. If be mltae we will be Until being vacant every eCort wa put very grateful for It return to this of Sabecribe for the January 1. 1S92, for ocly II. Feed Si Sialic forth to save the content of the bank ItC'4t It II flee if otherwise by aid one needing that kind of an album, and they will bJilJiog.

Krrrv thing waa removed The firt ice of the wat ob aerTed last Monday morning. Iruoi the Baak tf Ltmirtoti au most send tbe pictures contained therein to of the tin.N.VL rsffiily'e in the na, they can keep the album, and we It is scarcely necessary to call attco ui ask no question. front room above were removed, but Utile wa removed from the HtQVAi. t.aH Aler4 I. 1.

Ie It tleaaey Mra A 4 Waraer Janoe siler Ale fatal kvsa tjiat it xmH Mel kf Umh -eea yr4 Waller at eras llert I ft tt erSjre Wrrrt fjeelf M' Mary t. ilaRtbatt A fi art. tees efc 1 ti Oaee trJaaHi II tmZAim f. lw Harris We have been asked numemosly to ottlce until It waa appatent that the tlon to A. M.

race'a new "ad." Tbe Kan a City saj Faf- IX)N070X, KANSAS. Tho Best of Teams and Buggies Alwsf rt4j fir tta Trade, hpecltl nigt fur Comrucrdal Men. nat extent we were namaced Ie- f-re fiend had spent It fury. The cau of th fire, to which lrqiirU we ferinjc Closes look at tlreding Kan shoe ttt buildtnr lust north wat sas win answer that we ftti that werca- rolled, lota the street, everything waa curried out of Uodioe'a and tiates ea tortunateiy ana temarxabiy. Owing to the fire the W.

R. C. will FENJC8YLVANIA. Thtiogtt a good Cartet was torn. stcre, and almost every building in the meet at the O.

A. hall U-morrow. one valuable sod highly prised pin blocs waa ciearea. fortunately there Stock Boarded by the Day or VceV. ly order of cxtmmlttee.

of furniture badly bndteu and the no wind and to our murmur It largest and moat valuable of mr hooka can be framed that It might have C. W. Hale, of Koreka. Is In the were badly damaged ly being tbnrnn C-e f1 feiiiawev lass city to day figuring op the damage to been worse. The loase are about a follows: Anderson buildloir 3.300.

k1l-r If I. wotawa tt eera sr faery it S4wrra jtM4 Mr tM nim-0 tna Mary W. Sr-ary I. ITsU llwe liu buiiUtng or the are. ar eaaa aVSeeaa.

1 ary VrasUta II If lj t.4a ttalaaa Tre.ft Tiavilla tir tt feara If Waa Slaa ftaaii ur tl-r It Hmmm it ae-we It 1 rastfia Ltreatarrg from tbe nptair window the ground. Cotniara lively speaking, nowerer, we are fortunate aud fwl White building SI buikiiusr Had It not ben for Mj. T. It. Itip $5ti.

flelfa stock of mervliandise tau a aa. af ery grateful. Cm me nre would have been mucn White sbk S4.5oa( Masonic worse by getting a greater start. aas Sfea. es li xsoa.

$-tt (mtm aTeaf Mm. Uy a gentleman went Into iri Letnali Si'jO, Old Fellows ll. Knight of Pytblaa JSoO. A. O.

U. W. the ware-room at the rear of the va $30, W. It. Siw, beside more or a mim Dedication of the CooirregaUonal church next Sunday evening.

fVr- raut store building lost eoutlt of the e-1 Cs 1 bank, fr the puriwae of getting an ESTABLISHED A. D. 1S79. Do by Rev. I.

1. Itroad. of Topeka. leaa dsmage to other property not reached by the fire, but bandied. The insurance on the At.dervou bulldir.s CT.

kOWUO, MO. I empty tarrei, aiMt wat urprned and Union will be held at the frightened at discovering a buy ecated was Whlle'a Sl.0U0.on Hale' In a pile of straw and paper with a Coifgregatloca! church Tbankgilir day. Norember 27. Sermon at 10:30 Sl.WJti, lieife stock on lighted cigar, evidently learning to bite' oo Masonic paranher- WELL, WE ARE AT IT AGAIN I a. m.

smoke. To imagine what might occur naha $240. The Odd Fellows insur through such juvenile 1 W. M. Coventrv, President.

A. Emlrmn, Cashier. BANK OF LONGTON, The Democratic party touk the "peo ance had run out about ten day be- comment sutllcl-nt. ple- oui "anipiog" on the lost. fore, the crkmeo had neielected to uid the people' are still holding the have their transferred after movlnr Hammcrinff Down The Prices.

eack. into the Anderson hall, aud the K. of Inated a Repdbtlcan candidate to rep Doe a- I. were just arraceiorf for lnurance. Thus It will be seen that the Is al most with really lea than one third insurance.

low the fir orig mated Is a question which wilt prob Our Competitors say wc are about Busted! What docs it ably never be answered. The Knlshta or i-yinia met lo the hall Xoudsv matter to you If you get your goods at twenty-five per cent, less tlian long winded credit concerns sell the same lor it will be General Banking and Exchange Business. CoHectidns Uide on all Points and Remittances Prcmptl Made. REASONABLE MEREST ALLOWED Oil ME DEPOSITS. FIRST MORTGAGE LOANS NEGOTIATED.

LONGTON. KANSAS. night and were lo session not later than eleven o'clock. At the close we The cellar full of water onder the diamond drug store building proved a bonanza duriug the fire last Tuesday znorniog. Mrs.

C. A. Emerson returned Ust Saturday night front a two weeks It with frtrods at i'arsons and in Ilssouri. The sonthern confederacy on top with almost 1-1' majority in the lower houoe of Coogre. Where are the people Iost During the fire excitement a number of small tubes of paint In a are positive that all light were out and everything wa ail tight, befog in a last one out of the hall and the one who locked the outside door, following OUR FAULT IF WE DO BUST.

A. Kmerwoii. 11. V. Ambunr and I.

W. Craig down the stairs. The most reasonable and just theory we Wc meet the Finder please have heard advanced la to the effect tin baking powder can. leave at this office. resent Ma UUtrtct lo tbe next legisia tore.

Hi father, old Gen. Rice, announced himself a an independent candidate and via later nominated or indorsed by the people. At tbe election W. M. tanned hla hide, which, according to the McKioley law, I oo th free list.

I). W. Jckoo and family removed to Arkansas City the first of the week, where he will engage in the real estate ami insurance buliiea. They are among the oldest reeldent of Ihta part of ICansa aod regret to Ice thebl. Oust.

Anderson and C. White will a soon a practicable rebuild their burned Tb Insurance ha not vet been aHiled and some time will required lo clearing away the debt! and making necvatary arrangement. Maachuett is to bave a Demo-eraiie Clover nor. Kansas Is bs have a new vira of Governor but the gMl Ijunrd ooly know what he will turn nit to be Stdrm TlmtmJatrmat, Tut-tut, Adrian; what th matter with Huniphiey? Congressman elect, IS. II.

Clover, Is pletlged to support all Democratic measure In Coogreea and to oppose ell Republican measure. This, in state that the stove-pipe, which passed through a partition and anuut eighteen CASH CUSTOMEES Kansaa has never been known to do any thin? by halve. Look at that kirk I Did anybedy ever see anything like It? Sedan Tiu-JoMrma t. inches perhaps into the Cue, may have worked out of th flue permitting spark to drop lw into ome rurbin which was piled on the floor between the brick chimney and the partition If you do not pay Cash for your goods you arc not the man we are looking for. a ci eet or ante room nt orcu- rled or frequented by the Knights of i-vinia.

Kparka may bave aneoIder- ed there hour bafare burstlnar tub Established 1C0. All ShcV Heme Grewn. R. W. M.

ROE, Proprietor of tbe GrBENOlA 3N ttbsebeeS, FOn 3-rer-I4 Apf4Tree. No. 1. at 1 1-4 eta. Twelve Tfoieat4 Appl Tree.

at 4 eta. Twelve Tttooaaad I'eacb Tree at 10 eta. riatj4ar4 I'ear Trw, 2 jesr old, Ne, 1, at 10 eta. Dwarf Pear. 3 year old, No.

1, at 49 els. Cherry. 1 year I4, No. Cao4f at SO eta, tirtprs. CooJ, 1 yearold, al Sets, quloce, 1 jrar old, IS eta SMALL FRUITS TOO CHEAP TO ADVERTISE Kerry tblosr Else lo Prwrwrtioo.

Don't Forcet that tlil la tar Fall Delivery. Apple aod Pcacla Tree on Car, packed la bale. I cent extra. XL W. M.

ROE, Grcnola, Kansas. flame. The fire evldeotlr aiKl te- yond a doubt started or waa first die- coveted in one of theaute rooms over the stairway, and tnourcertain knowledge no one wa lo the ante room for an hour or an boor and a half prior to closing the lodge, aod it la certainly nnjust to censure the Knight of of the fact that thousand the men 't thla f.r carelessne. a eouie are Best spool cotton three spools for ten cents Heavy brown cotton sixteen yards for 1.00 Elegant soft finish bleached cotton 1 2 yds $1.00 Our 54 cent kid gloves knocks them all out. Our 50 white shirt takes the cake, sec it.

Try a can of our Java coffee 3 lbs for $1.00 Every can Warranted to give Satisfaction. Package CoiTce twenty-five cents per package. Coal Oil twelve and one-half cents per gallon. wont to di. simply because they were in that evening.

We have also tieara the belief expressed that It wa wko voted for Clover thooght they were voting egaiiiet the Democrats Stdam TimmJournnL, TIEA.HU KAILs Jv CAke. mhm mtm tbe t.aerUl teJ be work of an inoeodiary. but we can not for a moment entertain such a thought as we fail to discover any motive aoy one could bave for so dastardly af tse Nruii IV td eal we 4mmIimi iailare ereeteiiate't ise saate ef 1I3. a e. a crime.

Jim me element ha again tenelMtl aaeOwe Saetwa. vilted and it dealt destruction in our midst, and It cannot nnw be Don't Invest a Dollar in Anything in our Line Aaeik-e wreck ecrnmal ea lb Sasera Kaa-ss I Uy mtmm teteeea JSew Je WiSvM. akhra ele4 iae ael el raise aliem-t a Tae ese-e at Ike wrerk a tae kmfakiMea ef a calf tu foar seta Put your Coal Order in the day Before you are out and Biker's will helped. The only thing we ran do now I to use every precaution la the future and prepare far defense In af ceel goiaa tkraeak. another like emergency.

Ood forbid like occur a nee. at riutoee kr arearrd anew ts railreeJ vele at no piece eltkla tke e4 eerk ar lea 4mf. thm eenk ef Jka II. a a octo av- art rroefwii ilk rtt3e Sirtevva ea ta I- rtkr'- Yesterday morninir lire, and Mra. fill it Delivery free for all Amount UNTIL YOU GET OUR PRICES.

Credit Concerns Can't Begin to Sell You Goods at CASH PRICES. A drilled hunt and ladder company would have been a good thing and saved several thousand dollar worth of property Tueedsy morning. Cowley and Chautauqua are not the only loyal cnuotiea In the third congressional district Its a ntijtake. Wilson came up smiling with furty-aeven majrity ftr lerkins. Member of Loofcton Lodge, No.

199, K- of are requested to meet at 41. A. R. hall next Monday evening. 2luinea of Importance mut be rou aidered.

A. EMEfciosr, C. Thursday night of last week Miaa Kellie and Maater John Fitxbibbona returned from a several daya viit at Winfleld. They were accontpanled by their grandmother, Mr. Fiubiggona.

Jay Phafer. a late employe of the flOKAl has leased the Latham Timt and makes a very creditable start aa a fuil-fledjfed newspaper man. We wish him aucce in his new under taking. Rev. 11.

K. Hhawhan. one of the greatest evangelista tu the Wtsf, will oooimenee a meeting at the il. K. rhurch in Howard t-tnorror night, lie ohiM Sod a splendid field In Long too.

Capt, F. A. Dultola went to the fodiao Territory last Monday where his agents bad several buitdred thousand feet of walnut logs ready for shipment. lie will return same time next week. W.

F. Roue having purchased the blacksmith shop and lots where CI. W. Ifnlyfiebt sfKp aod residence were burneii iat spring. Is now Improving the property with a new and neat residence.

Bend twenty-five eenla lo atampa to Rituer'a Commercial Clleice. Ht. Joseph, Ma, and try their Huort-Haxtd Tet Ijeasooa. The first one lo each neighborhood anawering this will receive a special oTVr. Twice in Ires than two years has the ion At.

ottlce narrowlv escaped structkit. by the fire fiend. anl tth limea without inuraoce. Jat Tuea dsy morning our escape aeenieil more an act of kind Providence than other-wiM. Ambe time semirrx but Jaa Te ae.nenet lo aki J.

L. Cramer and their daughter, Mlsa Qra, went to Waverly for a few days. enoser ia iwi yt4. mrverl as leer rKv wrutvl eadk we want aale le raa over half ton. vmu wun relative ana friends.

While there Miss Cora wilt mar- AJHtlxri TltK ttt'TY KXCHANOEt. Hed next Monday- to Mr. John Lude. Idaho. Ohio, aod will at on.

to IV ter new home In tbe tlasl. This news Ho fit ANwwetacee. C4k. Cte- When buying from such concerns you have got to pay for in ill be a great surprise to Mies Cora's aelsieio.aa4 fews. latea.l many friends all nf whom will sincere Ck- t.

Cwt tte la fail, cfcaret 4 altk tel-l la mnf Itoes waa. Lmmty ef suk tin. Wni tl oe n- eeak-- la Ktk eneete tae t- tcrcst on money ana lor customers wno never pay. AX1L1 GOODS 17AIlKAsrTED As Represented or Ritners Commercial College, SHORT-HAND INSTITUTE AND ENGLISH TRAINING SCHOOL, ST. JOSEPH, MISSOURI.

tle.AI,tKce -im inMW. IU el, eSil, Ktk falia 1 teyiea Slele4 Ike Ifo-e44i4raa Uerni -fmwl. K. If. Kieket aaete a steer VeSace ike Panew AlttMe tmttmr mt the eneet koe la-i Medv arrtacma.

a4 aatffcer at a uat'ar aeiitf Msfiae la ike rvela. Tae keetwa kts Haeare we tae evat Klflrt TTiC nST Drl fiaa Uk ewit4 eeaaiv peliiiea. a a a a a. -Jl. Ji i we iM i mi i ly rrgret that iemibly they may never se her again.

All wih her a pr-longt life of happloe, however, and none more heartily than the Hioxal. At M. K. prayer meeting on Th reds night of Iat week, by some mistake or other, the sad announcement wa made that Mrs. Osbnm, living over the Turn ofilce, wa dead and that her funeral would occur at three o'clock In the afterfnam of the following day.

Imagine the eurprioe of the leader and attendant when, soon after th announcement wa made, tb old lady walked Into the church. Yesterday Otis Hmith moved his barber shop to the oM H. lilac grocery building, A. It. Nichols removed his meat market one door north and John Ustea will remove hie gmcery atnrk to the fmm formerly orcunlrd "eeeattaar.

Haltee4a Uawaaael Sf rae. Ctai 1jw, r3tiort-Iloa, type riuna; hki aaTOtawan A COTJESE OF ACTUAL BUSINESS TRAINING. Tills lostitotloa occult eerrn larre. welt-Itchted aod veotllaled room In Sm alaele dUe kaa esrd ae set katme wtta ike karaaa raea aa teeakftara. Na etfcer wraa atof'taarae areaiUvi'V.

ia earl the new Y. M. A. tuihliesT. ad la in all rvepects the mat cmf4t, tat ai4oa an tgmmnt teaea It im IkeaeSI aal teM araaerStaa daaea.

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