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The Mitchell County Key from Glen Elder, Kansas • 1

The Mitchell County Key from Glen Elder, Kansas • 1

Glen Elder, Kansas
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GLEN ELDER. .21. Entered at Tost Office us 2nd Clas Mail Mutter. i KEY, S. ITODSON, Propagator and Dealer in FRUIT TREES, FOREST TREES, VINES, Sweet Potato Plants in Their Season-; Resilience 3A miles north-tut of Glen Elder.

and forcible speed, lowing clearly the great evil uf strong drink, the unmistakable reponsiblity resting! upon us for licukhixq CUIMK, tuid the manifest importance of uniting our strength against the foe. lid compared the temperance und unti morning; hit tho doctor flunks' "ho will recover her eye-night Mrs. Allie Doak, with lier daiigh-1 ban been visiting her father, L. Bennett, this week. We bad no preaching nor Sabbath i 'H' hool List Kabbath, ou account of' M.

E. Church. tent lerance hosts to two Quarterly Meeting at Glen Elder, but the former led on our kd Kchool next Sabbath, I the latter by Satan himself. The! L. Tmby says he knows where latter army is fully fortified by tin-: tho rosos of 114,80 Me perhaps; law, but before our united forces jho wiu tuU UH trough thelumas of must quail, and as in triumph we KY' break down the walls and defeat the' ftl' 'Slliv'8 enemy, there will arise shout of rV tl) A' Noninms' artido of last such as has seldom Now, oome forward and ae- Tho Market.

June 4. flutter, 8 Eggs Potatoes Chickens, live, per doz, l(t'M0 Lard life 8 Tallow m. Salt, per bamd 3.00 Hogs, live 3.23(tf.8.40 Cows, fat 2.00W2 50 Steers 8.00 to 4.00 Wheat 05 to DO Com to 24 Oats 25 to 30 Onions, per bu 1.50 to 2 Coul, per ton, tl.50 Dimension .150 to 2.75 Stock boards 2 ') to 3 00 Ship lap 2 to 3 00 Common .2 00 to 2 75 Finishing, 3 50 to 5 Shingles 4 00 to 4.50 Lath, 5 50 Dry bones, per ton, 3 50 Green hides 4 to 5 Millet, per bu, 50. THE KEY, uml nro sori7 FULIKT. Mill Creole.

Mr. This section of the! oral vmyanl was visited by agood- b.iturtlay morning, consequent- il I iy wo grangers aro ieeung juuiunt. Corn that is up looks very well. i Some nre'still planting. Preaching every alternate Sunday 1 ut 11 m.

Sunday School at 0.30 a. in. Sociid meetings Thursday night All are invited. It. A.

Hoffmnn. Pastor in charge. MISSOURI PACIFIC R.R. BRANCH DIV, Time Westward. Mail and Express, I Freight Express.

Eastw.ird. Mailand Express. Stock Express, 0.43 n. m. 12.01) m.

Pi -12 4.40 m. Station Tho "Reason. We would beg our readers to par don our delay this week. It was oc-; ftisioned by the delay in tho arrival of our printing material until Saturday, when it shfdd been here Tuesday. This put ns back so mnch that we nad to get out this is-1 sue hurriedly; and it is therefore, ir from what wo had intended to make it, in bth.onteiit.i and make nn.

Wo tiust-u- friuuds wiU overlook de- llciencios this week, and wo shall I lo better. jrf I it I i Ki' I iif i ueaiM. lio ml.lress Was lull ol goon things, and was listened to with pleasure by ull who were present. After the address a club was organized under the constitution of the (Northwestern Temperance Union. land the following officers chosen: i i 4 ti resilient, a.

i niiinpsou, ice President. Rev. V. C. Dnv; Srw-! ary, uev.

it. a. naiiaian. TI 1 A TT The oLh-, onicos were lett vacant until the next-meeting, v'lidi will be held! on Friday night, June 11th. Let I all who are interested in the cause turn give their influemci more, towards the ud-j vaucement of Temperance.

JJrownVj Greek. Tho Brown's Creek Union Temnor- heat will scarce throughouf these parts. What little is left iVEEKLY NEWSPAPER i't head and not more than six to' I 'wiy met ag, in Wednesday; ludy addressed, modestly cveuiujj, jCtlt Wuscidled to or.jfil the lady of the house wheth- jder by tho president, and afier w.n my to spare. Th. it, i i 1 1.

i 1 K11PPU a 0ft (stood approved. was the re-' othogn on huiuliv, iinother on1 Wednesd iv committee on Constitution 1 and By-Laws, which was received, and' The best rain of the mvnn came tlie coniuiittoo was retained to irther Find Proof Notice. 1230. Lasd icn at Kiuwix, April 80, 1880. Notice is hereby given that llo A-ing-naiued seiffer has tilitd noico of his intention to liu proof in support of his claim, and secure final-entry thereof, and that said proof will be mad before thb' Clerk of tho Court at the County Scat of Mitchell on Tuesday, tho t-tli day of June, 1880.

viz: "William F. Young, of Caw-ker City (), Mitchell -Kas. Homestead Entry No. 1C22 for tlio qr, 'and the qr, sec 3 1, 7, It 9, and ho names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon and cultivation of said tract, viz: Charles E. Price, Jacob Wertz, J.

I. P. Boyd, and Jacob Wertz, all of Cawker City in Mitchell Kas. T. M.

Helm 'Register. H. P. Churchill, att'y. Phrenological Journal A ry I.

Bag rfM. Coliiwl I'MtPlnrmrnnmlr Wti mA mnr f.u i.iicu hhki af i liiiilraiiuii. rtUt GIVEty AWAY er procccuuu to tmsiness. 1'irst aml 1)erfect tllcm Tiiird! fi. nWJ.

snoech bv W. H. which w.s. -well received. Sclact raiding by ideorgo Windsor.

An essay, Mrs Au- drews, and select reading by Miss- Fulton. After tho exoreUos, Mr Au- i drews proposed a question fir sion at the next" meeting as follows: llesolved, that the proposed cousLitu- tional amendment tletiimeut. to the cause of Temperance. Afliruu-! tive, J. Andrews, J.

Vauatta; Nega- Lne ot'U0X8. u' uuu- I two wee ks or more, sue as was mado to adjourn to" (drain, Juno 8th. I will just; Unclk Pktk two weeks or more, such as FARMERS! I am now prepared to buy all your fat' hogs at the highest market price. If ou have hogs to sell tulv'i have not time to come and contract them, bring them in; no advantage will be taken because they are not contracted for. I also keep supply of fresh meat at reasonable price.

I I will buy 'all Your fat beeves, as last us, I can sell them out, and uli Jour green mid dry hides. (Jive me a call. I. am ujwa to lie found at the meat'' market near the Starr on the corner. Now, friends, you all know nie: my motto is A fair deal, Hit or miss, Sink or swim, Let the world wag as it will, I'll be Old Jake still.

Glen Elder. J. M. lluzzard. April 5, 1880.

NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION No. 1243. U. S. Land Office Iuura, May 18, 1880.

Notice is hereby given that the following named settler has tiled notice of bis intention to make final proof in support of his claim, and secure final entry thereof, and that said proof will bo luado before the l.egistcr or Receiver at the I'! S. Land Office, Kirwin. on Friday, tho 25th day of June, 1880, viz: Frank Mosher, of Beloit Mitchell D. S. Entry No.

7800 for the El qr, EASE qr, Sec 2fi, II and ho nameH the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon and cultivation of said tract, viz: Thomas Hind-mau, Geo. Dunkley, Chas. Murine, and Andrew J. Leek, all of Victor Mitclu 11 Kas. T.

M. Helm, ltcgistcr. John Mehl, ntt'y. Final Proof Notice. No.

1161. Land Office Kihwin, April 17, Notice is Hereby given that tju? following-named settler Ira's filed notice of his intention to nialii filial proof in support of his claim, and secure final entry thereof, and that said proof will made bWbre the Probate Judge of the. court at the county seat of Jewell on the 21st day of June 1880.) viz: James H.Geiger, of Cawler City PO Jewell Home Eutrv No. 2051) for the sec, Sec 32, 5. II SI, mid he names, the following as his witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon and cultivation of said tract, viz: McKey, Ward, Henry Vananberg.

Jacob Mar-grater, all of Athens 0, in Jewell Kas. T. M. HELM. Ihgiiler Mcllobcrts, att'y.

FOH TJlu3 Glen Elder Ivoy. V. i i i i 1 IX-voted to the Interests OF TSfi 'l Conn' v. Paiiiculir Attention PjIJ t- COUNTY NEYS and matters Ot local liltCttSt. GENERAL NEWS AIID" I also ten inches high.

Wc had the pleasure of meetiup Pl.j.v IS a days ago. He is! over his spell of the and says is the place f.ri him. i A few diys agi) two ymmgj gentlemen stopped at a famhouse, auJ iuk fl0IUti Wilter The! vmw ia mo aci oi W1111115: enough to explain that thev only i i i I wan ted a drink. It was given i hem. Tru I this is the worst case i dr m'th we ever 'iiecrd" of.

iu at x- eior, last week. Why didn'; iw 15 iv eive an account of c-u-et'ul how you )iim John C. Tw.t sh.ifih" oil thi "inorlal 0fsjge enssedne' nnto mf Mary ()nfWP not to t.dl as for life. Ilight John :ihP.i Wo' llnVP truck fo.j radi.h PvHnflled. We learn that ft nnniWr of onr.

firmers hive been tiken in by nwin- ni.n;, rn agents. Thev wrJ inim0 to si.m notes of nn It I'idue, and the swindler ch uigei th" amounts on the noH, and sold tW. Tf (lU imors Mllch w.rn nril, tiinrn wonui.o Quarterly "Mootiuir. Tho Quarterly Mooting of the, M. E.

Church is held at this pi -co 'last Saturdiy nnd Sunday. Rev. H. Lockwood, Pivsiding Elder, and preached three sermons. His mibjeetn were, Barren Fig Tree, "Esim and and 'Tho Thro Hebrews." On Sunday Spencer's drove, nn the Limestone east of town, people were present from in all directions.

The Saevainniit of tho Jjord's sup was administered, some scviii-; t.i-five eommunii)g. The rain th lispcrsed the afternoon audience, welcomi to all. Subscribe for th Kltr last Friday night, and cheered the larmers woniieri iiiy. S. Norvell the "temner- anee lecturer, made ns a call on Saturdiy.

Tlirs is a very country seems tint it very seldom rains in the daytime on Sun dlys;) no how heavy a rain we h.ive during t'ao night, it generally stops raining towards moruing, and during tlio iy the sun shines as nice- ly as you Five ids of si kiw were ship- i i. at Many of the farmers are now ixpt'cting to get from five to twenty bushels of wheat to the acre. Tliere will donbHess'lie much more wheat than was ted a few weeks ago. Tin- other night we wore at the depot after the night ir iiu came in, when Wkdieard an exclamation re-! mbling a mia ituro ''threo cheers i if ill I it prooeeded 1ro Mr. urj-llystatum rronf wh seemed.

.1 tlil-ll 111 1 11 I tliur to bo happy as a bug. "llur- rah," he extd.iiuud. "wAe got the new tiuio Ublo! mil wm we've got the best station on the line! All the trains will go through here by day light! This i an arrangement lor which we li.ive all been long wisli iug, and wo rejoice that we now. Live Our readers will notice the change in the time table as given above. The mail train now goes west at 9.43 a.

and east at 0.42 p. m. The 'freight goes west at 12.00, and oast at 4.40, p. m. I 'a motion meet ag; 1,11,1 tl.

il nil li.ivn ,,1, except a few who have been bitten by snako other than a suattlorake. Mr. Vick Coll'man, wliilo ihiving a calf out of the lot, kicked on the leg by a colt, breaking his tibia bone. Two thirds of the fanners are now; standing on their heads, especially those who prophesied no rain. If TT 1 8 scml I' lMy.

She has a daily uUuuluu of thirty-one. Will some of your readers answer tins question? standing on tho north, polo, how many directions can youj point, and name them? Will that person of Bitter Ridgy, speak peace to that soul, by explain 1 1Ug whitwas meant by "I hivo no faith in them," wrLieu in Mr P's book? Oi Bitter nidge. Bitter Bidge, June 1. 1880. wiJcly known in Amritj and F.urape, his ler before tlie rc.ilin; wnrlil forty years, anj occupying lce in literature exrlu-ivtly its own, tSe mly IKiwim aUr in its iiliase.

inclmllnif r.ihiiuli-y. toifether wuk "Tlif Slur of iid nn expem- kill spared to tn.iLe it tlie best p-jhlicjtion fur general cin-if Utiun, temluii! alwajrt to make men better physically. and mor.ill sliouM read lU tilt they may belter know ho 111 nvern md train their children. Voiia; pruplc s'lonld tea the Juris I. tliat tkey may make the most ul Ig each sulr in iven the Phrenological Bust.

Thii llllst is made of Plaster uf l'ari. and so In I ere I a. to thow the exact l.icalimi of etch of the riirciinhigk'al Orjraus. 'I'he head nearly life-sie. and rery i.niarnetilal, eser'iiifi a place on the center-table or mantel, in paring ufhec, ur study, and until recently ha.

sold tor i '-'i with the illu.ii.itrd key aciiuiiunies each Itust. tud the articles puhiis ir 1 in tlie on radical Phrenology." ill eiuhle the reader to become siiccesr id ttldcnt uf lliuiaii N-ainre, oe r. theac hea.k Uiould be in the luniK of all who would ow lluw To Kkm- ir.m Triu. 1'lie Joi aNAL i. iios puhli.hed at 11 1.

0 1 year iluvinv heen reduced front Jt.iil, siiijjle tuber. IIJ ceill. wlieli the I'reiniirns ares-it, 'I cent. -rii. must be received with each Mtbscriptmn in i.t on the Jut knm.

and the expense ot Imtiiu; packiaj tMe Hust. which will be vnt hi extn-ess. or o. Irtialler sue, v. ill be srni liv mail.

pot-ail. or il (end the, new l.ook IVciniuui. Ilow To I'm con rat I liu.sia vi) ArriTtos5. Send for descriptive I'loula Send arooiint in f. O.

Orders. Uiaftt on Sew Yurs. Ke(istred Letters, l'utage-stainin rei.eived. wanted. Send io centk for specimen number.

laati, or tend address on postal card Or Uatf number, a sample, which will be sent free. A1.1W s. WflLLS 00., Pulli.h.ri, Ei.itoh Kwr: We had coars coneonwc i up here last Sunday, and quite a gen 1 Tempera nee leiinrr.tl0 P3 brouzc fl'01a thc i "We are happy to state that Mrs. Last Friday night a Tempentmr Kato Over is recovering. meeting was held in the school-! Mr.

J. llmick'n little girl has recov- house, tor tho purpose of I iug a prohibition club. For soniej Mrs Absy Itenshaw and Mrs. McEl- reason there were very few persons roy aro both on tho sick list this week, present. J.

addressed Fannie It. is still quite poorly, und the meeting in a very interesting jhaa not been able to nee sinco Sun- TS9 ara4a9i vVr KhV(.

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