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The Gridley Herald from Gridley, Kansas • 1

The Gridley Herald from Gridley, Kansas • 1

Gridley, Kansas
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I 4- flt S-b. cr'rtion 01.00 Pel riatly Done. 00 J) ft Tf A GRIDLEY, COFFEY COUNTY KSAS, FRIDAY, FEBRUARu, 7( 1896. olume II GUJT EDGE. BARBER SHOP i S.


KING, EiITOR. Published Every Fday. Dr, II. L. Stockton, Gridleu, Kansas.

Clpan. Onick Shave and every in, Clean Towel. SHOP OPEN AT ALL HOURS JRailRoad TimeTables. The Santa Fe bat puton'a swift train leaving-; Kan 'ty; In thej morning and reachiugcnicaco the satale evening. It maks the run in about fifteen hours, equalling the fast service of the night flyer.

Free chair cars and Pullman sleepers, vestibuled throughout. Dining cars serve dinner and supper; guests only paying for what i ordered. The chair cars are easy to ride. In, an important consideration for a sunrise to sundown journey. Close connections Kansas City with morning trains of all lines from he If you prefer to leave Kansas City in the evening; the Snta Fe choice of two limited trains.

Miss Agnes Smith, Agem, iTCfllSON, TOPEKA SANTA FE. it. EAST BOUND. TV Pealei a. PaiBenger tia Mixed The Blooming Bloomers.

A San Fraucisco merchant, who haa seen looking" at the daily swarm of bicyclers on ths boulevard and in Central park, declares that he is astonished at the popular disturbance over thd bloomer question in New York. MWhy, you don't know anything" about bloom-eta here," he says. "Not one in a hundred pf the women who use 'wheels hei'e is wearing the mannish garments. It is exactly the opposite in San Francisco. Not more than one in -fifty of he wheeling women wear skirts when riding.

Then, again, I notice that you inveigh against the bloomers on the score of jnodesty. Well, in San Francisco the boot is on the other foot. Our more modest women say that delicacy is what has forced them into bloomers. You we suffer from such constant and strong winds up oft the heigiits and in tbe park by the Golden gate where alone there is level ground for wheeling, that skirts are impossible garments. They cannot be kept down, and therefore the women will have to wear something that will not be blown about.

We have become so accustomed to them that we no longer take sides tipon the question of their fitness. Instead, we are unanimous in our admiration of a pretty" woman in a stylish and Well fitted bloomer costume." The chances are that next spring will witness a general all-round "scrap" be WESTBOUND. Mb Passenger 9:45 p. till Mixed 3:00 p.m h- All east bound trains inake direct con-sections at Ottawa for Kansas City, and ai Kansas City for Chicago, St Louis and all Eastern Points. Dining and Pullman car Service.

Miss Agnes. Siith. Agent, All Roads Lead to Topeka HABDWAEE, FURNITintE and UNDERTAKING HEARSE can be furniahd if desired. We also carry the world renouned BOUND OAK stove. Call and see it.

Don't buy salt until you see i Luther InMey for prices. We can save you money onverything NEW Lines added. Carpet-Latest goods Dry Shoes We can pleasq you and want to dq it, Jersey flour $1. During the MISSOUKI PACJ IC. ive JTo 344.

i EAST BOUND, .7:08 p. LET! 8:00 p. m. WEST BOUD. 343.

Crotty p. m. 4:10 p.m. EUROPEAN PLAN RIBLET HOUSE. Formerly the Carter New Houe.

First-Class Rooms. Nicely Furn'shed. 75c to 00 per day. Corner 4tb and Quincy St. One Block East of Throop Hotel Dunaway m.

Connections at Le Roy North at 2:15 a m- CARPENTER and GQNTRAC1 Gridley, Kansas ind 1:45 m. a auu i.o tween the bloomerites and the antis, with the odds slightly in favor of, the solid fmooth track; dining car service, i vestibule trains: unequalled service. 4 B. Chinowth, Ageni former. Kansas Topkka.

A Somerset (Me.) man got out of a serious financial fix in an odd way re If you can not go there, the next best thing is to receive, regularly, a newspaper that will give you complete and accurate report of ail that happens while it is still fresh and interesting. THE Semi-Weekly Capital sjust the paper for those who do not take a daily from the State capital. It is published every Tuesday and Friday, and each issue will contain the most extensive legis-iative report published, besides all the news of Kansas and the world, up to the hour of going to press, for the 6t of an ordinary weekly paper. The Gbxklt Herald has made arrangements with the publishers whereby it can offer THE SEMI-WEEKLY CAPITAL and Griply Herald for the-very low price of $1. 50 now and you will be "in it.

Address The Herald Gridley, Kansas. POSTOFFICE HOURS. During the weelc the office will be open from 7 a.m. to p.m. All mails will 7.

j. i a ci Viafurii iloTlflftni'fl OI cently. He became insolvent, and in order to secure the services of a lawyer I. N. Hunuuan.

Cashier r. PrMKiilpnt. Geo. G. Hall Vice-President.

iiose iweuiy wiuure offered as a fee a life-insurance policy rain. Mrs, M. M. Pletchek, P. M.

LUTHEP, and on a man in Boston. It was a straight life policy with no surreuder value. The bankrupt had lent money to a young man many years oeiore, and had taken the life-insurance policy IWKLEY Shoe-makers, as security. The young man refused to pay the premiums after awhile, but the holder kept the policy in force. III lX llliumv.


Insured against loss by burglary of safe or daylight robbery. Makes Collections on ail points Most Liberal terms The lawyer took the rather dubious fee. About two weeks later word came Official Directory. NATIONAL. President Grovi Cleveland tice-preKi'dent Adtai E.

Sievenson. Chief ihwtice W. Fuller. Secretary of state EU-hard. Olney.

Secretary of the treasui'y John Carlisle. Secretary of war Daniel Lamont. Secretary of navy Ili lary Uurbert. Secretary of the interior. bmitn.

Postmaster genera! Wilson. Attorney general Harmon. Secretary of agriculture Sterling Morton 1 William Peffer U. S. Senators.

Lurtiea Baker, congressionaI from Boston that the man insured was 1 dead. The lawyer collepted the several thousand dollars, and, though le gally entitled to the whole sum, he merely deducted his fee and paid over ihe remainder to the bankrupt, who was able, with it to settle up with his T. W. GILGES, consistar.t with safetu and good Banking. creditors and get a little start Case Broderiek.

O. It. Miliea. J. Kirkpatrick.

Curtis, First district Second district. district fourth DEALER IN W. A. Calderhead Fifth Sixth district Baker Seventh district 0.llg- W. Blue -DEALER IN- IGROCERIES CONFECTIONARY STATE, Governor N.

Morrill Lieutenant governor James Troutman Secretary W. C. Edwards. Otis Atherton. Also MEATS of all kinds.

Auditor. George Cole. Dru Oils, Faints, White Lead Attorney a ISupt, public instruction Sunley State printer Edwin H. Snow LEGISLATIVE etato wtifttor. 15th dis J.

W. Leedy. Ronrpspntative. 32 dis C. Ballenger Few people have a full conception of the extent of the building stone industry in the United States.

A report just issued by the geological survey shows that the quarry value of the stone produced in 894 was $37,377,816, of which 33,000,000 was used for the construction of, buildings. Pennsylvania leads all of the other states in this product, Ohio coming next and Vermont third. Over three -fourths oi the total product is in a small portion of the area of the country, from Maine to Illinois; and the vast deposits of all kinds of stone in the south and far west have as yet been only superficially worked. Reports of fruit trees bearing second crops have been quite numerous this year, but, not to be outdone in this respect, the Berkeley (Cal.) Gazette claims that in that city there is a' peat tree but five years old which is now bearing its third yield of fruit for this year. There are now on the tree ripe pears from the first crop, half -ripe pears from the second crop and blossoms from the third crop.

It is a very frigid day when California can't furnish a big fruit story. Patent Medicines and Toilet Articles. Prescriptions Jl Accuratelu Comnoiinded. COUNTY Trooanrpr M. M.

Kiger. phuto in'rtw P. P. Jenkins. AffnrnPv E.

J. Crego J.H. Dinsmcre. ff'ds A.Davidb-a. Retfister of dee Uanua Clerk of the Court.

A. Wiseman snnt rnhli-. instruction I. L. Mitcnell Twice-a-Week Times AND Gridley Herald One Year For Rnrvevor W.H,Robson.

Coroner R.P.Douglass A. W-Lane. J. N. Murray, S.

Jackson. SNIDERS and WHITE proprieters of the oldest and largest Establislament in Coffey county have added to theix lnsiness a complete new stock of Undertaking Groods in chiding an Elegant New Hearse, and are prepared to do Embalming in ao cordanc with the atest and most approved methods, guaianteeing perfect satisfaction with their work. Number 320 Neosho St. Burlington, Kansas. (Commissioners meet in regular session on the first Monday in January, first Mon A FREE COMBINATION.

The Gridley Hkraij has made atrange-ments with the publishers of the Leaven-worih fiiues whereby The Leavenworth Weekly Times is offered absolutely tree as a premium for everv new subscriber or paid up renewai to Twe Gridley Herald at the regular subscription price of this paper alone. The publishers of The rimes also offer to give The Gridley Herald absolutely tree as a premium witb every paid subscriber to The Daily Times at $3 per year. The Leavenworth Times edited by D. R. Anthony, is one oi the strongest Republican papers in the west.

Its telegraphic and editorli.1 departments are complete, and the regular Kansas City and Chicago telegraphic tock markets nra published. Call at this office for day after the first Tuesday in AprlJ, and -o- first Mondays in July and October. Spe Chicago Inter Ocean AND i i Gridley Herald One Year For Ii cial sessions heM on call of the chairma TOWNSHIP- Trustee Marion Linhart. Cierk AI Finch Treasurer. E.

Iliotta (Thomas Deem. fnstices of Peace Hughes. DISTRICT, Director Werts. Clerk C. T.

Watt. Treasurer C.Bell. CITY DIRECTORY. GRIDLEY LODGE NO. 364, I.

O. O.F. meets every Wed nesday evening in Odd Fellow's An ingenious inventor is reported tc have taken out a great many patents at Washington for devices in glass. A mong these are coffins, staircases, billiard tables, bricks for walls and blinds for windows, bedsteads, mousetraps and bait for fishing. The idea of applying glass to a great many uses is not a new one, the making of doors en tirely of glass being, suggested more than a quarter of a century ago, and even glass bricks for use in building walls was not unthought of then as possible for some time in the future.

A Cincinnati book dealer has the following note dated 1880, from Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe: "You are right as tc 'Uncle Tom's it was not written on Walnut Hills, but in the old Titcomb hoase in Brunswick, Me. It took Maine air and vigor, added to Cincinnati and Kentucky experience, to peWect that The information herein contained will be news to many who have read the 'story. Dr. Theodore R.

Trimby, the inventor of the American turbine wheel and many other important mechanical devices, is yet living. He is seventythree years old and resides in Chicago. There Our readers who are farmers need. In addition to their best county paper, a prac deal Western agricultural journal, the Kaasas Farmer, of Topeka. Kansas.

Send a postal asking for lree sample copy and supplement of benefits. We supply the Kan sas Farmer regular subscription 9 1 .00 and the Gridley Hkraid, both paper for ne year for $1 50. Carpenter, Contractor ard Pointer Q-ridley, Kfetns. Ii Headquarters for all klndi of Kansas. Gridley, flail.

Brethren ol the order visiting in the vicinity are invited to meet with us. Charles Watt, N.G. Ed Howard, Secretary. HEBRON LODGE No 314, A. F.

A. meets regular communi-cation in O. F. ball oh Satur-Nday evening on or before the full moon of each month. Dr.

Wiseman. W. M. L. Stockton, Secretary, Building Material, DOORS, SASH; CHOP FEED ETC.

itnnrcRN WOODMEN LODGE NO. 2272. Paint, Agatite Granite. C- RUS SEL meets on the first and third Tuesday eve-nincra nfph month in Odd Fellow's hall. 2 G.

L. BaUMGabdnb, V. C. Ed Fessenden Clerk. HIGHEST MARKET PRICE PAI0 FOR GRAIN, B.

L. KIDER Ilfjr. 10 TED, CENT WILL BE nffACQCD ON ALL ACCOUKT8 OVEtt CO DATS. Gridlev Council No. 236.

K. A of GENEBAIi LIVERY and TRANSFER; All kinds of DRAYitlG done on short noticb and at rcaconable prices. CAKBT MAIL and 1IEET ALL TttAtNS. meet the 1st and 3rd Monday evening in Men month In Gndley. are very few to whom the name Of this truly great inVentor is familiar; even in his own cit.

This goes to know tH evanescence bf fame. H. Steely President. C. Rusll, Cor Sec.

i IV; ft 2.

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