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The Gridley Herald from Gridley, Kansas • 4

The Gridley Herald from Gridley, Kansas • 4

Gridley, Kansas
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r. Yocsj OoYerner Clertaa of Tf tti I Belief Not Wanted. Last weekfs Burlington IvDEPSXHttnrc has a pood ftUaci to rake a tet Or. J. J.

nicbardcod, hicaeelf and he la disposed to icprove it. contained an article clipped from Emporia SJometDing new in gubernatorial styles in racttoincPttytioicn. GrldiGU, Kansas. this country is greatly needed Ex. I Republican and signed by some of our people, stating that aid was needed here hy some of our citizens who were Injured by the recent storm.

From what we are i ble to learn it appears that some of our business men were induced to sign the ap- Theout sbipmen's" over tbe a. T. 8. F. R.

II. this week are as follows: King of Bicycles. "sra npl thrnncrh misr Dresentat'on and had Hay two can. Cattle seven ear Hogs two C. G.

Johnson, Agtj FINEST JljATERI AL. SCIENTIFIC WORKMANSHIP MQHT. STRONG, SPEEDY, HANDSOflE. Baby Carriages at wholesale prices. Cat- alogue showing 63 new styles free.

DEALER IN WATCHES, CLOCKS and JEWELRY, REPAIRING A SPECIALITY also carry Fancy Notions of all kinds, Fino Confectionc, Fruits, Nuts, Tobacco and Cigars. American FurnitureAgency, Galena, Kansas. WAriTEDAn lng to patent Protect your meaa jtney may Ins voir wealth. Write JOHN WEDDER- JRN Patent Attorneys, Waahingto: D. for their $190 priae offer; i'EALER IN Jc our iiioaeis ooo ana iuu.

Every machine fully guaranteed: send 2-cent stamp for catalogue Monarch Cycle Go. factory and Main Office: Lake and Halsted Sts CHICAGO, ILL BRANCHES: New York, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Denver, Memphis, Detroit, Toronto. Say Where You are Going i he facts been known to them at tbe tim hey would not have signed it at all- There re none her but what our little town are ble to asni9t if they need assistance, nd ndeed we are sorry that such an appeal ver weut out from here. Those ho ived the plan for raising aid seem to be he ones who wanted it. cTbere in do opf suffering in (Sridley to-day from the.

effect cf tht storm but what our people can take are of: Gridley. Kns Sept, 18,1895. To the Mayor of Entporia, Kans. Dkap. Sir: We, citizens of Gridley.

Goffey'couiity do hereby certify that wing to tbe teriible tornado that Bwepi ver our vilHge on Sept. 8th. many of out nmilies by its-. destructive effects were rendered destitute and uomeless and un-ess aided must suffer. Will you kindl take such steps as In your judgdment seenv most proper, and effectual for our relief anc forward any money contributed to Rev.

B. Woodside, Coffey who will make distribution of same to tbos most needy Yours Very Truly, h. e. chamberlain, David Roberts, Cathkrine Williams, J. S.

OLSON, Merchant. E. M. BkarV J. Poph, Merchant.

EffieKiser, -W. Chamberlain, E. J. Roberts, And the Santa Fe will take vou there. It HARDWARE, BAItK WIRE, raverses fourteen States and Territories witn nearly 10,000 miles of track.

Health and pleasure resorts. In the STOVES, TINWARE. mountains or oy tue seiu winter or sum What has became ol the Gridley band? mer, it makes no difference hey are easily mm- ind comfortably reached via the Santa Fe. C. Grove for ehirts, over.alls aud punts, lifGet the Herald and Jeffeisocian for And the big business centers, Chicago, St.

Kansas City, Denver, Ft. Worth. Galveston, Lox Angeles, San Francisco R. C.BELL. REAL ESTATE INSURANCE, they are all on th.

Santa Fe. To find out what the ticket rate is. in quire of local agent or address G. T. Nich olson, G.

P. Monadnock Building, Chicago. 91. 1 HQTGet prices ot C. Grove before buying elsewhere.

Grove has a nice line of ladies' dress goods. Mrs Finley was in Burlington between trains Tuesday. flpgr A line of scuool books, new and second hand at Gilges'. Grove is now selling the well known Pleasanton flour. I am the direct agent for the following irWe have a complete, stock of binder well known companies.

twine. Prices as low as the lowest. Qual ity considered. See us when in Burlington. Hartford Conn.

Mr. J. Goodale, one of tbe leading Pioneer Hardware and Implement Store. mfi-Miiihis of our town, went to Kansas GtJT I. WaTI Manager.

Qillett Items Husking com is the order of the day in this vicinity. There was a party at Mr. Kimballs' last Friday night. A fly time was reported. Wilson Morris has his buggy in running prder again ready for the next storm, William Hay" and sister, of Crotty, attended ihe' party at Mr, Kimballs Friday night.

Among the Pern's, Pop's and that were Burlington from this 'viciniiy Sat urday were Mr. au; Mrs, Watt, Mr. Dreyr T. A. Moore, Mrs.

Myers and son. Mr. Kane, Conrad Kraft, -Wilson Morris and E. G. Bear.

The adjuster for trig German insurance company was around and allowed full a-inount of insurance on the new Bethel Church that was desiroyed in the recent storm. They will rebuild Mi and Mrs. Hair and Mr. and Mrs. Jlodgers attended church at Gridley Sunday.

Jim S'aatfur moved to Gridley last week and Mr. Burkhart moved iii with Tuff Dreyer. Mr. Burkhart has purchased 80 acres of land of Mr. Patterson and has a arperiter at work building, Frank Myers, who has been helping Mr.

H. Patterson hay, returned to Waverly Monday moTning. NATIONAL PHCENIX SHAWNEE I solicit your business. City Friday morning Sept. 20 to purchase goods.

On leaving his intentions were to return the following Saturday everting ii not then the following Monday evening He never put in his appearance and ox Friday Dr. Stockton was sent in search us $2. worth Of Hardware ind we will present you with a good TWO Topeka KanK Give me a trial and Mrs. Emery Covart spent a few days in Waverly the first of the week, Maj. Malicout and son of.

Virgil stopped in the city a few hours Sunday. Miss Josie Crooker commenced her school at Victor Monday morning. BLADED POCKE I KNIFE. Not the best knife we have but a good one. Mention I will save you money.

him. He reportf at police head-quarter this papci if you waht the knife. Guy f. Watt, Manager. Pioneer Hardware and Implement Store.

and a telegram from chief police Trwii Tuesday evening stated that trace of bin uad been found up to Thursday Sept. 26 asking if he had returned home. Mr for teas, groceries. qfWC Grove is headquarters co flees, and all staple and fancy Burlington, Kansas New York Tribune (4oodale had occasion for wanting to Mi. C.

"VV. Bowman and family, of, Le leave Gridley and is not involved an) Furnitures tit Wholesale Prices. Roy spent Sunday visiting with! Mrs. M. Fletcher.

manner. Mr. Goodale and family came to We represent the largest manufacturers of Household Furniture in the world, and Kansas from 111. in 1877 and settled on AND It would be a good idea to boil your rarm in Woodson county seven miles from sell to anybody at factory prices. All ship drinking water while this typhoid fever is Yates Center and living there until 1892 prowling around, About this time he received i severe sud- ments direct from the Chicago factory.

Our large furniture catalogue mailed to any address on receipt of 6 cents in stamp to pay postage. Our special Baby Carriage Catalogue, showing, 63 new styles, mailed Mr. George Rodman, who was hurt in the storm, is able to be around and was on stroke and the doctors advised him to leavt ihe farm. He came to Gridley one yeai ago and opened it general merchandist our streets Monday. GRIDLEY HERALD, ONE YEAR, Address all orders to TIIi 1IEHALL) stocK of iroods.

Mr. Goodale is about46 Mr. Carbeiia has been ill the past week. W.att is rebuilding barn." Mr. C- Ilodgers has been on the sick lifei' the past week.

The German people are at work rebuilding their church. X. Y. Z. free.

American Furniture Agency, i JlTGo to T. J. Pope's and get you a buck years of age and has a wife and two child Lie tall Profit Smashers. Galena, Kansas. ren in Gridley.

et pump. The only perfection water ele vator and purifier. Frost Sunday evening froze the sweet REPUBLICANS NOMINATE. at. notatoe vines and if they were not cutoff The present incumbent in each offict was nominated by acclamation except foi E.

1VI. 333ER, JARPENTER arid the potatoes will rot. survevor. where Harry E. Kobson war liomiuated in place of his father, over J.

1 Some ot the young people of our city at tended a social dance Saturday evening at CONTRACTOR RICHARDSON BROS. UtfERV and FEED STOSSLES. Fleming, by a vote of 142.12 to 54 88, and sheriff, where Dinsmore received 169.90. R. South 22.35, and W.

Scott 4.75. The ticket is as follows: Gridlev. Kansas i mf 7 Mr. Bert Rev. Park C.

Herbert will preach at the school building on the evening of the 17th. Every body cordially invited to Mr. W. T. InkleyV stock of goods have arrived and you will find him in the Tel Treasi'rer, M.

M. Kiger of Hampdeu-twp Sheriff, W. H. Dinsmore of Burlingtou-twp County clerk, T.N. Bell of Burlington-twp Register of deeds, J.

H. Hanna of Kty ford building. Look for his ad next week. Fair Hope. Items School began at Victory Monday.

Dr. Sutton is building a new barn. OIlie Ileed started to school Monday morning. Dr. Sutton and Mrs.

Blazier boarded the train for Kansas City Monday to see the sights at the City this George Holmes went to Le Roy Sunday. Mr. Ed Howard finished haying for R. C. Bell last week.

Harry Rudolph, who has been working in Gridley ior some time, began work on the Bangor school house Monday. Jim McLean took several wagon load of hogs to Gridley Tuesday. Mr. Chas. Deakm and Walter Lewis attended churcb at Crandall Sunday uight has received his insur-bnce and will commence rebuilding soon.

Mr. Tom Steele was in Burlington Wed West township. We keep the best rigs' in thecounty and give SPECIAL aitentiou lo stocP left iti our charge. Surveyor, Harry E. Robson of Key West Mr.

Harry Watson, Mrs. Ed Fesseuden's township. brother, who has been visiting here lor the past thi-ee weeks returned home Satur Coroner, Dr. R. P.

Douglas of Burlington township. day evening. 1 Commissioqer. third district, Stiles Jacksot See the immense stock of fine candies at of California township. Al Finchs' all new and fresh.

From this time on his stock will far surpass any cand ies ever kept in Gridley, THE HERALD JOB OFFICE is now prepared to do all kinds of Job1 Work at the Lowest Possible Prices. Give us your patronage and we will save You ALSO to all who will renew subscription to the Herald for the coming year and pay up arrears We will furnish the New York Tribunb OR Leavenworth. Times for the price of the HeraliV 1.00 were held at the school Union service bouse Sunday School, at 10:30 at 11 o'clock by Rev. Leeper I preaching Christian- Endeavor at 7:30. following nesday.

Mr. Al Chambers and his mother, Mrs. Allen Charters, has been. visiting in Indiana for two weeks, returned home. 5Sam Jones preaching by Rev.

Morns. BASE BALL. Last Saturday the second nine of Le Roy played the second of Gridley, The LeRoy boys had one of their nine so they alloweo our boys to play one of their first: Score by innings: Gridley 1 5 8 0 2 8 0 3 022. LeRoy 1 2 I I 0 3 0 2 7s 117 Batteries: -Gridley: Oliphant, Peek and Fessenden. LeRoy: Ward and Sailor.

Umpire, Ed Fessenden. -The boys, say that because their first nm best liie first nine here, the second nine thought the same thing and got badly left: "Where did every body today?" go lat Satur could be heard most any place Have Just ReceiYedC2 The Largest Stock of Dry Goods day. A good many were in Burlington and some by the fire-side which was the AN) GILT EDGE most comfortable place that day. Mr. Tom Chase, tho negro comedian of Mohawk Ipdian club that spent two weeks in the city last July, was here a few hours Monday.

have a company of eleven and are now at PicqUa "Kansas. Mfes Daisy and Eulala Chinowth went to Emporia Monday evening to attend school at the State Normal. Miss Eulala intends taking a course in music and art. while Miss Daisy studies music. The officersnnd members of the Christian church met in a business meeting on Wednesday evening at the offi ce of R.

Bell The meeting sesulted in a rebuild the church building, the appointment bf ttree new members to the original build ing committee. The present committee is M. A. Fessenden, H. H.

Brides, H. Hufft, J. S. Olson, RT C. Bell and John Lewis.

The appointment of two eliciting committes, composed of Mrs. Pletcber, Mrs. Olson, Miss Dollie Smith, Miss Nora In a few moments of time subscription to the amount of $125 was subr hcribed. The church will recieve assistance from other points. A good many of our farmers are cutting and stacking crab-grass.

They say It yeilds well and if properly cared for is he best of feed. Job De' Cainp has pin up 13 acres and would not care if he hind more. Albert Bear says the right way is the only way and that wayis to coyer the black with long grass of forne kind. The best Stock of CfroceHds Ever Brought to Town. Everything: New and Collie Quick and get tho Beot.


A Clean, Quick Shave and every Man. Clean Towel. SHOP OPEN AT ALL HOlTRS Gridley is the market place for the of this section. Prices on groceries. H.

Bri'dgeB telle Us be has a sow II Mr. THE WEEKLY C. STAR. Addresses the farmer as a business man dry goods, are very low, and for farm and a citizen. Does not tell him how to.

products our merchants pay the highest prices. On articles at th'isnime of year it will pay the farmers of this vicinity to consult; Gridley merchants before driving ten or twelve miles. If any one thinks money, is scarce, just let them drop aroiiud these ball games that take place on Sunday, and watt the boys blow in their nickels. Boys, do your parents know where you are on Sunday afternoon? Every body is busy getting their stoves ready for winter use nd great care should be taken that the flues uud pipes are in safe conditiou. F'OUND-Stem of a ladies' gold watch; Owner can get same by calling aTthis office and paying for th is advertisement.

farm, but how to sell, and where and when, and keep a vigilant eye upon his that has raised 28 pigs inside often months. Cor this poverty stricken neck of the woods where they need aid from Emporia. Mr. M. Smith went over-land to Yat-es Center Thursday where hr met his family who have been vissting at" Peclr Kansas since the storm in GridJey." Afrs nia.ih and Miss Cora Kiaer were In rights as a shipper, a producer and a tax CONVliNTlON 1 Republican convention' will be held at the school house in Gridley, Saturday even ing Oct'IS.

at 8 o'clock. sharp for tu'epur-poye of nominating township, officers. iEjZIbELkC I Burlington sh opping Tuesday. payer All the news, too, and plenty ox good heading" for th( family, Now read in 100,000 farm houses. Fifty-two bifi eighl-page newspapers for 25 cents.

To any one Who sends tbe illlWEEKLlT STAR five yearly subscribers, together with 1:2 the jiaper wilt be aent one year free. -DEALER IN- C. G. Johnson was in Burlington looking. Every republican in the township Is re (I after bis interests tbere uesaay mgui.

lira V. fiiklev ume in bu the after- quested to be present. It. C. Bsii.

T. C. noon train Monday. in tue item last week consernlng Uncle Jim Elliott's beans a mistake Was made; they an- white, navy instead of blue naff beans. Mr, Joe Essfx, who has beau tcacfr school near Burl ington, in compelled to' leave the school room as be le troubled with consumption.

The fatally intend going to Texat in the necr ftiture. T7e received a letter Ui otbtr day LSTTE3 XI8T. FOR SA LEi A good work team, oae gray mare 9 one dark bar cre rkA Iiava been attendinar the fairs for the i Tfc rinwiuj lettera reaain unclatct rst two months, returned home Tuesday. 5 years oldl Tboy are in giod eandptlon, gobd atse a4 a raraia Ut tjiv Cill I 'nmirr VOni. I mm HVkiIV Vw BUwl -A Cb CUra Vr-- -5 earning where he intends worainj on 'KMtSoa.

Jlls wife will follow a lew j. fl. purchased arcad trip Hi. Fred pLtberly. forcjtiy of ay; ml 1 Iffw f-Wtir-'-tl.


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