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The Concordia Daylight from Concordia, Kansas • 1

The Concordia Daylight from Concordia, Kansas • 1

Concordia, Kansas
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They arc S'H -P e4- -V -V KELLY Cash Store. iThe Bon Marche I Coming! I Bora 11CMSIII 8 TO CONCORDIA, KANSAS. The Most Eminent Physicians in the United States will Visit Our City are quick to act and never fail to grasp opportunities. We herein quote you an un-paralled opportunity to buy Winter and Holiday goods. One Lot Men's Overcoats, worth $5.00, for (2 One Lot Boys' Overcoats, worth $4.50, for $2 59 One Lot Boys' Overcoats, worth $6.50, for FJQ Heavy 9-oz.

Overalls, worth 75c, for 43c. All Prints at 4 cents per yard. Capes, Jackets, Underwear and Shoes at cost wo mean what tbey cost us. Everything; must go before January 1st Watch our ad. for prices on Watches, Clocks, Jewelry and Silverware next week.

These pictures faithfully represent the cloaks wo offer lor sale. Thero nro 25 well mado, fashionable cloaks worth $7.50 each which wo will sell for $5.00. They are made in tho latest fashion out of good fabrics and aro a clodded bargain. We also want to close out our Capes, and to do so we give a price inducement to move them. We will sell Cloth Capes worth $7.50, for $5.

00 Cloth Capes ivorth $5- 00, for $3- 75 Cloth Capes worth $1.50, for $1 00 Flvsh worlh $12-00, for $9.50 Plush worth $10.00, for $7-50 Plush worth $3.50, for $2-50 Our customors know very well that the Hon Marche fulfills every promise mado in their advertisements. There is a bargain in these Cloaks, and Capos. Como and soo. Monday, Dec, 12 AND WILL BE AT THE Barons House I KELLY BROS. 'd i.

mm UNTIL Wednesday 5 p. m. Dec. 1, 1898 Three Days Only John Temple Graves. 'Ho is the most eloquent southerner of today." Ilenry Watterson.

has the most phenomenal eloquence I ever heard." Henry W. Grady. "He is a born orator if ever one came into the world." Boston Globe. "He surpasses Ingersoll in rhetoric Homer Adklns Dead. Homer Adkins, a former resident of Concordia, died at Gutheri last Satur Mrs.

Beauchamp, of Ilolton, is visit I ing Concordia friends. I "Gravps' 'Grady Memorial' is the a i i. a. i. day evening and was brought back and buried in the Siblev cemetery Tuesday.

Mr. Adkins was one of the earliest settlers of Cloud county, hav and delivery." Robert Irving Fulton. ing located in Siblev township in 1807 Summons by Publication. In the DiElriet Court of Cloud comity, Kansas. Eugene 11.

Jfrankforther, 1'laintiff. vs. Levi E. Frankforther, No. 4807.

John ti. Frsnlifortlier, Albeit Frankforther, Defend antB. The State ofKansao to Levi E. Frankforther, John B. Frankforther.

Albert Frankforther. Ton and each of yon are hereby notified that yon have been sued In an action pending In the District Court of Cloud County, Kaneas, wherein Engene K. Frankforther is plaintiff and Levi E. Frankforther, John Frankforther, Albert Frankforther are defendants and that yon mnst answer the petition of the plaintiff filed therein on or before tho 28th day of December, 18ftH, or the same will be taken as true and decree of partition or all of the North Half of the Northwest quarter of section two In township Eight south of range Five west of 6 P. M.

in Clond county, Kansas, as preyed for in said petition aiifl Judgment 'dieting the title and partitioning the same and other relief rendered accordingly. Given under my hand ami court stal this 15th day ol 1693. E. P. Davis, Isaac A.

Rigby, Clerk Dlst. court. Plaintiff's Attorney. Published in "Daylight" Nov. 17, 1898.

One of his sons was killed by the In "A brilliant and beautiful speaker." Wm. McKinley, Jr. At Concordia Saturday niht, December 17. Dr. Jeffers and' Staff of Physicians of the New York Electro-Medical Institute are Making a Tour Through the State.

Grain Dealers Meet. The grain dealers of the Central Branch between Greenleaf and Downs held a meeting at the liarons liouse Tuesday evening and discussen a number of important things connected with the grain business. They discussed the advisability of establishing a check weigh man at Atchinson and Leavenworth and also took up the mp.tter of making some recommendations to the new governor regarding the appointment of a Chief Grain Inspector for the state. Among the gna men who attended the meeting we'AiJlegg, of Rice; Lint, of Atchinson; Davis, of Greenleaf; Biggins, of Linn; Theirolf, of Solomon Rapids; Rodsrers, of Beloit; Craig and Joslin, of Randall; Bank, of Jamestown; Smith and Pennock, of Concordia. E.

J. Smiley, state secretary of the association went to Stockton Wednesdav evening to meet with the grain men of the west end. diana About seven years ago he moved to Oklahoma where he lived at the time of his death. G. M.

Shaffer, a son-in-law, accompanied the remains from Guthrie. Mr. Adkins was seventy six years of age, and will be remembered as the man who was always getting up some new invention. The old gentleman always believed that he had solved the problem of perpetual motion. Miss Bertha Jaedicke, who has been staying r.t the home of Mr.

anJ Mrs. Ed. Messall and instructing a class in music, left Monday for her hottfe at Hanover, accompanied by her mother who spent Sunday in Concordia. During her stay in Concordia Miss Jaedicke has made many friends all of whom hope to see her return. uucau bUUIb DJCCVU iU bUU JUllBU language.

It is simply a miracle of oratory." Cassius Merrill. Wm. DeVinny has returned1 from California. Mr. DeVinny says the lack of rain in tho mountains interfered much with the mining industry.

Those wishing to take instruction in club swinging and physical culture will please come to the o. A. it. hall at 4:30 Friday, Dec. 1C.

MRS. GRAVES. At the Methodist Episcopal church next Sabbath. Morning subject: "Exercise unto Godliness." Evening subject: "Young Men." Sabbath school Junior League 3 p. Ep-worth League 8 o'clock Tuesday evening, and Prayer meeting 7:30 p.

m. Thursday. Jewell City, 12-6, '98. M'g'r Opera House, Concordia, Ks. Dear Sir: Reno showed here last night to a crowded house, It was one of the best entertainments eyer given in this city, and is worthy of the most liberal patronage.

E. D. Fisher, M'g'r opera house, Jewell City. This entertainment will be given at the opera house, Concordia, Tuesday, Dec. 13.

Candies pure and fresh at Colson's. P'SST NATIONAL BANK Concordia, Eansa Capital Sioo 000. Safe Deposit Vault Interest on Time Loans Officers and Directors F. J. Atwood, President C.

E. Sweet, Vice President; W. W. Bowman. Cashier; C.

H. Betuurnay, A. E. Lasnlei Theodore Lalna. All the latest combs and bandeauxs a Wiards.

What Is nicer for a Xmas pres ent We lead all in nice fresh Chocolates, at Colson's. Dr. Weaver has moved to the old Beauchamp residence on south Washington street, having rented it for three years. C. M.

Troup, of Aurora, was in Concordia Monday. Mr. Troup says he is doing a lot uf b'uslness in that rustling little town. Miss Pearl Newburn is still very Ink. Her condition remains unchanged Volcanic Eruptions Are grand, but Skin Eruptions rob life of joy.

Bucklen's Arnica Salve cures them, also Old, Running and Fever Sores, Ulcers, Boils, Felons, Corns, Warts, Cuts, Bruises, Burns, Scalds, ('happed hands, Chilblains. Best Pile cure on earth. Drives out pains and aches. Only 25 cents. Cure guaranteed.

Sold by W. L. Mc-Carty, druggist. WILL Teacher of Music. Violin Mandolin Guitar 'Cello, etc.

420 West Seventh Street Did you see that sold plated Piano lamp Wiard is giving away? it COSTS you nothing and he guarantees to Sell cheap, If not cheaper than any one. The best printers, new material, finest stock and lowest prices are what count on all kind of first-class job work. The Daylight possess all these things. Good work costs no more than poor. Calljup the Daylight 'phone 23.

"No speaker of the nineteenth century, within my observation, more nearly resembles the Greek Demosthenes in method of expression than John Temple Graves, of Georgia." Dr. Chaa. Foster Smith. Do not fail to hear the lecture by John Temple Gram on the "Reign of the Demagogue." At the opera house December 17. Arthur Renard has moved into his new house on east 6th street.

except that she is slowly becom When It comes to musical Instruments Wiard is the man who leads on prices- Co In and see his line. Ho has some beauties. Go to Colson's for Christmas goods. Bolinger is in Concordia to stay and in business to stay. He carries the finest line of clothing In the city.

No sham special sales at Bolingers, He has one price to everybody the vear round, and handles no shoddv goods. In the new order of Fraternal Insurance the dead member becomes a silent partner by the earning capacity For Smoking and lancy vests go or tbe money wnicu ne leaves oenui him. Even though dead he continues to uav assessments regularly from ing weaker. Mr. and Mrs.

Arthur Lasnier have returned from York, Nebraska, where they have been living since last May, They will be in Concordia this winter, and will probably return to York in the spring. Joe Fell's little boy tried to walk through a good sized tree about ten days ago, and the result was that the little fellow was laid up for a week with a sore lip. He is able to be at school again. C. P.

Smith, Cloud county's newly elected Probate Judge, has located in Concordia. Mrs. Smith is at present visiting relatives in Topeka, and it will be some little time before she comes to Concordia. Mr. Smith's household goods are stored here.

year to year while the order stands. to Robinson. This being1 an advertising trip and to introduce their new system, they will give consulation, examination, advice and all medicine necessary to complete a cure free. All patients talcing advantage of this offer will be expected to state to their friends the result obtained by their new system of treatment. They treat all kinds of chronic diseases and deformities.

It is very seldom that a community so situated as the one in which we live has the privilege of consulting sucn renowned specialists, who are in constant attendance to wait upon you, diagnose your case and give you the benefit of their medical knowledge. There is no experimenting or guess work. You will be told whether you can be cured or not. If your case is curable they will treat you; if incurable, they will give you Buch advice as to prolong life. They cure deafneis by an entirely new method.

Catarrh in all its varied forms cured so it will never return, by breaking up the cold catching tendency. If you have weak lungs or consumption do not fail to be examined. It will cost you nothing for a thorough examination. Remember they treat all diseases and deformities. Their new discovery of absorbing medicine by eleciricity in paralysis, loss of power, rheumatism and all diseases oi the nervous system is a Godsend to suffering humanity.

Medical men stand appalled at the marvelous cures that are being affected wherever this system has been introduced. Thousands who have giyen up all hope of ever being cured now have an opportunity of a lifetime to consult without charge doctors of a national reputation. Remember their knowledge of medicine combined with electricity gives them control of disease that others do not possess. If you have a weak eye, if yon are hard of hearing, if you are lame and cannot walk, this new system will cure you quickly. Don't fail to call on these eminent specialists, as a visit will cost you nothing and may save your life.

If you suspect kidney trouble, bring a two ounce vial of your urine for chemical and microscopic analysis. Go early, as their offices are always crowded. If you are improving under your family physician do not come and take up our valuable time. We wish to giye each one plenty of time, but annot listen to long stories not pertaining to your case. The rich and poor alike treated.

Idlers and curiosity seekers will please stay away. Our time is valuable. X. H. Cancers, tumor, ulcers, all blood, skin and scalp diseases cured by an entirely new method.

Piles cured in from five to thirty Hays without the knife. We make a srtetialty of diseases peculier to either sex. not one uerny will be W. Whipp Co. are making farm loans at better rates than anyone.

Office removed to front rooms over Advice to Cloud County Bank. Reserved seat tickets Damon and Pythias play, by home talent, will Reno has come and gone and members of the audience are still in a bewildered state of mind whether to believe their own eyes or not. Reno is the peer of Blitz or Heller. He gives the best performance on the road. There have been quite a number of troupes of educated dogs here but none which compared to Reno's in their human like intelligence.

Their performances were wonderful and the marveloue intelligence d'splayed is a theme for thought Clay Center, Kan be put on sale at Taylor, Neltiel's ionsumptives next Tuesday morning, December 13, at 0 o'clock. sas, Democrat 'The Curio and Art Loan exhibition to be given the 15, 16 and 17 of this month will be a unique affair. Light At the opera house Tuesday evening, Dec 13. Admission 10, 20 and 30 cents. refreshments served free every after noon.

Program every evening. Do Musical Recital. On last Friday evening the class of Miss Bertha Jaedicke gave a recital at the opera house. The program was well prepared and all the selections were rendered in a most pleasing manner. The splendid way in which the little ones rendered their selections spoke very highly of Miss Jaedicke as musical instructor.

Following is the program: Polonaise, op. 40 No. 1, Chopin II Trovitors and Daniels Nearer My God to Thee Ryder Darlington Trio, gammer Fancies Mesdaraes Miller, Bloom and Peck Mountain Queen Daniels Beethoven Symphony, Major. Birch, Jaedicke Angel's Serenade Kinkle Messall Kensington WalUes Llebllng Birch Fra Diavola Mel not te Davles, Darlington Two Banjos and Marshall, a Lewis, Mr. Gullbert Silver Bells Waltz-Scott Wbltcher Fantalsle Ln-bacn Birch Trio, Rose Waiti MeMamrt MlUer Blu'ini and Peek Valse Op.

70, No 1 Chopin Jaedicke he Petit Carnival-Mreabbog Smiley Old Oaken Backet -Ryder Uessall Fun and Fro'le Valtz Wrsteadorf Daniels and Messall At the meeting of tho teachers of the North-Central Kansas Association a resolution was passed recommending to the legislature the establish men of a State Normal School at Concordia. The resolution was as loilows: not fail to come. Wiard has a fine ntfW Kimball Organ for sale at less than cost Reason for selling he needs the There are three great remedies that every person with weak lungs, orwith consumption itself, should understand. These remedies will cure r-ijout every case in its first stages and many of those more advanced. It is only the most advanced that are hopeless.

Even these are wonderfully relieved and life itself greatly prolonged. What arc these remedies Trash air, proper food and EHicision t-it Liver Oil Hypo- pkites. Be afraid of '-rights but not of fresh air. nutritious food and drink room. Come and get -a bargain.

For new creations in Neckwear go to ROBINSON. A Curio and Art Loan exhibition will be giyen by the Martha Society of the M. E. church on the 15, 16 and 17 of this month in the empty store building one door west of A. Betournay's grocery store.

Everything curious and beautiful. Everybody come. Admission 10 cents. "A certain young married lady in Concordia," says Seward Jones in the Beloit Call, "went to Clyde the other night on the train and banded the conductor a S3 bill in payment for her fare, at the same time holding her young baby in her arms. The conductor inquired if she had nothing smaller, and the young woman paralyzed that conductor by replying that she hadn't, as she had been married only a year.

The ladies of in charge of the Curio and Art Loan exhibit have not been able to canvass the country owing to the bad roads. All ladies living si distance lr.m vuo nave auy o.d curiosities, relics, heir looms are nrged to bring them in and l-ve them with Dr. Marcotte where thev will be cared for until placed npon exhibition. Lome and spend an afternoon or evening examining all the curious and ieitntiful tt.ins you will find there. The French Standard Drama, "Damon and Pvthias," will be produoed at the opera house on Thursday, Dec.

Electric Light Skating Rink is now open day and night. Admission: Gents, 10 cents; ladies 5 cents. Skates furnished for 5 cents extra. Ladies have separate apartment for putting on skates. J.

Paradis. 3t W. L. Pepperell went to Lansing Tuesday for the purpose jot attending a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Kansas state penitentiary of which he is a member. Mr.

Pepperell said that several matters of importance were to be considered by the board. Rev. Westfall. of Topeka, was in Concordia Tuesday the truest of Rev. Godfrey.

Rev. Westfall is president of the Seventh Day Advent Conference of Kansas. The organization has a membership in this city of about fortv-six of which Rev. Godfrey i the After fpendine a few days visiting hi brother Frank and and other CoDCirdi i Charley Bessier re-tiirne I to Clay Center Tue'day where ite is pna cil in the tailoring barley in is (loins-some iro'! 'or hlmelf. He 1 good boy, a and is deserving of success.

lie mired. That we recognize the great import ance of trsfnirg for fru-h-T; "ii 15. This nye act drama is nnaer tne supervision of George M. Culver and J. A.

Wheatley, the well known agent of the New York Life Insurance Co. These two gentlemen have taken part in Damon and Pythias before and by their carefnl training, good judgment and experience are competent to fnt ou as kool a production a-, lias been yreseotcu to tlu. of ton-cordia. There will be a full line of crMntaes, which will make the whele cabt put oi the appearance of professionals. The play is under the auspices of the K.

P. lode. It will be one of tbe best entertainments of tbe season. Ce sure srnl attend. Hemes-ber the date, Thursday, Dec 15.

ton r.i,. kaa made as a friend of Normal iualrnetlTO. We urge that all tv h-r anlte to lnflaenoe, hj all proper mean. Ih members of nor state ljt plenty of milk. Do not forget tV-.

Scott's Emulsion is the tc.tcd and the highest rod of all remedies for w. ak throats, weak lungs and all its stages. Tf fciVANS, Chemists, Nr York. MMM MS Ml IMMMSS" to the end that normal scaool facilities fur two fnautciuo itqnire i to make a cure, to all those takia while on this trip. Office honrs.

9a. m. to 7:30 p. m. Will not TiMt any oilier town in the eo'intv.

married lailivs mnst tecum pa br their husbands. Rememler the dates, Dec. 12, 13, 14. may be tr T.ded at oucordia that training may be poejible for every aeher of ths state. Go to Gruowald's for candy..

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