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The Ottawa Leader from Ottawa, Kansas • 1

The Ottawa Leader from Ottawa, Kansas • 1

The Ottawa Leaderi
Ottawa, Kansas
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7 THE WEEKLY LEADER uM'-Mlird every Thursday nt Ottawa, KansnR, at tl.rvo per annum; tractions of a. year at pro-i poriioniise rales. Thirty-fiv Thousand Dollar 1 selves of this $30,000 worth of their Court House. property to build a Court House. Editor Ljcadkr Kinee the Com- ia wn that if missioners called on the people th Commiw'onen.

liad imlioatnl 2o-tu vote in iK)ndS to build for th" HoUs(' Court House, I deem it proper for ev the. uthiRt corner of Court House erv one to take a hand iu and make it 8(lre. fronting on Fourth and Hlck-a five hVht. ory, or on the east half of College Hitherto'l have said nothing on this Square, opposite the school bmldinjr, question, imposed no opinion on any to sel1 the hi one, hoping, an.l confidently expect- Purposes of a Court ffoime iog. that a question of such Imve been "Gained, and the About the County.

Sand Creek. Pleasant Valley Lyceum assembled on Tuesday night and an enjoyable time was had. The Ottawa Glee Club was present favored the Society, with music. Among them were Geo. Baldwin.

David Hunt and a number of others. We feel thankful, boys, for your visit and hope you will come again. We. wish the boys unlimited success in their new undertaking, and can truthfully. say we nev I PAU V.MOK13, M.

PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. OFFKT. ASD RK3IDKSCE: Corner of Locust anil Second streets, KAKR A S. COMMERCIAL. Ottawa Retail Markets.

Prairie hay, per ton $4 50 Cattle, butchers' stock, per Hiikss, ei-cen, per a Hoses, live and fat, per cwt 4 IWi Suit, ier bb! 1 SS I'otiitoCij, per hiishci Onion, per bui-hel Aiiples, jier lushvl 6'J Tft )ean, per lnushel 2 on, live, per dozen 1 7S i if, KggH ORAIX AXD FI.OI R. Flour Fall 09 XXX, fall wheat T5 Uriiham, 2 no Wheat, fall. 70 '(, sf, Corn hoped do Com Meiil, so per Corn, jier '-'6 I.VMHKR. KTC. First $4 Secmid clear A t-tock no 00 stock 45 00 stock 40 (iO First or A flooring.

45 k) Second or 40 'I luiil or lloorintr. i'A First or clear siding 'as Second or A siiHnjf. '-2 Third or sidinsr "0 lid tude, would mre and consideratiou than a h). Either of these h.cation.- will eost- the 1 I county nothing. Once located finally, oppose tins proposition, because I1'11 dividual interest to' the is vaue, iuderinite and uncertain.

wn the lawyt-r. saV)l" It not sta'e their sale, would beat E. K. KELLKNBKRGER, M. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON.

JBce Houra 9 to 10 A. It to and 6 to 7 p. Jr. OTTAWA, KANSAS. an end.

tacts to constitute a cause of action. 1 tuero ore demur to n.auU er listened to better music Our singing school is a complete success under the supervision of Mrs. Onn Robinson. -vi" Mr. Crouse of.

Ohio, purchased the Santord Topping farm last week. 1 Our neighbor Tat man bought J. B. Feagles' llock of sheep, numbering 234 head. KIC1IMOXI) Your correspondent has had occasion to visit this vicinity and finds that farm interests are not neglei-'ed.

We first the. IL- farm, wliich has V. I DAVIS G11XEV, PHYSICIANS AND Wffiro Hours 8" to 0 o'clock A. 1 to 2 1 hoitse ni.o(K, ottywa. Dr J.

(1. PIKRCE, ask the people to sustain uiy uemurer, on the iilst ui Fen. next. 1 1 The cuii neiiner the race of interest the nidi are bear, the ii-iigtii of time tliey are to run, what rates they are lo Ur sol 1 lor, whether at par, or at such a distant as may suit thecoiij(oiMoiieis. All these very ni)Mi taut conditio is liuve aiwys been specifically ineniioneil in A shiinflcs 4 00 SliMleil nhiiiffUH 8 80 fcxtra Xq.

1 sUiiiglcd 2 M5 heetin 20 (M) Diiiiension 25 (,0 t'iith 4 lioiiirh inch ,.,1 Fencing 22 5iX S5 00 The belief is well founded, that a wise consideration and settlement of the question if location, should lie first made, hef re any loose or vnirue discretionary powers be entrusted to the County Board, to dispose of of the peoples for permanent he conflict of as to permanent or temporary buildings, should also be settled. It' this should result in a temporary outlay, on two or more of these eighteen lots fronting on Main street, so as to 11 juard the i nnly against future loss, answering all pri'sen needs of court room and (ounty to lie ultimately sold for business houses it would give jlatclv pe-I'd into the bands of Gideon i -rci-s fnni theeast. Mr. B. line erected -a house on the farm, purchased nearly 100 head of tine cattle and for their con PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Oxkick.

5)2 Main Strket, Ottawa. Residence mi Hickory street, between Fourth aud near soutlteast corner oi Court Holme "Square. 'f Missouri Pacific Time Chaxgk ix On Jan. 23, a chanse in the lime tables of the Kansas Arizona Division of the Missouri Pacific rail road was scheduled as follows: Arrives.

Lcsive, Passenger KaViA.ii. v. ii. 10:45 a.m. venience put up a large wind pump and tank.

understand be intends to make many. other good and substantial improvements. Next, visited the farm of II. Staley, where we found I lie cull lor eh'Ci ions mr bonds, and made a nart of the stipulation between the high' euiuractin parlies. Ami to now pel mit men an innovation ou nil me precedents established would, I believe, be iratiy ht with danger and temptation, oo lo It.

L. S. R. R. Time Table.

a place of about 1,000 acres, luce big opportunity for wisely c'nid- tte, lor a inoiiii at, tl ouuhi of. i ering the question of permanent, build- T-eav. Lawier.ce Ex. p. in.

Coll'eeville K. ji. m. K. C.

'i hroujrti Kx. (). in. BROWN PUSEY, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. HOTCK.

COR. MAIN AM KKCOKD STREETS, OTTAWA, KANSAS. I he jiripvni(iii nj'-uiioi no ain't below $35,000, 'Iocs it indicate 2:47 p. Ill, 1 p. lit.

1 p. in. 1 eaves. 1 iu Ji V. Ii.

II. Arrive, law p. 111. where Ine C' urt House is to be iugs, as the future may develop. I believe that all experience, both here and elsew here, has fully demon-stiated that no greater mistake could be made, than to build a permanent Passenger.

barns, about 300 head of cattle, near 500 bead of bogs and corn thrown up in such immense piles as to. 'frighten our horses enough to say he had 3S0 acres grown on his own farm last season. We next saw the faint Of David Smiley, lie has the, largest flock, of sheep we have ever had. the pleasure of seeing. They numbered some five or six thousand.

Being convinced that: Franklin county can compare ii any in the slate for enterprising fanners, we started for home. Comimmal. Ah these grave questions, are left to the difcreiiou of the ft K. HAflOS. C.

R. MEIGS. law omc A sample copy ofihis paper will he sent free to all who will furnish us their dress. bein the end manipulated and intlu- 011,1 "Hlse "liUn ousmess if stre' ne 011: mm ifiiLie 011 ine enceii by a lew inicivsud and design OK A OS BIOS. ltuctieo in Staivyui Federal Courts, i OKl'H Oi'Klt POSTOVKICJC, i TV VSV KANSAS.

I pavement, incident to a jare business population county and cily, would so the deliberations of court, jurors mid witnesses, as to be TELEGRAPH COMPANY. Or'l' iCi, i'Mt I'vcinc tAi'jn: coi'anv. East Room Slasonie Temple Buildiiig. ing per.son. whose is to tie henetitttl by the locaimn.

question ol location, is tin- important key that lot Us up, influences and holds in abeyance all otiieis. hlmil Ihe 4.0(i0 oters of iliis county, who are cxpecleu to ny lor this build-ing. Ie co.iMiited as to where it sl.all A III Y' I. J. MAHER, ely Norwood.

Business about our burg has beenuile brisk for the past week -or two. Daniel ATTORNEY AT LAW, EHhtrof the of her locations would be and away from the noise ami tumult td'a tsy street. The future iioniihif i'Mt of O'tawii Llj, 1 I he oul cooipaii niercial and diieci reuce, Leavetnv J.iC. t'lusou ar TANOON, KANSAS. flay has -shipped a number of ear loads hv lo-uifd, how much, ltd when tiny ol i mrUTr-itTf.

linf j(Wlr a fit' 'Ui, luiikiui coiin'iisn given i I Jt ii ill II I't 1 in tint I' timber farm north-west ufiere; then the jo-tr st 1. ite atHi life of iiiaiiy of olir biisiuei dt men, and the county at 30,000. Business houses will then occupy I I). A. TKFFT.

B1KAI '1U-1T. A new supply of sell raisir 0 huekw A i the marketity of J-. V- every lot on Miin street as far south 'is 5th streef, and every lot on suit' flour at Ashley's the best in 1 nav- Try it. Viz- '('. HIRAM TKFFT SON, A A ES, isomer of Second and Hickory Streets, WA, street should be made available for tnat purpone.

The county is now paying only She nominal sum of $468 per year rent, for Court Uootii and all county offices, which sum will nor hire a janitor to Cannon is the name of the Mormon delegate from Utah. He i is suppost Ui be well loaded wit!) sin. but he cant frighten many people, in Washington. 'I iinmeiise piles that prround our saw miil is a fust for the, eye. D.

W. Moore, is still buying and shiping grain while our two stores are each doing a thriving business iri their several lines. The intense cold has Mopped progress on our bridge; otherwise, it would have now been ready tor travel. We have heretofore failed to notice the return to our community of the affable C. W.

Shinn. a whilom partner of B. Mason in the practise of law. It gives us great pleasure to see him once more among us and we trust his stay will be permanent as he. is made of stdid material and would be, a valuable acquisition to our 'neighborhood.

It. was the intention of yotjr correspondent to be present at the meeting of the panics, called 1 tonetlit on short noiice. wiihoul the knowledge til a litn tlnd lax pay ers In the be the tiibutial to mnnipul.ite al! matters appertaining to this question The necessity for a large and commodious (Viuri Holism, with ample accommodation for' till county offices, cannot be denied. lint I do not. be-bee the time has con for the people to invest either in red, taxation or bond si sum sufficient to build and furnish such structure, as will meet the future pride ntnl wants.

our present and future population. Wheii once a 'Court House built, all of plans, speeiflcati location, are at uii end. all uncertainty ceases, and Ue" whole matter ysMiines. a 'painfully certain, land very langinle shape. The tact hat the' count -is from' $350,0011 in sweep ami uuiin fires 111 tne new es- i 3 lb.

can peaches for 15 cent, at tite Second Street Star Grocery. 1 JAMES A. BURGERT, Aiii kinds r. BLACKS IT II ING -WAGON WORK. lrlt low and reasonable.

po. Stone Ottawa. Kaxsas. I have excellent stone for curbing Walks. MlCHAKL 29-32' Ottawa.

Kansas. tablishnieiil. This rent runs for three years and can be extende i for an indefinite period. Meantime, many tit our public and private debts will ha ve 1 een dischsirtr-ed, and H16 peopl will be in comlit-ion ti bear the expense of a building without a bonded debt. The question of I amounts, peMiianent or temporary building, etc.

slioiiht hoeettled by fret! discus! ,1 Inature deliberation of ali the people, 11 lbs. New Orleaip for S1.C0, -it the Second Street Grocery. S) lbs. A sugni for 1,00. at the Se'conrf Street Star Grot.erv.' Fairiuotint Society on last Saturday evening but he was prevented by circumstances beyond his control.

Hon. P. P. Elder of your city gave them an address and T. V.

BALDWIN, 'i A I 11. aop, nortii side of Second street, east of the loud House, Ottawa. Kansas. 1 Tuk' ciiitvacts for all kind- of frame mitt and makes a spei'talty of iiU.tSilxUuus untr, cl. with bonds drawing inteest, ami hat taxes are from 3 to 5 per Ut Vear of EODEY'S Ladys Book.

we can safelv Pay the Fairtiioiinters enjoyed an bneHeetunl treat. The meeting of the OalT viriive, society 011 Thursday night was well attenrttfW. Not withstanding the "inclemency of the weather and the darkness -of the -atmosphere kept away the fair sex. the exercises were quite An essay by M. L.

Ellinger on the personnel of 1 the society, elicited rounds of applause, A. C. Patterson read it line, selection and also presented a well written essay. C. E.

Parker, (he humorist tor the ami ten tett to ttie siutsler motives and private interests of a tew, whose prop erty to be atfecled by location and the palaiial. appearance 1 of- a -Court House, N.i prlvt interest sluml bo con--ulted, nor tiave any iotluetiire jie settlement of any of these vi h.iteeer. T'iey are, and ibreVf sboulit be, suiiordiiiate to' tha p.itiuv AllCKOK 2,00 11 4Ci UNDERWOOD. FISTSC JOB PRINTERS est Second Street. Ottawa, Kansas.

i AU kinds Job Printing lu the biKhest stvle, and with i of the COMMKliClAb liliL-4 F)(' circulation 1,000 copie per Wtft a becomes' so apparent, that, few will t'tiil to see it, nr understand it, and s(-ter seidtig it, the she'riiTAvill sf plixt tliey do not forget it when tax paying time conies iound. There are eighteen lots, belonging to; Hie county, lying and front' ing Mam ftreet that will bring in the' market. $30,000, which sur can heap-, plied to the building of a Court ample in till its appointments for the A A. 1'! NEW IfePARTURl'! Beginning with hmi'tym, a' lu utivdivnce 10 vliiii m- hdieve to ii.leiet. imc.tie.-ire of tlie readier tin- The only safe way is to; vote down this proposition on Uin aist'of JOHNSON'S COAL MINE.

and not perpetuate (his mistake of he Oommicsioners. i evening, kept the house, in a continuous his story on the "Blarney Stone" nearly took the roof oil'. -The 'debate. was on the question that "Secret Societies should be encouraged II. Tttrton.

M. L. Ellinger aud John Ellinger on the affirmative: A. C. Patterson, C.

E. Parker HIS MINI is Pic-iited six miles north of itiawa, present, or future public iiceessitiesj To forestall and prevent this sale, iV the real animus, the living skeleton iu tlw? Court' House closet, of the present movement, by" forcing a location oti these front hits, The claim' that these on tin; tentropolis road, where 1 will nave.a nupplv of good burning loAL aiways on tiauu tl'uni "this dale. Coal delivered at Ottawa on The success of this is riainrlit with imtnineii dinner to the future int rest of the co.iaty, by giv rders lefl ut Ken bands' store. ravtiM wanting Oval will he biiuplletliu every instance. .10) IX A.

JOHXSON; JCLY 22, IrirtO. and A. W. Connet on the negative. The Jug a ido and uncertain rtmge in dls- (feiiotiary power to Win County IM! 10 announce mat Uodev'a I.adv'.s P.oek iu SBl will ciinlaui A COMPLETE N0YEL IX EVERY NT M11ER Ite.Ales the following eld-time iec.i.'dities:'1 BeautVul original Steel Plale Diagram Patterns for Ladies and 'hiXlrt i.

Matnnioth C-oJored Fasiiion 'Plaie. Short Stories, Poems Sketrhi. Our Popular Noveltv I'ages in tiors. Illustrated Art and 'Fashion Hoe WorK. Arcliitectural Designs for Beaulittt Homes.

Godey's Recipes. Godey's tizzies anM Games. Monthly Chil-Chat on Fasjiions, eU, No Continued SUrie.i. Every Kurrsbsr Gemots In Subsoriptionn will' he receiveil at this ollir in cluhs with this paper, 1 litf Leader, and butleyV. I.adv'tt Book for one veau posl-patd, only 'Hie JA.Ni; A KY 'X( Mil Kit 111 he 1st.

Ou recent of io CKNTS ft Miniple foifc- ioards, which has unitVrmly been euied them on every occasion of discussion was spirited spicy and amusing. Messrs. Gideon Beightol. M. Ellinger and C.

W. Shinn, officiated as judges and rendered their decision in favor of the alllrmative. The exercises throughout the evening were intersperccd vviih violin For Sale. By Michael 1 laugh, the best of flagging i'Ov sidewalks. 2 to 3 feet wide by 4 to 5 long.

ig bml For years I have looked forward lets cannot be sold, because tin; courts have enjoined their stile, will not avail those. who are novV pressing this proposition. The opinion of the Supreme Court on this matter, is quite weir turning entirely on thp. consent 'of owners' oi lots abutting on Court Xhitisc square. It is also well known, that this' coment has been obtained from all but a very with pride to the time vtien I should music by those excellent professors Morris i Cook.

Rosvveu Cook and A. Smith. Next" week the science of metaphysics will receive attention the subject being "That man is a creature of circuin- st-e'a Court House in Fruiiklin commensurate with the enterprise and prosperity of our petple, but I bjipo my eyes may never behold, one on Main street, anil on business lots 1 CtM OH 10 Cants a vPl.UU A YEAR. TITK CHIC AdO tKDCiKK will be sent to any ntldrejid, postiige paid, uttlie pviceij uamed above. iu your uaiiies.

Addrcs THE l-KDUKK, Chicsgo, 111. stanccs." CA9SIUH. will bti proniiitlr Kent bv the publishers, now small number of and I feel warranted irr saying, that these few tndfntrinir to the con tit' that Can bo this amount ran be itetliu'ied when IU priee trf vrur' Kuhncriiilton is mailed. business men, cannot fibril to longer withstand the public demaml justly $50,000, to mar the jbeauty of the city, by creating a deformity on Its principal trect, to bo iirever I Iieinii by moneji oiuer, or drafl 011 riiiiaitttt-phiit New ork, by rttjiislertMl letter, lo Godey's Lady's Hook l'ab. Co.

(Limitetl), 1W t'likitottt St. riiiladoJpuia, I'd. made that they ehould no longer pre- have two fresh cows nnd their calves for sate. On mile nortii of the Machine Shops. David Lut.

WAN'TKU Ijooal eorrwpontlcnue front al! the towns in Franklin county. If anyttiinij of 'iiportHBe rraufcpuc, write it up for Ilia Uade-r P. P. flWJEtt. ettcd.

vent th peoplo lroai viliua tr A.

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