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The Ottawa Leader from Ottawa, Kansas • 4

The Ottawa Leader from Ottawa, Kansas • 4

The Ottawa Leaderi
Ottawa, Kansas
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UfiAWA LHAbm I at I. cmucraiic txecu- A lisrht on Garfield's visajce spread, And fined his brow so flue; An bukcI hovered overhead And through a silver trumpet said: Three hundred twenty-nine. By JOS. WARREN OZIAS; true manhood. enerrv ouuiuiuea oeiore another general election, and In t.h mpontim.

tive Committee. iiTirLfr? lat shall ail TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: iV uri it iiitiR niiTtr bv some of the ball or hfwr tinnfe or Dap un ng iroui ndtnen alony the citv walk inscribed with smut or chalk. r' will Snn'Vt "8UPers that now no COntro1 Address by the Chairman One Copy, one year (in advance) ti jjf Jwsfx months (in 18 fOr four months (in advance) A thou, if paid 1" he boys us thousand uiismanic line; tinifu reap benefit whatever. The offer of government, by and through 40 cents on the dollar holds nnl crimes against hW arsrs.Sffijitor'ii k-wvok, Oct. H.1880.

f-i not in ttilvnn t.t,- i ou read it here and every where tw i.6S." OI organization. llu wrapiieis), eacn sets I'Me at the cash in advanc "iscments 53" Subscriptions may commence at any time. wcuiuii oi rresiaent nnr vino every iemocrat casts his a vote on election iv 1 xicBuieut is now Detore VOU. Slate ami THE REBEL DEBT. and our whole ticket wirk ith a Ruth rgy that will command I sucS local discussions are now eliminated from THUKSDAY, OCTOBER 28.

At oon, at night, at midnight dim. My country! thou hast heard my hymn. nd woe, in good and ill, estern Reserve, be with me stlU. hen tune in Congress flew swiftly by. And not a cloud obscured the sky.

My hand lest it should truant be 1 he cash did guide to me and thee ow, when storms of fate o'er cast JJarkly my present and my past, let my future radiant shine ithout the shade of "329 me issues of the day. The ma.rnitn.. "Drowning men catch at straws," and victory or defeat can only be estimated so manv EennhHf.fln ow, al freerlnm 'Tl'i uy ine iorce and means employed in se- curing it. iiy fraud and corruntion I.p i'f' aim speakers ciauiisnment of a are endeavoring to frighten ignorant vo- Krl Umn 10 fuCt 88 idea that th Democratic By 'order of the State peopie oi me country were defeated in mittee. DEMOCEATIC TICKET.

For President, WINTIELD S. HANCOCK. For Vice-President, WILLIAM H. ENGLISH. Johx Martin.

their purpose in 1876, and the rightfully "wm if November, pro-elected Preskient was kept from oS TT? aS Possible to Pay the rebel Chairman. with the combined caoital of thaPmv nave tne imnudenceto as- 'George Washington was very great. As all the world can see, And Jim Garfield, 'in his As great a man would be. 1 hese two before the public eye In strongest light have stood, Ine one because he couldn't lie The other 'cause he could. eert that Gen.

Hancock has new 0v. ya, ty Dy repeated assessments I uPn the army of office-holders with the "NORTHERN OUTRAGES ocrathlVf Shelblville' In(L 8 D-ocratic Shenff was snot down in th. ed 1 himself on that point, and dare not. ihe ignorance must be dense indeed power oi the federal government re w.ucn wm swallow such nonsense. No Christian can vt for n0GA i sented by United States Marshals at the polls, with intimidation, fraud and a re For Electors, TIIOS.



isthefourteenth amendment SWoJ BbJ Aithur. You may say "theyare more sinned against than sinning." Prove it! sutution poor hard-working Deiotw" sort to every corrupt appliance known to 5KC. 4. -me va rl tv nf 7.

ueain pKC.4. ihe vahditv by Republican the nniteH eDI rouen8 ited States, authored ff' 5n two hv T11. Political opinl States nnr nrT St" luciunincr riohto tiiv oi I ncmno i nave succeeded in HASKELL'S CONSISTENCY. The greenback 'or payment of Door mnn rna .,.1,1,.: it State Ticket. 1 A mm CLfLIlllfll I fa iliinrl, 1 procunng the probable returns of th.

1,8 oounnes tor services in sun- on t.hniiKi;n, ami ieit cial devil-Haskell in 1877. local candidates. Can it be possible that Tf thl 4.kV "eei8' wnere he was tound If the "bind" of any Republican So ithern putrage.howler has "biled" over hT inese not belueXneT011 0r rebelllon Sha11 But neither fhw TTniwi I wish it understood that. in every btate throughout this broad land litica po- cate or mwlooist of Hip state uur me same methods can be brought to bear limrt" 7" aeot or ob- gat incm-rpH in "KHiiun 1111:11 1 1 mi 1 in inn on askell at Garnett, Oct. 20, 1880.

What a miserable Ivino- limnmOn i tt mat were used by the Republican we bav Knlrt In Ine north, we nave failed to hear it. If (hev hud happened in the South and the vfctims been black instead of whitp rKoiinn vr or me united stntoo Kt-is maiana and Ohio? Can the great is both an apologist and advocate of the National Banks, and the entire financial policy of the radical nortv umns would have been disnl iyedvi startling head lines to detail to the country. This is RennMW necti cut, California, Colorado. claims shall be held iiui Js and YU1U. miiu VU1U, And herp.

fa nn ovfwm. the question will catch no more Democrats or Greenback-era. fna vaii 1 in 1 1 iqnnAiirTn v. ximiipsnirc oe bought, defrauded? Evan without, th v.t. editoTS SeS euuors stufl their readers tn icnt-i- 01 acceptance: they trust him no longer.

"The thirteenth. fom-tPPnth ui xiiuiana, wnich we beUeve will be re- their minds and keep them votingl Cff 1 IIOR. Hfnt-rtn fh i fiaamnA XT 1 tne Re-bery and bKvam, rtotheConsmmio'ofZ For GoA'ernor, JEDMUND G. ROSS. For Lieut-Governor, THOMAS GEORGE.

For Secretary of State, J. M. GIFFEN. For Auditor, n. J.

G. NEUMPLLER. For Treasurer, THEO. WEICHSELBAUM. For Attorney General, A.

L. HEREFORD. Superintendent of Public Instruction, SARAH A. BROWN. For Justice of the Supreme Court, W.

R. WAG STAFF. For Congress, 2nd District, LOUIS F. GREEN. For Judge, 4th Judicial District, tj v.x liuui vicuiua, nun xNew ork in nis lite time once Paid of and "NW uuueu oiares.

emhnrivin ,4 wi.upuuu. jnxon (U) Democrat, 21st, thp iruj's 01 Stephen A. Douglas, "No sir-that man iue oiates tnat are never can be iU1'" conceded to us, includinr Maine. thP p1. iui mc union are inviolable." "If called rn thp Reply of Hancock: ituj 'i.

me ti. vjiurcu oiaiBN CflflMil honivs tn Ul uur canriK iltpa ia Goveksobs' Island, N. Y. Sen'- tl.0 iica! sul. iue 23.

iuuuu, Hir. vv nicn IS lust il ffi itenuniicsin n.nrtv li, itmydnlytoretwlthVofr power any attempt to impair or invade the lull force and PfW "A Tl nm 1 iiuiumaiion Sam: CUlty With little for Pi-psidonf ir! i.i oiiu luc jrjesiuenr, r.wn mm tion in every.Tici;, sec'tmn is thp .4. who, by the admission of their party and amendment which amendment, and the donning even of a Seymour coat will not save him. He cannot be Coopered up, but will be Snow-ed under iust as sure as the ides of November are fortli- land" iaw 01 ine Cincinnati. Dear Sib: Your letter of the 20th instant has been received.

I regret that you are disturbed aboutthatbug-bear the southern war claims. The people cannot be misled to suppose that rebel claims, or claims in the interest of persons who were in the rebellion, can in anv wow So if the Demorrnttr. o.r.t,v, i 4 IU1U11IH, (lUUV-ft fSton Mono' bmM 4 14 I. BHUUIU UI- and election is sure. uuiiiijr in your confidence and your suffrage.

It is impossible that 50,000,000 of intelligent and patriotic people will consent to place themselves upon the humiliating level thus prepared for d. ht tnif A wvvn "f01 with the rebel thn, a Democratic President would be there to prevent the smVirio 1 Among Other MIMn done by the Renub Wn conce.vable event there is no more chance flnv rlprri uiereoei qeot being paid than thmia -j to cuunienanceu. I r. is nl lucm oy me. Republican managers.

Fel low citizens, the first day's remilsn at at that the multitudinous RennhHnnn aa the meanest the exhortations made to the young men who are casting their first VOt-e t0 cast for a confessed imputation of disloyality such as used to ot Grant's administratinn their stealings into th CnV' uwuc a-ainst democrats ic-s into tha 4- U18ue "Knst Dernocn tysburg ended on the third, with Hancock front, in a glorious victory, and that even when Nothing but the desnr ey ere in arms defending thp Can exoiisp cnoh i- 4 "1 excuse victory secured us our Union. The ques stupid falsehood. Ex- change. a wno was held by such men as Sherman and Hayes as being too dishonest to hold a Custom House ofc fice under a Republican administration. th -Republican, and ia not now the preservation of the union, out cuiisiuuiionai irovprnmpnf Jo far as it touches me I denounce it.

Ihe government can never pay a debt or grant a pension or reward of any sort for waging war upon its 0WR existence nor could it be induced to approve or encourage the payment of such a debt," pension or reward. EEPUBLICAN INCONSISTENCIES. Hancock is now, as then, in the front; the V1 116 IJK; areguutyot these things. From first to last 0 the Chicago convention campaign, there never was the sun on the 2d of November untthe tIie blessings of civil iv.o ji H11IS tiose ot the dav. in hrinu iKrvnt.

a. ical convention held in this country that 6uch action. iy oruer 01 the National com To nronnsn polls and in!nir'!n 1 1 4 JU County Ticket. For State Senator, W. L.

PARKINSON; Representative 27th District, A. C. SHINN. Representative 28th District, J. R.

DAILY. Probate Judge, WILLIAM SUMXER: Probate Judge To fill vacancy, WILLIAM SUMNER. Clerk of the District Court, WILLIAM HUFF. County Attorney, C. R.

MEIGS. Superintendent of Public Instruction, J. F. MAXEY. Commissioner 3rd District, J.

F. LAMB. mittee. Signed Wm. H.

Barnum, Chairman, doubtful as to their duty. Be earnest and uiscreet. let vonr intinpnpp a.u ....1 us party in so pitiful an attitude as did that which nominated Garfield and Arthur. The head of the ticket is a nrriv. oe an msult to the intelligence and honor of our people.

When rebellion Avas crushed the heresy of secession in every form and in every instance went down forever. It is a beino- nf tv. let it be known henceforth and forever that we have in Franklin countv. Kflnaua SALE OF RAII4ROAD STOCK. en bribe-taker and corruntionkt seven hundred men who are faithful to the principles of Washington man who as a member of the EWrm-oi Commission stultified himself by taking Pt Ave move forward, not backward.

If The proposition submitted to the voteri of this county for suffrae-e cone. son, and who solemnly protest against the predominant party which is trvino-to place dishonest, mpn Wth iv, t7 me constitution and the were president, I would vetoe all hrs laws and then voted to officiallv COIldnna lation which inio-ht. Ing the sale of. the 'gtock owned by the county in the St. Louis.

Kansna n.i A.i of this nation. wwvic iue pro-- Tiding for consideration of a payment of uieir violation and for the disfranchisement of a quarter of a million of the company, is an important Claims) Of fimr 1 1 iT 2 Jeceiveu rruougli one 10 me people, and we think it P.nlnmna pie who elected Tilden and Hendricks. tilft -if i it ueclared for a revenue tariff and eary to explain on behalf of the county commissioners plainly the state of the v. --'puoiican ana iNews speaks well neither tor good judgment, fair dealing, or refined taste. That gentle- W8 ana damages by persons in the rebellion, whether pardoned or not.

In relation to union war claims, the government's obligations to its defenders comes first; they are lasting nominated a nrotpotivp tw ident nan iui pres- man lias juiiUH a nannrni rimufnt rl.on ua suDject. he amount of stock owned by the county is two hundred and fifty It raised aloft the Mnrviir a milder, eounu logician and orator. A man of distinguished ability and up- Constitutional Amendments. Constitutional Amendment in regard to the Manufacture and Sale of Intoxicating Liquors: FOR-AGAINST-The proposition to amend the Constitution. Constitutional Amendment in regard to Con- mended Hayes for vetoeYn -the amend-" mentsto the Denntv Mm-SUi 1.., ouaics, iuf which trie oonds of the county 1 04-4, an- 11C 0I civilized nations oo not general recognize claims for Injuries to property resulting from the oper- thpn allu oiaie.

anu is entitled to receive at "avc ueeu lssuea tne amount of 2R. smm iiviiniiuiuu itii- irficirii-r man who drafted those amendments. rplppfl'i ibe Press especially, decent 000. In addition to that sum in case the atiuno vi war. JNeverthe pkh.

m. iienuorsea the civil service theonr nf A.T gvvciu- railway company shall agree to accept KOk--AGAINST--Constitutional Convention. FOK-AGAIXST-Tlie proposition to amend section one ol article eleven of the Constitution ot the State ot Kansas, striking out the clause exempting two hundred dollars personal urou-evty from taxation. 1 -resiuent Hayes, and then nominated for 8 urea mm tlie greatest ihdul- vice-president the man Hayes kicked out ence the clnims fr losses and damans Snffered men from the milirv gentlemanly courtesy. No man or paper can afford or make friends by dealing ungenerously with strangers who are temporarily "within our gates." and the rebound always exceeds the stino-sought to be inflicted.

Wumy uonus ior tne amount of $10,000 in place of a like amount of Pottawato love and the uion' bt war, and then nominated for president a llostllltie8 were closed more than eighteen mie township bonds in accordance with the proposition voted April 15, 1879, the county will be interested in the aggregate cum B5S (inn l.r 88le of the shares of aja. 111 111c oi, xj. jv. Si A. ity CO.

A DIFFERENCE OF OPINION. iw ,1 uVlce ln tne darkest eiu ao, claims of that nature ar most- unaerstand mil. w1en men were most ly in the hands of brokei "8 Ol" npremiu J.hn010" PTticulirly requested to ob-AmetJ'e fo8 of voting on the Constitutional Amendments, nnd erase the proposition they desire to vote aerainat. ui: ficuuuiieer ior an oltlce, and for vice-president a man whn 1.4 In 1870, the subjoined extract appeared SKHndrht0 mike 8uch 8ub" the Republican, of this Mtv 1 1 Ve compelled in a jl in 1 1 1 1 1 trj iu I i Miru iiuciri -v truth thp whin uiiween me lONVlsilin anil the rmmvinv eM niiliUil General the There was no mensnn'nfr tf.p ti. other than the original sufferers, are becoming stale, in my judgement, and might be fairly considered as barred by lapse of time, and if hereafter entertained at all, should be subjected to the strictest scrutiny.

TO DEMOCRATS uum aim notiung out the truth; furthermore it expresses the candid belief of every honest man. Time planation is proper to fully comprehend" the order made by the board as published breadth, nor depth of itsflecthmlo the colored man. but when mp nL-a 0 iaw 01 tne htate requires that before owned hv ommM- uas not obliterated the memory of the stock stock city can be sold thn nnstrinn great frauds perpetrated by Garfield and his COnforppB In 1Q7ft ,1 41.. i There will" no doubt be many bogus tickets issued by the opposition, as they are without doubt beaten. Look well to your tickets and vote straight, so as to ch.

VL aie practical test of that affection from the convention he was told, with a wave of Yours very truly, Win-field S. Han-cock. OUU1' oiujiiuueu 10 tne. voters of thp Signed 4,, xuiu, iiiu uitj IllStOiy OI 41 nic unilU, "U1UI HO CO orprl mnn apply." eliowour true strength and at the Rom terity as the first ereat blio-htino- Ue sold unless authorized lw ti.n es auinorizeo hv TJie convention declared against subsi- PENSIONS. A.

third Oie OI the leiral vntpra 4f time resent malicious tirades of abuse and the Pai of to whom the nation Ins villiflcation that have been so assidiouslv ff.lefl. for Stance. What was true in county, city or township, and the proceeds of such sale shall be applied to the TWIinunl ni, ........1 "'llc 4UU i8 uue 111 is8u, out our esteemed appears to hold contrary nrnrilnn 1, 4- 1 opinion. Which lenda tr. A uies, anu then nominated the man who never failed to vote for subsidies, great or small, as fast as they came forward to de-jobs people'8 money in 8windling The party is like a flock of wild geese that has lost its leader.

It is utterly at sea. 1 here is no coherence in its platform ii9 41...4 bonds Of such countv oitir has no scruples to which side of a ques- and the law likewise pro'vides that the umiiiewiiuDonBo is in the Interest of ii sold 41. 4 14 The soldiers, and soldiers' widows who have received arrearages of pensions will remember that the law under which they received their allowance was passed by a Democratic Congress, the bill having been introduced by a Democrat. They will also remember that a similar bill was vetoed by General Grant, a Republican President who did not hesitate a moment about tak- Garfield salary grab bill gave him, but who had not suflicient nuuuiiueu at saia election. 1875- chapter Sount-v K.Sn expense of at lue represents.

VVe quote With this issue we give the substance of Senator Howe's electrifying speech ou the Adrtilnl. 1 A um luac ot defeat. Earned Optic. every canaiaate on the Republican ticket, to defeat the principles which are as dear to many Democrats as are our hearthstones and homes. The ticket, as above printed, is correct, with the exe'en-lon of District udge, which the Committee lias ordered blank.

County Cbxtral Committee. For Judge, 4th Judicial District, N. T. STEPHENS. imreu unu nnv dollars to the tration, which speech contains food for a good ui.e wjiiiinissioners Delievin ui jvnuciion.

In one remark the fln.w that it would hp 4- ROOMS DEMOCRATIC STATE CE VIRAL COMMITTEE Topeka, Oct. 21t, 18S0. struct a chord which is a key-note ail over ihU at a special election thp country, with Republicans as well as with Pom- "'Wl vote of the 'countv. We thinl vv iso xo ine ijcmocrnts of Kansas 1 unruKi'nii 4 ii ourats: remark wh en ua ine in 11 nr tn thp ....,1 i fcufeV 8avin expend and surely give them any arrearage of soldiers to pensions. Ihe October elections have leen held and contrary to all reasonable expectations, Induing lias voted against us by a small majonty.

The causes that lead to 4.v.i,liii0iUiUlnjj, me crv n3S the voters, for against the "Rebel Brigadiers" thev aclu- uuj' vo eu lorineappronriat on for ai.e to state that an offer mis result are now -p o-pa in Koou iaiui of firtr the opinion of great majority of the American people, as that the sun rose this morning. We allude to his declaration, iu relation to the Louisiana election of W76, that, 'all I certainly know is that if Packard was not elected Haves was not." It is not aiouo the Democrats and anti-Hayes Republicans who share Sir. Howe's views subjeot.hut all fair minded members of the organisation who believe that a nonular 1, 1 41 4 were nic J-vciiiiuiiuuns nau OPfpiitpil iK.titn, anu mat is enough. But this i-p-. the bill nensioni nir thp Mnvlun sharp liua 1 per J.

1 "v-vil 4lltH4l7 uv ri mp viti. 41 respon- suit should not for a moment The men who V. -y', commissioners desir- 4.1 ..1. uio anv leinocrat. uur friends in Wiin rii'ii nn iu nr i 1 1.

1 ous of makins- tl. I. 4 will now go into this ri 1 ior i SyJ the power to do as V7 Jei anu an immense stretch of the finest territory on the continent, have been debarrpfl from ti. ir." aa oe possible bv sub. tliey will win; and when November comes, that, state will assume her rihtful position amongst her sister Upm of Price at not less ations of a generous pension law, bv Unvotes of the Republfcan hT mni "U1" '1'hls would ffained Indiana Democrats, "don't give up the ship." We can and will win if we do our duly: A president and vice-preoident will be il? MneuXt oek- wl tie lis!" IianLock and Wm.

H. Eng- lf any radical bellower can show us one proven charge against the Democratic candidates for presidential preference. tk i.ji -4. 4 states. mcut must have certain cardinal principles express the same sentiment.

Principles must determine and underlie the success of this government and either the administration at Washington, or the administration at New Or iwrrr.M immediate deduction Our friends in New York 1 xuC wniw i 01 me Mexican war will not foigc.t the treatment received at the hamla of these political Pharisees. Neither will KnT. annual saving of ized all their local differences, and this means a complete and glorious Democrat- the Union soldiers forget "the letters that lc victory in that state in NovpmW npvt. were spnt. to ti, leans was established by a base perversion of these principles.

Hayw' success hinged on the result of the election' In Louisiana! evcrythlnir depended on who was elected there, It was more and with' this result, and a cei-fc in 1W 2 If the DnTa emtio triumph in Indiana, New Jeraev. would bedem-ivpd of thri $35 000 ia L.i ot on whole we think ifil it vn pCi'CU our vict'V U'? Vontrary Ped true, a id so of de- vill be so absolutely complete as to place Paving any one of a pension, the pension it beyond the power of bribery, perjury, were Increased by a iJemocratic CWress torgcry and falsehood, to rob uh of ita and thlitv-flv power under the "Vm, w.u was an audacious crime to claim that the State went Republican as for Hayes, and Democratic as against Packard, and nine-tenths of the American people have all alonir thought We hon ha8-be I Jrishmen will remember that on the third of March, 1867, Garfield in Congress yoted against the following resolution: -Resolved, That this House extends its sympathy to the people of Ireland in their struggle for constititutioiial liberty." tmatfe'? than thfflSiS Rt i deal better of all Ji nd many voters 1 1. 1 uuuais more 1 iimvr iiipn nnnrnnriiifar ir Knnww must not be behind Tier rJb.p.. in the nnst flv vn. ti.o him to-xpross tileiii.

WUlch lCnoitto lire as a pro it, 118 'af every tax l'wtlon ft lUA P'ljti. if Ihvsalo is (lefi'flte, states in this contest tor constitutional ated by the Republicans in the iv vears reedom Let he ti-mpomry reverse In previous. Let us then have mWre lmllana, bring to the glorious woik be- publican lies about this ni.nMnlV.

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