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The Concordia Daylight from Concordia, Kansas • 4

The Concordia Daylight from Concordia, Kansas • 4

Concordia, Kansas
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Weekly daylight, Concordia, Tuesday, march 18, iboo. Everything New, Bright, Stylish Durable Will bo found in tho Bjg StOCk Of SPRING CLOTHING ailtl FURNISHINGS, received at the OLD RELIABLE SQUARE DEALING CLOTHING HOUSE mm, We nro showing every Stylo ami Quality of Suits for Men, Youths, Doys and Children. Novum. in Hats and Cops for Early Spring wear, Light weight Flannel Shirts, Underwear in, grout Handkerchiefs, Cloves, New Deigns In Nock-wear, Collars and Cuffs, etc. Wo gunranteo every article, we null, and our Prlcei are low us tho lowest.

DDELLTHSra- CLOTHIBES: COOL AND DKLI BERATE. I Next fall, In addition to tho congres- The milt of clothe worn by the 111-fated Dun MeCJinty, on tho fatal night PIMIIUI V.VI. attorney, clerk of tho district court, "My Partner," next Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Ditl you notieo that lino head of hair ni church laM Sunday? That was Mrs. Sim neyer hermits herself to bo out of Hall's Hair Henewer.

i coiuity superintendent, commissioner of tho first district and a member of tho Two Ladies Walk Into Tub Bosom Ok Lake And Pillowed By Hku Waves Lay Down To Rest. Jack McGinty Has come at last Before net) hero mado of tho colubrntoil "Black Jack" owned by Col. N. 11. lUown.

Thin splendid nnimnl will stand tho ensuing year at when ho went to thu bottom of tho sea, and In many thrilling episodes before that eventful ceiling, was made by Dimes Luek'i, tho great Washington Avenue tailors. Last Wednesday Mrs. Flora Burnsido and Mr. D. K.

Wand, of Buffalo township were united in marriage, llev. legislature. To Tiiadk. THREE BARGAINS DRESS GOODS AND CLOVES I havo a span of work horses, weight Tho trotting raco of which wo spoko some weeks ago will occur In tho near soon. Colts from every town in tho county will attend and it will no doubt bo for blood.

about l.aou cacn, ami a ungw nurse weighing about good to urivo and Kans. Concordia, All Wool Checked Arimu work. Will sell cheap or tradu lor city property in Concordia. 27tf W. II.

Morgan, Mollis, Ks. Bushmill nlliciating. Both aro well known in their community and highly respected, tho groom being a son of our representative In tho legislature. Tho Daylight extends its This is spring. Yes fact.

Tho untimely death of Adell and Hannio Poore last Tuesday morning constitutes ono of tho saddest chapters in tho history of Cloud county tired of life two sistors walk hand in hand across tho Holds nnd pausing above tho cold waters exchango ono last embrace, then turning, walk into, nnd with folded arms, lay calmly down beneath a light but deadly covering. It is a picture full of fascinating l.orror. Tho news was brought to this city la Solid oiilv. Tlili In a superior quality of FliKMi II AIIMI as niche wiili-, iliiii cini junl in mill-iiialily Ihttl icliuU from title to Wo Will iclf llllK lot fur 39c A YARD. Secure your seats at Benuchanip's Mary L.

Burton has been appointed Pharmacy for "My Partner." postmistress at Jamestown, vice James Burton resigned. Tho latter expects to Our local Knights of Pythias partook of an elegant banquet Thursday evening at Roy Dooster's dining hall. All things went as merry as those boys only know how. Groesbeck Belislo, the leading implement dealers of tho city, aro on deck with a big stock for spring ami summer, and "more to Tho Dudley Lumber Co. Is making many substantial improvements on its journey down to Leavenworth and bo All Wool Colored Serge, buildings and yards.

como tho guest of tho stato of Kansas for a few months. But it is safo to say tho Jamestown boycott will not bo Tho famous Schubert Qnartettfl will For several weeks this paper has kept its offer of tho Leavenworth Times and Daylight ono year for tho price of tho latter alone. Notice is hereby given that on and lifter March 20th tho offer will be withdrawn, and tho prico raised to $1.25. We havo not made money by tho new transaction, but wo havo succeeded in introducing appear at tho l'eterson opera House 48 Inches Wide, in the following colon: Malioiiimy.Wiiie: ltrovu, iive, iniini', Mvr lo, Slam mid I irak. Wewdlselltlilmo-liieli all wool Serge fur 49c A YARD Patronize them.

Monday evening March 31st. raisod. A disastrous tiro is reported to have Cut Rates. Under a new coat of varnish tho post occurred elirht miles north-west of Remember the Union Pacilic aro tickets at bottom prices, both east oflieo glitters and sparkles likoagcm Alvin Ramsey is tho artist. Jamestown Sunday evening.

A large frame barn belonging to Thos. Hart was entirely destroyed, together with our paper into several hundred more 4 Button Dressed and west. For furthur information A hacking cangh always accompanies homes. Tho oiler still makes these call at K. P.

depot. J. E. Wilfong, KID GLOYRS a hatchet face. This is an ax-ium of papers tlio cheapest ever offered in the Agent.

metalic sound and implement origin. eight head of horses and mules, grain, etc. Tho tiro is supposed to have been tho work of tramps. county. mat tired, depilitatett feeling, so "Where did you get that hat, whero Georgo W.

Mathews has gone to Con In IMac'i, Drowns, Tuns and Mode Shades at 68c A PAIR by Mr. Avery Tuesday evening and Coroner Pigman immediately cmpan-nelled a jury and repaired to tho scene, accompanied by a Daylight reporter. Tho bodies had been removed from tho lake to tho homo of Joseph in tho north room lay the remains, a pool of muddy water surrounding tho bed, which dripped from the soaked garments. Tho inquest immediately begun nnd continued, with a short adjournment, until Wednesday wvening at 5 o'clock when the jury brought in a verdict. Tho testimony was chiefly relative to tho state of mind of the deceased for weeks past, and to tho finding of the bodies.

The ladies lived on their farm about a milo north from Lake Siblej, part of their houso being occupied by a family of renters. They were missed from home about eight o'clock, the alarm peculiar to spring, indicates depraved blood. Now is the time, to improve the did yon" shut up, I bought it fit A Daylight man dropped in Cobb Cobb Lamb's. Get you ono "just tho ueneiicnii eiiects of Ayerss fearsap cordia to investigate the alleged suicide of tho Poore sisters, Foul play may yet develop in this terrible affair. When tho Poore sisters taught in our schools Mr.

Mathews wrote their will in which Lambs, tho square dealers, one day this week, aud as ono of tho gentleman urilla. It cleanses the srstem. restores same as that." physical energy, and infuses new life ly proprietors tossed over tho new Billy Pepperell is farming. We look goods vainly wondered how we would We world irje our to send in their (-rders at once, and to makca second niu'ili'rd choice of colors furGlovei ami Colored Dress (ioodg whenever potsihle to soon seo tho alliance increased and the ono deeded her property to the other in case of death. Cawker City Times.

and vigor into every fiber of tho body. The bunch of willows on the north side of Lake Sibley, which marks the look encased in one of those nobby We have heard rumors of such a will tho democratic party decreased to the extent of ono man. spring suits. Cobb is slick enough to keep a wintar overcoat on the dummy being in existence, but we can assure spot whero the recent suicide occurred, nro rapidly disappearing under the our Cawker friends that it was a plain After tho kindness we have lately outside. suicide cooly and deliberately planned knife of the relic hunter.

A like tragedy may never occur in tho history shown tho Blade, tho consideration and pity extended to it by us, to bo taken In our mention of possible caudi dates last week we omitted the name of as a jealous rival is disgusting. given and search immediately instituted. At about five'o'clock. the bodies a citizen'of the first ward, who is per fc BJI (2 IB we send samples of frooda nE.niClilOS.fS Fit EE OF CllAItUK, and attend to nil orders for samples or goods tho SAME DAY WE ItKCL'lVE THEM. We depend on low prices, good, honest values, mid prompt attention to orders to secure and keep your trade.

iiAXSAS CITY. MO. II. I. Parr is a graduate of a first- haps as well qnalilied for tho various were found by Mr.

Magaw, teacher of class dental college and is abreast with all the modern improvements in the Sibley school, about sixty rods from the house of Joseph Roberts. That the duties of the school board as any other; we refer to Dr. McCascy. And we understand that Doc. would not object entistry.

Opposite postollicc. People arc beginning to believe now act had been long meditated was evident from the fact that Monday the and executed. Iho allair has cast a mantle of gloom over the entire community. Tho finger on tho dial of fate seems to point out the fact tint Concordia will experience a small building boom during this spring and summer. Already are there a number of dwelling houses contracted for and rumor has it that one or two handsome business blocks will be erecteil on Sixth Street.

Competent judges all along tho line are of the opinion that the "hard times" streak broke its back across the big to devoting a portiou of his time to the public good. Register that the post-olHco room "looks better Poore girls gave their brother, Frank Poore, a box, which was afterward than before." Custom knocks prece of the county. Thursday evening as George Chaplin was putting his horse in the stable the brute reared and camcj down over the young man, knocking him down, and while down the animal kicked him twice. His bruises are quite painful but nothing serious. It is now hinted that tho French gentleman, living south-east of town, who claimed to have had a number of fat hogs stolen from a pen some time since, had tho hogs sold at Aurora by another party and pocketed the money.

The fellows who hold tho chattle mortgage are left badly left. If you want a photograph that has lent higher than Gilrov's ebvatoi Subscribe for the Register this week or you can't vote. found to contain all their valuable good, clear eyes, a nice clear cut features, clean anil bright, with nico re to. papers, jewelry and money, saying touching, and above ami beyond them on 'you keep them, Frank, till wo call for Mrs. Henry Stout died yesterday all.

a lino go to Caudle. But if Read the mayor's proclamation the local pages. you want a picture with chalky tyes, them." They seemed very despondent, pneumonia, at her homo near Miner blurred features, dirty and a dull blu ville, after an illness of one month has organized a color, the retouching looks like it" had corn crop of 'Si), and that wc are destined to enjoy un unexampled period of Secretary McKay Boys' Bible Class. Much sympathy is expressed for tho been done with a rake, and a very poor complained of sore throat, and at times seemed almost crazed by thinking of their past lifo, bemoaning the fact that they had not been Christians. On enter family of the tleceased.

polish, goto "Cheap Johns;" we can prosperity, which is we hope, the case, and don't make them. Rigby Wilson will give you bargains in all kinds cf parlor suits. E. J. Carlislo proved a most valuabl and Concordia ami Cloud county, will continue peerless in herprogressivoness.

Caudle, the Leader. ing thod home the appended letter was assistant to Coroner Pigman in tho late found among numerous letters and Caudle has an instrument whereby he A public mueting will bo held in the inquest. When John gets a case of that Speaking of Isaac. A. liigby's scheme papers on tho small stand: kind he has a peculiar faculty of lind to perfect an organization of native can take photographs at night.

We keep the best iloor paint. SlIAFEK RlCHEY. ing out all there is in it. Kansans, the Clay Center Dispatch remarks: The prospective candidates mention Young Man If You Have $1.50 Look at My Fine Shoes 0. H.

Marshall. Wo don't know what "protection" ed by the Daylight for council men an For first-class dental work call on II. tho young natives may desire. If it be against designing females who may office of Justieo Demers, on Sunday, March 23d, '00, at three o'clock p. m.

under tho auspices of "The Nationalist Club:" at which meeting tho views, objects and aims of Nationalism will be presented. All interested in the progress of humanity are invited. Geo. Marshall, A. A.

Carnahan, Pres. Sec'y. school board members are receiving hearty sanction from the general pub want to marry the "unprotected" kids, lie. No better men could be secured we aro forninst it. That would bo no more than tliev deserve.

If it bo ugainst the importation of professional Under the auspices of the Knights of Ice! D. T. Dunning Co. have thousand tons of good ice and one Concordia, March 10, 1800. Wc aro going away and if we die don't think 'any body has killed us.

Adell Poore. Hannie Poore. And among the papers in the box-was found tho following: The last will and testament of Adell Poore and Hannie Poore: Concordia, ('loud County, Ks. We, the undersigned, do hereby give and bequeath all our real estate and personal property of which we die possessed or seized to David F. Poore, his heirs and assigns, to hold, own and possess former and use as their own.

We hereunto set our hands and seal this 10th day of March. Adell Poore, Hannie Poore. Tho foregoing would seem to substan aud other young men from adjoining states, that competition may be kept Pythias "My Partner" will be produce wi I. Parr, opposite postoflice. The city registration books will close after this week.

At city clerk's ollico. A line line of art goods and studies. Siiafer Richey. Come and get a bottle of Beauchamp's Balsam of PiDe. 23 and SOcts a bottle.

The meeting at the Y. M. C. A. rooms Sunday afternoon was of unusual interest.

down, it interferes with "commerce at the opera house Wednesday' and supply you with ice in any quantity an between states" and is unconstitutional. Thursday evenings. Tho cast is a good at all times. Give them a call. If it be to "protect" tho olliees against one, Frank Pratt and Dr.

II. I. Parr all other classes or citizens, it is too We are called upon this week to an appearing in strong characters and TrfE BESTLIrlE BOYS' SHOES In Town, 0. H. MAKSHALL.

nounce the death of Mr. Shepherd, of early they must wait till more of us aro out of tho way. If it is to bo a historical society to perpetuate the glorious deeds of their dads, it is all there's a pnir for you tragedy and Sulphur Springs, occuring on Monday last, of cancer. The gentleman was comedy in largo and enjoyable qualities It will bo worthy public patronage. right.

Use Beauchamp's Cream of Roses for sixty years of age and highly respected chapped hands, sore lips, etc. Try it in his community. ieiieviiio has not ueigneu to answer a bottle, tiate tho theory that the act was premeditated, and it was also developed 'Of courso rivalry and jealousy had the broad sweeping challengo issued A few days ago the largo stone farm nothing to do with inciting tho Day The Daylight editor's blue blooded that Adell Poore had been considered light article." Blade. lions? belonging to Jonas Rarick, seven miles north of Concordia, was entirely trotting colt was accidentally killed Hon. C.

Botsford is nicely located in his new place over Dunning's store, and when interviewed by a Daylight reporter talked pleasantly of his chango in location, the future prospects of tho town, and his own prospects which ho says aro identical. Mr. Botsford has been in Concordia but three years, but insane at times for a number of months, and as she exerted a stronp- influence Speaking of nerve, hoiv is tho foro- destroyed by fire, together with part of through tho columns of this paper some timo ago. Our base ball boys say they will play Cloud county against Republic county for any amount of money. Tho city of tank-water must either work her way to tho head of the going? No wonder Ilagaman is an over her sister Hannie, it is thought by its contents.

Damages will mount inhdal his vanity stands in tho way of many that tho latter, rather than to bo separated from Adell. was persuad into the hundreds. one day this week. Prices reasonable and all work guar' anteed at II. I.

Parr's dental ollice opposite postoflico. Old Soldiers Attention! moral and religious inclinations. What ed to go to tho lake with her. a galling assumption of equality and Fred Glaucer was charged before lSetueen tho hours of 13 clock and in that timo has gained a prestige and reputation that many men find only S. Commissioner L.

J. Crans with tak morning the sisters put on their best ability that is. Rivalry! Jealousy That gives us a horrible pain. Egad Iho Daylight and the Western with gray hairs. This fact is a flatter ing out of the post ofhco at Beloit and opening a letter addressed to another person, and bound over on Monday to dresses, clean linens and best cloaks and left the houso, passed down to the west of tho cemetery, east of a small what aro wo coming to.

procession or continuo to occupy her present position. Do You Want To Dress Well? Lemoine, tho tailor, has filled his suit club so rapidly that ho is compelled to serve notice that all parties wishing veteran, of lopeka, one year for $1.50 Keep posted on pension matters. ing commentary on tho gentleman's ability as a lawyer. Ho has practiced appear at tne united, fetates District Sheriff Scott returned this morning Court. clump of willows and down a winding path to tho water's edge, here ono ot them never shortened her stride but law continually in Kansas for seven weKceptne best wagon paint you from Lincoln, having in charge C.

J. Farewell, who is wanted by the teen years, and served two terms (four eyer saw. Shaker Richey, Miss Lillio Archer is suffering from stepped directly into tho water; the to becotuo members must join by April years)as prosecuting attorney of Ottawa, Bankers Loan Trust for mort Jako Butchert of Center township, a badly burned faco. Recently while kneeling in front of the stove blowing our neighboring county. His practice shipped eighty-two head of fine steers 1st.

His spring goods are all received and aro as handsome a line as ever came to tho city, choice goods in every gaging property not belonging to him. The fellow is sure of a term in tho penitentiary. Our littlo sheriff made a is rapidiy increasing and without a the coals, eas in tho stove exploded. through tho Alliance last week. Ho partner his hands, (speaking figurative and blowing tho flames in her face.

Her eye brows and lashes are closolv realized handsomely. ly, for a lawyer never uses his hand) respect, His terms are, live dollars down, and five dollars each month 8ingcn. must bo pretty full. Tho Daylight Hying trip; leaving hero Saturday morning ho secured a requisition from Governor Humphrey, called on Govern The largest and best line of paint until paid out. Let Lemoine, the compliments, and wishes to seo Mr Tomorrow evening our home talent other socmed to have hesitated a moment then followed her sister.

Tho body of Adell Poore, the first to enter tho water, was found about thirty feet from the shore in Ave feet of water and that of Hannio about twenty feet out, in three feet of water. In the morning, before the news of their disappearance had become much noised around, two Concordia boys found a ladies small hand sachel on tho bank of tho lake where the suicidcrs had dropped it. It was found to contain an undisturbed box of "Rough on Rats," a box of matches and a few miscellaneous articles. From this it would seem that it was a question whether it should bo brushes in the west. Shaker Richey, JJ.

prosper in our midst tailor, incase your manly proportion will appear in support of E. Win. Howo or at Lincoln, arrested his man and was back for breakfast to-day, in a handsome suit. When a Daylight reporter called on in Partner." It will bo tho best presentation ever given our people by Tom Troup poses as the latter end of Mr. Caldwell to interview him con $100,000 Reward.

Three days before Noah left tho nrl- home talent; fully equal to tho eeneral cerning this hat trade' ho found that out and give tho boys a rousing send off. about half past 14 o'clock in tho morning, a balloon was cut loose from tho top of Tike's Peak containing two small See The 44 TRAVELER $1.50 Shoe. 0. H. MARSHALL If you or any of your family should happen to bo frightfully burned or children, twins ono a boy oi 30 and tho other a girl of 40 winters.

the poison or water route It was tho most deliberate, nervy scalded, what have you in tho house to alleviate tho pain until yon can get a Iho boy wore a ions- north nolo, linnn case which has eyer como to tho writers gentleman gazing abstractedly on an ancient piece of head gear and soliloquizing thusly: "Tlion art licsienlnjf to decay, my hat, thy floss is rowing dim, ppincciiiinii; soaked tho stiff-ness riomiiiy Iniro, Andcinel iiinws Imvc marred thy e.own with nii'iivp in-i'iseani! break) Tiiy kniin is lit hut sure thoti art notwioo ewako. 'Twas Church Heron 'on eve whoa llifit I 1... lin. rrevvi. attention.

duster lined with tomato cans and a cream colored plug hat with tho word Hannio and Adell Tooro were born physician. A box of Beggs German salve at hand in times like this would in New York, and were 33 and 30 years "star" spelt backwards on tho r.ion Tho "Nationalist Club" met and avo a world of suffering and oftimes a track. of affo. respectively. For a number of Thoeirlworo a striped penitenHnvr organized last Wednesday evening by the now loan and collection agency.

Stackhouso Troup will make things lively in this vicinity. Try our carriage paint and leather dressing. Shaker Richey. Havo you ever used Beauchamp's Cream of Roses? If not, go at onco and purchase a bottle. Wc do not hesitate to say it is tho finest cream on the market.

We have everything you need in doing any kind of a job of painting. Siiafek Richey. Improved farm for sale cheap on long time. Description: Si i Sec Town 8, Range 1. Apply to Samuel Demf.ks.

Concordia, Ks, doctor bill, as it has no cqual in cases of his kind as well as iullamation of all kinds. electing Geo, Marshall president and years they have been teaching in public schools of Concordia, Beloit, Cawker City and Clyde, linely educated and possessed of a competence. Tho funeral occurred from tho homo suit wit a bale of hay for a bustlo and carried a LaTosco sunshade, made from cherry wood furnished by tho boy who A. Carnahan secretary. It starts "Tho Nationalist Club" will meet in out with a splendid membership roll most of whom are simply running over tho ollico of Justice Demurs, on Thurs ith enthusiasm.

The club will bo con- luctcd ou tho lines laid down And then I wove. a tile that I was proud to my own, Of shape and Inlost Tiyle, ami i hen 'I was hmrvlit or Cohh Lninlj, For wlnnii It made in some old faiein land. 'Twnsfhcn "Nome thrift chnp whh cove.ons eve a'H1 dextrous iianil, Krlianpci tliau without the aid of lnaiiic wnnd, And lnvnnwof thai eveliange, have neveral ilocnla poorer Hut ni'i i lole tiivcir, inv d. or o'd hat, ly eidl'iift Uie my own," of Joseph Jlobcrls Thursday morning at 10 o'clock. Tho procession was a long one ns it wound through tho grovo to tho cemetery near by, and contained a largo number of friends from this city.

Thus on Hannio Poor's birth day evening, March 20, '00, at 7:00 p. to transact such business as may properly come before it. never iwu a no. Anyone learning of their present nbodo will confer a great favor on tho bereaved parents by keeping still nbottt it. Tho nscention was mado for tho purpose of painting Beauchamp's Balsam of Pino on the moon, advertising the celebrated Beauchamp's Balsam of Pine.

25 and 50ots per bottle. Edward Bellamy's famous work, Looking Backward," which combined day, for so it was. tho last scene is a with Its splendid oilmen should make Geo. W. Marshall, A.

A. Caknaiian. Pres. Sec'y. its growth rapid and healthy.

tragedy, all tho secrets ot wnien wui never bo known, was enacted..

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