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The Argonia Voice from Wellington, Kansas • 5

The Argonia Voice from Wellington, Kansas • 5

The Argonia Voicei
Wellington, Kansas
Issue Date:
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DRIVER TWENTY REASONS WHY FARMER SHOULD BUY A MILWAUKEE BINDER latest and most improved machine on the market 1st. It is the 2nd. It is durable, because it is all malleable and steel. more 3rd. It weighs less than any other.

4th. It is carried on springs, and is more comfortable for the operator. 5th. It will run a horse lighter than any other "or no sale." 6th. It has the Best Reel and is the easiest handled.

7th. The Knotter is less complicated and requires no expert. 8th. If it ever chokes you can dislodge the grain in a second, where it requires a half hour on all others. The Bundle Carrier is a positive lock lever and don't have 9th.

to be held in place by the driver. 10th. The machine can be raised and lowered or shifted in any position without getting off the seat. 11th. It is better made, better finished and better looking.

12th. The Twine Box and Bundle Carrier both shift with the always keeping the same tension on the twine and never Binder, scattering bundles. 13th. There is not a pound ofextra weight on horses' necks. 14th.

It is the simplest, least complicated and requires less repairs. 15th. It took only eighteen cents apiece to furnish repairs for all machines sold last year. 16th. It don't cost a penny for experts.

17th. It will run in the mud when others can't get there. 18th. It will cut and bind grain of any length, make even bundles and tie them in the middle every time. Three medium sized horses will run a seven-foot Milwaukee where four can run a 19th.

six-foot of other makes. 20th. Every man on eartn that sees it wants one, and you must get your orders in early if you don't want to be disappointed. CURTIS MERCANTILE CO. Your Family 'should be provided with the well-known emergency medicine, AYER'S CHERRY PECTORAL The best remedy for all diseases of the Throat and Lungs.

Prompt to act, Sure to Cure Committee Meeting. "There will be a meeting of the Populist Central Committee at the VOICE office in Wellington on Saturday the 12 inst. at 1 o'clock p. m. J.

K. MOORE, A. C. LAMBE, Chairman. The Mail reporter has since learned that the pump house did not explode.

A second-hand binder, nearly new; cheap at Curtis Mercantile Co. very header in good running order for sale cheap at Curtis Mercantile Co. A number of Knights Templar went from Wellington to attend the annual encampment at Hutchinson this week. Hall's Hair Renewer is pronounced the best preparation made for thickening the growth of the hair and restoring that which is gray to its nal color. We had always entertained a very high respect for the Kansas Furmerbut now it publishes an article on raising wheat from the pen of C.

Wood Davis, we must place the paper in the kid glove class. Our reporter had the pleasure of hearing Rev. Jacka, the new pastor, preach his second sermon in the Presbyterian church last Sunday evening. He is an eloquent talker, with selfcontained personality, and appearance of good wearing qualities. Ayer's Pills are reccomended by leading physicians and druggists, as the most prompt and efficient remedy for nausea, costiveness, indigestion, sluggishness of the liver, jaundice, and sick headache; also, to relieve colds, fevers, neuralgia and rheumatism.

GIVEN AWAY ate To all purchasers of $1.00 or over of beautiful bottle of perfume, at the Fair, Opera Block Wellington, Kansas. Umbrellas, Gloves, Fans, Parasols, Hosiery, Veilings. THE FAIR PEACE DECLARED. The Editors of Sumner County Eat Salt, and Many Other Things, at the Same Time and Place. COUNTY EDITORIAL ASSOCIATION.

In the office of the best mayor of the best city of the best county of the best state of the best nation of the best continent of the best planet of the solar system, Saturday met the best looking, most modest, most invincibie, most humorous, most earnest, most varied and invariable, rain or shine, hot or cold, all-round lot of newspaper hustlers on the sod or stubble of the universe--and the police took to the woods. The white wings of peace fanned the fires of fraternity and patriotism to welding heat, and the barbed wire fences of politics were melted into a chain that bound them all into one common corral with a band wagon at the gate and fodder in the trough. Mayor Savage welcomed the pencil shovers to the city with a speech that made them swell up and look as bashful as a woman caught whistling Tara-ra-boom-de-aye. He said that the welfare of Sumner county was in their hands--and some of the boys looked as if they would like to stick it in their pockets. In fact, that is what they were here for.

In promoting the prosperity of Sumner county the editors feel that they are entitled to a little more commission than they have been able to secure--hence, they, organize for the purpose of promoting their own interests as publishers, while heralding to the world the marvelous riches and opportunities of the favored communities they serve. R. T. Simons, of the Caldwell News, responded to the mayor's address with a few pertinent remarks dignity of the press and thanking the mayor for his kindly welcome and good wishes. Mr.

Simons considers the editorial profession a leading factor in moral and social purity, as well as a power in business and political affairs. Captain Gilmore, the veteran editor of the Standard, was unanimously chosen chairman, and E. L. Cline, the moral agitator, kindergarten evangelist and eternal enemy of the cigarrette, was elected secretary. The fourteen papers of the county were all represented except the Geuda Springs Herald and Milan Press, both of which papers sent letters of regret with a promise to stand by the actions of the association.

Committees were appointed to prepare a constitution and by-laws, devise a schedule of rates for job printing, and to recommend ures in regard to foreign advertising. After this the meeting was resolved into an informal discussion of various matters pertaining to mutual interests. Upon adjournment for dinner, the editors were treated with a happy surprise by Caman's military band which met them at the foot of the stairs and transported their souls to realms harmony while escorting their appetites to the Arlington house, there forget for a while that life was made for any harsher pursuit than feasting and music. Newspaper men not much given to speech-making, the band played to a silent audience, notes which were impressed upon memory (instead of the usual note book) and created varied impressions that will appear in Sumner county newspapers this week. The afternoon was devoted to business.

No definite conclusions were made in the matters of particular portance to the publishers; but meeting resulted in much general good. The association adjourned to meet again in Wellington, Saturday, 19th, at which time the business gun will be finished, and a permanent for organization effected. The matter of establishing a ready print house in Sumner county was cussed and a committee appointed investigate the feasibility of such the undertaking, and report at the meeting. The following resolutions were ed before the final adjournment: of WHEREAS, The big hearted editors on of the capital of Sumner county extended to the outside members the county newspaper fraternity hearty welcame and royal entertainment at the initiatory meeting for the organization of a county LATE NEWS. Business Growing BetterGlorious Rains- Prospects for a Large Harvest.

paper Resolved, That the county editors association, therefore be it extend to the Wellington brethren a vote of thanks and expression of broth erly And be it That a vote of thanks extender Resolved, to Caman's military band for its courteous treatment and for the most excellent music rendered for their benefit. And be it Resolved, That we extend our thanks to Mayor Savage for his liberality in granting us of the city enabled hall and for the password that us to stand in with the city marshal. And be it further Resolved, That weextend our thaks appreciation to the citizens of and Wellington who so kindly tendered us the use of carriages for our drives of inspection about the beautiful city. In the "cool of the evening," just before the coming of the gloaming, a number of citizens brought out their carriages and tendered the editors a drive about the city. This was a refreshing treat which was greatly enjoyed by these practical philosophers who accept all the good things that come their way, and are thankful, not only for their own joys, but for the enjoyment of others as well.

SQUIBS. The Mail reporter got the first whack at writing them up. We have it---even if it breaks up the association--McDonald, of the Oxford Register, best looking editor present. The editors of Wellington are the tallest--but the little men are the fattest. Branscombe, of the New Era, believes that business sense earns more cents than sentiment loses.

lington hotel register is a composite mystery. Duncan, of the Argonia Clipper, is one of the kind of editors the mere sight of whom would cool a mad subscriber down to zero. He keeps up his muscle by exercise on a G. Washington hand press. Wells, of the Caldwell Advance, is a quiet man, with a somewhat studious cast of countenance.

He is making a neat, clean paper. The papers and the men from the outside towns allocompare favorably with the county seat papers, as well as with the live county of Sumner. J. Byron Cain has a name that would hardly suggest the modest young 1 man it represents. He is the youngest editor in the county, and neither attempts to soar in Byronic rhyme no cuts the throat of his brother, Able.

G. L. Reed, of the Mulvane Record, has a way of his own, and has his patrons thoroughly educated. Ho would make a good missionary to send among unenlightened merchants who have not accepted the salvation of advertising. We shall not say anything personal about the Wellington editors, lest we meet them on the street before they have had time to digest the remarks.

The pen and ink sketch of erratic genius drawn upon a page of the Ar- The city of Caldwell is besieged by transient thieves. We can furnish second-hand binders; a great bargain. Curtis Mercantile Co. The boy preacher, Vernon J. Rose, addressed a good audience at the Christian church Monday night.

He is a powerful and earnest speaker. Herbert Hyten and Harvey Carter, two boys of South Haven, were released last Friday from jail, where they had been confined for stealing two bushels of corn. The petition to the commissions for the release was signed by 100 citizens of Springdale township. The sun never shone upon a fairer picture than Sumner county now Her new spring dress is presents. entirely a home product--plain skirt of wheat flelds, flounces of trees, slipof grass, corsage and bonnet of pers natural flowers, rain drops of jewelry.

She is engaged to industry. As the strength of a building dethe solidity of its fouudation, so health depends upon the pends upan condition of the blood. To expel imand cause the vital fluid to purities become vigorous and life-giving, Ayers Sarsaparilla is the most powerful and effective medicine In use. down wash goods to the Rock. 1,700 yards Dimities worth 15c and 20c will go at Way, far below their 10C.

value. Jacob Engle has slashed EVERYONE FEELS GOOD Goods Very Cheap--Bargains in Shoes--Special Prices on Spring Capes and Jackets--Other Special Bargains. Murder. Last Saturday E.T. Patten, a er living six miles northwest of Conway Springs, was shot by a hidden while watering his team.

He emy died in a few hours. Thos. living on a farm near, was charged with the murder, and is confined in jail at Wellington. The two men, Patten and McDonald, had quarreled over some family affairs the morning before the shooting, and witnesses at the inquest stated that Patten struck McDonald. The evidence against McDonald is entirely circumstantial.

Patten was shot with a rifle, and did not see his assassin. McDonald claims to have been ill in bed all afternoon, and a neighbor who went to tell him of the shooting, states that he was found in bed. His wife also stated that he was at home all the afternoon. Jacob Engle is offering you bargains in Dry Goods and Millinery that will cause you to come to his store every hour in the day. 2,700 best apron check ginghams at 5c per yard.

J. C. Dobbins, after 64 years and 7 months of earthly toil, was transferred last Monday to freedom of spirit. The heart stopped its work, and the body was left to be consigned to the earth from whence it came, while the spirit went to take up its abode among the throng that awaits the coming of us everyone. Many people knew the min here, and felt the influence of his spirit.

He was the father of respected sons and daughters who will pursue the earthly life until they are permitted to join him. The man who leaves behind him noble sons and daughters is neither dead nor forgotten. Come at once to Engle's Great May Sale. Note these prices--Nothing like it ever known before in Wellington. Dress style prints per yard.

Shirting 4c per yard. Good outing cloth 4c per yd. 25 doz Ladies' fast black cotton hose 5c per pair. Yard wide bleached and unbleached muslin 20 yds for $1.00 Farm Loans wanted. BLACK MURRELL, Lucinda M.

Forsyth, wife of Councilman J. D. Forsyth of Wellington, died Tuesday morning. She had suffered through a long and severe struggle for life, with death as an everpresent shadow, but with sweet and patient resignation accepted the decree of nature. Her age was fifty-five all of which were spent in useyears fulness and religious duty.

The funeral took place Wednesday at the Christian church, Rev. Sumner T. Martin conducting the service. Her husband and children have the sympathy of many devoted friends. A sweeping purchase and: a terrific slaughter in millinery at Engle's, 700 ladies and children's fancy shapes in all colors, some worth as much as $2.00, during this May sale 12c.

Don't fail to take advantage of these prices. Mrs. Sarah E. Worden, wife of Jas. Worden, the nurseryman, died on Thursday of last week, and was buried Saturday, Rev.

J. D. Botkin conducting the funeral service. The deceased had been a partial invalid for many years. She was sixty-four years of age.

I sell the best Mower manufactured. Don't forget. this. Graff- 38t2 John W. Stewart and Miss Stella M.

Burton, of Palestine township, licensed this week to wed. The were VOICE extends congratulations and good wishes. The Minneapolis is still the leading binder on the market, for sale by A. Graff. 38t2 power.

The greatest invention of the age is the Fly Wheel on the Plano Binder and the new light Jones Header, for sale by A. Graff. 38t2 The official crop reports for Kansas shows: splendid warm growing weather, with light rains in western division, and good rains over the rest of the state. Don't fail to see the new, Jone Plano Header, for light sale by A. Graff.

38t2 The brutalities of the Washington police blot another page in the history of the struggle of men against the bloodthirsty fiends of the money Special the the Voice Readers. WELLINGTON, May 10 -The glorious rains have come, and everyone is rejoicing. Business has increased, and the prospects for an abundant harvest was never better. Southern Kanis again on top, and old sas Sumner will again fall in line with the largest crop she has ever produced. Again we greet our customand are prepared to offer ers, them bargains in all departments.

Everyone wears Shoes. You will find this department filled full of footwear direct from the best factories the country affords. We make Children's Shoes a specialty. The Little Giant has no equal. In order to reduce our finer line of Ladies' Shoes we haye made large cuts in our $4 and $5 goods.

Asa leader we give our customers an Oxford Tie at $1 per pair, which we defy competition on, On Spring Caps and Jackets we have had a good trade, but we find we have a few left, which we will close out at a great reduction! Throughout our entire stock you will find Bargains. Our goods have been bought for Spot Cash. Our assortment of Wash Fabrics is still complete. See our Portieres, Lace curtains and curtain swisses. We are showing a full line of Ladies' and Gents' Under of is to are and im- the May be- disto an next pass- have of such wear.

We make a specialty of Jeans Pants Overalls, Work Shirts, Underwear and Waists. Come and see us, we can save you money. RICHARDSON CO. Lightest Store.".

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