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The Ottawa World from Ottawa, Kansas • 1

The Ottawa World from Ottawa, Kansas • 1

The Ottawa Worldi
Ottawa, Kansas
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MICKEY, Publisher. NINE GOOD CITIZENS GONE TO REST Peace Hath Its Victims as well as War -Disease and Accident as Fatal as Bullets. Harold Boice. The funeral of Harold Boice, nearly 21 years old, son of Mr. and Mrs.

Robert Boice of Chiles, in Miami county, was held in the Spring Hill Methodist church at 1:30 Tuesday afternoon. Harold Boice was well known in Ottawa, having attended the high school and the academy here. At the time of his death he was a private in Company 137th Infantry, stationed at Camp Doniphan. He died at the base hospital at Fort Sill, at 4 p. m.

Saturday afternoon. Young Boice is said to be the first of the Ottawa contingent to the national army to be taken by death. Dr. W. A.

Elliott of the Baptist church and Rev. F. M. Bailey of the First M. E.

church had charge of the funeral. C. L. Jones, teacher of the Sunday school class to which the deceased belonged, also attended the funeral and made a short talk. Many other friends from Ottawa attended.

Besides the parents, he is survived by one brother, Merlin, 13 years old. Henry Turner. Henry Turner was born February 26, 1831, at Pendleburg, England, and died at his October home in Centropolis, Kansas, 25, at 1 p. at the age of 86 years. Mr.

Turner had lived at Centropolis forty-seven years, and had been sick the past seven years. He married Ann Shearn in Illinois in 1865. She died in 1908. He is survived by five children, Mary E. Stark of 206 East Fifth street, Topeka, Esther S.

Smith of 823 North Hickory street, Ottawa; Wm. E. Turner of Granada, Texas, and Jasper and John S. Turner of Centropolis. Funeral services were held at the Christian church in Centropolis.

Mr. Turner was an old soldier, having served in Company 16th Illinois Infantry. Elizabeth Branson. Mrs Elizabeth Branson, aged 52, was born June 10, 1865, at Clay Center, Ill. In 1885 she married I.

Branson at Petersburg, Ill. She lived in Ottawa seven years and died at her home at 123 South Hickory street October 28, 1917. She had been sick only four days. The body was sent to Litchfield, and services held there Monday, October 29. She is survived by her husband and two South Hickory, and Jesse H.

sons, James O. Branson, of 123 Branson of 210 South Oak street. Mrs. Branson was a member of the Baptist church and of the Woodman Circle. Marie Mayer.

Marie Mayer, 78 years old, was born at Circleville, Ohio, June 30, 1839, and died at the State hospital of pneumonia. She was sick only five days. She had lived in Franklin county for thirty years, coming here from Circleville, Ohio. She was a member of the Methodist church. Rev.

Chaffee of the Methodist church conducted the funeral services at the home at 635 Locust street Saturday, Oct. 27, at 10:30 a. m. Burial was in Highland cemetery. Everett M.

May. Everett M. May, a son of A. C. May of Ottawa, was run automobile down last Saturday by an on the road between Kansas City and Independence, Missouri.

He received injuries from which he died. Everett had lately taken employment on a dairy farm near Kansas City. I QUARREL LEADS TO SHOOTING Negro Was Shot in Dispute Over Twenty-Five Cents. Merle McGloria, a negro, was shot Sunday by William King, better known in the east Bottoms as "Yellow Bill." The shooting occurred on Mulbery street, near Second, and is said to have been the result of a dispute over twenty-five cents. Residents near where the shooting occurred are very reticent about it, will say but little, and the officers ate unable to learn much about it.

It is said King went into the home of Mrs. Thomas Gray and obtained a shot gun and fired it McGloria, hitting him in the shoulder. The injured man was taken to a doctor's office, where the fine shot was picked out. None of the shot had penetrated to a vital spot, it was said. "Yellow Bill is said to be an ex-convict and is known to the police as a "bad character." King fled after the shooting.

It is thought he caught a train for Kansas City. Officers were unable to find a trace of him. WANTED IN OKLAHOMA. R. C.

Brown, who has been running a jitney bus here, was placed in the county jail Tuesday morning a charge brought by Alexander Francis and Arthur Davis of Drumright, that Brown had disposed of a mortgaged automobile. Davis and Francis had a warrant for Brown's arrest, but Brown refused to go back to Oklahoma without extradition papers. Habeas corpus by William Phillips, Brown's -father, through R. E. Page, an attorney, obtained his release.

Mr. Page aroused District Judge C. A. Smart, and District Clerk John L. High filed habeas corpus proceedings and had the papers served on Sheriff Barnett, who was ordered to present Brown in court the following morning.

County Attorney Redmond opposed the proceedings at the hearing, but did not make a formal answer to the writ. As there had been no local proceedings brought held there against Brown, the court was no sufficient reason for keeping him in custody, and he was released. Davis and Francis left yesterday, but it was said they intended to return with extradition papers. ANTI MORMON MEETINGS. Arthur C.

Latimer, "former Mormon priest," was in Ottawa Tuesday, arranging for addresses to be delivered in Ottawa on Sunday, November 11, by Vernon J. Danielson, "former Mormon Elder." A meeting for men only will be held at the First M. E. church at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, and a meeting for everybody at 7:30 p. m.

in the Baptist church. The speaker is working under the direction of the National Reform Association of Pittsburgh, Pa. COMMUNITY SINGING. A Community "Sing" Sunday afternoon at 3:30 p. m.

at the Christian church. This is free to everybody, all ages. Tell your neighbor. 500 voices for Franklin county--a CommunityOrchestra of some twelve pieces is to be with us. Any and all having instruments bring them.

A fine time is promised to all. Come -Come. Dean F. J. Held, Director.

CONSOLIDATED. The Ottawa Shoe Repair Co. and the City Shoe Shop have consolidated and moved the City Shoe Shop in with the Ottawa Shoe Repair Co. at 229 S. Main street.

The new firm will be known as the Citv Shoe Shop. MARRIAGE LICENSES. John Malburo, Homeword, 21. Annie Gray, Agricola, 21. REVIVAL MEETINGS.

REV. JESSE UHLER of Clearwater, Kansas will conduct a series of meetings for the Pentacostal Church the Nazarene, beginning day, November 4. Services ery evening, except Saturday, 7:30. Rev. Uhler is a forceful speaker an evangelist tak-twenty-three years' experience.

You are invited. Come bring your friends. Meetings will be held in McCullough 113 East Second Street. E. R.

SHOOK, Pastor. ALLEN MAY VISIT OTTAWA. On behalf of the Ottawa Home Guards, Percy Moise wrote to Henry J. Allen asking him to speak in Ottawa, also inquiring about his intention as to being a candidate for governor. Following is Mr.

Allen's reply: Wichita, Kansas, October 29, 1917. Mr. Percy Moise, Ottawa, Kansas, Dear Percy: Upon my return home from France today I find your letter of the 24th inst. I do not know just exactly how my dates are to be distribluted for the next six weeks, but if I can make a meeting at Ottawa I will do so. I am contributing all of my time for the next three or four months jointly to the Red Cross activities and to Hoover.

am going to be a candidate for governor next summer, but I haven't any time to give to a campaign now. I believe it is the duty of every American who is given the opportunity to serve in the war activities to lay other ambitions aside and give his time. I appreciate your help and thank you more than I can tell you. Yours sincerely, H. J.

ALLEN. SAVE YOURSELF TROUBLE Have you been among strangers in a strange land or neighborhood? Then you know how one appreciates a word from home. You first looked for a letter from home, then the home paper. No letter can give the news of the community as completely as the home paper. The Ottawa World can be sent to any address for three cents a week, which is what the stamps on a letter cost since the increase in rate; or what it would cost to read the World first and then send it on.

Might as well pay us the postage and save the trouble of sending it yourself. AUTO STOLEN. Albert Winkler and Harvey Comings, claiming Blackwell, Gover and Elmer Tyler, claiming to be from Iola, Kansas, all as their home, and Ford about 16 or 17 years old, have confessed to the theft of an auto from Ottawa a few nights ago. The two boys from Iola were released, but the boys from Blackwell are being held pending the arrival of officers from Tulsa, who have wired that they will come for the boys. OTTAWA PASTOR HONORED At the Kansas State Convention which met in Kansas City for two davs before the International Convention at Kansas Citv.

Rev. J. T. Shreve was alerted to the State Board of Managers of the Christian Churches of Kansas. "A good bank in a good town." -Security State Bank.

12 FRANKLIN COUNTY BOND SUBSCRIPTIONS Subscriptions From $50 to Many Slackers -Total $572,300 Laura A. Kennedy. The funeral services of Mrs. Laura A. Kennedy were held at the United Presbyterian church Tuesday morning, October 30, 1917, at 2 p.

conducted by Rev. Hawk. Mrs. Kennedy was 64 years old. She was born at White Hall, and died at her home in Ottawa October 26, 1917.

She was a member of the United Presbyterian church, the Rebekah lodge, the G. A. R. and the Fraternal Aid Union. The Rebekah lodge had charge of the services at the grave.

Burial was in Hope cemetery. She is survived by a son, Fred G. Kennedy, and two sisters, Mrs. Lizzie Resinger and Mrs. Ellen Cunningham, both of Wrights, Ill.

J. P. Anderson. The body of J. P.

Anderson, who died at the old soldiers' home at Dodge City, October 28, was received in Ottawa Tuesday morning and funeral services held at the home of his son, S.F. Anderson, at Peoria, Rev. Robbins conducted the serTuesday, October 30, at 2 p.m. vices and burial was in the Peoria cemetery. Mr.

Anderson was 81 years old, and was an old settler in the Peoria neighborhood, coming to this county from Knoxville, Tenn. He had been afflicted with paralysis for sixteen years. Mr. Anderson was married three times and is survived by four sons, three daughters, and his last wife. Sarah E.

Rodgers. -The funeral of Mrs. Sarah E. Rogers was held from 633 Cedar street October 31 at 2. p.

m. Dr. W. A. Powell of Federated church conducted the services.

the Mrs. Rodgers was 70 years old. She was born in Fayette county, Ohio, in 1847, and came to Ottawa from Windsor, Ill. She was a member of the Presbyterian church. She died at 4:30 p.

m. October 29, of paralysis. Burial was in Highland cemetery. Her nephews were the pall bearers. Mildred Fern Wheeler.

Mildred Fern Wheeler was born June 22, 1903, at Richter, Kansas, and died at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Wheeler, at Richter, October 28, 1917.

She was 14 years old and had lived at Richter all her life, but had been sick the past three years. There was only one other child, a girl, in the family. Funeral services were held at the Methodist church Tuesday October 30, at 2 p. m. Burial was in the Pomona cemetery.

IT DOESN'T PAY TO FIGHT. Calvin White was arrested several months ago as the outcome of a fight he had in the insurance office of Riley Curtis. He was fined $27 at the time, half of which he paid, and the rest of it he neglected to pay. Tuesday he was brought to the city jail, but concluded, when the steel door was opened, that he didn't want to reside back of it, so he called a friend who advanced money enough to pay half of the remainder of the fine and White agreed to pay the rest at the rate of a dollar a week until paid, whereupon he was turned loose. 'Police Chief Elvie Allison rested a man giving the name of Perry Ferguson of Omaha.

for stealing a horse, saddle and a woman's coat from Miller's feed shed. It is said he intended to ride the horse to Omaha. Ferguson admitted the theft of a horse in Oklahoma six weeks ago and he was taken to Iola yesterday. of Sunev- at of and Hall, Franklin county did more Louise 500 than Uncle Sam asked. The Firemen's Relief.

500 maximum apportionment for M. H. Forrester 500 this county was $515,400. The C. B.

Freeman 500 minimum was $309,240. The Mrs. C. B. 500 actual subscriptions amount to O.

C. Gillette 500- $572,300. F. J. Miller as chair- R.

T. Guy 500 man of the committee, every Mrs. L. C. Gates 500 bank in the county as liberal R.

E. Gowans 500 subscriber and efficient solic- Mrs. S. B. 500 itor, and every purchaser on his Mrs.

Eliza B. Gray 500 own account has a right to be A. F. Haynes 500 proud. Dr.

W. C. Harding. 500 The following list of subscrib- M. R.

Harris 500 is not guaranteed to be en- H. H. Hewitt 500 ers Dr. F. C.

Herr tirely complete absolutely 500 accurate, but it is as near right 'Helen 500 as we could get: Hickey 500 Fred Hess Peoples National R. Hubbard 500 First National .40,000 E. W. 500 State Bank of Ottawa ..20,000 Albin E. Johnson 500 Security State 5,000 V.

C. Kelly. 500 A. L. Cook 5,000 C.

R. Lawson 500 C. H. Estabrook 5,000 C. F.

Link 500 H. Martin. 5,000 T. Marshall 500 W. H.

Martin (add'l) 5,000 T. T. Mansfield 500 Peter Shiras. 5,000 Allen Mansfield, Jr 500 F. H.

Stannard 5,000 Allen Mansfield, 500 Anonymous 4,000 0 0. J. McFarland 500 B. D. Bennett 3,000 Mr.

and Mrs. I. 500 J. N. Harrison.

2,500 Geo. W. 500 Ottawa Wholesale 2,500 R. C. Miller 500 Andrew Mrs.

David Miller 500 A. R. Chestnut 2,000 J. V. Mitchell 500 Ollie Fisher 2,000 John Nelson 500 Zellner-Warner Clo.

2,000 Frank Peterson. 500 Warner Fence 2,000 Carey M. Porter 500 George George P. B. Washburn 2,000 1,600 E.

C. Rathjen Porter 500 A. J. Palmer 1,500 Rose M. 500 Florence Robinson, exec- C.

Robinson. 500 utrix 1,500 C. Mi. Sheldon 500 Jay Ward Smith. 1,200 W.

J. Sheldon 500 F. Barnes. 1,000 J. H.

Springer 500 Dr. J. P. 1,000 E. S.

Sheldon 500 Carl Biederman 1,000 A. C. Shinn 500 W. L. Cayot 1,000 E.

J. Shinn 500 Mrs. W. H. Doyle 1,000 J.

E. Shinn 500 John Dunlavy, Rt. 6. 1,000 E. H.

Slater 500 Episcopal Fund 1,000 Elias Smith 500 A. P. Elder 1,000 H. G. Smith 500 Claire H.

1,000 E. Stucker. 500 Franklin Mutual Fire In- N. B. Still 500 surance 1,000 W.

F. Swift (additional) 500 W. S. Fallis 1,000 Mrs. W.

F. 500 Mrs. Minnie Hancock 1,000 W. F. Swift 500 Dr.

W. C. Harding (ad'l) 1,000 0. L. Taylor 500 R.

A. Harris. 1,000 C. M. Thomas (add'1).

500 F. M. Harris 1,000 C. M. Thomas 500 Mrs.

1,000 Thompson 500 J. L. 1,000 Clara C. Washburn. 500 John 1,000 W.

H. Weekly 500 F. W. 1,000 E. U.

Weekly 500 J. G. 1,000 S. B. 500 M.

Celia Hutchison 1,000 W. H. Williams 500 Swante Johnson 1,000 F. L. Williams 500 P.

F. Kesting 1,000 H. P. Williams 500 W. C.

Kiler 1,000 W. S. Williams 500 W. B. Kiler 1,000 J.

H. Wilson 500 George O. Latham 1,000 C. F. Wolf 500 A.

L. Lingard 1,000 Louis H. Gilley 450 G. L. Melcher.

George M. Marsh 450 John McCaughey 1,000 Evan 400 F. J. 1,000 H. W.

Chaffee 400 O. P. Payne 1,000 B. F. Hughes 400 Pleasant-Judd Shop 1,000 Clara Kaiser 400 D.

E. Pickrell (add'1) 1,000 Mrs. Mary K. 400 Lyman Reid 1,000 W. C.

Kiler 400 A. F. Senter 1,000 Fannie E. Sheld 400 Mrs. G.

F. Stephenson 1,000 E. S. Sheldon 400 C. A.

Smart 1,000 Julia M. Walsh 400 C. E. Shaver 1,000 Frank H. Walsh 400 F.

M. Shiras George W. Walsh 400 Mrs. Hattie St. 1,000 A.

J. Barnett 350 Samuel T. St. 1,000 Sidney Harris 350 E. L.

Warner 1,000 Anonymous 300 William Wallace 1,000 Anonymous 300 C. E. Warner 1,000 Mrs. Fannie Ashwell. 300 Frank H.

Bates. 900 F. R. Bennett 300 H. C.

Ashwell 800 J. F. Berlin 300 Ottawa U. C. 800 J.

W. Brinkerhoff 300 C. M. Thomas (add'l) 800 Mrs. Maude Brown.

300 Mrs. May Sampson 650 F. H. Bullock 300 R. H.

600 Nelle M. Chaffee 300 Anonymous 500 H. C. Constant. 300 Anonymous 500 F.

B. Doster 300 J. C. Armstrong 500 Mrs. Alice G.

300 Ben Anderson 500 H. H. 300 Alma M. Anthony. 500 Ethel Haynie.

300 May Blackstone 500 Mrs. Charles Hunt 300 W. S. Barnett 500 Margaret Hjorth 300 Mrs. A.

L. Cook. 500 Paul Johnson 300 C. J. Crum.

500 Alfred Jones 300 W. H. Church G. Kaiser 300 H. A.

Dunn 500 C. F. Lamb 300 G. W. Gunn.

500 John Lehman 300 Jane Davis 500 Mary L. 300 Dr. Jentha Davis 500 (Continued on second page) D. F. Daniel 500 A.

Diven 500 Edward Dorsey 500 Dr. Spencer, Dentist, over Louise Esterly 500 Walker's. Phone 796. tf.

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