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The Resident from Belle Plaine, Kansas • 3

The Resident from Belle Plaine, Kansas • 3

The Residenti
Belle Plaine, Kansas
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Miss Cora Lykch, who has been visit- MARRIED. THE inff L. M. St. Claib's family, returned TURLEY CAIN.

At the residence of the to Wellington, Tuesday. side walkt. begin to loom v.ill meet Saturday night. Rather dark nignis. vTuis is news.) Our Mulvane is furnishing us val Gans, of Wintield, on Wednesday, March lm, at p.

(J. Aleade Turley and Miss Emma 0. Cain, both of Belle Plaiue. Wm. Hilton, Andy's brother, will BT SILAS KOBINSON.

ONE OF THEM. PUBLISHED EVEKY THURSDAY AFTERNOON. The consuuiation of the marriage DEALER IN AND SHIPPER OF Live arrive in the city this evening, from Wichita, with horses which are for sale. uable news. rites of the above parties, was witnessed Ho will be at Ham's stable.

by a number of the intimate friends of a claim for He is going to hold down Wm. Waugh, who went home, to In the bride, bridegroom and relatives of each. The house being small, the invi her after harvest. diana, Christmas, returned yesterday to manipulate on the M. A.

Will. 75 cents will buy a good hat at New PERSONAL MOVEMENT. Eddie Lash was sick this week. Eena Hallam was sick this week. Rev.

W. W. Cuktis is absent on bus iness, tations were few, as, to invite all the friends, would have been necessary to is one of the boys you can tie to. York. Stock have invited the entire community.

Rev Thorpe, of Wellington, is in the The A. O.U. have rented the Odd The bride is one of Belle Plaine's most city. He attended the meeting in the Fellows' i.all iu which to hold their estimable young ladies, being band- iii. annuLu aiuvcu iu iuwu, uu Presbyterian church last evening as he Tuesday, meeting during the ensuing year.

some, modest, unasuming and possess -AND will to-night and to-morrow night. ing all those qualities which men honor Mr. T. G. Barton left for Kingman, N.

Anderson and family went last GRAPE VLNKS. Eighteen varieties. in a mother and love iu a sister. Strawberry plants-tlm best. Other Saturday, to Wichita, to visit Mr.

and The bridegroom is a young man of Tuesday. W. H. Carter returned from Penn last week. plants in season, (jive me a call.

Grain, i4t o. b. Mountz. Mrs. Everett.

Mr. Anderson return ed Tuesday, MrB. Anderson Wednesday excellent qualities, sober, steady and in dustrious and is the possessor of that Charley Horner is suffering from Clarance Wells, has had a fuss Dr. A. C.

Brown, of Osage City, has greatest earthly blessing, a good wife. neuralgia. with the (well) pump, the handle hitting rented the lower floor of the building There were present the Mr. and Kuns a First-Class him in the mouth. As he has been G.

Barton returned from King L. Reed will at once erect, and will Mrs. Jerome Turley, S. S. Turley, sick for a few days, the pump got the id to-day.

Powers, R. M. Smith; Mrs. Paxon, best of it. ed.

Shimelfenig's baby was quite the Misses: Burchie Piukey, Lizzie Hat put in a stock of drugs. He will arrive as soon as the building can be got ready but his family will not come until he erects a dwelling. sic. this week. Wm.

Osmond, from Leavenworth, iieldBettie Tailor, Sadie Mears, Ruth arrived in the city yesterday. Mr. Os Cain, Lulu Turley, Georgia Cuthbert V. RAnnlF.T, Shay has left school Rosa Potter, Minnie Meyers. Anna niond is a furniture dealer, and should Out of the mighty deep great board', i the outlook prove satisfactory to him Stewart; The Messrs: Foster Cain, D.

111 i Hogue, of the Wellington Mon- should snave at tne LIVERY FEED STABLR! FIEST-CLASS EIGS Furnished on short notice and at reasonable Kates. All kinda of STOCK, BOUG-HT SOLD. fishes come and all Armstrong shop. Cuthbert, Frank Cuthbert and Elme 'ed to-day, he may locate. Epperson and the household.

10 IUutov fmm H. J. Workman left Tuesday after- IS One v. nnnn fnr I 'i in a rwl Hnl A on f'i Miss Ada Stewart, of Kansas City, acted as bride's-maii and II. J.

Bono wmcu to hunt nn lnc.nt.inn for a. branch 'shoo 1 1 1. ,1. 1 I 1 of Wellington, as groom's-man mue uio of the Belle PI aine Carriage Shoo. He Smoking and chewing tobacco in any quantity, at Hola Fisher's.

EVOLUTION OF NO MAN'S LAND. Some of the Proposals to Deal With the Unaffiliated Territory. i 1 1 i The bride w-as dressed in white India ganU. -U qUlLB 111. vMnt.v T.Qcf.

TTlrtl r. mull, oriental lace over-dress, white WW13V mwvu. commences uexi -i Af.rwi;,, Mm con 11 hyaciuths, high headdress Washington, March 3. Some time aeo H' 10 laixntL uci latuci. xj tt unci cum The bride's-maid in workshell' pink inhn il Hi Ct OTlX.

3. 1 1 I i a. Mr. Burnes, of Missouri, introduced a bill yjL luiiciu, inerius. one win remain auout tea tne result hi.

u.u.a rn. surah, lace overdress, natural flowers, high headdress D. H. ROBERTS, OSTEOPATHIC Physician and Surgeon Office and residence at house recently occupied by W. R.

Wallace. 35 to transform a stretch of country lying between Kansas and Texas into the Territory of Cimarron. This has been designated on The groom and groom's-man in con on Monaay. jack Baker, our right bower has they wo yenlional black Mn.Cnnn took in Wichita the maps as "The public land strip," and uv-u oiv, rv Liic- pttou vriv, vi iuv ly. Mother'of the bride, costume of black, has been known along the border as "No omW trio Anora 1 i- natural flowers, gold ornaments he o-nes Lash has recovered from out of the print shop.causes diihculty in Man's Land." It has no government except such as the squatters upon it have chosen Miss Georgia Cuthbert played the the amount of type setting by ye writer.

to see of last week. wedding march and Miss Minnie Mey Storer AND L. G. Humphreys, son of Mr. and worths ttle child of A Carnehan was ers delivered a beautiful recitation and to extemporize, as occasion seemed to demand.

It has not been open to settlement under any laws and the condition of society there has been of Mrs. Humphreys of the F. B. S. arrived who hi lirst part of the week the ceremony was beautifully worded in city, from Castavia, on Saturday Music was furnished by Miss Georgia Clodfelter, and children are primitive quality.

The small size of the public land strip has been in the way of its morning for a visit. He and Grant Cuthbert and the Messrs. H. the cot jlier sister, near Harper. 1.

will go west soon and engage in S. and G. M. Turley OI Uio tunwii.TFi! (f Rnv tliis pnnn recognition as a territory, especially wnen taken into comparison with such bodies as Texas and Kansas. The time seems to be business.

Rilmers, DEALERS IN Farming Implements, The presents, and doners, were ter ned home this morning. Set silver knives and forks, Mr. and Dell Cuthbert, who arrived home thbert Family Band delight- Prof. meut hi near, however, when something must be done with this conntry. Besides Mr.

Burnes', there is pending a proposition to Mrs. J. E. Cain; china tea service, teners on Monday night. a week ago, (which we carelessly omitted) reports things all O.

K. in the west' Grandpa Cain; iSS gold piece, Mr. and Funk is tying up coffee and Mrs. Chas. Turley, Williamsville.

Ill He seems to like it there, but if the annex the strip to Kansas. Mr. Hale, ot Missouri, yesterday proposed another solution. The strip contains 3,590,400 acres. during his father's absence truth was known, we opine he still we treating, were ru them would lii it's a pie kns was absent from the city thinks Belle Plaine about the best.

rocker, Cuthbert family; plate glass mirror, plush frame, Rosa Potter and Minnie Meyers; city ballads, H.J. Bone, ugories, Spring Wagons It was purchased from Texas at a time when that State had more domain than she could see any use for. The United States 'usiness, this week as usual M. T. Funk left Friday, Ilomewood, OADDUS, ass't eng'r of the Franklin in answer to a telegram Wellington; silver castor, Mr.

and Mrs Jerome Turley; half dozen towels, Mrs nimity Oi urrived in town on Saturday from his brother Abraham Funk, who wanted it to carry out an early agreement with the Indians, by which the tribes placed on reservations were to have a runway or outlet to reach the buffalo country when thev wanted to cro hunting. Mr. AND Farm A. C. Paxon, Wichita; fruit dish, Foster is no vy "Talker has been comDelled Wagons.

tueu was at tne point 01 death, Irom a and Ruth Cain; morocco toilet case, Mr have but on account of sickness cancer from lip to left ear. A letter and Mrs. R. M. Smith; morocco work A FULL LINE OF The v.

cousin of Mrs. T. G. Bar- from Mr. Funk, received Tuesday even- box, Judge and Mrs.

Gans, and Mr. er tn(-. ,1,1 Tuesday for a short msr. states that ervsiuelas had set in. Hale's proposition, presented in the form of a joint resolution, is to enter mto negotiations with Texas to sell and cede enough of the Panhandle to make with "No Man's Land" a body large enough for a respect and Mrs.

Maris, Wintield; damask tow ap -i causing the cancer to 'break, and that el Sadie Mears; cut glass berry dish, set I .1 I A. u.oov lirtv-p nf W'p nirtiin was ueaiu must eusue in silver, Anna and Ada Stewart; silver PUMPS ACENTS FOR THE II ALL AD AY WIND MILL AND next-best man- at the wedding, last able territory. It is proposed to take, I exas being willing, the part of the Panhandle lying above the Canadian river. This would add 6,019,200 acres to the strip, and the Study The Facts-Tpo Previous. iruit basket, Lulu lurley'one pair dam- night.

Cards are out for the weddino- of towels, JMr. and Mrs. Towers; glass Territory of Cimarron would be at leant big Dr. A. C.

Brown, of Osage City, was Meade Turley and Miss Emma Cain, set, Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Turley; bouquet in the city this week.

Particulars else- atuie resilience 01 me urine parents, roses, Burchie Pinkev enough to contain Us name spelled out ou the maps. i ESTERLY TWINE BINDER where. 1 An elegant lunch was served and all Ethel Jewell, daughter of Dudley and Rob Brown first groomsman. went merry as a marriage bell." Jewell, was indisposed the lirst part of ieue 1 tame news. Mr.

and Mrs. Meade lurley Hie Don't be tow previous, if you please, Resident wishes you happiess, health the week. E. M. PERDEW Has opened in StClair's old stand, a J.

we barmen to know that. and wealth. Ed. Robinson, ye D. M.

Aite, arriv Brown did not ofliciate as groomsman. ed iu town last week, to go on the sur A full line of crockery and earth tor reliable marriage news consult vey again. en-ware at E. M. Perdew's.

The Reident. Fred. R. Lindley, of Wichita, ar store. rived iu the city yesterday.

Fred, is a Lou aughn was head man in II. J. List of letters remaining P.O. for the 0 dipped in uew. motiui ending ten.

27th IbSu Workman's shop during the latter's ab sence. 11 Jack Makkly; Ben. VaNdekwokk and Frank Evens left to-day for, Ko rse, New Goods, New Firm and Lou. iU.SS are offering a hand made al Man's land, to locale. calf boot at $4.25 New York Store.

Mr. Silas Pouter, of Monmouth, 111 A Angelo.L Boyd, Caleb Chapin, UN Cape, DeanieaBell rrantz SO brother of J. R. Porter, arrived in the gentleman from Emporia, whose city for a visit, this noon. name we did not learn, as in the city D.

McIIarg returned from his trip this week, and has secured the refusa Staple Low PriGes! and i I i i I i i I I i i west, on Thursday last, having taken a of the rental of Hamilton Forney'; 1' 1 ovr Mrs Mary (ill I 'ill MM. II 1 1 son. Miss ivo. Carrie Stover, deo. 2 Tiir.iLy, Joseph 1 i- .1 Warner, Mary Waweau Maivelt claim in Stephens County.

store room to put in a hardware stock i i i i i More anon. Gunranlis Nelson Gable, II Jones, II Ly mini, Jerry Just received 100 pieces enibroid ii 1 11 1 ery wincii wc will sell at about one GROCERIES. half former prices. New York Store Lovern, RD Lair, McKee a Paten, dentists, of Wichita Chief Engineer of the W. Kip, went to Wichita yesterday on R.

R. business. Ho returns to-day. Miss Cora Rippekton left Tuesday morning for a visit to friends in Oxford. She wllbe gone until the last oi next week.

Joe. Mc.Guike, long in the employ of W. T. Ham, left Tuesday, for Hart-land Garden City, for an indelinite period Jacob Hahman and household will have opened a branch office in this city In calling for the letters please say I I I I I located in the front room, over Rol Fishers restaurant, and are prepared to do all manner of dental work. They Everything NEW and Nothing make aspecialty of false teeth from on advertised.

W. C. Campbell, 1'. M. Dr.

Justice is now located iu his new office, in the rear of Cal. James' drug store, where he can bo consulted. His office hours are 10 to 11 a. and 2 to 4, 1. We are under obligations to Lou Vaughn.

tooth to an entire upper and lower set Prices as reasonable as ii rst class work move, in about two week's time to Gol can be done. Teeth extracted without pain. den City, there to engage in the groce ry business. 1). O.

Wilson and John Cole return Onr Ciilf kIkip fur limn at. 'l 9 per pair cannot oe duplicated else Grand Temperance Rally. Rev. Mo-Clung will give a free temperance lecture in the opera house Saturday even where. Isew lurk Store.

A subordinate lodge of the state or ing, March fill! Rt oood music ill be furnissed for the occasion, every ganizalion of the Anti-Horse Th'u1 cue is cordially invited to attend. Association, was installed in this city- Old, Stale or Shelf-ivorn M. AND A. Meat' Market Is now ready for business. Call and see ine, on Merchant street, and I'll sell you more and better meat for the money than any man on earth, and don't you forget it.

last night. Let there bo light. nave a complete stock of lamps, and lamp- 0 doz. men and buys Hats re cliimneys. globes, plain and decorated duced to 75 cents each, at New York ed from their western trip last lhurs-day, each having taken claims in Stephens near Hugo.

Harry McIllhenny, having finished his term of teaching.left for Norwich on Tuesday, to visit his brother, Dr. Mc Illhenny. Harry is nn O. K. Boy.

Miss Nellie Barnard, of Wellington, who has been visiting in Topekii, returned home on Saturday, Mopping at Belle Plaine on Saturday. Nellie's sojourn here made her hosts of friends who were glad to see her. Mrs. M. Gainer, and Misses And Annie, went to Wellington Tuesday, to remain with Mr.

Anderson, (Mrs. Gainer's father) until Mike finds a home for them in the far west. snides, lanin burners, wicks, at Store. Funk Parker's. that Don't forget to remember The Wellington Vrtss goes for us be dance will occur nt the opera house on cause the Argonin Clipper credited to iart.i, i the Resident an article that appeared Lndie in the Belle riaino Kavs.

The Press Overcoats. Clothing, "Tim Hula Aniihbv nancr." etc. Cloaks and all Winter Goods will wm nr out of. it's the other closed out nt eo.t or less than cost by BPh vmi want to ret after. the New York Store..

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