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The Resident from Belle Plaine, Kansas • 4

The Resident from Belle Plaine, Kansas • 4

The Residenti
Belle Plaine, Kansas
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July 1. Mike Troutman and son ac -pjj-r-- T) T7CTTM7MT I pointed by city to inspect and report 1 FlLL IvrLoliJillN 1 1 upon the feasibility of a canal, taking Nov 25 Thomas Allendricks died. Nov 26 The Resident's mailer pui cidentally hurt by Henry Nye's team. as a standard the Arkansas City canal. into use.

July 2 Born, to Mr. aud Mrs. Henry BY SILAS ROBINSON. ONE OF THEM. Nye, a boy.

Thanksgiving day duly observed. Will Longsides accidentally shot Ordinances No. 30, 31,32, 33 and 34 Sept 12. Little Phil Camp, Sons of Veterans, organized. Sept 12.

M. A. grade crossed the Wichita Western. Born, to Mr. and Mrs.

G. W. Wright, a boy. Sept 13. Hugh McGaughy's funeral service was preached in the Presbyterian church Sept 15.

Born, to Mr. and Mrs. John while out hunting. PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY AFTERNOON. Tomrs, $1.50 a Year, In Advance passed.

Miss Georgie Cuthbert received her Report favorably. Belle Plaine Land Company open for business. Surprise party to Miss Liua Light-burn. News band supper. April 30.

People warned agaiust soap." True Richardson puts in new rollers. new piano. Family re-union at A Longsides. Dec 3 Dot Justice taken seriously ill. Dec 4 Roof of opera house blown off.

Dec 5 Married, Johnson to Mr? Dec 8th, Married; George James to July 4. Duly celebrated and a grand Entered at the post office in Belle success. Siceloff, a boy. Julv 0. Musical party at Mrs.

Dr. Mr. and Mrs. M. P.

Dedrick given a Flora Pinkerton, Lizzie Johnson. M. A. locate crossings on Ar surprise ooden wedding. kansas and Ninnescah rivers.

Dec 10 A pay all bills for May 1 Uncle Geo. Fisher celebrated labor. tsept lb. YY Humphreys moved into his new store. Sept 17.

M. A. headquarters in Belle Plaine commenced. Dec 11 Biggest snow ever known in 1 lame, for transmission through the mails as second class matter. A YEAR'S EXPEBIENCE WITH FATHER TIME IN BELLE PLAIN SHOWING HER GROWTH AND ADVANCEMENT, Her New Buildings, Improvements, Immlgrators, Emmigrators, Marriage, Birth and Death Roll, Sumner county.

Private ollice fitted up in Funk Born to Mr and Mrs A Parker, a his 00 birthday. Surprise wooden wedding to W. C. Campbell. May 5 J.

V. Forney made Judge pro tern. First case in new Court house. Cuthbert's. M.

A. surveyors commenced to put in grade stakes from the west bank of the Arkansas river. Canal bonds carry. Fire at Job Davis, hotel. July 7.

An attempt was made to rob the depot which resulted in the killing of a burglar. Will Reed was severely-hurt while defending the property. Coroner's jury rendered a verdict of self defense. July 9 Ordinances No. 35, 30 and 37 Parker's store.

girl. Dr. Cuthbert sold his farm in Cicero. Dec 12 Mrs Margaret Jones died. Dec 13 Through the instrumentality Henry Roth rents Armstrong's bar ber shop.

May 7. Wellington sends committee of The Resident the Eagle acknowledges the A to be a fact. to get branch of M. A. T.

B. Mcllarg moved into the room Election called for bonds for formerly occupied by The Resident Dec 15 Mrs Annie Bolton died. Dec, 17 A injunction suit the Canal. Sept 19. C.

T. Carlyle sold out and And a General Review of the City's Journey Through 365 Days of Joys and Sorrows of A. 1885, Illustrated edition of Wellington and moved to Topeka. granted. the M.

A. Sept 20. D. O. Humble, of Emporia, Will V.

McConn secures the $500 necessary to getting the telephone. neid a huniiatn henool convention in May 9. Dave Waller's house invaded by a large number of iriends to cele Charlie Wareliam's scare, "Get up the M. E. Church.

Sept 21. Born, Mr. and Mrs. Wm Sam." Rand Parker taken sick. July 10.

Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Ham East, a boy. Sept, 22. Newman's barn burned.

Mrs. Mary Brown died. Excluding the 52nd Week to Save Repetition in This Issue. It is not the easiest matter to procure a Years' Happenings, especially when the searcher was not only a uou-resi-dent but an entire stranger to even the existence of the City of Belle Plaine. Happenings prior to the advent of this brate his 51st birthday.

New City Council met. May 10. Chas. Allen married to Miss Mary Daily. May 10, Married; Henry Jeffrey and Annie Miller, Sept 24.

L. Farmer purchased the Dec 20 Heater fired up. Mrs Justice taken seriously ill. Dec 21 Mrs Manning buried. Dec 22 Reed taken dangerously ill.

Dec 23 A Owens died. Dec 24 Christmas Eve. Trees in all the churches. Biggest paper ever known to Belle Plaine, The Resident issues 12 pages. Born to Mr and Mrs Thos a boy.

Dec 25 Christmas day. lodges The following is the standing of the building formerly occupied by the May 14. Ordinances No. 25, 20 and ilton Forney, a girl. July 12.

Dr. Justice's. team ran away and made things lively. July 13. Died, infant son of Mr.

and Mrs. J. P. Southeriand. The roof of Mrs.

Arnold's residence caught lire. Rand Parker was uo town for the P. Land Co. Mcllarg moved into his new store 27 passed. All but 7 miles of the first division of the 1) A finished.

W. W. Barr's yard completed. M. A.

surveyors arrived and grade stakes set. Mav 18. Win. Friedlander married Sept 20 Democrat caucas called. first time since sickness.

Forney Bro's erect a barber shop for July 10. Miss Bertha Willey gave a Joe Donophan. birthday party. Sept 28 Fiftieth birthday of Mrs. showing the loss and gain of each one The News received their new job Epperson made the occassion of paper may here appear incomplete and eroneous as we have been compelled to trust to the memory of our informants in almost every in order to present what we term "a complete" 1885 report.

Since April 9th, the first issue of this paper, we give exact facts, as here the tiles of The Resident, which are authority for correctness, come into play. We are indebted to the secretaries of the different Socities who furnished the facts of thejr orders, etc. The intention will be carried out and confine this item to Belle Plaine city and immediate vicinity, digressing only on births, press. W. H.

Hitchcock adds a granary to his barn. to Elizabeth Robson. May 19. John Lightburn married to Delina Southeriand. Storer Ellmer form a partnership.

E. R. Storer, W.T.Ham, W.C. Campbell, L. M.

St. Clair, I). W. Horner and T. B.

Mallernee go to Sumner Township to help the carrying of the M. A. bonds. Order calling election for Canal. II.

E.Jenkins opens a restaurant. Belle Plaine surrounded by teams, from January 1, 1885 to January 1 '80: A. it This Lotlge in 1885 had 40 members, it now has 50, showing a gaiii of 10 during the year. The following officers will be duly installed to-morrow night: Forney; SVC, McAllister; Walker; Sergeant, much merriment by numerous friends. Sept 29 Brunswick billiard hall sold at Sheriff's sale.

Oct 1 Land Co moved into new quarters. Humphreys moved into his residence over his store. Shay moved into new quarters. Fitzgerald Mallory arrived in town waiting to go to work on the M. A.

railroad. July 17. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Grif-lith, a girl.

July 22 Geul. Grant died at 8:08 a. m. marriages and deaths. Without regard May 21.

Henry Nye's large barn Jeflnes; Dan Holiday; Chaplain. Asher; Adj, EM Miller; Mi Holiday; Off Gd, 11 St Clair; Milt completed. yj ii o. vv vir mes. Oct 3 Helen Gouger lectured at the Church.

Editor of The Resident went to Harper to attend the district convention. "Soap." A petition signed with 319 names IO OK This Lodge had at the. first of the against dividing Belle Plaine Township. Maj. Hanson, General Manager year, 59 members; has admitted 10 dur M.

A. bought 7 lots in Belle Plaine; C. C. Black. Sec.

7 lots; J. J. Burns 1-4 ing the year, and has issued 3 with-drawance cards. On next Tuesday- the block. following officers, elected for a term of Mav 24.

Memorial services held in E. Church. six months, will be installed: AHarnian; Corn-well; Will McConn; S. Imit rFr'u T-T -T ni'L W. A.

Blackmore suspended. Mav 27. Born to Mr. and Mrs. N.

Strode, a girl. A i Meeting called in opera house to ar- range Memorial Services for Gen. Grant. W. C.

Campbell appointed Postmaster at Belle Plaine. July 25. W. L. Carter commenced to grade on the M.

A. July 28. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Curtis, a boy.

July 30. The Resident begins to take subscriptions, payable when the M. A. trains run. M.

T. Funk added a summer kitchen to his residence. T. B. Mallernee proved himself to be the champion corn eater.

Aug 1. Dr. Cuthbert purchased the Leighton house property. Republican caucus held and nine delegates sent to the Convention. Aug 5.

Annual picnic of Christian S. S. held in Mayhew's grove. Mr. aud Mrs.

Curtis' babe baptized. Aug 0. The Resident stopped saying, "Mary has gone to Ordinance No. 38 passed. Contract let to Fitzgerald Mallory to grade 61 miles of the M.

A. to date of commencement or completion, we herewith present the number of contracts for buildings taken and completed by S. A. Brodhead: houses. George Kobiuson 2 story, mansard roof, eight rooms and pantry.

S. A. Brodhead 1 story, 3 rooms and pantry. H. L.

Nye 2 houses, 1 story each. B. Cornwall 1 story, 4 rooms. V. T.

Ilell'ner addition to bakery. Humphreys Mcllarg 2 story brick stores, the former 25x80, the upper lloor containing millinery store and 7 rooms for residence, the latter, 25x50, is occupied on the lower floor by Mc-Harg as a general store; the upper lloor by The Resident. Addition to the Post Oflice. 8 Mountz 1 story two rooms. Milt Nixon 1J story, 7 rooms.

James Dand 2 story gothie house, 7 rooms. Crosswhite, 1 story, 4 rooms. Prof Allen story, 5 rooms. BAUNS. II Nye 32x52; 14 feet studding.

James Dand 20x32, 14 feet studding. Carter 20x24. May 28. School closed. May 30.

Decoration day observed. May 31. Edgar W. Beer drowned. June 1.

Canal bonds defeated by 19 Belle Plaine Dancing Club re-organized. Jimmy Dand's new house ready for occupancy. Oct 4 Barr's team and buggy stolen. Oct 5 Woman's Suffrage Association formed in Belle Plaine. Oct 0 Post Oflice moved into new quarters in the rear of the old building.

Oct 7 Cicero declared by County Commissioners to be outof Belle Plaine precinct. Married, in Wellington, Wm. F. Wright to Almira Cornwell. Oct 8 Dr.

Cuthbert sold his Chetopa farm; visited his son and took up a claim. First news of the Kingman injunction. Oct 10 Sumner county Republican campaign opened in Belle Plaine. Oct 14 Married, in Palestine, W. E.

Bolton to Annie Gibson. Oct 15 Jake Harmon moved into his new place of business. M. A. headquarters finished.

Born to Mr and Mrs Carter a boy. Born to Mr and Mrs Frank Walton, majority. New election called. June 2. New potatoes.

June 3. Miss Minnie Myers left for home. June 4. Farmer Hilton dissolve partnership. June 8.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. L. Johnson, a girl. Lodge had 35 members, it now has 47, showing a gain of 12 members during the year.

A list of the officers elected for the year appeared in a recent edition of The Resident. a a This Lodge numbered 50 at the beginning of 1885 anil during the year 4 new members were added with two demits ami one death, Jas Mullen, who died Feb 12 1885. At the annual installation held December 19 '85, the following officers were duly installed: Stephenson, Wm Froment, Hugh Griffith, Rogers, Tres; Forney, Sec; II Richards, Griffith, A Downs, Asher, Chap; John Gilchrist, DM Waller anil A Downs, Aud Com; Waller, Tyler. During the year II Workman has set shoes on 512 horses and repaired 203 wagons and buggies, Aug 7. Hilton We igorly dissolved.

Aug 8. Grant Memorial Services observed. M. C. Jones appointed marshal.

Aug 11th, Married; Benjamin 11a-gen and Lizzie A Powell, Aug 12. C. S. Crosswhite purchased two dwelling lots. These aggregate $20,000 in cost of building and material Tillottson Huddleson contracted for and erected 8 houses at an aggre June 10.

W. A. Sloo purchased a residence of John Gilchrist. June 11. Ordinance No.

30 published. Blackmore closed up business aud left. Hilton Weagerly enters into partnership. V. T.

Heffner and Chas. Sheldon change places of business. Burns and Robinson declared two bootblacks from Chicago. Abe Wareham went to Wichita. Ilefl'ner puth in a new bake oven.

L. Farmer opens a meat market. June 12. L. Farmer robbed.

gate cost of $4,400. The following is the result of the City election held on Tuesday April 7th: Mayor: Storer, 84; John Cole, 01; scattering, 5. Aug 13. Contract let to grade 01 miles of the M. to be done by Married; Austin to Matilda Runibaugh, October 15.

Aug 15. John Gilchrist sold his farm of 80 acres, lying northwest of town. Aug 20. Crab cider sat down on. Contract let to enlarge the post-office 20x24.

Leighton house opened by W. II. Aldermen: A Downs, 140; It a boy. Oct 20 Mr and Mrs Barton's residence over run with visitors on the occassion of their china wedding. Elizabeth Ayres died.

Oct 22 A Sloo moved into his lately acquired residence. Oct 23 Grand Ball given the I 0 Lodge, 70 collide in attendance. Oet 25 Singing party at A Hugh's. Walton died. Oct 20 A Overstrcet's residence caught lire, slight damage.

Rogers, 85; Miller, 83; John Cole, L. KELLY, Proprietor of the 82; A Parker, 82; 1) Reed, 74; Hitchcock, 70; Rola Fisher, 08; Ham, 01, scattering 3. Polite ud ire: Foster Cain, 82; A 1) Willey, Mar 1 Born to Mr and Mrs I) BCorn; Nov 2-D Waller given a surprise June 14. Children's day at the M. E.

Church. June 15. J. 1). Justice transfored his interest in the opera house block to Funk Parker.

June 10. S. S. Mount, gave a party in honor of Miss Linn Harner. June 17.

First dirt thrown for the Mcllarg it Humphrey block. New York Store burglarized. June 20. Depot entered and robbed. FAT MARKET, by musical friends.

Holbrook. Dr. Mcllhenny goes to Norwich to practice his profession. Aug 21. At school meeting Dr Cuthbert was elected District Clerk.

Aug 20. Union picnic of the Presbyterian and M. E. Sunday Schools held III L. II I Nov 3-Election day; Storer ran 220 ahead of his ticket in Belle Plaint -Born' to Mr anil Mrs Kola Fisher, a boy.

Nov 10 Fire at Forney Bro's farm. Keeps Only The Very Best Meats For sale, which Born to Mr ami Mrs EM Miller a girl. Nov 12 Burns elected President of I he A. Road to bridge straightened. Mallernee takes possession of the in St.

Clair's grove. Aug 28. Bills circulated reading: "By an eroneous statement in The Resident," etc. Sept 2. Hosts of friends gather at the residence of L.

M. StClair's to celebrate liis wooden wedding. Sept 3. II. L.

Gray yielded possession of the City hotel. Prof. Crawford's article on Graded Schools published. Sept 5. The Resident moved into WILLSUITALL All kinds of well, a boy.

March 4th Married; Robert Dull and Martha Canaan, Mar 5-Married, VT Ileil'ner to Laura Cornwell April 9 Married, Win Parliman to Miss Henderson. Married, in Wellington, John Swith-hart to Beulah North. The Resident made its appearance. Ham lost his 2:42 mare. April 14.

Severe hail storm. April 15 Grounds bought for the M. A. First survey of the Canal made. Meeting held in opera house and committee Appointed to go to Arkansas City and inspect Canal there.

April 23 R. S. Tompkins lost team and wagon trying to cross the rise of the Ninnescnh. Fish pond dam carried nway. Belle Plaine Driving Park chartered.

W. W. Barr puts a windmill at his stock yards. Committee consisting of Messrs. no.

Gilchrist, Frank Beall, W. R. Rogers, W. T. Ham and W.

L. Cuthbert, ap City hotel. Piukerlon rifles the fast horse to Mul-vane. Married, Wright to Lou Pcgram. Nov 17-L Kelly buys the City meat market.

Susie Triber able to attend school. Helen ami Nora Wallace were given Grctrrie llaythorn, Sloo purchase store building. June 21. Hugh A. McGaughy was drowned.

June 21. Miss Linn Harner departs for Michigan. June 25. W.T. Ham put on a 'bus and baggage line.

School Board secured Prof. Thomas Crawford as principal. Miss Bilha Funk secures 38 young ladies for the tableau car. Mrs. M.T.

Funk entertains friends, June 27. Grant Humphreys and ife arrived. June 30 Miss Fannie Hitchcock entertains friends on the oeeassion of her Mth birthday. Lou Vaughn entertains the News band. A lire occurred in the dwelling lien occupied by J.

W. Humphreys. the Mcllarg building. Sept 4. Canal bonds run out.

Sept 7. School opt ned. Sept 8. Married, ('has. Kelly to Mi Minnie M.

Beer. Sept 10. Ordinances No. 39 and -10 in season. If you want the best the market affords, go to the STAR Meat Market.

a surprise party by their young friends Nov 18 Mrs Florence Fisher died. Society met at the church. Nov 19 City hotel kitchen enlarged. Nov 21 Masonic Lodge given a surprise supper. Nov 24-Beilc Plaine chess club visiting billiard into Gal James' passed.

Minors prohibited halls. N. moved 1 drug store..

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