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The Resident from Belle Plaine, Kansas • 5

The Resident from Belle Plaine, Kansas • 5

The Residenti
Belle Plaine, Kansas
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Those who heard this talented speaker during her recent series of lectures in this city, will be glad to know that her services have been engaged and that she will deliver two of her best lectures in the M. E. Church in this city on the evenings of Tuesday and Wednesday, December 29 and 30. Throughout the whole vocabulary of female orators on the rostrum, Helen M. Gouger is the peer of all and the superior of many.

She is not only thoroughly cognizant with the subjects under discussion, but her delivery and appearance are such that the listener is entertained to the superlative degree from the start. On Tuesday evening her subject will be, "My Cuban Journey," in which she will give the cyclo "The public telephone," thinks one, is the reason why so many visit the Central Drug Store of Cal. James. but the idea is eroneous, as the people go there to get handsome Christmas presents. To look at the array of handsome and useful articles one would think that it were useless to lay in such a stock, but to examine the sales, one will quickly see that the public are appreciating the successful trial of keeping on sale such handsome gifts, as they are being sold at a rate which is astonishing.

Quite a number of these handsome plush goods were added Tuesday, and any one desiring to procure articles of this nature, should not fail to go to Cal. James. 3 pedia of Cuban life, their modes, customs, religion and daily habits. This is said to be one of her best efforts, hence a treat is in store for all those who attend. On Wednesday she will talk on Suffrage, adducing, it is said, arguments which are undeniable.

The HE LAUGHS BEST WHO LAUGHS LAST. David Crocket is credited with the saying, be sure you're right, then go ahead." If Dave was the author, he had a long head, much longer than his time allotted, little knowing how applicable would be his utterance to the present time of the Nineteenth Century. It will be remembered that The Resident published some school items in the latter part of October, saying among other things, "school will commence at 8:30 a. These items came from good authority. In the same issue, of a later print, it contradicted the statement, by authority of the Board.

"This latter was not sufficient, it seems as bills were put on the highway of "an eroneous statement having appeared in The Resident," thus giving the editor of that paper a slap in the face, without any he was misinformed," but a good square slap, with the tone of unreliability squarely stated. Rattle his bones, over the stones, he's only an who cares if he groans. Its a long lane that gathers no moss. By our quiet, sneaking, eves-dropping, contemptable way, we found out that the fundamental starting of that editor-humiliating circular emanated from some of the ladies of Belle Plaine -no use to deny it, because we knoweth whereof we affirmeth. A certain Principal of a certain school whose superior exists not in Sumner Committee has decided to give these ectures free, hence all should avail themselves of hearing Helen M.

Gou ger in the M. E. Church on Tuesday (SE) 3 ls and Wednesday nights, Dec. 29 and 30. CO Candies, figs, nuts, raisins, ap pies, oranges, dates and all kinds of confectionary are to be had at Heff- The recent rains have benefitted the wheat and any one will be benefitted who employs II.

J. Workman in the carriage repairing line. Why? Because he knows all about his business. For instance, at a glance he tells you what is wrong with the entire vehicle. If a portion of it is some shattered, but will run for a time without breakage or injury, he'll tell you so, as he will not misrepresent in order to get a dollar or so more out of a job.

Again, he will take a job and promise to deliver it in good shape, and, if in the repairing a nut is gone, or a wear crack appears in the iron which escaped his notice in the start, he always puts the extra work on, but never says its more than I thought," in order to get a little more money. Its right to encourage such a principle, especially, when the work done is always first-class. Take your work to II. J. Workman and gel a good job done.

Elegant chum mugs and cups, and beautiful and unique glass ware is on ener Coniwcll. Messrs. Heffner Coruwell will fur nish a supper on Christmas night in their Palace Oyster Parlor. The bill of fare will consist of Turkey.Chicken, hot Tea, Coffee, oysters and all delicacies of CD the season. These good things will be furnished for the small sum of To cents i couple.

Dancers will be i'ccoinmo- dated with a nice warm supper on that-evening, served up in the best of man every person of whom there are hundreds holding similar positions in every State who are his inferiors in every sense of the word,) was determined to give his best endeavors to attain the best possible results, among ner and the latest style. Don't forget it. Boys cut this out and paste it in your hats. Those wanting count oysters for sale at the Opera House Grocery. A neat and intricate piece of work was made for Free by H.

J. Workmau. The former's piano tuning hammer being small for the posts of the instrument, II, J. Workman made a "bouble- Christmas, or the XXX should remember that they are constantly on hand bv Heffener Corn well. ended" hammer, cutting the socket in ATTENTION FARMEKS, each end, one a fraction larger than the other, so that a perfect litis now the result, fittinir all instruments made.

and tliose wno intend to set out fruit Ornamental or Timber Trees next spring. W. J. Ksslev, of Mulvaue, is the authorized agent uf the Old Re The hammer is automatic on the ban die, being removed at will. None bet which was the gaining of half an hours' more time, (for the idea of which he received a percentage of censure anil no pay for its accomplishment.) He, knowing nothing about his business," seemingly, was sat down on by authority, women at the helm of it, as far as a rule went, but was left the precious priviledge of going to the school house, if he wanted to, before 5) o'clock, with the thought that if any scholars should come, they would not be locked out.

Look at that school. We would't for the world say that the school in question was in Belle Plaine, and not for untold gold would we announce that the Principal referred to was Prof. Thos. Crawford. But look at that school.

If patrons should, by chance, so over step the rules of etiquitte and visit the school, they'd le surprhed at the liable Pea body Nurseries, established ter is made by any piano making firm in the universe, and we are convinced that no better workman, at his trade, in 182. 31 r. Jbssler will call at your house to solicit your on'ers for Trees. Don't order any trees until you have than II. J.

Workman, exists. seen him and you will be sure to get a TO THE PUBLIC. good thrifty stock, warranted true to name. These trees are all Kansas We, the G. A.

R. Post, of Belle Plaine, sincerely thank the public for past fa vors, and again ask for your assistance and cooperation Jn a free entertain ment, to be held on the occasion of the The new year will contain some new features and so does new candy appear in the cases of Heffener Coruwell. public installation of Officers of our Post, on Friday January 1st, 1880, at in the Opera House. Good speak ing by prominent speakers, also, good I 01 0 id hi C) CD music. Supper will be served in For Beggs' Cherry Cough Syrup I consider one of the best if not tlie best of all the many remedies in use.

have sold more of it the past year ney's store room. We request the pub lie to contribute as much as they see lit result of the gentleman's organization. The writer had occasion to visit the school house one morning. When lie arrived the clock in the room said it was 7:30, and i) scholars were at work at that time and that Principal was there loo, all the same like if he was paid fur it. Now the very ones, who were, by the old beaten path, opposed to any advancement from that path, are now as unanimous it its a good idea," as they were opposed to it, yet we fail lo notice any bills saying "by a correct statement in The Resident," etc.

Everytiiue we see the scholars at work at 8:30, or earlier, (and tee go once in a while to see how other people's children of the following eatables: Bread, butter meat, baked beans, (nothing else) which will be served in Army style on tin plates, and army coffee in tin cups i () Of (ssJ () (j Sj (cT) n-n. We expect a grand re-union ami a so than all others put together, and it has given universal satisfaction. J. M. Nye, Druggist, Wells, Minn.

Sam pie bottles free at Cal. James' Protective Tariff. Tariff gathers from many for the benefit of the few. Tariff builds up colossal fortunes for the few at the expence of many. Tariff protects monopolies.

Tariff cial time. Come one. Come all and bring your baskets well filled. II. C.

StClair, E. C. Jeekkies, Committee J. K. Walkek.

Attend the Christmas Trees to-night Don't fail to hear Helen M. Gougt ecture. TheG.A. R. entertainment on New Years' night.

It aint a very good week for supph inents either. levies tributes on the sick and poor to swell millions for the aristocrats. A protective tariff makes the rich richer and the poor poorer. A protective tariff is class legislation, pure and simple. A protective tariff protects no one except the monopolist manufacturer.

"Infant'' industries ninety and one hundred years old should be ashamed to ask for more protection and nursing. A protective tariff is a relic of are getting along), we can't help but look back the time when the handbills were sown on the highway," to the tune on which the bovine expired, and, selecting some secluded spot, we just haw! haw! haw! As no thought of someone's feelings existed in October, someone don't care a cent now who gets mad. The school is a complete success, so prophesied by TheResident and it can't help but haw! N. Strode and family moved to Mul-vane this week, Mr. Strode buying out a jewelry store in that place.

Mr. and family are an acquisition to any community, and may good luck attend him in his new home. The steam heater is now complete at the school house, and was lired up this week. iSnover Vaughn will soon begin to grind and chop" at their new mill in the nor' part of the city. Mrs.

Sarah Manning, whose late residence was south of the city, and the Our plates furnish a continued story which commences this week. We know nothing about it; never read it, hence cannot say anything in Us favor, hut that it has been selected by the A.N The robbers of the Rhine were real protectionists. The government has no right to tax my earnings to increase the profits of my neighbor. A rich man's diamonds, jewels and furs arc taxed 10 per cent. A poor man's blanket, coat, hat, shoes and loth ing are taxed from (10 to 100 per cent.

Wichita. Evening New- Kellogg and their mime ought to be sufficient for its quality. For tit It and author see for yourself. The largest, freshest, best and 1 A 1 mother of Mrs. R.

Miller, was buried Monday, the cervices being conducted in the Christian Church. She was years, 3 months and 11 days of age. Readers will notice that, although our columns are full of advertisements, both local and display, yet the local news is not curtailed, that is, all that our diligent search captured. 'Twas ever thus from childhood's hour, ami so it will be. The contents of the kero-sine can dwindles down, but then oil is cheap.

Win. Browser, of Cicero, who has be en in Meade Centre, committed suicide on last Saturday. Financial troubles are said to be the cause. He was 3.) years of age; leaves a wife and four children. George Cart started last Saturday for the remains, which will probably be taken to Iudiana for interment.

most complete stock ol candies ever seen in llelle Plaine, and for sale by Hcffener Coniwcll. NOTICE! Twenty-four grains make a pennyweight, but your child wants candy your penny need not wait, but Heffener Coruwell will wait on you at once. All persons having books belonging to the library of the Presbyterian Sab hath School, are requested to return them nt once, so as to have the whole library in its place for the beginning of When wanting anything in the grocery line go to the opera house grocery. year..

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