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The Resident from Belle Plaine, Kansas • 6

The Resident from Belle Plaine, Kansas • 6

The Residenti
Belle Plaine, Kansas
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OUR PUBLIC SCHOOLS. THE RESIDENT. Lafayette Phillips -PLAIN and ornamental- And How They are Progressing. Through the kindness of Prof. BELLE PLAINE IN A NUT-SHELL.

(Continued from Other Pages.) How did you vote? R. Baker, principal of our public schools, we are enabled to present the PAINTING. ollowing report and standing of the schools: During the present term there have The 80's was necessary for election. Open air band concerts are talked about. Peter Miller lost one of his horses Saturday evening.

paper Hatiintr a speciality estimates on work furnished if desired. Shopin rear of hrodhead's carpenter shop. CHILDRENS' CLOTHING. been enrolled in the primary depart- TOO CHEAP TO MISS. Soda water at Sheldon's Harry Richards the harness man.

Garden Seeds at the City Store. New embroideries at the New York store. All repairing neatly done at W. L. Reed's.

Best line of laces in the county at New York store. Fine boots and shoes a speciality at the City store. II. S. Richards, finest assortment of collars in the city.

Latest styles in ginghams and calicos at the City store. The New York store is the only cash house in the county. The Best quality of Teas in the city at Funk and Parker's Lizzie Thompson, teacher,) PESONAL. Whither. Whence and Where Who Went and Why.

W. L. Reed visited AVellington yesterday. W. w.

Barr shipped two cars of cattle this morning. Cal. James went to to be absent several days. Mrs. Fisher is quite ill, we understand, with the neuralgia.

Mr. L. W. Johnson is recovering from an attack of bilious fever. Lou.

Brown, of Conway Springs, sojourned in Belle Plaine Sunday. John Widick, after a short illness is treading the sidewalks of town. Mrs. J. A.

Robinson is improving from an attack of nervous exhaustion. W. T. Ham returned yesterday from 65 pupils; intermediate, (J. II.

Mcll-henney,) VG; grammer, (Miss Minnie I told you so is on the tapis now? since the election. A. Meyers,) 70 and high school, (W. R. Baker,) 31; total, 242.

There have been two promotions from the primary "3Iessrs. Gray and Ham took six horses to the Wichita market early this week. to the intermediate; five from the intermediate to the grammer and fifteen Health and Comfort Should be the Mother's Guide. In making winter clothes for children, health and comfort should be the mother's guide. On account of the many diseases incident to cold weather, winter is regarded by many as a time, of unavoidable sickness among But the illness from which they suffer: at this time is very often the result oi their not being properly protected from the cold.

Many a child's health, and even life, is sacrificed, to gratify the-vain ambitions of a fashionable I was waiting at a depot one morning last winter when a lady entered, lead From the grammer to the high school. The next Methodist Social will occur on Wednesday April 15, at the residence of J. D. Heed. is expected that quit a number Dougherty's ginger ale, best sum more promotions will be made before the term closes.

mer drink in the city at Sheldon's The Cuthbert Family Band discoursed some fine music on last Satur Best line of boots and shoes in Written examinations arc held the county at the New York store. monthly, and the result entered, with Try a pair of those fine kid shoes the class average and each day evening at the Opera House door. When you write the verb To write," at the City store for $3.00. They pupil, on montly report cards, elabor beat creation. don't substitute the verb "love." It Fnest line of saddles in the city ately arrainged for the purpose.

These show to parents and pupils what the at W. L. Reed's. takes your mind from the subject, to the object. Look out for the sensational drama, attcr are comparison Go to W.

L. Reed's for Uncle Sam's harness soap. Under-thc-G as-Light, in the near fu All the late novelties in Jerseys with what they are expected to do; they show also, with great force and certainty, what the scholars lose by absence, the loss being in proportion ture, by the Eelle Plaine Dramatic Avichita, in poor health. Fred Van Ness and Sam. Haskell were in "Wichita yesterday.

Mrs. Justice and Mrs. Barber visited Wellington, yesterday. W. A.

Blackmore and Mr. Rexroat were in Mulvane yesterday. Fred. R. Lindlcy taught in Udall Tuesday night, Back yesterday.

Prof. Lightfoot, ex-Principal of the Mulvane schools, visited our schools, Tuesday. Misses Florence and Blanch Barton occupied rooms at Grandpa's house on Friday. Miss Blanche Barton has been quite ill with erysipilas the past week; much better now. Robert Miller, who has been lying 1 ow with tvnhoid fever since January, is at the New York store.

Association. ing by the hand a little girl of about' four years. The child was dressed in a suit of line white woolen goods, elaborately embroidered in white silk. A cloak of the same material was made to match the dress. None of her clothing extended below her knees.

She wore a pair of line stockings, in which there was little warmth, while her feet were covered with thin, fancy shoes. The only protection on her head was a small blue, velvet bonnet, which covered a few inches on the top; and from undcr-nealh this protruded an abundance of curls and frizzes. The day was cold and windy, and tho child was shivering from head to foot. The mother drew near the fire to thaw out the poor little martyr, and as I watched the child's purple face and numb little hands, and thought of the suffering she was enduring, I wondered that a roeither would so sacrifice her child's comfort for the 'sake of a vain desire to have her appear stylishly Ladies Jerseys worth $1 25 for to the number of days absent. Those G5 cts.

at New York Store Our thanks arc due to Clarence that attended regularly are improving The best value for your money in WellSjthc accomodating little devil groceries at the City Store. of the 2u-ics for favors rendered on this on their records every month. 3Iost of the high school examination papers Largest and best assorted stock weeks' issue. or the month of March, register from of cigars in the city at Sheldon's. We wouldn't mind boarding with 90 to 100, and the next will be all 100's Brown and Bleached cotton at Mrs.

Funk, if she serves such nice won't it, boys and girls? Yes," all very low prices at New York store. home made, preserved peaches as came say, "all right so mote it be." Groceries are best and cheapest at to our table from her. But oh the inevitable, the spring S. M. llclInT.ei,!s.

one trial will nvnvn it. a ever has struck the school, a it al Ar. T. Heffner has sold his billiard ble to be about again. 11.

G. Woolsey, of Wellington, ye Go to Hannah's cash grocery for ways docs every school in tne lana your garden seeds and seed potatoes. Knight ui was seen on our bout this time of year. Quite a num parlor to Snovcr and Baldwin. The latter gentlemen are refitting and repairing the tables and premises.

Go to W. L. Reed's, for Uncle streets on election day. ber have moved out of the district and Sam's harness oil. B.

T. Rice, of Elkhart, is the guest Go to llarman's cash grocery with many others have quit attending, in order to take a hand in home indus W. T. Ham, had the misfortune your butter and eggs. of Uncle Geo.

Fisher and other of his numerous friends here. tries. Goto Richards' for the best farm to Jose, (jy death, his trotting mare "Bess," last Saturday. She had a harness in Sumner county. Arbor Day was observed.

As it record of 2:42 and valued at 500. Small profits and quick sales is J. J. Burns hied himself away to Kingman mi Monday p. m.

in the interest of M. A. A. M. Adams, of lndinapolis, a car rained in the forenoon, the pupils were given the privileges of the house, our motto at the City store.

Don't be too particular in noticing and they and the teachers dined there. Call on A. R. Downs if you want typographical errors, penter by trade, was in the city Satur sorguni seed. '11 Yt half-past one, the tree planting day, looking for a location.

Go to llarman's cash grocery for raphy, swinetax or niahogony in this weeks' paper. Too busy to try to find them. It would have been worse than Geo. A. Hayes, of Wellington, flour and groceries.

took place, after which they united in literary exercises, consisting of vocal music, by the school, several recita W. L. Reed, sole agent for the it is, if possible, had it not been for whose occupation is a loan agent, give us the K. P. grip, on Tuesday.

spoouer collar in the city. tions by scholars, an address by Key. the kindness of genial W. A. Black- The: sister of A.

R. Downs, left for Smokers can find from a 2 to a more, in lending us his Webster. her home, in lola, yesterday. She has 10 ct. cigar at Funk and Parker's.

X. Asher and some remarks by the Principal, Mr. Baker. The next day, Friday, was taken as a vacation and 1 -1 a -1 ..1 We notice many ladies equipedwith been visiting here tor the nasi three llarman's cash grocery. Cheapest We ks.

store 111 town. ellrngton prices. sun bonnets, gloves and rake, punchin up the soil to raise garden sass. W. D.

Sharp, started Monday for Monday morning all resumed work again with renewed vigor, determined to make the remaining two months the most glorious part of the term. This is as it should be, there is noth Pierce City, to visit his mother ing like a tasty garden to ornament lie expects to remain there three the yards surrounding the dwellii weeks. Patrons should remember that the Mrs. 11. S.

Richards went to Well and there is no taste attained that ex cells that done by the hand of women ington on Saturday, to visit her sister, education of their children is of in-finatcly greater importance than all the work they can do at home and should keep them at school yes, it Mrs. II. W. Andrews. Mrs.

R. will Quite a goodly number of assembled Saturday night to hear the probably return this week. Mrs. St. Clair, vhwas hurt by be dressed.

A fashionable young mother of my acquaintance is grieving to-day over the loss of an only and loved child, a little girl three years of age. It wassaidthat she died of pneumonia, bid had they said "died from exposure while fashionably dressed," it would haw been the simple truth. She was a Ik autiful child, and tho mother was so vain of her lovolv appearance that she spent most of her time in making showy clothes for tho little one. After being exposed to the cold one day, while dressed in her utterly unsuitable' clothes, she was taken dangerously ill at night, and died in two days' time. There is many a mother who has not the courage, to dress her children in a sensible, comfortable manner, simply because she is afraid they will be criticized.

If her neighbor's boy wears tight knee pantaloons, and her neighbor's little daughter's dresses come only to the knees, leaving their extremities to suffer with cold, why, hers must do likewise, or edse stiller the criticism of her more fashionable neighbor! It is the duty of parents, so far as it is in their power, to lay the foundation for strong, vigorous constitutions in their children. This cannot be done if the healthy growth of their bodies is checked by severe colds and diseases produced by exposure to the cold. Children's winter clothes should bo made of warm, substantial material. Far better spend the money in keeping the body warm and preventing disease, than te spend it for medicine and doctor's bills. Particularly should mothers protect well their extremities.

Have warm, woolen and long, heavy leggins to protect the feet and legs. Let the cloaks and overcoats extend to the shoe tops. Protect the girls' heads with soft woolen hoods that extend down over the neck; and the boys' caps should be so arranged as to furnish protection to their necks and cars. Knit the mittens with long wrists, so there will bo no air holes for the cold to get to the arm. Act'c Bums, in Country Gentleman.

Pretty Philadelphia Girls. The beautiful Philadelphia women, from four to live o'clock each afternoon, can be seen in vast numbers on the popular thoroughfare Chestnut street. The complexion of the women here I sneak of those under thirty is as soft, clear and roseate as a child's. An intelligent physician here conversing on the subject said the reason that Philadelphia women were handsomer than (ho women of other cities was from the fact that they did less lacing. Lacing, ho said, compressed the liver so that its functions are deranged and the bile, instead of legitimately aiding digestion as it should, is thrown into the venous circulation, producing the sallow complexion so common among our American women.

The female gymnasts and equestriennes are noted for their fine, clear complexion, which is attributed to the fact that their profession precludes lacing. Again, the women here do more promising young elocutionist, Miss will pay to even make sacrifices if nec essary, in order to do this. ing thrown out of her buggy recently, Lillie Brandom, of Wichita. The is much better and rapid recovery is as audience enjoyed the entertainment ami Mrs. Dr.

Cuthbert is quite ill at her sured, unless some unforeseen symptom expressed themselves well pleased Yc editor was at the case hard at work home, being poisoned. The facts, as occurs. Just received at Funk Parker's. Avery fine line of table and pocket cutlery. O.

B. Superb, Homo and Kansas Rose Flour, The best on the market at Funk Parker's. Funk and Parker keep the onle full and complete stock of Quccn'swrry and Glassware in the city. You can save about one half by-buying your overcoat now at the New York store, for next fall's wear. Our boots and shoes are solid leather, custom made and warranted.

Try them, at S. M. McIIarg's. Please don't forget us when you want a bill of groceries. We have an elegant assortment of beih Staple and Fancy Groceries.

Funk Parker. Go to Forney's Old Reliable Conveyance Office. Established 1871, for your Deeds, Mortgages, Leases Etc. Star Baking Powder has no superior, one handsome prize with every pound sold at the Opera House Grocery. stealing time enough only to hear one William rimes, who has been ser we learn them arc as While vistiting Mrs.

St. Clair, early recitation, "Fare you well, Bro. Wat- iously sick with rheumatism, is up this week, Mrs. Cuthbert picked some kins." which certainly was well ren and around. We.

hope is will be years dered. before the song is true, Old Grimes 1 i.i. 111 i is dead, that good 01a soul. Vice-President Burns and treasurer The industry of fish farming that Belle Plaine has, is of more importance Donohue, of the M. A.

this cotton wood blossoms, and. brought them home. On reaching there and handling the blossoms, some particles of the same dropped on her hands which poisoned them, at leat, she thinks it was that or the stain from a a gingham dress on which she was 1 1 1 than many are aware. The firm of morning started for Wingeld, to re Bums, Alter Homer arc going, in main two days, to meet with the board fact have gone, further into this cu turo than the causal observer woul of directors of the M. A.

Mike II. S. Nyc shipped 8 cars of stock to St. Louis on Satur working, in cither event, she is severely afflcted. Poinxon i.

stoutly working it way upon her day last. The former car of hogs Parties wishing to contract for arms, we sincerly hope this estimable and tlic latter seven of sheep, and finer stock than they wheels here lady will soon completely recover. rolled. Robert Brown started yesterday for Conway Springs, to locate, we believe, as far as business is concerned. His J.

Bafton, of Emporia, arrived in town Tuesday noon, 011 a visit to his sister, Mrs. L. A. Barton, and observe." Last fall they "imported" from New Jersey, 5.000 young carp, and 12 old ones, and about two weeks ago they sent for 155 more grown fish. To supply home and markets in any of the states with fish, is their object.

These minnoes, when put in the lake measure less than an inch, in than one years' time get to weigh between three and four pounds, and, we arc informed that it will be no trick at all to obtain between $5,000 and sales of fish in one years' grow th from the "planting." The above firm have expended about $1,500 in dams, wind mill, water supply and other improvements, and arc ho in emest about ice during the summer, call on Sheldon at once, as he lias the only ice in the city. M. A. boot ind shoe shop. Fine boots, shoes and ladies gaiters made to order.

Repairing neatly done, will garantec all work A. W. Bauer, Merchat street. 1 tf. Spear-head, Climax, Seal, Spur, Horse-shoe, Bull-dog, Gold-role, Old Honesty, Young Fritz, Hamilton's xx and Piper and Heidsieck Tobacco; In family, and in the interests of a trot- ing association of which he is the connection with the Xvus band remains the same, as he will come and "join in'" when sent after.

Bob. is a good fellow and "we shall meet, but we shall miss him." W. C. Campbell is the only author manager. Mr.

T. (J. Barton, agent of a pub lishing house in Philadelphia, (in whose employ he has been for the past thirteen years,) came homo Saturday and remained thirty-six hours in the ized agent of The Rksidknt. ami job work contracted by him arc O. and receipts for the same signed' by him arc walking than they do in almost any other city on the continent.

In this they resemble the English women, who are noted the world over for their beautiful complexion. Not only this, but the exercise of walking rounds tho form, and we justly claim that for contour of face, complexion and liguro our women are unexcelled. Philadelphia Letter to the Louisville Courier-Journal. Moss Rose City. the matter, that a like hum will be ex J.

11. Rogers, the hew member pended if necessary to the complete valid. the firm of Rogers and St. Clair has success of the enterprise. The fish stock at the Opera House Block.

Funk Parker keep Kingsbaker Bro's, Luxuries, Spanish, Gold-brick, Leading-star, Boquet, Our Twins nnd Emperor cigars'. Try tlicm and enjoy a good smoke. Fred. ll. Lindlcy.

teacher of Band und Orchestral instrument, is now residing in Belle Plaine, and is prepared to attend to nil business in his line. Terms reasonable, communicate thro' post office. Itf. permanently taken up liis abode here Mr. salesman for commissioner of this State says it will not be long before every fanner will Mr.

comes from Arkansas City, at which place, for the past eight years a holesale Wichita grocery company, will, as soon as his family return from have bin own fish pond, raising all that he and family can eat. besides some for Tho "Berlin Society for the reparation of Christianity Among tho Jews" Ha9 existed for sixty-four years, and was Uic instrument for briuging one thousand children of Israel to the knowlcdgt Mojisinh. he has been connected with the City a them hero and be number cd mnong our populat ion. mills. lie market..

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