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The Times from Huron, Kansas • 2

The Times from Huron, Kansas • 2

The Timesi
Huron, Kansas
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HOWL GOES UP ALL AROUND. The Times, Fifty Cents a Year. L. L. PORTER, Editor.

J. M. Manager. OTTAWA, SEPT. 15.

LAND FOR UTAH SETTLERS. The Two Reservations Will Probably Be Opened. The opening of two more Indian reservations is under consideration as the Interior Department. The conditions of opening, as at present contemplated, are practically the same- as those under which "the Cherokee Strip will be opened. The New Party.

The new party move at Denver is taking on form and name. It is to hold regular caucuses and conventions, and will formally organize on September 16th, and nominate county tickets throughout the State a week later. The name is a good and taking one, too. It is Liberal American. We in Utah can stand that first-rate, especially if it is to drop the free trade absurdity that is talked of as an attachment to it.

A home-product, free silver party is about the thing that is needed to rouse the people of the West to action. They have no interest in Thejrrigation convention to meet in Sahna the 88th of next month is attracting much attention and will make a step in the right direction, i The opening of the Cickapoo Res-: ervation, Indian Territory, 'has ialreadv been decided upon, and al in earnest. Successful irrigation in western Kansas means millions of The Kansas Editors at the Fair. A train load of Kansas editors will pass through Kansas City this afternoon bound for the world's Fair, and it is safe to say that no tram which has pulled into Chicago and some trains have carried princes potentates and Presidents has been laden with a load that will average up any better than will this train load ot Kansas editors. Certainly no other train load of editors that has pulled into Chicago this year can rank ahead of it.

For Kansas is a reading state and the men the Kansas "read after" have to be able to fondlo the Queen'H English with a graceful hand or go out of the business. It will be noticed, too, when the train goes through that the Kansas editor is not like the editor of the stage, the story and romantic song. The Kansas editor has not the emaciated look which preserved Cassiur to fame; he does not wear shabby clothes; he is not impecunious, improvident, unkempt, unshaven and green to the ways of civilization. There may be editors on earth who added wealth to the state. lotments are now being made.

The President ia expected to issue, in a i Both Kansas and Virginia Democrats Angry Oner the Appointment of Taylor to Bolivia. Washington, Sept 11. There is a howl among some of the Virginia Democrats oyer the fact that O. II. Taylor, of Kansas City, Kas.

was appointed minister to Boliyia. The Virginia fellows wanted Colonel Smythe for that place, and it so happens that Smythe is to-day appointed to Hayti and Taylor gets the place they wanted for their friend. They look upon it as an insult that is too heavy for the Virginia gentlemen to bear, and they insist that as it is doubtful if Bolivia will accept a colored man for minister from this country they will just make it a little more doubttul by some quiet work of their own. Also they observe that their man got a place that has! been conceded to a colored man for all time and Taylor gets a flrst-class place. Also that the Hayti place pays $5,000 per year, while Taylor gets $7,500.

This is simply terrible for them to contemplate. It is also of interest to the Republican party as exemplified 8Q?" ume a proclamation opening ne 15 os ton uiobe makes merry in this fashion over a surgeon's at in the recent votes of its exponents. im to settlement. They have even less interest, if Jr.he. next reservations to be open- nrr ed, it is believed, are the Uncom- tempt to belittle a recent operation performed on President Cleveland: I -J TT: TT-rt in Utah.

which adds anti-orotection and If cutting an inch or so of scream when it was within fifty feet of him. He did not wait to make any further investigation but made all possible speed towards the house. A farmer by the name of Schram is the only person reported to have seen the animal in daylight. Schram was plowing in the field when the gorilla came towards him He hastily unhitched his team and started for the nearest house. A gorilla was reported to have escaped from Cook Whitney's circus at Lawrence a few months ago which was afterwards seen near Olathe, and this is supposed to be the same animal.

Ex, Mrs. Diggs Bad Off, Indeed. Lawrence Journal: Mrs. Lease has made a large fortune by howling calamity. On the other hand it is said that Mrs.

Diggs is as poor as when she began. But then Mrs. Diggs makes the mistake of thinking it is sure enough reform. Mrs. Lease never for a moment loses sight of the fact that the leaders are each and every one of them in the movement for what they can get oat of it.

Mrs. Lease has worldly wisdom. Mrs. Diggs is as devoid of it as Secretary Osborn is of common senee. "Czar" Grover.

Chickens come home to roost so do czars. The action of the president, semi-officially announced, that he would neither propose nor consider any financial policy for the future until the repeal bill was passed is an exhibition of czansm to which the counting of a quorum by Speaker Reed was tame for the Each of these embraces about jawbone seems to Dr. iJryant just the same thing as pulling out a tooth hostility to home products to its treachery to silver. They can't stand the Populists, because in order to take in the silver plank of this party's platform they also have to gulp down a nasty lot of rubbish some people will prefer not to go to Dr. Brvant when thev have a little dental work to be The new smelter at'Girard is readv to begin operations, and will 000 acres.

In the latter valuable minerals are abundant, while each comprises rich farming land. The Colville Reservation, in Washington State, will probably be opened to settlement early next year Surveys are now being made on the land and allotments will be made to the Indians as soon as the surveys have been examined the Land Commissioner and approved by the Secretary. This reservation contains about 3,000,000 acres, about half the size of the Cherokee outlet. that will abide on no man's stomach; trash that no man can defend. The upshot of it all is that the people will have to organize on new lines, and demand representation on living issues, not dead notions; get action on things that interest themselves, rather than on traditions that interested their fathers.

As long as the controversies that interest the people are left to the old parties, these controversies are dealt with not on their merits, and not as of controlling importance; but the vital measures are considered secondary, and the chief issues made up with reference to records of men and declarations of parties on relatively minor points. This has gone At 1 Ca. observe that many of the Kansas Democrats haye a kick to make. While they were willing that Taylor should have something that would take him out of the state, they did not want him to have so biar a place. It cuts into the Kansas share ot the places.

This is what they are kicking against. There is a general howl all around. They say that General Blair, Thomas Fenlon, or any Democrat in Kansas, would have been honored by a place not as important as the one that has been given to Taylor. They had no hope of such an important place being given to Kansas, ana they are especially mad about it since so important a place was squandered on Taylor. An Inconsistent Position.

The New York World quotes a dispatch from the hop-growing region of that State headed "Tight Money Makes Hops Cheaper," and adds that "if money were easier the offerings would be 15 percent higher." The World then proceeded to nt this discnption. 15ut trey are not ot Kansas. The Kansas county editor is a success. He is making as much money as the country merchant; he is the man who is secretary of all the new enterprises, and his place in every community is recognized and respected. Editors the world over like to talk about the way they are neglected.

That is one of the jokes of the profession; it is like the joke about the dirt on the printing office towel. As a matter of fact printing office towels are as clean as tin shop towels or dry goods store towels, and the editor in every community on earth, if he is worthy of notice, is given every attention ho deserves. The Kansas editors are worthy of notice, and they have received it. The president of the Kansas associations is leader of the Republican side in the state senate; other editors in the State Editorial association are equally well cared for. Most of them have two or three farms; some of them own bank stock; nearly all of Would Not Grant a Charter.

Secretary of State Osborn has declined to file a charter for a council of the American Protective Association, an anti Caltholic organization, until he finds that he is compelled to do so by the law. We never have been an admirer of Mr. Osborn but always thought he was a very small man for so large a place as he holds. However we are inclined to think that there is no call for any such order as the A. P.

A. if we have been rightlv informed as to its start up as soon as the coal strike is settled. The old smelter was enlarged to double its capacity last winter, and the two have added greatly to the city's population and business. It is said these improvements have added 500 people to the city, and that there is not an empty house in town. A farmer, living not far from Scranton, has never been troubled with hog cholera, though in the past his neighbors have suffered greatly from the scourge.

He attribute? his good fortune to the fact that the common Jamestown weed abounds in his hog lot. A neighbor, who had lost almost yearly some of his best hogs from cholera, some years ago planted the weed in his hog lot where it thrives luxuriantly, since which time his hogs have been healthy. Scranton Gazette. It is a great concession to the silver men. is it, for the goldites to consent to the coinage of the silver bullion in the Treasury? It is no concession at all, any more than the Sherman bill, which was enacted on so long, ana tne peopie get leu so much worse year by year, that it is perfectly plain there is no help for them unless they help themselves.

president for the time being can be a czar as completely as though he were in Russia. It must be exceedingly galling to free men to be coerced by executive power and badgered by executive patronage. The plainness of the fact is the peculiar thing. Voorhees in the senate, Wilson and Bynum in the house, Charlisle in the cabinet, Palmer elected by the Alliance all eating their words and votes of a year since, and openly saying it is To do this it will be necessary for them to leave the old parties in the lurch, just as the old parties have objects and aims. This talk about the Catholic planing to take up arms and slaughter all other people is mear folly they only constitute a left them in the lurch.

And this is just what the Denver movement means. The Denver Times makes room for the programme, as follows: say; "vvnat is true or nops is true of wheat, wool, cotton and other jthem are out of debt. The editorial Cook, who is manipulating the new bimetallic party scheme, as agricultural products. Tight money I raortgage 18 another editorial joke, ell, that is If it exists it doesn't bear interest chairman of the committee, stated makes low prices." this mornmsr that it had been decided very small per cent of the population of this country, and they as a class are no more blood thirsty than any other people. Tne day is already past that some would be prophets said there would be an uprising and blood flowing throughout the land and still nothing has happened to cause any alarm.

The A. P. A. has been organized in many places. Kansas City is said to have a strong order, they have started a paper for themselves with T.

W. Fields as Editor; think of Fields running a paper for an order, claiming to be protecting the churches of this country, while he spent several years in this city we never heard of him attending any church, surely if there is to be any trouble different sort of men will precisely what the silver men have been claiming all along. What is more, they have proven it absolutely and times without number. And now, after this admission, we should like to have the New York World explain its course in favor of tight money, resulting from the destruction of half the good money in the country. Tight money means scarcity of good money.

The destruction of half the sound money of the country naturally makes it A. because the executive desires it, is as offensively corrupting as in the worst days of Walpole. Nothing like it has ever appeared in American history heretofore. The serious question to the thoughtful American citizen is: With such an exhibition of porasitic manhood, how iOon will it be that such senators and representatives and cabinet ministers would pay the same deference to the man on horseback? No more open abandonment of a position attained by life-service to a public sentiment has a place in civil government than the apostacy of these men at the behest of power. And now Mr.

Cleveland gives it out that until his demands are met, no relief will be permitted or considered. It was barely possible, however, to call the new organization, "The Liberal American Party." The call issued some days ago for a meeting is canceled and a new call has been issued tor a meeting in Denver, September 16th at 10 a. m. at a place to be announced later. It has also been decided to hold primaries all over the State on Wednesday, September 20th.

and county conventions the following Saturday, September 23. to nominate a ticket in each county. The report that the contemplates a free trade plank is denied neuner ine joKenor me mortgage. The Kansas editor who will pass through town to-day with his wife, sister or sweetheart is a hard worker, lie needs a rest; his vacation at the Fair will do him a world of good. He will learn that there aro communities now on earth whe'w the natives don't care whether it rains or not, and he will see with pride that, while corn is not the only interest in the world, when it does come to corn, big corn, good corn, tall corn or sod corn, there is no place on the whirling planet where the same can be raised better than in Kansas.

This fact explains why the Kansas editor is going to th World's Fair in such royal style and paying his way. Corn is King in Kansas and the Kansas editor is the power behind the throne. lie has made the desert blossom as a rose and has increased the height of every stalk of corn, the size of every ear and the yield ot every acre in the solely to beat tree silver coinage, was such a concession. The silver men care not a straw whether the bullion in the Treasury is coined or not; in fact, they were quite willing to let the purchases go on with no coinage at all, and let certificates issue on the bullion direct. The coinage of this bullion will be done because the East wants the money, and to claim it as a concession to the silver men is to add insult to denial of justice.

For the nine months ending March 31, 1893 the Internal Revenue Commissioners reports an increase over the corresponding period of the previous year of $266,864 in the oleomargarine tax collected. Think of that ye dairymen and farmers, how son will the dairy business be ruined if this thing is permitted to go on. We need better laws against this outrage. The dairy business is one of the great industries of this western country and the voters should not sit still and let the great packinghouse men sell lird and tallow for butter. If the makers of oleo.

would sell their product for what it is and not pass it i be needed to look after the churches. as was intimated yesterday, that scarce. This destruction is just what the World approves. How can it, therefore, consistently deplore the tightness of money?" When a man works to bring about a certain purpose it ill becomes him to bemoan the results of his own work. The World should stand off a fair distance, take a look at itself, and see what it thinks of its irreconcilable position on this question.

At present we shall feel that Mr. Osborn is correct for once, and the scare about an uprising is the hight by Mr. Cook, who says the tariff question has not been mentioned in the platform suggested. Mr. Cook has prepared a formal call tor the meetings, as aboye indicated.

The call includes this paragraph: "All good people in the various States and in the several counties of this state, regardless of former party affiliations, but who now are willing to be loya.1 to the new organization under the banner of the new party." We cliped the above from the Salt Lake Tribune one of the most influental Republican papers in the of foolishness. popular feeling may force even this czar to throw a tub to his whale. The people are getting roused, as they are beginning to understand that they are now in the hands of a set of mere brokers, and members of congress are thinking that the elections are only fourteen months Prohibition Prohibiting. An Associated Press dispatch, dated August 23, says 2,400 bottles of beer that had a few days betore been seized from a cellar in the town The Methods Employed. Those who think the moon made of green cheese mav regard the off.

A new piece of blarney will be M. A. M. -i .11. I west which shows that the people of Downs, were cracked at Osborne, of the gold zeal of the aevisea ana tne courties cajoiea witn policy and methods that for a while.

But those who advocates dictated by A 1 1 11 1 1 A I way tne on their are getting tired of the representatives go back platform pledges. public good. But facts are facts, in north-western Kansas, Monday, in the presence of people, and the contents poured into a uravine. The volume of liquor flowed some broad state till there is no saying where it would all end it the Kansas editor could make any more money out of the "old, old story" of Kansas and her glory. This is a great day for the Kansas editor.

He has left off his editorial "we;" he has buried his "loathed but esteemed contemporary" in the exchange basket; he is bunking with the "proprietor of the venal sheet on the alley;" his wife is neighboring off for butter we would have nothing to say, but they will not do that tninK mere win oe any relaxation of pressure in favor of gold, do not understand the situation. The nomination of Cleveland was the first step in the conspiracy, and a power that has controlled the nation Major E. N. Morrill. distance before it was dried by the If the consumer only knew that he and from the use of executive patronage by Cleveland to financial proscriptions in Wall street there is the application of the modern thumbscrew.

In the senate debate on Monday, was buying all sorts of old tallow New York Recorder: And right parched earth. This prohibited here, a word regarding Major liquor was the property of Tim Mc- and lard, that would soon stop the al convention and paid for the elec- Morrill will be of interest to veter- Carthy, who had for months been sale of bogus butter. Keep this 1 1 An io nkT rrninrr tn no nri An it- vwr I 1 i rr ans. because no man was ever in running a wholesale supply house fraud in mind and insist on laws be uuu io swiijs xt yy as oeuator joKe, oi exas, was when only a few knee-hihinges need sneaking of the efforts thus made to in the sleeper with the wife of the congress who worked so untiringly for northwestern Kansas. While ing made and enforced to protect lubricating.

Ex. influence legislation. Senator Vance and faithfully for his comrades, the destruction of the beer was go "mangy cur who wears the collar of the First National bank;" his child the pure butter makers. Bill Dalton's Wounds Fatal. sent to the clerk and had read a 17 CI1 5 During the four terms he was in ing on old topers stood by deploring the house he was a member of the the wast of liquor, while hundreds Snnt rSnPftiall Ieuer xrom s.

onepara CS JO.y game old His three Senator Stewart is a man; he is a stayer. invalid pension committee, and the of men and women shouted amens tWoiToc bankers of Broad street, New York, last term chairman. days' speech in the Senate, with the ren God bless them and increase them are looking out of the windows with the children of the "moral leper who poisons the atmosphero on Sixth street;" he himself is reaping tne rich harvest of "benefits for- Probably no as the bheriff and his deputies broke Dalton of outlaws to-night M5' H' Fouust of Salisbury, the bottles. McCarthy, who the man ever considered so manv add-line, "to be continued next ronnrf fliaf nn fnrthpr trnn.f rf tho xi ui iu vAtuiiua, mai iuau LUIS Way i 9 on fleeting men has been found. Aue senators Irom your country week," shows his quality.

He has for many vears been known as a pension claims in the nouse. lie led the demand in the Fiftieth day before had been convicted thirteen counts, fined $1,300 sentenced to thirteen months in and On Satnrdnv rno-ht t. dootnr ftf are not looked upon as promoters of i 3 i u- unoaturaay nigni a oocior or i tpuj got" and is happy as the big sun- Stiliwater was called to see a sick the general welfare. It their stand rt 4 the tireless talker, but heretofore the congress for three days to consider hole. 1, re i nu ii uv; wuain in uid uuuuu county iail, sat in the window of goldites have not obtained the in pensions, and wrote the campaign woman, but when he arrived a short 4 Star.

article in 1888 in advocacy of a struction from his remarks that they distance from town two armed men vtuy more liberal policy. hiscell and witnessed the demonstration outside, hurling anathemas on the State Temperance Union. were entitled to get and needed, be took charge of him, and after swear 40 difficult for you to secure any accommodations from capitalists in this Major Morrill was born and cause they shirked the acquisition of knowledge just as we fear they ing him to secrecy under penalty of death, they conducted him many miles to. the outlaws' camp, where oducated in Maine, but became a resident of Kansas awav back when Terrorized by a Gorilla. section until there is a decided change." That is a sample of the terrorism employed, and it goes to mu9t have done when school boys, the soil of the state was being con Topeka, Ka.s., Sept.

4. Special ne dressed tne wounus or tne rniur- At. by "playing nookey out tnis is stopped now. When the attendance tended for bv freedom and slavfirv. Denntv Clerk of the District Conrt.

I Colonel Hughes Cashiered. Topeka, Sept. 9. Gover norLewellmg finally passed upon the findings of the court-martial before which Colonel Hughes of the Kansas National Guard was tried some time ago. The Governor approves the findings and fixes tho punishment at dishorable discharge.

Colonel IJughes, a republi He was gone nearly the ali Ivars of -j- -r-j ipfi mfln. in the Senate gets thin, the absence He endured all the hardships tips oi a i. o. uurtis, wno resides in tne reaching the public, We do not twenty-four hours and refused to new settler. He entered one of the suburb of Quinton heights, adjoin- of a quorum is noted, and the absen know how much "accommodation" men and newspapers that misrepre earliest Kansas regiments, and after mg Topeka on the southwest, says tees are looked up and hnstled to say anything that would give any clue as to the whereabouts of the gang.

He states, however, that every sent public sentiment are paid, if their places, the Sergeant-at-Arnis a year's service was made paymas- the residents ot that surburb are ter with the rank of major. He lives badly frightened bv the stories taking them by the ear as it were anything, but we do know of cases in Hiawatha, and is engaged which are being told of a monster where it has been applied for and memberof the gang who was in the and leading them to their seates, just as their despairing teachers had to do with them when they were persistently demanded. This may Leavenworth, and is one of the first terrorizing the farmers of Mission- Hio Rin n0nJnn uoa a tnree win die. join iaiton nas a be the age ot gold in this country but it is very tar from tho golden and most influential citizens of the and Auburn townships, who reside can in politics, was in command of the troops ordered out by the Governor last winter to preserve tho peace during the Legislative squabble. When the Republicans secured possession of the Representative hall Governor Lewelling ordered Colonel Hughes to drive them out.

Tho Colonel refused, and the court-mar boys. But while teachers might tire and despair, they are now face ounnower stale. aiong onungununga creeK irom six to eight miles from the city. to face with a man who never tires age of the republic. K.

C. Journal. The Negroes Salvation. v. van I uemana mat I rains DeKun.

For two weeks the farmers of or despairs, the rule against El Reno, Sept. 7. A well that neighborhood have been loos- absenteeism will be relentlessly en broken arm, a bullet in his leg and a whole clear through his groin, and cannot survive Bill Doolin was shot twice through the body. There are now three marshals and three citizens of Ingalls dead and two more in a serious condition. John Mix, Sherman Sanders, Geo.

Perrin, Samuel Murray, Mr. and Mrs. George Ramson, George, John, attended mass-meeting was held mg a large number of hogs, and one forced. We rejoice in the pluck Chicago, Sept. 2.

Fredrick Douglass, the noted colored orator, speaking at to-day's session of the tial resulted from that refusal. that insists on the instruction and an here yesterday by intended strip cow and a horse are reported to have attendance to bear it. More power settlers. They demand running of beenv killed. John Sims, who re- AN ALLIANCE SILVER PICNIC.

to your lungs, Senator Stewart, and trains on opening day, and protest sides on the farm of his father, labor congress, declared that the salvation of the negrp race lies in becoming proficient in the merchan-lcal trades. Herbert Burrows, lo the lungs of every gallant silver against the men owning race horses, Maior William Sims, in Mission Senator! May yon hold out till which the ordinary settlers cannot township, is said to have had an en Sam and Frank Case, all citizens of Christmas if vou so desire, and may aiiord to keep, it is expected mat counter witn tne gonna, it came delegate from tho Democrat Social Ingalls, were lodged in the United AT THE GROVE one half mile west ot Norwood; six miles north of Ottawa and one east. SATURDAY SEPT. '93. Hon, Lem Green, of Douglas and JLogan of Quenemo, will address you.

Come one and all and spend the day with us. vou ever have power to compel at- unless trains run at the opening the up in the pasture where he wasvfeed to-night, charged Federation of Great Britain, express States iail here tendance of those who so much need fast horse men will capture the ing the hogs after night, and he did ed surprise that American labor with aiding the outlaws. the enforcement of school teachers' townsites and best lands, for specu- not see it until he was attracted by I 1n4in I 4 llA Aril A 1 a a 4- A va 3 Ti 3 A. unions should seek to exclude the negro. Subseribe for The Times,.

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