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The Gridley Herald from Gridley, Kansas • 4

The Gridley Herald from Gridley, Kansas • 4

Gridley, Kansas
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I County. Like the felde and orchards that are putting forth beauty and fragrance, so our Sundav School workers are putting forth 'an extra effort to improve their community by bringing joy and happiness to every creature sliguting none but exteuding an urgent invitation to all-come-using the Sunday Schools as a means to that end. Duricg the month of March I organized four Sunday Schools, with fifteen teachers aud one hundred and thirty scholars, visited six Sunday Schools already existing with twenty-four teachers and three hundred scholars. Addresses delivered, 16. Miles traveled.

317. Visits to families. 87. o. PERSONAL MENTION.

A. port of the Sunday chool Work of our C. Russell went to Burlington Weddesday. Mr. Al Frank went to Kansas City this week.

Mr. E. W. Cramer finisbed moving his house this week. Dr.

Stockton's children are tussling with the whooping cough. Mr, J. M. Kennedy renewed his subscription Monday evening, Miss Muriet Johnston departed Tuesday for her home in Chicago. Mrs.

Wm. Beard who has been suffering with tonsilltis is much better. Aunt Betty Mitchell has repainted her house. M. Bear did the work.

Messrs. J. S. Olson and W. C.

Luther drove overland to Virgil Wednesday. Mr. James O'Donnell made a trip to Kaneas City this week, returaing Tuesday. Mr. Bert Maclaskey transacted business at the county seat the first of the week.

Mr. E. Pickering went to Waverly day morning where he gets employment. Rev. Staley was called to Burlington Wednesday to conduct the funeral services of an old friend.

Dr. Stockton returned trom his Missouri trip Tuesday evening. He is well pleased with tuat country. Mrs. M.

G. Atherly, Miss Razor and Mr. and 1 Mrs. Frank Atherly were Burlington visitors last Friday, Rev. Leeper came in Tuesday night from Queuemo to conduct the funeral sitvices of L.

De Witt on Wednesday. Mr. Ephriam Newlan, from Lovington, Ill, cousin'of L. Newlan, arrived nere Monday. He is traveling for his health.

Miss Dollie Smith went to Burlington Monday morning. She is employed in the McMurphey's millinery establishment. Mr. L. Newlan left a dollar (always worth 100 cents) for us Wednesday morning and now reads the HERALD and New York Tribune, Our furniture dealer, J.

S. Olson, has had a big trade in that line recently. He has just received a large consignment of goods. Mr. H.

W. Jones, of Springdale, is a new comer to this country. He purchased a farm near Chas. Schwaibald and his household goods and farming implements were furnished by our merchants. CROTTY NEWS.

CROTTY NEWS. Mrs. Wise is slowly improving. The huxter wagons are still on the trail. Mrs.

Lucy Decker and Ivy visited at Le Roy Monday. Miss Mary Odell is visiting her brother Oscar of this place. Mr. Mentzer. of Crotty, transacted business in LeRoy Tuesday.

R. E. Spurgeon and wife, of Yates Center, were callers at Crotty Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs.

Sherman Stratton visited friends and relatives at Burlington last week. The long tongued gossipers are keeping "mum," which is no doubt the best thing for them. Mr. Clark Decker is expected bome from Pratt County on a visit, where he is engaged in the milling business. Mr.

Stone has built a new dwelling house on his farm which will be occupied by his Geo. Winn, who is farming a portion of his place this year. GILLETT ITEMS All kind of fruit trees are in full bloom. Mr. Byer intends histing all of his corn this year.

Mr. Byer sowed his clover and altalfa this week. Wilson Morris has returned from his Missouri trip. Look out for five more rainy Sundays, we have had two of them. Bob Steele, of Turkey creek, visited in this viciuity last Sunday.

Kraft shipped a fine car of cattle to Kansas City one day last week. Mr. John Bell, of Lamont, was in this vicinity last week after corn. Mr. Perry Stout, of Burhugton, seems to have an attraction this way of late.

The rain the past week has delayed the farm work to a considerable extent, The Bethel people have reorganized their Epworth League and meet every Sunday night. Miss Stella Bear accompanted the school teacher home last Friday and returned Sunday. Miss Sadie Kimball, who has been visiting her sister at Iola, returned home last Saturday. Mre. Hoach and daughter, Miss Pearl, of Barry, visited in this vicinity last Thurs day afternoon.

Miss Dollie Perkins, of Burlington, closed a very successfull term of schoo! at Betb el last Friday a week, The writer was over to Wheeler's last Friday and found them over-run with turning out a goon grade of meal. X. Y. 7., County News DIRECTORY. -0-0- GRIDLEY LODGE NO.

864. 1.0.0. F. meets every nesday evening in Odd Fellow's Hall. Brethren of the order visiting in the vicinity are invited to meet with us.


A. MI meets in regular day cation in evening I. on 0. or F. ball before on the Satur- moon of each month.


STOCKTON, Secretary, WOODMEN LODGE NO. 2272. MODERN meets on the first and third Fellow's Tuesday ball. evedings of each month in Odd BAUMGARDNE, V. C.

Ed Fessenden' Clerk. GRIDLEY COUCIL No. 235, K. L. of S.

meet on the first and third Monday evening of each month H. Steele, Pres. in Gridley. C. Russell, Cor.

Secretary. NOTICE TO ADVERTISKRS. Hereatter all changes for ads must be in by Thursday morning. This 18 necessary and rulewill be rigidly enforced. Notices in HERALD will hereafter be charged for at the rate of 5 cents per line first inserrion, 3 cents each subsequent unless special rate is made to permanent advertisers.

All charitable affairs will be advertised free. Read the HERALD. Now is the time to subseribe. Diptheria is reported at Waverly. Look over our advertising columns.

Waverly has levied a tax of one mill on the dollar for a public library. If you are going to have a sale this winter or spring call at the HERALD office and have your bills struck. and receive a free notice through the paper. If you have a good I.ews item, the arrival or departure of a friend, don't let it go to Waste. but hand it in to the editor, who will be pleased to print it.

A Sumner county shoemaker har in bie sbop a rag baby with the sign stuck to it: you must handle something handle this." The visitors leave his tools alone. Rev. Staley and wife visited their old friends and their daughter, Mrs. Frank Wright, of this place last week. Rev.

Staley was on his road to his new appointment at Gridiey. -Kincaid News. Dr. Woolsey, the Burlington dentist, arrived yesterday noon and will remain the rest of the week. He expects to come to Gridley twice a month and the date of his arrival will always be found on his card in front of C.

Grove's store, All exchange says is the most unfortunate letter in the alphabet. because it 18 never in cash. never out of debt and never out of danger. The aforesaid exchange forgets that the letter is never in way. but always in peace.

it is the beginning of existence, the commencement of ease and the end of trouble. Without it there wolnd be no meat. no bread, no gospel, no neaven, no hell, no newspaper, no Gridley and no advertising. Mr. Goorge G.

Burnbam was unanimously elected cashier of the Burlington National bank, and was also chosen as a director last Saturday. Mr. Burnbam began his banking experience in the Peoples National bank at Burlington nine years ago and tor years managed cuccessfully the Westphalia bank. From bis experience, integrity and linancial standing Ire wilt be an advantage to any institution that he is connected with. Great excitement prevailed in the town Madison the past week over the violation of the fish law by the State Fish Commissioner Saddler, whose special duty it is to see that the law is enforced.

He was at work with a special force of men, taking bass from the streams near Madson, for the purpose of transfering them to a lake near Lawrence, which is owned by the Lakeview Fishing and Hunting association, Tuesday night of last week some party or parties, unknown, opened the nets containing the fish and let the entire catch out. To run a newspaper is a very soft snap. All a fellow has to do is to be able to write a poem. disenss the tariff, umpire base ball game. report a wedding, kise the bride (that is nice), saw wood, beat a lawyer.

describe a fire so vividly, his readers will shed their wraps, make a doliar do the work often, shine a soiree, fell a age by his collar, abuse the liquor habit yet use it. subscribe to charity and trust to paying it by collecting from delinquent subscribers, go hungry and sneeze at snobbery, know when to squeeze a pretty girls band, wear diamonds, make a pot of paste. omit scandals. kiss kids, judge turnips, and whether hie wife's silk dress bangs all right, work a convention, sweep the office, mould opinions. "taik out" in prayer meetings.

set type. "chaw tobacco and -Ex. Our town is one of the livest in the ty at the present time and bids fair 10 remain so. Our business people are liberal and will always give a hearty welcome to a new comer. let his business be what it may Gridley will be a good town for it is just the position to make it.

It has every resourse that a town needs to make it go. If our people would join together and every man make himself a committee of one to show up our advantages it would go. Nonresidents who own property here ask big prices, even than Burlington prices, rent is bigher and business a better per cent. This shows that there is something in it. There is one thing we need most and that is a bank.

Every business man in town Wants it but there is no organized action. United efforts will bring it. Why not unit? LeRoy Reporter, On motion of the county attorney the Kesper case was poriponed to the next term of court owing to the absence of the prosecuting witness. Between Monday even'ng and Tuesday morning she disappeared in a very mysterious way from the place where she had been stopping. On Tuesday night she is reported to have been at Burlington.

but again in disappeared, 80 that the sheriff vas unable to find her l'here 18 a great deal of talk in connection with this whole matter and people bave formed their own opinion Ia ninteen cases out of twenty this 8 opinion 14 not very complimentary to those who were principally instrumental ic stirring up this uasty mess. The general belief is that there is nothing in it. Burlington Independeat. There is a case or so of typhoid fever in town. Outside of this there is no sickness.

We believe there 16 no healther place in Kansas than Burlington. And it the prettiest town on the Neosho river. Durang spring and summer the town looks as it it was set in an immense forest, The atmosphere is pure and sweet, and the water is clear and sparkling. People iooking for 3 location should come to Burlington. An excuauge says that some of those who are agitating the adoption of a national flower believe vone has beeu thought of 80 fit as the columbine.

Their in favor of the blossom are that the word comes from the same root as Columbia, that it grows in red, white and blue from Canada to the Guif, and from the Atlantic to the Pacific, in high and low lands. It is claimed also that it is so easily cultivated that it can be produced at any season of the year for the embellishmeut of national holiday's. Lebo Enterprise. The officers of the Modern Woodmen of America Lodge of tuis city have received a draft for $2,000 to pay the death loss of W. A.

Edwards, who was a member of that order. That the claim had been adjusted and paid in less than four weeks from his death speake volumes for the efficiency and reliability of that order. In fact it is one of the recognized reliable fraternal insurance orders that has ite reputation so well established that 1 to be a member is equivalent to leaving a handsome bank account at the very time when it is most needed. The order in this city is in a flourishing condition, well oficered and disciplined and is laving a healthy growth. Waverly Post.

In the case of the state is Chamberlin the jury returued a verdict of guilty to the crime of assault with intent to commit bodily barm. Court has not yet announced the sentence, meanwhile a petition for clemency is being, largely signed by citizens of Waverly and vicinity. Local Notices: De Paints at the Drug store. Wall paper at the Drug Store. Don't miss the bargains at C.

Grove's, Cold drinks of all kinds at T. W. Gilges'. Go to T. J.

Pope for garden seeds in the bulk. Get prices of C. Grove before buying elsewhere. We Latest designs in wall paper at the Drug store. 07 F.

Blaker Co. for best Heath Milligan paint, C. Grove is making special prices on all Dry Goods. M. A.

Fessenden and sons tor bran and shorts, 3 Early Ohio seed potatoes at Luther and Inkleys', Vane Calvert celebrated mixed for sale at the Drug store. A full line of wall paper just received at the Drug store. Rose Combed Brown Leghorn eggs for sale by Geo. Keinhardt. Call on B.

F. Blaker Co. tor oil, house and barn paints. Closing out of all kinds of winter goods at C. Grove's store.

C. Grove is closing out nis stock of Boots and Shoes at cost. narc. Grove will close out his entire tock of winter goods at cost. No White lend, boil oil and a complete line of mixed paints at the Drug store.

07 C. Grove is headquarters for teas, coftees. and all staple and fancy groceries. Get your job work done at the HERALD ottice. Everything done with neatnessand dispatch.

No flies on us- because we keep them out with new screen doors. Call and geo them. Prices from $1 up. B. F.

Blaker Co. No Trespassing. Fishers and hunters keep off my land. The se qr of 4, 28, 14 east. Frederic Henley.

Gridley, Kansas. Chas. Evans is quite sick. Miss Nettie Kerrick is reported sick. Wm.

Ward is among the sick today. Mr. and Mrs, T. J. Pope's daughter, Lulu, has been sick this week.

Master George McKialey is recovering from a slight spell of sickness. Died, In Liberty tiwnship. April 9, 1896, Howard son of Mr. and Mrs. J.

B. Shaffer, aged 20 months, Uncle Mial Fessenden la busy putting down a side walk in frout of his residence. Keep the ball rolling. Who's next? Subscribe for the HERALD. OBITUARY Mr.

Lewia De Witt, a wealtby and induential citizen of Liberty died about 8 o'clock Monday evening of blood poisoning. The funeral services were held at bie home, April 15, 1896. and conducted by Rev Leeper, of Quenemo, Kansas. Age about 59 vears. He leaves a wife and two childreL to mourn his loss.

The eptire community mourn with the bereaved family, ICE CREAM AND STRAWBERRY SUPPER. The Christian Endeavor people will give an ice cream and strawberry supper at the Christian church Friday night, Aprit 24. Proceeds to finish paying for organ and lumps, Come. Some farmers are complaining that bunters are trespassing on their grounds ou Sundays. It would be well for said persons to read the law on the subject before going father because some threats of prosecution are being made, Here is an example the HERALD would like to see solved by some pupil of the Gridley school: A horse is tied to the corper of a house 25 feet square, by a rope 75 feet long.

How much ground can he graze over? This will advise you that the two new compartment cars, the and the Lucentio," will be ready for service on the first of April on trains No, 3 and 8 between St. Louis and St. Joseph, the first car leaving St. Louis in train No. 3 of April 1st, and St.

Joseph and Kansas City in train No. 8 of April 2nd, running regulary thereafter on the trains named. Those cars contain seven compartments and two drawing rooms, all suppled with hot and cold water, bopper, racks and everything complete and are by far the finest cars ever built by the Puilman Com- pany. M. B.

Chinowth, Local Agent. Remember "good people" that the Santa Fe will sell Home Seekers Excursion tick. ete to points in Arkansas, Arizona, Mis. souri, Oklahoma, Indian Territory ana Texas at rate of one fare plus $2.00 tor round trip on following dates: Marck 10, April 7 and 21 and May 5. For train set.

vice and particulars inquire of G. it. McKinley, Agent. THE WEEKLY C. STAR.

Addresses the farmer as a business man and a citizen. Does not tell him how to farm, but how to sell. and where and when, and keep a vigilant eye upon his rights as a shipper, a producer and a taxpayer. All the news. too, and plenty of good reading" for the family, Now read in 100,000 farm houses.

Fifty-two big eight-page newspapers for 25 cents. To any one who sends the -WEEKLY STAR- five yearly subscribers, together with $1:25 the paper will be sent one year free. We have a contract lasting until the first of July, by which we can furnish, to those paying up arrears and one years subscription to the HERALD, iv advance, the HERALD and either of the tollowing papers. New York $1.00 Leavenworth $1.00 Coming Nation $1.00 Kausas City Star, (weekly) Burlington $1.00 Chicago Inter-Ocean. $1.50 Kansas City Times, (twice-a-week).

$1.50 Topeka Capital, (twice-a-week). $1.50 Kaneas Farmer $1.50 Twice-a-Week Times -ANDGridley Herald One Year For $1.50 Chicago Inter Ocean -ANDGridley Herald One Year For $1.50 GRIDLEY MARKET. Hay, per ton, $3 00 Flax per bu. $1.00 Oats, .15 Corn, .16 Potatoes, .50 Turkeys per lb .06 Geese .04 Hens, lb .01 Springs .04 1-2 Butter, choice, .12 Bran per hundred, .50 Shorts 6 5 .70 Corn chop .55 Apples per bushel .60 Eggs, per .08 THE HERALD JOB OFFICE is now prepared to do all kinds of; Job Work at the Lowest Possible Prices. Give us your patronage and we will save You Money ALSO to all who will renew subscription to the HERALD for the coming year and pay up arrears we will furnish the New York Tribune OR Leavenworth Times for the price of the HERALD $1.0 T.



A Clean, Quick Shave and every Man. Clean Towel. SHOP OPEN AT ALL HOURS Furniture at Wholesale Prices. We represent the largest manufacturers of Household Furniture in the world, and sell to anybody at factory prices. All ments direct from the Chicago factory.

Our large furmiture catalogue mailed to any address on receipt of 6 cents in stamps to pay postage. Our special Baby Carriage Catalogue, showing 63 new styles, mailed free. AMERICAN FURNITURE AGENCY Retail Profit Smashers, Galena, Kansas. BEATTY'S ORGANS AND PIANOS. Hon.

Daniel F. Beaty, of Washington, New Jersey, the great organ and piano manufacturer, is building and shipping more Organs and Pianos than ever. In 1870 Mr. Beatty left home a penuiless plow boy, and by his indomitable will be has worked his way up 60 as to sell so far, nearly 100, 000 of Beatty's Organs and Pianos since 1870 Nothing seems to dishearten him; obstacles laid in his way, that would have wrecked tan ordinaryman forever, be turns to an advertisement and comes out of it brighter than ever. His as is well known, are very popular; and are to be found in all parts of the world.

We are informed that during the next ten years he intends to sell 200,000 more of his make; that means a business of $20,000.000, if we average them at $160.00 each. It is already the largest business of the kind in exist ence. write or call up on Daniel Beatty, Washington, New Jersey, fo catalogue. Dr, M. L.

Stockton, Gridley, Kansas. SAY WHERE YOU ARE GOING And the Santa Fe will take you there. traverses fourteen States and Territories, with nearly 10,000 miles of track. Health and pleasure resorts, in the mountains or by the sea--winter or iner, it makes no difference--they are easily and comfortably reached via the Santa Fe. And the big business centers--Chicago.

St. Lous, Kansas City, Denver, Ft. Worth. Galveston, Los Angeles, San Franciscothey are all on the Santa Fe. To find out what the ticket rate 15, in quire of local agent or address G.

T. Nicholson, G. P. Monadnock Building Chicago. EUROPEAN PLAN RIBLET HOUSE, the New House.

First-Class Rooms. Nicely Furnished. 15c to $1.00 per day. Corner 4th and Quincy One Block East of Throop Hote TOPEKA. KANsAe E.

M. BEAR, CARPENTER and CONTRACTOR G. idley, Kansae At CROTTY. you CROTTY. When -T Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes Hardware, Hats, Caps.

Furnishing Goods, Notions and in fact every: thing usually kept in a general store. Kindly give us a call. Odell Racket store, Crotty, Kansas. King of Bicycles. FINEST MATERIAL, LIGHT, STRONG, SCIENTIFIC SPEEDY, HANDSOME.

WORKMANSHIP Four Models-885 and 8100. EVERY MACHINE FULLY GUARANTEED. SEND 2-CENT STAMP FOR CATALOGUE MONARCH CYCLE Co. Factory and Main Office: -Lake and Halsted CHICACO, LA BRANCHES: -New Vork, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Denver, Memphis, Detroit, New York Tribune AND THE GRIDLEY HERALD, ONE YEAR. FOR ONE DOLLAR Cash in advance.

a Address all orders to THE HERALD..

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