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The Erie Sentinel from Erie, Kansas • 4

The Erie Sentinel from Erie, Kansas • 4

The Erie Sentineli
Erie, Kansas
Issue Date:
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Allen. J. Will T. Allen JLycn a Kotary Public. UNDER THE LOCAL LENS.

The Erie Sentinel. V. P. Ilazon is Notary Public. JXO.

W. LgCKK. ESTABLISHED, 1883. Entered et the Posufiie as second class. i Women who love flowers and who always try to preserve them as long as possible will be pleased to heur of thle new method of keeping cut flowers.

When from any cause the blos-Roins droop and threaten an early death'cllp the stems and, by letting the Btalks rest for awhile In steaming water.every leaf will revive and freshen under tho process. An exchange "Two persons In the last two weeks who are iu arrearson subscription to the amount of marked their papers "refused" and put them back into tho post-oflico, but they did not settle their bills. The Southern Kjiiih is Time-Table. Transacted. A General Banking Business If there's anything irakes a woman mad.

And her c'linder rise like kIii, It's to t-cold a man and have him stand Ami jrrin. and trrlti, and jrrin. Mr. Pert Flack and children of Joplln, are visiting S. Fluck mid family.

Hen Powell of Cherrvvale, was visitlnjr his GOING Careful Attention Collections Given .4:07 A I HAVE FOUND ITT What have you found? Why, the best place in the county to buy furniture. Remember the place. -AND No. ros-'frif-r No. -41 No.

7 Accommodation GOING WK.iT. No. 212 Pa'wnKCr No. -U IlliJi4'llT No. 2t-v i'reiiilit.

man or woman who would bo guilty of ssuch a Remitted Promptly on Dav of Payment .10 a I thing will do any mean or contemptible trick. Hoth of these parties are now or have been professors of religion. It Is business when a friend Hev. Chandler last Sunday. There are men who never say a good word tor their wives until they do it on a tombstone.

If Dr. can't euro hemorrhoids (piles) he whl make no charge. Hev. Wenn will preach at tho Christian person wants to stop a paper to walk up, pay Benton to Franklin, sVi nw 1-4 sec 25. tp 21).

17 Edwards to Hardman, lots 7, 1800 00 700 00 Attention Farmers! I have tho only Insurance company in the 6tate that is not in the rate pool. All risks written at fair and equitable rates, and all los scs paid promptly. Live stock a specialty. L. H.

Johnson. 10, 11 and 14, blk 4, George's add to Erie The Kutisus Sr Texas. GOING NORTH. No. 1:70 A No.

4-MiiU A NO. tM Freight A GOING SOUTH. No. 1 1:10 A church next Sunday at 11 clock a. m.

Howlm to CoKins, nw 1-4 no GABRIEL up, and quit honorably." The Sentinel has a few such miserable dead beats on its list, but we are hertj to state that the United States postal regulations are so arranged that newspapers can collect by law, and this we 6hall most certainly do when occasion demands it. We aro not running the Sentinel for health. Dr. Spawr will answer all calls In the city or Chanutc. Kansas.

1-4 see 15, tp 2 19 Collins to Pysher, nw 1-4 no 1-4 sec 15, tp2s, 10 county, day and niht. Sears to Ditmsr, he 1-4 sw 3-Mail It is propoocd to bore a few hundred feet 4:45 Hit. fl Freight Toward the bowels of the earth to ascertain what therein lies. Final Settlement Notice. State of Kansas, County of Neosho, bs' In the Probate Court.

In the matter of the estate of Michael Marks, deceased, creditors and parties interested in said estate are hereby notified that the under 10,000 to loan on chattel or good Thursday, February 19 1801. Adiiiiuistrulor'M Sale. I will sell at public auction at tho residence icronal security. V. II.

Kmltli. of James Piatt, senior, deceased. miles I) Edwards has Id the house formerly signed administrator will make final settle northwest of Ene, and 3 northeast of Shaw, on OFFICIAL DIUFXTOItY owned iv Joiin nail, to net iiaruman. Friday, March the following described Hardinan will move to town in a few weeks. ment of tho above named estato on the 14th day of February.

A. D. 1891, at 10 o'clock a. m. Dated this 19th day of January, A.

D. 1891. 43t J. M. Marks, administrator.

property to-wit: 1 double seated carriage, 1 The Furniture Men. 1000 00 1000 00 700 00 600 no 1 CO 2550 oe 1200 00 50 00 125 00 100 00 650 00 1000 00 1000 00 850 00 2150 00 your job printing' to tho Sen'TINKL. of set tiouoie ouggy harness, ponies, anout Dee. We guarantee rood work and moderate The Old Eeluble. bushels of oats, about 525 bushels of corn in crib, 1 corn planter, 1 hay frame, 1 Poland- prices.

Among our most valued exchanges for The Misses Green entertained a number of China Esow and 6 shoats, 6 stands of bees, 5 this year is the "Old Reliable" Kansas Farmer 1-4 sec 27. 27. 18 Deverell to Tredwa3 lots 17, 18 and 19, blk 27. Erie Tread way to Trod way, Newton to Fowler, nw 1-4 sec 6, tp 29, 21 Georgo to George, wVi blk 1. George's add to Erie and lot 3, sou 1, tp 29, 19 Chapin to Lyen, lot 6, blk 6, George add to Erie Dan forth to Bessie Kenney, lot 14, pt lots 12 and 16.

blk 3, Scannell's add to Mission Herrold to Masters, pt lot 4, blk 1, Eby's add to Stark Schronick to and Sears, unn sw 1-4 and lots 2, 3 and 5, in ne 1-4 see 21, tp 29, 20 Sears to Sears, mid li lot 5 and sw 1-4 ne 1-4 sec 21, tp 29, r20 Sears to Sears, und Vt lots 2 and 3, of sec 21. tp 29, 20 A Penister to Bundy, n't so 1-4 sec 5. tp27. r21 Howell to A Baird, lot 8 and nw 1-4 see 2. 2S, is It Sanders to II Harmon, lot 9, blk 1, Lapham's Fruit Hill add to Chanute A Hardv to Smith, lots 15 and 53, blk 19.

Thayer Jas Berrv to A Laws, w'i nw 1-4 seo 15, their friends Saturday night by giving a party milch cows, 1 bull. published at Topeka, Kansas. It was estab ATION A GOV LRNM EXT. 1 re u.P-tir Ronjaniiii Harrison President l-evi 1. Morion Cilie r-Jutief Meiviile W.

Ftilier Secretary oT Staff (i. Diuwic eeremry of I In? Treumiry Windoui Secretary of War 1-f 1 till Pi odor S-crotiiry ol' tin? Nuvv liciijainiii F. Tmcf-y Secretary of tin Interior John V. Noble Attorney-General W. II.

Jl. Miller ma-ter- ieiieral John una maker eCM tary of Agriculture Jeremiah Kusl; Sx-aker of Tin. mm It. Heed lished twenty-eight years ago and has survi enjoyable time is reported; and there Terms of sale: All sums under $5, cash in ved all the hardships incident to newspapers was no Lye'i about it, cither. hand; all sums of and over, nlno months in the west, and is to-day not only the pioneer agricultural iournal of tho west, but com time will be given at 10 per cent interest from A.

Noble' yonnp gentleman from Chanutc date, All notes to be signed by approved pares favorably with tho best farm journals of tho United States in every way. It is devoted exclusively to every interest of the has such a Craven appetite that ho makes visits to Eric, and occasionally sureties. A discount of 6 per cent will be One door North of Dutton's Hardware store. western farmer, and every issue is well worth itines on (his) TATE GOV ENT. given for cash.

S. L. Thipp, Adm. It. W.

IIekod, Auctioneer. the small subscription price of $1.00 per 8 Osage Mission pays It has a hole in the year, it is issued everv week on toned dook uaiier, nicely trimmed and wasted and con ground which we can have cheap for cash. I'tibllc ale. tains from sixty-four to eighty columns of you, we prefer to put down a hole L. U.

1 1 nil) jili rey A. teit William Iliggins G. Siover. I. N.

matter devoted to discussions of the farm Governor I.ieiiteiiMiit-Gnvei nor. cretHry of Stale Htaie Treii Mirer Attorney General SlHte Auditor I will sell at public auction at my residence here we think it will do some good. 262 00 1000 00 2000 00 field, orchard, home eirclo and statecraft! The Kansas Farmer is ihe recognized 0 miles north of Erie and miles south of Green Gabriel have the finest line of pic M. Ilovey authority on western agriculture and every farmer who desires to improve or prosper in iMil-erinteii'lent nhlsc Inst met ion. G.

Winaiis ture' moulding in the city. Call on them. Odense, on ednesday, February 25, 191, the following described property, to-wit: 49 head his work, needs tne paper. F. ITI.

HJ. A. Column Continued. Two youths from Stark wero brought in lOUNTY GOVEUNM F.NT. Its soecial department aro Live Stock, Hus of 3 year old steers, 2 two year old sieers, 3 bandry.

Dairying, Horticulture, Poultry and last Sattnday and arraigned bofote 'Squire Bees. Veterinary, Homo Circle and Young Hiinclu -right on tho charge of intoxication milch cows, 1 span of mules, 1 four year old mare, I four year old gelding, 1 two year old mare, 2 yearling colts, 1 yearling mule. 1 pony. Folks. Tho Market Reports aro a feature being specially prepared, full, reliable and and distill bing the peace.

The case was con accurate. tinued till next Monday. L. V. Anderson E.

H. Crawford T. V. Reynolds. A.

II. Hoe Ij. Van Snridt V. II. Nation II.

P. Farrelly District Judge i t'rohale County TrenriU'-cr County iiegi.Mir of iJeeri.i Sheriff Clerk of I lie District Court, fount Attorney 3 lumber wagons. 1 buggy, 1 three horse rid The alliance department will contain all offi- Hat-gains we are now giving1 some big bar- ml matter ot the Alliance, Grange and r. M. B.

as well as important State and national t-ains. oedon lJlaek. ing plow, 4 stirring plows, 3 cultivators, mower, 1 hay rake, 3 sets double harness, fanning mill, 1 corn planter, 1 corn harrow, news of the "Farmers Movement." Send for Saint I'at rick's Day, March 17, will bo cele sample copy of tho Kansas Farmer, Topeka corn sneiier, teed cutter. bushels of corn Kansas. brated with much zeal tit Osage Mission.

Poultry! Poultry! We will furnish tho Kansas Farmer and tho Thousands are expected to be present. The in crib, 2(H) bushels of ot. and other things too numerous to mention. Terms of sale: All Sentinel one year for $1.80. Supt.

of Public Instruct ion. Miss Annie.ehrier County Surveyor I-'. II Greene. Coroner Iemon It. N.

Allen Coaiinissioncrs F.d Maher Regular meetings nf the occur on tN in Januaiy. July und mid first Monday alter the flrt in April. exercises will he interesting. There will be eloiiuent excellent music and a grand display. 11.

EATOJf. sums under $5, cash in hand, all sums of fo niidlovor, 0 months time will be given at 10 per cent interest from date. A discount of 6 per Warded, doen hens; dozen eggs: cent will be given for cash. All uotcs to be luniMilj 11..1, signed by two approved sureties. if DIAMANTA Iiobert Simmons and Walter McAdoo were ELMtHA E.

tfltlTWORTE It. W. riEitOD, Auctioneer. ai rested at Lhanute last 'J uesday lor violation WE. WILL RECEIVE PHUT 01 THE 1311; ill 14th OF FDBRUARY of the prohibit ion Jaw, McAdoo gave bond in jj I STRICT COUKf.

The district court of Neosho county con-vcum on the first Tuesday in April, second 'Tuesday In Jeiv und thii'l in November, Hun. juiiico of seventli judicial presiiliny. 1 1 GOV Eli NT. the sum of t'M for his tippearance at the B. B.

SPAWR. Physician and Surgeon. Scliool Chime. pril term of court. In default of bail Sim Gives special attention to the treatment of mons was placed in the county joil.

11Y THE SCHOOL BELLS. How many valentines did you get? Chronic Diseases. Chronic Cousrh. Catarrh FROM CENTER ALLIANCE Being elected correspondent lor the Center alliance for the Sentinel I would say, I had a vision a few nights since. I looked and behold a large body of water; I saw in the distance three boats, two of which looked old, shabby, dirty and filthy, while the other was a bright, new one which glittered like silver and was a well equipped, splendid vessel, with a new set of hands; also a new captain and mate.

All were clad in clean garments, and their bright faces wreathed in smiles. They appeared to be saying this blessing, "glory and honor bo unto him that sitteth upon tho throne forever." They seemed to to say. "Behold bow good and how pleasant it is for brcthcrn to dwell together in "Peace on earth, good will to men." This splendid vossel had forty-four stars as brilliant as tho 6un at the noon day. Just under the headlight I saw very distinctly "Peoples' Partv Boat." Just back of the headlight and on either side was written in shining letters and flaming characters, "Lifeboat," enter in at the straight and narrow gate." As they neared mo saw dimly on the front of one of those two dirty, dingy vessels, written in a coarse hand. "Protection to manufacturers, capitalists, bond holders and bankers, double taxation to honest industry." whilo upon the other vessel I saw in very delicate letters "Free Trade," "let us make our platform as near what the people want as possible, for we will bo under no obligation to show any respect for our platform after election.

We are solid with tho capitalists and can bleed and scare tho grangers." My next observation in fhe distance was three large birds. As they advanced I saw that one was a raven, tho second was a buzzard, wdu'le the third was an eagle. Tho raven alighted just above the ship "Protection." The captain of this vessel was laboring excessively hard with the tiller in Ifyott want a nice, clean tdiave, go to Lew Dyspepsia, Rheumatism and diseases peculiar to females and children, Cross Eyes straight Which party did you go to Saturday night? Mason. ened, cataracts removed. Mayor fotice Ju.Ipo 'f Marshal uti 1 Street Cjiu Lcda Crawford spent Saturday and Sunday Office in Arlington house block, first room A.

II nntfinp or Jof Osage Mission was ar- over C. D. Smith Co's. store. Residence two with friends in Osage Mission.

resied last uesday on an ltnormation tiled by T. Dntton I. A. Weils W. T.

Alien Niclu.las Giirvin, J. M. Allen, A. II Miller. A.

H. OsS'irn, I. Siei I i i ei- blocks west of First National bank, Erie, Kan Miss Corrie Alexander was ubserit Tuesday the county attorney, for violation of the pro Counciltnen. on account of sickness. C.

G. FLETCHER hibition Ijw. IIuf.Lsingcr went back in company of the deputy t-herilT to nee if he AND WILL PAY ON THOSE DAYS l-2c per pound1 for Hens, l-2c Ducks, l-2c Turkeys, Misses Ida George and Curry visited our could titise the necessary bond for his appear Physician and. Surgeon. Office at residence, near tho corner of First room last Friday.

Call again, ladies. 4 4 5 We are glad to hear of the recovery of.our and Main streets Erie. Kansas. ance at court. Why don't you have Dr.

Spawr treat that schoolmate, Willie Johnston, who has been II I HOST OKITCE. JLJ MAILS CLOSE. K. poinji: west ut tS. K.

cast at K. T. isnx north ut K. iV T. iroinjf soiitii tit Efave for satre Missinn at a.

in. catarrh? sick for the pas.t five months. ln: n. in. p.

m. 1 u. m. p. return at Philadelphia Call: A young lady fdepped Miss Alta Hfirdman has been absent for the into a Cincinnati newspaper office and said past week on account of sickness.

L.EMON LAKE, Practicing: Physicians. OFFICE IN DRUG STORE, ERIE, KANSAS. Hp in. mails elose at p. m.

1'he POfct ortlee a ill he el'-e thtriiiK- the day Miss Lora Lodge entertained somo of her fur thu ui and disi riliutinir of out- would like to Mibscnbe for your paper." "Certainly, Miss," was the polite response. For a year or six months?" "Oh. no! only for a week," she replied. And iroimr ami liieoiniit mails. Day mails friends liast Saturday evening.

1 hirt ii i in tiles he tore 1 1 am ime. li. )urs How often are the hour and minute handsof from 1 -jl. in. to p.

m. liuiieir the mouths of Oetoher, NovemlK-r. Iieecmher, January. un-1 Mareh. jmd from 7 a.

m. to p. m. a clock together in a year? That ison the sup tnen she exclaimed: 1 only use them tor bustles, and a week's papers- lasta long time." HUGH P. FARRELI.T.

Erie. Kan. BEN SHINN Chanute, Kan. ilui insr the other ix months. Sundays from position that the clock never stops during tho year.

It may look easy. Try it. to.r. n. m.

Money oi il und rei.1ered hll'-i- Farmers, Attention! We are anxious lor vour produce and will make you some pood ie.s liours frori a. in. to a ji. No Mioney trder business done on Sunday or holiday. i Ue.v J.

SvtTii, one hand, ana tno pump nanutc ui me omer. Court Houwe Items. prices. Do not fail to examine and price our He ctaved with his old, leaky boat, until he FARRELLY SHINN, Attorneys at Law. Practice in all Courts State and Federal.

CHANUTE and ERIE, KAN. goods before buying. Gaston Black. saw that the tiller had to be dropped; so he grabbed the pump handle with both hands. (JUUIUJIL DIUKU I 'OllY MARItlAOK LICENSE.

The following marriage license have been ispned since our last report: In this issue of tho Skntinkl will be found the prospectus of the Globe Democrat. It is 1 AITiSTCHFHCn. Hcv.C. T. Flovd pastor one ol the repiiniican papers puimsneu and began to pump earnest- and mdus-trious'y, but tho harder ho pumped, the deeper his boat sank.

He called for help, so on and 4th Sundays at, i I MOLESWORTn, M. D. a.m. and. p.

t- Stindtiy nehool. p.m. Gen 4Tiil prayer im-etiii) every I hursday evening. the second advanced within a short distance Age. ...24 24 29 29 20 Name.

II. T.Tnurning. Nenho oountr I Hal lie K. Brewer, Neosho county m. MeGraw, Blaine.

Ohio I Nora S. Huge, Chanute A. Mathes. Erie township Wenona V. Burroughs, Erie township 7.3".

louiiv peonies prater timet inv. at pits- lor's r-sidenee. 1 uesilav evening at I nv of the first, but was unable to render any as. sistance, for the second crew were as busy $1.50 per dozen lor Roosters. Our Price will in oiieM cent a ponna less nntil to Most of our Spring" Stock will be open for inspection then.

JN0. CARTER SON, Chanute, Kansas. SAMPLE CPY I'uant and httsiness on the Saturday Physician and Surgeon, Osage Mission, Kansas. Piles successfully treated and a cure uaranteerl. 4Kfore the "nd Sunday of each month.

Com inuniiin 12 o'clock the Second Sunday of Janu firy. April, July and Oetoher. It not reultnly Httendinv idsew liere. iiitd worship with u. Everyone welcomed.

pumping as the first. (The ouzzard advanced and lit upou the mast and began to throw up its dinner.) The "Protection" sank lower and lower, and just at the critical foment new "Lifeboat" came to the rescue of tho two fast sinking vessels, and swung around to the end of each of them. The inmates began to leave the two doomed boats and cling to the "Lifeboat" for safety. The first to emerge from MORTGAGES. The following shows the amount of real estate mortgage indebtedness paid and amount of new mortgages filed during tho past week: Amount ttld Amount paid 20.79K OS CM EK II.

W.J. A. Wcnn 1'Mstor. every Satibath. inir niorninir and cvcinntf.

l't-ayer meeting TlMirsdiLV Ladies' Soeietv. Wedties- J. CLOUSER, M. D. Office, West Fourth Lindsay's new block CHANUTE, KANSAS.

duv evening. in the west, and contains more general news than can be found in any other. We w't'l club the and weekly Globe Democrat at $1..." per your. For sample copies nddress the Globe Printing St. Louis, Mo.

Send all remittances to this cfiieo. riii er. Don't fail to bring us your butter, eggs and chickens. Gaston Black. Frank Insiy, merchant of Thayer, went into a barn belonging to Ed.

Smith, last Monday business, and about four hours Jatet lie was found dead, with his face and hands eaten off.A dog was standing on guard. Coroner Lemon and County Attorney Farrelly were called; it, was quite plain that he had been gored to death by a bull that was in the barn, so Messrs Lemon and Farrelly doomed an inquest un -ncssary The deceased leaves a wife and two daughters, both of whom are nearly grown. Vim had better sco Dr. Spawr about that chronic rheumatism. The Santa Fe ltoute will lake parties through to Pacific Coast under personal esiort, on $2,219 ti Increase the wrecks ero a lot of men that appeared to be.

blow and Dick holders; the second lot '1 E. T.E.Chi.ndler.piiPtoi o.Aa Sorvict's evcrv Sunday at m. and seemed to be a lot billed "Knights of just at this moment. I saw a lot of silk hats, but the vessel sank to rise no more just as the i). in.

Sunday School at p. prayer NEW CAPES; IN THE DISTRICT COCP.T. The following new cases have been filed in the district court the past week: No. Clarence A. Parks, trustee Com jiieetinif Thursday at 7:: p.

Voting I'eo- mast was lowered. On the upper mast was jile's iniM'tinjr Timsilay nt p. otlicial fioaif. incetinur second V'cdncsda' of each nluinlv written "the wages ot sin i6death;" on the other were the words "the way of the tv o. a ox, LAWYER, OVER 1 ST.

BANK. Erie- Kansas. mercial Loan and Trust company vs. David transgressor is hard." On tho "Lifeboat, I 15. Wood-ddf iiuiiiaW saw in plain letters, "we wero sick and ye nastor.

I'reaehintr every other Sunday visited us not in prison, and ye ministered not unto our wants: we asked for bread and nt a. in. and p. in. l'ruyer iiicetinr Wilson et al; equitable action to foreclose mortgage on real estate.

No. 3971. The Southern Kansas railroad vs. Board of County County Commissioners; action on appeal from county commissioners. Thursday evenings.

ve gave us a stone; we asked meat and ye gave us a scorpion; now we arc comforted, but ye NION SUNIIAV SCHOOL. Services every are tormented; vou have been invited to sell J. V. Sharrock. Su what thou hast and give to the poor and come and follow me, but have positively refused to cliureh.

I'm. Ellis and XTintindents. No. 3972. State of Kansas vs.

Kobert Sim trains leaving Kansas City every Friday morn OF THE hear: vou have beeu told that pure and unde ingthe luckiest day in the week for those on board. defiled religion before God is thus to visit the sick and tho widow in their affliction and pov LOiUJK DIU'KU i UK Y. mons; violation of prohibitory law. No. 3973.

State of Kansas vs. Walter Mc Adoo; violation of prohibitory law. erty: keen vourselr unspotted trom their cor Pullman tourist sleeping cars run through. T. F.

RAGER, Attorney at Law Office in the Allen building, front. ERIE, KANSAS. MdllTS OF rVTillAS. firie I.ode No. rnption.

Now, we, the people, will mock at j-our calam.ty and smile when your burden is No. 3971. State of Kansas vs. A. Huntsingcr ID'J K.

P. ini-eis every veiutur without change, to San Francisco, Los Angeles an San Diego, close connections being made St. Louis heavy; "go to now, ye rich and howl, let your miseries bo upon you." We also read of those Hazen, C. Hen W. Garvin.

IC. of It. S. violation of prohibitory law. kkal'estate transfers.

for Oregon and Washington. Mint are sriven over to hardness of heart to be Second-clats tickets are honored In tourist iieve a lie and bo d. And in reading further M. Erie due No. 7C A F.

i A.M A F. A uiulith vs. we learn of those that, are to work out their own damnation with greediness. The scrip cars, and it small charge of is made for double be; th. The following is it list of the real estate transfers since our last roport.

All transfers aro by warranty deed, unless otherwise J. A. Wells, V. I'. Hazen.

Pec. conductors accompany each pnrrv.and ture above quoted, to visit the fatherless and the widow in their affliction, and keep yourself unsoottcd from the world has been made ladies, children, he aged and infirm are thus relieved from anxiety about details of journey. 41 I. O. O.

F. meets IO. O. F. Erie Ixwitre No "WEEKLY M.

E. Lake. N. G. to read, "rob the widows and starve tho or every Friday V.

Siioiienhcrircr. V. S. Pint ij ro. i iciioi.son.

Gen. Pass, and Tkt DEALER'IN SIAICD and SOFT nhans." The opposite and right would be $2,000 CO generous, whilst the poor groaneth on a bed of poverty, whilst the unfortunate languish in he horrors of dungeon, or the hoary head of The article of J. A. Wells In last week's Ke-publican Kecord reminds us of the effort be 'rrNI(i UTS OF 1IONOK. Frio I.djro No.

SO K.of II. meets 1st and Kridays. J. ISroadnent. D.

A. H. no-n lifts nn a feeble eve for pity. Aid them to CIO AL 700 50 W5 00 ing made by tie republican press throughout th st 1 1 to frighten money loaners and cast- A r. W.

Erie Lode No. 75 A. O. U. meets every Tuesday.

stated: I'at IT A to Browster, ne1 sec 11 tp 29, 17 Henj Wheeler to Campbell, ne-i, see 35, tp2o, rl7 It Moore, adm to Geist, 50 acres of 100 acres of seHi sec 2H, is Horror to A Haden. ISO ft off side nwfi sec 112, 2o, 20 A NHaydcntoJ Allen, sumo description Bcttie Owens et al to Mary Owens lots 1. 3 and 5, blk 17, St Nrancis 1st to Mist ion Bennett to Wm Hogan, se1 sec 29, tp29, 20 Brown to Farver. lot Oandn'i lot 10, blk 13, New Chicago em capitalists who have their money invested li. F.

Cumminjrs, M. W. Will H. Fowell, K. in Kansas securities.

This is being done out of reveiigo for the defeat suffered last fall KAMI AHMVOF Til KKFLTSLIC. Erie GLOBE DEMOCRAT Sent Free to any Address. and there is no denying the fact that it is do the extent of thy ability. 'When the fatherless call upon thee and the widow's heart is sad, remember and pity her affliction, and extend thy hand to thoso who have none to help them. Our alliance is in fair condition, wiih somo very zealous members.

We expect to see the green graves of our enemies; also the fruit of our souls and be satisfied. I remain your brother and earnest worker for tho cause of right. Should we stand together as one man, strong combines will begin tocrumbleand fall and "great will bo the fall thereof." The heavens will rejoice and the earth be glad. F. M.

Allen. 'ost I Office, Nortli ITI a in Street, Chanute, Kansas C45 00 000 00 725 00 450 00 J. A. Wells, Cup l. ing a great injury to the credit of the state among eastern investors.

Every species of Faturdays. J. Herrv, A 1. falsehoods have been resorted to by these -TAKE- modern Ananiases to convince people that the dire calamities predicted last fall ate to be "TTK. IC.

ok P. Erie Division IT. II. K. of I lueeta 1st Thur Jay in each month.

C. tJ. Capt. C. Dutt.on Heeorder.

Wilson to II. T. Morrison. nw sec 4. tp 27, 19 1G00 00 fulfilled.

The notorious Livingston who, as president of the New York state alliance was vONSOF VETEHANS. A he Lincoln Carnp Tmt IS o. or V. meets 1st anil 3rd VVednes Imported info the fdate to aid in the election of Ingalls, tells a reporter of eastern paper Send Your Address to day In each month. C.

E. Harhaujrh. Capt. that ho would not do surprised to hear of war 1200 00 1000 00 B. C.

Veils. 1st Sersr. breaking out In Kansas atany time. That the condition of people hero is only equalled ANTI HOUSE THIEF ASSOCIATION'. Erie Jodjre No.

meets every Saturday at Appointment Cf Guardian. State of Kansas, Neosho County, In the Probate Court: In tho matter of the estate of Amanda J. Sears, insane: Notice is hereby given to all parties interested that the undersigned has this dav been appointed as guardian of the person and estate of said Amanda I Sears by the Probate Court of tho county and state aforesaid. David M. Sears.

Dated the 5th day of February, A. D. lS91-73t by that or ranee at tho commencement of tho Keign of Terror, and that if 2925 03 2(0 00 200 00 p. in. isitinjr ineiiters liiri'fil.

Georfre, Pres. .1. C.Bowlin. Secretary. CLOHE PRINTING Ingolls had beeu elected his (Livingston's) life Pat A to Shafer, nw? sec 23, tp 27, 20.....

Dixon to Markle. sec 23, tp 27. r20 Dake to .7 A Brogan, lots 5, 7, 9 and 11, blk 27, Mission Milliken to Greve, 117 acres in sec 30, tp2. 18 Haines to Kenney, lot 4, blk 31, Mission, Kenney to Kenney, Pysher to Collins, lots 15 and 15. blk 8, Shaw Beers to nwi sec 2, tp 30, 17 and 6w.i sec G.

tp 30, 13 American Inv Co to Win Chapman, seli sec 32. tp 29, 21 Berger to Hohrer Co, lots 2, .1 and 0, blk 3, George's 2d add to Erie A Hedrick to Hrown, lot 9 and ni lot 10, blk 13. New Chicago A Kellogg to Smith, seo 14, tp 29. 17 i i it" ii i -Erie Lodjre No. 7-J g.

meets fccnn would have been sacrificed by the blood 550 CO E. L. end fourth Fridays of each month thirsty Kansas alliance. The Kansas City, T. Edna Siiarrock, V.

Fee. JCosetuti, 450 00 Tope kit and other republican journal throughout the state are full of accounts of 'ATODEKN WOODMEN OF AMEItlCA. Erie Notice of ppolntmeiit. ST. J-'-.

No. 1101 Moslem SS ixxlrnen of Amerit 6-12 In Probate Court. State of Kansas, Neosho County. fSB the repudiation schemes of the Kansas legl's" lature without making specific charges. And even the stats senate must stulify itself, the 650 00 1000 00 650 00 In the matter of the estato of James Piatt, senior: jneetg the last Saturday nitrht eneh month.

.1. A. Wkli.s, Vencrahle Consul. L. Cot.ks.

Clerk. EDEK OF SELECT FRI Order of Select Friends meet lt and Tuesdays. II. M. Carter, C.

P. Creditors and all others interested in said Other day by passing a resolution that they would not concur In any legislation by the house that, had a tendency to the repudiation estate aro hereby notified that the under siu-ned was, on the 12th day of February, A. D. li usnnin 10 jiiwouu, sni 2025 08 COO 90 1 00 10 J. II.

It 5e, See. seVi see 2a. tp 28 1891. by the probate judge, appointed and Brown et rl to Finch TO ALL POINTS IN TEXAS, MEXICO AND CALIFORNIA, EeCause its New Lino frcm Eansas City (via Paola and Parsons, Ean.) "will SAVE YOU MANY HOURS. TIKI IE SEIMYflllEL Meinfiers of orders in jtckhI standinir and nw'i seW sec I.

tn 2S, qualified as administrator of the above named estate. Samuel L. Tripp, administrator. 83 f-f lno-t eontiauv invttpittn ntMnd 2052 00 ViTE CLUB 3200 00 COO 00 AND THE Smith to Kellogg, u't sec 14, tp 29. 17 Powers to II Ogden, lots 0, 10 and 11.

blk 31, Thnyfr Wm McKay to II Ogden, lots 9, 10 and. 11, blk 31. Thayer Light to Watts, w4 w'A nw sec 23. tp 28, 20 Keene to Watts. exc 10 acres, sec iH, tp 2S.

20 1 1 Hingle to II Parker, lots 15 and 10. blk 1, Morehead Prior to Hinglo, lots 18 and 17, blk 1. Morehead AND TIIK Irgerscll on California- In a recent article, Mr. Ernest Ingersoll, tho noted writer, says: "The climate of southern California in winter closely resembles that of Egypt. Its" equalibility is constant, and its dryness is proverbial.

Tho only omplain is, that it is too near perfect. Residents bred in the eastern states confess now and then that a rousing storm would give a grateful sensation. But this sentiment meets no favor from tho man who has just fled from a superfluity of wetness and chilling gales. To him perpetual the mortgage Indebtedness of the state. Dr.

W. 3J. Collins has fitted up an office in Shaw where he may tw found tit ail hours dur ing the day, and at his residvnee, one mile not tli of Shaw, nt night. Jlo iAakcs chronic diseases a specially. Sec here, merchants: Wc are continually in receipt of applications for foreign advertise meuts, as we write w-e have before us one from Oie Chicago Supply company, but we do not lielicve in adver wising other cities wares.

We can't 'kick; you are all doing fair with us, but we want to assure you that we are also looking to your Jtijert sis. A man that cannot, uphold the business of his own town ought to go to New Jerusalem. Chanute Blade. Quite right. Hrother Allison: but Erie merchants are taking their Kip Van Winkle sleep, and when they awaken and want to sell their V.

and also Cffer3Ycti THROUGH SLEEPERS To Points in TEXAS. Geo. A. Eddt, i IT A TVTO i FARMER I Uiiroer to tungie, lots unu o. 200 CO 925 00 2W 00 223 00 COO 00 200 00 300 CO 400 00 00 blkS JLJL summer seems perpetual paradise, and to the invalid dreading the advance ot disease the Phillips to and John J.

J. FREY. J.WALDO, still and arid atmosphere is as tho breath of ston, lot 13. AI ill anil locnanute qcu lifp." Anrieason to A Willson neJ4 nw larareeisrht puire As-rieultnral. Stock and 2'Jinilv paper, price jier unnutn.

It is tne oWhii or the J'armers' Alliance with niirer circulation than any weekly AKTicul-t mal puper in tt-e Ciiited States. Hoth iHpers -ie vear for it. 70, or liotli papers hIx montiis T.rCO cents. For free sample copy of. the of Agriculture and pplendid premium 't.

address Journal of AjJriculture. No. N. Vlirhth Htreer. St.

Imi. Mo. All remittances ir the wo pitx-r should I ud Iresse to the 'i'INEL, Erie. The rnost comfortable way to reach tho Pa no 1-4 wn 17- In, 20 d. 11.

a Yeair cific coast is via Santa Fe route. Weekly ex- .11 i Gen. Supt. Gen. Fraffic Manager.

GASTON MESL1ER Gen'l Ticket Agent, SEDALIA, MOn I'll imuiis in 2-uiiinan Tourist sleepers niuiw Molesworth to Smith, lot 7. Shaw Smith toP Smith, n'isel-4 and Ci so 1 4 sc 1-4 sec 2H, tp 30, 21 rates. Apply to G. T. Nic lolson, G.

P. T. A. Topeka, for folder. poods, then and then on'y.

will they advertise. 1.

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