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Concordia Daylight from Concordia, Kansas • 6

Concordia Daylight from Concordia, Kansas • 6

Concordia, Kansas
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1 WEEKLY DAYLIGHT, CONCORDIA, MAY 8, 188a I cash DRY Fine shows last week. BRIGHT, BEAUTIFUL BRUZES. Wiard Brothers, tf GOODS House to rent call here. No Credit MARSHALL'S NO Credit SHOES! Personal Reflections. C.

E. Sweet and wife are in the city. J. H. Kelley, of Jewell city, is in the city.

tf Wiard Bros, the jewelers. tf Buy a Halladay wind mill. Entertainment and ice cream festival at the Baptist church Thursday night. The Daylight job room done a great Mrs. J.

H. Udell is very much im proved in health. Fountains at Butler Bros. Co, L. A.

Bartlett sells implements at Nelson. tf W. P. McDonald spent Sunday at Citizens National Bank has money to loan. xxxiii home with his family, Judge Carnahan is attending the K.

T. at Wichita to-day. L. A. Bartlett sells more harness than any body.

tf Miss Jennie Kennedy left for her It is not our "role" to win your business on other than square oat, open, decisive, bold and honorable grounds. That we carry the goods YOU WANT at prices that are AS THEY SHOULD BE, goes without saying. We may cut tho marked price on some remnant to close it out, but this entire stock is harked at the selling price forCASH. Every lady or gentleman who wears shoes from our fine lines is satisfied that they are UNRIVALED in this city and they don't hesitate to SA so. Every man, woman and child who sees the prices on onr general line well, they don't say much but they BUY.

Actions speak louder than words. We invite you to investigate this matter, and if what wo have to offer is worthy your attention, we solicit your business. If not, we will thank you for the investigation notwithstanding. school in Cawker City Sunday evening. Call at Betournay Reid's for seed potatoes.

81 business this week. Good work is counting. District court adjourned Friday night. The judge takes up the gavel again at Clay Center Monday. Hampton says it is an accepted truth among all poultry men that a corporation cock cannot crow.

"Red tape" has been longer in use, wears better and is said to be the best color now in vogue. Perry Fulmer is still at his father's house and is not gone as was stated in our paper of a week or two ago. Walter Reid and wife had a very sick Mark Woodruff, the journalistic flyer L. A. Bartlett sells Shuttler and Bain of this city, is taking in Wichita to-day.

Mr. E. E. Chapman, of the Concordia wagons. tf Citizens National Bank has money to loan.

xxxiii sells implements at tf L. A. Bartlett Jamestown. IRON CLAD SHOE STORE. FINANCIAL COLUMN.

child last week. The child, we are glad to state, is now out of danger. Mill has returned from his western trip. Miss Minnie Truesdell spent Sunday visiting Miss Anna Harrison at Jamestown. Mrs.

W. II. Dale left for a three months visit among friends in Emporia, last week. Mr. N.

II. Eaves, of Miltonvale was visiting Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Attcberry last week.

Gus. Beauchamp and Martin Van Buren Sheafur attended service at Aurora Sunday. A brother of Flavius Longtin was on a visit here last week from Nebraska. F. J.

At wood's new canoDv-ton car L. A. Bartlett does plumbing, sells pumps of all kinds. tf Choice varieties of seed potatoes. 31 Betournay Reid.

Have you got it waterworks? Go to Butler Bros. Co. Pulsifer Alexander have moved! their office to rooms over the Citizens riage is as handsome as a full bloon rose. irst National Baok. I National bank, and they are nicely fixed.

r. 'i Concordia has got a fine distribution The water works business is taring of musical talent. No better natural talent in the state. Concordia, Kansas. up the city in maay places.

Our people L. A. Bartlett sells the only wind mill that gives perfect satisfaction. tf Every responsible party can get money at the Citizens National Bank, xxxiii Grocers' orders taken in exchange for millinery at Houston 83 tf are partaking of the water as suits their If the word "excavate" means to hol convenience. low out, what does a kid do when he DECORATIVE ART.

Ed. King, the right bower of hog buyers of the Queen City, visited the JIo. river last week. C. H.

Baily, who has lately moved Capital, $100,000. Surplus, $30,000. SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO COLLECTIONS. F. J.

Atwood, C. E. Sweet, President. Vice President. G.

E. Lathrop, W. W. Bowman, Cashier. Assistant Cashier.

gets hurt? He excavates. Week after week we publish the news aud print the high-forehead truth about Deck Houston is making great im New subscribers is what the Daylight is adding to her lit every day in the week. There is nothing like a mascot to, whether she bo unseen or onto his farm from this city, was a provements at his dwelling place, adding bath rooms and soforth. welcome visitor last publication day. Many of our democratic friepds called The measles have left our city and gone to Clay Center, presumably to noiij County Bant.

at our sanctum last Call again, gentle folks, a welcome awaits you. take a ride on those street car. Buy your fashion plates of Hinman Bolinger. Always reliable. xvi AskB.

S. Williams for The Little Belle 5-cent cigar once and you will always use them. xxx Rubber hose, best in the market, at Butler Bros. Co. Go to the Citizens National Bank for money.

They haye a whole barrel on Southworth Smith have completed Mrs. C. F. Hosteller came in Mon prices aoil a store that's known all over the country and FAMOUS for making prices -n reliable merchandise that no other store can match. The people that come aud send here from everywhere prove it.

All the leading shapes, all the line straws, in ladies' and childreu's hats and bonnets. Ribbons.tlowors.feathers, gauzes, jet and fancy ornaments. Everything for trimming a hat and not always to be had for so little money. An assortment of foot wear such as you want to buy and not much of anything else. John Harkness.

Concordia, Kansas. their job of remodeling the Harkness grocery store. Owen the Grocer is im day evening from California. The folks like California but they love It should be borne in mind that J. G.

Hartwell's livery stable is four doors east of the Barons House. Gwin has fine rigs at his new barn, and is getting a "scoop" on a large business. C. W. McDonahl is now investing in Superior real estate.

Mac. is a little partial towards Nebraska for reasons best lAown to himself, and will undoubtedly make the usual marginal ducats on his investments. mense in his new quarters. J. G.

Osborue has remodeled his hotel Miss Kate Miller, of Atchison, is CAPITAL, Surplus Fund COLLECTIONS A SPECIALTY. T. B. Smith, W. H.

Wright. President. Vice President. W. M.

Peck, D. B. Harrison. Cashier. Assistant Cashier.

tap. xxxm No waiting for application to be ap building on Washington Ave, and christened it the Pacific. We are not inform sojourning in the city with friends. She is taking instructions in music nt the convent. proved, money down when papers are signed, at Citizens National bank, xxx H.

M. Spalding is home again from Come and See the Daisy New York. He reports things of political nature boiling over in that piv itizens Nat Bank 0 lawn sprinkler it is a duisy Butler otal state. Bros. Co.

That bloody shirt of A. B. Campbell's was worn out about 25 summers ago. To wave a mere fragment of the old garment is permissible, but the flaunting of the whole article of bile is too great an imposition for even a war mule. Company E.

is giving some tine Editor Green, of the Manchester Sun, Concordia, Kansas. H. H. Young, the popular Democrat, was on our streets Friday evening. He is the branch house of L.

A. Bartlett at probably came up to watch the demo Nelson. tf In like the letter in sizvs 1 10 feet and well filled. This is the little store that was to be crowded out of existence during the month of April. OWEN THE CROCER now occupies the largest grocery store room in town.

Jit was raised "from infancy up" by Caldwell Peterson for your profit and our convenience and you may rest assured there'll be no guess work about the quick work that 's to be done here for years to come. John Harkness. cratic delegates roll in. drill exhibitions on our streets of late Lump salt cheapest ands best, for C. M.

Phelps, our popular secretary CAPITAL $100,000, 8URPLU8 $2,000, TRANSACTS a general banking BUS1 NESS. W. W. Caldwell, B. H.

McEcKRON, J. W. Peterson, Cashier, F. W. Morgan, Ast.

Cash. The boys are preparing for a grand stock of all kinds for sale at Betournay parade (but not review) on decoration Reid's. of the Concordia Building Loan Association, was journeying in Miltonvale and other points last week. day. Commander-in-chief Lee Pound is full sixteen ounces as drill master.

Step into the Billiard Parlor where you can entertain yourself and cool oft Capt. Thos. Bettegrew, from the good old democratic state of Missouri, is vis with tho celebrated Waukesha water. Signing a mortgage on property that one docs not possess is another reckless act forced upon the money loaner by ankers Loan and iting for a few weeks with his old friend Every article that goes out of our in this city, Col. N.

B. Brown. STILL PUSHING. Less tliau three years ago the store we guarantee to be of a superior Day C. M.

Compton, of Everest, in Brown quality. Betournay Reid. TRUST CO, light started on its mission of democracy and business pnlicv with r.ot ten hard times. Troup Bros, can explain the rest if you will "arrest" their on a "warrant" of strict secerecy. Concordia proudly boasts of possess county was in the city last week.

He is visiting a brother, Judge Compton, and Shafer Richey have added a full line of artists' material and sell them at just half the regular price. Stop as you go ed as to whether it is rented or not, but it is a pleasantly located hotel and a great opening for a good rustler. The city parents were in session Wednesday and Thursday evenings of last week. The dads have a great deal of extra official business to transact of late and as near as we can learn are looking after the city's welfare as becomes servants of honor. Rev.

Bushnell of this city and Elder Brooks of Miltonvale exchanged pulpits Sunday. Minister Brooks was highly satisfactory to the Presbyterian family here, and we feel confident that Mr. B. was very acceptable to his brethren at Miltonvale. The Daylight job department turned out about 50.

worth of printed matter for the city last week that cannot be beaten by any office in the west. Gentle people good work, either plain or fancy is what is done at this office for all patrons. We guarantee satisfaction please remember. At the last meeting of the St. John the Baptist society of this city, Rev.

Jos. Perrier and Samuel Demers were elected delegates to attend the 17th National French convention to be held at Nash-era, N. on the 26th day of June, 1888. The object of the delegation is to encourage imigration to Kansas. R.

Misell Co. received from Jamestown parties the other morning an order to be tilled with hot buns and fresh, melting rolls. The fellows sending the order had evidently taken "Bob" for a bake shop and Neely for the shipping clerk. A corruption of firm names here is probably what made R. Misell Co.

cents of capital stock to buck it, and less than two years ago it had but $oi ing the finest furniture establishment to be found north of the second tier of Concordia, Kansas. CAPITALL, $100,000. Western Farm M'tges a Specialty. T. B.

Smith, W. H. Wright, President. W. T.

Branch, Sec. Western Ag. worth of material all told. Since that by. We Have it The only complete water supply time we have let one or two of our uegra.l themselves l.y abusing us, have ourselves pushed steadily the front, until (pardon this of modesty) this paper stands stock west of Kansas City Butler Bros.

Kansas counties that of Rigby Wilson. This assertion is a solid fact beyond all hope of successful contradiction. Well, that sketch artist of ours is a blooming daisy, and will refresh the Daylight readers from time to time with "things suited to the occasion." But don't hold your breath until he loncordia Loan Shafer Richey will do your paper tirst with the weeklies of northern several other friends hereabouts. Ulsie Mercer slipped and fell about 20 feet off the wagon bridge that spans the Republican nt this point, sustaining a sufficient jar to make him limp. Dr.

G. Lafontaine, a prominent physician of this county located at St. Joseph, was attending the convention Saturday. We acknowledge a friendly call. Real estate agent Brumbaugh is rusticating at Topeka.

While absent he will look up railroad matters and if possible capture an embryo bnoru for Concordia. V. H. Branch of Cawker, and J. W.

Shcafor of Concordia, were here Tuesday and Wednesday, interested in the case of the state vs. Pate. Beloit hanging in nno style, i hey are respon sible people and can trusted with any kind of a job. tf TRUST CO. Messrs.

Shafer Richey.on your way appears again, for he is like the wind a little capricious. to the court house, have a fine line of paints and oils in any quantity. Stop as The infant boy baby of Mr. and Mrs. CONCORDIA, KANSAS.

jas. l. Lombard, Pres. w. ii.

dale, c. p. tilden, Sec. Farm Loans at lowest rates! Money ready when papers are signed. Caldwell Peterson's old stand you go by.

tf T. A. Filson ended its earthly career last Remember that we carry a class of Wednesday morning and left behind loving parents to mourn death's stern Kansas. Within liiy last two years the Daylight has earned and placed in its office over worth of machinery, type presses, and we are still adding. Every cent the paper makes is eitV-" it in material or to improve the staff in reading matter.

The people patronize and appreciate our efforts and we are grateful for it. Politics cuts no figure with us when Cloud county and Concordia's interests arc at Our support comes from the sound, sensible, fair-minded, unprejudiced class of people, who read both sides of the political question and then act as best suits them on the free government plan. goods second to none and prices guaranteed as low as any. 81-Betournay Reid. For Everything Only 3 pieces of black and 1 piece of Gazette.

Dr. Serbcr. a delegate from Delphos to the Clay Center convention, was in tho city Friday evening paying his respects to his friend J. J. Murphy, of the Iron Clad.

Mayor Sharpc, of Miltonvale, and a purple oress siik leit tnnt win close out bakers for the moment, instead of at less than cost, as we intend to quite money-loaning bankers. decree. The grief stricken couple have our kindest sympathies iu this their greatest of all earthly trials. We are told that the late frost paralyzed the prospects for strawberries and some other small fruits. It is ever thus that things wo love most, vegetable, animal and artificial get cut short in the bud of their promising career.

We are sorry that "short cake" will be shorter than ever this season. handling suk. n. jn.hanson. so The finest line of Millinery goods ever Wm.

Tangman, one of Jamestown's IN THE rocK-ribbed democrat of pure simplicity prominent democratic business men, on his return from Topeka Saturday, was and levelheadedness, was a delegate to brought to the city are found at. the Broadway millinery store of Houston Co. 82tf Harness the county convention last Saturday. We acknowledge an interesting chat. compelled to remain in this city over night.

To "kill" the evening hours, ho availed himself of the performance at LaRocque'8 Grand, and he now asserts Mr. Nels. Bentson dropped in upon us AURORA. lAYI.u;li: SPECIAL. As my first touud favor with the that the swinging that A.

B. C. Camp Saturday with arrears and an advance upon the merits of the popular family paper of Cloud county. Mr. B.

is a Saddle or Collar Line, or Anything in bell gave the bloody shirt killed what Last week we received a letter from Green Luttrell who is now located in Virden, Illinois. Mr. Luttrell is now engaged in the clothing business and thinks some of visiting Coueordia again before long. He winds, up by sending charter member anil a stayer that never little respect that he had up to date held for those old bombastic boodlers who shout for office and nothing else. wavers.

G-oods Turf J. W. Rawlings returned from Stock CALL ON ton Wednesday evening accompanied by his wife. They are now permanent residents of the gem city, and will com Benj. Lake, mence homo life again just as soon as they can procure a good residence property.

Their youngest child, and only daughter we believe, was married The celebrated L. Douglas $3 Shoe," also a full line of his other advertised goods may be found at Geo. Mohr Concordia, Kansas. 35 Extra facilities are offered you by the Citizens National bank. Several thousand dollars on tap now, for tho first to come will be the lucky one.

xxx It takes money; yes, money, it takes money, money all the while; and you get it, you can get it at the Citizens National Bank "set" to this music at the lowest rate of interest. xxxiii Having bought at public sale the stock of groceries formerly owned by Whitehead Constantino, I will continue to sell at cost until the entire stock is sold. Mrs. Dora Whitehead. If you need money borrow from firs hands, don't speud your time monkey-ng with curb stone money loaners; borrow direct from the Citizens National, for instance.

xxx Hinman Bolinger have an endless variety of Butterick's patterns and they are the very latest gotten up. The Butterick patterns are easily understood and are always reliable. xvi last week to a prominent business man at Stockton, and tho old folks leave their "baby" behind them in pleasant Gkkat I will try again. Aurora is still booming. Among tho many who will locate here in tho near future are Philip Miller of Nelson and Dreed Bros, Rico, both merchants anil each will put in a stock of goods.

Tho hog man of Rice is pushing his buildings along and will soon be ready for business. The ground has been staked off preparatory to building a large Catholic church at this place. The Catholic minister here is entitled to much credit for his energy and pluck. (iennetto Bros, are determined to get "a long well." They are now down 100 feet into the belly of the earth. Democrat Smith was a pleasant caller last weak JooCluirest and Charles Letourneau are kept busy showing strangers around and raking in tho ducats.

Sawhill of the Empire congratulates Dr. Priest Something extraordinary nmst have happenod tho Empire for ft is the first time on record when he has givrn tt good word to a democrat. Notary republican Wm. Durkeo is kept busv making deeds and transfers here, lln is a Exutictni'iiv shot liule wad in the Empire at, I wish to say right here Jelwo is amply ablo to take care of himself Just after decoration services road Ingallv Hancock and McCieNui The owners should, in justice ti themselves, advertise their tirminWi in tln (liivnnntiiA Davlmiit circumstances and among solicitious friends. Dr.

Dunlap, chief physician of, the insane assylmn at Athens, Ohio, is in the city, the guest of his old friend, Dr. Priest. Mr. Dunlap is a very pleasant gentleman, and will remain with us for several days. Miss Jennie Wier, a prominent society lady of Atchison, will sojourn in our city tho coming summer, guest of her sister, Mrs.

1. B. Quigleyr Miss Wier will find Concordia an excellent summer resort. Bro. Sawhill, of the Empire, was one of those loyal delegates who helped nominate Anderson last Thursday.

While absent Mr. S. took a whirl around the circuit, visiting Abilene and other booming cities. F. L.

Butler took the train yesterday morning for Topeka in answer to an invitation to attend the annual meeting of the Kansas Master Plumbers' Ass'n. A banquet and a roynl time generally constitutes the program. Dr. Sawhill was attending the Kansas State Medical Association at Topeka, last week. Many of tho lend- P.

M. (Sates stands foremost on the PATENTS Caveats, and Trade Marks obtained, and all patent business conducted for moderate fees. Office opposite JU. S. Patent Office.

We have no sub-agencies, all business direct, hence can transact patent business in less time and at less cost than those remote from Washington. Send model, drawing, or photo, with description. We advise if patentable or Not, free of charge. Our fee not duo till patent is secured. A book, "How to Obtain Patents," with reference to actual clients in jour state, county, or town, sent freo.

Address C. So Opposite Pat. Office, Washington, D. C. list of our progressive and ambitious business men and has enough energy to make a number one success of tho Con cordia marble yards.

Ho has lately regards to his many friends and acquaintances in this city. Cobb Lamb have a new and attractive announcement in this issue. It speaks of spring and the sweltering days of July and August and covers the space that intervenes from the warmest days to the autumnal breezes with external comforts for the male members of our community. Pursue its truths. Lightning struck the house of Mr.

J. O. D. Bland, of Buffalo township, last Wednesday night doing but little damage save that of stunning the occupants and making an ugly hole iu tho ground. Mr.

Bland's miraculous escape can only bo accounted for by his being a simon-pure Anderson man best man God ever made Mr. Bjnj. Besso fell heir to a pension the other day through the instrumentality of Mr. M. V.

B. Sheafor of this city. He received the amount, one thousand two hundred thirty three dollars and twenty-seven cents, on his sixty-first birthday and was the happiest man we found on our rounds. Some long, lank, careless follow, without tho least fear of a clash or a smash, leaned heavily against the glass front of Mess. Wiard Bros, one day last week, and according to the eternal fitness of things, caved in a window pane which cost him a week's wages.

It 's a pleasant day when nobody makes mistake. added a fine line of fresh material be sides making many other marked im provements. The work that ho is now turning out in tho way of cheap and costly tombstones cannot be outrivaled in the west, and tho other productions 5700 United States Land Office, 91 1QOQ Homo again from my trip east where I secured lots of goods at about half price, among which is about $2,000 in clothing. The goods will be in during this week and as usual I will divide my bargains and sell goods at or below the cost of manufacturing. H.

N. Hanson. Ballard's Know Llalmrat It a sure aura tor RheumstUm, NeuralfU, 8oi Chest, Old Bores, Wounds, Sprains, Bruit, Reitorei oontraoted muioles to natural elaiU city, ours wont croup, for external um. Cunt Cores, Chipped Hands, BrulMs. eta.

Ladlei, tt vary tour tor Ium book. Prto 60 Matt. Boauoaaun'i Pharmacy, Afmt. I of a cheaper character will meet any competition in both quality of material and style of finish. The Concordia marble works of to-day and of five years ago have no relationship only in name, which is accounted for by the wonderful improvements recently niado in every department of tho works.

Tho Daylight takes pride in referring to Mr. Gates and his marblo yards, as it realizes that success is not won without an effort. and let lliu pernio know what they have ing physicians from all over were in nt-to sell A good boom ought to tendance to this, tho oldest association start lient inniH'diately. i of the medical fraternity now In exist- A Ihrtlett has immense imple enee. myntli-, 1)an-i narrison aml Mr.

J. thing that found in any Imple- wnrnno- in Wuu mu. ment. store Mr. Bartlett is reasonable and sell to suit lie fanners.

Fanners are busy plowing and plant- Jowe" pay a visit to a brother of tho first- VyUllwUI (Hit, Wrtivuw. low, Notice is hereby given that John A. Blnckwood has filed notice of intention to make final proof before the U. S. Land Office at his office in Concordia, Kansas, on the 15th day of May, 1888, on timber culture application No.

2028, for tho El NKf of section No. 10, in township No. 7 south, range No. 1) west lie names as witnesses: Snm'l Bone-brake, H. P.

Lowe. Jacob Swartz, William Bonebrake, all of Concordia, Kansas. Samuel Demeus, 80-0 Register. named, who lives near that city. Tho Homo sickness in tho county.

tf Hue, "touris" returned this morning. JCxpi'jt I in I 1. I ,1 I I II.

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