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Beloit Weekly Courier from Beloit, Kansas • 1

Beloit Weekly Courier from Beloit, Kansas • 1

Beloit, Kansas
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1 i 1 1 7- at Tirrir ttt 71) II II II I ILs I EIvOIT ni cmuiAii riru OT mitvbbix cocttt. NO. 47; BELOIT, KANSAS, THURSDAY, JANUARY 2, 1890. Vol. 11.

KBAHNKY, HinrOHIMMM AQUUTK.K wi ill 1 r- I I I Seneca, Kansas, Deo. 'HO. thI Human voice. Hon. W.

II. Caldwell, lie aUIlW QaallttM Ar Paitrojrod by Okkiok ok Committee, I Kkaiinky, Deo. im. Dkah Sin: For some time past the Dear Major: I noticed In your iae vm tiwauMU. Tobacco, alcohol and fiery condi issue of two weeks ago a commenda (i 0 0 0 0 a tion of Comtade Dick.

Blue, who is a matter of building a north and south road for the purpose of obtaining a direct route to the seaboard, has been candidate for the position of Depart ments of all kinds aro best avoided by those who have to speak much, or, at least, they should bo used in strict I feel bound to warn rWhen you want Fresh, Fancy and discussed by the citizens of this and ment Commander. In it you spoke of him as one of those who had defended a service pension when others had remained silent. Knowing your honesty of purpose as 1 do. havlne had the other communities between here and the Gulf, That we have become satis speakers adilcted to the "herb nicotian" again cigarettes. Like tippling, tho effect of cigarette-smoking is cu mulative, aid tho slight but constant fied that wa can expect but little, if any, encouragement from any of the old companies who ate interested In the great trunk lines running east and absorption of tobacco juice and smoke pleasure and honor of your intimate acquaintance for as many years as you have been in the State, I am well aware of the fact that you do not wish to be unjust to any one.

We have candidate who has been the foremost cham make the paactlce far more noxious in the long rim than any other form of smoking. Our forefathers, who used regularly to end their evenings under the table, seem to have suffered little of the well-known effects of alcohol on the nortes, while the modern west, from the fact that they rather prefer the longer haul that they now have than the much shorter haul to the seaboard at the (J ulf. We have become thoroughly convinced that this road now in contemplation will le a paying line from the start for the reason that pion of the service pension bill, who on all occasions has made his voice heard in its favor, and by his vote and influence, which is not small among those tippler, who Is never intoxicated, is a beiug whoso whole nervous who know him, he secured the passage of a resolution through our state legis- system may be suid to be in a state of chronic inflammation. In like manner, cigarette-smokers (those at least who inhale the smoko and do ature directing our congressional dele it will run through one of the best agricultural districts in this country thut it will be crossed by it, and that the natural intercourse, of commodities that are so desirable to be exchanged between the different sections through which this road will be built makes not merely puff it "from the lips outward," as Carlyle would say) are often In a state of chronic narcotic poisoning. The old jost about the slow gation to support the service pension bill.

I now and here, challenge you or any one to point to one Mingle act or speech in public of Comrade Blue's in favor of the service pension; for every one such I promise to produce a dozen this route an absolute necessity. The coal, lumber, salt, cottou, of the south are now shipped to this section of the north by a very circui Staple Groceries, don't fail to come see us. I BEN DAVIS, W1LL0W TWIG, We lave some very fine Apples wo. pippin, no iiuiu iuij GENETON AND WINE SAPS. gsy special pains in selecting our DCYT TOUQ iast Fatt an eun fur" 1 1 1 L-0 wi ioy Potatoes.

OUR LAEO-B STOCK OP MIXED CANDY IS ABOUT ALL a-OCTS). A few Inimlred TJT? or 80. by 1U. h-ft yet at IOcI LJ L-Dm thu PAIL. Oar fine Sorghum is going fast.

We still sell Quickstep Tobacco at 25c per 111. Home Ground Buckwheat Flour at 5c. per lb. Lye Homeny, Cracked Homcny, Saur-Kraut, Mince Meat, Prepared Mustard, Spiced Pigs Feet, Lunch Tongue, Potted Ham, Potted Chicken, Potted Turkey, Can Salmon, Can Clam, Clam Chowder, We have some of Huckins' Soups Mock Turtle, Ox-tail, Mullacatawney these are the finest soups prepared. Cross Blackwell Jams, and in fact everything kept in a first class Grocery.

We can SAVE YOU MONEY on Queen and Glassware. ABERGROMBIE ft HERftlGK. made by Comrade Ira Collins, of Sa-betha. He it was who did so much for the establishment of our State Soldiers Home and who has beeu appointed one of the board of control. His time and ness of the poison may seem applicable here; but though the process may be slow, there can bo little doubt thut it is sure.

Even if it docs not kill the body, it too often kills or greatly impairs the victim's working efficiency and usefulness in life. The local effects of cigarettes in the mouth tous route, the same as the pork, flour and other products of this country are transported to the south. money are constantly and willingly, nay, cheerfully devoted to helping his must also be taken into account by those whose work lies in the direction spldier comrades for he was one of For years we have hoped that some of the wealthier corporations now in existence would take hold of this idea and build tbis line that would be of such inestimable value to the people along the line, but we are now satisfied that if this road is built it must be built them in spirit and in truth. He enter of public, speech. The white spots on the tongue and insldes of the ed the army as a private and come out cheeks known as "smokers' patches" are believed by some doctors with spe cial experience to be more common In by the people directlyinterested.

After one. He would have been promoted probably, but that he was quite young and was a prisoner of war a long time. He was twice severely wounded and bears the scars on bis face today of rebel steel. That scar makes him look devotees of the cigarettee than in oth er smokers; this unhealthy condition having talked with a number of the citizens of Hutchinson, Kansas, and many of the intervening towns and cities between there and this city, and of the mouth may not only make speak ing troublesome, or even painful, but gloriously handsome to me. it is now proved to be a predisposing found that we could expect their hearty You will notice I have nothing to cause of cancer.

All fiery or pungent co-operation, we have organized the foods, condiments or drinks tend to cause congestion of the throat, and if "Kearney, Hutchinson Gulf It. say against Comrade Blue, no true comrade ever traduces another if possible. The man however who is so earnest in Company." We have, in furtherance this condition becomes chronic it may of the idea, filed the articles ol in lead to impairment if not complete loss of the voice. The supposed mirac his advocacy of Comrade Blue is bound by every sentiment of honor and gratitude to be a friend to Ira Collins, but simply because Comrade Collins pre corporation of said company both in our county clerk's oflice and in the office of the secretary of this state, (a copy ulous virtues of the mysterious pos sets and draughts on wnicn some ora of which is sent herewith.) We then tors pin their faith eqlst nminly in the imagination of those who uso them; issued a call for a public meeting to be held in this city on the 10th inst, which call was signed by a majority of the oooooooooooooooooooooo voters in this At the meeting it was determined to call a convention for the purpose of getting a united ac tion of the people along the proposed line of this road at Beloit, Kansas, to be holden on the 10th day of January, SCAPEGRACE SONS. 1890, and our delegates were elected to A Manitoba Farm Devoted to Making Men of Sowers of Wild Oati.

attend such convention. We desire that the other towns and precincts who have not already elected delegates "I've seen almost all kinds of curious farms, I think," said a traveler tha other day, "from ostrich down to pep should do so at once. When you hold VHP CHILDREN Are 10 liable to Cronp, ndden Coldi, and v-riont throat troubles, that no family ihoold be without AVER'S Cherry Pectoral It Rives initant relief and effect! a permanent cure. liovn inert Aver' permint farms, but one of the Strang your meetings at which your delegates No. 8298.

NOTICE FOK PUOLICATION. Land Oflice dt Siillnu, Knnsns, December 21. 1889. Notice Ih hfieby (jiven tlmt Hie fdlliiwiiiK'-pameil geltler has filed notice of his Intention to muke Una) iiriHit in support ot his claim, anil that Haid proof will lie niaile before the Judge or in bin absence the Clerk of the District Court ot Mitchell ('iiiintv, at lleloit, KaiMis, on Kebni-nrvSrd, is1), Lovina Harmon, widow of Klblm Ilnrinnn. deceased, II E.

I7i2.1. lb i the nii wU -Sec 3, township 6 souib. ranne 7 wtst. lie mimes the following witnesses to prove his continuous resilience upon anil cultivation of, said laud, viz: Hill, C. Simpson, Henry Duylo, K(l.

Itelknap, All fit Belolt, Kansas. J. M. Hodiik, 46-6v Ueslster. est is up in Manitoba, Its principal crop is an annual growth of young are elected it is necessary to discuss and determine the amount of bonds your community can vote in aid of this Englishmen, sons of wealthy parents who have interrupted the boys in their enterprise and thus your delegates can diligent work of sowing a thick and be put in a condition to say to the con early crop of wild outs, and have sent Cherry l'ectoral In my family for tliirty yearn nnfl havii nlwnvfl found vention just what can be done.

The number of delegates you elect can be them out to the colony to have their moral and physical health built up t.the best remedy for croup, to which com- vim yen lnt my children have been determined by yourselves and a little Industry and useful knowL In due time a legal notice in refer edge instuica into mom at tne Bame time. The owners of the farm, two ence to opening books for subscription 11, uaneyi JirooRiyn, a. i. paf my children were taken down at torMlio past winter, with Influenza: fmr soon cured by the uso ol of mfi nworal and Ayer'a Montana. SSCherl-y Pectoral, to stock for the said road will be pub brothers, charge the boys for their board and instruct them in farming for nothing, but the work they manage to get out of the young fellows is worth a lished.

L. S. InviN, Nonius Bbown, Ch'm. Com Secretary. Saltville, Dec.

7, 1889. den: t. J.C.Ayer8ECo.,Lowell,MMi. Kgi.ta. rnce 1 dohici, good deal more than time spent in ferred a known friend of all soldiers and a member of the G.

A. R. for a place on the Pension Board, to one who was not a soldier, but whom Dr. P. desired appointed, therefore forgetful of F.

L. he now seeks to stab his benefactor and friend. Him we will see later. All I ask of your old friendship for me is, that you wil give a good fair introduction of Comrade Collins to our northwestern comrades. Yours in F.

C. "Neely." the ladies' home journal. The New Year is welcomed in by The Ladies' Home Journal of Philadelphia with an actual circulation of over 500,000 copies monthly. Where the close of 1890 will find this wonderful magazine one can hardly imagine, if the brilliant January number is any criterion of what the other issues will be. There are several salient features of the January which uives it a special interest.

Rev. T. DeWitt Talmage begins his work as one of the editors and opens his new department "Under My Study Lamp" in a manner that is destined to make it one of the most popular and widely-read pages in the magazine literature of today. The portraits drawn of his early home and training, his mother's death, and a celestial dream while lying one evening upon his lounge are word-pictures of singular beauty and striking power. The ascension of the new editor-in-chief, Mr.

Edward W. Bok, is also formally announced. "Side Talks With Girls" is a well-conceived new feature of confidential talks with young women, giving bright little hints on the very subjects girls enjoy reading about. Mrs. A.

D. T. Whitney, Maud Howe and Katharine B. Foot supply the fiction with the best chapters of their novels yet printed. Amelia Bloomer, of the "Bloomer Costume" fame, has an Interesting letter on the costume which bears her name.

Mrs. General Custer tells what she would do "If I Were a Man," while Lee C. Harby, Margaret Sangster and Eben E. Rex-ford, supply the poetry. Closing with the 12 departments for woman's daily life which this magazine sustains, the number Is In every respect an excellent one, and shows what the publishers offer for the ridiculously low price of One Dollar a year.

Published at 43-435 Arch Street, Philadelphia, Pa. teaching them, though occasionally a The Bottom has dropped out on Coal Oil at E. H. DIL-WORTH'S. 150 test, 12ic.

per or 60c per 5 gals. 175 test, 17c per gal, or 80c per 5 gallons, Parlor Oil, best made 20c T)er gal, or 90c Saltville horso is foundered or a piece of farm machinery is broken by the young YLOR'S Died, at Roy, W. Sept. 11, 1889, Clemeth W. Abercrombie, age 22 years, greenhorn.

"It is remarkable, though, how these Deceased was a son of W. W. and young sprigs of nobility, many of them, Elizabeth Abercrombie, of Saltville. take to the hard work of the farm, and was born in Lumpkin Co, They have true British grit about at best they do nothing more than lubricate the joints of the vocal machine so an to ror kp it work more smoothly. Sir Moron Mackenzie in Contempo-' rary Review.

WILLIE' WINTER'S WIT. Ho Wm Forgotten Onn. Hut Forgetfalnou Is an Excusable Fault. Willie Winter is one of the wits ol the New York press, says Marshall P. Wilder in his new book.

He is a very salemn-looklng fellow, and I have heard that he confines his humorous exuberance to the columns of the newspaper on whose staff ho has been a valuable contributor for a good many years, but the only time I ever heard him speak in public ho was quite equal to the occasion. It was a dinnor nt which General Sherman presided. My name was on the list, but perhaps the General had mislaid his glasses, for instead of calling for Wilder he named Winter. Winter, who had seen the list himself, arose and remarked gravely: "I had found myself almost entirely forgotten here, but General Sherman, who never yet disappointed any expectations which were made of him, looked for me in the person of my esteemed friend, Marshall Wilder. I was not in the least disappointed.

It reminded me of an old yarn about a negro preacher who used to open a Bible at random when he went into the pulpit, and one day he stumbled on a chapter which Is the terror of young people who attempt to commit the Bible to memory, and read as follows: 'And unto Enoch born Irad, and Irad forgot Mehujael, and Mehujael forgot Mothusael, and Mcthusaol forgot Lamech, and Lamoch took unto him two wives and forgot Jabal. Now, my beloved bruddern, dis text am meant to show you firstly dat dem old patriarchs dey was mighty Never mind about the rest." How to Keep Things Movin All progress is motion, but not all motion is progress. In any enterprise, spiritual or worldly, those eager spirits whose only concern is to "keep things moving" are not always guides to progress. Activity in a work is ever necessary, but never sufficient. "Things must ho kept moving," but it is essential to success that tho motion be toward a right point, and on a right track.

There are retrograde motions, and backward moves, and down-hill pushes. In keeping things moving, it is of the utmost importance that fatal moves be avoided. The first way that opens itself to view may be the worst way on which to move. The shortest out across may prove to be the longest way around. The alow and circuitous approach may be the only approach on which real progress is possible.

Wo oaa not afford, for the sake of indulging our feverish eagerness to keep things moving, to rush on regardless Of tie warning voloes thai protest against our too hasty ohoioe of the dt Motion in which or energies hall be S. Xiao AlS GROWING THK per 5 gallons. tf 1807. He was a young man of high moral standing, and, growing up in our midst, was highly respected by all who them and the managers have sense enough to have the drudgery and dirty est Assortment work done by hired men. The boys knew htm, and his many friends and ride the horserakes, drive the mowing- machines, learn to run a thrasher, relatives mourn his early decease.

lie was an honored member of Saltville OF ORNAMENTAL STOCK Lodge, No. 59, A. F. A. M.

and was at the time of his death, Jr. Deacon which leaves a vacant chair. Whereas, Saltville Lodge, No. 59, A. F.

A. has been informed of plow, and all of them take kindly to the care of live-stock, the horses especially, though a propensity to race the latter at every opportunity has to be guarded against. The instincts of gentlemen don't seem to desert them either, for they will never sit down to eat in the clothes they have worked in ind refuse to eat with the farm hands who bring the Bmell of stables to the table. Bathing, shaving and dressing for the evening take up a good deal of their time Indeed, 'waste real the death of our esteemed Brother, Clemeth W. Abercrombie, and Whereas, It has pleased the Supreme Architect of the Universe to remove from our midst our beloved Broth CHAMBERLAIN'S Eye and Skin Ointment.

A certain cure for Chronic Sore Eyes, Tetter, Salt Rheum, Scald Head, Old Chronic Sores, Fever Sores, Eczema, Itch, Frairie Scratches, Sore Nipples and Files. It is cooling and soothing. Hundreds of cases hare been cured by it after all other treatment had failed. and 60 cent boxes for sale by MYERS Beloit. II.

C. Owen over the First National Hank is again loaniDg for the Union Central Life Insurance and is making better rates and iwivileges than ever before. 4.V47. HOUSES TO RENT. Applicants to rent farms, and farms to Sell VEItY CHEAP.

II. C.Owen, 40-tf Over First National Dank. J. C. Watts keeps, the finest line of er from this Terrestial Lodge to that Celestial Lodge, where all good Masons FOUND II THE COUNTY Myites the cloHest inspec- the condition and varie- offer for sale, and also ot soilness metliodH.

A. TAYLOR CO, not. OWE1T, and Loan Agent. Wny Loonel on Iahik or Hhort Kntiia at a Low Kale nf Inlerust. 81T OF ABSTRACT BOOKS.

f'ca Ovrh Kiiwt National Ba.k. (10 JtKLOIT, KANHAt. IP WM. O'RILEY, farmers would Bay but the boys in' list on it and also cling to their ciga hope to reside, therefore be it Kpjiolved. That Saltville Lodge No 59 A.

F. A. M. tender their sincere rettes. Many of them get to like the life so that they stay longer than their avmnathv and condolence to the bereav parents insist on, but nearly all return ed friends and relatives in this their sad artliction, knowing full well that gladly when the term of their banishment is over." N.

Y. Tribune. thftir loss is bis eternal gam, ana llmlved. That we tender our sincere thanks to our Brethren of Roy. for their watchful care and tender sym Strawberry Gelatine: Take a paper of gelatine and soak it at usual, adding one quart less of water with sugar an! pathy in caring for and laving away our beloved grower, an it lurmer tonfowi.

That Saltville Lodge No, the juice of one lemon. Have a quart fiber iP Hairdresser, of strawberries sugared and left stand ig ars and tobacco in town. 42-tf IN HIS NKW 8IIOI' ON MILL ONE IOOK NOHTH OK Travellers may learn a lesson from Mr. CD. Cone, a prominent attorney of Parker, Dakota, who says: "I never leave home without taking a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Dlarrho'S Remedy with me, and on many occasions have ran with it to the relief of some sufferer and have never known it to fail.

For sale by Myers A Co. ing for about two hours, when crush them and rub then through the sieve and pour over them through the sieve 59 A. F. A. and the jewell of the Jr.

Deacon be draped in mourning for a period of 30 days. Further be it Kesdvtd. That a copy of these resolutions be sent to the Barnard Times and to each of the Beloit papers for liny your School Books at l'etro's Drug Store. 80-tf Art clothing house. the gelatine.

Whip up a pttj aft nail oi cream, stirring it lato Ute publication. tyiUiort llonea and Oroimd.ta tlae, whan put it into a fans aa4 aat It All kinds of fruit, nuts and confectionery, at J. C. Watts'. 42-tf II.

T. Tatum, Ch'm Com. oajpe, erve wita or without traam. 'ELOIT, KANSAS 'V.

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