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Beloit Weekly Courier from Beloit, Kansas • 5

Beloit Weekly Courier from Beloit, Kansas • 5

Beloit, Kansas
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at -interest No com MISSION at BAlNK OF BELOIT. Farm Loan at 8 per ce At a meetlntr of the City Council last jUlTY AND poUNTY JJeWS, Tuusdav eveninor. II. Middautrh ten GREEII dered his resignation us City Clerk, as NASH OIIARLESWORT II, PLUMBERS AfJDSTEAM FITTERS CENTRAL lIHANCff, MO, PACIFIC. -ALSO DK.W.KliS IS.

Wholesale and Retail Dealers in juaorr tijik tahlk. It Intt'i'lerud Urn nincii with in otner business, to take effect August first next. We have no hesitancy in sa ing that, especially in his clerical work, Mr. M. has had, or will lie have, no superior in that office.

Careful, methodical and painstaking, his books and records are modeln of neatness and correctness. There has been no person yet elected as Ins successor, John W. MoBride, late of the Cawker Journal, was in town last Mondy, having come down on tho morning train to meet Mrs. who was returning home from visiting in the east. John swears that he has quit the newspaper business forever, lie has engaged in real estate and money loaning, in Cawker, and we predict for hitn a successful career, as he has the element push and energy eitsential to make audi business successful, Hon.

II. A. Yonge, Renter of tho Klrwin land office, was at home, In Beloit, last Sunday and Monday, lie appears to keep steady in the newspa-Mr gales that are Mowing him up lor exercising his judgment as to which journals the final proof notices shall be published in. Couldn't our city council get rid of the $20,000 water tank bv swapping it off to somo brewer for a mash tub, or A splendid rain foil here last Tues day evening and inviiy into the night, which was enjoyed arid utilised by everybody, as the wells and cisterns in WROUGHT IRON PIPING, LEAD AHD SEWER PIPING Wind Mills, Pumps nnd Tanks, Chain Pumps, Cistern Pumps, Wootl Pumps, Siphon Pumps, Lawn Sprinklers, lose Carts, Hydrants, Street Washers, Lawn Fountains, Hath Tubs, Tubular' Welt Pumps, Steel and Galvanized Sinks. Our jood are all of the latest patterns and designs.

Plans and Estimates Furnished on Application. :411 Kinds of Repair fork Promptly Attended to, Material and fork Guarantee! Knat bound trains leave fioloit as follows: No. 04, Passenger train, (:23 a. (W train, daily exc'pt Sat. (W Stock train.

daily 88 Local frelg't, exc'pt West bound trains leavo JJeloli as follows: No. Oil, Pasafiiger train, daily. .7:17 p.m 01 (15 Local freight, daily. .11 87 Stock and through i'reig't, dally except Sunday ....7:00 A. si Freight trains dodocarrypHS9engers.

Free recliuing chair cars run on passenger trains Isos. til and (12 between lJHioit, Atchison, Kansas City and St. Louis. N. V.

Marsii, Ag't. the i ll were about exhausted nut it didn't Keeni to break up tho extremely hot weal her, hh the next morning open ed out us hot as ever. Dr. Steele moves to Ft. Scott, this we-k.

I). W. Soper will move into the house vacnted by Dr. Steele. to some tanner for a vat, taking in exchange any old rubbish of equal value? No; guess not.

It wouldn't even hold the stink, let alone the lluid. Through the kindness of E. A. Tay-or. proprietor of the Beloit Nursery, Hknrv Nash.

i6-8w HOOTII ClIAKLHSWORTH. we were favored with a lot of nico Absolutely Pure DRUGS AND MEDICINES PAINTS AND OILS, WINDOW GLASS AND VARNISH, TOILET ARTICLES AND FANCY GOODS, School Books STATIONERY. Jellies, preserves, honey, molasses. peaches from his trees, tho other day. Our better half also returns thanks to at John W.

Wood's grocery. Mrs. Taylor for like remembrance a few davs previously. If you want to Snrinir chickens, dried and salt meats of all John W.Wood's grocery. see something nice you ought to ride out to Taylor's nursery and see the trees bending with luscious fruits.

The CouitiKit job department has just turned nut a big lot, of posters, in Geo. and Gene Gillenwater pay for colors, tor our oia rnenci w. v. adoi-crombie, the pioneer of Saltville, announcing the boom in fine goods at his two vears of the Courier to compensate for loss bv boycotting. It begins to look as if the boycotting is a celebrated store.

"Saltcreek Bill" never goes half way when he wants a good It. C. KKTCHUM. K. WHAT.

KETCHX7M WRAY, Wa are now prepared to nmUe Loans on Farms in Mitchell County, And on Business Property in ieloit JT THE LOWEST RATES, And in the shortest time of any onu in Northwest a nuns. AIho ulleuj promptly to Buying Selling Farms and City Property. Correspondence Solicited. Queen City Meat Market, Beloit. Kansas.

15-tf Ketchum Weay. Sam. Banks will commence the sec thing, so when he wants a nice jou or printing he comes to headquarters. This job is done on muslin a difficult piece of work with one color only but here is where we step in with printing ond story on Mrs. Rippey's business house to-morrow.

It is to be twelve feet high in the clear. skill. We never follow; we always Col. Cooper's two houses a dwelling. lead.

Bring us your orders, and don't be satisfied with amateur work because it appears cheaper. on the old homestead corner, and a business house on Court street, are fast approaching completion. The latter will be occupied, on the first lioor, east side by Fuller, the harness man, on the Charlie Hamilton has sold his mer chant tailoring establishment to C. II. Also the largest stock of Simon Wynkoop is now domiciled in his new residence, in the Gabe addition.

The Third Ward House was closed up last Saturday, for the first time for several years, Mr. Iteeder moving out. Edward Basse, of Saltcreek township, will have a public sale, at his residence, 11 miles south of lieloit and one wile west of Saltville, on Tuesday, July 20th, 1887. Mr. Basse will move to lieloit soon.

W. S. Tuttle and family, left yesterday for St. Louis, and will visit elsewhere before returning home. Mis Flora and Lew.

Cuthberth, of Mankato, are visiting Judge Holt's family, this week. Miss Katie Holt, and Maggie Eck, returned from Topeka, last Saturday night. Dilworth's sell Bird Cages very cheap. Boy. Say, pap, what is that great high pile of stones up there on the hill whai got a wooden stove-pipe hat on it, eh? Pap.

'Sh that's a monument to folly, erected by the Fairbanks Company. For Canned Goods, go to Herrick's. Paul Casley is engaged in real estate business in Bfcloit, and has been appointed an agent for the thriving town of Wallace, Wallace County, Kansas. J. G.

Curtis, one of Webster's live merchants, went to Glen Elder, Mitchell county, Monday, on business. Webster Eagle. Mrs. S. II.

Fullerton. who has been visiting relatives in this city for some time, left for Denver, last Monday. The Russell Review gives the sad west side by Mrs. steeies millinery Harp, recently or Minneapolis, who will continue the business at the same store. The second story will be occu place.

pied with offices. A. MANIFOLD Lew. Best has filed the plat of his WALL PAPER fine addition to the city, ot 32 acres, the DEALER I2nT- old Cameron tract just north of his Conductor Quimby, of the Solomon branch of the U. P.

railroad, is taking a vacation for a run over east, going first to Chicago. A conductor from the main line, named Crabbe is taking Q's run while the latter is absent. residence. It should be dubbed 1 he Best Addition. CROUP.

WHOOPING COUGH and 1 1ST Northern Kansas. W. A. Milton, of Tescott, Lin Bronchitis immediately relieved by Shiloh's Cure. Sold by Green Co.

8 coln county, is tne city visiting with his brother-in-law, Duncan McKechnie, and other mends. It was this gentle' SHILOH'S CATARRH REMEDY. man's wife who died last Sunday a a positive cure for Catarrh, Diptheria and Canker Mouth. Sold by Green Co. 12.

EveryMy will flo well to week ao, to which sad event we referred in a short item noting the fact, last week, that Duncan drove to Minneapolis in order to be present at the funeral WILL YOU SUFFER with Dyspep of his sister. The deceased was a well Ik iFSE! 4 hmmX 13 9 55 sia and Liver Complaint? Shiloh's Vitalizer is guaranteed to cure you. known lady here and in this county, as Mrs. Mclntyre before her marriaue to our poils. liny of us, and we will saye yon money, We will not be Mr.

Milton, whom she married at the residence of her other brother, Archie sold by Green uo. a SHILOH'S COUGH and Consump Mc Kechnie. Mr. Milton gave us a good tion Cure is sold bv us on a guarantee. particulars of the young son of Mr.

and Mrs. J. T. Banker arowuing in a cistern, by falling through a trap door visit, last Tuesday, when we sat and talked over army experience, and his is an interesting one, indeed, as he was one of the sufferers in the rebel hell. wnicn was used as a cover.

UNDERSOLD. Andersonville. It is needless, perhaps, to say tnat ne is wiin us condemna It cures Consumption. Sold by Green 0 A NASAL INJECTOR free with every bottle of Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price 50 cents.

Sold by Green Co. 10 SHILOH'S VITALIZER is what you need for ConstiFation, Loss ot Appetite, Dizziness, and all symptons of Dys Mrs. Lew. J. Best and daughter, Edna, started for Cliatauqua, tion of old Fatty who proposed to re turn the rebel nags.

Mr. Milton will remain hereabouts visiting for a week las' Saturday evening, lor a six weens visit and recreation, doing Niagara Falls and other noted places in the route. Lew. accompanied them as far or ten days, and then return to his farm as Kansas City, returning home last home. Mr.

Newt. JessuD. of AVorthmerton. pepsia, nice 10 and cents per bottle. Sold by Green Co.

7 We are Agents for the WHITE and DOMESTIC Sewing Machines. Green county. is visiting H. C. Owen and other friends for a week or two.

Mr J. thinks of taking in southwestern Kansas before returning to the Hoosier state. Monday evening. For Trusses and Shoulder Braces go to Emmert's Drug Store. 4-tf Cha's J.

Johnson, dealer in Grain and Live Stock, at Solomon Ilapids, was in town last Friday, and gave this office a friendly visit. He is quite happy over the vote on the bonds in his township. Wm. Driesback, the barber, is laid up with a sprained foot. Sorry to see At last the city council has got its FOR DYSPEPSI A anil Liver Complaint, you hhve a printed guarantee on every bottle of Shiloh's Vitalizer.

It never fails, to cure. Sold by tireen 13 For Canned Goods, go to Aber-crombie Herrick's. Farm Loans, per at Bank of Beloit. 32tl' back. up.

uead tne proceedings of tne 20th. Go for 'era, boys! It was partly tne issue upon wmcn you were elected AND SPECTACLES. The waterworks are no good us they now stand. THE BANMBELOIT. Authorized Capital, $50,000.



WALKER. him iti that condition, but his custom English Spavin Liniment removes all Hard, soft, or Calloused Lumps and Special Attention Given to Repairs, and Everything Warranted as Represented. Blemishes from horses, Blood Spavin, ers will hnd his shop runninit under the management of another barber. McCutchin, the furniture man, be Semi-Annual Statement of the Bank of Curbs, splints, Sweeney, unes, sprains, bore ana swollen Throat, uougns. etc, lieves in being in the shade, at least a BELOIT, KANSAS.

MAIN STREET, Save $50 by use of one bottle. Every part of the time as he has erected an awning in front of his stores. Dottle warranted by a. uray Druggist, Beloit Kas. The Beloit Courier office printed the large bills for the anniversary cele All kind of Mower sections for sale ESTABLISHED 1873 OFFICEES A.


J. BROWN Cashier. bration. It is as fine a job of as by E. H.

Dilworth. FOR RENT! Beloit, Beloit, Kannai, at the Close of BuKlneei, June 30th, 1887. ASSKTS. B. $100,974.77 Due from Hanks 41 ,762.1 1 Fixtures 1 658 55 Cash 22,621.08 $233,017.11 MAHIUTIKK.

Capilal Undivided l'rollts 2.0W.44 Due Banks and others 22.40tl.78 Deposits 181,940.04 I hereby certify that the above statement is could be turned out of any office at Atchison or Kansas uity. Downs Chief. We have a good houae with seven rooms which will be for rent after Au Elmer Hegg, formerly of Beloit, but gust 1st. Stevens Stevens. 2nd JSP Store.

BANKING HOUSE CAMPBELL, BEST CO (Successors to CAMPBELL BBOS.) BELOIT, KAJSTSAS. THE OLDEST BANK IN THE SOLOMON TAjULMH TRANSACTS A GENEBAL BASH-iXG BV8INE88. now or JNew YorK, is visiting nis old acquaintances in this city. For all kinds of fresh groceries, call on John W. Wood.

correct. C. J. linowx, Cashier. New and second hand goods bought and sold.

Auction and Commission, SnhsRi-llied find sworn to before me this 1 SI DO A GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS BUY AND SELL Foreign and Domestic Exchange. City, Township and County Indebtedness Bought. receivesTeposits-LOANS MONEY. day of July, 1887. A.

Mead, One of the Baker brothers, either C. or II. (we can't tell them apart) and rornry rumiu. Commission expires O-li-'SC. North Mill street, opposite Third Ward House.

22-lm Jl. v. Dwver. of Ashervme. rave us a friendly visit last Friday.

The Baker E. II. Dilworth have a lot of Gasoline Stoves that they will sell below Exchanges Bought and Sold on all Points in the U. S. and Ifurojft cost.

boys are doing well with their lumber business. A fair second-hand piano for sale Machine Oils very low at Dil worths. cheap at the 2d H3T store. Go and Purchases Notes and Makes Col FOR SALE OR TRADE. MONEY LOANED.

DEPOSITS RECEIVED. peclal rates to Stockmen and Feeders. Highest rates paid for Bonds, Notes and.Morigitg. Collections will receive Bpeolal attention, Loans made on improved farms at lew rata cf Interest. iook at it.

A large, No. 1 well broke horse mule, A select stock dried fruits at John publication notice. To Colin Cameron, of tho territory of Arizona, and Simon Cameron, of the territory ol Arizona or State of California, and the New Hampshire Fire Insurance Company, of the State oi New Hampshire: You nnd each of you will hereby take notice that you and each of you have been sued in tho District Court of Mitchell County, Stale of Kansas, by tho National Loan and Trait Company, of Topeka, Kansas, by its petition filed in said Court on the 15th day ol July. A D. 1887, in an action wherein the said The National Loan and Trust Company Is plaintiff, and Andrew J.

Markley, Stephen A. 1) Markley and you and each of you are defendants; That you and each of you must answer or demur to said petition on or before Ihe Third Day ol September. A. 1). Agency, American Insurance Newark, N.

J. The London ozLond, color Diacic, years old. II. C.Owen, Beloit, Kas. lections on all Accessible Points, Ticketsto all Foreign Parts Sold- W.

Wood's grocery. Fresh Vegetables every day at John W. Wood's grocery. ESTATE DEPAETMBNT. BELOIT CITY.

Business and resident lots In all purts of the city forsale on ounj lorm. CoRMSPONDKNTS-Kountze N. Bank of Commerce, Kaasas Oil, Missouri. Interest Allowed on Time Green apples, oranges, lemons. Acs.

Deposits. dates, raisins, candy, nuts, at John BELOIT. KANSAS W. Wood grocery store. A.

FATTEN, old nan franh When, by reason of a cold or from Whu Baby wm lick, fatr When ilie wm a Child, the cried for When ehe became Miss, the clang to Castoria, When ehe hid Children, ihe gars them CMtorU, other cause, the stomach, liver and kid' become disordered, no time should be lost in stimulating them to action. Ayer's Pills act quickly, safely, COOLEY HcINTYRE REAL ESTATE Reliable Meat Market and surely. Sold by druggists and deal 1887, or the same will be taken ns true, and ludgnient.will be rendered in said action declaring the sum of Eight Hundred Dollars and interest thereon at the rate of twelve per cent, uer annum from Ihe 1st day of March, 1887, to be due the plaintiff upon the note and mortgage sot out in its said petition, and to bo a tlrst lien upon the following described real estate situated In Mitchell county, State of Kansas, to-wit: The northwest quarter of section thirty-six (H0), In township nine (9), south, of range seven (7) west of the sixth principal meridian, and foreclosing you and each or you from claiming any interest in, title to, or lien ion said real estate, and directing that tho same be sold according to law, and that the proceeds of such sale be applied to tho amount found to be due upon Ihe noto and mortgage set out in plaintiff's petition. ers in medicines. For Canned Goods, goto Aber crombie Herrick's.

For Canned Goods, go to Aber- AND crombie Herrick's. The largest assortment of Beltintr in LOAN AGENTS. Wall Paper of every description frrtm t.lm moor, nlprranf. Hapnruf inna tn western Kansas for sale at Dilworth's. STAHHAUUll, HUK1J A DKWKI, the cheapest paper in the market.

Call and see at Emmert's Drug Store. 4-tf Attorneys for I'lainliff. Will pay more for Etrtrs than anv 23-3W other firm in town, at the 0 and 10 cent Hoe? In Loan on Fairtle Terns. ALESMEM store. 15-tf Money to Loan on Farms.

21-tf John Meiil. Money to loan on Chattels at rates. Office at City Scales, Beloit, 14-3m G. Bolon. PURE, HEALTHY CRYSTAL ICE.

At the old stand, on Mill 8tr4, east side, just sontb of allej tween Court and Streets has been opened ap affatn nrr business, by Old Man Who will continue of icu to wrr WANTED! Farm and Ciiy Property for Sale. By thi eldoft.lvrwt hM knewa Mumrlei ln thiWwt. 1 1 pr For Paints and Oils of every description go to Emmert's. 4-tf John W. Wood keeps in etock fresh and canned fruits.

Call on A. W. Hiekt lor Chattel Kfoaej. mm I1IR CUBLUUIBTB MMI- HM HA Frank Lutz, successor to Geo. Franz, secured an abundant crop of clear ice, this winter, and will serve it out to customers in small or large ordtrs.

He will, as usual commence delivery at residences at the earliest appropriate time. Lear orders at the Queen City Meat Jtorket. 7-tf OFFICE ON COURT ST, JUJN -X-itt-A, in the market. anA-Uiai Orr Post Office, JctWa Street, i cub price for bidM For Canned Goods, ro to Aber-crotobit) ft Herrick's. "RT A "KTR DOO't fWltt CQEKmEO Democrat OBot.


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