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Beloit Weekly Courier from Beloit, Kansas • 5

Beloit Weekly Courier from Beloit, Kansas • 5

Beloit, Kansas
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THE tl. A. II ALL. Beloit July 20th, 1802. At a called meeting of the members THE APPL OF DISCORD.

bTr Unre Kvs't Tliua It IU linen of the Young Men's Christian Associa Tim Tb) of the fj. V. It lieloit. t)2 Passeriner. Daily Leaves 8 :55 A.M.

04 Accommodation Dally except Sunday 2:00 r.ii. ea Accommodation Dully ex- cept Surnlav Arrives ...,11:20 a.m. 61 Passenger Daily Arrives 7:00 p.m. T. II.

Jones, ARont. tion held at tholr rooms on the above tiiiurtw of Trouble, Thero ar somo people who, with tho dato, Mr. Ensminger offered Lie reBig BANISELOIT. nation as Presideut, which was ac best intontlon in tho world, have an luveteruto habit ol getting themselves Into troublo by talking whan they should keep still, ot saying ft little too much or not enough. Thoy are like the cepted.

frenchman who did not understand our idioms, and who said something PAID UP CAPITAL, $50 COO. malapropos at a social gathering. Booing that ho had broken a conventional rule he attempted an apology. His American friend laughingly said! DIKIECTCme: 'Whon we lot tho cut out of the bag wo never try to crowd it in again." A. N.

oCHUSTKK, G. W. TORT Iho i'ronchman at ones became an C.J. BUOWN, J. W.

WALK hit, gry. CENTRAL 1IKANCU. MO, PACIFIC, BELOIT TIME TABLK. IAHT HOUND, No. 404 l'assengerf 0:25 a.

m. 422 424 Local Freiiiht 8:50 a.m. WKST BOUND. No. 403 Pa3seiigurt 7:10 p.m.

421 Acconunodiitlonf. .10:30 a. m. 423 Local 6:30 p.m. Dully.

J)ally except Sunday. Trains 403 nnd 404 carry piissengers between Stockton. Lenora, Kansas City. Atchison and Beloit. Trains 421 and 422 cany passengers between Downs, Atchison, Kansas City and lieloit.

Trains 423 and 424 cany passengers between Ureenleaf, Downs and Beloit. Free Reclining IMiair Car Is run oil trains 404 and 403. N. W. Marsh, Ag t.

w. 11. YO It I US. "I zeo no cat, and no bag, what you mean, ha?" ho nuked. Tho Downs ball club lost their little $25 purse, yesterday, after all their figuring to save it.

Clifton 18, Downs (I, 1h the way the score is reported. Married on Tuesday July 20, 18112, by J. O. Hlrt, probate judge, Mr. Fred X.

Meredith and Miss Joale lUen-hardt, both of Glen Elder township. Charles Austin, of Hastings, has traded for the Brewer livery baru at the corner of Court Street and Horsey avenue, giving a farm Cowley County in exchange. Mr. Austin is having the barn fixed up in various ways, a new coat of paint being already put the front. The preseut lessees, Messrs Baker and Spellman, will continue to run the barn.

Our democratic friends got out the band last Friday night and serenaded their candidate for congress, Hon. D. A. Freeman. Mr.

Freeman carao out into the "middle of the road" and made a short, energetic speech, In which he told them ho was going to congress; he kuew he was becauso they were all go ingtovote for him. Ho was on trial; the people were tho jury, and they were going to render a verdict in his favor. He then Invited the boj Into the olllee of the Avenue hotel, where they smoked campaign cigars and played delicious music. J. S.

Miller, of lieloit', came here last week to look after the Y. M. C. A. work.

He led the meeting at tho rooms Sunday afternoon to the edifica A. II. Ellis went to Westmoreland Itiat Monday, Seward A. Jonea made a trip to Minneapolis last Tuesday. See notion of "Midget fanning Mill In another place In this paper, Dr.

S. Klncald and wife were visiting in Dolphos last Sunday, Andy Manifold had another attack of his old rhuomatio trouble yesterday. Tho Vocaphone band, six pieces, went to Downs yesterday to help celebrate, Take your Family Recipes and Prescriptions to the Bunch Miller Drug Co. Quite a number of Beloit people at-tended the Downs Anniversary Celebration yesterday. For Pure Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils and Books, Call on the Bunch Miller Drug Co.

Henry Bollman and family have been visiting in Cawker City sluce tho lhat of the week, I am now prepared to place Farm Loans, at reasonable rates. 2f)tf J. T. Barnes, Act. Mrs.

F. M. Filson of Hamilton, Mo. is visiting her parents and other relatives In this city. She will remain several weeks.

Harry Petro has put in a stock of dnis, in connection with his other business in the Postolllce building. Here is another case. A lady of this city who has only one child, a beautiful little girl, remarked to a lady, an ao J. W. WALKKR i'mildm.

0. J. MHOWN si. W. KKlSKlt Asst.

Cashier. Irwin Stanley was unanimously nominated and elected president for the unexpired term. D. M. Mclntyre nominated and elected Vice President.

Cecil Iloudyshell nominated Hiid elected Secretary. Resignation of J. Miller as General Secretary read and accepted, to take effect Aug, 02. Motion that tho President appoint aconynittee of three to look after rooms and see that the same are kept open until a General Secretary can be obtained. Cecil Iloudyshell, Robert Monroe and W.

G. Dickie were appointed as this committee. The following resolutions were then adopted: Jiesuloed, That we, the members of the Young Men's Christian Association of Beloit, Kansas do hereby express our earnest and heartfelt thanks to our retiring President, Mr. Ensminger for his noble efforts and ellicent work in behalf of our association, we eaiiiertly hope that the Master. Christ whom he serves, may give him grace, faith and courage to always defend tho right as he has done while presiding ollicer of our association.

And while we greatly regret the departure of our beloved President from qualntanco, that she was going to the photographer's to get tho child's picture taken as a birthday prose nt for tho father. A few days later the acquaintance met tho couple in a dry goods store. "Oh," she said, thoughtlessly, "did DO A GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS you get a goal ploturo of Mabel?" piTY AND poUNTY JEWS. rlump went the npple of discord into their midst "I did not want her papa to know; it is too bad!" said tho mother. BUY AND SELL Foreip am DomesticExchange.

Tho fathor only whistled and looked unconscious A man Is soldora Hut the young wlfo could not dis guise her annoyance and regret City Township and County "1 had boen months planning to give him that picture, and now it is too Indebtedness Bought, tad." To tho apologies of hor friend sho G. B. Southwlck and wife started' Monday morning to Colorado, where only replied: RECEIVES DEPOSITS. our midst and deeply feel the bitterness "You have dono your worst You might have knewn I did not want it spoken about." of parting, for as President or Member he was always ready and willing to further each endeavor for the pro LOANS MONEY, motion of our association and the up building of the Master's Kingdom. And we do most heartily recommend him to tin association at Highland Purchases Notes and Makes Collections on all Accessible Points.

Iho relations batween them have never been harmonious since. Tho fruit did its mission of mischief only too well. The apple of discord Is a social bomb, It is usually thrown by a woman, as befitting, and it is not one of tho regular weapons of war. Woraon are notorious for lack of skill in throwing missiles, but this effort nevor fails. It is Kansas.

And to the faculty of which he is now a member, we recommend him as a man that is in every way capa Ticketsto all Foreign Parts Sold ble of filling the position and an earnest tho unexpected vrhMi is always hap untiring worker in his chosen profes sion, and a warm hearted christian Interest Allowed on Time Deposit EELOIT. KANSAS gentleman. lie it farther Resolved, That to our pening. Thero is an afternoon tea, and when there is a lull in the conversation somo too vigorous thinker suggests the possibility of nn interesting criminal who is undergoing trial being hanged. Instantly there is an awful silence tho apple of discord lias fallen.

All re they expect to remain a few weeks during the hot weather. We have undoubtedly the bestselect-ed stock of Perfumes and toilet articles in the city, Bunch Miller Drx; Co. Robert Mahaffey started to Darlington, hist Monday morning, to visit a few weeks with relatives. Rob. has not been home for several years.

Large Cloth Bound Books, good Paper, good binding and good titles for 25 cents, The Bunch Miller Druo Co, Miss Ilattio Wilson left Monday morning for St. Joseph, where she will visi.t for a week or two before going to Highland, at which place she will attend school the com-iag teAn. Fly Paper, Insect Powder, Paris Green, Chloride of Lime Carbolic Acid and the Disinfectant Solutions at the Bunch Miller Drug Co. Every one should see tho little wonder, the Midget fanning mill. It is a grader, a cleaner, and a separator.

On exhibition two doors south of J. M. Grotz store. Spend a cent for a postal and write tion of the good audience present. His talk was well liked by those who heard It.

Monday morning the board of directors held a meeting and employed him as secretary to take charge of the work for the coining year. The prospects lor a good year's work by the association are very (littering; and it is hoped that more good may bo accomplished in the year to come than has been done in the past year. The interest in the work appears to be good.and Mr. Miller takes it in hand at an auspicious time; and it is hoped he may have the co operation of all our citizens and churches in tho cood work. Stuart (Iowa) News, July 20.

The excessive hot and dry weather has induce our people to try the skill of the rainmakers. The Goodland company was telegraphed for last Monday and the men got here Tuesday evening. Yesterday morning they took possession of a small house in the north part of town, and commenced operations in the afternoon. Whether by their efforts or from some other cause, tho clouds gathered in the afternoon yesterday, and a good rain fell last night. It is the prevailing opinion however, that the "rainmakers" did not commence their operations soon enough to have produced rain so soon.

One thing about the rain last night, which is not usual at this season, was the almost total absence of thunder and lightning. Wo are thankful for the rain, let the cause be what it may. The Downs fellows seem to be afraid retiring General Secretary J. S. Miller we return tho thanks of this association for his untiring efforts in our be, half, for to his able and efficient man membered that a remote ancestor of the hostess was hanged a hundred will You agement we nr" mni iKteu lor our present standing.

And while we feel years ago political crime. The smartest jingle of the tea things will that words are ii.adeqnalu to expiiess not cover up tho awful mischief that our feelings, wo ln most earnestly and has been done. Tho msts have not sincerely tender him the thanks of this reached what Thackeray called "cab- wit, and will have no soothing re Association, not only tor the business sponse ready until to-morrow when it like manner in which lie conducted the ail'airs of our Association during the term of his offiice, but also for the will bo too late. An antidote to the poison would have been very simple. To liave quoted the sterling truths of the gospel that he so Bpeecb.

of a past distinguished man dearly loves and we feel that through Dr. Johnson, was it not? who. when and by his efforts the Association has ho asked hi3 wife in marriage, was told by the lady that one of her ancestors been raised to a higher plain of Spirit ual freedom and we do most sincerly the Kansas City Business University, had been hanged. To this the doctor gallantly and sensibly replied that although none of his regret the change that has taken our ancestors naa ocen nanged, ho was sure that plenty of them had deserved Brother Miller from us and earnestly hope that through the help of the faith which is so cherished bp our beloved of our ball club. They failed to answer the letter sent by the manager of the hanging.

SpendTonr Vacation? The BURLINGTON ROUTE has on sale round trip tickets at greatlv reduced rates to DENVER, COLORADO SPRINGS, SALT LAKE, SAN FRANCISCO, PORTLAND, YELLOWSTONE PARK, ST, PAUL, MINNEAPOLIS, SPIRIT LAKE, BLACK HILLS, PUGET SOUND POINTS, and to all tourist uoints iu COLORADO, UTAH IDAHO, MONTANA, WIOMING, DAKOTA, MINNESOTA, ALASKA and CALIFORNIA. For rates and further information, address A. C. DAWES, Gen'l Pass, it Ticket St. Louis, Mo.

"I saw your husband at tho theater Kansas City, Mo. for catalogue. Fall term begins Sept. 1st. We pay railroad fare.

22-8t Joe Cohn, one of the popular traveling men, and who has been viniting th is to wn for several years, as quit the road and bought a half interest in W. C. Geenen's meat market. He will go into the shop on the iirst of August. Beloit team until they had made on Tuesday night," a giddy girl re arrangements to play with Scottsville, to a young wife on whom sho is Brother he may yet be led to higher and wider fields of usefulness; and to the Association at Stuart, Iowa, we recommend him as a faithful Secretary, sound in the faith, an able earn calling.

then they told our club they were too late. The whole business seems to be "Oh, no, that is impossible. lie was in tho hands of W. II. Landaker, chair at his office all the evening.

I remember perfectly, because I wanted to go est worker always abounding in the man of the Amusement committee Why not qualify for a good position, to tlio theater that night myself," an word of the Lord. On motion the After the other members found out by taking either a Business, Shorthand swered the young wifo in startlingly distinct ttfnes. Largo Cloth Hound Hooks, good Paper, cood binding and good titles for 25nits, The Bunch: MitLKU Duuo Co. For Farm Loans apply to 20tf J. T.

Darnes, Agt. Take our Family llecipes and Prescriptions to the Bunch Miller Drug Co. The lowest rates given on Choiice Farm Loans by T. Bauxks, 29tf For Pure Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils and Hooks, Call on the Hunch Miller Drug Co. The leading institution of its kind in the West is the Kansas City Business University, Kansas City, Mo.

Send for catalogue. 22-St "We have undoubtedly the best selected stock of Perfumes and toilet articles in the city. Bunch Miller Drvo Co. Why not take a shorthand course by mail of the Kansas City Business Un versityV Bend for special circular. Trial lesson free.

22-St Every man having a beard should keep it an even and natural color, and if it is not so already, use Buckingham's Dye and appear tidy. W. II. Mitchell and family and Mrs. George Mitchell came home from Little Bay, last Monday night and Mill spend the remainder of the summer in Beloit.

Fly Paper, Insect Powder, Paris Green, Chloride of Lime, Carbolic Acid and the Disinfectant Solutions at the Bunch Miller Drug Co. Nat. I. McDowell who was visiting his parents in this city since last Friday, returned to Salina Tuesday morning. Nat is traveling for the Fuller Electric Belt of Salina, and meeting fair success.

Mrs. II. Dilworth and the children left Tuesday morning for Colorado Springs, where they expect to remain for two or three weeks. Ilamer accompanied them as far as Clyde, returning homo in the evening. If you expect to attend school away from home, write the Kansas City Business University.

N. E. Cor. 0th and Main, Kansas City, Mo. for largo catalogue.

Departments, Business, Shorthand, Typewriting and Telegraphy. A lady, whose hair came out with every combing, was induced to give Ayer's Hair Vigor a faithful trial. he did so, and not only was the loss of hair checked, but a new and vigorous growth soon succeeded that which had gone. Mrs. Ora B.

Shively, wishes to infoim her many patrons, that she is now prepared to do all the plate work they want done, and would be dad to have all who have been waiting to come in at once as she has a new assistant in the labratorv, who is proficient in all lines of work. The ladies of the W. II. M. S.

of Solomon Rapids will have an Si fashioned quilting at the school house on Wednesday Aug. 3rd. All the ladies of the neighborhood and others are invited to attend. Como expecting a grand social time. Bring your dinner basket and stay all day if you can.

Robert Munro is agent for tho new political book, "Men and Issues of '02." This is a very complete work, treating on all tho leading issues of tho day by giving the views and opinions of the most able exponents of tho different questions treated. Tho subjects of Free Trado, Protection, Silver Coinage, Reciprocity, Bi-Motalism and tho Mc-Kinky tariff bill, are all treated of in a most able manner in thi3 work. It ia also a complete portrait gallery of the leading men of the nation, containing 00 half-tone photographs on heavy i super-calendered paper. The book con-S tains over 010 pages, is bound in satin 1 cloth.stamped with tho national colors, and soils at tho remarkably low price of When Robert calls on you give him an order. It Is a book you need.

that Scottsville had been selected, they made a kick, and he then ruled Scotts meeting adjourned. D. M. McIntyre, Sect. Protem or Telegraph Course? We aid our graduates in securing employment.

Now it Is no part of the modern Eris ville out and put in Clifton. Some of the Downs people, however wanted to Write for catalogue and particulars. 22-8 Kansas City Business University. The special taain on the M. P.

was see the Beloit club play, and a request No Help for Millionaires. A good Alliance brother while talk who throws tho applo to help undo the mischief it has caused, and she, too, asseverates: "My dear, ho bowed tn mo; I could not bo mistaken." Do you suppose she is ever forgiven for tolling the truth? Not a bit of it was made of the Beloit boys that they go to Downs on the 28tli and play the pretty well loaded yesterday morning ing to a Beloit gentleman last Monday about the rainmakers, said: winners, who would put up the purse with people from different points on the road, going to Downs. A number of the passengers were loaded on the Tho husband, too, may toll tho truth "Those fellows are getting about all the jobs they can handle, aint they?" on his side, that he ran to see the last act after his business was finished at won on the 27th. Acting on this request, the president of the Beloit club telegraphed to Landaker on Tuesday asking him if the Beloit club could have return last night." the same The other gentleman answered. "Yes.

I understand they have about all they tho office and forgot to mention it to his wife. No harm would ever have can do." SOLID como of it but for tho applo of discord SSI a place in the game Thursday. To this Landaker replied that the game for Thursday had been arranged, but thrown, perhaps, with malevolent in Must be making a pile of money-more than they know what to do A base ball tournament is Deing arranged to come off about the last week in August in this city. It is the intention to have some of tho best clubs in the country here to compete, Further particulars will be given later. mm THROUGH TRAINS tent.

Come to think of it, tho apple is re with, I expect." that several other clubs were expected to bo there and our club might arrange sponsible for a great deal of mischief "They certainly make money if they 'ROM- in tho world. lieforo the golden apple are successful." was thrown to the most beautiful lady, Don't bo discouraged about that "Well that lets me out. I just won't for a game if they would como. It is hardly necessary to say that our boys did not go. From this distance it looks Kansas City and St, Joseph eive a dollar to help make a million aire out of anybody." and by creating envy won Its name of the apple of discord, it was a source of trouble.

Tho most beautiful woman in tho world as she was tlio only one- got up a scene in the garden of Eden TO- llano Hull Meeting. by indulging her appetito for tho applo of knowledge. Uenorous, as most worn' on are where men are concerned, sho gave Adam a nito, and tho mean fellow St. loahu Chicago, Omaha, Peoria, ST. PAUUand MINNEAPOLIS told of it and laid tho blame on tho "woman that Thou gavest" and she A meeting of the Beloit Base Ball Association will be held at the Courier office on Friday evening July 20th at 8:00 o'clock.

Matters of interest to every member will be considered and all those holding membership in the association are urged to attend. A.E.Ward, R. I. Palmer, Secretary. President.

has been blamed ever sinco. Whenever we go into tho presence of our fellow men and women let us search our pockets beforehand, find that miserablo applo and throw it away. Or we can eat It ourselves if wo Pullman Palace Sleepins Cars. Free Reclining Chair Cars. like that kind of fruit But it would bo a good Idea to follow tho examplo of tho small boy who was asked by a eczema till you have giyen Ayer's Sarsaparilla a persistent trial.

Six bottles of this medicine cured the complaint for George S. Thomas, of Ada, Ohio, when all other remedies failed to afford any relief. Little Harry Lindenmeyer, son of John Lindenmeyer, while watching his father at work on the Second Ward school house, Tuesday morning, fell from somo part of the building and broke hi3 left arm. The little boy is about ten years old and the wound is a very painful one. At the Y.

M. C. A. meeting last Tuesday night, Mr. J.

S. Miller, who has been tho general secratary here for the past year, tendered his resignation, which was accepted to take effect August 1st. At the same timo Irvin Stanley was elected president of the association to take the place made vacant by the resignation of Mr. Ensminger. Cecil Iloudyshell was elected secretary to succeed Ed.

Cowman. A reception was given, Tuesday night, at tho Y. M. C. A.

rooms, in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Ensminger. About one hundred and fifty of the best people of the city attended and a most enjoyable time was had. A hand chum for a bite from tho apple he was farm for Sale.

Northeast quarter of Section 1, Solomon Rapids township. 70 acres in cultivation, good house, pasture, plenty of water. Price $1700. 23-Ct W. C.

Johnson, eating. IIo shook his head. "Then gimme tho core." very much as though the Lowns boys wanted to keep that little $25 purse at home and did not care to take ciiances with a club that would be likely to win. It lias been felt for years, by many leading citizens, that a reliable record of pioneer incidents and authentic sketches of early settlers of our county should be made, that tho many incidents may bo preserved and those to come after the present generation may have some definite information as to early settlement of the county, and to whom they are indebted for the present advanced state of civilization. The undertaking has been of too great magnitude for any one man to attempt, but wo take pleasure in announcing that a company of reliable and from Peoria, 111., have boon interested in the matter and are now at work collecting the necessary material for the same, by having personal interviews with old settlers, and representative clizens, and searching such printed matter as will supply data.

This company make a specialty of publishing similar works and an examination of their works will satisfy anyone of tho excellence of theso volumes. Tho book will bo one possessing great valuo to every citizen, and should bo found in every library. Please examine any historic data you may possess and when Been bo assured of its authenticity and correctness. "But thero ain't agoin' to bo any coro Only One Change of Cars" TO Tlio Atlantic Coast. to this apple," answered tho small boy, Mrs.

M. L. Itayno, in Detroit Freo Tress. Tho average Chincso laundryman can nevor understand what you mean whon you try to explain to him that ono of your shirts has got into somo body elso's bundle by mistako, but his The Best Line For Xew York, Boston, Vh iladdph ia, Washington, C. E.

Boorer, of Stillwater Minn, takes the position in Ora. Shively's Dental office formerly occupied by J. M. Coulter. He is a regular graduate of an eastern college, and her many patrons will find him not only proficent in every line of the buisiness but also gentlemanly and willing to oblige.

They are now ready for the work that has had to be postponed this last three weeks. Come in at once. knowledge of English is perfect when ho needs to mako you understand that you owe him thirty-sovon cents. Soiuorvlllo Journal. AND ALL POINTS NORTH Amy EAST some silver Berry Dish was presented Head of Firm "Mr.

Travors, while you wore out a man enmo in to collect a bill from you for an ulster, whlchMio said had boon running for a year. Can't you pay for your clothos, sir, out of tho liberal Hillary wo glvo you?" Travers "No, sir; 1 can't do it and bo a gentlomtin." Clothier and Furnisher. Mrs, Ensminger by the ladies of the association, Mrs. C. II.

St. John make-ing the presentation spcocli. Refreshments were served by the ladies A. C. DAWES, General Vasncnger Agent, St.

Louis, Mo. District School Report Cards on sale at this office now..

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