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The Times from Columbus, Kansas • 3

The Times from Columbus, Kansas • 3

The Timesi
Columbus, Kansas
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Cutting Affray. THE TIMES. TOWNSHIP CONVENTIONS. The Greei.i'ckers of Cherokee town ship jvill in the city hall, in Weir Chy, Saturday. Jan, 28th.

at 2 p.m., for the purpose of noir town-hip offi The latter part of Inst week a young man named Byrd attended a religious meeting in Pleasant View township, and after starting JUBILEE SINGERS Programme. Gleanings from "The Wyandotte Daily Clipper." Our literary Is getting very interesting, i Abram Coffin i- hauling lumber for the purpose of bui ding a house. The Instltuce school, we understand, J. F. McDOWELL, Editor- Columbus, January 12.1881.

for borne he was pursued and overtaken by SPIRITUAL SEANCE. Banjos, Violins and Guitars Waltz Around the. Room, Twanging Discordant Ac- cornpaniments to the Audience's 'Sweet By.and By," "Home Over There," and other Songs, Etc. five other ycung men who him and cut him with a knife in four different places has organized a debating club. I.

L. DOCTBLEDAr. Jf.RITTER. After reading The Times, it looks like on bis person in the left hand, on the right arm, right side and right shoulder. Finding wealth, and not educition, governs the PAKT J.

Chant Tne Lord's Prayer. "Steal Away to Jesus." I "Clipping of the Angels' Wings' Melo-dramatic Solo and Chorus. Selected. Meet me at the Roll a' and Rock a' Dem in o' Ills Arms' himself disabled in his arms and hands, be 1. 2.

3.s 4. 5. 6. measure ot every man and every man's' influence. 'It It does, we ought to be escaped by running away from the gang.

Singular as it may seem- no more serious filTTEB DOUBLEDAY, COLUMBUS, KANSAS. (Transact a GENERAL BANKING -taught how to zet rich, not how to think charge is made against this gang of cowards Taeconv of The Times sent to our By Special Invitation, ye Times scribe attended a "spiritual peance" in'thls city a week ago last Saturday evening, at the five against one than that of assault and "skule" by the teacher, C. T. Dana, is a battery. 'We have not learned the particu present that the "skule" never before en African Cla83-meeting Hymn.

7. "Old Ark is Moving." 8. Exodus Song: -We are Going." 9. Selected. lars of the affair.

The preliminary esami cers. The Greenbackers of Lowell township will meet in convention at Galena. Monday, Jan. 23d, to select candidates for township offices. In Mineral township, the Greenback, ers meet at the Murphy school house on Saturday, Jan.

21s', at 3 p. to select candidates for township offices. The Greenbackers of Pleasant View townsh will meet at the Pleasant View school house on Saturday Jan. 21st, at 1 p. m.

to make nominations for township offices. The Sheridan township Greenbackers will meet iu convention ut the Morrow school house at 1 p. 111.. to nominate candidates for township offices. F.

M. B. Amos, member of the Greenback committee from Lyon township, authorizes us to state that the Greenback. residence of Mr. Goldsberry.

We had long desired an opportunity to witness joyed. It la giving us an Interest in the question that interests every one else a knowledge of what is going on in the the strange manifestations peculiar to nation will be held before ISquire Samins to-morrow and the county attorney will be present. 'i. i 1 The facilities of this office for turning out Buy and sell Drafts Bonds, County Orders, Ew. Good Notes discounted and -money received on deposit.

i Will give special attention to the wants oi those engaged in the stocfc business. these spiritual seances, and readily ac- world around us has never been taught here Drevious to Mr. Dana's term of I flA WAOA AM hlD AAtll Oi AM ptcacuu uii kino uvnoiuui any and all kinds of iob work in first-class school. We like the new branch of tu dy very much. At 8 o'clock Invited guests to the nam- ber of about twenty had assembled in the PART II.

'Oh, Yes." "Joshua Fit de Battle of Jerico" Hymn. "Shouting in the Kingdom." Selected. "Gospel Train." "General Roll-call." -tyla, are- unequaled in Cherokee county When, in need of cards, B'ate meats, letter heads, note heads, dodgers parlor, and, after arranging the curtains 10. 11. 12.

13. 14. 15. Our business is carefully managed and all persons ha7ing business to transact in our line, are cordially invited to call. COMMERCIAL" PAPER DISCOUNTED.

JNO. W. MAY, H. D. JA3.

W. MAY, M. D. to exclude all moonlight, seating the per poster, you can do no better than to sive Times a call. Our work is our Weld? has given the people on the Creek the ultimatum In the matter of whether they are to be supplied with a daily edition of bis papers February 1st is the limit and if our little friend's purse does not assume a sons in a circle and laying a banjo, violin and guitar in the laps of members of the recommendation.

ui ers of Lyon township will meet at the circle, the arrangements were announced All kinds of Patent Medicines at DR. J. W. MAY SON, PHYSICIANS Gt SURGEONS, COLUMBUS, KANSAS. plethoric condition by that time he suspends 1 complete.

P. Anderson Drug Store. Itf his daily edition and goes back to the week Mr George Search, of Wichita. Kansas, All calls attended day or nighty city orcoun- the medium, then entered from the sit ting room and took a seat in the middle Residence, one door south of Christian We received a nice list of subscribers from Galena Tuesday morning Our friends ly. We would be Sorry to lose the daily visits of Weldy's paper, but his experience is only that of every other newspaper man try.

Attention, sportsmen Office, one door south of postoffice. Keelville Jottings. Mr, J. S. Gillespie has his house nicely church.

3-29 tf I have in stock a fine lot of Shot Guns down there are manifesting a lively interest of the circle, and, after glancing around the circle, directed that the; larnp be extinguished, leaving us in 'pitch darkness. of good quality which will be sold Amos school Saturday evening, Jan. 2Sth, ir the purpose of nominating candidates tor township officers. We are authorized to say that th Greenbackers of Neosho township' Will meet at the Jones school house oil Saturday, Jan. 28th, at 2 p.

in. tor the purpose of nominating candidates for township offices. We are authorized to say that Greenbackers of Rosa township will meet id convention at the Cherry vale plastered. Wilson Brown done the work. in Thb Times, which encourages us very much.

Dr. A. J. Egy, of Siloam, was shaking he realizes that papers cannot be run by wind. 'f Leis' Dannelion Tonic will not cure Consumption when the disease is cheap, Any kind ot gun desired of any pattern or priee will be ordered on a Local Events.

hands with friends In Keelville last Sat- -New and fresh Drugs constantly ar Mr. Search then said that he did not ask any one to believe in Spiritualism, but it would be necessary for each person in the small commission. Call and see guns or urdav riving at T. P. Anderson Itf i catalogue.

The game law does about as rauca gooa Rtf 7 viFntrir room to observe certain things snd act In The best and cheapest Black and Lu thoroughly established, but, by improving lhe digestion, stimulating the.emunc-tories to healthy action, restoring lost brain and nerve power, thus improving Hethen directed each porsm as the whisky law. Why don't somebody; harmony. bricating Oils a T. P. Anderson do something? otocis.

01 wrucenes ior oaio. Has there ever been such a winter in tht memory of ye oldest inhabitant? Physicians' Supplies, Hypodermic Syringes, Fever Thermometers, Bandages, Trusses. Surgeon's Plasters. Throat Brushes, Holders, at Itf T. 1.

Anderson 7 The undersigned will sell his entire school house on Saturday evening, Jan. 26th, at 7. p. to select candidates for township officers. Go ti th Post Office Clothing Store if you want one of the best Trunks that tue general health, it will arrest that fell I mg a complete circle and keep their Miss Erne Cool was up from the Indian diease in its incipiencv.

It comes as near feet flat upon the floor. These conditions Territory spending the holidays with old stock of Grocerie Queensware, for The Greenbackers of Crawford town being a "cure lor consumption any- being complied with, silence ana uark I acquaintances. i made. California Canned Fruit 30 cts. at J.

ness reigneci supreme lor a lew. mo w.E. Brooks invited a number of his thing ever compounded. ments, without any manifestations of any frien(j3 to die witi, him op New Years Smith's. lltf ship will meet at the Stone school house Saturday, Jan.

28. at 7 p. for the purpose ot nominating candidates for. town Go to J. H.

Smith for your groceries, at Lamps, Lamp Fixtures and Coal Oil at P. Anders Itl kind. At the request of the medium, the Hon. C. Webbert came over to town he sells cheaper than any other man in day, on the occa-ion of his fifteenth marriage a universal.

ship officers. Saturday, and says the roads are in tb Cherokee county. lltf andience sung, "Sweet By and By," and at once the manifestations begun. The instruments raised from" their resting worst condition he has ever seen them in hair New Implement House An agreeable dressing for the this county. hat will stop falling has long been sought places and went soaring around the room Mr.

J. Stephens, residing north of Em pire City, in town Monday. Mr. Stephens informs us that he is hemerorth Greenbncker, and his whole neighborhood is down with the same complaint. It occurs to us that if our neighbor wants Mrs.

A. J. Lembv has returned home after a pro.onged yisit with relatives in Nebraska, and Mr. A. J.

looks as happy as a big sunflower. In the north part of the county there are some little Piggs, Shoats and Hoggs The Teachers' Association of the south. above the heads of the circle, twanging tor. i'arker'8 fciair liaisam, uigiiiigiusn- John Deere flows and Cultivators, an accompaniment to the music, and all ed for its purity fully supplies this want. cash, or part cash and balance on time.

Good stand and in good room. Only reason selling is poor health and a contemplatable change ot climate. G. A. Jonks.

South side square Columbus Kan. lltf. hemoval Notice. In order to get room to enable me to carry a larger stock ot Farm Implements und Or.iss Seeds, to meet the increased demand, I have secured and now occupv the Jay building, on the southeast corner of the square, where I will be glad to meet my old friends, and extend a welcome to new ones. Will open in a short time the largest stock of implements carried by any house in Southern Kansas, and will make prices to meet competition anvwhere.

12-3t A. Hood mound the circle persons would feel gen "I would rather listen to the New Or and Corn etc. We hereby announce to the farmers of eastern district of Kansis was held at rard on Wednesday and Thursday, the 28H and 29th ult. The Association was attended by the teachers of Buurbon, Craw. tie taps rpon their arms, knees, heads and faces.

The instruments-sometimes school, and in the south part leans University Singers than any that hKve ever visited this ci Prof. Win, to pursue the policy he mapped cut in bit-last in reference to our bogus bonds, he will get all he wants and some to spare his I there are. some little Bulls. one, two, and all of them at once were ford and Labette counties. Prominent Cherokee county th it having for the present discontinued the grain business.

Fisher. Philadelphia. floating around the room, descending and I It is again reported that Cal. Hoffman among those who took' an active part were friends. If there is any one thing we spe Mr.

M. Williams, of Shawnee township, gently tapping or bumping the members I Maggie llainer were married last the teachers Scott, Parsons, Oswego we are in the market with a full Hue of Wagons and Farm Implements', including of the circle on their heads, or resting I week. when the boys find it out bas been suggested as a suitable man for Girard, Cherokee, and Prof, Flanner of the Trustee of that township. Money is one of Columbus schools. The Associetion meets the famous John Deere and Cultivators, besides Corn Planters, Harrows, cially delight in, it is to get up a first-class row with a fellow when he is spoiling for it and when we are in good fighting trim go more than half way to meet him.

If "you take Leis' Dendeltion Tonic the cleverest fellows in that township, and is next'year at FS Scott. fcc. prices are as low or lower than well qualified for the position. for a moment in their laps, and when for sure, better you looks a ltedle oudt. moving a constant twanging of the Died, 111 Mitchel.

Indiana, Nov. 19, 1881, strings was kept up. By the direction of ly.iliain Erwin, aged 76 years, father ot the medium or members of the circle, the our worthy townsman, Capt. Erwiu. 1 instruments would go to certain person learn that the deceased was born in Ran- Eight pounds good coflee for 1.00 at J.

II. Smith's. lltf Mr, Lane Williams, of Phawnee towsshp. first-class goods can be bought Ht any house In Southeastern Kansas. We Lope, by keeping flr-t-clnss good and fair dealing to merit a share of your patron was in town Monday; He takes three copies and rest, or gently tap them on their dolnh county Carolina Barbed Wire.

Fanners, I keep the best Barbed Wire fn the market, galvanized and soldered from end to end. Sold by the Ron, and not by the pound, and at the very lowest of The Times, and called to "whack up' for them. See the tew plan of loaning money and insuring in Saunders, Householder Avers' advertisement in thi3 issue. Itl in t7o years thereafter, with his paients, age Call and see us. emigrated to Indiana, where he continued Office and salesroom w-st side, square, Women are everywhere using and rec i ou will almost invariably escape them'.

It fortifies the system against the digestion, purifies the blood and regulates the liyer. School Books, and- all school supplies at Branin Columbus Kansa3. Sewing machines, sewing machine cash price. to reside until his deuth.und was the old -st continuous citizen and voter in Mari Columbus, Kansas. An unadvertised and positive citre f.r 8-tf J.

L. VlfcRFCK. 14 2t C. F. CAPKLLE CO.

Catarrh Dr. Svkes' Sure Cure.1' ouiending Parker's Ginger Ionic, re cause they have learned from exper ience that it-speedily overcomes des nondencv. indigestion, pain and weak on township, where he lived at the time Money To- toan. 01 the dmission ot Indiana into the It flies on the wings of the morning. On Improved Farms and City Property.

Union. IIe was one of those brave, spir tess in the oacK anu Kiuneys. anu uuier neat estate Bought and sold bv goo'd news ts well as bad. always. We mean the fame ot ''Dr.

Sykes' Sure Cure needles, repairs and oil, at Branin Bros, book aDd news store. ited, iron-nerved, hard-working person roubles peculiar to the sex. Home Jour II.C.MENTZEK ml. who cleared the forests, helped to roll the of Office East Side PublicSciuare. if.

COMPROMISE- logs, built the flat boats, and belonged to Fresh Oysters and Celery at J. II heads. Sometimes the movements of the Instruments would cease entirely, and all would become quiet, and then two or three of them would suddenly start up and dart about the room with great rapidity, dunging and making a terrible noise, bumping the ceiling or against the walls aud suddenly cease again, and to start them the circle would have to sing again; To test the medium, and prove that he was practising no deception, a number of the circle requested him to go to The Times scribe and put himself in a position to prove beyond a doubt that he was not manipulating the instruments. After signaling liim and direct-ing him which way to come, Mr. Search found us and seated himself in front of us.

He then placed his feet and knees between our own, and then plac ed both of hi? hands on our knft and that worthy class who, with rugged prin Smith's. lltf Jleroember that this office takes no back scat on job printing. Every desctiption of this important- branch cf the profession ese-1 California fruit 30 cents a can at J. Smith's. lltf.

ciules of honesty and economy sterlin PAMKRS' SUPPLIES. Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes. Glass and Wall Paper. I have a large stock of Pidnfers.sup-plies Putty, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes and Artists' materials, which aro offered positively cheaper than ctn he had anywhere else. 1 have a I irgeand well a sorted stock ot Widl Paper, of ull gtade, shades and Miss Jennie Lacock of lathe Is spend Salamanca Townchip Bonds.

sentiments ot potriotism, and self-sac: inar the winter witn ner sister, jurs, ticing industn, lai' the solid foundations I wish to say to those desiring to bor Mentzer. cited in modern style. Remember this. All Kinds, of Grass Seeds, Fresh and Pure, for sale at Che Implement Se Store of 1 ot A. 'loop.

The oldest inhabitant cannot remember a winter, so far, so m'dd and pleasant as this one has been. MARRIED Harris-Lincoln At Gi of the future greatness, p'osperity and row money that I have completed ar Full stock of 'fine W.nes and Liquors, glory of the now proud state, of Indiana rangements by which 1 am prepared to for medical use at P. Anderson And tne name of no departed citizen de furuls'i money in 7 days after application Itf to be held in more grateful re with interest and commission as low rard. Kansas, Jan. 1.

1S82, by Judge James Smith, Mr. A. Harris and Mrs Lincoln, both of Girard, Kansas. of the most unique and latest designs. metubrance than that of the deceased.

Keg Syrup $2.40 at J. II. Smith's, any one in the country, and desire I also carry a large stock i Wind nv have you remember that 1 will make It Mr. C. Saunders, ex-county clerk, and Great Reduction in Prices at an object for you to call and ee me be Glas3 of all size.

Call and get estimate for new buildings. tnd for painting and Mr. W. I. Branin, news dealer, of our city, Baxter Springs is to have a paper, and regular old-fashioned boom is to be organ fore making arrangements elsewhere.

the P. 0. Clothing House. left Tuesday morning for a two months 8 j- repairing residences and business lioines. ized.

Having done away with the old vexatious called i manifestations, and at once the guitar commenced a rapid flight around the room, and after placing our heads together guitar came and gent ly tapped us on our heads. At the re Notice. J. W. Vanvalin is no longer In our employ.

BLISS FULTON, Columbus, Jan'y 5th, I8S2. Why the Citj Council let the citj printing to the lowest bidder? Let the paper fellows cut their throats as well as stonemasons and carpenters. Trunks and Valises at the Postoffice Clothing Store, cheaper than ever. lOtl door'south ot L. VIereck's hard journ in Florida.

Cap. Butler left for Leavenworth, Tues jnow, is the Time Buy The- Times subscription list continues to delay of taking your application and mortgage and set ding them east to find ware store, southeast coiner of the square to tike ch irge of a child, left to his Columbus, Kursa.3. I42t II.W.MOORl-:. Bring on the Money, and Get an quest of the medium, theie were slight cure by a deceased brother. some one who has money to loan.

You sign your papers and get your money at the same time. Give mt a rail and see erow, steadily. Our edition each week i larger than all the other papers of the coun ty combined. We are unavoidably one day lata thi Overcoat for light" manifestations very small Hashes Go to the Post Office Clothing near the ceiling. The medium said by what I en do.

Office over Bank iu To 11 hum it May Concern. The statement made in the Courier and get yourself a new suit. watching closely, faces were sometimes Times olHce. C. II.

COAN, week, owing to the laic arrival of our news $14 00 worth $18 00 9 00 .14 00 7 50 10 00 3 00 5 CO revealed in these lights, but we were no Jns ice and Legal Blanks at Branin week about me taking any purt in tho J. P. and Legal Blanks, at Branin book and news store. piper Money To Loan rewarded with any manifestations of that Book arid News Stand. bond matter, el her for or ugaihst It, kind.

VVre cary the Boss Stock and Make the Also a' fine line of Caps, Gloves, Jean absolutely false, and without a shadow ot A. W. Jay will give special attention to loaning money on Real Estate, Buying and Selling Farms and Town Property, After continuing the cirtle for about Boss Prices, come to see us and save Pants, and Gents' Underwear at Brttom Meeting" at Thb Times office to-morrow night for the purpose of completing the or truih, as eve one knows who was pres an hour, a recess was had for about five money these hard times. Prices. Now is the time to strike, while minutes wit out lighting the lamps.

Af Peel, Galena, Ks. 13 ent, and was published for the sole purpose of injuring me in my business relations. C. II. Coax.

the iron is hot. 14 AITCI1ISON McCLAIN. ganization of a Greenback club. All and persons in favor of the reforms advocated by the new party, are and Fire Insurance. Office at old-stand Southeast Corner ot Square, Columbus.

Kansas. 40l. ter resuming the circle, all efforts by re Sewing Machines, Needles, Repairs having returned to town, he will now manage one of the prps in uid-icg the old Democrasie "tacky" to keep on its feet The faces of the Democratic and can leaders ot this -county, as hey gne up on that "exodus lis tV; as it 'groves, lengthen iu corresponding ratio. What has become of the Courier editor's- quests or songs failed to persuade any and Oils, at Branin Columbus Teachers Examination. further manifestations, and finally lights cordially invited to be present at the meet ing.

Get your prescriptions filled at T. P. School Reports. Lowell school, f.r month enlirg Jan 6th: There will be an examination of teachers were brought, the circle broken, and the Here's the wny WelJy comes at bis people Anderson Drug Store. Itf at the school building in Columbus, Satur guests departed for home.

on the Creek in the matter cf sustaining hi Eurollment, 83; itverngi enrollment, 77; pf The world-renowned Jubilee Singers) of New Orleans, who have sung all over We attenoed this seance' as an. unbe We are receiving our fall stock of goods. day, 28, 1882. cent, of attendance, 87; average attendance, paper: rein-tins with you to any whethe it shall be a rubber stamp, job office, week Call and see us. Murray Fostkr.

69. Roll of honor: Fannie Renick, Martin liever, and after witnessing the manifestations still remain an unbeliever in the Desening Articles are always appre Hibbard, Florence Wariington nnd Ada Pe ly, daily or all four. 4 We study to p'ease." Europe, will be at the M. E. Church Friday night, January-13th.

The boss place for bargains in Cloth ciated. The exceptional cleanliness of 43tf Subscribe for your papers through ters. Sallib Hi'TsKLt, Teacher. We suggest that a petition be started asking Parker's Hair Balsam makes it popular. faith of those who hold to the doctrines of Spiritualism; but, in all candor, we must say that in these manifestations a trial of the ''rubber stamp." That's about news agency, Columbus, tree-planting scheme? Of course it has n.

connection with the settlement of the bo-id question, but will our neighbor tell who hi is agent fur in the proposition to plant tree and lay out a I desire that all those indebted to me Gray hairs are impossible with its rccas- Branin Bros. Kansas. ing and Underwear. Shirts and Gloves, is School District No. 83, for month endin.i tonal use.

at the Postoffice Clothing Store. lOtf there was 4 decided touch of the super Weldy'8 aize. And, after second thought we guess the difference could not be distinguished. Jan 6th: Eurollment, 32; avernge attend Do you want Wagons? Do you want As a nervine Leis' Dandeltion Tonic is Bring our Eggs, Chickens, Tnrkeys, Plows? Do you want Harrow. Cultiva ance, 23; cases of tardiness iis neither absent n' turdy, reading, A fat Pig and Potatoes to Short Creek hud most valuab'e.

It cures wakefulness, de natural, la reasoning from cause to effect, we must say no person in that room could, by any means whatever, have produced the touches that were felt by sev If you want to buy goods potatoes go tors. Corn Planters, Spring Wagons geogrtiphy, 3, grammar, spelling, get what 'hey are worth and buy Dry- pres8ron, loss of api etlte and that multi to J. II. Smith's. 11-tf Buggies.

Ii Fact, anything In the Farm daily recitations. 21 cases corporal punish to come f. rward and settle their accounts at once. I want to start in on the New Year with books all square and balanced up. I can extend no favors in the way of credit to those who show no willing goods Clothing, Boots and Shoes ot Implement line? Do you want u' bar tude of discomforts occasioned by a dis ordered, nervous system.

visits from patrons oi sch ol, 1. Paper and Window Shades gain? if so, call on I4-3t A. Hoop. Peel. 13 A pples, Oranges- and Lemons at J.

II full stock, cheap than ever at Branin Leis Chemical Man'f Lawrence At. Crdtchbtt, Teacher, Dntrbt No. 59, month ending Dee. 23J: R. H.

Lawton, Real Estate and Insur Brothers' Book Store. eral persons in the circle simultaneously at times, the rapid manipulation of the instruments, and the selection of certain individuals in the circle, without stumbling or falling and exposing themselves to detection. The diameter of the circle ness to square their accounts. 12-2t Julius L. YiERECK.

Smith's. lltf. ance Agent, also Land Agent for the K. take pleasure in saying to you that I and very many of my friends have used Full line of School Books and school From Union School District. Pupils enrolled, 41; average attendance, Ft S.

G. R. R. has an office In supplies at Branin book and news 34; pupils neither absent nor tat dj: Elba Ed. Times By request of the patrons of th -drug store of T.

Anderson Co. Leis' Dandeltion Tonic, and always with good effect. The idea that its sale or use store, Columbus, Kansas. your excellent paper in Union School Dis I the stone building on the east side of C-nrod, May Jenkins, R.e Campbell. lillie is a violation of the ohibition ot Kan Alexaiidt-r, Bertie Edmonson, Eddie Rich trict, which comprises all the territory north the public square.

Columbus, Kansas. was not over ten feet, and the medium sat in the center of it. No person, however much of an expert he might be in tricks and legerdermain. could have ma is exceedingly foolish, as it is in no sense Dandelion Tonic at T. P.

Anderson it. General Real Estate, Collection, Insur It is the height ot folly to wait umi you are in bed with disease you may not get over tor months, when you can be cured during the early symptoms 'by Parker's Ginger Tonic. We have known the sickliest families made the healthiest by a timely me of this pure medicine. Observer. of Empire City, and east of Spring river, I send you these items.

ard; pupds whose avernge attendance, puoc-f utility and deportment wag 95 per or above: Mary and Jimmy McCIure, Mellio and May Jenkins, Elba Courud, Myrtie nnd ance, Conveyancing and Notarial business transacted. 52tf This is solid Greenback neighborhood, intoxicating, but entirely medicinal. D. SHELTON, Supt. Bismarck Grove.

Kansas City, June 4th, 1881. and we earnestly desire the success of the movement, which now seems to be within A ureenoacR duo organization was Guy Harvy, Gertie, Florence and Alice Ly effected in this city Friday night. Constitu. drick, Birt Wilson, Eddie Richard, Bertio our grasp. nipulated the instruments as they were 111 their rapid flight.

Mr. Search traveled for several years with the celebrated Dr. Slade, and is said to be one of the most powerful mediums in the world. He informed the circle that he could produce the same manifestations In daylight with one per Col. March, H.

R. Crowell and John M. ion adopted, officers elected and Our people had a very enjoyable Christ Edmonson, Dillie Alexander, James Crow- meetings arranged for ench week. The mas tree on Christmas eve, under the su der and Roe Campbell. club will meet at Thb Times office on Fri- pervision of our school, assisted by the pa ty night of this week.

Job work a specialty at The Times office. Last Thursday night a farm house situated abgut seven or eight miles southwest nf the town, took fire and burned down In the mnming the charred remains of the old gentleman who lived there alone, was din. covered in the ashes. His name was Steph- A. M.

Boyik, Tencber. Pleasant View School, Dec. 30th: Pu trons and friends of the school. John Williams makes a jolly Santa Cluus, Miss Min Attention I ahmkhs. A Car Load of son in the room.

A gentleman present one of our business men informed us that he witnessed a similar manilex nie Stephens an excellent postmistress, and pils enrolled, 35; average attendance, 25; NEW MILLET Seed coming thi week, will be sold reasonable. Get your or Billy Stephens as editor of the "Union tation in daylight a few days ago in the Time3," acquitted himself well, and got up classes in rcuiing, geography, arithmetic, grammar. epelltiig recitations, daily, a7; en roll men less than last ders iu early. 14-3t A. Hood.

Mf. Search says I en Clark, and was about eighty-two years presence of Mr. Search a spicy puper. old. An inquest was held py J.

H. Jenness A Sad Affair. I am sorry to say that John George has In talking of suspending his daily edition and going back to a weekly, Weldy savs: 'If the town cannot support a weekly we'll give our attention to the job office. ShoulJ that prove too rich for" their, blood we'll run a rubber stamp a few trips, thence to a stencil plate." Just your ctdibre, Weldy I Happiest thought of ycur lifel Why didn't you think of it sooner? A rubber stamp or a stencil plate is just about your capacity It might not suit the people of the Creek, but it would be nearer your size than anything you have struck since you -gave up the rattle-box and were soothed with the sugar-teat. Weldy says he is "neither pauper, beggar or If he bad put his declaration in italics the people might believe hftu.

When physicians have made use of a prescription for years In. their private practice with certain success, it is a duty they owe to mankind to put such remedies within reach of all, and this is don by such is the case with Dr. Sl.erman's Prickly Ash Bitters, and they have proved to be a blessing to ni.iijki.i'l. 13-3i month, but attendance bettor, and more iutereit maui ei-ted on the part of the pu sold his entire farm of 575 acres, and will soon move to Missouri. a justice of the peace of this city, but as ye' 1 clue has been discovered that would indicate that a crime had been committed.

Cooper wers up from Baxter Monday. Good tea 2u cents a pound good sugpr 101-2 to 12 pounds lor $1.00 at J. II. Smith's. Titf.

SiipcrinfenJent Leggett since' the 15th of November has visited thirty-nine schools and delivered eleven Mr. Leggett ia one of the tm-st hardworking superintendents the county evnr had Courier. Gliid to hear that Mr. Leggett is industrious, but soiry to know that he cannot have the snrport of the Courier nex fall. When our neighbor! ws' in the 'stilks" lu'st fall because bis candidates would not ''come down," Leggett suggested that a page in True Times be hired for the campaign, and a man chosen to edit it.

Then it was that our neighbor swore the awfullest biggest oath that he would settle Mr. Lrggett's hush tor him when he came up for re-election. Hence we are sorry that Mr. Leggett will be deprived of the support of the chief organ oj lia party. that these seances have a very wearisome aud exhaustive effect upon him.

We noticed that while his hands were placed on ur knees, his whole system seemed tube under the pressure ot a severe nervous agitation, ne also produces communications by Our school, under the supervision of Mr. 8. Hurrey, resumed business on the 2d Mr. C. H.Coaa and Mr.

L. A. Vincent hav formed a copartnership in the practice after a week's vacation. Mr Louis Childress is preparing tt move A sad story comes fr-iu bleasenl Vine township Several uii-mbers of a family named Manly, vera sick, and lust week ono of them, young lady, died But few of the neighbors knew of the condition of the family. The.

father was eick ai.d almost at the point of death. The neighbors gathered in and while niiuii-tering to the jick and preparing the dead for burial, (he fluor gave wny, precipitating the whole household into the-cellar, sick persons, the corpse and visitors, all in a confuted mass The father was removed to another houso-1 but died in ft few hours after removnl, to his farm on Shoal Creek. He and Mr. Genrge are among our oldest and most respected citizens. pils; Henry Skeen, Edgr Hudson, Frank and Liwrence Little, Gforgo Scott, 8mitb, Allie Albro, Charlie Wager and Euricn Irvine, reached 90 per cent, ou es-animation, deportment und attendance; vi.

its from patron, 3. Ed M. Davis. Teacher. Powder and Shot.

A full supply of the best quality ot Powder and Shot at J. L. Vk-rcek' hardware store, souihwcat corner of the qimre, Columbu, Kansas. tf slate-writing, producing fae simile Imttd writing and signatures of departed friends. As we attended the seance simply for the purpose of gratifying our curiosity, and having spent a ry pleasant evening Mr.

J. Stephens ia wintering about of law, loan and real estate business, and have their office in thn Times aactum, And still the "exodus" moemeht continues and the list lengthens, this week it is illuminated with the names of two members of the Democratic county committee, Mr. Gibbs, of Loda, and Mr. Dougherty, of fifty mules, and if uny one wants to study natural hirt let them stop at Stephens' among the "spirits," we give our readers about feeding time, Hut keep at a respectable distance. Zakah.

the benefit of our observations-.

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