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The Times from Columbus, Kansas • 2

The Times from Columbus, Kansas • 2

The Timesi
Columbus, Kansas
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MARRIED. THE TIMES. LIFE 'D'gATH '-'O AH FIELD to light under his pre schlep. came tue "Weaver Meeting," ia August, and scores felt uuder tbe sledge hammer blows delivered against Uie ua- tioiiul banks and monopolies, by our Jf il- Kisbii Cam la this city, iTember 6, i. KOtiX -aiw Fr--.

1 Oflt J. F. McDOWELL, Editor. 1381, hj AH. Skidtnore, llr.

L. Kihbee and Mist Mattie E. Cain, all of this city. Bcbtojt tlcrniii At the E. parsoa.

age ia uter Springs, Kansas, Sot. IS, 1831, by Brr.J.M Iliff, Mr- C. A. Barton, of Jasper count, Mo, and Sliu H. II.

Haffaaa, of Lewell. Kansas. luut cbienain Gen. Wearer. Tua rue-1 Columbus, November 17.

1881 ing was also addressed by Col of, and Rev W. II. Anderson, a Grmuus trial commenced this week. colored man rrorn Terre Hau'e. The jury ol twelve was obtained ester Tlie Vrt September.

Col. day. The court rooui. i 4iU Le flilci returned to the county and de-to overflowing, but the crowd orderly livered nine speeches with telling tUVc" and quiet. During the last fow weeks ol thacaic- paign we were assisted by 'Ion.

A. E. C. Wells carried his own township gt. John, or Carthage.

who did ex-bya huge majority over both Sbxt and cilleut service and was the ineins of con- SUMMER ANNOUNCEMENT! BLISS 8c FULTON; Furniture Xealersn DIED. Miit Af his residence in Pleasant View liaricy, and then went up into Sheridan veiting many Tlie 1 c.d speakers were the home of both of his opponent, and j.lg. it. Maxey, (now deceased) candidate township, Cherokee county, Kansas, Saturday. November 5, 1881, at 6 a.

Mr. Jas. iiey, aged twenty-seven years. Mr. Mmey was bora in Kentucky.

He beat them there. Are just in receipt of another large and finely tock of Faruhur, emus to Kansas ia 189. His occupation been farming and teaching He mar and now hare on hand the largeHt and finest tine of A conference of Grecnbackers will be called to meet here in Columbus in the course of a few weeks, to devise plans for a more thorough organization of the county, and for consultation and a interchange of ideas. The meeting is beeu urged and suggested by nien from all parts ol the county. ried in 1876, to Miss Ella Martin, a daughter of Mr.

D. W. Martin, of Galena. He leaves the wife and three little ones to mrn his departure. Mr Maxey a man of public Spirit anil great energy, progressive in bis ideas, and earlj evinced a for county clerk.

II. C. Kelly, candidate lor register ol deeds, Chas. II. Coan.

L-A. Vincent, Jas, Skidmore, Samuel Nash, R. D. Ellis and the editor Times. We all worked and we haye a rich harvest.

As a party and as Individual workers the Greenbackers never felt more en couiaged and more determined to redouble their crgies than the present. Why, the battle has just fairly begun. Heretofore it lias been a series ol sKirm-ishes, but we have laid ou' the Democratic party stark anil si ill. and have the Republicans in dl retreat Just put it down now: The Greenbackers will clean the Republicans up nicely at tho next election. The leaders of that party el-, ady see the hand writing on the wall HAIRCLOTH AND CARPET LOUNGES.

CHAMBER AND PARLOR SUITS, PARLOR.DININGAHDKITCHEN CHAIRS, BUREAUS AND WASH STANDS. i very interest in politics A earnest stu dent and a rhiSe rmsoner ha aui nrtw 1m1 luniiae pniiuci nein una dm ny tlie Democratic party of which he was then a member. In 1876, for the office of County John Sherm.vx said in a speech 'at Cincinnati yesterday, that nearly all Llie ijuc.rtions which have divided the people have parsed away, that there was no cause tor ijuai iclliiig between Republicans and uiocrats The Uteeiibuek-ers have known this lor a long time, ami as there is teally no difference between the old parties, why should tliey quarrel? KITCHEN SAFES, ALL STYLES AND SIZES, Sura-rintendeut, when nly esty-two yeara i'H ii lid received 1,082 votes out of a total 2,579 v.ites cant, and would have been elected hud it nut have been that an inde pendent candidate a Democrat and third candidate was in the 6eU, and only received enough votes to defeat Mr Maxej. Lok oat for a tie Advertisement next week from HOUSEHOLDER who will open a Bout 'and Sbie itor in the room adjoining WhiterafYa Restaurant oa the touth, east aide the Secure, where jou will soon find the largest atoek in that line ever brought to Southern Kaneao. FflOM THE EUREKA PK1NGS, ASWAN.

SAS. N0V.4TH, 1831. CARPETS, OILCLOTHS, WINDOW SHADES, PICTURE FRAMES. CHILDREN'S WAGONS, WALL POCKETS AND BRACKETS. We will say for the information of our Cuurier friend that Mr.

was not About fuur years ago he espoused the Thinking: that a few items from this Oreenburk caus, and, nntil his death he was one of the moat zealous workers in the marvelous city among the hills might be of interest to considerable number of your readers, I will try to tell you cause in this county. His untiring seal and earnest devotion tu the cause inspired great confidence among his co laborers, and was something about Eureka. So many ol CLOCK SHELVES, your readers have visited this modern the means of converting many to the new politic fuith Mecca that a minute description might eem superfluous in fact, we are some Ou the 27th of lust August, the Greenback elected commissioner to serve any particular party 'or faction. He has no friends with axes to grind. It will be his purpose to serve the whole people and not rings and cliques.

In the matter ol county printing, (which more particularly Interest our neighbor than anything else) Mr. Russell 11 know no favorites. So far as his Influence goes, tho Courier will baye just as good a chance in bidding lor work as The Timks or any other paper. With him it will be a matter of dollar-and cents to Cherokee county, and not whether some ring must be sdUfied. One thing sure, Mr.

Russell will not sit by and see any dclinquen tax job pui times asked whether there is anybody left in Arkansas. ers in convention assembled, nominated Mr Maxey for the office of County Clerk, unanimously by acclamation. The noaiination came to him unsought, but be accepted it- Denver called the city of the plains, WALLPAPER, CHROIViOS, COFFINS, IN SOUTHERN KANSAS. Our of WALL PAPER it firet-o'aii in cfi-ry mpect, ind oVf Cincinnati, the Queen city and Baltimore, the Mouume ital city. This miht, with more from a sense of duty than a desire to benefiit himself and at once commenced a iropriety, be called the city of the hills, the Polly nillian city if we be allow vigorous canvass ot the county, but about ed to manufacture a word to meet the three weeks before the election he mm pros case.

eompetition a. to prieei. We are for ibe trated with typhoid fever. It was thought for a time that he would recover, but about up, such as Repu licau and Democratic commissioners have ground througu in You financial reformers may talk about watered stock, it if it were not for the the past few years. thirty-six hours before bis death he was taken with a relapse.

There ia no doubt but water Eureka stock would not be worth ten cents on the dollar. And do the wafers possess medicinal virtues? is, per-. what his disease was Contracted by expos THE RESULT OF THE LOCAL ELEC1 ION urcs and his hard work in the eampaiga, The campaign has ended elec ion haps the next inquiry. I answer, if they and eucr16ced his life for the cause be loved do not there is the greatest let of deluded held vo canvassed the pioper ROYAL ST. JOHN SEVIHG MACHINES, The Best in the We re also Agents for the celebrated MASON HAMLIN ORGANS.

These Orgam have taken the premium at all World's Fairs for the past 20 He whs a good citiien, respected by all who officials and the result declared, as produced elsewhere. The result is far difler people here, perhaps, that were eyer congregated together on this continent. knew hiui, nnd he will be missed by a large circle of friends. His life-work has ended One might imagine that a cyclone had ent liom that expected by our old pa ty but his good deeds will follow him swept over the laud and gathered up the maimed, the halt and blind, and dumped friends. While the Republicans succeed in winning he spoils, the ouly truly For Sale or Exhange.

the among these lulls; and hundreds of years and are undoubtedly without an equal. We pay particular attention to A good pair of Ponies, a Buggy and Tl- 1 them test fy to the beneticial effects of victorious party in the race is the Gree -backers. They have truly won a grand victory, as the result shows a great increase over tho vote of last ear, which FRAMING PICTURES, um ues, complete inquire Ol 4-G 2w JAMES WILSON, the wate Making due allowance for the immon human weafcnes for exag gerating, we still lmc many stubborn indicates a live, growing party, while the old parties haye lost heavily In tact the Guardian's Notice of Hearing acts. to Sell Real Estate BOTTOMING CHAIRS, CLEANING, VARNISHING, AND REPAIRING FURNITURE. All work done to order and moderate charges made for the same.

'1 he Eureka Springs Herald publishes To nil whom it mar concern, but to Bertha Stonei, DeVVitt Stoner, M. 11. Stoner, K. M. Stoner ami Arthur P.

Stoner, l.nia nt Uw .1 .1.,.. 1 a supplement, filled mostly with reports of an invalid association, composed Of Democratic party out'' entirely, and the Republicans are badly demoralized. Here is the way the vote stood last fall: brief statements ot cases and effects. late of Jasiior county, Missouri: You are here by itiitmeii mat atnertnu fc stoner. Uuard which trumped up certificates of ian of I and DeWitt Stoner.

minora, did We are practical undertakers of wide experience and respectfully offer our services to the publie. buy ouroods for cash, in large quantities, and some patent medicine man, but the ex perience ot (lie invalids as publicly given1 on the 14th day of November, A. O. 1881, file a petition in tiie Troliate Court of Cherokee county, Kansas, praying that I might be authorized anil empowered to sell the following deeeriled and. for the purpose of support and education MURRAY FOSTER flip accomplished editress of that pipe from first hands and give our customers the full benefit ol all reductions'.

herself claims to have been cur of one Garlield Hancock Weaver 855. Here is the way the average vote foots up this (all, taking the entire vote ol the six county candidates on each ticket as a basis for an average: llepublican Greenback Democratic 82(, It will be seen from the above that the Republicans have lost since last year 80S or about 35 cent; t' Democrats have Sao I iniuoiat, to-wit: ine undivided two tenths interest in and to the south-west quit. trouble, (ueuralgi 1 believe.) and is still treating for incipient cancer with a con Our motto is "LIVE AND LET LIVE." Our goods are all new, fresh and of the latest and best styles, and we cordially invite the publie to call and of Section 27, Township 81, S. Kange Si, of the Sixth 1'rincipal Meridian. Am Miid petiUon will he heard at the office ot the fident hope of a radical wire.

l'rouate or said county, on the IStbdav inspect our stock. 11LISS i FULTON. One of our old neighbors In Kansas re of November, A. I). 1881, at 1 o'clock, n.

of tuid day, at which time and place each of you and all others interested are notified to be present and show cause If any yon have why an marked, ih he would have given ail he had, or ever expected to have, to be re lost since last year 855. or more than 50 percent, while the Greenbackers have Southeast Corner of Public Square, Columbus, Kansas. orueroi as prayca rorBnoiua not ue grant, ed. Dated this Ht'h day ot November, A. gained over 100 per cent.

The following lieved of rheumatism; and lie is cured We also have the testimony of a man that lATUEi-Uil BTON1S, 4-tf2w Guardian, are the aggregates cast lor 'he 'several JULIUS L. VIERECK came with rose cancer, (nearly as large Dealera in DRY GOODS, NOTIONS. GROCERIES, BOOTS, SHOES, CLOTHING, offices: Kor tn-asurer 3.0-15: Sherifr.l.OOS county clerk 3,073 register ol deeds DR, BUTTS' LH2 Trea.1 Riuuu .4 i HAS THE LARGEST STOCK OF surveyor coroner or an aver 1 rputtlOa throufh th. manllMtl INDIICRETION.VypnitllBsrPitKhw nee of 3.050. Last year the county polled Ok a i rArLli hk.U 1.010' voles for President 1.200 iwirr thiiii this year.

La-1 year I he Grneiib ick- bwH. wiuivut Diuui HaniDnnr 'nuAMAni iifluaaai mm as a cocnanut) barely able to get there, whom we saw ut work, bearinst only a senr. Also cases-of born scrofula, ueuralgi sore eyes, claimed to be cured. Uti-iness seems to be overdone in some departments, and they rail it dull, but It would be consider' lively for ordinary town-v Even body is predicting a ig boom the cri'nin? summer. A $40,000 hotel is going up clo-e by the Basin IN THEC1TT.

CALL. ers were i lie ird party in the 11 Id and A ftcrfcctdtru' 1 aUUfiifilEllvU o( dlMU. that uflM 1U vlo- time for baslnn or nurlmM. Mrttutntlf wttti PATH NTS TREATED twrteaal eouaneli. ia ptvferrW, vkka la u4 Uvtt- this year theyaie almost tht lirst taking HATS AND CAPS.

second place with only nominal inajori Kemvvfcf W. B. REED'S ties over tiiem. itst the aa. Liet qaaatieaa a aaawara.

BT paiwlB Mamaf Inat. taall aaailad ffm ta, a4draaa an gYtnmm Mlartu tnm KarHar aka.14 mm tfcatrilL.a,V a4 lrm MaiaiaLaf Uatr arfraaUf. It to m4 a Ii ni etrtatlf aaaf aaatlal, aa4 aowiM ta aaanaaa landnitT. restore m-d back vote was only little more Mi ni one sixth of the vole of the rod My, but. tlii to COLUMBUS pring with ground entrances to each a "0 K.

BARBER SHOP," COLUMBUS KANSAS. 'Inor in fact it is a step of about two feet from the rock down to the fourth floor. TLCEXTW COLDGHE. PARKER'S .1. M.

Griffith. Clear towels and sh rp razors. None but firat-claHs workmen employed. GINGERTONIC Ao isqnUiUtv fr (ruit trfiini it)i tticwf)liotiftllj ImIiiik pvoperUi. ill U4 71 OaU.

AN IMMENSE STOCK OF CLOTHING JUST Pleasant Valley Items. Having xeen nothing in Ths Timks PARKER'S from this part of ihe county, I thought a few items might not be out of place. RECEIVED. GINGER TOIMIC THE BEST COOKING STOVE! i ean be purchased at J. L.

Vieieck's iiiam'i oth hardware store, south side of Wheat sowing is complete! in thi vicinity ml old wheat raisers predict a good crop for As Isvigsratlti IMIclis ftst lew lotoxlcatss. Thit delicious compound of Ginger, Buchu and many other of the beat vegetable mcdiciBCa known, cures remae Complaints, floi iiomom. Wakeful, ncu, and all disorder! of thebowtU.aVoinai:h,UvT, kidoeyi, nevea and urinary organ. lOO DOUUA.RS-Paid for aaythinf lajuhoui in Cinger Tonic, or for a failure to help or cur. Try i or yaw tick friend to try it To Day.

50c. and sixes at dniffiati. Larre aarmf buying dollar aiz. Send fur circulat to Hiacos 163 William Street, N. V.

nest vear Aslnvljsritcfli Medicine thit lever iBUnltitrs This delicious combination bf Itucim, Mundrulc. Stilliniiia. and many aiher of tlie Ik-si vtsb- remdiei known, cnw all fUsorden rf the buwcli, siQiuucii, liver, kiducys and luiifis, Ttii Beit tod Sureit Ciejk (urs vtr Bite. If vnu are sufTerine from Femala Comnlainti. itiie CTn-ns is leaching our school Our Line of Dress Goods Covers all square, Uolumbus, Kansas, thii winter, mid to 'far the natrons Seem to hi1 well satisfied with h(T methods of teach-iti-r VervoiMiiess.

akeUnneti). Miet.niHtUni iH-horn. year they poll more than one-third. I The Democrat a bad showing. Thei average vote this year is less than the Greenback vote of last year, counting the Hepublii'hn votes cast for Vauuiiu.

But give Vaughn the avenge of lie other candidates on his ticket, and the entire Democratic strength in the county will not loot up 800, or over 50 per cent less tnau it, was last year. The Democratic party is out of the race in future contests in this county. That is a laet thit is The doom of the Kepub lican party is settled, too. Due more turn of eel, will turn them Out, us sure as two and two are lour. Every Grecnbacker is lastly proud and exuberently hilarious oyer the situation, and in the result there is a compensation for all misrepresentaionsofo principles, the abuse and calumny that haye been heaped upon the new party by the nrro gantold party press and politicians.

Til adherents of the new partv laith can af ford to sufT. every thing for such 'victories as we won in this county last week, because they know their cause is just. Many things have contributed to th successful growl li ol Greeubacl.isiu in the Shades and Grades. GROCERIES, FEED AND I Satiifiea th most fastidious as a oeriecl Hair Rt treea are in lull bloom, and Some upestiiious ''fogies" tell us that this is an 1 ttorer and Dressing, Sold by all dealera in drug six. age nr anr diseabS or innrtnitv, rker'i (linger 'l'onic.

It -ill ttrenRthen bruin ai body and give yon new life and vior. lOO DOLLAHS Paid for anything injurious founS in Tonic or far a failure to help or cure. 6i-. an4 91 alc. tt In 4ni(.

lm Mvtairfcqvlnl hiAr. i iirvUi llittMk 4 iu-'i Ww.H..K.I I .1 rW and t. omen of evil, but what the evil is, we have PROVISIONS, TRT vLORESTON CO COG UK as asauMialr mnal I atrtuaat wilk aampllnaally kalia MuutUe. been unable to fiud out. Mr Hntsel, of M-nw; ing is.

called mi us just before the election He dd be never was so much Interested in politics as CHEAP FOR CASH We Carry a fall line of Boots and Shoes for Gents', Ladies' and Children's Wear. EMPLOYMENT Ii as been this fall, and that he was Qreen- AT backer of th dpes' If. M. PARKER'S HAIR BALSAM. FOR TO SELL A nOl'EHOLD ARTICLE.

WHITESIDE MEADS' Tho Post, ClcanaM nod moit Lcoooraical Hnr Drasing, fitter rauna KKion On South Side of Square, Selling Groceries Phices the youthful color to gray hair. and Si aucaat Idnifiiits county. In the first place, our pr nelples are right, and a majority of men in all fliriski Ciltne, Columbus, Kansas, i parties know and acknowledge them to A otv and iMdlif ly frtv Jrani tutj iwitu mtiu rue t4 Tic. Donation Party. Kd Times Tlie id people of Bixtet ri made 'lie pa-tor of 'hi" E.

Chnrelt and wife verv pleis int Riirpri-e call on tlo tlie eveninu of Nov. 9. 1SR1. The pnronce ii captured farly find was soon fillet with encsrp, and others continued to during tho More than fifty pick ncs were left upon nnr tibVs to replenisb wardro'ie nnd larder, and our purse was il forgotten Thft music and evening's pleas ores concluded with heiirty Jfn id night. lie whole afforded us treat pleasure and enjoyment, nnd we take this opportunity to tender to all nur heartfelt thanks.

Rev. a Mrs J. Hit be They adjust themselves to the wants of the oeople- fill a void in the TOBACCO, hearts of' ail men outside of the machine rpHEpoorii" well tbe rich, the oU as 1 well as the vnung, lb wife ns veil aa the husbiind, the joung maiden is well as the young man, the girl i well as the boy, muy just as well earn a few Jolhtrs in honest employment, as to sit around the bouse and wait for others to irn it for them. We eaa give you employment, all the time, or slur-in; your sparn hours only; traveling, or ia your own neighborhood, anvng your frienda and acquaintances. It you do not care far employment, we can impart valuable iafor.

million to you free of cost It will eost yew only one cent for a postal card to writ for our Prospectus, and it may be the meBS ef making; you a od mmy politicians, thai the old 'parties lail to sat We pay the Highest Frice Tor Country RTONIC GNGE isfy. The movement is an aggressive one. The exponents the new party Produce. are alwuys ready to defend or discuss its A fit UrnWi Eiiltlsi flat liver iottxlettn. principles, anil are continually pressing Tf you sr mcchauio a ffumr, wont til with the battle to the very gales at the enemy, SUGAR, COFFEE, TEA AND SOAP, And everything in otir line will be kept in stock and sold at the lowest prices.

ovfworte. or a mnihwritn ildwn by urn iiy or hdi hold dunes try pARKCit'd Gittcitft Tokkt. and consequently every Gtceubacker has Gall and sao uo and Hxamino our If nre a Isvyer, mtniMef or himaqn sua e. haimtd l'7 mrntal elroin or cnxwtu canw mo lak intojucaiinj wiutitliaMF1, tu it been at work all the time. He may not have been on the stump, but lie has gone quietly to work and converted his neigh If rmi have DTeseoua.

RhMmatim. CidM i rin a it Comnlainle. or if vou ar troiibleti vitkuiT hois, by inducing hem to read mid post Goods and Prices. i 0 idistwderofthehinfs.tiorrivKh.bowlii, blodorarra you can bt cured by Pabkki's Gihqsr Tome. lo D14I neglect ihix onprtDrty Tow do.

not ive to invost tiirg of money an 4 run a great rink of loaiug it. Imu will readily see that it will be an fruv matter toDiak 1 rem $10 to $100 a week, and establish lucrative and independent business, honorable, straifhtfnrward and profitable. Attend; to this matter NOW, far there is MOM KT IS IT for all who engage with us. will surprise you and yntj will wonder why yen aever wrote tn na Wt scan rtiL Aariu. CLiatrsss.

Addresa BUCKET I M'F'O CO, (Kane this paper.) Misios, Osusv If you are vaitinff away from tf, disBpatisn Report of Lowell Scho-d for Month Ending-November 11, 1881, Pupils enrolled, 83; average enrollment 71; average attendance, 00: pnr emit, of attend nice, 85; names of pupils reaching an nverage of 90 per cent, and upwards in stnd ici. deportment, punctuality and attendance Mai-tin H.Mi'rd, Fannie R-tiick. Oscir Ho-ell. Belle Foster, Cbariio Hartiej, Ff r. Warrington, Nannie Ritlith Salmi Teucbor 1 anv diiease or weakness and require a atinutaat lake in.ttjf.K iwilmi onw, ii win lavigoraia ma puia you up from the rir.t tiosa but will aerer intoxicato.

It has saved huadred ol turn tl nwv nri vowb. RemexabM the Place The Brick Front on the West Side themselves without wailing for. that miserable '-Doo Dili" crowd or coojt house ring come around just before election to enlighten llieni. The speeches of Hon. II.

Martin Williams, oi Missouri, in July last, did gu-at good, and niutij weie biought from Oar stork is fresh and ef the Terr best quality. Call end see us and satisfy yeuraeWea. I mm aWllar 1m, at all aUalm la MsaUviaat, RUT lAVlftw iDTIF DOLLAR 0IKB. of the Public Square.

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