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Concordia Daylight from Concordia, Kansas • 3

Concordia Daylight from Concordia, Kansas • 3

Concordia, Kansas
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I -o O' TVe are now displaying an maxisiially complete stock of seasonable LAMB. Cobb Lamb, Sqtjabe a clot: A ClothierS GOODS. HATS, ITINE SHOES AJSTD'FIIRNISHING GOOD And are making prices on same which will hardly fail to move them. Special attention paid to Youths', Boys' and Children's wants, including Sailor Blouse suits, Jersey suits. Shirt "Waists from 25 cents up, Extra Short Pants, etc.

Remember we can always please our patrons in quality, style and 'price. COBB LAMB, 41yl Square Dealing Clothiers. ooooooooooo I I Next Thursday. Friday and Saturday THE OPERA HOUSE, the Delnhos team will play the Concor CONCORDIA BTJSINEga DIRECTORY Sir1 under tnU head are SS per year. The bottom cmrd broa-bt to tbe taw every week, llx mbled to lve ech Plce.

Xo eaSTtuertoa tor iSeTtlZ. 7 baa dia boys at the fair ground in this city. The Delphos boys are good players and this will probably be the most interesting game of base ball of the season. SIMON COMEDY COMPANY. ADVERTISING BATES.

Locals, first insertion, per line, 10 cents. Each subsequent insertion, 5 cents. One column one month. $12.50 Half column, one month, 7.50 Quarter column, one month, 3.50 One inch, one month. 75 All advertising in this paper in the future will be charged at the rate of $1.50 a Tear per column, except in instances wnere contracts have been made.

Respectfully, The Democrat. Caldwell Peterson, Money! We are informed throucrh Sheriff Ed Marshall that Red Cloud, was vis The Imported Clydesdale Stallion, Sterlingshire Champion, Better known as the Grigsby Horse, has been purchased by me by the request of many farmers who wanted to breed to him, having bred to him last year and were successful in getting a splendid lot of colts. He has proven niinself a sure foal getter and a very strong breeder. Come and see him at Price Lawn's aibo represent oest insurance companies bow dolag iiailean la 1 Every Wednesday and Saturday evenings. J.

A. Simon, Manager. ited by a cvclone yesterday morniner. Uamaartia, Wiard Brothers. which tore the town all up.

They had ought to re-build it nearer the depot this time. Red Cloud is a whiskey town. Cyclones don't visit such towns as Concordia, you know. X. T.

rixnning Dier Staple Fancy Groceries Queenaware and Glassware, Boger Brothers Plated Ware, Foreigaaad DoiwUc goods al WiardBros. the jewelers. tf tf of the 45tf ways on nana. We have no hesitation in recommend Basement to rent. Inquire Cloud County bank.

C. CFreeman, ing the "Garland Stoves and Ranges." Their high reputation for durability, economy of fuel, convenience and artis AS I32JL.ETR South Bide Sixth Street Little Roy Dunning, son of the editor of this paper, was severely bitten on the arm by a shepherd dog last Sunday. The dog has been tied up and whether sym-toms of hydrophobia exist or not he will be killed. He is a strange dog, having come to our house two weeks ago, ana was apparently very kind to the children. Better that every dog in the country be killed than one child die with hydrophobia.

Suicide. Philip Shaw, who lived about fifteen miles south of here, committed suicide by shooting himself in the forehead last Tuesday night. It is believed by his neighbors that financial trouble was the cause of the shooting, and many think his mind had become deranged by Jbrooding ovr bad management. A jury was empaneled and the verdict was that he came to his death at his own hands assisted by a five-shot-bull-dog revolver. He lived till Wednesday, never regretting even once that the rash act hadcecn committed.

His remains were entered at Kendall's grave yard in Center township last Saturday. The deceased was well known by many of our citizens in town, who say he was a vcrjT reliable and honorable man. BALLARD'S SNOW LINIMENT. Is a sure cure for rheumatism, neu ralgia, sore chest, old sores, wounds, sprains, bruises. Restores contracted muscles to natural elasticity, cures worst croup, is for external use.

Cures corns, chapped hands, bruises etc. Ladies it is very eftectivc for lame back. Price 50 cents. G. A.

Bcauchamp, agent. cow-15-6mo. Kansas. CONCOKDIA, tic nnish, stamps them as the best in tne world. It is the constant aim of the manufacturers to make the very best stoves that can be produced.

They are unrivalled. Taylor IVeitzel, Ir ugrcrists and A.potHecaries Cigars and Tobaoooa. Eyei-ythiBg pure and anadalterated. The leading grocers Martin Bros, of this city. Go them.

39tf The Central Branch folks are fixing up their depot in this town. The Hussar band makes nice music for the Simon Comedy Company. It rained six drops Friday morning and had an awful hard trial at that. Due care will be taken to prevent accidents, but I will not be responsible Personal Reflections. Al Hagaman is visiting the Crider brothers, at Burr Oak.

W. H. Rowland went to Clay Center Sunday to see his best girl. Mr. Darlington went west Sunday night to look after farm loans.

F. P. Kellogg, of Jamestown, was taking in the ball game Friday. Dr. Ledoux had quite a run on babies last week, averaging about two per day.

Will Maddox and Mark Potter are sojourning in Ness county, looking for a fat take. Jake Short, of Concordia, called on us last Saturday, and we had a very pleasant social chat with him. Clyde Herald. Mr. J.

N. Lutterman, of the cash store at Jamestown, was flying around hereabouts last Sunday in company with his family. Dr. Brownell has returned from his Ohio visit, and says it is very quiet back there. It always seems tame to a western man.

Johnny Snyder left Thursday morning for Cedar Rapids, Iowa, having received word from his wife that she was not expected to live. Ben Gilbert, was over from Glasco last week looking after things around here. Ho reports the mill doing a splendid business so be it. Mr. S.

Simpson and family came in from Kansas City last week and will spend the summer months with Mr. and Mrs. Jacobson of the Golden Eagle. Our popular salesman of Groesbeck Co's grocery, Mr. Joe Maire, is rusticating in Cheyenne county.

He will prob Cash-Dry-Goods, Concordia, July 20, 1886. UMBRELLAS TO CARRY WHEN it rains. Umbrellas to carry when it don't rain. Any umbrella is good enough when it rains ir it's waterproof. Here's a handy umbrella.

Self opening. (A little secret spring). Perfectly water proof and fast colors $2.00 and $2.25. Others, 50c, 65c, 85c and $1.25. snoiud any occur.

43t4 Charles Gcffin. Last Saturday the town was full of the Cobb Lamb, OlVE PRICE CLOTB honest husbandmen, who, with one breath said, 'its hot and too dry for us." Rain is what they want, then they smile IK humorous smile and arc nappy in the SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION. H. G. McMillan, Plaintiff, J-ss.

Caroline McMillan, Defendant. In the Dictrict Court of Cloud county, state of Kansas. When you want groceries, good groceries, visit Martin Bros, of this c'j thought of a bounteous harvest. Give us more rain if We are deserving, "ye of the gates ajar." Wiard First-class Watch Repairers. Any kind of Jewelry made to order.

No charge for engraving. The above named defendent, Caroline that the "Garland Everybody knows lances" are the best in the Stoves and lis world. They combine elegant finish, Caldwell fc Peterson, Attorneys at Law Everybody draws a sigh of relief and thinks that Concordia will boom now. The street sprinkler kicks up more dust now than a lumber wagon used to. Vernon has moved to Herwick's old stand and next door to his present urabilitv and convenience with econo my of fuel and in spite of all competi And Loan Money on farms or Chattels, Over First gatioaal lank, Cam tion hold their station far in advance of all others.

We take pleasure in calling the attention of our readers to their merits. L- Bartlett, Bninriefiu "Wacons All kinds farming implements, barb wire, posts, whipsTlap robes, horse blanket pumps, wind mills, corn shelters, and everything to be found in a first-class hardware store. Prof. Sawhill buys the Empire and luoftinian, is Hereby notmed that sue has been sued in the above entitled action and in said Cloud county district court, that said plaintiff filed his petition against her in said court on the 24th day of June A. D.

1886, and that she must answer said petition on or before the 17th day of August A. D. 1886 or the same will be taken as true, and judgment that plaintiff be divorced from said defendant; that plaintiff have the custody of the three ehildrtn, the issue of said marriage, and that she be divested and forever barred of any interest in or to lots 6 and 7 of block 166 in the city of Concordia, Cloud county, will be rendered accordingly. H. G.

McMillan, 413t By W. Sheafob his Att'y. we are minus a sunscriDer tnerepy. That's a bold bad trick, but there is no The Western Condition Powders are keeping hogs healthy. For sale by A.

Gay. tf Ed. hostetler is an excellent, fair, and honorable umpire, and our people were satisfied with him. WHILE YOU'RE BUYING mosquito netting, why not get the widest? Full two yards wide and as cheap as the narrow. Cheaper than most places.

Everybody knows we're selling below the market everything we can. Why not mosquito netting? WE KNOW OF NO BETTER lace to buy spool cotton than here, rom Clark's O. N. T. to a 200 yard spool for one cent.

WE DON'T FLINCH FROM any comparison you choose to make between oub prices and any you'll find outside. Here is the place to get the latest dry goods news. You get it by looking over our prices. A liberal money's worth. That's the way of getting trade.

John Harkness. great loss without some little gain the the Prof, informs his friends that there ably make a purchase of land before his return. will be nothing appear in the hmpirc in the future of a personal character. Good Robinson McCrary. Proprietors of the G-arland Hardware Store Bro.

Burton, of the Jamestown Kan the community will rejoice. san, came down last Thursday to see the Remember the old stand huskers salve, for sale by gists. There are more of the "Garland Stoves game of ball between the Jamestown and Ranges" in use than of all other Bneklen'i Arnica Salve. The best salve in the world for cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded.

Price 25 cents per box. For sale by Beauchamp Cave You Any Frieudt If so, advise them to use H.iK'v'.'s Hourhound syrup for consumption, bronchitis nncf all coughs and colds. It is an old fashioned homemade Hour-hound syrup and has a wonderfully soothing efl'eet on the throat and limps. One bottle will cure the worst cough. It is pleasant to take and does not nauseate.

Svery bottle guaranteed. Price 50 cents per bottc. G. A. Beau-champ, agent for Concordia.

cowlS-G-nio. and Concordia nines, and made tms omce a short call. C. A. Betournay, One Horse Northwest corner Sixth aad Broadway kinds made.

Thev enve the best of sat Grocery C. Ingram. of Beloit. was isfaction, as well for durability and elegance of finish, as for convenience and economy of fuel. We do not hesitate to speak of them in terms of Irtgh praise.

They are considered the best in the visiting withthe Democrat folks Sunday. His family is visiting in Illinois, and he is taking in the adjoining sights so as not to be lonely. Martin Bros, GROCEBS Have the reputation of betas; the cheapest la Concordia world. Mr. and Mrs.

S. S. Hampton go east Billv Dunninr. of the Concordia Dem Benj. Lake, The Simon Comedy Company will produce "Ten Nights in a Bar Room," tomorrow night.

Go hear them. We have got the line of pure uncolor-ed Japan teas. Pure goods a speciality Martin Bros. 39tf We undertand our barbers intend spending their Sabbaths fishing so as to get the use of their pole on Sunday. If you want a good cheap monument, call on or address J.

H. Hodges Concordia, Ks. 40tf Is there anything startling about "things" being so awful dry in a prohibition country Well I should smile if it ocrat, must be in a most happy state of The Old Sellable A New Departure. on a visit. He to Springfield, I11.2 to attend the Odd Fellows' meeting in that city, and she to visit friends and rela tives at Princeton, Indiana.

Harness and Saddlery Man Is still on deck. Come and see his Mae of Tnrf Goods, Jte, mind. His paper is iuu oi goou paying ads. teeming with racy local news, and as live a weekly as Cloud county can boast. Then when he "whollops" somebody, the "boys" pay the funeral expenses.

Happy Dunning. Miltonvale News. $25.00 REWARD. The above reward will lie paid for nny Abram Dobbs, of Andrew coun ty. will take the place of C.

J. fcn- Wiard JEWELERS Carry the only stock of Watches, Clocks aad Jewelry la the elty One of our Grocery Houses Goes Bight. case of -rheumatism not beneuteu ly Ballard's Snow Liniment. There is no ghsh at Caldwell Peterson. Mr.

'obbs has many acquaintances here, among whom are Col. Brown and many others. pain it will not relieve, no swelling it The Garland Stove and Ranges have SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION. In the District Court of Cloud county, Kansas. George A.

Shawver. Plaintiff, vs. Rachel Pitts, Seymour Pitts, Minnie Pitts, W. E. Pitts, T.

H. Pitts, Catherine Pitts, Ziniri Pitts, Mary Pitts, Emma Pitts, Harriet J. Smith, John Smith, Mahala E. Fielding, Robert Fielding, Mary E. Little, Isaac H.

Little, Elmira B. Harrcl, and James Harrel, Defendants. The above named defendants, T. H. Pitts, Cathrine Pitts, Zimri Pitts, Mary Pitts, Emma Pitts, Harriet J.

Snuth and John Smith are hereby notilied that they have been sued in the above entitled cause and court, and must answer the petition of the plaintiff filed therein on or before the 24th day of August, 1886, or the same will be taken as true and judgment that a certain contract or agreement between plaintiff and wife and one Alfred Pitts for the sale of the south half of the southwest quarter of section twenty-seven, township six south, of range four west, Cloud county, Kansas, dated December 12, 1884, and the record thereof, be canceled, plaintiff's title to said premises quieted, and that the said defendants and each of them be barred from any right or claim thereto will be rendered accordingly. Sturges Kennett, 44t3 Att'ys for Plaintiff. will not subdue, no wound it will not Simmons Wilson, Fixrniture and Undertaking? ain't. The Credit System Done heal. It is the most penetrating liniment known and for all pain for man or beast it stands without a parallel.

Doc. McDonald, formerly of this town- the most artistic finish of any that we have ever seen. They arc everywhere acknowledged to be the best in the world, while they cost no more than is Another lot of samole boots and shoes. sein and now miller of Jewell city, was With. The last one for the season.

Received Ladies who have back ache should Away over last Tuesday. He said we were too at H.N.Hanson. 41tf never be without it. Price 50 cent. Benj.

First-class board SS per week, Meals cents. crowded and he have to go back so as to have more room. Scottsville Inde often asked for inferior goods. They are noted for durability, convenience and economy of fuel as for style and Restaurant First door east Cloadaoaaty aaak. G.

A. Bcauchamp, agent. Simon Comedv Company Wednesdav its pendent. beauty. Gash Appreciated and Full Value Given.

oow-15-8mo. Th'esa are Solid Facta. tk tuat Viinnrl miritier and system and Saturday evenings. They arc drawing crowded houses, because they merit them. Prof.

Dlrstlnc, our old band teacher, and Messrs. Nelson, Lockard, Myers W. T. Short, Carpenter, Contractor and Cuilctor Flans, Specifications and Contracts Drawa on Short Notice, Qaeaa Aaaeaad East Lake Finish a Specialty many others from were in at regulator ever placed within the reach of suffering humanity, truly is Llectnc 650 pairs of sample, boots and shoes of was in town last Saturday shaking hands with the boys. He is now located at Greenleaf and wc understand will start on the road with a dramatic troupe this fall.

tendance at the game of ball Thursday. They were not very well satisfied with Bitters, inactivity oi tne nver, umuus- W. Tr Groesbeck and Co. all grades of quality and description, received by H. N.

Hanson. 41tf T. S. Beach Sc Hardware, Stoves, Tinware, and Groceries. the result, either.

Not even a smile stole over their humorous countenances. The "wooden umpire" didn't have anything to do with this game, you'll please Will McCoy, of the Stockton Demo Many of our citizens are taking in ness, jaundice, constipation, wean, riu-neys, or any disease of the urinary organs, or who ever requires an appetizer, tamp, nr mild stimulant, will always lind Make the Startling Announcement. crat, came down last Sunday to spend i I tz a. l-lj I i Washington to day and they are sure to flrot iriit-ntfiMa It Isiilra mnnt, understand. The Old Corner Drug Store, Electric Bitters the best and only certain euro known.

They act surely and quick Rke rain. jus iweiiiy-iuBii imumuy wuu ms parents. On his way down ne had the misfortune to loose or have stolen his pock-etbook, containing about seven dollars. Is kept by Any stoves or ranges bearing the Martin Bros, groceries, Mratin Bros. A.

Gay Safe ly, every bottle guaranteed to give entire satisfaction or money refunded. Sold at fifty cents a bottle by Cr. A. groceries, Martin -Bros, groceries, Mar Mr. E.

A. Courville. of Hinman Bo- ion iirus. groceries, juarun oros. groce fJo Room for an Argument Beauchamp.

Business on the Only and Just Plan GASH! ries. 39tf Caldwell Peterson, Will ftirnish your Loans, your Insurance, your Abstracts, and do your Law business for you in good shape, name of "Garland" is warranted to be the best that is made. The "Garland Stoves and Ranges" are too well known to need any endorsement from us, and we only need to call the attention of our readers to their reputation, and advise them to examine into their merits. Base Ball. At the meeting of those The Jamestown Kansan has the Cloud linger, called in company with Mr.

S. J. Smith, of Manteno, who has been looking over the west, with a view of lacating, lately. He has been under the care of Dr. Marcotte until yesterday, when he returned home to recruit up in County Critic down as a republican or interested in base ball Friday evening, D.

L. Brown was elected president, Lon Tyner vice-president, F. E. Cobb trea lean. How is this thus? It can't be X.

GREENE, Dealer in LUMBER, Lime, Faints, Lead and Oils. I handle the Excelsior Gate and Fence, ready made, of solid oak, and if you call I'll treat you white. Cor 5th ft Broadway. notice (W)right Our mailinsr list has just received a We hereby give hn An thn first strength a little. We hone Mr.

S. will day. of surer, M. v. vviara secretary, u.

a. i-mon manager, with the following directors: G. A. Beauchamp, A. B.

Chaffee, general overhauling and many names hnifA knnn wx swl OAm A ftf rf11 AVtVi 41 Ti VAO conclude to stop with us. Martin are in nice shape to fur Aueust. I8 80. we shall nish the hungry people of the commun John Lamb. Robt.

Letourneau, J. L. C. English, has resigned his adont fh CASH SYSTEM position with Caldwell Peterson Hagaman. The organization starts out C.

E. LINNEY, from which there will be no ity wuu nice, huu pure groceries. 39tf among the number. Will they, together with our subscribers, who nave suffered the same, apprise us in some way. Things are at a fever heat just now and we cannot do without our exchanges, much less our subscribers.

ana has accepted a position as associate editor of tne Kansas with a strong "cast of character' and we bespeak for them great success. Some of the best clubs in the state will deviation. TO CASH BUYERS THE BBOADWAY PHOTOGRAPHER, A nrty gallon coal oil can. pump in Methodist. Mr.

English is a forci fine order, everything o. for sale at Successor to Linney Tooley. be brought here and our boys will un a bargain. Inquire at this omce. 44tf We would iav.

it Is irriDOS- doubtedly mop the earth with tnem. Success boys. May your every effort be a It always gives us pleasure to speak Ible for a store to have two nrlMia. ennMauantlv VOU The Jamestown bovs are nrettv erood players, but they need to practice on ble writer and in that field we expect to see him advance to a place of prominence. We congratulate and wish you big success friend Charles.

Rumor has it that Prof. Sawhill is negotiating for the Empire. We would gladly welcome the professor and think PARADIS and CARTNEY, MEAT MARKET I resh i and tender meats, wild gane In its season. Whea yon want a alee Juicy piece of portot house steak give us a call Under the Democrat Ofiee. ame won.

JUie iair grouuus wius xed up in fine style and both ladies and well of a good article. The "Garland Stoves and Ranges" are acknowledged to embody all that is best in that line. some of the small towns before they are compelled to pay the same as parties who buy on six to twelve months gentlemen are respectfully invited to lacKic uoncoraia again. ena tneir presence; They have the reputation of being the best made. Though imitated by many J.

H. Hodees Co. deal in nothiner time. IT IS PLAIN TO DE SEEN PALACE DRUG STORE, Pare Drags and Medicines. Segars and Tobacco.

Prescriptions carefully compounded. they are equalled by none. but good marble, and will furnish you A Captain' Fortunate Discovery. Capt. Coleman, sclir.

Weymouth, ply a monument as cheap as any eastern The August number of Demorest's firm. 40tf the journalistic field would be benefited thereby. If we were going to purchase any paper in this city, we would rather it be the Empire, as it is the oldest; but we will never consent to its being the best never. Age is all the advantage That this is unlust mo Magazine comes to us freighted with good reading. Mrs.

Croly contributes The prohibition convention will be ney is certainly worth one imf Mnt. a month, and vou G. A. Druggist and Pha xnacist Concordia. Kansas ing between Atianuc oy.ana xew York, had been trqubled with a cough so that he was unable to sjteep, and was induced to try D.

King's New Discovery for Consumption. It not only gave him instant relief, but allayed the an lnieresuim anuut; uu uhc ui tne i ui held at Abilene August 11th, to. nomi cal dramatic stars, Genevieve Ward; it uas over tne rest oi us. nate a congressman ior tins congres should receive the benefit of it In buying for cash This What we want is a customer's entire sional district. Emma M.

Tyng furnishes a good paper on "South Kensington and its Neighborhood;" and W. Jennings Demorest has two Prohibition articles, "What is Pro TRADE FOB CITY PKOPEBTY. One WE PROPOSE TO GIVE YOU John Crider, Groceries, Flour 8tock complete, quality high op, aad prices low dowa. The Knights of Pythias have made arrangements with the Simon Comedy company to play Damon and Pythias at the opera house in this city, Friday night, the 6th of August. The entertain span of two-year-old mares, weighing trade, and in order to secure it we offer GOOD shoes, believing it is to everyone's interest to look more to qual- extreme soreness in orcast.

nis children were simply affected and a sjn- le dose had the same happy effect, Diving's New Discovery is now the standard remedy in the Coleman household and on board the schooner. nuu pounds eacn. now is tne time In the future. To oar credit cus hibition?" and "Liberty and Prohibi- fiAn 'MVa TTaiH-'a onriul i a pnnfinna1 Inquire at this office. 44tf ment is to be first class in every particu there are several good stories and tomers we would say, we dont want von to leave us on account of this Wiard Fit any kind of Biht perfectly.

Reliable Opticians large stock Of Spectacles. Eye Glasses, etc. Sam Demers is bavins more trouble ty than to price. Free trial bottles of this btanaard poems, one of the valuable series, "From Pencil to Brush," and "The with his fine roadster. Barb wire has lar.

We are requested by the committee to ask as a favor that the press in this part of the state notice this in their col chance we believe it will benefit Remedy at Gus. A. Beauchamp's drug left a lasting impression on Sam's mind Progress." The frontispiece is a fine you as weil as us, and we ask you store. and also on the horse's leg. umns and greatly oblige the order.

steel engraving called "Harmony. Everyone Who Tries Our to give the cash system a trial, feel Imperfect digestion and assimilation By addressing E. M. Sheldon, profes "Observer" in the Glasco Sun. corres produce disordered conditions of the ing confident that you will find it to Fidelia Dykes died Saturday at his home near town of blood poisoning.

He was an old soldier having lost his sight vour interest to adoDt it. and in so sor of agriculture at Manhattan, you can oe accommodated with a full pondent from this town, has the following very truthful explanation: system which grow and are confirmed by neglect. Dr J. McLean's Strength Best Goods. If you buy a shoe for 3.00 which will report of bis experience for '86: juciionaia caressed us last weeic with doing reap a double teward.

FIRST. from the effect of the war serving his country and was buried under the auspices of the G. A. R. Lodge of this place such endearing terms as "cowardly.

We notice a large attendance from the ening cordial and Blood Furiher, by its tonic properties, cures indigestion and gives tone to the stomach. $1.00 per bottle. For sale by Taylor Neitzel. the lying sneak, scalawag, because we dared to say he mis-stated the facts in country taking in the Simon Comedy Company entertainments. You will be A savins of five to ten per cent.

sunaay. Age ou years, tie leaves a wife and several children to mourn his last you six months, jsn't tt cheaper than three pairs of shoes at $2.00 a pair, each The Attention of Farmer? CENTRAL LOAIt AND TRUST COIffAHY, Of Des Moines, Iowa, Has established a Branch Office for Its Kansas Department reliable druggists of Concordia. 23yl regard to the Dunning racket, which he undoubtedly did. Mac said he was amply repaid by seeing bimon. sad death.

in prices. SECOND. knocked down unawares and an attempt Rub vour rusted flatirons over with FIVE THOUSAND PERCHES. Parties who contemolate buildinsr can The following is a list of delegates and pair of which lasts two Look at our Ladies' and Gents1 shoes at $3.00. was maae to kiu mm.

xnis we uemea, hence the above terms were hurled at alternates for Lincoln township to the beeswax and lard. Don't say they are spoiled and that you need new ones Tbo satisfaction of being at all times 'free from debt. There has be supplied with building stone on short notice, by leaving orders with Dr. F. L.

Marcotte. He has over five thousand -AT- think of your husbands' purses. our inoffensive head. witnesses corroborate our statements, the whole county convention to be held July 24th delegates. alternates.

W.H. Taylor, A. R. McClasky. town believe them and Mac himself We are informed that Col.

A. H. El perches within one mile and a half of is sure to uount or a knows we told the truth, but to carry Jong been a demand here for a CASH GROCERY HOUSE lis, of Beloit, will move to this city and town, wm deliver or sell on the place. M. Martin, J.

C. Elliott, W. H. Rowland, Sam'l Demers, out his first mis-statements he keeps on continue in the law business here, uur Concordia, Kansas. This office is in direct connection with the home office, and is in charge of one of the officers and stockholders of the Company.

You are invited to investigate the rates and terms we offer on farm loans. C. A. Stabb, Manager. Office over Tyner's Dry Goods store.

40ni3 Solid Customer. people like Mr. Ellis and would be H. M. Spalding, w.

a. smith. HORSE FOR SALE. One crood farm horse for sain, weio-lit. And now if all who want to buy making more of them.

As to our signing our name, as long as we tell the truth it is not necessary. pleased if he did. W. H. L.

Pepperell, Jerry Breen, floods at cash prices will give us a nVmnt. fh Jos. Barcelo, What people want is a durable shoe at Some of our subscribers complain of gentle. Inquire at A. Ayres blacksmith shop, Rice, Ks.

42m3. A Change We've au had it. trail we think they will be pled with the result. Remember the not fretting the Democrat at Yuma the lowest possible price. Don't be Within the last six months there has been The p.

Mr. Hobson, is a friend of Geo. Springstead, Herman Neitzel, Joe Lasage, C. H. Willard, HenryLegue, P.

J. Kennedy, Dr. Gay. For sick headache, female troubles. J.

H. Kelly, L. P. Brosseau, A. A Carnahan, W.

Dunning, L. J. Crans, J. J. Burns, ours ana we are satisnea it is no inten datetAugust 1st, 86.

yy. r. cnoEgcscit co. tional fault of his. neuralgic pains in tne head take Dr.

fooled by buying cheap goods of dealers who dont care for their shoe trade and a change in the proprietorship of every newspaper published in this city. The Critic was Bold to Mr. Wright, the present owner; the Democrat was conveyed H. McEeanV Little Liver and Kidney For sale by vial. 1 he Concordia base ball clud will Pillets.

25 cents Taylor Neitzel. oner you no protection. From the ladies and irentlemen who to Washintrton to-dav and olav the ClTf WELL zsyi THE RE PLEASED WITH SULT. INTEREST! attended the nicnic in the "centennial ton ana Washington nines, ana wiu give to its present owner; the made is now owned entirely by J. M.

Hagaman, the boys having retired from the firm; the Times was sold last week to the Filson firrove" we learn that a splendid time Disease lies in ambush for the weak; a feeble Constitution is ill adapted to en tnem a lew examples as to now the na waa had. Thin orrove is on the farm of Best Try uonai game juia be piayea. By changing from Thursday to Tues day, our publication day, we are enab led to give the readers the news of im counter, a malarious atmosphere- and Wm. Lavton. seven miles west of Somtj of our Shoes.

sudden changes of temperature, and the here, and a delightful place it is, too. We alwavs felt nroud of our Meredith lease romisc are usually the easiest vic portance in adjoining counties as well as here at home, as nearly all the DaDers and Sulphur Springs correspondence as we have in all our others but then they A. i I have opened my office in this city, and am prepared to loan money on farms at We try hard to please customers both are nut nun in omy narvesc nme If you buy a monument from a traveling agent you will have to pay for the tnoaament and pay the agent extra for taking; the order. Patronize home industry. 1.

H. Hodjres Co. marble tims; Dr, J. H. McLean's Strengthening Coraial and Blood Purifier will give tone, and vitality and strength to your entire body.

$1.00 per bottle. Taylor Neitzel. the reliable druggists of this city, in the northwest come out in the latter part of the week, and in fact, you rarely ever see a weekly issued as early in the week as Tuesday. We like it so well and. yesterday, to complete the rounds.

Prof. Sawhill assumed control of the Empire. In the rest of the county there are seven more papers; three of Shese, the Glasco Sun, Clyde Herald and amestown Kansan are still owned by the. same parties; the other four, Ames Advance, Clyde Mail, Miltonvale Star and Miltonvale News have each also changed hands within six months. How remarkable! Write again when you get time.

in style and wear of shoes, for we lieve it is the only wav to hold trade, One day last week when the thermom dealers. 40tf eter stood at 106 in the shade, Miss Etta no money could get us to change. HOLLIS VS. CONCORDIA. mm Uonnerry mounted a ladder ana put When you are constipated, with loss of appetite.

tnk' nnn rt Tli Timber claim in Decatur 7 miles from 8 1ft mm neat coat oz paint on ner mother's new Oberlin. Will trade for town property J. H. McLean's Little Liver and Kirlnav CHUarshall's house. Boys, that is the girl to go for, The game of ball Friday between the Hollis nine and the Concordia nine was a tame affair and a great walk awav for in uoneoraia.

uvjuire at mis omoe, on- Pellets. They are pleasant to take and Clyde Herald. der UkwHi uoaaty panic. Will cure in this you. For sali VOU.

For sain city bv our club. They were unable to get at the curves on Castone's balls, ana nnr We hear it rumored that a certain the reliable drug house of Taylor men When-J. H. Hodges mvo. put up a newlv married connle in this city bor Call on me and save Interest.

IROi CU10 1 1 1 boys could have shut them out entirely if it wouldn't look too hoggish- In justice to 22yl FOR SALE CR TRADE. monument for you, and it Is not satisfactory, ymm seat have to take it. We This is the lowest rate made in this city. Yours Truly, '7 i NORMAL INSTITUTE. The Cloud county normal institute will be held in Concordia, August 2d to 28th inclusive.

Examination of teachers August 27 to SB Annual school meeting will be held August 18. Second annual meeting of the county school boards at 3oneordia, Saturday, Auust 14. wTt. Roach. warrant afl work.

40tf tne nouwera we wm maae this men rowed a team from ineir goou oiq lamer to go on a visit, and were to have returned last Sunday week, but up to this writing theyhave not returned. fka Commi ton direct from the We nave a timber claim in Decatur county, about seven miles from Oberlin, wewfll sell cheap or trade for town property In Concordia at a bargain. Hall won, uray nave; never practice very mucji of the art of ball tossing and were lame at every point. The boys knocked 0uafaeturer's Uxm ajtd Bots Plow Shoe Store. IjATKK.

xney nave returnee, ana nave an excuse that tkev were enjoying the ooss at MAVurACTuxnnacjcs at mi. cnin au over uie neia cp tne rune oi J. T. LymaiL Otst fmtafife, Coneotxtla, Kansas. ufnt oi tne noneymoon.

at this oface. Will trade forhouse and lot- tf too. -'v.

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