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Republican Valley Watchman from Clyde, Kansas • 4

Republican Valley Watchman from Clyde, Kansas • 4

Clyde, Kansas
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A New. Safe, ana Eauifahl IMILUOIDV Mew tore New Koods 0 1 PLAN OF SECURING 1 HE Benefits of Lire Insurance TO THE MASSES. 1 i. i t-Si I fv. Kansas Pacific sued nbi'O 'di ru The Commonwealth Co-operative A good book and a good vromeu re excellent things for thoeB whokovr how justly to appreciate their value.

There are men, however, who jcdge both frcni the beauty of their covering. New. Prices! ILow Company, 166, Chambers St New York. Capital $100,000, Charter perpetual. The cbioet of this Comsati In tn fur 7 Tit fr nish tn all heal iky persons a node for proviping for then families after death and tili have the one of tbtfr money until it is nee led for the payment of QORNER OF BROADWAY AND CITEEN STREETS.

a -J 'COMPLETE ASB0RTMK1TT ConitaBtly on Hand. Consisting In Part of TETEIHt HEIRM ON, losses, and then' in sneh final 1 santa that all persons the poor man as well as the rich ean avail themselves of its advantages. Any person fifteen and not over sixty jj-. i if TAc all-rail Route through Kan-SOS and Co-'oratfo to all point in th Territories and Cali forma. FALL ARRANGEMENT.

AT SILVER OLD STAND JUST RECEIVEING A LARGE AND years eld. of sound body and mind, may become a member of this Company by COMPLBII SIOCK OF Flooring, Siding, Ceiling, Dry Coods Shoes, Also TO TH PUBLIC. As it is impossible foe. me to procure wood for fuel in my mill, 7 have been compeled to buy coal. In footing np my running cxi penees.I.findthat it costs me one half more to burn coal than it did wood, and in order to run our machinery with coal at the prevent rates, we must necesearily increase our rates of tolL If we couldjget wood we would cot be compelled to do this, but as peo pie do not want money for wood we must pay money for ccal, and use more than twice the amount that we would ef wood.

If people Hvftiifiiiff 3 a iKav not Groceries, Boots, Caps, Made Clothing, Notions, Ladiees Hats, and Millinery -1 j- Dressed Lumber of all On and after September 1st. 1870. trains will run as follows Kinds' GOING WEST. Fencing, 1 5 3 rpiIESE Goods are all the Latest St-les for 8pring and Snmmer. We will Quar-X antee all Goods to give satisfaction ia style, quality, and Dimensions of all iizts, pay in 9 in sdmission fee of Tan Dollars an annual due of Two Oollarr en the first dy- of January in eaoh year, and One Dollar and Ten cents to: each, death of a member in the same Division.

They are hy the company placed in divisions limited to 5. CO members, of about the same aim. HOW TO JOIN. Send to the Company or any ef Its rents, and get circulars with fall particulars, ana blank applications for membership. whch you can Bill out and return wih admittance fee.

and (if accepted) a Certifieae wi 1 be made nut and sent yon by mail, which (ecu res to our heirs a many dollars ae there are members in your division at the time of your death. 'the OffWr and Directors are: Oekih Fbikk President. JoffiTHtw HatdTis. Vtoe Pres t. 1m, N.

Clark. Secretary. Quo. W. Bbaihbhd.

Treasurer. Director. Jure W. f. Vrkdbb.

Brooklyn. Doors, Sash We also keep constantly on hand a complet eassortment of staple and Fancy Groceries, Drucs, Quensware, Lath, -Shingles, Glassware, and in factall Goods usually! luwiwg uvuv sumbv expect to pay more for it, as 1 cannot do it at old prices with the a w-r IS 'JUST FROM CHICAGO. AND WILL LEAR touna in a hrst-class store. Country Produce of all exchang'or goods, at the lea.yb bxfbb88 if bil tofbka aom'n 950 815a 4 15 Kas City 10 45 9 20 S10 State 11 0 25 5 20 Leavenworth 10 30 9 00 4 35 Stran'rr. IS 25 a 10 40 65 Lawrenee 10!) 1116." 75" I37r" Topeka 2 30 1 00 905 St.

Marys. 885 216 Wamg 415 3 20 4.65 4 55 Janfltion City SfiO" Abilene 55 ft X5 Solomon 7 20 7 05 815 815 Brookvlllvv. 9W) lO Ellsworth 1.. 35 Hy 1 45 Kllis Canon 11 31 QgOtH.t". 1 -45 a 11 River 2 6 I esaveae I eaeeeaee ABBIVI AT 7 00' THE5 ABOVW STOCK INSPECTION.

O. A Bob Br. Pater son IN J. increaaea expenses oiccai. nere-fter the rates of toll for grinding wheat will be two-sevenths, and V.

A. bpbaqui. Brooklyn. Studebakcr Wagons; Orautl BcToisr and John This space belongs to' the city Drug 8tore, and will be filled with Recoiled theplace. SILVER' old stand, and give us a call.

Deere Kloline Plows for sale. corn Cfum per uubucib. E. Kekkedt, TETUB H8BM0N. an advertisement whenever the proprietor has leisure to write one CLYDE.

KANSAS.rSoptlS. 1871. lt-6ai it-cm i. ar. out.

1 UOISG AST. I. LBAYB MAIL TOP It Prop. Clyde Steam Mills. Drugs 1 When visiting Waterville, Kansas, dojaotjail A.Simis Cily Drug Store.

27 tf. Paints I You wih find it to your interest to buy your paints of A. S'mis, Waterville, Kansas 27-tf. AVHJ New Groceries! TlicTlLAmQIBSTr STOCK Denver erfeB eaaeee Kiver 10 00 2 00 xu 310 5 Vfl Kins Uari it 2 25 ts.Ua worth 3 io 7 SO 8 3S 9 10 51i 7 45 of 9 4 Rrookv ille. ...1 Salina Salomon AbileLe Junction City Manhattan Waroeco St Marys Toprka Dares, Medicines, Ac All orders for drugs by 11 00 9 08 12 02 a wUofi.S 12 50 11 10 'Air a to found at tlie i TET3HL.3NT uUUIt 1 11 1 for goods.

1 armers bri Butter, and get a jeood price for them. promperly attendedjto by A. Simis, jr 21-li Waterville, Kan 5. cis f-s J3. lata )gysi vrrj i teas --M- I'g 0Q kejpn Poiryville.

II 41 1 00 5 65 (lift 2 35 I 7 0J" 735 Lawrence Wholesale and Retail cur 157 2 SO 3 2J 355 4 30 35 550 6 00 6 25 AT Lcitvenworth State x-t. 4 35 425 500 10 21 9 05" 9 10- 0 35 3 FLH S. a. Ok Drugs Drugs fn DRY Goodsv Groceries, Hardware, Qaeeneware, Boots nd Shoes, Reaiy Made Clothing, Hats, and General Merchandise. Tbe citizens of Cloud, and surrounding countiee, are invited to exanfnp The following is a Hat of rvt'it jarors to 'serve at the ttica of court to be held ia Ccncordis, Cloud county, Kan commencuig Nov.

6, a. d. 1871: Peter Widden, JameB Bogue W. K. Judsotr, SilaB Bacbela, Jan.

Tsgart, Sibley; J. A. Potts, Calbcun, Del Key; Patrick Far-rell, Meredith; W. W. Bush, Plaicfield; L.

J. Bradford, Shir ley; N. J. Steven, Clyde; Ifcbam Grimes, Arion. his large and extensive nssortment of Goods, which him Tlir purest and VvtvM I III McdictllfS.

kept constantly oV hand, which I will sell at liiiwer Prices than any a. usi- Ute to offer the trede the moat favorable inducements to buy at law OLD STAND OF S. D. SILVER. city, No House East of the Sell Lower than I do.

all and see for CONCORDIA, KANSAS. 2-l7 no house ana This is no humbug. I mean business in this city dare try to undersell me. carefully compounded at all hours, day and night. Fit AVE McNULTY.

L. W. BORTON. OS WASHINGTON S-fcTrescyfc. 1 THE Blouses, Farms, Claims For All FAMITiY CIRCLE Aprii 7tb.

1871 j.s.:burns. Nj :r.l ffcomuiodation trains leave Sta'c Kansas City and Leaven worth d.i (xcept Sanday). I xprc trams leave ktate Line. Kansas City, iieavenwortb. an Denver Con-cctirgat Lawrence with the L.

L. Js G. for Baldwin City. Ottawa. Gamet.

Humboldt. Parker and Fort Sctt. At TooVa with the A. T. R.

F. R. fir BurliDirarnej Kuiporia Barling-ton Neosho Falls. Ilnmboldtand Che- tOPH. An Juration City with the H- K.

m. for Ooaucil Grove. Kaaporia. Burlmaion. Neosho allj.

Humboldt an'' Cbernpa. AtCara with the Ronfhern Over-lio Mii TXpreH r0. daily line of aohe f.jr Pbio. Trinidad, Las Veer. Por Uniin.

-arra Fe and all iwnts 10 '-e and A.TizoHa. A I'envnr with i-uver fo' 'hfjinne. Otdon. Salt i.ake. Frpriicn, and all points in the Ten it.or with OverLtud Paserper r.l Kxrres for Critr.i Georgetown, and all points in Culorvffx.

TiciM for te abve noints are for ele at tbe Coiapit-y'f Ficea -t Lfav-fcoworth. Kansas City, Line and Lawrence. ArLeaven worth wifl ilUsoari racifio and Missouri TJ.iilrDis for A i and St At 8 ate Lite with otihn UTia-ponrl Vacilic 'ailrfad nd rTann-w Oiry witn It." Korth alifgouri 4 mi Hannibal St Jo. fof Chicago and tt. Louts, and points south and cast.

Pul1nians SleepinsCirsattacbed to nig.t Kxprsa traiu and run through between Kansas City and Deh- Vr a5 OOO.OOO acres of choice farming landa for SkIo. aituated along ih line of the Ktshb Pacific Kailwat. at i'om 2 6 pr acrw For pattiTitars a-o reus P. Dnvrto. Laud Icm-oiisbioner, LawioLce.

Kansas ANlBRSON. Superintendent. -R. B.GEM ELL Gei etal Ticket Agent. vim isii WILL hn pabkifhea eini Monthly, nt $1.00 nsr yeir.

afd EVEKY SUBSCRIBER will receive a THE CLYDE FLOURING MILL! Bsutiful tee! Engraving, VT.T. STrttwVfre St 2.l.l. Borton McNuIty, NO THREE WASHINGTON STREET, CLYDE, KANSAS, THw H'amilv Circle Tn the nnrabtr and exolleuce of the LcnaviiikS aiid the ar.d va'ue New Ccssua asd Patent Laws. We are indebted to Muon Co publishers of the Scientific Amcri-cm, New York, for a neat little bound volume of 120 pages, entitled bs above. It contains the complete census of 1S70, thevfiug the population, by Counties, cf all the Stales and Territories, with their and ilie pepution rf the principal A'so, th new patent laws in fall, with forma, official rules, directions how to obtain patents, copyrights, regulations for trade-marks, assignments, how to sell patents, etc.

Also, a large variety of valuable information relating to water-wheels, eteam-engines, and other mechanism, with many useful tables and recipe, 175Hdia-grams of mechanical movements, etc. We advise every body 1o send for it as above. Price, 25 cents. A more valuable compendium, for so small a price, has rarely been published. of reading roat'er will be uasaipase-ed by ar.y paper of its IT1C3.

It will rontam a seri93 umstrited Guarantee to Salt any Person With CLAIMS ARMS and Houses. Improved and Unimproved Lands. Deeded with 80 Acres broke, and good Hardwood and Cottonwood tumber in abundance Supplied with good Springs of Water Terms purchasers. AH in need of good homes for themselves or Kass Ity. 1.

and Foimf tut t-occ)Httiii? line bstween the Utiou l'aciSt and tho t'O'j'h rt "i Tfcrouh Good Koti'l rpeoi. good ruiT-ire fictn Council FlitT" to Knnia City and over the mijifii t.ri norof a the' MlSSOCBI RlVSU i0 OlUSG OKCAUh! fjY ILE5 the Omatia and t. Cocnei-t-ng at 1 Cit wdh the iMortb MisioDi th Misfooti Pacific Konds fir St. Louie nrd nil points nt f-outh. Wi-h tb Kani-as Pacific railroxd lor Lawrence irpokii.

Heave and all point1 in Kn'-a Color to and Nw Mexico With tbe Mi (-uri river Frt Scott ano Urlf ntiri a i for Fort Hcn. Vaxtw pyings ard the Indian Terriiory. At Leaver. wor'h with Kansas Pacific R. R.

for Lawrence Tcpeha. Perver. At Atohiron ith tbe Central Branch railroad for P'n-eea. Waterville. and points in Ceni-nl Kansas.

At 8t, Joseph wih Htmibal St. J-s-eph railroad fir Hannibal. Quiocy. Caicago and all po tts ea-t. ith St.

fiTticles upon Natural Iiistory. bhort bi --graphical sketthus of eminrnt torn. arcoants some of tbe priCi-T io cities of the world, with tories. rozzles. enis to int-rest tbeyoanif folks.

rienda, call on uo. Bobtok MoNultt 13.3m Ral Eitate Agents, Clyde, Kansas. Its Pcmtstic wilicoutain receipts, and otaar tr iiles of treat 'n- EAl now rnnnin these Mills myself and am rlnfrnminnil Ia iIa Iia faSalktfin (tin nnnnla terest. anl va ne houccKeeprs ine excellent story Tue school 1iftr ts of fltgh Praiiie." will be for Eomttims. It will be sent with Chustiar Union It makes no difference how mnch srain is (might for 83 CO.

with Prairie Kar-mer. or Western Rural for $2 50. with in I will grind It. CtrKAL BUA.VCH D. C.

ATWATER. Little UoTpoTal cr nursery tor z.u Send tr.T fall elabbinu list. A sent' wai-tec even where. Large commifeiEB or splecdid bubecribeatonce rd send 10 cents extra for postage on Eogravh g. K.

GUSHING. Washikotow Struct. rnicoo. Uen. JUana Asent.

COL. BILLINGS. Atty. at Law Land Agent of years experience in Best Flour per cvvt. ph and I'enver vvj ratiroaa for Troy." Vai.uCt 'n, point iB North- tfortnern Kansas.

Second quality rnlon Pacific nail road. ernn Kansas. $3 3 1 1 Watchman and Family Cir- At water, At Council B'uffa with the Union Pa 50. 50. 00: e.

vita engraving, Shorts Bnn cific Railroad for Sioux City. Denver. Utah and California. With bionx GEN. LAND AGEftTS AND ATTORNEY AT L1W, This road runs throna-h the aonnties City St Pacific railroad for Sioux City, and points the far north.

With the of Atchison. Jekson. Nemaha and Marshall, in Northern IP Flonr does not prove to be tat! it is rcrrceectrd. hr make it Kuod.r All arista weiehid in nilii ricp it tf. pj.d i 6Ld JNonDwecrn nauroaa: ine ago.

Rock lland Paoiflc r'lroad P.urlinaton Missouri river rail XT a n. CONCOIIDIA KANSAS. ieo mm -tmd. i Chicago Chi and road guarantee satisfaction. foi Chicago and points east.

Tickets as low as by any other COMPLETED TO WATERVILLE. Distance one hundred miles from Atchison and Missouri River. TITILT. nrenara Pinal HomsindlPremption Proofs and Home Commutation roate. Kansas.

J.T papery IULLU'P iPAlTE OARSI ON F. B.FAM&W0RTH&G0. attention to Tbe most complete and shortest routs ALL N1GU TRAliNH. WNo ohanga cars. of Cancellation of Contest and ReUnquisae4 opened a Lnmber yard oppo- A.

L. HOPKINS. Gen. Sui. St.

Joe Mo. claims, an all other bunness transactea V. Honey's, on Aijue IPills, TT AVE Texas (Sugar Coated). itu WASHINGTON STREET. Will keep constantly on hand all kinds of Lumber.

Coirs. Door and Great Through Passenger FA1IS MP The only sure cure for BaVE a choice otof LrOMBsdiTBO texs calvesJyeaeHnga and to tbe valleys of the Solomon, the Be-pnbiloan. and Blue traversing a portion of noantry which is nneqialei for i Beauty of Scenery, Fertility of Soil and Healthfulness of Climate. Cheap and Desirable Farming Li.nds lie contiguous to the Road, and are offered for sale by the Company on long crediN and at prices ranging mostly from $1 to $5 per acre. Free Homesteads and Government Pre-emption Lands within easy access.

TIME TABLE No. 4. GOING WBST. New Hail Route! ROUTE, Chills Fever. 8oW Window frames, t-aeh.

Glass and Putty, and in conn cation with the yard, we thre icar-olds. which lam now ner-ing Vbbt Low in small or large The Central Bra IS VIA THE OLD RELIABLE will do ail kinds of by all Druggists at One DAILY FIST llUl parties dejiringto get a star stuc. My stock has been wintered in this State and is very Ume and easy to han Dollar Per Uox. I ST. JOE.

Union Pacific Railroad Compel Carpenter Work, Tliroujrb from Water Having bad lonaexptience in tbebu die. -I Trill also trade. lor aomesuo stock, or trade tiomestio eattle forTex-as stock. Ranehe at Mat. 'Wilcox's place, on Woolf creek.

SHORT LINE LCAYK siners. we will warrant st a taction to all who may favor us with their patron- ville to CLYDE and Con 21-301 D. u. age. 17 U.

Ama OrraaiHG foi. Salb ard Skt clkikxt 1,00,000 Acres less the occupied tracts of Daily Express Trains Cro-s ng the cordia, by Daylight. ississiPM at uuii.oy on new iron Atchison. Farminptom Monrovia. Fffingbam.

Maeotah. Livery Stable. 23-Cm Rridse. with Pal 'man Sleeping Pal- dfi laces ard Pallae Coaehes from Joseph is Jitney. Prairie and Woodland, at prices Rangging Mostly Frcm biting.

CoacheB leaye Waterville Daily, arriving at Clyde rfod Concordia every evening. Careful drivers Slot llOVS Wiihout Chanqe of Cars. Netawika, 1 Acre! wet more. One to Five dollars pr THE LITEST IMPROVED and 00m for table coaches tre fur icle M'l Ex FttAccn 3:0 P. M.

I2K 3:45 15 '7 4:05 31 41 ,:82 1:18 49 k--l 5 70, 7:12 4:30 58K 7: 6 5:51 :12 6 U9 6:88 8:4 7:25 100 9:00 8:00 Shefman, ith f'hi-ro. Rur im inoy TO ET nished on this route. All passen ta MISGOUDIA, MNSAS, Proprietor miita fnrnUhei with plenty and ToIe1. ab-tth Wesieru Hail-roads to all points lit) SI RiAG AZINE TEN YEARS CiiErir, Cornug, Ortra ia. Vermillion, ONE, THREE, FOUR.

sera and express matter carried aieeU: KAbT. NOKTII or SOUTH. ti III at reasonable rates. Frankfort. chaEsri.

5 ELIPIilE SEUII1G Is In all Respects a icwokr Brrrtt's. IN THE WORLD By this Lin. all Trans'ers NO Responsibility for the carrying of money packages unless Good Schols and Cnnrcnnn and Perrisae ti-stt- red on other 1 nt hay and grain, and all teams are SUBSCRIPTION $2.00 PER YEAR. hlizbeth. Itvinur Blue Rapids.

ABBIVR 4T Waterville. Line nre avn'dfl f.i te tollowina it tfcn aim of. The best ot bost- Tenlent. labeled and paid for as such. advar-tages in tioin gaiuea from FIRS MACHINE iftm in-attenaanoe.

Close connection made with C- Oil wow 16 ly. KIOKAPOO LJNDS NOT TAXA13LL; I able. Will receive 8 numbers for tl.00 GOING EAST. B. U.

P. R. East C. GAYLORD. 15 ly Proprietor.

10: A. Farms as Low as 0SB MSS! MA I. ANTIC PBFB ARRIVuiS jrom May to January. 11 HOURS IN ADVANCE of M'l Ez FtA Aeon ml" LB ATE. bT ftLj otber Line leaving Pt.

FAKMS Adapted to Agricaltur. FAf FARMS Adapted to Fruit-Oro wing- AK in the mornitj( tj Cbiosco, De- I Waterville. m. The S-toUicrV Journal 5 tr.u. To.e Lyfj.

tie. Toronto. Ft. I Blue Rapids. 'fine tlf Farmer's Door.

10 Wavte. MiiMBe, xoiiireai. 1 frying. fclEV YORK CITY. Y.

v. counectinK with tse ceinratca Fas' I Elizabeth. Pacific H. H. of Missouri OPEN TO ATCHISON.

KANSAS. TWO EXPBJSSS AIH8'ILY. Important Cities tnd Towns IH THB s7.ngSerfDSyAffi9Cu 6:55 7:15 8:10 8:31 9:52 FARMS Wear tneuity or or atcnuon ano FARMf On the great Central Line of the Syeuia are now offered fer fiale and Settlement by the sol 5:47 0:25 :47 7:17 8:08 TOT JJ is.xrrega nw'i arrives uours in I Barrett's. rinkfoit. 0 33 Advance 10 rnimueiMui, now xora.

Boston. 9:00 A.M. arrives Hoars In Advance of Trains by aiiy othfr 11:55 Central Branch Uiiioa IV 44 Koiseless, Link-Uotion, 51 TortWUe'Ttanire of Work it IsTEnper'or 8:33 0:00 9:19 Linn leaving St. Jopu in tbe evening Lawn Mower and Trimmep. Lock-Stlch all Competitors to Chicago.

Detroit, i'oledo. L.ayfavett Toronto. Ft. Wayne. Milwaukee Mon- Vermillion.

Oentralia, Corning. Kherman. Seiawaka bidng. usootah. Fffingbam.

Monrovia. Fartnington. ABBIVBAT Atohicoa. OHMKR'3 PATEKT. It ie the Simplest.

Strongest and Most Urain. I "it.tK PhiladelphU. 75 No. 1.14 inch cut. Sift.

tical aud otber pomes cum. too no mrnns to. mention. Pullman Sleep p.iloAa an this train. 8W 1:18 1:55 2:23 4:05 4:25 4:45 Lock Stich Machine IN THE HARKfcT 8:37 10:00 10:26 10:36 10:46 11:30 7 UPWARD OF FIVE TUOtJSAtfb PURUAS3R3 Testify to tho aneoriaicd adwstaffti whiHi tHs are flV.iog to lint rants and Actual Settlers.

This Aoad ponetratee the ju a. ii icon vaj eaoh. ewiog EJachinc 87 ISA. A be aoove iact wm ce apparent In MDit arinar the tabh of thi other mowers are the fallowing Rim Tbb No. 1 Improved Family Macoiae ...4 a 2n nrat-elasa work on Hannibal ox.

Joscpn it. U. JUine. 160 piicity. haviet few parts to get ont of rith tho'e 01 cvner tines out 01 St.

Lit from the lightest of Ladies JosephVs oraer. aviso ina ioc loai any part Doing broken, ean be easily replaced. Liabt BJL Trains Daily. Except Sunday tf Mens' ar- ents to the beayiast Freiaht and Aenommodation will I1IZU JT UA' -atlahd Louis Mas. can peeastiy u'ed by Ladlee and C1HALLINQES the World iaPer-J fecUon of Work.

Strength, and Beauty of Stitch. Durability of Con-etrmotiea anA Rapidity of Motion. CaUaadendezasaine. aad for Agen wear, wy 1 have Pasbfiger Coaoh attaohed for the caujreo 01 a ti ase. low prise.

raii'Sren 01 iz yra ville Jtqpress. A tLrousn ear is rau on tin so- unniMii uninmr. Prif PS 10 bUll Ml from ncteosttng oyertw-thirds (he price of V. any athBr romU. eonvsaienee of Mangers between Atrblson And WaimorSv I ATfnsir niUwcrB tboaers.

other Adaptability, to larae frea of andhSihandUd warafl Lay layette ana ii.aimnopons. making tbs tbe most desirable roate from bt. cies ahd droalart. aptly to suo. And hy it taa Easiest and Cheapest Ronta le ota1en to tha VaHsys of ta Solomon Rivetw, Aad tklr Tributaries whofa mora than 81X! Is" TLLIOJi ACHES of band W4T1R VILLI or ATCHtSOV.

snd fbrSValaal. Maps. Platn. and friJ hlaea resreetln a Northern Raasas lu sr AT KPFINGUa Westward trains eonztfct with daily line of eoaohes for or tmaii i m. aarueos.

ooraors 10 enttinc cloe to walls or bnahes 1 Joepe to eouinrn elites. ohart .3 aasr.v. the Paolic rsllffoa4 wrassapper Fails and 0 niRrn f. Kanss. 411 without injary to lUtlf or them.

"Will nti 1 ny kind tf lone er short crass. WSb SSW wr.p 1 nsss Favotite Roate. Fur sale at AT bYT A A k. A. wlthTdiilv Una AV ft n.i iMt.

Leavenworth. Kn- (State and eonety rights for said). iritni the MoBrT rltsrj twtowV also St. josepn iioaei umoe. Paoifio House, and at St.

Joseph X( oXOs WIHW fljlw iswsnisara iivw IVI swaBrwMVBB. av At Principal OCcf, criptive circular 01 mower on anpuca- 8. SANDERS, or ooaooes ijr uiton. fr dalUrUoM of.oMhesrnrSeAejesw'.r 0 of AT FRAN KFO aiT with daily line of coaches for Marysville. RaUroad Uput.

Baogae ChecKed Through. miBEASSMITH; preearelat theofioe la A ohUoa. oor-aerilhird and OoinBereia i3 62 ensral Sapenntaa lentaai linXv int 1 WAY, P. GKt.TI, SlBKBBiI. AOtkT m.

1W wanted i ever couny. Warlinf asdSaitsrootu lit? (Lamb trsStiN.Y,; Uta. TickaVAgt. General SuM. General Bupsrintoaient.

J3. KOKIUS. A fen Atchison..

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