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Republican Valley Watchman from Clyde, Kansas • 3

Republican Valley Watchman from Clyde, Kansas • 3

Clyde, Kansas
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eafialawell MM t2U compar son. Shove sCarioer, of our city, tbe Watchman. PBViQATB OtitilUa. tbe old man and thai have, received the contract for end of it L'T'JTB followirg described lerds and town' lots, within Cloud KansasV building a fine residence for Mr. m.

C.tU tt la w' A- beirg kUNeot to sale for tales: i enuuy ana cnaiirrs lor a. v. itii). viz; LOCA EPA RTM KNT 1BW Kansas Wabus Camera, Si Iyer Concordia. -It -will be IWeBaattw1sWaBeB(leWfcBPWeJeBW iw fits fii iPiiilE Wanderint tsd with tha The great want of this State is TLorlii'A oiwre.

Tax Peon It? A ores T. Seo! one cf the test building of the kind in the couct-y. srd we are farmers tilers of ill eoil men Whom dissolute and snd chare of-musele whe sweU by the bro-v Deserlpion. 1. glad to know has been intrusted rather than by the brain Men How early dimmed, with all that mor Uli share.

to good workmen. who live by "their wit, tire not We hive md in vrsngeinear with the tli-tre-; of the St. Lout-t IIoms literary lunar of tbe nxi. herehv re enabled ta furnish the Pbppblicax Watch uir and tH Home Journal 'it the tow pric of SJ.Mf per jrs.r tia rur fiien! will rnrge forward at ones and thmfelvHi of yrv tirera1 offer. Arrival and 'departure the Alsil.

And on life's Uaokless patb now sure specially needed or req iirtd. 3 A 3 1519 3 are not advertising for such. The to stray. hY, k4 A-Hots 1.56 Bo ird by the day or week, at State has a full supply. Baskinein splendor for the passlnt the Clyde Bakery.

Charge reas To hom Asreesed. Jobn Bsrr; Kphraim Baytr O. W. rii' s. hnfus Bony William R.

Baldwin. Mariah Hires Daciel B. iiiccs. Tillma? K. C.

MrCaaaiess. W. B. Page. 8.

M. Kanxopber. H. A. Simons.

(4. W. tmth. Jasper Scrivner. Juiia Tobtr Lorecz" Vestovar, T.

D. WiTcsx. Kansas is pre-eminently aa ag fl 0 49 61 20 i'2 2 59 t7 4 VI 55 49 i7 42 31 2 3 2" 8 2 3 3 2 4 2 32 2 2 2 onable. We keep on hands ricultural State. Its wealth lies 3t 'M 2i 34 27 Af 3S 38 Stf 3o 2'i 3A tit 31 aunt.

Before they reach their fall meridian tlory. fWM WAtBAVILLg To CL1YO. just beneath tbe rich pr air ie'gr ass, that waves in luxuriance, and is plenty of fresh bread, cakes, pis, at reasonable rates. Give Lots to. 11.

A 12. LotS. Lts 21 7. 44. 8.

3 A II. 2. 4. 5 4 8. lo.

Lot 2 So. A. Leave Wat ill on Wednesday at Dropping in darkness 'noath a blass of o.n'ork. a. V.

garnered into great lujty stacks Arrive at CI? da oa Wednesday atS7 us a call. Our.table'will be sup A 6 8 149 a 16(1 2 litht. fatnrsto unfold the ttory. of bay, at euch light expense to OlOK. r.

M. Leave Clyde on Thursday at 7 o'clock plied wi.h the bett the market the stock growers. Wrecks of humanity, who fear and am. affords. LisTosife Kcllkt, Prop'rs Arrive watervilleon Thursday at doubt.

It is the most weitern agricultural State, and in many respects is tbe peer of them all. and is i oiock r. m. The brilliant husa go down while it is Leave on Saturday 7 We give placa iu our columns 3 L. T.

Bradtord. 5 Lot 27 OlrtCR A. M. 78 65 day. nearest the mineral States of the Arrive at Clyde en Saturday at 7 Wandering aad blotted o'clock, p.

k. Hochy mountain range. The this week to tnree articles in reply to "Tax Tayer's" article which appeared in the Concordia out. 1 Leave Cljde on Monday at 7 o'clock 85. 1 2 2 2 2 2 78 Are there no christians who for suoa loi 4 2 2 2 2 2 6i0 Knfas Berr-.

W. O. lloftsrlaod l'ichard Honfy. W. II Marshal.

John ManTiiig. O. w.Stell. ThouiiMn. Ludiey Steele.

31 27 27 27 27 4 X. Lot.7. Lot Lot 1 Wo. 5. Lot 10 (part) Lnt o.

S. Lot 6 No fi. Jror 1869 A. 1870 miners of that vast region must be fed by but if tbe de 71 7 17 17 17 17 6 will pray 7 FBOM VASHATTAH TO LA KB SIBLKY. Empire.

This bridge question is Arrives at Clyde on Toes day at 1. u. mand from that quarter should cot be equal to the supply, we Alas 1 how fw. tho' thousands bear one of importance ani of direct Tsars lay Katnrrfav the name. can, through our excellent facili interest to our Nothing for the Leae Clyde taint east at IS u.

And could th portals of, ths cata to will do more to build up our ties for marketing by river and by rail, compete, through our heaven. Wednesday Fritav And at the saored altar bend, hat Leave CHdefoisg west Tutsdty Zr. u. la 59 28 33 cbeap and more productive lands county than a good free bridge acrois the river at or near this ,85 25 77 24 20 S2 E. S.

fiigbee. Cbriitlana Iteei. ee ohn wer on. lfO 160 ISO shame 1 SWJi. r.f 34 Lots 0 A 10.

Lot 2. NEJ4. Thursday Haturrtav Care not for wanderers on life's ooaan M. HfLLKR.P. K.

point. driven. t- 5" lDD80)iiD We aro requested to say to our NoTica. I will rent the front second flior room of my bouse to Rapt in sectarian bigotry, and strife. Whiis't fallen brothers are like shad citizens that Mrs.

Peck will open ows hurlod. K.S fligVee. M. R.

Co. any photographer who trill crme and greater advantages for stock raising and tbe growth of bacon and beef, with the Eastern mark els, so that gooi markets are always assured to the Kansas farmer. Let the thrifty young farmer with money, muscle and a manly heart, stand not upon the order of bis coming to Kansas, but come at once Tb is the place for him We have hesitancy in a Milenery Shop in the East Into the grave unheeded- "such life." On the true obiistian's battle fisld-the EH Sentin 8 Seotijn to the citj and bring a good stock 41 S7 f-7 5 67 57 320 r.40 640 64 MO 32 4fi 46 12 46 46 14 26 2M 8 2 10 rooms of the Western House cf S3 with kim. I am preparing the this city, on or about the Grst of world 1 EiCKvroo. Piosnaot Hi'l.

Wasbiastoa Co.Kans. rooms for this rurpose. For fur April. She is a cojd milliner and Solomon ther particulars call on or ad will have all the latest styles of 640 I 81 18 8 5 Mr. I 21 28 v.

aorinz and summer wear for the osiiUAat. DIED. On the SSJ at the dress 2-tf. Clyde nsai. advising all such to "come to 169 23 40 I 65 60 I (4 81 f3 70 Wm.

McDowell. Unknown. 84 8 16 8 14 ladies. This will be joyous news Western yde. Mr.

(iaoaws FOR SAILES. TfAl-UABLE Real Estate ia Riley. Potto watomie, Ellsworth and U. KiWabjs. agt 22 years.

to our lady friends, and we hope Kansas. Lawrence Journal. Clyde Retail, Market. Tne beet of Fresh bread at the Noti is lerebT t5vn that I will, on Inesdav May 21. A 1371.

Deceased came here from Onie- of eanh rli. v. Clruii CtUQties. next tuooeeitnt in.BJr' "I 'JV" A muoh ur." in Coioordia they may give Ler a good patron Clyde Bakery to of each tract of land sen a' pnouo cosascTtD bt hsbuom a.patis. 1 fifl ACRES chone bottom land ly miles from CI.

(improved). Farms near Clrdt, Concrdia and d-, Knox county, Illinois; be has teen in Clyde for the last age. may be aeesaryto pir ii.rh The best cigars iu the maxket GaoczsTKS. Orators 1 lb oms 30 cts. Witness my nan.

pivi HELLER. County Treawrer. Marnb 10.. 3t Clnd County Kansas at Leflamme'g. We were pleased to meet in our seven or eiffnt mcntbs, aurin 2 eaua 4i) cts: sardines quarter 35 cts: business houses in Clyde, cheap for cash.

LOECMO WtXTOVtR. ci'y ou Monday. Mr. Georce I. which time in all his business Aomaioes suocs: fickle a cts per di z- Atlcss prices than any oth- cr house can possibly Sell at West of Watervillcr or Manhat tan Tha Biptist have commenced 2f transactions he demeaned himself Sttbbins, of Atchison.

Mr. Steb- NEW ADYECTISEyEMS. work on their Church. a mm FOR SALE. bins was here visiting bis old friends, and looking at the bridge in an nonorabie and uprignt manner.

Many kind friends at Br oa I' If r. Pges residence oa vr sy is now completed. IOFFBft FOR 6AUK A FARM OF fercn Hundred crs. fivo hun i7o4 site. 11 3 represents Millars tended bins during his illnecs.

acr8 under fence, roirly two hundred seres of tirabtr. tvogood farm bouses on tne good and onttuild- Double Tubuler Wrought Ircu His dying words to his friends ll you want anything ranger Bridge Company. Hope be may rlenty of good wattr. ba't creeK were "I am going to be with the call at Ml Le fa name.

TUDnltg tbrough tho iarru. It i il get a contract to build our bridge at? gels." ei; fees imperial $1 601 Gun powdsr el 6ial lb: Japiu il 2l 60: nusars 'Jrusaa' i0 cts. UrauuUtod ots- A Hot, is 16 ots. ct. New Oi leans Uj cts.

Forto Hico X'iVj. Soda. 10 package AO ots: Coffoe Ko choice 23 cts: 'iiboccs Navy black ots. tttLVD bright O'l. (iiape uioe 75 otd.

olden bar bi I 10. Hosaet Pieces MuUs fear Mots. Fibe Cut $100 61 tetca i2H(Ld ots: Dried Apples Aio. uts. Otii- 15 cts.

Uhv Oooos. rriuts. Merimu 10 ct. apraaues 10 cts. American .10 cts.

K'cbuioud iO cts. Waaifutta 6 ots, De-laaes 25 cts. Uiugiiatus 16325 eta. Cottons iiAudrti shee ii.g IS cts. 4 4 theeting 15 en.

1032s: Tickings liYitx lotiut-stMfc-o cztra, i5c; Auokeag A A 5c; Stxued snixtins botT ado Shoks. Men's kip boots 11 i)j96 OU: outh'a boots t2 VU: boy loois $2 IK3 2a; Womoon ca boes $l25di 75: Alices tl 75: Jai A. ska brougb, cat rt section ttrenty-two tiv. towanee (5), range twa 2) wt P. io Oloui concty.

Kansas. Lot five (5). wection twenty-tbrce 23). with two or 'lie hts passed, oa the pinions of ser auhs. tvit.

Lere, and shall always be glad to take George by the hand. He epptintfd Citric of the DiUrict To a land that's unsullied by mortal Valuable IFarm for Sale OB and OXE-HALF miles west of CLYDE. THBS. of SECTION 2S. and LOTS 2 mdO cf the N.E.Ji of SECTION 23.

Xowa 1. Wesi 6th Principal Meridian. (Containing SST Acres. Otfi Water. Well.

S5 Ackvsik CriviTTiow. PRAM EE OU SEon JC aepremuesil2x28. I111S FAltM is allU.Oi) EOiXOM. LAMi. Terms VERY Low, Because I MUST SELLns tbrce smaller lots in same section, same Court cf Jewell county.

decay is aa old typo. ar arid ra.naa. To tfce spirit's sweet home bsyond the The farm is under good cultivation. blue skies. Attention it called to the ad- tin A is situated nt'iicent to the town of We off our ctrp and make our Where hope ce7er withers and love i.awrcncfcnr.rt.

nme miles west ot vrtiaemeat for proposals to never cij. politest bow to the whole-scu'eJ, Clj'de. the Republican river, aod is all and bottom Thfre builot a school house in Lawrence- genil, good catured, kind heart Mrs. Prisctlla Languish, a New is aUo a good water power near tne pr Hikes, which make tbe property borg. Jersey woman, claims to be the ed, pricce of good fellows, Fred Catidrens el Ot'yl aO; iVotaeas cloth inventor of (he ''gentleman's Uermon.

He is one cf tha best aaita at 7i. bhoveoz Conoer have the con more valuaK'e. TERMS! Half cash tiio naianoe in ton fears with interest. Anv one desirous of purchasing a il4BiWAka. ails 8.

10 an 2.1 penny pocket spittoon real. handy. men in our country, and "ve are 7c: 4 aud 6 penny be; ilurse shoes lUa not fragile, secure from leakage, CALL on cr Address. tract signed, sealed, and delivered, for building the Lake Sibley school MARK J. KELLE7.

Clyde. Oloud couuty. Kansas. Harrow teetn Uo: Iron tfcalOo. 9 tr rood farm in the most fertile seotion of again, irom tne force ot cum- and ornamental for me in cars lis aim Mahkkt.

Wheat per bushel WatilW; per sack 25. second and churches." stancea. compelled to mak him Kansas, mil do well to call on or address MARK J. KBCLEY. bcuse.

quality 2 75: Corn Weal per cwt $2 25; Far-ens. or FaaHK Ltwecs. MILIL. MMA SAW another bow. for that porker pre Corn per bujnel aet 75c.oid.l 00: Oats per bushel Me: Osga oraue seed old Billey baa juet bad a splendid Lawrence ire, aansas.

Qtiilp and bis wife hid a bit of sented to us cn Wednesday last. 12. new S15 oer bumUol. larro ice chest put up io hit Bar Kansas City. Joe and so cue a.

it utter lair 25330c. best con tection the other dy. "I own that you have more brilliancy toll 3jc; cneese country SOj. vnio 2oc, Raom. tie will keirp hit beer In order to distinguish the 1M actor Ztic: Earn 2uj.

than aaid the "but 1 col. tiAiWa Jloline Jrio we. i Breaking court bouse from any other have tetter judgemenv. "Yes, Stirnoa. Corn mnuto building, a Concordia painter ha turors piioes.

IauuntriU ii re king Montague baa just -finished taid Quitp -'ycur choice in ocar-jyiniz abowt tbatl" Quilp was burring. Corn and Sabsou. at mauu- Sills, Joists, Flooring, given toe nni.ozng toucn by lacturrs prices, reoria Breaking informed that be wa? a brute. painting Lu-adders building, and the plasterers are cow putting on btlrring. Corn aud oubioil atmanutao painting ou the side of the build turerspficu.

iiberi disciuot mdo ing the words, "Court Bouse." iu to paru.s baying one nau awzen or latb pteparatory to giying the in mis is tne latest aotut a xaass more. BitUng, Sheeting. Shin letters large enough to be eeen ecbueetts railroad Queries one side its finish. JGai BEERSf Moline, IDUSTSIAL, Saint Loaii PEORil, illinoh, BrcaliisgPIoWS STIRRI5G Ploira; 0R5 mm, himmi Ploiri. Wailiicg fuUiyators A big dis count allow ed ttf parties purcha i in half dozicii passenger, as tbe traiu comes to a for miles.

That's a new idea and a la so'leitad Mr. Moore hi bad the Wes xita H. If. Larlina tajruaah ta dead bait. "Well 1 wonder what ill.

to doubt, be imitated in rest usiea. Address tern ileuse painted, which gives we ve stopped for now "Why. 7tt A' GREEN. vther new county seats; in order it a more presentable appearance. exclaims a fellow traveler, "It is to take the! cow-catcher off the to convince new comers that the Attention Builders.

Cal. has an eve to cicd loki as engine and put it on behind, to seat is permanently located. Propoealswiti be received by the nn- well as busicee. HI Jieep tbe cows from running over Atchison FUbioL aertignea c.era 01 ocnool AHo.riot rto, ax- 10. tLatereuceaurtl.Cload ooanty.

Kan City ujust out of luck trf a gles, Ceiling, Lath, Fcnceing, Fence-stays1 Posts, Bills for Sawint properly xoate4. Solicited Id Exchange for Lamher uuage westover is-planting a as the Jjnl umce is to be re- sas uaut Xusiay April II. ior building a sobOil bouse, (frame) in said Didtridt according to plans and Josh Billings gives some ad very large number of tiees, of m3Tod. Siliaa i the lucky town vice to a youngilady as to how special ttioos iwilowia( Council Bluft K. Forma Ice connectlne: line between the Uxieo Paoifie railroad, nnd the fc'c'jibt-rn ard East ra Through line.

Good cor.nectiona. food rprttl. good aso.otumodfitinES. runnicg from Council Bluffs KnijaH City and ovr the maoi6oont irou bridge acres tHel Bivia iVo Cbakos or Cars! 57 MILES ths shcrtest'rouiaibetween Omaba and St. Louis.

Connecting at Kansas Cit with the Worth Missouri and the Missouri Pacific Koa-ds for Si. Loui end all roiuts eEt and south. With the Kant-as Pacific railroad for Lawrenoe pf-k. J'eavor. ard.

all points iu southern Kansas. Colors. Jo and New Mexto. With the Missouri rivrr. Fort Scott an Go if railroad for Fort Bcott.

Pr.itsr Fprings and the Indian Territory. At with Kansas Pucilo R. R. for Laurence. Topeka.

Iesvr. At Atchison ith the Central Bracsh railroad for Seseea. Waterviile. and poiuts in Central Kansas. At St.

Joaeph wirh Hannibe.1 A Rt. Joseph railroad for Hannibal, Quincr. Coicapo and sll pomt eaet. ith St Joseph and Penver City railroad for Ircy. Wathena, aad points in Ncrth-errn Kans.

At Council B'uSTs with the Union Pacific Railroad for Sioux City, Denver, IJtah and California. With bioux. City A Pacific railroad for Sioux City, and points in tho far north. With tie A JioTtbwestern Ra'lroad: ths Cbicao. tock land A Pacific and Barl'r gton Alhsocri river tail-rotd fot Chicago aud poirt3 ea6t.i Tickets as low as by any ether rorite.


Gen. Supt. St. Joe. Mo, different varieties, on his farm she shall receive a proposal: IUabs HPSiCilriCATIONS.

this time, and in future caa boast FounlAUons walls 18 injhea nial by 'Yon ought to take it kinder near the city. Ha has received of it Lind Office. 15 inobes tmck lain in mort at tea inobe uf wall above ground. iiuieasioae of looking down hill, th an ex- a great many different kinds, to nouve lx.5U Joel tea feet nign. pir.e tireshuu about half tickled' and siant ai.a suuisles windows ani our knowing, and is putting them The amount of local in to-days ca3r scarce, owing--partly to half-scart.

After the pop is over one duor. Windows lw 12 pine noun out. If cveiy farmer wcu'd exert itxg. main rrme to be of cottonwoud. tf youre levrr wants.

to kiss you, writer Aruiosats lor tbe stone wtork reoeived I don tbink 1 would say yes, or himself to tbe extent that Judge of Ue boas tbe will seoarately. JfraiAe work of honia to ytatcrday, it up no. out let tne imng oott i'2i)0. R. i'oWLBB.

Westover does our prairies would Clerk Eohfol Dist. Ao. 10. lively next take its own course." Tberacs waich Waa 'Ho'' have torn be covered with nice groves of timber. 7 Success to the Jude in this matter cf timber planting, Money.

Stosk. Produce. Dry Goods. Groceries. Boots and Shf-es.

Fej there, as. Address: A w-Gab KM. Lima. Clay Couuty. Kansas.

ft. Tt. would say to my customers that I ami bound to give ratiefacton. so A French journal, Le Havre, lots or up come eff here a. Saturd attributes the mishaps and down- was a draw.

Tne Sdipmoa City ftU of France to the vice of and my every farmer take pal- Clyde Kansas. far as can be reasonably required, 'in ail those who come fro-i a duutnee a consideration tbail be allowed. drunkenness. Let us suppress ssz as up (o time, but tne mare ar ern after him and plant out trees. wards drunkenness, rays a writer in We wish inf jrm tha nublk that we 'Belle was withdrawn.

have opened a that paper, "by visiting with tbe iImIm all atiit have LOOS ta bant to this- miil to do so before tho We were pleased to meet in most severe penalties the drunk FIRS of JUNE, at theMILU will probably be moved away at that ti me. We understand that our g-snial our Mr. D. B. Southard of a.

tt u. ards and those who furnish them friend. James Evans, taa rented AND Canraia He is here looking at wan liquor. Let us lake all pos- tbe Western House cf this city USATINtillOlJS sitle meaos to repress them, and our country with a view of loca and will hereafter 'conduct it The Teeth. we shall see a notable change in GOOD FASH FOR SALE.

AQQ Acres-gond water and I-'me-HOC stone. 0 acres timber (hard road). 101 acre under and cui-HvAtion. 15 aares beariot orchard. ting, and wa are glad learn is ON BROADWAY STREE T.

CLYDE. James wUl make a good landlord. tbe tenrif ncies of the day. Tbe Pacific R. R.

of Hlssonri OPEN TO ATCHISON. KANSAS. highly pleased with our city and wbere we have everytcint aeualt Club nation, now troubled and unhing kept in a Bakery. We will form Oar citizens will no doubt be 2i acres in orchard. 6 miles county.

He says ha is greatly ed, will be led back to tbe habits TWO EXPRES3 TRAIN3 DAILY. aedge fonco. and toe btooa and rarin-itic nttinriis to go with it. 15 miles of modetty, industry, order, mor Makioa direct connections at rt- uoxm pleas-id to learn that lis v. E.

II. surprised at the richness au i val ew people aww fulTy to realize bow great and ars the fur.c-tions pfrformed ly tbeae iOAEi BY THE ality, and discipline, lost by it from Manhattan. 1 Brown bis been returned to this ue of our land, as he supposed TOGET 10. amid the unwholesome fumes of I with all tLe priscipal iai'roai to tne Important Cities and Towns IN 1H8 TTwiTsn Rtatrh aki CaJtadi. LOBKHZ WKSTOTt.

5-tf Clyde. Kansas. xlace by the M. E. Couferance.

that they were in a manner worth tbe Let us teek practi- Mr. Brown has officiated with sut 1 by this routn have vmi tueaua rrrcoe iuii vice. BAY 0B WEEfi thir choioe of Fourtcn Exi'Tous trains Teams for Sale. cess here fir the past year and uere is a chance now for some lees, and all coveied with saod and without -vegitatfon. Mr.

Southard is a man of business lonvinir I.mllR dttiiv. end. until tue sad and fearful cotisa-qaeoos of tbis riegiect bn'e entailol upon the untortucate sufferer uil the cviU that follow in its train. thty seek relief. And wtat re'il Is sai-rifidioine a portion of our bodies upon tho altar of cur ianoraEce and aeglec.

a relief ttftvtufly to be winbert ior? If noUoaSl iiuuio liately upon Dr. Davis and have your tec th aad sa.iu'.d t.fte need ny repairs dumt not. but bar them fixal. 01 our general reformers wno are lmmeiiiare ma-de at we ard truly glad of bis return. PLOWS At Reasonable Rates.

1 1. Louis with morning aiid rernLg out of work. It is true that a'l AJ. LOWRT. two and a half miles east of Clyde, has fur sale sumptuary laws with regard to There being a good Ferry And Ray 7, oaf in lots of HALF low for caeh.

to ds teams rf horses. trair-8 tor Chicago. incmnitulndiaa-apniis. Memphi. Vicksburg.

Kew Or-hi. Toledo. Bcflalo. Pbi'aaeJpfeia. and knows when he sees a rich country, and its advantages.

He Asking a liberal share the use and sale of alcoholic liq put across the Republican at uors have hitherto been a failure no doubt surprised to think of public Patronage we mares mnler, harness and wawons. Ue will np a good team jr spring work on short notice. Come and see tue. Also a good tour year otd Durban Bull, warranted to be tbe best stock lAwrenceturg This is a much here, but thn in France the mat ne nt8 remained in the east nceled intt.tution, and speaks shall try to merit the case might be different, aod it so long as be while many in the West. A.

J. LOVVRY, might be worth while for Massa thousands of acres of rich lands 2S miles east: of Clyde, wabbibgioa same. well for the enterprise of the citizens cf that placg. chusetts to send a mission thithet county. RaniaD.

1-tu are here awaiting him. He with andve your Hollars. Every Plow WAUHi TED to Work ia any A New, Safe, end Equitable ampir please copy. his wife sre the guests of our es LINTON KELLEY. Proprietors.

Clyde Kansas. by way of testing tbe matter. Burial la Catlfermla. PLANOFSECUAIKC 1 HE The Leavenworth Evenicg Call termed fellow citizen Fred AGENTS W1KT0 F03 TUE Pittibarg. liaUimo'-a New A ork.

Boston. Portland. Montreal. Toronto. Washington.

New and elegant coaches on all day trains on tbia line. Iwomirniasen'. Fitiacc Sleeping Uars! Aeoooipony all night. trains on.this.un-rivaled route. Fare as low as by any other Toute.

and bwas fcanilcl curoiulw Loo of the PaoISa railroad and avoid the disagreeable neensstty of crossing tha Mis3oort river twic5: alto the numerous nhauges of oars by any other route. Through tickets way be procured at theoffije in Atchison, corner Xbird and Com manual streets, T. Gen. fcupt, R. D.

WOitala. Agent. Atebiaon. Bsiu'flts of life Insurance baa been enlarged to a seven col TlltS LAU1'8 FRiKim -INNOCENTS ABROAD Or. Tb Kew Pilvrima' Proareaa umn paper.

It is now the only In some parts of California tbe wilder districts of that State Tbe Theatre on Thursday. Fri evening paper ia that city, and or the circumstances sometimes at By MANK TWAIN. Anootavi volume of 650 pages, and 2-14 beautiful ea- Splendid Array cf Talent. day, and Saturday nights of last we presume that our friend "Jo-1 tendant npon death and burial sravint. Our stents are clear! from week was well attended.

Mr. WHS Lady's Friend will contlnne to be devoted as neietolore to. choice will now spread hioiselt. Success $ino to S150ir vorth seiMngthis bnok. Alto, our I bL HIl by J.

E. afford food forouricus contempla- ws a SOiL EataSfactory mUY rctunacd have over Jacob Salinger and Mits Wilson 8 tebbins. Bend for circulars, and cm tton. ids rougn miner, -tor in Literature and tbe liluetrauon ot tne Fashions. It will contain tne latest to tbe Call.

L. W. Bor ton is having a nice were the leading obaracters and stance, has a horror of dviog "with hi) boots on." Tbe funer- a a a a paitdrns or baits, uioaas. aps. jton-neu.

Head Diekses. Faney Work. Jem- our terms and extra premiums to agents. Address F. 4.

HUTCHISON A 202 North Sixth streetjSt. Loaie. Mo. Afl witk UeociPtS.

MUSIC. at service in teat Jana is some- office put up on his lots ca3t of limes, also, sad enough. A trav aiet otber matters lnieiesuas wiaotes. ike mnsio atone is worth the cost ot TO THE ASSES. Tbe Commonwealth Co-operative Compaoy, 133, CharUbpTs New York.

Cnpilal 100,000, Charter The obiort of ibis Company is to fur-nistt to all hoahby parsons a mode for providing for tbeit tamilies after death and still bare th us of tfctir money until ills noeled for the payment of losses, and then in euch small sums tbatail persona the poor man as wll as th rich oaa avail themseHes of its advanteaes. any person fifteen and not over si sty years old. of sound body and mind, may become a member of this Company by paying an sd mission fee of Ten Halls rs anarnual d' or Two Dollars on tb first d-y of January ia eaea year, aad One Dollar ard lea eents sch death ol a mmber ia the ami Divis acted their parts admirably. In farces, Mr Harry Under wood took tbe lead, and we believe there is hardly another in the city, that Born' Drug store. Tbe Judge is OUR CLUB LIST.

We club the Watchm an with the journals name beJoiv, at the rates specified: -4 Gem of the West ad tb Wattbmau. St 7 eler journey ing recently, at the a good lawyer, and we expect the wnole msgasine. -The Lady's Fiiend is edited by Mrs. Heary Peterson. eupporUd by tbe lol foot or tbe lejucg mountains, near Los Angelos, was a witness that when be gets into nis new Brll LrUlAM X.

VCttPd VF 3QD EUSAT! IIGAT! of a certain bur ml wbioh. for ut COOiTRttfUfUJtd. will be over run could take tbe character of the lawyers clerk in "Lottery Ticket" and carry it out so perfectly as he Mrs. Henry Wood, 'author of East with bit 0 Lvnne: Amaoda.M. Vougiaa.

jriorcnoe ter, simplicity and pathos, it would be difficult to surpass. He saw a email proceesion of three, emerge 3 00 3 03 00 Aady'a If leu 4 ana tne watoh. man. The riaturday Evtniat Post and th watchman. TheKnrkry an ths Watshma.

Harper's Magesuie and ta Watohaaa. Harper's Weekly and th Watch WASIXGTOff STREET. "They have a young man living near New Hamaburg N-. by Percy. Miss fcleaoor Donnelly.

Mrs. Louis Ckandler Moulton. Sliea U. 0. Corty. beta Preteott. Anber For-eetisr. kimma B. Ripley. Virginia F.

Xownsend. Miss A. L. Muczy. AugMst Bell.

Miss Uarrie Boyer. atutam biarle. trcm a poor nut on tne roadside did. Burnt, Turner, Frederick, Miss Ransopber, Miss Frederick, Miss Turner and cereral other la tha name'of Augus us Goabringer 1 nese tnree were a mm, a woman and a little child. There was a This is no blow to ion.

'1 hey are by the eampany placed divisions limited to 6.UtO members. Miss Franaea Lee Pratt. A. liana. in of wno stole his Way on tne cats fourth there, too, but this fourth Bopbie May.

Mr. Fa nif R. FeuOge. dies an gentlemen acted their part we 1, and with practice will element of the oocaaion was the frcm San Francisco, Cal. to Marl- Harptr's Basar and tha Watch- man.

8t. uis Home' Joarnal and the MTatebmta, American Agriculturist and tb Mrs. Martaret 11 02 mor. mus asary a. Prejcutt.

a ranees A. Mrs. M. F. THE UWDISIGNEO IN FORM'S the eRitans of Clyde sad surround-inc ooantry that he as opeaad a 6 00 6 00 I 00 IM 00 4 00 ate object of the ceremony.

He lav make a good sppearance on tbe borough Penn. This is the larg Ames. M. K. Bicolow.

PbUa U. Case. draw you here and de cell if) oa h) sho wlcjj an old man probably the grand Una Alia, wneeier. weneva. stage.

We understand that the Marauirita flarn. "Autt AUJO." tars. Saturday Night and thWch- father of tbe coilo upon aboard, which was carried by the man Deaisoa. Ac. MKw fiUttaottr HERS who send In troupe will soon, give another entertainment, and hope they may man, Phrenltleal Journal aad tb Watebmaa.

taeir names for 1st 1 before tne first of about F.iiT PLOrYS, and the woman, with the wind testing the gray This' old est stolen ride on record. If you want a neat, clean, and good shave, or your hair cut in an approved stole, you should give Harry Carpenter, the barber-at the Western House, a call He January shall teoeive tne magninesat December Uolliday number in aduitioa makina I birteea months in all I v.nMa O. Baova. Coataa- man was going to 'bis grave and that they will be liberally patronized, as ia of the best young men and about tb same age. HOW TO JOIN.

Bend to th Company or any of its agents, aad get elroulars with fall particulars, and blank applications for membership, wbioh you oaa fiill out and retarn with ad uittano.fee. pad (it accepted) a Certifis wi I mao oat tndseot you by aaatl. which secures to yonr heirs many dollars as there are members in yr diiiaioa at th Urn wl your naata. Tb Offiser and Directors are: Oaarn Fia. Irestdent.

1 Jovaaa8. Caaievia. VioePne't. L. M.

CLAftK. 8oretary. Gao. W.Raaitaan. Xreasarar.

Directors. Jonas W. O. Vtrnia. Brookti t.

A HoBar, EtQ Pataraon m.J. C. A- Jrwwkl They buried him, the traveler The PLOWS crltiyre to on Watbtnetoa street, where be la wra- B.M KS W. eve a I a wriwm, 1 X4: iruur aA: Kia nobiea taadJ a rain-washed gulch aared to laraisa FRfiiii MMAam a.t Carptntora and DaUCdN Wlit fnrstih raatgnt1and fypsetfi oations. ar.J oXeet acy i.b ia ae gratis), as.

Oa copy ot ta Lady's Friend aad oa of Tb Post $1 ail times. worn en in our cttf Ueasrs. Rt 1 J. hard-by in the shadow of the aVUoaalt Producs Voaakt ad and Underwood were the manag understaftdt hie bus'riess and shoxr Ciir thC7 mountain. Compare this poor sold.

Faraaers. bring f.A lara ana beiuutul rremlum eti Eogravint will be sent to every fall $2 5t) subscriber, ant to rry txrsoa Batter. Patatoas. iafajie.ii Tt. acts, rc tb.r tin th: assy be et.truiad to service wi.h tbe'preten turns show thirare.

Painting, wttaer Or of nrodnrt.and arat a andd bHas tk. knows how to do a neat job. is raora and shears are in the bt ert, and showed'themselves to be competent. Success to this troupe, and may it ev er he sue seodiot a elub. ncailo i a Lii ot more civilised burials, and we nameatat or Plain don and oheaa think hat humble sepu'ehre in samo." 1 arnuh ths best ef frf a beef, at lowpnoee.

A.LINT031. Address. UK ACQ 0 PKTCKSO. 3t Walnut Street. Bpeouaea ocpies seat ire Brida Vouaiai a speeia uy.

rinovs a Covaga. if condition. ceaefal. the gulch will not lose by the IP Cule. Kanaaa.

No Washington It, tyda RaaJlas. C.j 1. FV. WfU.

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