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The Ottawa Bulletin from Ottawa, Kansas • 3

The Ottawa Bulletin from Ottawa, Kansas • 3

Ottawa, Kansas
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13 DESCRIPTION' AND PRICE 190 56 Lots 31, S3 and 35, block 49. Price $180. 57 Lets 8, 10 and 12, block 105, Willow street. Price $275. 440 A choice stock and grain farm oi 330 acres, 5 miles from Ottawa, all under fence, 110 acres in cultivation, 70 acres in pasture, 40 acres of timber good farm house, large quantity and choice variety of young fruit trees, 100 bearing grape vines.

We cannot speak too highly of this place. The beautiful eastern slope of the land, its advantages, never failing and running stock water, and timber ou the place. Its deep black loamy soil Its belt of timber along the little stream in the pasture, affording shelter and shade for stock, and adding beauty to appearance of the the farm all taken together make it a splendid farm, which nature baa done everything possible for. This place will certainly be worth twice the price asked for it within two years Price, $25 per acre. This farm was selected by Hon.

1 S. Kalloch when he had the whole Ottawa Reservation to select from. 405 139 acres 24 miles north of Ottawa, 80 acres fenced aud in cultivation. Good frame house goad well and cistern, and a few frnit trees. Price, 835 per acre.

406 27 acres of timbered land 3 miles from Ottawa, 6 acres in cultivation. Pretty good log house. Price, 8550. 407 80 acres 7 miles southwest of Ottawa on Mud creek; all fenced; 40 acres in cnltivaiion. Small finished frame house good well and running stock water a variety of small fruit.

Price, $1,600. 410 115 acres 71 miles southwest on Mud Creek, 100 aores fenced, 50 acres in cultivation, 20 acres of timber 75 grape vines bearing; 1 mile of hedge; 10 acres of oats, 5 acros of wheat, 20 tons of hay, mower, breaking aud stirring plows to go with place. Price, $3,000. Main street lot, hearty opposite the heistone block Trice 16 Main street lot in good business center. Price $1,100.

2 Main street lots near Presbyterian church. Price $1,200. 20 Hotel and 3 lots. Call on us and we will convince you this is the best bargain ottered in the est. 21 Business house and lot close to the depot on Railroad street good store room.

Price Vacant Lots. i Lota 1, 3 and 5, block 91; nicely located on high ground. Price $200. 6 splendid lots on Locust street, 2 blocks from Mam, near alrufi a pa latial residence are handy to business, on good a street, and surrounded by the finest residences in the city will certainly be sold soon at $300. Lots 2, 4 and 6, block 68, ooruer Second and Maple streets.

Price $290 Lots 19, 21 and 23, block 142, lac ing the Park. Prioe 8325. 8 9 lots on Second street, in block 65 Price $450. 9 6 lots in block 1, on Ash street Price $33.33 per lot 10 3 lots in block 1, on Willow street Price $33.33 per lot. 3 lots in block 2, on Willow street Prioe $40 per lot.

12 3 lots iu block 2, on Maple street. Prioe $37 per lot. 13 6 lots in block 3, on Maple street. Price $42 per lot. 16 2 lots in block 4, ou Locust street.

Prioe $40 per lot. 17 9 lots in block 6, ou Walnut street. Price $45 per lot. 2 lots iu block 7, ou Main street. Price $60 per lot.

20 3 lots iu block 7, on Main street. Price $100 per lot. 6 lots in block 8, on Hickory street. Price $45 each. 24 9 lots in block 9, on Cedar street.

Price $33 each. 9 lots in block 9, on Oak street. Price $33 each. 27 3 lots in block 10, on Oak street. Price $90.

28 7 lots in block 10, ou Poplar street. Prioe $30 each. 29 3 lots in block 11, on Poplar street. Price $80. 30 3 lots in block 12, on Mulberry street.

Price $100. 31 3 lots iu block 12, on Sycamore street. Price $100. 32 3 lots in block 13, on Sycamore street. Price $150, 9 lots in block 13, on Cherry street.

4 lots in block 19, on Main street. Price $250. 1 lot in block 27, ou Ash street. Price $50. 36 6 lots in block 28, on Walnut street.

Price $200. 2 lots in blook 28, on Maple street. Prioe $75. 1 lot in block 24, on Poplar street. Price $40.

39 2 lots in block 3C, ou Oak street. Price $100. 45 1 lot in block 36, on Poplar street. Prioe $50. 3 lotH in block 37, on Poplar street.

Price 8125. 6 lots in block 37, ou MulLerrv street. Price $250. 53 7 lots in block 38, ou Mulberry street. Price $250.

54 Lots 29, 31 and 38, block 48. Prioe 8150. 65 Lots 20, 28 aud 80, block 62. Price $210 or RUDId AND LOTS I'OK SALK BY A. B.

TAYLOR, Ottawa, 1 House and 3 lots, bouse 18x22 with addition 14x8, 1 stories, contains 6 rooms, feocod, large quantity of fruit of all kinds, good well. Price 81,300. House of 5 rooms, well finished, lota 19, 21 and 23, block 113. Price 1,600. House and 3 lots, block 47, lots 7, 9 and 11.

Price $700. House and 3 lots, house baa 6 rooms, good cellar and well. Price $1,700. House of 6 rooms and 3 lots, house painted and finished stabling for 4 horses. Price $1,300.

House of 6 rooms and 3 corner lots, good stable, cistern and well a good ssortment of fruit. Price $1,900. 8 Lots 1, 3 and 5, block 46. $175. Prioe 13 A large, well-finished hcute, with 7 rooms; 8 lots, well, cistern, wood abed, barn, and pleasantly located on second street.

Price $2,000. Small house and 3 lots on Second street, near Mayor Welch's residence. Price $300. The bare lots are worth more money. 15 3 lots, fenced, with log house, on Oak street.

Price $275. 16 House and 3 lots on Oak street house 14x24, with addition 10x14, plastered, well finished and painted, good well andsmall barn. Price $1,500. 19 House of 4 rooms and 3 lots on corner Walnut and Tecumseh streets house well finished. Price $700.

20 Small frame house and 3 lots on Mulberry street, block 64; will rent for $12 per month. Price only $400. 25 House and 3 lots on Cedar street. Price $1,600. This is first-class property.

The lots are well located, and jthe house finished complete. 26 and 3 lots on Walnut (street house contains 6 rooms', nicely finished and everything in complete order. Price $2,600. 29 House and 3 lots on Poplar street house contains 4 rooms, and is finished in good style. A bargain at $800.

30 Large and well finished frame house and 6 lots on corner Locust and First streets; good fence, well, cistern, sta ble and cellar; 100 bearing peach trees and a general variety of fruit trees. Price $2,000 cheap. 33 Large, fine house and IS lots on corner of Elm and Fifth streets. This property is decidedly cheap, and would make a home which any man might wen leel proud ot is beautifully lo oated on the most elevated ground in the city; has every convenience de sirable, and has one of the largest and choicest selections of fruits of all kinds. Price $4.000.

Lots 1, 3 and 5, in block 46. Prioe $175 very cheap. 1 Post office building, corner Main and Second streets is decidedly the -best for a business house in ho city; is renting for $1,309 a year, nd is certainly a chance for a splen-id investment at $5,000. Terms iberal. Business house and lot opposite the Ludington House, on Main street; is very favorably located is nearly new, ana rents for $900 a year.

Price $3,200. Corner lot on Main street, 25, I block 46. Price $1,300. Stone building and lot ou Main eet, near river. Price $1,600.

Building and lot 17 on Main street, diock oy. I'nce $1,100. 7 Good stone buildinsr on lot 1. block 9, Main street. Price $2,600.

8 Business house of 2 rooms on lot 17, ock 59. Main street. Price $2,300. 9 Maiu street lota, I having a wagon blacksmith shop, and 1 ig vacant. Cheap.

Lot 25 on Main street, with small -ne building; a splendid business ation. I'nco $1,500. 12 A No. 1 lot on Main street, with Riding Buuaoie I or a nrei-olaim res-rn' Pr'oe $2,200 40 acres of timber, southeast of Ottawa. Prioe, $12 per acre.

191 1 acre joining Ottawa ou the north. Price, $125. 192 20 acrti joining Ottawa ou the east; part timber. Price, 875 per acre. 193 7 acres of timber, i mile eat-t of Ottawa.

Price, $40 acre 191 30 aores 2 miles southeast of Ottawa, all enclosed small house. Price, $900. 195 120 acres 5 miles southeast of Ottawa on Middle Creek. Price, 89 per acre. 195 85 acres of prairie and timber, with house, fruit trees, and 40 acres fenced, 30 acres broken.

Prioe, 81,000 down, balance in 1 and 2 years at 10 per cent. 197 880 acres 3 miles north of Ottawa, 300 fenoed, 200 in cultivation, 100 acres of timber, good house, frame barn and shed staVling for 20 horses good well and never failing stream of water. This is, or will be one of the finest farms in the West; if it had been divided into small farms, would doubtless hare sold for twice the present price within the last month. 198 80 acres 3 miles west of Ottawa, northeast i seotion 8, town 17, range 19. Price, $16 per acre.

199 348 acres, 160 fenced, 130 in cultivation frame house good stabling, tenant box house splendid orchard, with all kinds of fruit plenty of water. It is a first-class farm in every respect, Si miles from Osavo-tamie, 12 miles from Ottawa. Price, $25 per acre. 200 150 acres, 120 fenoed, 40 acres broken, 30 acres timber, 60 acres bottom land, 60 acres of upland poor house; excellent water. Price, $2,500.

203 160 acres i of a mile west of Ottawa, 125 in cultivation and under good fence 35 acres of good timber good frame house and out buildings. Price, $40 per acre. 204 80 acres of prairie 2 miles north of Ottawa. Medium sized frame house Price, $16 per acre. 205 640 acres 7 miles northwest of Thompsonville, Oregon county, Min ncsota.

Price, $3 per acre. 206 80 acres prairie good stock water 7 miles southwest of Ottiwa. Price, $8 per aore. 70 acres miles from Ottawa, 50 acres fonced acres timber, dition 8x14 $40 per acre. ana in cultivation zu House 14x18, with ad-two good wells.

Price, 208 300 acres, 2 10 prairie 60 acres timber; 90 acres fenced and in cultivation young orchard never failing creek and spring; 1 miles hedge, hedge row broken around place. A poor log house. Place, 10 miles southeast of Ottawa. Price, $4,000 timo on $2,000. 232 80 acres of prairie, 26 acres fenced and in cultivation good stock water.

Price, 1,160. 233 2875 acres, 110 acres in good cultivation, 237 fenced, good frame house and out buildings; 100 fine fruit trees, 35 acres timber. This place is i east of Ottawa. Price, 855 per acre. 234" 277 acres of land, 70 of which is good timber, in fact the most valuable in the country 60 acres under an eight rail tight fenoe and in cultivation; 100 choice and bearing apple trees.

This is in every respect a No. 1 farm, ooly one mile from Ottawa. Price, $35 per acre. 330 341 acres 3 miles west of Ottawa, 21 acres of timber; frame house 18 x20, wing on two sides never failing creek of water first-class improvements. Price, $35 per aore.

401 520 acres on east line of Mercer county, North Missouri near Ravana well settled country all around it. Price, $4.00 per acre. 402 160 acres 4 miles southeast of Ottawa, 16 acres broken, 6 aores of wheat. This land is 1st class in every respect, is convenient to town, and in a good locality. Price, $20 per acre terms easy.

403 160 acres northeast i of section 26, town 15, range 16. This is in a thickly settled neighborhood, convenient to timber, and certainly would have been sold long ago if it had been known to be in market. Price, 85 per aore. 160 acres 5 miles north of Ottawa, 80 acres fonced, 70 acres in cultivation, 50 acres of timber; house 12x22 and 11x20; 100 apple, peach and plum bearing, 500 young peach, and 100 young apple trees, 800 grapevines good well. Coal vein being worked, and railroad track to ruu soou from Coal Creek to coal miues; mining com piny lease land and pay 1 cent per bushel.

Prioe, $25 per acre DESCRIPTION PRICE LIST or FARMS ASH UIIMFEOVED LAKDS. FOB SALE BY A. B. TAYLOE, OTTAWA, KANSAS. 170 acres miles from Ottawa, ten of which is timber, 50 acres broken, fencing distributed on farm sufficient to enclose it, and 2 good springs.

Has a fine beautiful building site as there is ia the county, while of land is the choicest well drained bottom prairie. In market for a few days. Price, $3,000. 80 acres, two miles from Greenwood, ten miles west of Ottawa, 15 aores of timber, 15 acres broken, creek runs through oae end of place; rails on place to fence 40 acres, 2 springs, log house 15x16. Prioe, 810 per acre.

95 acres of a mile north of Ottawa, 15 acres timber, 50 acres in cultivation, all under fence. Frame house, with good dry cellar, 11 stories high, 200 fruit trees, 100 of which are apple, 3 years old, well selected 100 consisting of peach, plum, oherry, good stable, barn and out buildings. There is 15 acres of wheat, 20 acres of oats and 15 aores of corn to go with place. Prioe, $5,000. 9 80 acres ot prairie, 5 miles Northwest of Ottawa good available prairie school house on one corner.

Price, $10 per acre. t0 acres 3 miles nortbaest of Ottawa, 40 acres fenced, 15 in cultivation snug frame house 12x20 good water. This is certainly cheaji an 80 aero farm as there is in the market. 40 acres li miles from Ottawa; good springs. Price, $1,100.

250 acres 7 miles from Ottawa, 60 aores timber, 150 acres fenced; 125 aores in cultivation frame house 18x 36, two storiej, with 14x18, and porch good well, stream of water runs through place bearing orchard of 100 apple and 75 peach trees 40 acres of good wheat, i of which poes with place. This is a No. 1 farm, it joins the town of Centropolis. 109 5 acres nil fenced, 20 acres broken, good box house stone stable for horses, 5 acres of timber, 2 miles from place well watered school house on corner of farm, near Oreouwood, 12 miles southwest of Ottawa. Price $800.

i each, and balance in one year. 170 320 acres. of sect'nn 9, town 18, range 2ft. Price 5 per acre, time on part. 171 130 acres 7 miles northeast of Ottawa, with 40 acres fenced.

30 in cul tivation frame house, good twell with stream running inrnucn tne rilacc. also a croodlv number of fruit trees. Laud consists of 1st and 2d bottom. Price, $2,000. 160 acres, northwest 1 of section 5, town 19, range 20, lj miles from Richmond, miles from Princeton.

Price, $1,200. 175 160 acres, southeast of section 2, township 17, range 18, 6 miles west of Ottawa. Price, $1,600. 176 160 acres 51 miles southwest of Ottawa, 60 acres timber, good stream runs through place, will make a splendid stock farm. Price, $10 per acre.

1 i i 30 acres of timber, 4 miles from Ottawa, on Eight Mile Creek, Price, $40 per acre. 178" 160 acres 4 miles from Prinoeton. Price, $5 per acre. 180 30 acres of timber, 4 miles from Ottawa, on Appanoose creek. Price, $30 per acre.

1G0 acres ou Ottawa creek, 4 miles from city; 20 acres timber, 80 acres in cultivation; good buildings. Price, $35 per acre. 183 30 acres 11 miles from city, 20 acres fenced and brokoo, in good state of cultivation good house, and good chance for a garden. 184 271 acres mile from Ottawa, 20 acres in cultivation and fenced, frame house 18x24, fine forest park a bar gain at $1,800. 185.

240 acres, 6 miles north of Ottawa, 60 acres fenced and in cultivation 60 aores timber; never failing stream of water, log house and good well 100 bearing apple, 100 bearing peaoh trees, with all kinds of small fruit, Price, 825 per acre. 186 80 acres of land southwest of Ottawa ou Humbolt road, 25 acres fenced and broken; good well; log bouse 17 x21. Price, 8800. 187" 80 ucrcs southeast of Ottawa, uear Peoria City. Price, 87 per aero.

188 80 acres 2 miles from Priucotou, 7 miles southwest of Ottawa. Price, 87 per aore. 450 160 acre-'; the southeast of 11, towt 17, range 19. Price, $6 50 per acre 451 160 acres southeast of 7, town 18, range 21. Price, $6 50 per acre.

"452 80 acres south of southwest of section 8, town 18, range 21 Price, $6.50 per acre. 160 acres; northwest of necuoii 27, town 15, range IP. Price, $6.50 per acre. 454 159 acres, 2 miles east from Ottawa, 100 acres broken and cultivated, 85 acres fenced, posts enough to fence the 100, all upland frame house, 4 moms, good cistern, frame granery that holds 500 bushels of corn, 5 good stock pens? 95 apple trees, one-half bearing 200 peach trees, 10 bearing; 50 cherry-trees, all bearing; pear trees, grapes, strawberries, and other small fruits, school house on the southeast corner Price. Sn7 per acre.

455 170 acres; 10 of timber, 45 acres broken, 80 fenced, 10 of wheat, 8 of oats, 14 of corn and pititoes; house 16x18; 200 apple trees, 200 peacii trees, cuttings of 100 grapes, 300 strawberry plants, 120 rods of hedgn growing, 2 pounds of hedge seed planted, 50 rods of board fence, 8 cords of wood at the door 2 miki northeast from Ottawa. Price, 30 per acre 53,000 down, balance iu one year. 456 80 acres, 7 miles southwest from Ottawa, on Mud Creek L'5 acres under fence, 20 acres cultivated, lo young timber suitable for rails or firewood 1 1 story log house, spring and plenty of stock water on place limestone quarry 2d bottom and land; most of this can be cult i van'ii Price, $20 per acre half cash. "458 160 acres, all prairie 0 miles uoitli west from Ottawa good stock very desirable land. Price, pet acre.

tin 54 acros, half mile west from Ot tawa all fenced and under cultiva-" tion stone house 11 story high, with 5 rooms and a good cellar, good well and never failing water; all necessary out houses, with stable for 5 horses, wagon and carriage shed also, 5C0 best variety of fruit, and all kinds of small fruit, with never failinc stock water. 462 5 acres on Third street, Ottawa, all under cultivation two story dwelling house 18x30, with a wing attacheJ, 12x15; good well of water, and a large variety of fruit trees, such us apples, pears, peaches, 4c. also, a good variety of grape, blackberry and raspberry vines. 225 acres of prairie, 6 miles north east from Ottawa 160 acres fenced, 120 acres broken, 1 mile of good 4 vear old Lcde. half mile frond 2 vear old hedge, 40 acres beautiful corn.

and JU ot oats; good hoa.oe 11 Ptoryj and farm stablj 190 6 year old apple trees, and 1.00 ccach trees. other small fruits in proportion. 464 1H0 acres of prairie and timber, southeast quarter of section 32, township 15, range 18; 80 acres wood, good stock water; 11 miles northwest from Ottawa. Price, 87 per acre. S600 of which can run on 1, 2 and 3 vears credit at 7 per cent, interest.

465 North half of the northeast nuartrr of section 15, township 17, range IS, 80 acres, 8 miles west from Ottawa, near Greenwood. This property is all inclosed, about 7 acres under cultivation, rrood livinsr water eood box house 14x16, with cellar, and bistable there are about 7 cords ot wood cut, and several eood lor This land is nearly all good saw timbei rricc, 466 The northwest ouarter of eiim. 35, township 16, range 21, 10 mile- cast irom Uttawa, plenty of timber for firewood for years, good living water, school andchur convenient veral improved farms within 1 mile. Thi- land can all bo worked. Terms.

per acre $800 down, bal'inee nt Id per cent, for ono year. 467 93 acres 83 acres pramc. 10 timbor, 40 acres under cultivation; 8: acres toticed oil applu trco5, chorries, pears, poaohos, uud small fruits hedge on three sides, good well and iock water; frame house 14x16 go crib, and barn for 6 horstw 7 uiii(s south west from Ottawa Price, wi'hoiu crop, 82,000 411 Southeast of section 34, town 18, range 19. Prioe, $3 per acre. 412 Northeast i of section 34, town 18.

range 19. Price, $9 per acre. 413 80 acres, 12 miles southeast of Ottawa, all under fence, 50 acres broken. 100 bearing fruit trees, hedge all around, 5 acres of timber, 25 acres of 1st and 2nd bottom, good frame house, 2 wells possession given at once 1 mile from Fort Scott and Lawrence road. Price, 82,200.

4i4 160 acres, 32 miles northeast of Garnctt, 19 miles southeast of Ottawa, in Linn county, timber handy, good land, with good water for stock. Price, $5 per acre; will trade for town property in Ottawa. 415 127 acres adjoining Hacke' cna) mines, good prairie land, and uuu building site, on Ottawa and Topeka State road half mile from school house, 1 miles from church Price, 820 per acre. 416 80 acres, with large frame house, adjoining a village, 8 miles from Ottawa, good well and splendid stone quarry, 15 acres fenced and plowed house is worth 8800. Price, 81,600.

417 160 acres prairie; timber within a quarter of a mile, 3 miles fiom Atchison. Atchison county. Price, $1,500. 418 80 acres of improved prairie, miles southwest of Ottawa. 419 158 acres, 61 miles northwest of Ottawa bO acres under tight fence, oO acres in blue grass, 30 acres in cultivation, log house, 40 acres of young timber, splendid stock farm, never failing creek and spring.

Price, $18 per acre. 420 102 acres, 92 of which is prairie, and ten of timber, 3 miles southwest of Greenwood; 92 acres fenced, mostly post and rail JO acres broken, good log houso with spring, which is No. 1, close by timber 2 miles from place, on the Osage river two good springs. Price, $13 per acre. 421 160 acres, 10 of which is timber, 21 miles from Greenwood, all inclosed with rail fence; 10 acres broken, and 6 in corn log house 16x18.

Price, $12 per acre. 422 160 acres, 5 miles northwest of Ottawa; 15acreB under cultivation; fencing furnished to inclose the whole good stock water. This is cheap. Price, $1,700 all cash. 423 Three quarter-sections, 1 mile east from Ottawa prairie, at $40 per acre.

Two fractional quarters 1 mile east, at $45 per acre. This is splendid land. 424 172 acres, 12 of timber, 30 acres under cultivation and fenced; log house 151x161; 14 apple trees, 60 cherry and 75 peach trees; spring close to the house log stable 14x14 10 milos southwest of Ottawa, on Mud Creek. Price, $1,600. 425 West i of seotion 25, town 19, range 18, 320 acres, 5 or 6 miles from Garnett, in Anderson county, Kansas.

Price, 4.00 per acre. 426 160 acres, northwest quarter of seotion 29, town 15, range 21 east; Franklin county, Kansas. 427 116 acres, lot 3 in northeast I. lot 4 in northwest I. and southeast I of northwest of seotion 2, town 16, range 20; in franklin county.

Prico, $1,000. 428 North weBt sectiou 8, town 15, range 14 34 miles west of the county scat, Burlingame. 1st class prairie improved farm joining; handy to timber. Price, $4.00 per acre. 160 acres of prairie, 4 miles south east from Ottawa; honse 21x24, finished; 16 acres broken, and 6 acres in wheat to go with tho place all toncea.

rrico, 518 por acre. 80 aores 5 miles north wast of Ot tawa, with 30 acres of liuht timber. aud 800 posts at $800, and 20 aores of timocrea land at 120 per acre until middle of June. i.

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