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The Brown County Republican from Hiawatha, Kansas • 8

The Brown County Republican from Hiawatha, Kansas • 8

Hiawatha, Kansas
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Local and Personal Mention. 2tt 21 XI. It. J. McAtee is reported quite sick.

as being 1 BYRNES BROS, Satisfaction Assured or Money Returned. Gov. Morrill is in Kansas City to day. Rev. Mize returned to Salina to-day.

E. W. Allen has returned from Pennsylvania. Mrs. R.

F. Buckles and Miss Rothrock will go to Dakota next month to visit friends. The Misses Agnes and Lizzie Corcoran, of Severance, are the guests of Judge and Mrs. S. L.

Ryan. 3 iPiimuiJ mivu. "1 Phone 101. wj f4 l. mma mm mm mammm A good 8 room bouse for rent.

Call on Thomas Samuel. Harry Frazey is quite sick with the measles. Hear the $35 Victor talking machine at Hull's Saturday afternoon. Senator James Allen of Highland was in town last night. For soap makers, 19 cans of lye $1.00 at Sayre's.

Rev. Dechaut will preach the Reformed church on Sunday morn Embroideries and Laces. Shoes for Everybody. We wouldn't expect to hold and increase ourjl Ol J. 1 A.

4 I 1 Every woman admires pretty embroidery TilLLINERY. Because a hat is high-priced is no proof that it is stylish. There must be style in millinery as well as quality, It matters but little how rich the material is if it is not used in a way to obtain the best effect. It takes an experienced trimmer to do this, and you will find her in our Millinery department ready at all times to serve you. Hats rctrimmed at a moderate cost Martin Jones buys and sells all kinds of hay and straw.

Leave orders at S. Hunter's or telephone to No. 259. n34-tf. Buy your harvest meats at Fred Gampper's at 2 cents per pound less than you have bought them any ouoc iraue as we nave wunoui giving me chjsi jjois-sible values in this department.

Our success has been attained by giving the best shoes at prices to suit the people." Notice these prices: Men' patent kid shoe (latest shapes) $3.50 Men's Box Calf and Vici Kid $2 00 to $3.50 Men's Sat Cilf (cap and plain toe) $1.25 Men's Plow Shoes, buckle and lace $1.25 to $1.75 Boys' and Little Gents' Shoes $1.25 to $2 50 Men's canvas shoes to $1.50 Boys' canvas shoes $1.25 We are Sole Agents for the Famous SHIRT WAISTS. Every pair a perfect and laces and there is no better assortment than ours. Notice our east window and see some pretty designs. Ribbons. You can get a good supply of ribbons and not have them cost you much either if you patronize our ribbon department.

Wash Neck Ribbons, Nos. 60 rand 80, 15c a yard. Notions. Every time you buy notions from us you save money, as we sell at reasonable prices. These small savings amount to quite a sum in the course of a year.

Medallion Brooches. 35e to 50c Fancy Waist Sets 15c $1.00 Latest Styles Belt Buckles 15c to 50c Belt Pins 25c to 50c Chatelaine bags 25c to S2.00 Belts in all new shapes and material. Ladies' new silk madras ties in the latest styles, 35c to 50c Battenburg patterns and braids. where else this season. Mr.

and Mrs. Geo. Grace came up from St. Joseph Monday evening to visit friends and attend the commencement exercises. Mr.

and Mrs. Bert Waste came up from Kansas City last Saturday and are spending the week with her. parents Mr. and Mrs. T.

Stevens. Gt, which means ease and comfort to your feet. Shoes, $3 00. Oxford. $2.50 Perhaps you need one or more shirt waists to carry you through the balance of the season.

If so jrou will find this store a very good place to supply the need. Our waists sell because they have the style and fit that is not seen in other waists, and we sell them at very low prices. A line of odds and ends will be found on our Bargain Counter for 50 cents each. Ladiet Shoes for all pocketbooks, S1.25 to $3.00. Below are a few bargains: Ladies' OxfoidsXos.

2K and 3, were S1.50 to $3 50. sell at 75c Boys' plow shoes and satin calf shoes No. 3, 75c. Suit Cases and Telescopes. If you are gointj to make a visit you will want a suit rase or a telescope.

We have just what you want at prices that will suit you. Suit cases, leather bound, 22 24 $2.00. TV lescopes, tine grade, from a 14 in. at 35c up to a 36 in. at 99c, ing.

Everybody welcome. Breakfast food, good as the best ioc a package at Sayre's. The highest market price paid for old iron, copper and rubber. Call on Richards at second hand store. There will be a big platform dance at Sun Springs on July 4th.

Brown's orchestra will furnish the music. This is the time of the year when the average man, if his wife would let him, would sell all the stoves in the house for a bath tub. Atchison Globe. No good health unless the kid neys are sound. Foley's Kidney Cure makes the kidneys right.

All druggists. The many friends of Eli Moser will be pleased to know that he has so far recovered from his recent at" tack of paralysis as to be able to be out. For wash day, 10 bars, good soap 25c, 2 packages washing powder 5c at Sayre's. Ed Lawrence surprised bis parents and friends by taking unto himself a wife. The first they knew of the secret was the announcement of the marriage in the papers.

Hull sells Superior Stoves and Ranges which everybody knows are the best. Mrs. O. L. Schmick left Tuesday for a three weeks visit with relatives at Oneida.

O. L. will do the Tanner act during her absence. Judge Means was in Seneca the first of the week where he acted as referee in a case pending in the district court of Nemaha county. Cess pools and vaults cleaned.

Apply to Henry George. Phone No. 113. Geo. W.

Kelly makes the following schedule of prices for his swim-mirg resort: 10 cents where he furnishes towel and 15 cents where be furnishes both towel and bathing suit. GROCERIES IN BASEMENT. Best Flour on the Market. 'Emperor" and ''Queen' Brands of Salina Flour. is 3 IK LDDUl A Nebraska town has nine saloons MARRIAGES.

DEATHS. and one church. Recently a bolt of lightening struch the town. It hit the church. The first person who finds the moral will receive the barrel of potatoes.

K. C. World. Ralph Colton spent a couple of day 8 of this week with friends in Elliott. Grace Elliott, fourteen year old daughter of Mr.

and Mrs. Wm. Elliott, died Monday morning from appendicitis and blood poisoning. She was buried yesterday at 1:30 from the Baptist church Rev. Hag gett officiating and the interment took place at the old cemetery.

She was an only child and was a general favorite with the people, beloved by all her acquaintances. Hoi ton. Mrs. Colton and the baby Charley Baxter and Sam Miller both put up a good battle for the office of register of deeds and both young men made many warm friends in their canvass of the county. Four young ladies and one young man constitutes the Academy graduating class this year.

They are Misses Edna Clark, Winnie 13. Chamberlin, Mona Ryan and Julia Schenkelberger and Mr. Ernest Round. For a nice dish of ice cream, or a good glass of ice cream soda with crushed fruit, a good glass of lemonade with a big whole lemon at a nice table in the coolest place in town, go to the Hiawatha Candy Kitchen. wlio have been visiting there for the last two weeks returned home with him yesterday.

The A. M. K. conference is in session here this week and on last Tuesday night W. E.

Archer, on behalf of the city of Hiawatha in a very neat, eloquent and appropriate speech welcomed them to the city and xtended to them the freedom of the same. Careful reader of the Monthly Recoid, published by the inmates of the Connecticut state prison, will find a good many suggestions for the philosophy of life, says the Boston Transcript. One of these in the current number, is: "It is a good idea never to do to-day what you ought not do tomorrow." Among the ministers who were presented to President Roosevelt when he was in New York recently was one who bears the burden of an overweening sense of ducy, and is washing ma- The Ocean Wave chine 7 at Hull's. you money on a Hull will save piano or organ. Rev.

A. S. Dechant, missionary superintendent of Synod of the Interior of the Reformed church and Rev. G. W.

Richards D. D. professor of Historical Theology of Lancaster were the guests of Rev. Mr. Hassenpflug on Wednesday and Thursday.

Monarch Catsup, better' large bottle 'njune 15c at Probate Court License has been granted to the following persons to marry: W. A. Pendlebury, Horton 28 Maggie J. Mote, Horton 18 P. A.

Karlsson, Hiawatha 31 Maggie J. Belknap, 22 A. R. Kinser, St. Joe 23 Vida Dickason, Hiawatha, 19 W.

O. Wood, K. C. Mo 23 Bessie C. Wells, 23 Dr.

C. A. Lilly, Seneca Isabel Smith, Hiawatha Married by Judge Rea. Sophia Hooper makes final settlement as administratrix of the estate of Jbhn L. Hooper.

Lizzie Brant made annual settlement as guardian of John Brant and and Mary Brant. Reserve Band Concert. Program for Saturday evening June 14, 1D02. March, "The 2sew York Seitz March, "The Graud Rapids Mail Carrier's Band" Weldon Overture, Psyche. IJiru house Fantasia, for Cornet and Euphonium 'Italia" Majrton Waltz, "Under Southern Earlton Soug and dance "The Cow March, "My Friend from Wheeler For Sale- A team, wagon and harness, a cow, a new sewing machine and some household goods.

Apply to J. C. F. Browx, Hiawatha, Kaus. Sayres.

During the summerJkidney irregularities are often caused by exces I he spirit of indecision in the Delaney-Murphy. Miss Francis Delaney and John Murphy of Horton were married at St. Benedict's church in Atchison Tuesday morning. The wedding was a very quiet one, owing to the death of the bride's father, and only immediate friends were present. Boltman-Vigfnati.

Samuel II. Boltman and Miss Wilhelmina Vignati, both of Everest, were united in marriage by Rev. J. N. Kidd at the Baptist parsonage on last Tuesday evening.

The groom was born in east Tennessee and the bride in Moravia 25 and 24 years ago. Their home will be on a farm one mile east of Pierce Junction. Pendleberry-Motc William Allen Pendleberry and Miss Maggie J. Mote were married at the M. E.

parsonage Wednesday afternoon by Rev. T. J. Mayor. The groom is an industrious young man and holds the position as head clerk in D.

T. Mote's grocery store. The bride is the accomplished daughter of D. T. Mote a groceryman, and a lovely character.

The newly wedded couple have a home prepared in the Kansas City addition and will commence house keeping at once. Immediately after the cere, mouy a reception was jjiven at the home of the bride's parents and an elegant wedding supper was served. There were about seveuty-five pres. ent at the reception. Commercial.

sive drinking or being overheated. Attend to the kidneys at once by world is simply appalling. Every Was Wasting; Away. "I have been troubled with kid- using Foley's Kidney Cure. All woiit to "rebuke in season and out )Dey disease for the last five years," of season" mostly out of season.

writes Robert R. Watts, of Salem druggists. Sacred concert Sunday June 15. The Reserve band at Sun Springs. Children's Glee Club.

In connection with the school of Kindergarten Music Building a Children's Glee Club is now being formed for children from 4 to 15 years old. Purpose: To teach children to sing by note, besides the teaching of many beautiful songs which will stimulate a love for music. Come and join us. Lessons each day in the week except Saturday from 9 till 10 a. m.

in A. O- U. W. Hall over Brokaws and McKnight's drug store. Tuition per term of five weeks, $2.50 for each child.

Florkxce II. Kelley, Authorized Teacher. Mo. "I lost flesh and never felt well and doctored with leading Everybody come and enjoy the good day hundreds of people say they will do certain things, or 'think the matter over," and then never arrive at a positive conclusion. Day after day, and month after month, the same matters come up and are put off, and nothing iB ever done.

Every one is guilty of it: business men the same as others. It is one of the worst faults of the human family. Atchison Globe. music. Admission ten cents.

"I reget," said the preacher, "to see that the administration countenanced the use of liquos the governor's palace at Havana." "But I am glad to see," said the President, deftly changing the subject, "that the general assembly is discountenancing the use of brimstone." physicians and tried all remedies suggested without relief. Finally I tried Foley's Kidney Cure and less than two bottles completely cured me aud I am now sound and well." All druggists. Miss Myrtle Mathews and Miss Newcomb wept to Horton Tuesday to catch the Rock Island excursion to St, Joseph on Wednesday. Wanted. A stout young man to learn the Barber Shop.

Removed two doors west of Yost's furniture store. Prices 5 and 15 cents. Call and see us. Biddle Co. (candy business.

Apply at the Hiawatha Candy Kitchen. 1 UJ PENNY" CAeCCET T. FRAZIER, Proprietor. THE Hiawatha Steam Laundry is prepared'to do as fine work as was ever turned out in Hiawatha. The latest tmproved machinery has recently been pot in ard faultless 'sondry work is the result Give us a trial and you will become a regular customer.

HIAWATHA STEAM LAUNDRY. er Bundle jCSJ For Less cJ Than Ever, So Bring Your 23 Wagons. Lilly-Smith. The wedding of Miss Isabel Smith and Dr. C.

A. Lilly, of Seneca, was solemnized at the home of William M. Smith on North Seventh street yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock. Only the immediate relatives of the young people were present at the ceremony which was performed by Rev. R.

II. Mize, rector of St. John's School at Salina. In the evening a reception was given for the young people at the home of the groom's parents, Mr. and Mrs.

S. Lilly, northwest of this city. Mr. and Mrs. Lilly leave today for their new home in Seneca where the doc tor located about a year ago.

The bride is the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Smith and is well known ere.

The groom is the only son of Mr. and Mrs. S. Lilly and is a graduate of Rush Medical College of Chicago. "Wells-Wood.

Miss Bessie Wells, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Wells, was married last night to Mr.

Orval Wood, of Kansas City, at Bethel church north of town, Rev. Bruner officiating. A large number of invited guests were present at the ceremony and they attended a reception at the home of the bride's parents after the ceremony. The young couple left this morning for C. B.

BAKER, Cashier, T. Mclaughlin, Asst. cash. E. N.

MORRILL, President, C. D. LAM ME. Vice-Pres. You will be surprised at the very low prices we are making on New goods.

CAPITAL, 8100,000.00. Surplus Profits, 825,000.0. The Morrill Janes Bank Hiawatha, Kansas. Come and get some of these bargains. mmmm9mmmmm lit 5 A Few Sample Prices for the Week: Glass Berry Saucers, 10c.

Hump hooks and eyes card lc 100 ft galvanized wire clothes gallon glass pitchers ........13 Covered glass syrup 5c Good white envelopes Spkgs. 5c lines 25c kind i9c 3 piece garden sets a seti 6c dust Dans each. 5c mckle coffee Pots--30c Chesborough vaseline bottle. 4c 2 qt covered tin (5c ft tM oeHiid 3c Mnoir 8126 ten roll best toilet 5c 1 lot no 2 lamp chimneys ea. 3c 1 qt tin cups 5c 3c pots 30c 24 sheets writing paper with en- No 2 lamp Hardwood tooth picks box 2c 1 5 foot galvanized wire clothes velopes a box 5c Handsomely decorated bird cages 10 qt granite buckets each 25c lines 20c kind Heavy solid steel skillets ea.

..19 85c 69c THE PIONEER BANK. Directors N. Morrill, Sam-1 Bierer, Geo. H. Adams, C.

B. Baker C. D. Latum e. ESTABIIHKD 1871 INCORPORATED 1SS7 Kansas City where they will make their future home..

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