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The Brown County Republican from Hiawatha, Kansas • 6

The Brown County Republican from Hiawatha, Kansas • 6

Hiawatha, Kansas
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D. LArmE, Vice-Prest. E. N. MORRILL, Prest.

BROWN COUNTY REPUBLICAN. Published eery Thursday at Hiawatha, Kansas and entered at post ollice as seeoud-elass matter First published in Brown County Republican August 15. 190L Notice of Appointment STATE OF KANSAS, ss Brown County, Notice is hereby given, that on the 9th day August, A. D. 1901, the undersigned were by the The Morrill Janes Bank Hiawatha, Kansas.

CAPITAL, SURPLUS AND UNDIVIDED PROFITS $125 000 Something About HATS Probate tjonri Ol Brown uonniy. A-ausas, uuiy appointed and qualified as executors of the estate of Adam Schilling, deceased. All parties interested in said estate will take notice aud govern themselves accordingly, Mary J. Schilling, Geo. T.

Schilling, Executors. The Pioneer Bank INCORPORATED 1887 ESTABLISHED 1871 We have M. E. YOST SONS, First published in the Brown County Republican July 25, 901. Publication Xotice.

In the Brown County, Kansas, District Court. Thomas B. Morgan, Plaintiff, vs. Pearl N. Morgan, Defendant The defendant.

Pearl N. Morgan, will please take notice that she has been sued by the plain tiff, Thomas Morgan, in the above entitled court in the above entitled cause, and that she must answer the petition filed therein on or before September 6, 1901, or the said petition will be taken as true and judgment rendered accordingly. The nature of the judgment prayed for is that plaintiff be divorced from you; that you be debarred from inheriting by or through plaintiff, and that plaintiff recover costs of suit from you. THOMAS B. MORGAN.Pllf.

as. Falloon, Attorney for Plaintiff. Furniture and Undertaking EDITORIAL COMMENT. Stock New and Up-to-Date The John R. Wood bristles are in demand as sovenirs.

'Phone 34 Prices Always Lowest. Govenor Stanley has issued proclamation naming Monday, Sept. 2nd as Labor day. First published iu the Brown County Republican July 25th, 1901. In the District Court of Brown County, Kansas.

The reservation of the Creek In Jacob Lichty. Plaintiff, dians, which is next to be opened vs. THE FINEST LOT OF HATS You ever took time to look at and we have them to sell. THAT'S WHAT WE GOT THEM FOR All we want is for you to come in and look at them. The hats and the price will do the rest.

And OUR SHOES. They are the best made, the latest styles and the easiest on your feet and pocketbook that you ever tried. Call and see them. Everything in our store is new and up-to-date and we can guarantee satisfaction in every instance, or "Money Back if You Want It." WHEATLEY McCLINTOCK, HORTON, KANSAS. The Fidelity Insurance, Trust to white settlement, ought at least to be well irrigated.

ZZew Cireru Stable Everything new and up to date. First-Class Rigs at reasonable prices. All calls promptly responded to. Kansas Hour is the best in the world and commands a premium in and Safe Deposit Company, (a Corporation), Trustee of the Estate and Executor ok the Last Will and Testament of William T. Fleming, Deceased Kittie E.

Fleming, Widow of William T.Fleming.Deceased, David Fleming, Marie Fleming, and William T. Fleming. Minor Childern of William T. Fleming, Deceased, Mary Fleming, Lorraine Fleming, Florence Fleming, and Effie Fleming, and the Unknown Heirs and Devisees of William T. Fleming, Deceased, Defendants To the said defendants.

The Fidelity Insur all the markets of the globe, where it has been introduced. The editor who acknowledges that he used to lie about his circulation 'Phone 244 Cor. 8th and Oregon. GEO. REAHM, PROPRIETOR.

can be depended upon to keep it up The habit becomes chronic. ance, Trust and Safe Deposit Company, (a Corporation), trustee of the estate and executor of the last Will and Testament of William T. Fleming, deceased, Kittie E. Fleming, widow of William T. Fleming, deceased, David tieming, Marie Fleming, aud William T.

Flem The tight on Pension Commis ing, minor children of William T. Fleming, ioner Evans is about to result in his removal from that office, accord deceased, Mary rieminp, Lorraine rieming, Florence Fleming and Effie Fleming, and the Unknown heirs and Devisees of William T. Fleming, deceased, you and each of you are hereby notified that you have been sued by the nlnintifFin the above named Court in an action ing to Washington a Kansas man, either Judge Peters or entitled as above, and that you must each answer the Petition of nlaiutirl hied in said ac- tionou or before the 6th day of September lOOl.or commercial college at Sabetha, visited the institute this week. FRA1TK WALTERS' LIVERY AND SALE STABLE. Cab and Wagonette calls at all hours Dick Blue, will be appointed to succeed him.

The feeling among the old boys against Evans is so the petition will De ianen as true ana juugmeni will be rendered therein accordingly, quieting the title to the east one-half of the north Miss Elsie A. Hammond, of Paw east uuarter of sei tiou eight S) townsliip one (1) range fifteen in Brown County. State of Kansas in the Plaintiff and barring and excluding each of the said defendants from any and all right, title, interest and claim therei n- nee, has been engaged in (lis trict 81. pronounced that the change should be made and the sooner the better. ALUB i.H II 1 1, runuuii.

W. F. MEANS, Attorney for Plaintiff. Among the numerous visitors the 'Phone 144 past week we noticed Prof. J.

Rhodes and Miss Carrie Lindley. The Only GiiHrimteed Kidney Cure is Smith's Sure Kidney Cure. Your Druggist will refund money, if after takiug one bottie you are not entirely satisfied with results. 5. YATES DRUG CO.

Prof. Nowlin insists on teachers understanding the difficulties they nave to tace and the grace to meet them. Profs. Redmond andFriend insist on teaching being good. Their ex Shaving Made Easy By using HALL'S GLASS HONES.

The only hone on the market an inexperienced man can sharpen a razor with. 27,000 sold in St. Louis in It is not an uncommon sigJt in Kansas to see great piles of wheat on the ground. Fresh from the threshing machine it looks like a pile of gold as itglistens in the sunlight. It is gold to the farmer.

With the ready adaptability of the Western farmer the grower of wheat doesn't stop to build granaries. He rushes the bearded grain to the threshing machine and piles the golden kernels on the ground while his son or an agent is impor tuning the railroads for cars to take the grain to the nearest market. All of the Kansas elevators are full and the farmer has no other recourse There has been a car famine ever since the middle of June when the reaper first began its music in the southern portion of the great wheat belt. The Western Kansas farmer rushes his wheat to market to save building granaries and rehandling and then he buys futures against the wheat that he is selling. Returns indicate that the farmers are going to depend more than ever on wheat next year.

It istimated that 16 million acres will be sown in wheat this fall. K. C. Star. planation of that word is verv lengthy.

We are glad to learn of school Exclusive territory given agents. mail 50 cents. boards employing Brown county tple students in preference to foreign TJ 11 UTTI 5(3 Holland Building. refugees. JL 11C 1 lclii lVllg VU.

St. Louis. John Kale has returned to the pedagogue work after a few years' absence, and is elected in district 65 at $50 per month. WWWFW WWW WWWW Prof. Nowliu notified the mascu J.

B. HINTHORN i lines very early Monday morning as to the coming reunion so they could make their plans accordingly and avoid the rush. The institute quartette, consisting of Co. Supt. Friend, Norman Leave your orders for srftand COAL with Salisbury Satisfaction guaranteed.

Best grades always in stock. Phone 70. The Exclusive Undertaker Gives PromDt Attention to All Calls in the Counttj. HEARSES FREE. It is understood that Governor Stanley will not appoint the treasurers and sheriffs in Kansas to fill out the year made vacant by the operations of the biennial election law.

If he persists in his purpose, these officers in the counties of the tate will be allowed to serve out their terms without appointment. Some time ago Attorney General Goddard gave an opinion to the effect that the offices were to be filled by apointment, but that the year would be counted as a term, and that the officers that had served two terms already could not be appointed. Topeka Capital. The new town of Lawton in the Indian Territory has sixty saloons. They have all squatted on the land of John R.

Wood who drew the first prize and hogged all the land along the town site. Wood is a prohibitionist from Kansas and is ery wroth. He has asked the governor for troops to clear his land of squatters but the governor has referred the matter Washington. The lawyers give it as their opinion that the squatter can hold the land Wood has violated the homestead laws. The entire town is against Wood in the matter because he acted the swine on the start.

The editor of the Everest Enterprise who has probably been kicked off a freight train himself and knows whereof he speaks says: "Once in the life of every man there comes a freight train which, well hung to wheels on to success. A Jackson county man boarded a freight train for El Reno for the purpose of registering. He was kicked off nine times by the brake-man, the engineer pumped hot team on him, the fireman threw coal at him, but still he mounted and rode. And when the lottery wheel turned his name came out among the first hundred and his persistency had its reward. But think how many of us would have quit after being kicked off about the seventh time." Hiawatha, Kansas YOUR A Chance for the Brown County Normal.

Following is the enrollment up to Wednesday night: HIAWATHA. Dola M. Elliott, Gladys Sherman, A. L. Gilbert, Lvdia Friend, Florence Lindley, Bailey Bohannou, Florence M.

Bond, Daisy Moore, Mary Love, Ethel Work, Florence Albee, Marie Dodson, Edna Willitt, Bertha Burk, Dan Work, G. F. Girard, W. F. Hovey, Eva C.

Culp, Ethel Ziller, Mary McGilvrav, Onnie McGilvray, H. E. Smith, Grace McKnight, Myrtle Kesler, Ethel Elliott, J. M. Denton, Ed Fru bu ik house, Harry M.

Yaw, Nettie Ferguson, Ida Wilson, Mrs. Rosa E. Lepley, Mabel Zimmerman, Julia Baker. G. F.

Moll, W. A. Smith, C. C. Ferguson, Bessie Wilson, Lizzie Simmons, Clara Archer, Clara Archer, R.

V. Wilcox, Jessie Sebum, Winnie Seburn. Edna B. Aten, Pearl Greeuo, Col Rimmerman, J. S.

Christian, Harold Sweet, Prof. Williams, W. Fred Harper, Jennie Stoffer. ROBISON. Bella Dearden, Cora B.

Hutchison, Gertrude Hutchison, Eoline L. Wallace, Anna Warrentz, Nora Mitchell, Fannie Gebhart, Sadie Roop, Minnie G. Wade. HAML1X. Lura Brady, Mrs.

Minnie O'Nell. FA1RVIEW. Minnie Hochstetler, Lela O'Roke, A. B. Spangler, Albert Gibbons, Frank Warner.

PadoIa. Maude Wilson, Lena Wilson. HOBTOHT. Perril Kemp. Pawnee, Neb.

Edwin Crawford, Elsie A. Hammond. Graxaoa. Clara Hough. Highland.

Jennie Vinsonhaler. Sabetha. Bertha Brown, Elizabeth Cracraft. Powhattan, Lou Belle Williams. Mokkii.i, Norman V.

Spangler, Grace Roberts. Leona. Josephine Kimmi. White Ci.ouij. Lizzie Ploeger.

Olathe. L. L. McShaue. Willis.

Henrietta Douthart, Gertrude Olson. Everest. Oran Reeves. Fidelity, Theresa Bockenstette. Whiting.

W. A. Kooney. Wetmore. O.

F. Kroh. Irving. Mamie M. Pohl.

Seneca. A. Weaver. Waterville. Josephine Berry.

NOTES. Adel Baker has 63. Frank Hoover goes to district 54. Miss Jennie Vinsonhaler is a new enrollment. Prof.

Hall's untiring efforts are much appreciated. The Model School is giving excellent satisfaction. Miss Ethel Benton is the guest of Prof, and Mrs. Fundis. Miss Mina Selby calls often.

Her presence is always pleasing. The enrollment now stands at 06. We will reach the century mark. Districts No. 12, 14, 15, 23, 53 and 66 have not reported teachers elected.

Mr. L. L. McShane is doing a big business with his international encyclopedia's. There seems to be but one love-making match in the institute something unusual Miss Lu Verne Leevy and Pansy Wallace, of Robinson, are students in the Model school.

Miss Jessie Yaw was a pleasant visitor. She returns to her work at Whiting September 9. Prof, 3. yibert, teaoher is the Boy or Girl DO YOU WANT TO EARN A BEAUTIFUL WATCH? IF SO A LITTLE TIME AND ENERGY WILL Mr- ACCOMPLISH THE RESULT. THE ECLIPSE.

That is the name- of this beautiful watch. NEEDS MEDICAL ATTENTION AS MUCH AS YOU DO. Given awav FREE OF CHARGE with every 10 SUBSCRIBERS to FREE! Given away FKEE OF CHARGE with every 10 SUBSCRIBERS to BLOOD CURE POWDERS CUTLER'S If Congressman Curtis gets into the senatorial race Atchison county will have two candidates for Congress. C. D.

Walker has already announced his candidacy, and young Jim Challiss is only biding his time until the entry lists are opened. Challiss is a comparative new player, but Walker sat in the game four years ago and had a few chips left when it closed. Both men are lawyers. Walker is the senior member of the firm of Walker Berry, which divides the cream of the law business in Atchison county with Waggener, Horton Orr. He has money and is a smart politician.

In the Curtis-Bailey light he lined up with Bailey. Challiss is not more than 30 years of age. He is a graduate of the University of Kansas, and in his student days was the champion spieler of that institution. Challiss is the law partner of Sheffield In-galls, the youngest son of John J. Ingalls.

Sheffield Isgalls is talked of for the legislature, and will likely be a candidate from the country district of Atchison county at the next election. Sheffield Ingalls is very clever and is particularly well liked in Atchison. If he goes into politics he is likely to make trouble for the fellows who want any office to which he aspires. He greatly resembles his famons father. He has the gestures, mannerisms, the spare form, and the imperial mien which made John J.

Ingalls a noticeable figure in any crowd. Senator Ingalls had three sons, Ellsworth, the elder, works for the government as inspector of public buildings. He gets $5,000 a year, and is under civil service rules, which makes it practically a life job. Ralph, the second son, was recently mustered out of service in the Philippines, where he served two years with the rank of captain. Topeka Capital.

Spangler, Miss Lu Belle Williams and Miss Bertha Burke affords the institute much pleasure. Monday evening Prof. Nowlin will deliver his famous lecture, "The Principles of at the Reformed church. Good music will also be furnished. Prof.

Morgan gave some good advice on criticism. Criticism, he says, comes from two sources from friends and from foes, both of which should be stepping-stones to a better life. The new members who joined our teaching force are: Nettie Ferguson, Florence Lynn, Ona Caban, Marie Dodson, Katie Williams, Eva Culp, Ethel Work, Elizabeth Cracraft, Olive Shannon, Arra Kinnear. The morning exercises which occur at 9 o'clock have been superior to like services of previous years. Rev.

Buckner is very thoughtful and his presence is always appreciated. Rev. Honstedt contributed his service Wednesday morning. Prof. Fundis gave the most humorous talk of the month on "The Teacher's Daily Preparation." He divided his subject into three parts: First, of Himself (a) in his heart; (b) in his person; (c) in his manners, etc.

Second, of His Lessons (a) in each text-book; (b) supplementary work; (c) assignment of next lesson. Third, of His Schoolroom (a) janitor's work; (b) board work for next day; (c) material constantly used. The reunion will be held Friday evening, the 16th, at the K. P. hall.

A very able committee have arranged an entertaining program, the best talent of the county assisting; also excellent refreshments will be served. All friends interested in the work are most cordially invited to join in the pleasure. Come without your money and see what we can do for you, Will cure Distemper, Fistula, Farcy, Poll Evil, Pinkeye, Rheumatism, Epizooty, Nasal Gleet, Grease Heel, Spinal Meningitis, and many other ills to which horseflesh is heir. FOR SALE BY OHAS. V.

PYLE, DRUGGIST. HIAWATHA, KANSAS THE WEEKLY JOURNAL. OUR PROPOSITION Any boy or girl who.wUI secure for "is Ten subscrip- tions to Tbe Kansas City weekly Journal at the regular subscription price of 25c per year each, making a total Of $2.50, and send us the names and addresses, together with the money, we will mail to him or her, postage prepaid, one "Eclipse watch as described below: The "Eclipse" watch is a beauty! Gun metal finish; stem wind and stem set, open face. The "Eclipse" is a watch that is a credit to anyone to carry as a timepiece. Now, boys and girls, here is your chauce.

See your neighbors, your friends, your relatives, and get them to subscribe for. The Weekly Journal. It will only take you a little while to secure a list of ten subscribers and earu this beautiful watch we assure you is well worth the effort. Make your remittance by Money Order or Draft and address all communications to The WEEKLY JOURNAL, KANSAS CITY, MO. THE GREAT NEWSPAPER The editor of the Avoca (Iowa) Journal, deals out the following neat bit of sarcasm for the benefit of the "cheap skate" who, when he wants a little $1.50 job of printing done chases himself into every print shop in town, belly-aches at the price and asks for bids.

We've met with him every man in the business has; be is in every community. The editor of this paper is goon to buy a shirt. Strange and extravagant as it may seem, we have determined to do so. With this end in view we wish dealers to submit sealed bids before Saturday night, so that the job may be let to the lowest bidder. Quality and style don't count.

Any old thing will do. Send in your bids. We reserve the right to reject any and bide, Horton Commercial, OF The Gbeat West The Kansas City Star. If Toil Want Job Work of any kind done in a neat and tasty manner have it done at The Republican of By Mail, Daily and Sunday, $4.00 a Year It is only when the corn is in danger that nine-hundredths of an ioch of rain count! in Kansas. fice.

We compete with any office in this part of the country, both in workmanship and price. Thf Weakly, One Year 25 Cents.

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