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The Brown County Republican from Hiawatha, Kansas • 6

The Brown County Republican from Hiawatha, Kansas • 6

Hiawatha, Kansas
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I KM St THE I LEADER Something of Interest To all the ladies of Brown county is the purpose of our talk this week. Of course, our store is full of goods that interest everybody, but as we have just received a large shipment of the latest variety, newest and most complete styles of DRESS GOODS We cordially Ever brought to town and know that this fact will interest everybody who hears of it. invite you to call and inspect them. Another fact that will interest the ladies is that we have made a great cut on WASH GOODS and arr. now selling them at a price that will bring a ru sh to our store.

Everything is of the best quality Ind the price is so low that anybody can reach them. Our general stock is full and complete and yryii can find anything you may want at our store. BBBmmmmmHmammma SCHILLING. A. LEGAL NOTICES.

THE BROWN COUNTY REPUBLICAN. The new election laws will require careful consideration not only from the judges of election, but from the voter. Several important of Kansas City, Congressman J. D. Bowersock of Lawrence, and Congressman W.

Caldchead of Ma-rysville aie mentioned as candidates, but it is considered doubtful if they will enter the race. They U. S. Senator for Kansas There is more or less; talk about who will be candidates, for U. S.

Senator in 1903. The Topeka Capital of Saturday has the following to say on the matter: Published every Thursday Hiawatha, Kmisas and entered at post oftlce as second -class matter First published in the Brown County Republican, July 19U1-Notice ot Appointment. STATE OF KANSAS.) Brown Corsnr, Notice is hereby given, that on the 22nd day of July, A D. 1901 the undersigned was by the Probate Court, ol Brown County, Kansas, duly appointed and qualified as administrator, with will annexed, of the estate of Thomas Hayes, deceased. All parties interested in said estate will take notice and govern themselves accordingly.

EVERETT NOWLES HAYES. Administrator. EDITORIAL COMMENT. changes have been made. Among others, a voter, when he comes in to vote must announce the number of the road district in which he lives, Man is at hie.

best during the winter months, because there are no flies on him. Every country editor in Kansas has many times had the experience of having some delinquent subscriber put his copy of the paper back into the postoffice, marked "refused." And every country editor has cherished the belief that some day he would get mad enough to go into court and make one or more of these fellows sweat for his meanness and his impudence, but it it very seldom done. Therefore it is worthy of note that last week the editor of the Oswego Independent got after a subscriber who owned for a couple of years and who sent his paper back marked "refused." The result was that the delinquent subscriber had to pay a big bill of court costs, as well as the subscription price of the paper up to the day when judgment was given K. C. Journal.

House the neighbors! Jubilate! Shout like blazes! Care disdain! Keep open house illuminate; for Kansas has had rain. First published in the Brown County Republican July 25, 1901. Publication Notice. In the Brown County, Kansas. District Court.

Thomas B. Morgan. Plain'iff. vs. Pearj.

K. Morgan, Defendant The defendant. Pearl N. Morgan, will please take notice that she has been sued by the plaintiff, Thomas Morgan, in the above entitled court in the above entitled cause, and that she must answer the petition filed therein on or before Septembers. 1AJ1.

or the said petition will be taken as true and judgment rendered accordingly. The nature of the judgment prayed for is that plaintiff be divorced from you: that you be debarred from inheriting by or through plaintiff, and that plaintiff recover costs of suit from you. THOMAS B. MORGAN. PUT.

as. Falloon, Attorney for Plaintiff. Colonel John S. Mosby, the famous Confederate been a Republican ever since the close of the war. President Grant appointed him consul to Hong Kong.

which number must be duly recorded in the blank space for that purpose. Separate ballots must be printed for the general ticket, separate ballots for township officers and if any amendment should be voted upon a separate ballot shall be provided for that and separate ballot boxes must he provided for each ballot. Any voter who shall knowingly falsely state to the election board the number of the road district in which he resides, or vote for a candidate for road overseer who is not a resident of the district in which he resides, is liable to the penalty so provided. It has been suggested that a school of instruction be established for the election boards to allow them to become familiar with the changes that have been made. are, however, standing in the background and if an opening presented itself undoubtedly would get into the The London Statist, which is a leading journal in its field, contrasts the way in which the British and American treasuries are managed, and shows that ihe American policy is superior to the other.

A good deal of skill has been shown in the conduct of the United States government's financial affairs in the past four years. Americans have noticed this. Foreign financial authorities have pointed it out. All this is very agreeable to the United States. Not alwajs could the man agement of the government's treasury have been commended at home or abroad, but it can be most emphatically praised in the present case.

Minerva McClintock, aged 25 years, ofOklahoma City, drew claim number 18 in the Lawton district at El Reno. She was married Sunday and by this act she has forfeited her right to make homestead entry. Her chance, it is estimated, would have been worth $1 0,000. She might have chosen a claim near a county seat town. 'M, A.

Low will be a candidate for U. S. Senator in 1 903, That is the word being passed around at any rate by the friends of Senator J. R. Burton.

They claim that Mr. Low has at last decided to allow the use of his name and that when the proper time comes he will begin an active canvass. Numbers of Senator Burton's friends have long been anxious for Mr. Low to make the race. They realize how much Mr.

Low contributed to Mr. Burton's election and they think he would have great strength in all parts of the state. Ever since the close of the recent session of the legislature, they have been endeavoring to induce Mr. Low to become a candidate, but it is understood had met with little success up to the present time. "Mr.

Low has been very loath to enter the field. He encouraged, it is said, Congressman Curtis to become a candidate and assured him their relations would be most friendly. Mr. Curtis and Mr. Low have always been good personal as well as political friends and the report that the latter will be a candidate has occasioned considerable surprise.

Mr. Low left for fFirst published in the Brown County Repcb- lican July 25th, 1901. In the District Court of Brown County, Kansas. Gomel Davies, a Kansas editor who has a wooden leg, went to 1 Reno and registered. A report has reached his home that he went broke down there and hocked his peg leg.

A burglary at Salina revealed the awful fact that a prominent citizen had a case of beer in his cellar. It makes one sad to think of the many men who are leading double lives, Curtis At Coffeyville, Congressman Curtis was the orator at Coffeyville on the 4th of July and the editor of the Columbus Courier who was present says: This was the first time we had ever heard Mr. Curtis orate. To say we were pleased with him expresses it very mildly indeed. He knows well how to make the pulse thrill and hold his hearers under the spell of his magical ability.

He did not launch off into a political speech but confined himself to a patriotic effort to show the social and commencial development of the United States. In this he was admirably successful. He spoke of the Great American Volunteer Soldier. He pictured him brave, resolute, loyal, chivalrous, ardent in battle, clement in victory and always ready when needed. And then from his fertile brain he drew a picture of our National grandeur.

One of his striking figures of speech was his description of the battle of Manila Bay in which he co-mingled American bravery with American inventive genuis. That American squadron which battered down the barrier of superstition, idolatry and ignorance, was built in American ship yards, by American laborers, from American mined steel, was maned by American men and from the mast flew the American flag. This happy thought carried the entire audience with it. Mr. Curtis' speech was one of the finest we have ever heard on such an occasion, fairly bubbling as it did with loyalty and patriotism, until a populist in the audience interrupted him with an attempt to inject politics in the affair.

This aroused Mr. Curtis' Injun blood, and in a very few minutes he was carrying the scalp of his interogater. After viewing Mr. Curtis at close range, we can but reach the conclusion that he is one of the strongest men in the history of Kansas political life. He has a world of reserve force which is always called into being when needed.

He is one of the people, in every sense of the word. with such hidden crimes as two wives, dyed whiskers, or a case of beer in the cellar. K. C. Journal.

Excursion Rates via Grand Island Route Homeseekers round trip tickets on sale August 6 and 20 and Sept. 3 and 17 to points in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, etc. at one fare, plus $2.00. Round trip tickets to Cleveland, Ohio, at very low rates account Annual Reunion, G. A.

on sale Sept. 1 to 10, inclusive, Round trip tickets to San Francisco at $45,00 account General Convention Episcopal Church, on sale Sept. 19 to 27, inclusive. The rates are all open to the pub-lie and the undersigned or any agent of the company will be glad to give any information that may be desired. S.M.

Pass. Agent St. Joseph, Mo. Once more the editorial sanctum of the Smasher's Mail is located in the city jail at Topeka, and from Jacob Lichtv, Plajsuff, vs. The Fidelity Insurance, Trcst and Safe Deposit Company, (a Corporation), Trustee of the Estate and Executor of the Last Will and Testament of William T.

Fleming, Deceased Kittie E. Fleming, Widow of William T.Fleming.Deceased, David Fleming. Marie- Fleming, and William T. Fleming. Minor Childern or William T.

Fleming, Deceased. Mary Fleming, Lorraine Fleming, Florence Fleming, and Kffie Fleming, and the Unknown Heirs and Devisees of William T. Fleming, Deceased, Defendants. To the said defendants. The Fidelity Insurance, Trust and Snfe Deposit Company, (a Corporation), trustee of the estate and exec utor of the last Will and Testament of William T.

Fleming, deceased, Kittie E. Fleming, widow of Silliam T. Fleming, deceased, David Fleming, ario Fleming. and William T. Fleming, minor children of William T.

Fleming, a-eceased. Mary Fleming. Lorraine Fleming. Florence Fleming and KBSe Fleming, and fhP Unknown heirs and Devisees of William Fleming, deceased, ypii and each of you aj-g hereby notified that you have been sued by thp plaintiff in the above named Court in an action entitled a above, and that you must each answer the Petition of plniutiff tiled iu said acr tiou on or before the 6th day of September 190Lor the petition will be taken as tr ne and judgment will be rendered therein accordingly, quieting the title to the east one-half (J) of the north east quarter 130 of section eight v8) township one (1) range fifteen (15) in Brown County, State of Kansas in the Plaintiff and barring and excluding each of the said defendants from any and all right, title, interest and claim therein. JACOB LICHTY.

Plaintiff. W. F. MEANS, Attorney for Plaintiff. Carrie's talk she expects to occupy these quarters for the next year.

Judge Ilazen fined her $100 and costs and uo days in jail for the part she took in the smashing busi The authorities at Kansas City, are investigating the traffic in illegitimate babies, which has been going on there. Babies have been sold like rabbits to beggars who used them to excite sympathy and aid them in begging. In many instances the babies have been allowed to die through neglect. ness a few months ago. As she refuses to pay the fine and costs in A good joke is going the rounds at the expense of Captain John Seaton of Atchison.

At the last session of the Legislature he introduced a bill making the purchaser of property sold by sheriff's sale, on which no taxes had been paid for three years, entitled to a deed to the property. The bill finally passed, but it needed all of Captain Seaton's influence to push it through. Last week County Attorney Wag-gener of Atchison county commenced suit against all such property in Atchison county, and it was noticed that Captain Serton's name was included in the list of defendants. He owed over $1,000 and it is said when he was notified that suit had been commenced against him he kicked himself several times for being so forgetful. He immediately wrote a check for the taxes but it has not yet been accepted.

Captain SeatonV friends are joking him about the matter. He is probably the first man to be sued under a law framed by himself. cash she can cancel the debt by serving about 340 days in jail. The Only Guaranteed Kidney Cure is Smith's Sure Kidney Cure. Your druggist will refund money, if after taking one bottle vou are not entirely satisfied with results.

5Jc. YATES DRUG CO. The young ladies of Ethel, Mo. formed what they called an "Emer THE GREAT NEWSPAPER Job work at this office. geney Club" and declared that they -OF- Colorado Thursday and vthe story that he had decided to become a candidate could not be confirmed.

"The opinion is expressed by Mr. Low's friends that if Mr. Low becomes an active candidate Mr. Curtis will retire in his favor. Friends of Mr.

however, assert this is not the case. They say he will be a candidate for United States Senator in any event and predict he will be the strongest man in the race from the fact that the First and Fourth districts probably will line up solidly for him. "Should both Mr. Curtis and Mr. Low be candidates it would probably improve the chances of Governor Stanley.

The latter has been making an active fight for the place and in a three cornered struggle would have to be counted upon. Senator Fred Dumont Smith of Kinsley, Senator J. K. Cubbison would not receive the attentions of any young men until it rained. Af ter the rain, notices were sent out to the young men that the quarantine J.

B. HINTHORN Tt 12 1 1 al was raised. The young men retal The Great West The Kansas City Star. ine ixausive vjuuciuusxi Gives PromDt Attention to All Calls in the rrmntn HT7ARQCC FRFrT iated by organizing an "Economy Club" and on receiving the notices from the girls, informed them that the constitution aid by-laws of the Economy Club prohibited arty member from paying any attention to anything that wore dresses Until it mowed. UUUlllUl 11 LiIUV-JLlU A ULiUI Prof.

Mead says that irrigation would do wonders in Kansas. Perhaps it would if we could have had it a couple of weeks ago, but just now rain is falling in generous showers over most of the state and filling a long felt want, Hiawatha, Kansas I Mrs. Lulu Kennedy, the woman who shot her husband to death at Kansas City, has been released on $10,000 bail By Mail, Dally and Sunday, $4.00 a Year The Weekly, One Yw 25 Pnt.

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