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The Brown County Republican from Hiawatha, Kansas • 6

The Brown County Republican from Hiawatha, Kansas • 6

Hiawatha, Kansas
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Ii- a country governed by public BROWN COUNTY REPUBLICAN. Sterne is not overjoyed with the prospects of having to hang a man and will probably ask the government to sei-d out an expert to do the job, if Spear is sentenced to death. Topeka Capital. ing his wife and mother, if convicted will probably be hanged in Leavenworth instead of in Topeka. His trial will come up at the June term of the United States circuit court in Leavenworth.

Marshal opinion, the form which the expres- 1 every Thursday lit HiiiwiUhii.Kausns. and entered at post office ns secoud-i-lasn matter. EDITORIAL COMMENT. DIRECT FROM FACTORY Latest Novelties in LADIES PURSES AND POCKET BOOKS at BROKAW DRUG STORE, 810 Oregon St. FEA2STK WALTERS' LIVERY AND SALE STABLE.

Cab and Wagonette calls at all hours. 'Phone 144 sonal, carping, and belittling to the men who have carried it on. It has not risen to the dignity of political criticism; it been unbalanced, small-minded and it has largely defeated itsel.t by its lack of breadth, grasp, and manliness. Of this sort of fau It-finding the country has altogether too much for its own good, and few its patience. It is weary of the opposition of the fault finder; the attilwd of profess ional antagonism; th the spirit of the man who carps--aft every policy which he does do uai.

itiate. The Outlook. J. B. HINTHORN People who blow their own horn never play but one tune on it and everybody soon tires of hearing that.

The Exclusive Undertaker Gives Prompt Attention to All Calls in the Countu. HEARSES FREE. Hiawatha, Kansas Imitation is the sincerest flatten and the way a ceitain Hiawatha paper imitates The Republican indicates that it will yet adopt this style of makeup. I I AAAAAAAAAAA44A4fi good poli- We don't believe it is M. E.

YOST SONS 1V1 Li I UL JVlU The articles of Colonel Major ileltz, the colored editor of Topeka, read as though they had been reproduced from a Hiawatha paper which contains the same rambling political ideas. REAL ESTATE I Furniture and Undertaking Stock New and Up-to-Date' I MUST SELL The opinion expressed by Perry Heath that Mark Hanna will be the next president of the United States has been dubbed by some people as a joke. It may prove to be a joke, but the joke will be on the 'Phone 34 Prices Always Lowest HOUSES AND LOTS IN MONTHLY PAYMENTS. FARMS ON MONTHLY PAYMENTS tics to refer to old qu ai rels that have occurred in the Rv 'publican party in the past, cont inual mention of which is inten ded to keep alive the strife and feeli og thfn engendered among men who ought to be friends. Those old differences are dead and btm'ed and would be forgotten we re it xiot for the ghoul who keeps igging them up expecting to find Jhe key to a postoftice in the coffin.

There are no factions in the party fin this county at present and won't be utftil some issue arises that people differ on, then some will take one side and some the oth er and there re your factions. People who are always talking abou factions wouh lnt know one if they met it at the en-eral delivery. 'ue Republicans of Brown county may differ amo ng themselves as which candidate is the best man. for the place, bef Dt the convention, and things some times get pretty hot at this but after a. choice lias been made they accept the decision and stand THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK, Capital $55,000.00 sion of that opinion takes is of the highest importance.

It may be wasteful, or it may take an effective form; it may be distributed over so wide an area that it does not count, or it may be focused so definitely that it is irresistible. A critical attitude or. the part of the country towards the Government is at all times essential to public health; tor the Government is a trust to be administered for the benefit of the people; the officers of Sta'te are public servants to be held to rigid responsibility. Their actions ought to be watched with the closest scrutiny, and both actions and policy fearlessly criticised whenever occasion demands. A political party is never in such a wholesome and thoroughly safe condition as when there is a free movement of criticism within its own lines, which holds its own leaders to strict account, and does not leave to the opposition exclusively the function of criticism.

But there is a vast difference between intelligent criticism and habitual faultfinding; and it has been the misfortune of this country for the past few years that many men who should carry influence have fallen into the attitude of faultfinders and have become public, scolds. A vigorous, fearless opposition to Government policy is always to be respected, even when one does not agree with it; but the opposition of pin pricks, of carping belittling, scolding quality excites ridicule and defeats its own ends. Of late years a number of excellent movements, and among them Civil Service Reform, have suffered seriously from the lack of wisdon, moderation, good sense, and right feeling on the part of some of their supporters. These men have become habitual scolds; nothing pleases them; they never wait for explanations of any act on the part of any public official they invariably assume that his motives are wrong; they decide a disputed question without waiting to get the evidence in; and they do everything possible to irritate, antagonize, and embitter those whom they ought to influence. Some of the opposition to Mr.

McKinley has been of this sort; it has been per The Atchison Champion is giving its subscribers the Sunday morning issue of a St. Louis democratic paper free with the evident purpose of fortifying them against the prejudice they may be tempted to acquire by reading Republican literature during the week. Kansas City Journal. DIRECTORS: W. W.


Mcknight, CHAS. KNABB, ELIAS MOSER, ELI DAVIS, We provide careful painstaking service. If vou are not already a patron of ours, vre will be pleased to have you open an account. We receive deposits of any amount none too small none too large. When you have money to send call and buy a bank draft, it is the cheapest and safest method of remitting.

Drafts not exceeding .05 Drafts exceeding $25.00 but not exceeding $100.00 10 For each additional $100.00 or fraction thereof 05 Large amounts 50c. per $1,000.00 OFFICERS: CHARLES KN ABB, President. LEWIS E. CHASE. Vice-President.

WL KNABB, Cashier. j. W. HOWIE, Ast Cashier. Farms to Exchange for Hiawatha City property.

A nice little store for fcQ.pO which will make more clear money for you than some large store. I can sell you a farm on 10-y ears' time. I can give you a job putting out wheat and plowing that will help you to pay for a fans-Save 10 cents a day for 3 months and I will sell you a farm that Jhe wheat which can be raised on same will make yoa rich. Talk this to your boys and learn them business. Come into my office and let me tell you of my great bargains in fteal Estate.

KANSAS HIAWATHA, Mr. Curtis will probably give the credit of carrying the county for him the last time to the majority, the ones who voted for him. It is not to be supposed that he would give the credit to those who voted against him, neither is it thought that a sensible man like Curtis will give the credit of his victory to the fellow who ran away, left, town, and didn't vote at all. by the lucky man, and the leaders who f'jnght the hardest to land their man are the quickest to drop all differences, join hands and elect the winner. But the fellow who did nothing but sit on the fenei thinks he has a kick coming and proceeds to kick the men who are down.

He is a political cowardj- Knli Vwif nrn and of for tlin a 1 1-1 Oil Wells are Better Than Gold Mines For it costs practically nothing when you once have a producing The chances of obtaining Ojf in an Oil Field is the same as obtaining coal. Buy Stock before the well is bored if you would make Big Money. Call on or write to BUCKLES PEARL, and no good to any party. O. H.

McQUARY, REAL ESTATE AGENT. elephone 226 Hiawatha, Kas, It has been found that there is no appeal in misdemeanor cases to the supreme court. The decision of the district courts will be. iinal. The last legislature passed a new law relative to the supreme court and appeals and that law prohibits the appeal of misdemeanor cases.

This will cut out any appeals from the district court in liquor cases, joint smashing cases or any case under a felony. A revolver with a capacity of one hundred and sixteen shots has been invented and adopted for use in the army. This equals the capacity of a country newspaper. Hiawatha, Kas. Dennis Spear, the Pottawatomie Indian who is charged with murder-.

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