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The Labor Journal from Scammon, Kansas • 3

The Labor Journal from Scammon, Kansas • 3

The Labor Journali
Scammon, Kansas
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ROSEOALE- WATCHES! WATCHES! WATCHES! the mines at Bevier, ho replied that they S. A. Siadler interest of Labor, which seemed to suit the majority of the men as we extend bur thanks, and hope we will long bo friends through tho Jouk- NAL. Lauok. Wo give with every cash pureliaso of (14) fourteen dollars worth or over, at one time, of our Mens' Boys' ami Cliildrcns ready-well-made Clothing and Gents' Furnishing Goods a Tho commendations which are pouring in on tho Lahoh Journal is very gratifying to tho publishers but don't stop at that, Rend in your subscriptions; they arc tho sinews of war, which makes us strong.

A petition is being circulated praying for the removal of the old red barn from the public highway so that he grading caii be completed, and the street cars run to Rosedale. The teachers and pupils of the Institute of the blind will give an entertainment to-night, (Friday), we hope all will patronize such a worthy cause. A new barber has located in town. That is the way it generally is, if one man has business enough to make a decent- living, another steps in and wants half, so that neither receive a sufficient remuneration to repay them for their time. The bills posted on the company company is it, we are unable to decide until the lawyers get Waterbury Watch.

Our goods are all marked in plain figures, and we have Only One Price. A boy can buy as well as a man. We have the largest, best made STREETS, KANSAS CITY, MO. and best fitting suits of Clothing in Kansas City. Also white Shirtt working Shirts and Overalls in stock.

We are out-fitters to mankind. WE ARE SQUARE DEALERS TRUTH TELLERS WITH STRICTLY ONE PRICE. The Houghton Herrick Clothing Co. OSWEGO A CORNER MAIN AND SIXTH THE Have just remodeled their large CO MI through), notifying of the entertainment which was to be given by the blind teachers and pupils, rather riled some of our upper crust society. Well, there never was much charitable feelings about that store any way unless it could turn over 120 per cent, to its owners, and we suppose that it still remains as uncharitable as ever even in its deserted The city dads think that they are worth twenty dollars a year and won't reduce.

The citizens want to know where is the equivalent for this money When a church, which has been donated and paid for by the public, the citizens of Scamraonville and vicinity to call and see their stock of Clothing, Dry Goods, Groceries, They have just received a new line of SPRING SUITS, which they will Bell at very low prices. Their stock of DRY si -n -NT71T-TTO GOODS is complete in every branch, ana ttieir taiui-vio die always fresh and sold at bed-rock prices. Come and examine our stock and be convinced. Don't forget that we are giving 5 SPECIAL BARGAINS IN CLOTHING. were most distressing and that ho regret ted exceedingly that a firm of this city had been instrumental in bringing about such a stato of affairs.

The colored operatives, he said, who arrived at Bevier this week, are nearly all ex-convicts and are huddled together in a small stockade surrounding the shaft. They are kept under guard, as though they were prison ers, and are tinny Dcyona description. They are lawless and take pleasure in insulting the ladies of Bevier, who are sometimes compelled to pass that way. To add to the horrors of the scene, smallpox is believed to have broken out in the pen," as tho stockade is called, some three or four of the wretches now ex hibiting symptoms of the loathsome disease. The honest miners of Bevier went out in April last in resistance to a most un just cut of twenty five cents on the dollar.

"It is now costing Loomis Snively." said Mr. Richards, "twenty-five cents per bushel for the coal they are taking out, when honest miners offered to mine it for three and one-half cents per bushel." What do you think will be the out come, queried the scribe. "Loomis Snively will be bankrupted or compelled to accede to our demands." Mr. Richards is accompanied by sever al gentlemen from Bevier. The object of their visit is to consult with Loomis Snively in reference to an adjustment of pending difficulties, if possible, also to consult with the railroads.

They will remain several days. Hannibal Labor Advocate. W. II. Loomis is out under bail, also his body guard for carrying concealed weapons in violation of law.

A negro is in jail for indecent exposure of his person while a lady was passing the stockade. The miners are quiet. Mason. A country merchant, who does all his trading in Austin, came to town last week to notify his creditors that he had failed in business, and could only pay them ten cents on the dollar. Among his creditors was Mose Shaumberg.

The merchant went to Mose, and said to him: "Mose, I am paying my creditors ten cents, cash, on the dollar, but I don't want you to lose anything. I have not opened that last lot of goods I got from you, so I will just return them to you instead of paying you ten cents in cash on the dollar. I am willing to do that, be cause I am your friend." Mose grinned and said: "Ef you vos a goot frent by me den you vill bay me ten cents on dc dollar, in cash. I make more money ven you bays ten cents dot dollar on den ven takes de goots pack." This little incident will give the public an idea of how much profit there is in mercantile pursuits. Texas Siftings.

Bob Ingersoll is at present lecturing on the subject, "What is Blasphemy?" If Bob could only be close by when a crowd ed street car has run off the track on an up grade, and listen to the loving tone in which the driver addresses his mules, it wouldn't take him long to find out. Un dcr these circumstances, a driver can do more swearing to the square inch than any other man under tne sun. lie just makes the air blue, and people in his vie inity can smell damp matches, without stretching their imagination very far either. Peck's Sun. NOTARY PUBLIC, REAL ESTATE AND INSUK ANCE AGENT.

Improved farms and town property for sale or rent. Office opposite "Red Front' near Post Office. WEIR CITY, KANSAS The Old Barber Shop J. F. TRUEHART, Prop'r.

Is the place where the tonsorial art is performed to perfection. Hair-cutting in the latest style. Shampooing and all other work done in a first-clnss and ar tistic manner. Give him a call. ROSEDALE, KANSAS THE DOG IS DEAD But John Marshall is a live and selling Groceries way down below and guarantees v.s low prices as Kansas City or any other city.

lie gives sixteen ounces to the Pound and guarantees all his goods to be strictly first-class. Call and see him at the CASH GROCERY, ROSEDALE, KANSAS. DRUG STORE, p. Mclaughlin Can supply the people of Scam-monville and vicinity with DRUGS AND MEDICINES. For medical purposes he will keep in stock best California and Cognac Brandy, Kentucky Sour Mash Wnlsklei, Port and Sherry Wines.

And everything required to strengthen those who are sick and debilitated by the malarial climate of Kansas. SCAMMONV ILLE, KANSAS. fceeps a full and comple te stock of STAPLE and FANCY GROCERIES, which ho is selling cheap, for cash. FEED FjLOUR. He has also a good stock of Queensware Hardware, and everything kept in a GROCERY STORE.

Fine Cigars Tobacco in great variety. RQ6EDALE. KANSAS. P. E.

BRADY, THE DRUGGIST. WEIR CITY, KANSAS. Prescriptions Carefully Composed. lias always on hand a good stock of Toilet Soaps, Brushes, Combs, Perfumery, Stationery, Glass, Putty, etc A Full Line of Standard Patent Medicines in Stock. A FULL LIJVE OF CIGARS ALWAYS OJV HAND.

RUSTI0 GHAIf(S ARMSTRONG Manufactures all kinds of Kustio Chairs, and sells direct to the people, at low prices. PICTURE FRAMES Of the most artistic styles made and sold without the extra profit of middlemen. ROSEDALE, KANSAS. GEO. W.

Dealer in Watches, Clocks and Jewelry, Watch Work Specialty. PITTSBURG. KANSAS FIRST ANNUAL BASKET PICNIC OF Pressmen's Union No, 16. Postponed to Sunday, Tune 14, 1SSS AT MERRIAM PARK, the most beautiful place in the coun try to spend a pleasant day. A general good time is anticipated and all are cordially invited to turn out and eniov themselves.

Tickets for gents, ladies and families $1.00, which will entitle the holder to the privileges of the dancing floor. THE J0PLIN BREWERY MUENNIG ZENTHER, Prop'rs. Are prepared to supply the Southwest with a No. I Keg and Bottled Beer. Office and Brewery, South Main JOPLIN.

MISSOURI Orders left at the Office or Brewery will receive prompt attention. RUDOLPH SEIDENSTRICKER, jLGEHT. GLARK GO. HATTERS, 52S ilala KANSAS CITY, MO Agents for the CELEBRATED YOUMAN HAT. Strictly Pure Candy, Made by W.

H. MANNING MANN Kansas City. Who offer a reward of Five Hun dred Dollars for any Adulteratio found Candies manufactured I- them. Work hero has brightened up a little lately but not sufficient to warrant miners to come hero in search of employment. Isaac Pearson; son of Mr.

P. Pearson of this place met with quite a serious accident while out riding, having his leg brok9n by being kicked by a mule. The K. of ball on the 19th inst in honor of Mr. D.

D. Richards proved to be one grand success. The school house being crowded with people of both sexes who had come with the double purpose, of enjoyment and of showing honor to the champion of the anti-screen bill. We hope to see Mr. Richard's again in the near future.

George Ferries, the amiable and courteous barber at the Rich Hill mines, is one who knows how to wield the razor, and is an artist in the way of fixing those who desire to have their moustache dyed, before calling upon their sweethearts. If you want to get an easy shave, and to look nice, go to Geore. Correspondent. W. H.

Loomis Grows Mad. Bunker arrives in Bevier with about 50 Iowa colored men and some women. No violence. The committee arrested Monday May 25. They, the miners, are crowded in the pen, like convicts.

W. H. Loomis bears a very dishonor able character, in Hannibal. Hon. D.

D. Richards under arrest for threating to murder, and assasinate and burn the property of J. H. Gay, and W. II.

Loomis. Loomis searched and 3 revolvers found on his person. He hangs down his face in shame. J. II.

Gay, arrested for presenting a revolver at John Malley. Loomis' body-guard ar- resed for carrying concealed weapons. The first batch of darkies from Kan sas City swore up and down they knew nothing about the Bevier strike. I asked them if they had seen you in Kan sas City, one owned that he had. I told him that you would not have allowed them to come to Bevier without you had told them of our trouble.

I learned that many of these darkies, make a business of going from place to place to take the places of strikers not to work but to guard the mines and claim the protection of American citizenship. At the Hock ing Valley some of these had been well paid. This kind of work is called "bleed ing" getting a sum from the company and a sum from the citizens. We work ed hard and pursuaded the first batch from Kansas City, to go home paying their fare, then in a few days we saw 18 darkies from Kansas City again, and two of these darkies from the first shipment. We were on our way to Hannibal and everything seemed to grow lively for about five minutes, but the darkies dared not come out side the pen, with their arms, several arrests were made, one bold darkey came into the car and was nailed at once by the sheriff.

They wanted to get off at the pen but we paid their way to Macon, and brought men to guard them, and gave them supper and a drop of beer, and then put them in a box car for K. C. On the 26th of May Bunker came from Iowa with about 50 darkies and some women, some of these darkies were so disgusted with the pen that they left the same night. W. H.

Loomis grows mad and wants the militia, when not a shot had been fired, everything was as quiet as a Quaker Sunday meeting. No militia for Loomis, the old complaint takes posession of his brain, He goes to Macon and takes an oath and has the following persons arrested Ed Lowry, president track committee W. Mason, J. L. Evans, J.

J. Morgan, D. Richards, not in the county when the threats were supposed to have been made August Kemmel, D.M. Thomas, (Sec). D.

D. Lewis, J. M. Evans, Richards and D. W.

Roberts. We were arrested for threats to kill, murder, assasinate and burn the property of W. II. Loomis and John II. Gay.

Monday we applied for a change of venue for pastures more green, because on account of the prejudice of Judge Stein, to 'Squire Roberts and we got it and the trial was set for the 27 at 10 o'clock. But Loomis failed to appear and the court dismissed the prisoners, who had been contending for the rights of labor against revolvers, breech-load ers, and law. I will write you a longer letter agai but too much work is not good for man. Mason Loomis a Fit Representative of the Worse Forms of capitalism. We reported some of the doings of this man and his hirelings last week this week our tale is corborated and the falssity of his pretentions exposed.

will keep stirring up this inhuman ani mal until he recognizes justice or bank ruptcy. Hon. D. D. Richards, of Bevier, repre sentative in the last legislature from Macon county, is in the city, tie was met by an "Advocate" reporter last evening and subjected to a brief inter view.

Mr. Richards, though quite a young man, is very intelligent and possessed of much experience and valuable in form a tion. In response to an inquiry of tl: scribe as to the condition of the affairs at store-room, and cordially invite KANSAS, Summer Resort. If you want to enjoy Sunday, you should go to WALRTJFF'S GROVE, which has been arranged with excellent taste, abounding with beautiful flowers, fine RUSTIC SEATS and beautiful shade trees; there is also a flue new CONCERT DANCE HALL with good music in attendance to divert the minds of the people from every day troubles. A beautiful place for riCNIC ARTIES.

MILWAUKEE BEER always Cool fresh. C. J. WALEUPP Proprietor. Mrs.

W. D. Williams wishes to call the attention of the people of Rosedale to her new stock of Notions, Toys, She also has a fine assortment of Confectioneries. A line line of the choicest Cigars and Tocacco. Givcer a call.

ROSEDALE, KANSAS. ivxaiior saasijt uonuaui pny svskta aivaasoji 'AaHoraja'ii sssaaay HMO AJ9A3 Ul pOJUBAV UdS Uy 'apai oqi o) junoDsip p3.ioqij popunjoi Xauoui ia3 ptre ainioa 'ion ji 'aoiiocjsijBi 3Ai3 oj pev'WJB- loq Aid.vj no ioj omooid xsiooana jno.C 1M as has been our Rosedale church, wo think that they show a very inhuman spirit when they demand $3 from those who are afflicted with blindness, for the use of the edifice to give an entertainment for the benefit of one of their number. We think that they have forgotten him who went around doing good giving sight to the blind, and making the lame walk. Such love of filthy lucre disgraces the people who profess to be followers of Christ. Rich Hill.

Thegreat topic of conversation among the miners here is the new law regulating the weighing of coal, mined in Missouri, and which we published some time ago in the Journal. This law takes effect on June 25th, and many are the conjectures both among tho miners and operators as to its proba ble effect on the mining trade in the state. Of course, the operators predict the complete ruin of their business if the min ers insist on maintaining the present price of 3 cents per bushel and the miners are asking themselves the question as to the gjd of passing a law ostensibly for their benefit and then be forced to sub mit to a reduction in prices in order that. the operators may not lose any part of their immense profits. Capitalists shout for a reduction in the already too low wagos of the miners, whenever they see any chance to carry their point, but their own dividends must be forthcoming, let what may happen, let the people starve with hunger, let them live in hovels, and go almost rags, the masters care nothing, so long as they get their profits.

No law, no reform is worth a cent to us that does not reduce the profits of the idlers and increase the wages of the workers. This should be our great aim through organizations, to move gradual ly on the strongholds of Capital, to force it to give way bit by bit, to tell it square ly that it now usurps laborer's throne and that it must abdicate in favour of the only monarch that should rule the world. At no. 11 was piloted around among the men by Ed Fitzsimmons and I succeeded there also beyond my most sanguine expectations placed 35 new subscribers on the JtURXAL list the majorty of No 1 miners. Some of them said they -belitved I was a dynamiter, but when I assured them I had dynamite bombs about me, that I had left them at home, they signed their names to the Journal's swel ling list.

L. i. Bradford of 2o 6, intro duced me to the miners of his shaft. He is boss of the mine that employ the most men, hoists the most coa and now has the more readers of th Labor rxal than any other mine in Rich Hill. Mr.

IJradford, durin our visit to the miners in their spcetivc rooms, spoke well in favo ol the piper, at being newsy, no: political, and entirely devoted to the WEIR CIY, New Bakery I will supply the people of Rosedale and vicinity with FRESH BREAD at such low figures that it will defy out-side competition. I also keep a full line of GROCERIES which I sell at Kansas City prices. All kinds of smoked and salt meats. Also a full line of fine Cigars and Tobaccos. J.

D. Webb, ROSEDALE, KANSAS. GO TO BEN BOUSMAN'S when you want a delicious dish of ICE i .1 or, wncn tne sweat is inching uown your cheeks, get him to make you a cool, refreshing drink of Buy your Confectioneries of him and win the esteem of your best girl. He also keeps a full line of Fine Cigars and Tobacco. ARGENTINE, KANSAS.

ICE CREAM AND SODA WATER! will be supplied in large or small quantities. Parties supplied on short notice. IDance Hall in. tlie Iear. Samuel Bousman, ROSEDALE.

KANSAS. THE GOOD SAMARITAN DRUG STORE Keeps the most complete stock of nure fresh drucs in the city. A full line of Patent Medicines and Drug' gists' Sundries.Wholesale and Retail, Physicians Prescriptions and Family Receipts carefully compounded. Prices very low. MlllERS' SUPPLIES A SPECIALTY.

E. L. SANDS, Prop'r, Store cor. 4th Broadway, riTTSUUHG. KANSAS..

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