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The Echo from Galena, Kansas • 2

The Echo from Galena, Kansas • 2

The Echoi
Galena, Kansas
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i I i-1. iiAMir ru i 1 jvu un i fTU LinI if i I (J 1 and wife in Kiceville and are at hn.n,. to their many friends. Thomas Merrill is expecting his Mrs A. E.

Wcnzel of Tennessee prairie was in town Tuesday in the interest of her music class. The tickets are now on sale for the foot hall game, which is to be played with Webb City on; Fri mother, Mrs. L. A. Merrill, home him were the guests lliursuay and soon.

She has been visiting rcla- Friday-of their uncle, Lora Ilar-tives in Montana this summer. moir.and family. First Methodist Episcopal Church CALtN', KANSAS The Helpful Eight Mr. and Mr. Austin Maim are the proud parents of a fine daugh- Mr.

and Mrs. Austin Mann are hmn KontPmW 23. Airs Maude Workman was a1 guest of Mrs. Frank Vermillion jj0)1(iav Mr. and Mrs.

diaries Clonus have a very sick hnl.v at this writ- i Galena motored out to Rieeville Morning 'Sermon Themes: October 8, 11 a. m. "God's Challenge lena Methodists." to Ga- October 15, 11 a. m. "The Glory of the October 22, 11 a.

m. "The Real Life." October 29, 11 a. m. "The Supreme Resource." Evening Sermon Themes: October 8, 7 :30 p. m.

"The Tragedy of the Unknown Hand." October 15, 7 :30 a. m. "The Question of a Startled Man Whose Life Was at Stake." October 22, 7 :30 p. m. "The Tragedy of the Silver Pieces." Friday to visit their sister and inK Dut IS Detter at tlm "na tamly Mr.

and Mrs. Frank Mrs. Tom Edwards, and writing. kwm and family of Joplin, fmnil I Fancher is convalescing Mr. and Mrs.

rank McDon- Mr! Win. Smith has a new auto after an attack of fever. son Freddie barn completed I Al ll- Al Wl11 ol)SCrv- bliri(1iy school at Cherry Grove Mr. John Thornhrusrh 'and am-, eAd J'1 an1 Saturday at Baxter. Parted Sunday, October 1st.

bf movp-i to tli I A large crowd is expected to at- llmer Vicory called on Miss place in South Sprin" Grove tpml uitc a pw are to Ewers Saturday night. Mr. ami Mrs. Roy" Price have be awarded. Clara Berry moved to Pineliville.

I s-d arling and wife expect to Sunday with their aunt, M-. Katf. Rarsdale and Mrs lvisit in JoPlin Saturday and Snn- rs. Mary Burnside. IMtie Scott visited Mrs.

Tom, 1 r' 'Io aiul Jack Edwards Friday afternoon. I Ml'- an1 Jamps Morrison and red, called on Mr. Millard Mrs. Will ia Merrill and son i "ad quite a narrow escape one Poteet Sunday morning. Merrion.

were shopping in Oalena night last week' They were driv- Miss Ruth Atkins spent Sun-nnd visitino- relativpsin lJn? out on the Chetopa road that -hxy with Miss Goldie Wheeler. 1 1 i ii ir. 1. October 29, 7 :30 p. m.

The Question of plexed Tyrant." a Per- the above' named plaintiffs The Best of Music During the Entire Series Grove Monday, Mrs. Rachel Skaggs of East, Galena called on friends here jm wvva bailee Monday night. Everyone sure hud a good time. PATTERSON PRAIRIE Ii Minini I) 1o utnio will lwi closed Saturday, October 7th, un til 6 p. m.

Customers will kindly ''i ni uccoru- (ance. Hendricks returned homo r'u Hie Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. oo we rs and family were: Mr. "Mrs.

John Baker aud iamily, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Baker iicnuriCKS was in Galena Friday. it I r. lierry called on Mr.

June rm ii noinpsoii Minday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Murray spent Sunday with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs.

John Ewers and family, Dennis Lynch called on Joe Ewers- Wednesday. Ihe pie supper at Elgin school house Friday night was not very well attended. William Morrison eallnd rm U. 1 JJ JMKt 1 galena hat- urday. Joe Ewers and aid attended the line Saturday.

Frank McDon-sale at Crest- Ed Wheeler was in Joplin Thursday night on business. Mr. Joe Cousatte and sons, Maude and James, called on Mrs. Joe Ewers Saturday evening. John Vicory attended the sale iil by Crestline Saturday.

Miss Edna Killion of Joplin is spending the week with Miss Josephine Ewers. Mrs. Vicory and daughter. Miss Lizzie, called on Mrs. Joe and Miss Josie Ewers Sunday night.

Jack frost visited all in this vicinity Thursday and made peo- nle think that winter was on 1 Mr. John Moore lias purchased cuttinf? ner faee Wilkison proverty in Riceville. and to the folirnt': estate, situa0 mem was in uu uuxwi cciucivijf, Friday. F. h.

Armstrong and wife ot Mi- is quite at "Vi 10 the Vme of his daughter, Mrs. Armur liauaru iuucii neadway is oeing made on the grading of the Chetopa road. Mrs. Wm. Swalley is boarding 01 ine loau men- Karl Kain and children spent Saturday with his father, Eli Kain.

Swalley has been feci- is uciiig uraiieu, wneii iney ran into a stake in the middle ofthe road, wrecking the car and throw- mg Mrs. Morrison into the wind- carver, our central lady has resigned from her duties and we now have a new lady at the, switchboard. I he Donor Morgan show will be! in Baxter this week. NEW BOOK ON CANCER This book probably gives the Pvnlamdinn nf cancer and its successful treatment without the knife ever published. It gives reliable information of greatest value to cancer The author writes from knowledge gained by practical experience in treating thousands of cases of cancer.

The book is interesting from cover to cover and should be in the hands of everyone afflicted with this dread disease. It will be sent free for the asking by Dr. O. A. Johnson, Suite 500, 1320 Main Kansas City, Mo.

If interested. write today for a copv of this' valuable book. President demanded 't salute of 21 guns at Vera Cruz. In reply the Mexicans killed 20 American mariners. The President is still one gun shy at Vera Cruz.

TANYARD ITEMS L. Baiiin I). G. store will be closed Saturday, October 7th, until 6 p. m.

Customers will kindly arrange their shopping in accordance. John Johnson and children, Evelyn and Louise, left Wednesday for Siloam Springs, to visit Mrs. Johnson's parents, Mr. aud Mrs. J.

W. Lingle I i Mesdames Leo Williams and N. T. Harvey were Galena visitors Sat- urday evening. Messrs.

J. W. Blair and J. Shir- ley made a business trip to Jop- lin TVmcrlnv Mr. and Mrs.

Harry Abbey of Galena motored out Monday even- ing ttuu npcim me and Mrs. J. R. Deem. Mr Mr.

and Mrs. E. C. Harvey and sons, Cecil and Veron, motored to Joplin Saturday and called on Mr. and Mrs.

Arthur Harvey. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Deem, Mrs. Irvin and Floyd Ilallam of Joplin, the Wilson sisters of Columbus, and Miss Sue Wilson of Galena spent Sunday with Mr.

and Mrs. J. R. Deem. Messrs.

and Mesdames JN. Coyle and Oscar Carter attended the Sunday school convention at the Sbilo Baptist church bunday afternoon. Mrs. Herbert Harvey called on her parents, Mr. and Mrs.

George An glen, Thursday. "Frances Willard Day' was observed snort program at both Lostirie and No. 5 schools, Friday, September 29th. Flvin Wellman spent Saturday Miss Susie Coyle spent Sunday with Misses Edith and Maude Car- I A Republican meeting wan the Lostine schoolhouse Friday defendants in and 111(T (I escribed real Cherokee Conntv to. wit: HM, it.

iiic oouineasr quarter (14 Sectios No. Thirty-six (36) To I ship No. Thirty-four (34) Rane iMo. iwemy-one (21) East Cher- oken Cmmtv TocoJ ePtv to be sold first 'aiBtl J' cost in said case animmt; 401.60. Second nnv tr be due and unna'id on Prtv and Thi $1306.43 and interest, tWnn sjne nf (ini(inf Rct n.i accruing costs Incident to this saie The above property being sold subject to prior liens of 400 00 anfl 354.00 respectively toother witTi interest.

Said property to be sold with out appraisement as provided bv hiwr RALPH E. MARTTN. Sheriff By JOHN A HARDWTCK Deputy Shpriff. A. R.

BELL, Attorney for Plain Hffi (First Published in Galena Weok ly Republican, October 6, 191 fi SHERIFF'S SALE State of Kansas, County of Cherokee ss. No. 1.997 Plaintiff J. B. Cook I II.

McQuilkin. Millie MeOiiilkin and Jaunita Columbia, Defendants virtue 01 an Execution tn directed and delivered ksnpd me November 8th A iQifl fi'J one (1), a Lots (4) am Fiyp (5) of sectf)n Two (2), all being in Township lo, jj0ts (4) am1 pivp of sectf( Thirty-five Range Twenty-one (21), East. Cherokee hand. with Merelin and Harold Well guess will ring off as TTarvev. day.

The color of the tickets is pink and will make a brave show ing for a good game. REPUBLICAN TICKET State Senator CIIAS. S. HUFFMAN. Representative 23rd District GRANT WAGGONER.

Representative 22nd District J. W. FARRELL. County Clerk ALBERT BATTON. County Treasurer J.

C. ATKINSON. Register of Deeds MINNIE B. MURRAY. County Attorney DON II.

ELLEMAN Probate Judge J. II. ELLIS. Sheriff THEODORE HATTON Supt. Public Instruction ROBERT II.

PIPER. County Surveyor W. L. WILLIAMS. Clerk District Court FRED SIMKIN.

Coroner I J. S. McAULEY Commissioner 3rd District IRA C. PERKINS. Commissioner 2nd District G.

W. CROW. Sigh School Trustees, 1st Dist. T. B.

PRYOR. PETER II. WniTE. High School Trustee, 2nd Dist. D.

H. nOLT. High School Trustees, 3rd Dist. C. H.

SMITH, Dr. G. W. WALKER. Speaking of the Democratic promise to reduce the high cost of living, housewives will be pleased to note that the price of bread has been reduced to 6 cents a loaf.

Democratic campaign managers are claiming nearly every state in the Union. The Democrats, however, are always stronger at rehearsal than at the performance. "You can see anything you want to see in the Maine election returns," says the Springfield Republican. Champ Clark evidently sees a new Speaker of the House of Representatives. If that thirty-day clause in the child labor law is no joker, why, oh whv, was it inserted? And if it, is no joker, why, oh why, are those 1 Southern employers of child labor 1 fo well satisfied? The President was so busy with other matters that he failed to interfere in the adjustment of differences between the Colorado miners and mine owners.

Their differences were submitted to arbitration and the miners got a raise. STATEMENT OF OWNERSHIP Management, Circulation, I required by the Act ot (Jon gress of August 24, 1912, Of Galena Weekly Republican, published Weekly at Galena, Kansas, for April 1, 1916. State of Kansas, County of Cherokee, ss. Before me, a Justice of the Peace in and for the State and county aforesaid, personally ap- I peared C. II.

McNay, who, having; been duly sworn according to law, 1 oeposes ana says tnat ne is tne publisher of the Galena Weekly Republican, and that the follow in? is, to the best of his knowledge and belief, a true statement of the ownership, management, etc. Publisher. Arthur S. McNay, hp 1 C. IT.

McNay, Galena, Kansas. That the owners are Arthur S. M'-Nnv ind C. Tl. McNay, Galena.

Kansas. That thf average number of of onch lVsne of this sold or distributed, through iinils or otherwise r-l, durin? the six months the date shown above is McNAV. Owner. ii.n snbseribed before 0...1 nr Octnbor 101 R. C.

FRENCH. J. P. PICFmLE G. Co store will bo O'-tfibor 7tb.

nn-j fboi lionning in neeord-j 1 Afp Snirn ftpd nt Olda bv re--1 Tbey have hn nronertv of Roy Prije to paidb.v 1 have run out of news and will do better next week. TIMBER HILL L. Baum I). G. Co.

closed Saturday, October 7th, un- sioie iu Mrs. Im Shim nf 1 visited Mrs. Ellie Fry of Grove Monday, Rv. S. S.

Tlageman is holding a protracted meeting at Black schoolhouse this week, UNION DISTRICT t. Ban m. I. Gr. Co.

store Ill be closed Saturday, October 7th, un til 6 p. in. Customers Avill kindly arrange their shopping in accordance. Mr. Hliner Wolfe, who has been in Arkansas for the past two months returned to his home here Sunday night.

Mr. and Mrs. 0. N. Mallatt wore in Galena Monday.

Mr. Andrew Boyes and family were in Joplin Tuesday. Mrs. Minnif Tucker and children, Tommy and Thelma, spent Sunday in Galena. Mr.

Walter Ritchie and family were in Joplin Tuesday. Mr. Gates Ilerrald and family spent Sunday and Monday with Mr. and Mrs. Wm.

Bridges. Mr. Ed Wolfe was in Galena Monday. Mrs. Sam Walker and little daughter, Velma Faye.

left Mon day morning for Twin Falls, Idaho. Mr. and Mrs. Ocorsre Bouhvare of Parsons visited Wednesday with their cousins, Mr. and Mrs.

Ed Wolfe, and family. A crowd of you neople gathered at the home of Miss Tva Over-street Sunday evening. Mvs. Minnie Tucker and son, Vcrl, werp in Oalena Monday. prut Mrs.

Elmer Fox of TVher. visited Saturday and Sunday with friends and relatives here A. vide Wolfe left Sunday for Illinois. Mrs. Frank Ilayward and daughter, Miss Iva, were in CJa- lena Monday.

Mr. Ed Wolfe has boon ill a days. Mr. Hlmer Ilayward and family spent Sunday with his brother, Mr. Frank Ilayward, and family, Mr.

and Mrs. Clyde I'icfTier were Joplin Tuesday. Miss Hazel Tucker visited Sun day with Miss Faye Ken von of Galena. Mr. an, Mrs.

M. Ping of Galena Heights visited here Monday evening. Mrs. Siini Walker and daughter, Miss Velma, and Miss Daisio Wolfe were in Galena one day last week. Mr.

Clyde Pioffier was in Joplin Monday. Mr. Bert viuitnd Suri. a iimsicni inn uiumit-iiL til fi p. 111.

Customers will kindly publican candidates of county of- 0f the Eleventh Judicial District arrange their shopping in accord- ficers were present and Hon. Al F. Court of the State of Kansas sit-ance. Williams gave a short talk on ting in and for Cherokee Wedding bells rang last Satur- political issues of the day from state. I will on "W7dnee.ii- Misses Alice Smith and Nancy 'Mr- Mmon J0S(''- Harvey 1 Aliss Leona Angien and ciyue Jiour of Two o'clock, p.

m. of said Johnson visited Mrs. James Board to live in this 'Hughborhood Denoe attended the Morgan show day, at the Court House front door of Jackson Hollow Thursday. I nl attended school at Oak Bill, in Galena Wednesday night. the City of Galena, in the Mr.

Sam Warner and Miss Alice lmt llils in Quaker Dr. and Mrs. Messeroda of Kan- County and state aforesaid, offer Smith visited John Johnson Pilst several years. sas City called on Mr. and Mrs.

J. public sale, and sell to the high- day evening. iini1 3rrs- A1 Bond and two R. Deem Sunday. They were mo- est bidder, for cash in hand, all Mrs.

Elleii Sliamblin and herjehildern, Harold and Irene, will toring to Branson, to attend the right, title and interest of the sister, Mrs. West Parker, were in their son, Leroy and a banquet given there Monday above named plaintiffs and de-Joplin Friday. family on their trip to Rose Hill night. fendants in and to the following Mrs. Katie Smith is visiting her 0,10 team- riss TTarvev and Man- described, real estate, situate in daughter, Lillie Pin, in Galena.

I Miss 1,1111 of Joplin spent Rod were quietly married at Cherokee County, Kansas, to-wit: Sir. Hubert Sliamblin and bis Sunday wilh her mother, Mrs. Bfxtc- Rnriprs Saturday at Lots Numbered. Two (2), Three sister, Miss Ethel, visited Miss Harner. nVloe'- only Hati-os bein pre- (3) aml Four (4) the South.

Ti, Alva Moreland and family were ent. Rosel is the ''aucrhter ot ouartcr (V. of tho County, Kansas. Said property to be sold to sat- isfy first the costs in said else was given by a "Drum Corps. "Re- Republican standpoints.

-Mr. an.i v. reared Quaker alley and was reared Quaker Valley bum was one of CherMcee mi r-onulfl" tencVrs. Mr. Rosel -as 1 -v T-r- 11 mi.

f'i i'1 1 hnm to tWir the nm's fatler' OuaVer VpHot. First Published in Galena Weekly Hepublican, October 191G) SHERIFF'S SALE State of Kansas, County of Chcmkei Sitting at Galena. J. Ii. Cook, ss.

Plaintiff. vs. I. H. McQuilkin, Millie McQuilkin.

V. C. Bobbins and D. MeAlpin. Defendants.

By virtue r.f an Order of Sal-to 1110 directed and doli-cred. issued out of the E'ovofitb Jndieial Divtriot Court of Ihe State nf sittii'-r in and for Cherokee County, in vri.l state. will, on Wedpos'lnv. Nevniebor ctl. A.

D. 1910. 11o hour of tAro o'clock p. of day. at the Court House front door the city of t.alena.

111 Ibo County and state aforesaid offer at mihlie sa and sell to the for ensh in naiul. alf the right, title and interest of amounting to $12.40. Second my taxes that may be due and unpiid on said property and third, the I iiidemont n.SOO.T'i and interest day for Miss Isadore Harvey and Nimlav guests ot their dangli- tor, Mrs. Carrie Ramm. and fam- ilv of Tennessee prairio.

V. Willev and family and Mr. Mrs. W. A.

Moreland of Low- -il M-ove Snndav "nests of A. r. and fanplv of Tennessee "airio. Other guests Avere: Mr.and Mrs. Eiirl Crockett and two of Fi' Mr.

find Mrs. fVrver and tAvo sons. Mrs. Helton and Mrs. Atteberry and diiinrhter.

A fine dinner was en joyed, also music and visiting. All a fine time and report the Woozels as good entertainers M' Cnvfon is helping C. AVillov put in his Avbeat. F'vom Well pi an is belpinir E. his fall uncle.

Joe Dixon. Avitb bis AVOfk. Cleabern Williams is etting 1- to soav Avboat 0:1 Mr. TTar- tier's place. Clarence Taylor aviII not move for a while on the nlace iust by Lcrov Boiul and family.

QUAKER VALLEY Ti. Rf inn D. G. Co. store will be o's-vl Saturday October 7th nn- il riiLfnninvu Yt'lll L'llldltr their shopping in accord- "PMr.

and Mrs. Herbert Harvey, afternoon with Mr. Ed wolfo. Mrs. Mont Davis of Mont Car- Imel.

is visiting Mrs. D. TT. Clark. I There is Christian Endeavor every Sunday evening at Gregs schoolhouse.

Everyone is weleomo to come and take part. T'ic T. W. W. rirls meet every TiVidfM night.

Tbov will meet at Mrs Lora Harvey's home Friday night. fildi-ed bs ben vis-itin her sister, Mrs. Kink Brown, of Hattonville, and came home Saturday, evervono was Had to see nor back in Tanyard. 1 Ve rt? Bleiidville file mipt of bor son. T.e-irel- len.

the latfor pirt of the vnnlc. flork v-np ai'OH'ld col- leefin Mondiv TPorrtin'1'. rof? Misses tli'0 nd Snmljli' in F.Tt TTrJlnn- ivf'y tr, Coffee. snid fam'l' and ATihli-ed T.on nd Ru'lt wppt enr Sunday in M'r. LaVo' car.

at- is a neA- barn. At- PranV Tliatrdir Tr. B.nVor Ru'ida'" eveniiiff. Afltrc S'ianibli'1 is hclninj her prandmotber clean 1mno. Mr.

and Mrs. Piorson of Tan- nioreon since oare or judgment ar rc pnd jiecviiiprr costs incident Hiis i'n. Tlie nbov1 pvopcty b-iprr cold sub'ect to prior lie;" of .4.3 000.00 and interest. proiiei'ty to be sold v't-ont apnrfiiemont as provided hf law: v. mtttv Bv JOnN Deputy A.

R. P.FTJ...tfornev for Plaint! Colonel Bryan is making for President Wilson. Colo Brvan also made speeches f-o Judrre Parker in li'lll. and for 1 self in ISOfi, 1000 and 1903. All kinds wood sawing don quick notice.

No jobs too bin. Particulars see or write B. Frazier, Galena, route two and Mrs. M. M.

Thillam and family of Galona spent Snndav illi Mrs. Hallam's sister, Mrs. O. N. Mallatt.

family. "Ti.v Twi root Mtent Sat- j'l'-dny and Sunday with homo folks. SWALLEY L. Biiiiiii I). i.

Co. store will be closed Saturday, October 7th, until p. in. Customers will kindly arrange their shopping in accordance. Died.

Guy R. Davis, at his home in Joplin, last Thursday, from ap-poplcxy. Aged 03 years. Inter.

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