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The Cherokee County Democrat from Columbus, Kansas • 5

The Cherokee County Democrat from Columbus, Kansas • 5

Columbus, Kansas
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THE WEKLY ENTERfKlih. buggy Geo. Montaldo took out a from Hoods. 3 3 Clarence Smith took in the car- here Are Others" ij, Tj-mirTr" gg" if' "'SSI Ij nival at Galena on Monday. Tom West took out a buggy from Hoods.

Arthur Whitcraft made a business trip to Joplin Tuesday. Miss Pearl Koontz spent Wednesday with Pittsburg friends. T. II. Hill took out a Dee re sulky plow from Hoods.

Mrs. Ella Halcomb was the Sun- W. T. Stith took out a -McCormick mower from Hoods. Congressman Phil Campbell was in Columbus Tuesday on his way to Oswego.

Miss Eva Fountain of Joplin is dav euest of Mrs. C. A. Stower of Clyde Cash was over from Joplin 11 COLUIBUS for Sunday. Claude Mitchell took out a buggy the guest of Miss Goldie Marshall this week.

W. L. Styles was in Thursday and took out a rubber tired buggy from Hoods. Pittsburg. H.

Brannan was in from near Crestline and took out a buggy from Will Clinton and Dick Pullman of Scammon were Columbus Sun 3 Will Brown was up from Yinita And'some carry lines of goods we do not. And eorne make more noise. And some have largerN expense which you pay for. But none will give you as good valuei for as little money as we do. OUR MOTTO: Courteous treatment.

Fair Dealings and Prompt Delivery. from Hoods. to spend Sunday. Ilarry Lees is in Galena this week. Get special prices on bale ties Hoods.

Arthur Pattyson spent Sunday at Wichita. Mrs. Mae Urick of Joplin, was over for Sunday. Dick Archer spent Sunday with Crestline friends. John Briggs made calls on Galena friends Sunday.

Mrs. James Marshall is spending day evening callers. 3 Will Steward left Saturday for an extended visit with relatives in i W. F. Strawn Oricar KainsbergeF spent Sunday with friends ia Columbus.

Ed Dungan of Mineral had business in Columbus Tuesday. A. D. Watts bought a Sharpless cream separator from Hoods. Mrs.

J. A. Sheets and daughter Chicago and Michigan. 3 31 Edgar Barber of Chetopa was a Thillip A. Ellis took (ut a rub guest Tuesday at the home of his the week with Mr.

and Mrs. John Amos of Melrose. G. S. Childers took out a Lins-troth wagon from Hoods.

Mi33 Ethel Lowry returned Friday from a visit of several weeks with Missouri frends. Mrs. J. C. Barnes of Oronogo was the guests of Columbus- friends Monday and Tuesday.

John Young and mother and aunt Mrs. II. B. Harmon. ber tired buggy from Hoods.

Julia spent Sunday in Oswego. Mr. Daniels took out a carriage Campbell Bradney, 1 Land, Loan and Insurance Agent I COLUMBUS KANSAS from Hoods. Old Reliable Grocers. Mrs.

Bertha Strong and sons Ly- Geo. Barry and Charley Bemaley were calling in Galena Sunday eve. Mr. and Mrs. James Harold were in from Potter on Monday to'shop.

-r i 1 i a i. man ana uaipn spent, ounuay ai, Columbus, Kansas. West Side Square, iiuauuuiiuiiiiiAiiuiiaiiiiuiiiiiiuimiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiumiiiiimuiiiiinuiimmni STTTTTTTTT TTTTTTTT TTTTT7TT TTTTTTTT TTTTTTTT TTTTTTYT It Scammon with Mrs. L. J.

Hisle. little neice Marie Allmon left J. M. G. W.

Roper took out John Whitcraft, Phil and Wallie Tuesday for Colorado. John and Will Noffziger were in town on Monday on business. Special prices on pitcher and set length 'anti-freeze pumps. Hoods. Prof.

Black made a business trip to Coffey ville the first of the week. Tom Gatts was over from Neode-sha to visit Columbus friends on Sunday. II. A. Still and W.

A. Waskey of Pittsburg, had business in town Monday. John Albertson of Scammon Fisher and Jack Grisham took the excursion to Wichita Sunday. JJl GRISHAM made a business trip to the county seat the first of the week. a McCormick mower from Hoods.

Elmer and Ray Grisham and Bert Leggctt went out on Neosho Monday to fish. Mis3 Minnie Vanatta went to Miami Monday to spend a fort E. C. Lamaster took out a Deere D. C.

Williams took out an Eagle hay press from Hoods. Mrs. J. Doran and daughter Mrs. Wheelan of Scammon returned on gang plow from Hoods.

July 31 is the date of the grand Let night with relatives. figure on Sunday from a three weeks trip to church and Sunday School picnic Scammon people are promising at Columbus The Old Settlers Chicago. Miss Minnie McCall returned themselves a ride on their own 17 Reunion. street cars Saturday. Bi I our Wednesday from a week's visit with her sister Mrs.

John Mack of J. II. Ozment has been hauling Chas. Waggoner bought a car The place to buy pure groceries at lowest living prices. All kinds of Fruits and Vegetables in their season.

Also Chase Sanborn's Fine Teaand Gotiee. None Better. Country Produce of all kinds bought and sold. Give me a call. lumber for a new barn this week II.

Lane was in Tuesday from near Melrose, and brought a fine load of hogs. The greatest, bed known to buggy builders, "The Moon Brospluglcss body-" Hoods. Drs. Bush and E. D.

Ashley attended the meeting of the Dental Association at Pittsburg Monday. riage of Hoods. Parsons. TT i 1-1 Different from all the rest, The j. iu.

iiuntsinger wno nas re Pluglees Hoods. cently gone into, business in Miner to replace the one destroyed by fire on his farm east of town. Mr. and Mrs. James Broadley were down from Weir City Sunday to see Miss Anna Belle Broadley and guests who arrived late last al was down Saturday.

Next Saturday, July 14th will be the first pay day at the mines since Mrs. T. Forkner visited her Mrs. J. JNorman Uook eame up April 14th, and things are expect mother Mrs.

M. E. Lucas at Hal- from Galena Monday after a week's ed to be lively as can be. lowell Monday and Tuesday. week.

visit with her aunt Mrs. J. N.IIorn Do you want to build, plaster or paint? Your loss if we don't figure OuHoss if we don't sell Long-Bell Lumber Co. E. D.

Whiteside, Mgr. E. P. Harris cashier of the Dur Mrs. II 0.

Kimmel and little How about bale ties? Have you ant, Ind bank was up the PHONE 89 KANSAS AVE. COLUMBUS, KANSAS. v. stepnens ana son were down from Weir and took out two got Hoods price? daughter spent the latter part of last week with Joplin friends. first of the week to visit his uncle Deere sulky plows from Hoods.

Rev. S. L. Chase left the first of C. M.

Hord. Miss Pauline Moore and Mr. Ed the week for a three weeks vacation. The first day of the Old Settler's Phenning of Joplin spent Sunday ilrs. jonn Uonehoo and young son of Joplin were up Sunday the lie was accompanied by his family Reunion is the big day this year with Mr.

and Mrs. Harry Bailey. and will visit relatives and friends guests of Mr. and Mrs. L.

0. Sco ville. Don't forget July 31st. Good speak W. Holmes, Homer Daniels, Ed in western Kansas.

FOR THE BEST ing. Parade at 10 a. m. sharp. JMiss Elgin Waller expects to re Mr.

and Mrs. Stacy Haines spent Gray and George Miller were guests of Columbus young ladies on Sun Miss Irene Shigley returned turn to Kansas City today to re Tuesday from Chicago and various Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Taylor at their country home south day. asBaBBKHHBgiya points in Ohio where she has been Chas.

Steinman of Chanute vis of town. sume treatment with the city physicians. She will be accompanied by Miss Ollie" Lewis who will remain a week. visiting for the past two months ited his grandparents Mr. and Mrs Miss Grace Brooks of Indiana, is Mrs.

Frank Mertz of Cherokee Wm. Lees from Saturday to Wed Fresh and Cured Meats, Lard, the guest of her aunt and uncle, nesday. returned Tuesday to her home after a visit of several days with her Mr. and Mrs. L.

Brooks, at the George Stice of Oswego, popular Could you use a $40 rubber tired Middaugh. mother Mrs. J. Osthoff. with the young people of Columbus, passed through here Sunday evening on his way to Tennessee, where runabout? See this rig on our sample floor.

Its wortlie money Hoods. Mrs. F. E. Sanders after a visit John Spencer accompanied bis wife to El Dorado Springs Friday 1 rn 1 1 Ice! Quick! Ring Up R.

Nugent, I' Phone No's, Home, 47-154 Rural, 47-32-154 with her narent3 Mr. and Mrs. le is accompanying his mother for wnere aits, fcpcneer will remain the benefit of her health. G. D.

Shepard is remodeling his during the warm weather. Is it a high grade buggy, has it a Mr. and Mrs. J. IT.

Staniwaity cottage in the south part of town. Stacy Haines will move into it as phigless body? Hoods. R. Carter, returned Tuesday to her home atNiotazc, Kans. Howard Throop who is with the Brundage-Fisher Carnival was over Sunday to spend the day twith his parents Mr.

and Mrs. T. B. and X. Nafus drove over from Os soon as completed.

L. J. Tanquary who has been wego in the Staniwaity automobile P. V. Berns, vice-presidpnt and Sunday and took Miss Grace Brooks living at La Harp, has re Yours truly, For Cold, Solid Business.

Nugent Ice Co. general manager of the American Game and Fish in Season. CALL ON W. Reeves. Meat Market.

N. Side Square. home with them. turned with his family to Columbus Gas Company at Hamilton, Canada and moved into the Goldsberry Throop. Judge and Mrs.

C. A. McNeill, Miss Amy Little and Mr. Dick was in Columbus Tuesday. property.

Mr. Tanquary is em E. Y. McNeill and their guests the Walker surprised their friends by being quietly married a month ago W. R.

Cowley accompanied by ployed as engineer for the Columbus Coal Co. Misses Mace of Ohio, spent Tuesday by Judge Wilson, and keeping the his granddaughter Katheryn Cowley at Mineral with Mrs. Fleming and went down to Perry, Satur Homer Brooks drove over from matter secret until last Saturday Wednesday the guests of Parsons Largest Paper Published in the County. 50 cents a year. day where Miss Katheryn will be Cherryvale in an open buggy on Elmer Pence who was married a relatives.

a the guest of her uncle L. L. Cowley short time ago at Coffey ville brought Bert Holmes and. son Wal uniu ner Kianuiniiiei reiums xor his bride over from Keodesha Sun Monday ard was out in all the hard rain. Although just recovering from a severe illness he suffered no ill effects from his wetting and her after making other points.

day to see his mother Mrs. Martha Pence. Mr. and Mrs. Pence are ter, Mrs, Jennie Shope and Mrs.

Gillem of Oswege were over Wednesday to spendjhe day with Mrs. M. E. Mays and family. L.

Brooks, of the Middaugh Ho spent the first of the week visiting with the Brundage Fisher Company, tel, has leased the building on the his parents Mr. and Mrs. L. Brooks When You are Quoted a Leather Quarter Top Buggy in Competition with BANNER BUGGIES See if it has genuine leather in the quarters and back stays. See if it has good heavy rubber (not enameled drill) roof and back curtain.

See if top is lined throughout (ino'uding back curtain) with an all-wool filled, guaranteed fast color top Mr. and Mrs. James Gaither of west side of square formerly occu Dr. C. S.

Huffman left Sunday Edna. and Mr. and Mrs. Pied by Isaac Wright, and will use NOTICE. night for Akron, Ohio to join his Ed Jones and children of Pine the same as a sample room.

Mon- Bluffs, arrived in Columbus day their house was full and Mrs. 100 acers pasture If miles east of Columbus on the Geo Fisher place Brooks found it necessary to turn Friday called here by the serious wife and daughter who have been the guests of relatives there for the past four weeks. The family will return toward the last of the month. at 50 cts per month good grass plenty the over her private room to a traveling lining. if top has improved outside ir extension top joints, in place of light, concealed joints that will break and give trouble.

if top has reinforced rear bow socket that will not break or bend when top is thrown back. illness of Mr. Wm. Baker, father of the ladies. of shade and water.

J. S. Brown man for a sample room a. 14 ft aLv. mm i i Ij fc "i-? i v' i if See if it has a full 14-inch patent leather dash, with dash rail or metal bead on top.

See if it has steel covered body corners. See if it has patent wrought steel (not malleable) Bailey body loops. See if it has long distance dust and mud-proof axlet. See if it has selected second-growth hickory wheels, guaranteed for two years. See if it has screws through the rim on each side of every spoke.

See if it has full i inch (not 3-1G inch) round edge steel tires, bolted between eaclspoke. See if reaches are ironed full length, with steel, brace rod between reaches. See if seats are ironed and braced4it each corner like Banner scats. See if there are 11 point center clips on front axle. See if shafts have extra braces at heel and cross bar.

See if shafts are wrapped and protected with veneer in shipping. See that it has Patent Quick Shifting Shaft Couplers. See that it has Improved Three-prong steps. See that axle boxes are set in white lead. See that it has a full bottom rear Jung bolt fifth wheel, with spring anti-rattler attachment.

See that it has open bottom spiral spring cushion, with 12 springs to the.cushion. See that it has solid panel spring back. See that it has leather prop rests, with two patent leather washers (not tin.) See that seats are fastened on by four long seat rods, reaching through bottom sills of body. See that it has Brussels carpet full length of body and on sido panels. Sec that front top valance is turned and securely sewed (not tacked These are only some of the good things to be found in Banner Buggies.

l3 B1SSJ J23SS SEE Ttie CokiHibas'lectric Co. 9 MM .1 pu mil a sa Amy a.

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