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The Labor Review from McCune, Kansas • 3

The Labor Review from McCune, Kansas • 3

The Labor Reviewi
McCune, Kansas
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

J2EY MB AT MARKET- Mrs- J. L. Ward is reported quite sick. Craig Bogard was in Cherokee lasl Sun- Mrs. Maggie A.

Baer, of tnis city, has received 3.000 from the Select Friends, for which amount her husband, John S. T0P0L0DAMP0. Some ten years since a Stewart of social scieuces. Edward Howland in conjunction with his wife Marie NEW IMPLEMENT HOUSE TiJlE TABLE. Memphis In McCunel 111 fww AND LTS OF TK Ber, had his life insured in thatorgani xatiou, wlien he died In November last.

ndepejdence(Xans.) Star Kansaa. FARSSEr.S, ATTENTION. We have Flax Seed, Timothy Seed. Clover Seed, -X-ane Seed and the Red Texas Oats on hand for seeding purposes. If in need of anything in this line come in and get prices, S.

E. Kans. fc S. B. HowsRTOX, Mgr.

The Market Wheat 43 cts. Oats 24 Corn 34 Castor Beans $1.50 Flax 1.50 Cane Heed .85 Timothy Seed 1.50 3.75 to $4 Turkeys, Hens 08 Toms 04 Chickens Ducks 05i Butter 12 Eggs 03 Surprised. Last Thursday, Maich 7th, Sevier Wilson was 633-ears old and his family decided tosurprise him accordingly. Theneighbors were invited to assist according to arrangement, and while the old gentlemen was absent attending a meeting of Odd Fellows his neighbois to the numbei of 40 assembled at his home, and when he returned and found all the rooms full of neighbors he entered heartily into the affair. Re freshmeDts were served at 9:30 p.

m. Nc regular program was arranged but the evening was passed in social chat. Misses Lula apd Edith Wilson assisted by Mr. Roese entertained the guests with music, instrumental and vocal. Among those prtbect we remember the following: Rev.

M. E. Bramhan, Mrs. W. M.

Ekev. J. II. wif tt L. PA1.1-.

and wife. A- J. O. Roese and wife. Dr.

M. F. Kyger and wife. Marion Nelson nd wiff, m. Derryman.

W. itoore, J. L. Ward and wife. T.

C. Crau- sun ana wiie. tr.r. uooerts ana wire. Wm.

Morrison and wife, J. W. Peak and i i itc, au4 lie Hymemal. jMakbied: At Monmouth, February 24. at 12 o'clock noon by G.

V. Leonard. pastor of th' Christian churc'i of K.iiS.. Gilend Nelson, of Pi'Utiurt. to Miss Cirrie Brumback, of AIouniut(i.

Abmit fifty guests. fri'Mirls of the young couple wre present aud a'! had a idee ttmc. Afier ieating on the supplv r.tJ- i board groaned, tne gues were treated to some fiise jlisj Holatint: nerving at 110 piano wai'e tw: gentlemen, 11 tint of wao.n lue writer has forgot show ed tlif as lcfs m-isters of tke violin Wt give a list of soaie of the presenU and tne ua.iter cf the donurs: ti v--rai ilacii t')wti, wo cliina tea sets. Uay. Wm.

Derryman lost a valuable jack last Tuesday night Rev. Foley and wife visited with friends ia Guard last Sunday. Capt. Elerick returned to his home at Edmund, last Fridaj'. James Scobey lost a valuable milch cow yesterday the only oae he had.

Send i.i your subscription and get your neignour to subscribe. There is a double assessment the A. O. U. W.

and O. 8 F. this month. Geo. L.

Wilson of Webb City, was visiting friends ia this city last week, F. E. Mason, wife and daughter art visiting friends in Kansas City this week. O. B.

Shultz of Montana, was looking after business iuterests in townlast'fhurs-day. Old harness repaired with neatness and. dispatch at the Red Front Harness Shop. Sunday is St Patrick's day, and every true aud loyal Irshman will celelbrate. If jou want the Best Corn Planter made you must buy the Job Deere Steel Frame of A.

ilood. Mrs Siutlerd and daughter visited with her father, Heury JSchoeu, ia Pittsburg Sunday. Head the ad of the Superior Barber Shop, and you want a clean shave patronize tiieni. MissLillie Widmen cf Weir City; was tne guest of Mr. and Mrs.

J. M. Mahr last Tuesday. Mrs. T.

C. Fair and children started for Novelty. lai Saiuiday. where she will visit with her parents. We cali your attention to th9 ad of P.

Yankey and when you wat any. tiling in his iine, call on him. T. II. Miller manager ox the prounoe iii cit3-.

visiteti Disianuiv ovti Sunday. -Between G. W. Garrison's and i a rr criine shuttle Finder ptrare av-e 31 tiH3 iince or at nr. irrison s.

a. g- i 3iis Anna Adamaon was called to Gi-: rar.l Inesday axieruon by a leletrram vsnouciBg tbedea'b of her sister-in-law. Farmers, patronize your friend when you are ni of anything in the harries line. Rod Front Harness Shop. D'kd: At hi home in this city, last Friday.

Msrch 8. 1895. at 8:80 o'clock of dropsy. Jones, aged 75 J. Howell of Cheiona wis transact huMne's ia town Iksi Saturday.

Mr. I iJowei? cheese. is ensiifcvi iu me i.i tac'urc ui i a Our fariiiexs are fixing for e-p-ing work i having their old harne jlwA s-cw ores. Frank lu iwo isets last The Johti Si eel Frame Cora tanttr thi- plant in the market. ruled.

For feaie al tiie Xew Sre. i centrate upon Last So 02 Passe naer, 418 Freight, West 10.08 a. M. 3,25 p. M.

Passenger 17 Freight. 5.17 P. M. 9.SG A. M.

ndays. onlv. Wedensdys and Fridays C. H- Deyo, Asient. DIRECTORY AL Miller T.

Jrligti'til'O Mavor Cb rt Police Judge. Street commissioner. Marshal S- Gown, Wni High tan Geeu.fldd H. S. Cannon, W.

A. Gairison, Couneilmcn J- D. J. Gam bill, I V. D.

Wilson. Council meets the first Monday evening i each month. Temnle LoAw N-j. 237 meets Salurdav right on or Lsforu the Full Oi! Ot CUd! month. M.

Ford. Sc. Mrt3 in G. A. K.

Hall the 2nd an--! 4th Wednesdays of each month at 2:3 S.Lyon Pres. Etta (2- Osse Post No meets theirs! nUbi psch in G. A. ii. rlrJi.

V. O. P. L. Allen, M- One re N-.

13 meets in I.O O. F. rvrr Thursday niU-t- imcm Sah-r. Frank Wilson. N.

Mjc ecreiary. it- 5- Met every 2nd and 4ih Tuesday ef each month'. T. W. J.

P. J. M. Cunaingbam. C.

S. n. tt. w. Lc-jje No- 70.

ery 2nd 4.h ct; jiivs'iiii. V. A. W. Fiti.tiiC.i'r.

A. J. C.P.oe-e. Recorder. "i.OCAL IZ 1 A 1 IT Al EXT.

Rev. Si'ra-iue cl iu 1 L. ci. ir. I have opened in the Ward building temporarily until the completion of a building I have contracted for erection.

I am locating' in McCune permanently, and it is my intention to carry a large and well assorted stock of BUGGIES, CARRIAGES, SPRING WAGONS CARTS FARM WAGONS CORK PLANTERS, DISK HARROWS, CULTIVATORS, PLOWS And in fact everything found in an Implement House, and hope by fair treatment and close attention to business to merit your patronage. MOOJ3. A. 1EA a aSfe kuives. gold lined sugar siu-il, one aet'ot.

the tremctv.i-1(rS. 3e, of and thus meet the -in 1 irv Keeps always on hand a fuJ supply of the choicest and. Xhe country afibrds. DAK3EU WH1TLOCK for it lias permanently cared viTCTTaASw: Df cases pronounced ty loctor3 liopo-lesa. If you have pramonitory symptoms euch as Difficulty ol Breatblnor, tc, don't delar, but vm9 PISO'S CURE POR CONSUMPTION hnmediately.

By Drugosts. 25 cem G. V. ASTERS ON- PAINTER CONTRACTER. Paper Hanging and 'Decorating a specialty.

Paper Hanging 16 i cents per bolt. See me before yon contract. G. W. Masteesow.

McCune, Kansas. ft 1 he BEST and CHEAPEST machine on the earth National Var.Lf2ctLr:ng company, Belvicbre, Illinois. K- A- HAVIS. Agent. -MS CHQhERAr have a sure, tried, proven an'' guaranteed cuie for IIoq a-o CiiicKKN Cholera, which ha stoo'l the test for tieren vears without failure, that I know of, but Las effected thousands of cures.

1 have eold over 23,000 recipes aud family rights iu eight mouths, anJ not a single complaint received vet. I sold each and every one on a guarantee, and I still sell that way. If Holland Cholera Cure and Preventative fails to cure or prevent cbolera will refund your money. This is fair enough. Six pounds of the medicine can be made at a total cost of from 1 to $1.20, enough to do 50 hogs and 100 chickens a year.

You are then assured against cholera for one year. If yoa will try this remedy, I assure you you will never regret it. Use it and your hogs and chickens will look better than ever before. Recipe and family right only $1 00. Ready prepared medicines 50 cts.

and $1.00 per bottle or package, CHICKEN CHOLERA. TESTIMONIALS. Dallas. April 13. 1393.

Mrs Rachel V. Thomas, Dear Madam: I have thoroughly tested your cholera remedy an 1 find it O. K. It's grand. I enclose $10.00 and will try the agency.

Please send at once and oblige, U. W. Harper. Dallas. Texas.

May 19. Eave sold out. I enclose S50.CO for which send me all the recipes you tan and the rights to the counties named below. I never saw anything sell so fast. What is the least you will take for the stMe'r" If your price ia reasonabl I will take the elate.

Respectfully. II. W. Harper. (I have oot room for all his letters.

He took the state. Here is one more of his letters.) Dallas. Texas. July 17th. Mrs.

Rachel V. Thomas, Dear Madam: Since taking the stale right I canvassed three wet ks and made 89t7.00 selling recipes and territory, will start severrd sub agents next weik. Could I exchange a portion of Texas for portion of Kansas? Respectfully. 11. W.

Harper. I could give hundreds of testimonials similar, but space forbids. I guarantee Holland' Cholera Cure and preventative to cure and n.l i.W-L-ph hrL.r in ery case or ret una tne money. Thin is fair enough. Don't postpone ordering because you may not at preseut be bothered with cholera.

The idea is to prevent it 111 time. This my remedy will do and keep your hogs and chickens ina nice healthy condition. I want gen eral and local agents everywhere, and have state and county rights for aleor trade Address. MRS. RAUHKh IIIUMA.

I Cow-arts, Alabama. mmm mm 4 II" HI mam i Howland published in New Jersey a paper called the Credit Foncier, its ob ject to establish a model colony, wnere ui the natural resources including land were to be held in trust for and the means of transportation and distribution operated in the interests of the members of the colony. A civil engineer. A. K.

Owen who had been in the employ of a company of which U. S. Grant and Win. Win- dom were large stockholders succeed 1 to the R. R.

concessions that the aforesaid Co failed to utilize, and obtained certain colony concessions by which he was to receive $200 tor every family that he located in said colony. Tne large territory in tne vicinity of Topolobampo Bay, Gulf of Cal struck him as an excellent olace to found a colony. lie. K. Owen, joined forces with the editors of the Credit Foncier," ana began organizing a party for Mexico.

-fcuiroi led mem Dei at 510 per snare in the Or. Froncier Co. whose charter was taken out in Col. They were to begin construction at once of a R. It.

from Topolobampo to Eagle Pass Tex. Members to be paid in Credits" to be exchangeable for all colony products. After all investments of capital was satisfied the road was to become colony property. Some 300 hundred souls were landed on the rocks of Topolobampo Bay in 1SSQ and the Colony struggle for existence began. This Bay is 25 miles from the Fuerte River, the nearest tilled lands.

Rainfall is insufScent for field crops. There are no wells on that coast and their water supply was taken from such reservois as nature furnished. It is needless to say that their efforts resulted in a miserable failure. After three years struggle the few remaining pioneers were on the point of abandoning the movement when C. B.

Hoffman of Enterprise Ks, became interested visited the coun'ry aud was much impressed by ttie locatiou, soil and climate, wa3 mainly instrumental in organizing the Kansas Siualoa Investment Company, which Company bought and contracted to buy large tracts of land lying between Topolj-baiupo bay. and the Fuerte river, all to held in trust for the Credit Foncier Co. for a period of rive years at the termination of which period it was presumed the Cr. Foncier Co. would be; financially sound and pay ni full all investments.

A large aud we.l equipped party of which I was a member left Kansas in Nov. lS9t) to take out an irrigation ditch to water aforesaid lands. For all supplies and monies applyiugto the construction of tnis canal a script lenomiuated F. Script was issued a first lieu and redeemable in water uses, labor was paid in this script. Construction was commeziced under the lnanagemen- of A.

Wilber of Greeiy Cat. the representctive of A. ueu at lh8 colony. uoer a in competency became so glaring that lie people caused nts resignation ana H. 1 or ter 01 Parsons Kansas, was placed at the head of affairs dirreetion the ditch v-" completed.

Now A. K. O.ven was determined to iae all the colony strength to push hi It It. scaeiue. Meuiters of tiie colony were to receive eilner "credits'' of ihe Co, or it, It.

at their option, sa bonds coming benin all otuer oolig 1-t ions hut a m.ijont of the 0 Mitmt.s looked upon tnis scheme as so impi ac-iical thai no serious at'empt was made. And a-i A. K. Owen iieid and I stall holds waior, railroad an, I concessions all material passed through the custom house under these coJieessi.Jiis ra.tenuiery ol Hie law lake steps to with tiie C. Co.

After many vain attempts to cause K. 0ven to entertain more reasonable plans. The inHlel colony" idea was 1)V the K. S. I.

Co. abandoned and an effort made to rectify past rrors and save for the investors their money puits were instituted the Mexican courts but no decisions will oe rendfiied uutil after July this year, tit wnich time contracts expire. In the meantime the colony has been divided against itself. The property has gone to rack, costs have accumulated and the amount left over on iinal settlement will be very small. This is a brief outline of the colon3' history.

The record of the privations of the unfortunate families who attempted to make a home iu that strange land would tiil volumns. The land lying between the foothills of the Sierras and the Gulf of Cal, is an aluviai plain interspersed with isolated hills and mount.iins. Several streams of considerable size find their way to the Gult across this piain. The Fuerte (strong) river is the largest of these streams. The land slopes from the rivers bank instead of towards them.

A ditch taken out at right angles will bring water at the sun ace in about six miles. As you leave the river the soil changes f.iom light sandy to reddish clay, and the vegetation also changes from heavy mesquite timber at the river to shrubbery and scanty mesquite. Cactus of every conceivable variety, some lignum-vitae, other small trees and brush indegenous to the country. In the more or less open plain a succu lent crass springs up from the seed during the short rainy season (July to Oct.) that affords pasture. The river lands are almost exclusively tne only lands tilled.

And the greater part of the population is located thereon. Indians are in the majority and are the common laborers. The cultivation of sugar cane is the paramount industry, although most products of the temperate zone and all subtropical fiuits can be produced. Outside of the precartons farming of lands wet bj overflow irigatiou is the rule. Considerable capital has been put iu the sugar business of late years, and there is no part of Mexico that gives greater promise.

There is little attraction for the man of very small means however or the laborer as wages are next to nothing. From the U. to Mexico is a step from the 19 cent backward to the 1st. Very curious but incongenial. CnAs.

W. Lockwood. Teachers Association. The second meeting of the Crawford County Teacbers Association will be held in Pittsburg on March 23. 1805, and the following program has been arranged for the meeting: 10 o'clock a.

m. Roll call, answered by Paper. nsic. Shall we have a county high school?" J. B.

McClure. Walnut. Discussion E. A. Durham, Girard.

Paper. Declamation. "Relative value of discipline and instruction." W. B. Hall.

Cherokee. Discussion Tena Auston, Mulberry. Music. 1 o'clock p. m.

"Model recitation in numbers," Mrs. Black. Declamation. Paper "How in make Geography In- terestirnr." Clemmie Michel. I Discussion Nettie Turner i I a 1 chosen line of "battle.

Invilfr I i vas a weapon Jnlii p9mam-," asked the K.S.I. I tureen, one butter pnddie. Co to either bi n. Owen to reasou annul their contracts 6 atatiotsr. fetfA little child of Lafe Poo! broke its Wedi.c-flav-.

rt Gracey and daught- ilaj visileo Weir last Thun-'Iay. Alex. Slan of Mithtwson. was ttading oea 4SU ePies jrn of town Istst Fri.liy. "Sirs.

Parker and daughter of Monmouth, was in town "last Friday. liave your photographs taken at Sny- WALL PAPER, WINDOW SHADES, STAPLE AND FAE8Y B0TI0N8. CANDIES. CIGARS --AND TOBACCO-- PRICES AS LOW AS THE LOWEST. Business Center.

McCUNK. KANS 18. M. E. 1 o'clock.

Subject: Eternal liicss-e int-ss of the Sitints." 1ied: At his home Smiles northeast this city, Tuesday m-mi'iug, March 12, of al.dt-.minal tumor G. McCal ter Bged 60 eurs. 7 months aud 22 ajs. Obituary next -eek. C.

F. Oalhoun. having purchased the house lot. iiuir.ediatcly vrect a building 40iC0 ft. ut lvue which will be completed by May 15th.

and will be occupied by A. flood, fi new imph ment msu, who has a least on said buiidinir for three years. W. Y- Winche; wns tried in the probate court at Gir.ird Munday, March 4th. for lunacy, hurl wdlbe returned to the asylum which he was a short time cured as the authorities then thought The sympathy of all is with Comrau A N.

Wimhfcli, fathei of the uufoMunate ng man. Next Saturday will be the 1st of McCune K. L. of and the meoibers have decided to ce'ebrate the event with a supper in Greenfield's Hall sat r.r Jay night- Quite a number of invitations have been issued, and nojdoubt bi the members and their guesisiwill have a pltaiaut time. r.

Hurst of Ft. Scott, have opened a house for the purchase of Poultry, Eggs, Hides, Furs etc. L. will prea tt Jor ronfereroQ; M. chnnth 'next Sunday nhTh.

at in lliB LEU IS Cent rd will pay cash for all kinds ot I were uttered and the benediction pro-P'tUry, Bring iu your chickens, I nounced, a bountiful supper followed of china cheese plate, china bread plate, -t cbiita tea plates, silei braed tr.y. goUl unci 03-sier i.i'.ite. ice woo! set. doilies, stake dish and bowl, sliver pepper and salt dishes, silver butler ilUh Mr. and Mrs.

J. W. Stradt. Mr. nnd Mrs.

Snow, Mr. and Mrs. A Whitney. Frank Whitney. Jim Uoistineand family.

Waller Clugsiou. Zeda Holstiue, Dora Brown. Etta Paul. Mary Langston. Mr.

and Mrs. and Omer Albert v. Fred and Lloyd Alberty, of Cherokee. Kansas. Mrs.

Canister. Mrs. Hoister. Abbie Nelson Mrs. J.

B. Nelson, Johnny Kcboole Mar3' Nelson, of Pittsburg. Kans. Mtcid and KdnaReplog'e W. Kutz.

of Parsons, Kans. Wm. Brumback, Monmouth. Mr. and Mrs Powel, Mrs.

Clara Davis. Mr. and Mrs- Thornhurg, New Castle, Ind. Mrs Sadie Stonebraker, Fran Mason, Miss Dora Martin. Hagerstown.

Ind. Mr. and J. Baiiey, Mt- Summit, Ind. Mr.

and Mrs. Milliken. Eiwood. Ind. Florence Bailev, i.

Iud. Wadding Balls. The marriage of Miss Alma A. Vtn Siyke to CbarUs B. Dunnic was solemn-izL'd last Wednesday evening at 7:30 o'clock at the residence of the bride's parents.

Rev. Foley officiating. At 7 o'clock the relatives and friends assembled and at 750 the bridesmaid and groomsman. Harvey Van Slyke and Mary Di'iin, came into the parlor followed by the bridai pair. After the solemn words which about seventy-five mieam ipated.

Among those present were Ander son of Paola, aunt of the bride, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis and daughter of Columbus, also relatives Many useful and valuable presents were received as follows: A handsome present by Mr. and Mrs. Van Siyke.

Silver castor, John and Lizzie- King. Rocking chair. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Nehr.

Center bland, Mesrs. Lee Campbell and George Mustard and Misses Grace Vance and Nannie Duiin. Stanil cover, T. Vance. Set of plates.

Libbie Dunnic. Bible cover, Grandma Anderson. Spice chest, R. M. Anderson.

Table cloth. Mr. and Mrs J. McCoud. Glass pitcher.

Emma Dunnic. Tauito doth, Mr aud Mrs. Muudy. Frail dish. Will McCloud.

Silver dollar, Johu Delnnp. Parlor lamp, Mr. and Mrs Diilin. Bone dishes, Will Anderson. Set of cups and saucers and platter, Mr.

and Mrs. W. M. Dunnic. Cake stai-d, Mr.

ami Mrs. Delapp. Parlor lamp. J. L.

Lewis. Napkins, Mrs. C. Havens. Half dozen stem giaases.

D. C. Fox. Tablecloth. Mr.

and Mrs. Darby. Stand cover, John Pierce. hie cloth, Mr. and Mrs.

L. Casey. Glass sauce dishes and fruit dish, Sadie and Jenn Delapp. Pair of flat irons, Mr. and Mrs.

Dunnic. Rocking chair. Mr. ami Mrs. Dice.

Mr. and Mrs. John Mansneld, Mr. and Mrs. H.

Mansfield. Silver cake basket and silver pickle castor, Mr. Derryman. Orphaobrbaugb, ale and Emma Camblin. Mav Tavlor.

Ftreet maker, Maud Miller. Agnes Cranston and Anna Diilin. der'e, ii.ns Job Shreck of Parsons, visited wUh his fcioiher in 'his city Sunday. C. Elerick aa.le a!es visit City last barnrday night.

We cil the reader's attention to the display ad of lict-kmau Mttcalf. i guaraiite ai' ot my vVk. r.i;i Eft: Fr nt Mrs. M. E.

Lyon went to St. Loui-t last Siindsv mo. nitig to purchase new gviis. Read II---dei ho When 3 ant a Iniich oi a of bread try ii 13 V.a-n call fit Hoyder's aliery aJ see his artistic Dr. I.

D. Lfsher returnei hme frrri KaaJM C.ty evetang. a grad-traie in dt'j'btry. TV. I.

Il'isteii's display ad in another e.iL.nju tells the reasf-n why he is such a iurge tiade. wan: a correspondent in every you write up tv 5-d KPiid i Fat ftle nar'e 3 hnsgfes 1 enrrsr-d seveia' ets of dot; Me and siDg-e harne-s, call -n bam Whit Mf Cune iiau James of Edna. Ki sas, wis in he city Tbursdny. the Mc'oroick XIac.nin? company. M- H.

venne and of Parsons, v'ssite 1 with the parents of Mrs. Kennedy Dr. aud rs Ohiwme last fcsuuday. J. Frysinger his farm containing over 300 acres.

Iat Saturday, to man troj Linvjlte, named Tempieman. Prof. Djraoa delivered a free lecture ii the Cii.istt.iD chwrch lart Saturday nisfht to an aporeei-itie Huditnce. r. WhMq-n-t and FitHUrsr.

vi. proiVi-ionnl visit to thi city afternoon to see W. McC who was suSeriag with a tu nor of the bowels. The city election will tnke plnce April 1t. VV'ho rp you going to hsvp to serve TOU next vear? Wlio wails an office? The e-ilim of this papr fta-i 1 ra dv to ike thf Don't let modesty tand in your way.

Last Snndav afternoon as Wm. Brown returning home from his brother's his liore ran Hwny tbrowing Mm. when near Mr. htm seve owl orehKir no nones. He wa ur.eiwM-: for qnje awhile.

At thi writing Lie ka doiot well. i We Will TO 1TH THE 15) ill For 25 Per CLtfB Reform Pbobf Iff TOw ml jii turkeys, etc and set the price spot casn I M.Miller, Manager. Died: At the home of her son. J. P.

Jordan, near Ziff, 111., of heart failure. Mrs. Sarah Jordan, in the 85th year of ber the deceasf left her home here last December to spend the remainder of her days with her son. She was taken sick soon after her arrival there, being confined to her bed most of the time gradually sinking until march 7th, the end came. Her body laid away to rest in the cemetery at Ziff, Illinois.

Program Of the Epworth Leacue social to be held at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Ward, Friday evening; March loth: Open with the Doxology. Prayer. Solo Prof.

Conner. Recitation Miss Nellie White. Instrumental aolo Mabel Kvger. Recitation Georgia Wamsley. Recitation Winnie Gambill.

Solo Minnie Morrison. Recitation Miss Brayman. Exercises to begin at 8 o'clock. Citf Convention. A mass convention will be held in pqnireroraBorace next Saturday night at 7 clock for the purpose of nominal-1 ing candidates for the city officers for the ensuing year.

By Order of Committee. I i Xess Than Joint Rate..

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