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The Washburn Reporter from Topeka, Kansas • 3

The Washburn Reporter from Topeka, Kansas • 3

Topeka, Kansas
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w- Mccormick. Clocks, Watches and Umbrellas repaired at 908 Kan. Ave. Discount to students. TOPEKA DRUG STORE.

Everything in the druggist line, Soda running all the year round Imported and Domestic Cigars. 607 Kans-sas Avenue The place to buy A NICE KEATING OH COOKING STOVE, KNIVES FORKS, House Furnishing- Goods of every variety C. KATHARY, 202 West Sixth Street. All kinds of shoe repairing. Boots Shoes made to order.

W. 13L AiTOHRSOirSt 520 Kausrs Avenue, WILLIAM LOVE. 511 West Tenth Street. Shaving, Hair- FOOT BALL RULES. Rule (a) A drop kick is made by letting the ball fall from the hands and kicking it at the very instant it rises.

(b) A place-kick is made by kicking the ball after it has been placed on the ground. (c) A punt is made by letting the ball fall from the hands and kicking it before it touches the ground. (d) Kick-off is a place-kick from the center of the field of play, and cannot score a goal. Kick-out is a drop-kick, or place-kick, by a player of the side which has touched the ball down in their own goal, or into whose touching-goal the ball has gone, and cannot score a goal. () A free kick is one where the opponents are restrained by rule.

Rule 2. (a) In touch means out of bounds. (b) A fair is putting the ball in play from touch. THE LEVI MILLINERY CO. 633 KA.35TSLS JL'VIEIEsnTIEI First class work, cutting, etc.

Satisfaction Guaranteed. THE FINEST PICTURES. In Topeka, are printed at LEONARD'S GALLERY 613 Kansas Avenue, Topeka, Ks- Ask your neighbor Where to get Good cake They all say at The FRENCH BAKERY. 815 KANSAS AVENUE IS. E.

FRENCH. Now offers for your inspection a fine line of fall and winter in millinery. We give 10 per cent discount to all students and teachers of Washburn. mention this notice. THE TOPEKA STEAM LAUNDRY Will do good work.

P. A. EIPLEY, MG'B. We see that all goods are mended and make a small charge for same. 625 Jackson St, THE WAY HHMliT'O GO, Rule il The ball is dead: I.

When the holder has cried down, or when the referee has cried down, or when the umpire Washburn Students For Fine Fruits, and A Full Line Of Candies, Go t0 Frank usso 632 Kansas Avenue. 503 Kansas Ave. You have seen California frequently I carry a splendid line of mentioned in newspapers and magazines. Perhap3 a friend has been there, and BOOTS SHOES. which can not be-equalled in the has called foul.

II. When a goal has been obtained. III. When it. has gone into touch, or touch-in-goal, except for punt out.

IV. When a touch-down or safety has been made. V. When a fair catch has been city, writes enthusiastic letters back home about' the climate and the fruits. It makes you anxious to see the country for yourself.

Douglass Shoes. Ajrent for W. WE WANT YOUR TRADE, Peerless 503 Kansas Ave Rule 3. A foul is any violation of a rule. Rule 4.

(a) A touch-down is made when the ball is carried, kicked, or passed across the goal line and there held, either in goal or touch-in-goal. (b) A safety' is made when a player guarding his goal receives the ball from a player of his own The time to go is in the Fall and Win STEAM LAUNDRY H. T. MARTIH ter. Then work here is least pres -mg and California climate is most pleasing.

The way to go is via Santa Fe Route, in one of that line's popular, personally-con Telephone 332. 112 WEST EIGHT ST. Photographer. heeded. No play can be made while the ball is dead, except to put in play by rule.

ducted parties, leaving Chicago every Saturday evening, and leaving Kansas 629 Kansas Avenue. ST. JAMES HOTEL. City every Sunday morning. Rule 12.

The grounds must Special agents and porters in attend be 330 feet in length and 160 feet ance. Jrullman tourist sleepers are used, furnished with bedding, mattrasses, toil S. S. HUGHES, Prop. Tlie Best $1.50 A Bay House In The City.

Leslie Baikd Dealer in in width, with a goal placed in the et articles, Second class tickets Flour Feed middle of each goal line, composed honored. Write to G. T. Nicholson, G. of two upright posts, exceeding 20 P.

T. Santa Fe Route, Topeka, an. Fruits Confectioneay 1711 Buchanan Street. for copy of folder describing these excur eet in height, and placed 18 feet GEORGE HANLEY sions. side, either by a pass, kick, or a snap-back, and then touches it dowrn behind his goal line, or when he himself carries the ball across his own goal line and touches it down, or when he puts the ball into his own touch-in-goal, or when the ball being kicked by one of his own side, bounds back from an opponent across tbe goal line and he then touches it down.

(c) A touch-back is made when player touches the ball to the ground behind his own goal, the 6 inches apart, with cross-bar 10 Call on Rowley City ticket WASHBURN STUDENTS! EVk Party ft Furnisher CAT feet from the ground. agents, or W. Garvey, agent at depot, Topeka, for Thanksgiving, Christmas, For all kinds of fine Shoe Repairing, Rule 13. The game shall be Fine Fruits, Pure Candies and New Years rates. call on URIAH ANDERSON, -tiii ii i played oy teams ot eleven men Finest Ice Cream and Oyster Parlors in Topeka 726 Kansas Ave.

each: and in case of a disqualified All work guaranteed. Try me commence the game when ordered 729 Kansas Ave or injured player a substitute shall to by the referee The referee take his place. Nor shall the dis qualified or injured player return Go To Emil Utz, Prop. Farmers Exchange ill impetus which sent the ball across the line having been received from shall notify the captains of the time remaining not more than ten nor less than five minutes from the to further participation in the D. II.

McCall. Cor. 17th and Buchanan on me for fine shoe repairing: Special inducements to "Washburn Students an opponent. game. For all kinds of Feed, finest brands end of each half.

-ttuiJE. 14. mere snail be an Flour at Lowest Pnoes cor. Fillmore 17th St. Rule 5.

A punt-out is a punt made by a player of the side which 11 a (J) Time shall not be called' for umpire and a reteree. JNo man shall act as an umpire who is an See that special study lamp and the end of a three-quarters unti the ball is dead; and in the case has made a touch-down in their opponents' goal to another of his low priced chamber sets at arn alumnus of either of the competing worth and Brin6maids' 503 Kans a try-at-goal from a touch-down own side for a fair catch. Rule 6. A goal may be ob sas Avenue. The umpires shall be nominated the try shall be allowed.

Time shall be taken out while the ball is and elected by the advisory com MRS AO ELDER. Special inducements students. 10 per cent discount 610 Kansas Ave Topeka Kansas" being brought out either for a try, mittee. The referee shall be cho tained by kicking the ball in any way except a punt from the field of play (without touching the kick-out or kick-off. UNACQUAINTED WITH THE GEOGRAPHY OF THE COUNTRY, Will sen by the two captains of the op OBTAIN MUCH INFORMATION FROM A STUDY OF THI8 MAP OF THE xtULE i io one wearing pro posing teams in -each game, ex ground, or dress, or person of any player after the kick) over the jecting nails or iron plates on his eept in case of disagreement, when the choice shall be referred to the shoes, or any metal substance up cross-bar or post of opponents' on his person, shall be allowed to advisory committee, whose decis goal.

ii rr A scrimmage takes ALU lJ 111 i Xi. W. A. Mc Carter, D. D.

721 Kansas Avanue. play in a match. No sticky or greasy substance shall be used on ion shall be finaL All the referees and umpires shall be permanently place when the holder of the ball the person or players. elected and assigned on or Jef ore puts it down on the ground, and puts it in play by kicking it or Bule 18. The ball goes mteM the third Saturday in October in each year.

touch when it crosses the side line snapping it back. Rule 8. A fair catch is a Rule 15. (a) The umpire is Chicago, Kansas Nebraska R'y (QKEAT HOCK ISLAND ROUTE.) Jas. Griffin, Insurance 110 East Eigth Street.

catch made direct from a kick by or when the holder puts part of either foot across on that line. The touch line is in touch and the goal line in goal. It affords the best faculties of communication between all important points in KANSAS, NEBRASKA. COLORADO. NEW MEXICO, the IN the judge for the players, and his decision is final regarding fouls and unfair tactics.

one of the opponents, or from a punt-out by one of the same DIAN TERRITORY', TEXAS, and beyond. Its Main Lines and Branches include ST. JOSEPH, KANSAS CITY, NELSON, NORTON, BELLE-VTLLB, HORTON, TOPEKA. HERINGTON, WICHITA, HUTCHINSON, CALDWELL, DENVER, COLORADO SPRINGS, PUEBLO, and hun Rule 19. The captains shall toss up before the commencement side, provided the catcher made a mark with his heel at the spot where he has made the catch, and dreds of other nourishing cities ana towns.

The Vast Area of Fertile Country of the match, and the winner of toss shall have his choice of goal tributary thereto offers rare inducements to farm Subscribe for the Reporter, fif ty cents a year. i The Rapid Transit railway cars carry you to the heart of the city in twenty minutes. no other of his side touch the ball ers, stock growers, and intenain settlers or every Class. Lands cheap and farms on easy lerma. Traverses the famous "GOLDEN BELT" whose varied products and herds of cattle, horses and or kick-off.

(b) The referee is judge for the ball, and his decision is final in all points not covered by the umpire. (c) Both umpire and referee shall use whistles to indicate cessation of play on fouls and downs. The referee shall use a stop watch in timing the game Rule 16. (a) The time of game is an hour and a half, each side swine are the admiration 01 the voria. Prompt and Convenient Connections If the catcher, after making his mark, be deliberately thrown to the ground by an opponent, he shall be given five yards, unless at Kansas City and St Joseph for Chicago, St Louis and ail points East, Boutn ana uoutneast with FAST LIMITED TRAINS of CHEAT HOCK ISLAKD KOCTE for Davenport, Rock Island, Des Moines.

Peoria and Chicago; with ALBEKT LEA this carries the ball across the goa' ROUTE for Spirit Lake, watertown, moux Vlnneanolla. St. Paul, and points North and Clements and Chaffee welcome all new students to their store, special inducements. line Northwest, and with connecting lines iuth and Southwest to Texas and Pacific Coast states and Territories. Splendid Passenger Equipment Rule 20.

The ball shall be kicked off at the beginning of each half and whenever a goal has been obtained, the side which has lost it shall kick off. Rule 21. A player who has made and claimed fair catch shall take a drop-kick, or a punt, or place the ball for a place-kick. The opponents may come up to the catcher's mark, and the ball must be kicked from some spot behind Rule 9. Charging is rushing forward to seize the ball or tackle playing forty-five minutes from each goal.

There shall be ten minutes intermission between the two A TEAR I I undertake to briefly teach any fairly intelligent pet-ion of either el, who can read and write, and who, after instruction, will work industriously, how to earn Three Thousand linll.r. S3000 a player. Strictly First Class, entirely new, with latest improvements, expressly manufactured for this service, leading all competitors in the comfort and luxury of its accommodations. Elegant Day Coaches, Restful Reclining Chair Cars and Palace Bleeping Cars. Solidly ballasted steel track iron and stone tridscs, commodious tear in their own localities.

wherever they live. I will aim Airnl.h havles, Either side refusing to Rule 10. Interference is using the hands or arms in any way to th. situation or employment whioh you ran earn that amount. No money for me unless successful as above.

Easily and quickly learned. 1 desire but on. worker from each district or county. I have already taught and provided with employments large play after ordered to by the re numoer, wno are maains; over rawim a year each. it iJWJb nd MO 1.

1 II. Full particulars FREE. Address at one, feree, shall forfeit the game. This TJnion Depots at terminal points. For Tickets, Maps, Folders, or desired Information, apply to nearest Coupon Ticket Agent, os address at Topeka, Kansas, H.A.PARKER, JNO.

SEBASTIAN. Vloe-Pr. AGM1.MST- Gen. Tkfc Pass. Agfc Autfii.tu, Maine.

joua obstruct or hold a player who has not the ball, not the runner. shall also apply to refusing to Ride on the electric cars..

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