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The School Room Journal from Minneapolis, Kansas • 8

The School Room Journal from Minneapolis, Kansas • 8

Minneapolis, Kansas
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i ROLL OF HONOXt. This rollinchidcs the names of those pupils who were not tardy and were perfect in at tendance and as good as pupils out to be in do porlmcnt during the month. DI8T. no, 1. Frank Jennlnes Edmund Long Osborn Biles Albert Long Norman Long John Long Linnio Jennings Cora Wilkinson Virgil Lee Archie Long Maud Mitchell Jennie Sloan Glauhry Biles The School Boy's AUNT KETURAH.

Will tne school room never grow brighter Will the fun never shine through the gloom? Will the lessons never grow lighter? Will the grass and the flowers never bloo mt It seems I have been at my studies The longest and weariest while. And the teacher will talk on his hobbies. With never the hint of a smile. If only the wearisome lessons Could be learned by the side of the brook; If only the nature of fishes Could bo studied with bait and a hook; If only tho habits of blue jays Might be learned by a tramp through the wood; If we might but study the flowers By searching for them where we would, Then all Jour dull tasks would be And our lessons, before such a task, Would be hailed with faces that brightened And be cheerfully studied at last. APKIL BEPOHTO.

Banner School, district No. 40, 0. B. Fleming, teacher. Only two incorrect Reports this month.

Reports have not been received from districts 0, 13, 34, 45, and GO. Nos. 80, 80 and 95 are the only schools that had no tardiness during the month' Nos. 8, 22, and 42 had but one case each, and Nos. 29, 40, and 92 had but two cases each.

No. 40 is the only district that had no absence. Banks of Districts in Attendance. The average is based on per cents of attendance and punctuality. Susie Biles DIST.

no. 6. Grace Casebeer Carrie Johnson TiI2 srULLHTG HATCH. The "spelling match" was one of the prinolpnl features of the Apr. Teachers' Association.

The prlme object, seemed to be the utter annihilation of Watkins, Fleming and Martin, and so far as the two former were concerned it was a decided success. Not so with Martin, however. He was present in the forenoon but, upon hearing there was to be a spelling match in the afternoon, discovered that lie had pressing business in other directions which would not admit of delay, so the Association was compelled to struggle along without him. If you wish to "down" Ira in a spelling match, you must proceed on the principle of. making rabbit pot pie "First catch your rabbit," etc.

The match opened with looks of determination stamped upon each individual countenance, but it was not long until the orthographical scalps of both Fleming and Watkins were dangling DIST. NO. 8. Grace Dunmire Nellie Swart Martha Deringer Willie Shearer Jesse Johnson Loyd Thomas DIST, NO. 17.

Ernest Kilbourne Burton Kilbourne EllaGant Gertie Gant Daisy Spence Tiolet Spence Willie Felt James Spence DIST. NO. 21. Priscllla Nelson Gealscy Nelson Ira Girton Dale Hawkey Johnnie Nelson Frank Nelson DIST. NO.

22. CarrieCleaver Gertie Peters Mattie Stiles Gevie Garter Bertie Erbentraut Doh Erbentraut Nona Stiles Mabel Peters Nellie Klingaman Bessie Carter DIST. NO. 24. Richard Springer Nancy Springer Samuel Springer DIST.

no. 26. from the belts of their adversaries. As We have received the following interesting report of the closing exercises in No. 19; Yesterday was our "closing day in Dist.

19, We had an excellent time. The patrons turned out in general, bringing with them everything necessary to make a complete palatable-picnic dinner. After enjoying the bountiful repast we proceeded with our program of literary exercises, which lasted nearly two hours. Then we bade-each other adieu and separated. Each one appeared to enjoy his or herself hugely.

a "memento" of the contest, Fleming carried oft a viyid impression of the correct way to spell the plural of his prize. Bro. Watkins, who was intently engaged in another direction failed to Mamie Foster Anna Foster Maud Garten Bessie Melvin Mabel Walker hear how Theo. Scheffer missed "basil Rank 1 No. 40 Average 99.3 2 95 Ad.

98.5 3 86 97.v'3 4 3 Int. 97.9 5 3 Ad. 96.3 6 27 9G 7 1 95.8 8 8 95.7 9 9 95 5 10 31 95.4 114 50 95.U5 (i 12 3Fri. 44 95. 13 17 94.5 14 5 9.7 44 15 95 Pri.

92 44 16 44 29 91.3 44 16 14 91.3 18 26 90.4 44 19 21 89.8 44 20 42 89.7 4 21 80 89 44 22 44 70 88.5 44 23 44 39 87 44 24 0 4 4 85 .3 44 25 4 92 44 84.7 26 "76 79.7 44 27 7 77.8 DIST. No. 27. isn" so ne spelled it the same way and sat down. Miss Foster spelled Eliza Skeigle Augusta Robinson Josie RobiDson Ethel Potts Myra Baldwin Mary Elliott Mabel Baldwin Vinnie Baldwin "reparable" with au as an excisse Lottie Davis Joseph Boucek for retiring for the purpose of consol Jesse Baldwin Ing Bro This left Miss Eva Ashton in possession ot the field.

Bertie Smith Winnie Morton Sadie Crosson Miss Eva is therefore considered the "A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned is a maxim to be observed these hard times. Therefore buy your goods where you caa do the best. 1,001 USEFUL ARTICLES! at hard times prices, at the Ten Cent Store Come and see us we guarantee prices to suit the times. H. J.

YECKERLY. DIST. no. 31. Nina Morton Ethel Morion Maggie Crosson Mabel Crosson DIST.

no. 42. Mary Pf eiffer DIST. no. 60.

"Champion Speller" of Ottawa anc to her, as such, we offer our heartiest Peter PreiJTer congratulations and make our best bow. Prof. Clark is entitled to the gratitude Sammy Zook' Emma Miller Winnie Prior Ralph Buck Fanny Hogarty Lolo Brown Alice Crabs Fred Zook Alice Vanderwerkin Bay Brown Frank Miller Lillie McGlanghlin Callie Brewster Nellie Crabs of the Association for his impartial? selection of a spelling book and the fairness with which he conducted the match. N. I.

B. Susie Simpson Martha Henry Laotie Welch B00K3 RECEIVED. The Governmekt of thb United Stats, by DIST. no. 53.

Maud Simpson Edith Platteuburg Myrtle Finn DIST. no. 76. May Fisher DIST. NO.

92. Elmo Gentry J. Cocker, Harper and Brothers, publish ers, New York. This book seems to be a clear, consise Archie Noll ON SALE Qlpi to jLxjxLi and logical little work on Civil Govern ment. As unnecessary details are omit ted, and the essential features are Clear TEAUHEBS' ASSOCIATION.

We were unable to be present, except for a very short time, at the last session of the Association, but we understand that the exercises were quite Interesting and the spelling match especially very entertaining. It settled the championship of the county for a time at least. The result was a surprise to some of the "brag" spellers each of whom was confident of an easy victory. Miss Eva Ashton carries the coveted honors at present but a desperate effort will be made to win them from her either at the institute this summer or after the schools begin next fall. This Association closed the series for this ly stated, it is well adapted to school PRINCIPAL POINTS room use.

The introductory price is GO Meivin Gentry TESCOTT FBI. DEF'T, Carrie Herrington Stena Larson Ida Strait Layton Herrington Winnie Frazeur Mamie Irwin TESCOTT AD. DEP'T. Ollie Eddy Harry Scott Frank Scott Lula Eddy Martin Larson Grace Herrington Victor Barton May Scidmore John Sherrlll John Taylor Wedding Bells. cents.

EAST, WEST, An Institute Reader, by J. II, Stickney, Ginn publishers, umcago. This reader is composed of selections from Stickney 'a Readers and Scott's NORTH and SOUTH Lady of the Lake. It is intended for Still they go. We have to record the institute use only, and fills a want in that direction.

A.T U. P. RAILROAD. THE OVERLAND ROUTE GOING! EAST. year, xne next win prooaoiy De neid in September.

A Practical Reader, by Caroline B. Le Row, Clark Maynard, publishers. New York. Passenger daily Arrive 10:11 a. to.

It is claimed by the pubishers that Freight daily except Sunday The following teachers and others were present and constitute the teachers' roll of honor. this reader contains more suitable ma GOINO WEST, terial for elocutionary work in the Pji.Rjnniror flailv. A rvH-n 1ft Freight daily except Sunday. 7:45 a. m.

Ray Irwin Martha Peet F. II. Clark school-room in a more condensed, analytical, and available form, than any other roader or speaker before the public. It is well adapted to advanced classes in our common schools. ah iraius uuunwi tiu ooiumou lur ine east.

Passenger cast connects without night lay over for tho west. J. L. Carney. marriage of another of our school ma'ams.

Miss Ella Akerman, of Wide Range, and Mr. John Wood, of Solomon City were married at the residence of the bride, on Monday, April 8th. The happy couple went immediately to Solomon, where Mr. Wood has a nice home for his bride. Our best wishes go with them.

The cares of a schoolma'am are over, The cares of ahousewifo begun; And trials are sure to follow, For "there's nothing new under the sun." But the frowns of a husband will vanish Before a repast of choice food, For Ella's a famous proyider. And ho surely ean furnish the Wood. A Friend. W. S.

Sim son Susie Tucker A. E. Robinson J. M. Watkins E.

Ackley M. I loll ings worth Xandretli's (jAIDBIT SEEDS Jennie Hill Rosa Clark Carrie Brown Agnes Lucas Mrs. Phoebe Clark Jed. Snodgrass My tie Riley Jason Crow L. G.

Cunningham EffieKlise Mrs. Kate Curran Eva Ashton Hattie Deardorff Adda Smith Erena McMillan Carrie Cleaver E. L. Randolph O.B.Fleming A. S.

Walters Etta Evans Miss M. Foster Etta M. Tolley Nora May Clara Dalrymple Lizzie Midgley U. Grant Edwards Theo. Sheffcr The Oldest Seed Firm in.

America. 105 Years in the Business. Kate E. Richards Libbie Lindenman Mrs. Jennie Howe Amy Simson Elsie Acklev Georgia Pursel Old Seed Burned and paid for every year.

When you put seed in the Ground you are not disappointed. All varieties FIELD AND GARDEN SEEDS. CD arH CO CD CD tllice L. Waite A. P.

Warrington Eva Bartlett Graduating exercises were held in No. 27 Friday afternoon, May 3d, and ot Lindsey Tuesday evening, May 7 th. At the former place Minnie, Bertha and Frank Boldwin all of No. 27 received diplomas. At the latter place diplomas were granted to Eva Huntsinger and Martin Sheffer of No.

9, to Gertrude Branch of No. 38, and to Henry Desch-nerofNo. 52. The exercises at both places were instructive and entertaining, and the teachers, Mi33 Jennie Hill of No. 27 and L.

A. Henry of Lindsey, are entitled to much credit for the success of the entertainments. Hattie Dalrymple Chas. M. Rake Warren P.

Fitch Kansas Needs the Very Best Seed this Year. Try Us, and Be Convinced, McCONNELL WELSH, ltf fllnnenpoll, Kag. Riley county has twenty-six gradu ates from the common schools this year. Graduating exercises will be held In different parts of the county..

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