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The School Room Journal from Minneapolis, Kansas • 1

The School Room Journal from Minneapolis, Kansas • 1

Minneapolis, Kansas
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89, Liura Fitch, teacher. Fifty six reports were correct and only thirteen were incorrect. Reports have not been received from districts 4, 10. 13, 34, 62, and 80. Teachers sometimes make mistakes in reports by copying the total days enrollment in place of total days attendance.

They should watch the point. Ranks of Districts in Attendance. We have receiyed through the compliments of Hon. J.D.Miller of Lincoln County, a copy of his bill introduced into the last session of the legislature and providing for state uniformity of text books. Mr.

Miller is an old teacher and knows just what is needed In text book legislation. His bill contains many excellent features and should haye become a law. We intended to publish the bill, but it is somewhat lengthy and we And we must cut it out. A. P.

Warrington, Editor. Subscription Price, 50 Cents Per Year. MILLER, M. HOMEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN. Office in Shci ard-Tarker Block, Minneapo ltf lis, Kansas.

TEACHER'S ASSOCIATION. The last session of the Teacher's Association was the largest in number and the bestin ipterest, held in Ottawa County in the last, half dozen years. The programme as previously published was followed, with the exception that Mrs. Henry acted as Mr. Henry's proxy in discussing Methods in spelling.

In discussing the subject in English Literature, Prof. Clark took the ground that Bacon wrote the plays commonly ascribed to Shakespeare. This produced considerable discussion which was beneficial to the teachers present. Mr. Robinson's paper on ''Teaching a Profession" was excellent as were all the other exercises.

The following teachers were present and constitute the Teachers' Boll of Honor. Mrs. F. II. Clark Mrs.

Emma Tatlock Miss Ray Irwin Miss Ilattie Perry Famela Bracken Helen Backer 41 Etta Tolley Mrs. R. K. Pratt Alice Waite Miss Kate Richards Mrs. Clara Henry Daisy Clendinen Mary Stantner Anna Klein Miss Agnes Lucas Carrie Jenness Lillie Chapman Eva Ashton Effle Klise Alice Shultice Linah Swanzey Jldla Hill Laura Fitch Amy Simpson Georgia Pursel Clara Dairy raple Rosa Clark Kate Jones Nora May Mamie Dunn Mertie Riley Hollingswcrth LenaShepard F.

II. Clark J. M. Gray Robert Cocklin Theo. Shelf er W.

S. Simson J. II. Frain E. L.

Randolph J. M. Watkins W. G. Sutherland 0.

B. Fleming Jason Crow L. A. Henry A. E.

Robinson C. M. Rake Jill 1 Rank 1 No SO Average 99 .7 2 "00 09.5 3 "23 4 81 980 5 48 6 43 07 6 3 Int. 07 8 38 00.0 0 37 06 7 10 3 Ad. 06 67 It 05 Ad.

00.65 12 88 13 60 0U 2 14 40 01 "15 "0 10 00 05.5 17 '82 05.3 18 22 04 8 10 30 0J.4 20 3 Pri. 04.3 zL "40 04.25 22 "45 04 2 23 "1 0U 24 14 04 25 "08 0.i.8 27 70 0 7 28 21 03 6 20 05 Pri. 03.3 30 15 vo.3 31 10 03.21 32 0 03 2 33 53 34 51 Oi.6 35 24 02.3 30 10 02.1 37 17 01.9 38 03 01.6 30 70 2 40 11 00.8 41 8 UU.5 42 18 00.1 43 42 89.9 44 29 89.8 45 55 89.50 4 31 S9.5 47 05 S6.7 45 "33 86 4 67 S5.9 50 70 84.5 50 5 f4.5 52 "73 S3.1 53 "78 8 0 54 7 3 55 50 79 9 50 "04 7o.2 Governor Humphrey has appointed Thursday, the 11th day of April a3 Arbor Day. In his proclamation, he says 'I especially urge upon teachers and school district boards to enlist the cooperation of pupils and parents in the observance of that day. by thus beautifying school house sites by the planting of trees, and in providing for their proper care and protection afterwards." We trust that the proclamation will be generally observed in Ottawa County.

Trees that were planted in previous years should be cultivated and trimmed and ail should be carefully mulched. One hundred and twenty pupils took the graduating examination. Of this number 53 passed it successfully and will receive diplomas. As several were examined for standing only, and were not applicants for graduation, we are safe in saying that over 50 per cent passed the test; that, we think to be an extra good showing and it speaks well for the class, their teachers and schools. We regret-that any should fail, and we trust that those who did, will not be discouraged, and that they will be found in their places when the school begins in their respective districts' next tall with a set determination to succeed next spring.

several failed a year ago, and a number of these stand at the head or near the head of the class this spring, and those who failed this year ought to stand near the head next spring. i ANCIENT HISTORY. In visiting a school, the writer heard the teacher lecturing before his class on Grecian History and about the Battle of Thennopy he in the following words "Before the battle commenced, the Persian king sent an ambassador to the Lacedaemonians with the request Give me that string, Charlie, I cannot look at your playing any longer! with the request of surrendering their umbrellas my dear Mary, we put Jnto the corner so they cannot fall down at every momentof surrendering their arms. The proud answer of the Grecian chieftain was You, Henry; move a little to one side, so 1 may see what the one sitting behind you is doing there again, Well the answer of the Grecian was, 'Come and get And when it told the Grecians that the number of their enemies was so great that their arrows shottntothe air at once would darken the sun, Leon Idas answered disdainfully, -Well, well, Willie, I'll pat you outdoors if you dou't stop grinning at me, Lebnidas answered. 'All the better, we will then tight in the shade Four days later the battle commenced, and the Grecians boldly withstood the large army of the Persians.

At last a traitorous Greek, named Freddie, you are writing something what does not belong here, named Ephialtes, showed the Persians a secret path over the mountains, and suddenly there broke forth among the Sptrtans the cry of fear and is throwing those paper wad3 around? Richard Baker. THE COUNCIL COF'Y ERASER SERIES Business offices, Omaha and Chicago. Factory, Maquoteta, la. This Series contains the following assortment, all our own manufacture, except 3 and 4. I.

(Keiiler.) 3. xlie CLEAN BWFXPEIC. flat sur-fare Eraser. 3 The STAN DAUD, a Close Eflge Surface, Tipped Eiul Eraser. 4.

The It ATIOAAI Crossed EdgeSnr. face (Fell crosswise) Eraser, 5. Yet In tle Faetory. 6. Yet In the Factory.

full line of the above Black-board Erasers, also all kind of School Records Blanks and Stationery, Teachers' Memory Gems, Pocket Class Records, Welch's "How to Grade and Teach a Country School," IIUKL13Y DOWNS, PROGRAM. Teacher's Association, Saturday April 20th. 1. Opening Exercises, led by Miss Mertie Riley. 2.

English Literature. The Lake School of Wcrdvvorth at al. Characteristics of the school. Circumstances of its founding. Life of its Founder, and his principal followers Characterization of each.

Selections and Quotations, F. II. Clark. 3. Mathematical Geography, L.

A. Henry. 4. Current Topics, Miss Mary Mid-gley. 5.

Mediaeyal History: The Feudal System, a. Origin, b. Character, c. Classes, Inlluences, Decline. CMvi'L't, a.

Origin, b. Orders, c. Tournaments, d. Decline, e. Results.

Cililizatiou of Dark Ages, Dark Ages 5th 12th century, a. Cause ot loss Age of Superstition, Industries, d. Influence of church, e. Noted Men. Period of Revival.

12th 10th century, a. Causes of Revival Miss Helen Eacker. 0. The Teacher's Relation to Society. A paper by Rev.

J. M. Watkins. 7. Spelling match for championship of county, open to.

teachers and pupils of the county. Words will be selected from magazines. This will be the last association of the year and we hope for a full attendance. Every teacher in the county should be present. W.

S. Simson, Martha Foster, President. Secretary. J. E.

EWABT CO, DEALERS IS AATIO OTIONS DRY GO 1 Queries. 1. Have te.iciiers control ovov pupils on thn road to and from school? Yes, they have joint contiI ila the parents can punish n.i demeanors. 2. Should pumls be counted absent for 5 days when the absent is ci-used by sickness? They should.

3 Sh.miJ a be rt pot ted un the Term Report as not absent if he did not enter school for a week or more after school bpgun, but was perfect in attendeuv.0 after he did eater? lie should not. A pupil should have been present ry day the sri.ooi was in session, to be reported as nor Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Groceries, Flour Provisions, Country Produce always wanted will pay in cash or goods. The indications are thai the institute this summer be laiger 'h-m ny before heM in the county. determined to make it more enthusiastic. A full set of blanks will be sent to district clerks before the annual school meeting.

Call and see U3 in Sutton building, MINNEAPOLIS, KANSAS. -m.

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