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Minneapolis Messenger from Minneapolis, Kansas • 3

Minneapolis Messenger from Minneapolis, Kansas • 3

Minneapolis, Kansas
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THE SENTINEL, MACKENZIE JOHNSON, General JJeulers in LOCAL, SPECIAL NOTICES' Dlntritt Court Docket. The following oases are for trial at tbe next torm of our District Court, which com-menace on tho 8lh day of Ootobcr riurr at, Froderlok Iloibach vs. E. C. Flhher, Fredorlok Iloibach vs.

E. Branch. SECOND DAT. 0. B.

Rotrock vs. II. H. Tucker 4 G. M.

Ring. D. L. McDonald vs. P.

A. McDonald et ftl. John Henry vs. B. Curtis, Sidney M.

Stewart vs. C. Hussey et al. inmn dat. William Hoover vs.

John Irwin. R- II. Lesley vs, Cnrson. C. B.

Botrock vs- II. II. Tucker et al, 0. OInoy vs. T.

0. Eaton. fOUHTfT DA Y. William Slater vs. John Knight, Sr.

Matilda Bruce vs. Daniel Bruce, Frank Hochstrosser tb. Caroline Tloch-straser. Frnnlr Thnm TV, Mr. Jno.

A. Allen, as Was announced luit week, visited Minneapolis on Saturday, In the Interest of the order of "Sons of Temperance," and remained until Tuesday morning. Mr. Allen has been chosen Grand Worthy Patriaroh of tho Bute Division, nnd to organize sub-divisions through the state is part of his work. A mooting was held on Monday evening, at Baptist Hall, and an organization effeotod.

Wo sincerely hope the citizens of this plaoe and vicinity will not treat this matter lightly. For some time the tempornnoe people horo have been endeavoring to effect an organization, but owing to a lack of defiinite plan, tho success has boon poor. Weak as toiiipernnee societies are generally considered, they are the foundation of much good work, and demand renpect. Tho organization effocted was with tho following ofucors: II. J.

Weckorly, Mrs. A. Z. Simonds, W. Chas.

D. M. Dunn, R. Miss F. Bush, A.

R. A. Wilson, F. D. II.

MoConnell, A. Z. Simonds, W. Smith, Miss Bollo Bush, A. O.

II, Justus, I. S.j F. P. Shoots," O. J.

P. Cummins, P. P. (appointed). being too close.

Tho only way he oan manage is to distrlbuto hlmsolf In sootiong, or, as volunteer officers used to give the command, "ecattcr" himself. A last word as to railroad matters Each votor ought, by his vote, advance tho view which an intelligent and unprejudiced canvass of the subject loads Mia to adopt, but he should be sure that it is an unprejudiced opinion, based not on sensational cliip-trap, but on prospective issues not on the "ifB and buts" of funciful possibilities, but on what is reasonably probablo. A recently married lady, named Smith, at ono time bought at an auction a silver coffin plate, engraved with the name, "Erasmus Cuesar Van-dorburgor, nnd whon asked the reason of bnying, answered, "that she might have a daughter, and that daughter might marry a man of thnt name, and Mr. E. C.

V. might die, and it would be so handy to have a comn plato in tho house." Many arguments against the railroad are similar to Mrs. Smith's, and dissolve, "Like the baseless fubrie of a vision." before a calm, business-like explanation of the matter. p. fiux, A bran new (took of olothing at Henry Son'.

They always get Just what wanted, and sell at the lowest prices. ftif Big lot of prints at Barnes's. Chocolato at rarkor'i, Bcnulugton. $2,500 worth of dry-goods Just opened up at A. J.

Smith's. Barnes has the finest line of prints In the city. Blackberries, 7 cans for 81 at Tark-er'i, Bennington. ir Oo to Pavis's Metropolitan Store, and eeo tho Big Bargains, New goods oonstuutly arriving at Muckenxie Johnson's. The County Comuilssioners meet next Monday.

Mr. nnd Mrs. Scott Blmson Lave a little daughter about one week old, Foreigners who wish to make out final papers should remember that it must be douo In opon court, The Ladies' Association will hold its next meeting at the residence of Mrs. W. A.

Johnston, Tuesday afternoon, at 3 o'clock. Married On Saturday, Sept. 22, by Q. M. King, J.

Mr. Columbia Crosson and Miss Rhoda J. Staibuck, all of this county. We miulo a mistake lust week In stating that that the name of the now borough which Mr. Crosby is Starting on Salt Creek was Saltville.

It is Milo. Died Of dipthoritlo croup, on Tuesday, Sept, 25th, Daisy, a little fivo-ycar-old daughter of Mr, and Mrs, Joseph LaPlaut, of the west branch of Pipe creek. Our office Is ngHin lighted up with a bountiful bouquet bunches of red and ycl-lyw cockscombs, the largost we ever saw, prosented by Mr. John Coder, Judge Smith and Mr. Green Murray, both old citizens of this county, have returned from Ozark county, and will spend a season visiting friends and relatives.

There will be a eooial dance fat Metropolitan this (Friday) evening, for the benefit DIIY GOODS, GROCERIES Notions, Hats and Caps, BOOTS AND SHOES," Queensware, Glassware, Tobacco and Cigarsf In fact, a Good Stock of General Merchandise. They have also a BOQfand SHOE SHOP In connection with tho etora, whore Boots nnd Shoes will be Mnde to Order in the Lutca gyle and most workinnnl ike inannor. REPAIRING neatly done, ut the lowest jniees. (Successor to J. R.

PEXNIMAK.) Solo Agent for "THE BAIN WAGON, AND GENERAL DEALER IN DRY GOODS AND Tibbals, Shirk Whitehead vs. W. D. vis. Elizabeth A.

Piilnbnrd Pritchard. A. Smith has the beet stock of unit oat. Amelia Sloan vs. Mars A.

Gohaltr-nbrand etal. Sarah J. vs. James E. Gaskill.

H. 8. Wooden vs. Benjamin F. Shaw.

Oculist and Anrlst. Dr. Underwood will be in Minneapolis Wednesday and Thursday, October lnth and 11th. He gives exclusive Attention to the treatment of diseases of the eye and ear, perform successfnlly all the surgical operations pertaining to those organs such as Car-taract, Strabismus, (oross eyes), Ptorygium, Irideotony. The doctor has decided to make Salina his permanent home, and will occa III general morcnanuise in tno valley.

gfcgr Uiits and caps in every variety at Hcury Son's. If you want somothing "nobby," call and soo them. gfcg" Good stoga boots, 83.25, at Parker's, Beunnigton. Barnes's now dress goods are just what the ladies want. Call and see them.

tig' A. J. Smith has the bcBt stock of clothing in the valley. fleg has recently brought on a new Bupply of elegant ooflins, of various siics. ftS If you want a good boot, go to Henry Hon and purchase the Weber.

Every pair it warranted. 1111 of those attending the Fair who may wiBh to improve the opportunity. Tickets $1.00, music by Hawkins' band. A new stock of harness, saddles, etc, sionally visit our town. The best of refer Hats and Caps, Boots and Shoes, AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS HARDWARE ence can be given.

Consultation free. Can just received at Weckerly's. Ho will have be found while here at the Valley House. Farm for Nale. One hundred and sixty aores, one mile ALSO A FULL LINE OF one of the largest stocks ever brought on by him, which will be sold with tho lowest prices consistent with good work.

Call and see him. Mr. L. J. Dunn and family have moved to tho residence recently purchased of Mr.

D. R. Crosby, on Fourth street. Mrs. Dunn west of Yale P.

0., Ottawa county. one-fourth mile from school-house 65 acres in cultivation, living sprint, stone house 16Xx32, story-and-n-half hieh, partially built Barnes's. 6ST The latest report says that Plevna has been taken by the Russians, but Davis bas received a new lot of Hoyt's roasted coffse, Pon't forget it. SOT A good stock of Beth Thomas clocks at Kilbourn's. Save time by purchasing one of them, STAPLEGROCERIES H.

S. BARNES KEEPS ON IIAND EVERTTHI3STG and ready for the gables; also 40 acres of gool corn. Will relinquish for 8350, nnd with the crop for $500. For further particulars, has taken her dressmaking establishment to the millinery stand of Mrs. Clark, on the From Dclpboa.

Peaches are nearly all gone. New comers hunting locations. Fat hogs in demand, at 8 1-4 cents per lb. Rev. N.

Bracken preaches Sundny, at 11 -7- Joy Bishop, lost a valuable horse last week. Considerable wheat being hauled to the railroad for sale. No frost has visited this part as yet. Candidates for county offices very scarce, hereabouts. Mike Wall is able to be out again.

He has been very sick. Water melons are still very pleity in this vicinity. Daniel Bigbce has been very sick, but is able to be out. Sheridan township will give about 50 majority for the bonds. W.

Seymour's little Josie is very sick, and has been for several days. Spiritualist meeting at the church Sunday evening. Everybody invited. N. Wall has his new dwelling completed and painted.

It is a very large, fine house, three miles northwest of Delphos. No noed of anyone going away from home to purchase goods our stores are well stocked. Peter Vosh died last Thursday, with hasty consumption was buried in the new Catholic cemetery. Mr. McCIure, living on Salt Creek, has sold his claim, and is looking for a farm.

Says he likes here the best. Phillip McNemer, northeast of town, is building a large, fine stone dwelling house, two stories. Money and names have been secured, and the chartnr sent for, to organize a Good Templar's lodgo. Tho types, in mentioning Carpenter's baby address or inquire of M. Cole, as above.

7w4 By the People of this vicinity. Call and Examine for Yourself. Iv24 west side of the public square, where she may be found, ready to attend to buviness In her lino. W. A.

Johnston received a letter from Lew. J. Best, County Clerk of Mitchell county, in which he says, that tho prospects THE METROPOLITAN STORE, whore is constantly found tno largest stock of The I'nlr. Tho county fair opened on Wodncsdny, under favorable circumstances. Of course the attendance on the first day was merely nominal, and was confined wholly to making on-trics and Belling tickets, though the rain in the early part of the day tended to a falliug off in this part of the programme.

The number of entries of articles for exhibition, however, was sufficient to give the session an encouraging aspect. TUB SECOND DAT presented a different appearance The morning opened cool and clear, with ihe dust laid by theo'efreshing shower of the day before nnd the wind, which has generally been an Important accompaniment of our county fairs, did not exhibit itself in its usual gushing manner it most always takes the first premium. One of the first indications was during the night before, the entrance into the villnge of the Clay Center Band. One must hear this band to conceive what sweet mnsio they can discourse, It is sometimes called the Homesteaders' Band, it being composed of farmers living in the vioinity of Clay Center. This, with our own band, mado things lively during tho day.

Tho names of the parties comprising the band are as follows Geo. Hap-good, leader Thos. Sanders, O. F. Miller, M.

Sanders, F. Smith, W. Hnnnoy, F. Inger-8oll, G. Ingcrsoll, E.

Sanders, H. Sanders and T. Ingcrsoll, Rov. E. P.

Ingersoll and George Bridges also accompanied them. Our citizens are very much gratified at their visit. At quite an early hour of the most beautiful morning, the patrons of the fuir began to throng, bringing animals and articles for exhibition, and at this writing it promises to be one of the most successful ever held in the county. The second day has heretofore been the most attractive, but it is not so this year. The principal part of the programme of exercises is trotting and running horse races, and reading of essays in tho afternoon.

We could hardly send our paper on Friday morning, and say much, only in a prospective way, about IDS TnlEB DAT, which will co ntnm tho. chief attractions of the session, as it embodies the contest by the ladies for the premiums offered by Mr. Edgerton, President of the Solomon Railroad, of $10.00 for the best, and 5.00 for the eec-nnd best, on both riding and driving. Also the address by Senator Ingalls, who, at this time, is confidently expected to be present. We shall give full particulars next week, and the award of premiums bo soon as Special Notice.

All persons knowing themselves indebted to me are heroby requested to call and settle, as I need the money. II. Weckeelt. Notice to Tcacli era. All persons desiring to teach in the county during the fall and winter, will take notice that the public examination of teachers will bo held at the school house in Minneapolis, on the last Saturdays of September and October, 1877, and that no other examination will be held during tho fall and winter.

R. L. Hillman, Co. Sup't. for carrying the Solomon Railroad bonds in that county grow better every day, and thnt however large a majority Ottawa county may give in favor of the bonds, Mitchell county will discount it and give a larger ma jority.

83" Prints by the bolt at 6 cents per yard at Davis's. Barnes' slock of winter boots now (in hand. Geo. P. Parker, of Bennington, last week sold bills of goods to parties living in Btline, MacPhcrson and Cloud counties.

8 Barnes bas a fine lot of cloth for gentlemen's suits. vg Call and see A. J. Smith's new stock before buying, lie has the best stock in tho Valley. IS? Good gaiters, $1 25, at Parker's, Bennington.

School books at tbe postofficc. KaT Those 81.25 serge shoes at Barnes's re going like hot cakes. 15 per cent decline on teas at Davis's. Handsome prints, 20 pards for gl.00, cash, at Geo. P.

Parker's, Bennington. District Court commences on the second Monday, Oct. 8th. Following are tho names mm of the jurors drawn E. W.

Branch, Geo. W. Call and examino A. J. Smith's new GROCERIES AND PROVISIONS, stock of clothing, boots, shoes, dry-goods, Ever brought to the Solomon Valley.

Has also on hand a Freeh Supply and a Largs Variety of 5J and satisfy yourself in regard to price and quality. He has the best stock of general merchandise in the valley. A new stock of elegant furniture at Kilbourn's. Call and see it. Also mirrors, of different patterns.

Will be sold at moderate prices. Green apples and fresh vineyard grapes constantly on hand at the Metropol last week, made us say 3 pounds instead of 0 S(g New stock of hats at Mackenzie Johnson's. Bleached Sheeting, 20 yards for $1.00 teg A. J. Smith has the largest stock of 8 pounds.

Uncle Joe Norris commences the erection of a new frame dwelling house this week. Ho will make a good house. Wm. Wright got his foot badly mashed last week, by a heavy timber falling on it. lio is able to walk, with the aid of crutches.

John A. Allen, Grand Worthy Patriarch, leotured in the church Friday evening, to Piper, Frederick Dale, Sr. David Landon, E. W. B.

Chciver, T. E. Scott, A. F. Paige, J.

T. White, Howard Morton, T. J. Patter-Bon, A. W.

Emery. See District Court dook-et elsewhere. Seme few people will declare that a railroad would not add to the wealth and solid prosperity of our county. With about the same amount of reason less than two years ago many were declaring that fruit could not be grown in this The result is we have this year a pretty fair crop of peaches, and other kinds of fruit. We are under obligations to Mr.

E. A. Wasser, of the irard iVeu, Secretary of the Editorial and Publishers' Association, for the presentation of several copies of the ''Editor's Manual," containing the proceedings of the late session of the Association, the address delivered by Capt. King, a history of the excursion to tbe mountains, the sermon by Rev. Jno.

A. Anderson, etc. etc. The pamphlet is of Geo. W.

Martin's work, and of course is simply elegant. In an affray on the Saline last Friday Mrs. John Foster received a severe cut on the scalp, laying bare the Bkull. It originated in the taking up, by Mrs. of some colts belonging to Mr.

Tripp, and the latter demurred to the charges made fer damages. Hard words were exchanged, and finally Mr. Tripp brought into use a plow-beam, with which he vanquished the old lady, with hi a large number, on the subject of temperance. Married. At the residence of the bride's parents, (Mr.

nnd Mrs. Robt. Ferguson) by William Hall, J. Mr. Walter Goodall to Miss Katie Ferguson, all of Ottawa county ory-goous in ine valley, itan.

In Memory of Almon Xlemenway. Br a ratKND. Why do we weep and mourn to know Another dear one's one to rest? Safe from nil pain ana care and woo, tial'o in tho "region of Ihe blost." Why do we think of soiling heait, Of a lovina voice, to us mn still, A Joyous faoe, a vacant chair, A void that time can never fill? Why do we weep, oh, why these tcara? We know that itii better thui; Tet.eould we pierce the great unknown, With faith supreme we'd hope and trust. Ah, mourner, dry (hose fall in it lean I Look up I Whatever is, is right. Tou soon muat pierce the rreat nnknown-Behind tho darkest eloud is light.

Why weep, when the loved angolform Is near thee as in days before Ob, let him be a beacon lisrlit lo guide thoe to the other shore. must nil follow noon, yon know. Wouldst thou recall to suffer o'er? "AH'a well, weep not," a dt-a voice say "I am not lost, but gone before," M. 11. It is wondorful the number that are subscribing for the Sentinel.

People are more Tin and Sheet Iron Ware, Stamped and Japanned Ware, ash, at Geo. P. Parker's, Bennington. Ladies' hose, 75 cents per dezne pair at Davis's. Call on A.

J. Smith and gee his new goods before purchasing. He has tbe lurg-st stock in the valley. Cotton batting 121-2 cents per pound, cash, at Geo. P.

Tarker'B, Bennington 6ST A splendid lot of Cooking and Heating titoves being received at Davis's. gaSP Four pounds of number one tea for one dollar at tbe cheap cash store of M. D. Tallctt. Jggjy Call and get some of those delicious fresh grapes and green apples at Davis's.

B6g If you want a good pair of boots go to Henry Son's and look at the Weber. Examine those nobby suits at Barnes's before purchasing. ggJKcy West, Havanna, cigars at Davis'. Only 6 cents. The Weber boot is sold by Henry Son.

ftrj- Envelopes at the poetofEce for 20 cents per hundred. eSS tnr Wrwr hoots call on Hcnrv pleased with our paper than any county pa per they ever saw. That's what they say. A large number of young men, from Ne braska, with a number of race horses, stopped over night in town Monday, on their way to our fair, and to Salina. The Lyceum will recommence Wcdnesdny evening, Oct.

3. The question for discussion WOOD AND WILLOW WARE, GLASSWARE. QUEENSWARE, LANTERNS, JEWELRY, CONFECTIONERY, STATIONERY, CIGARS, Ct'TLERY, CLOCKS, Which were bought since the decline In prices, enabling me to sell at a great reduction' from former rates. We have rocently enlarged and improved the Store to make room for our Mammoth Stock. Below will be found some of the lead is: "ResoM, That it would be better if there were no laws for the collection of the above result.

These are the facts, as we learned them. At last accounts Mrs. Foster was improving. ing goods, which are specialties Choice Pitted Cherries, 25o Syrup 60e debts." The boys in this vicinity on Monday even-gave Mr. and Mrs.

Walter Goodall, the newly married, a regular, old-fashioned serenade The Synod of the Presbyterian church Good Teas at 25c per lb Good Starch at 8o Good Soda at 8c Choice Prunes 9o Choioe Currants, 9o Choice Blackberries, 12 l-2o 11 Bars Soap, 50c 6 boxes Mutches, 25c Mackerel, White Fish, Trout Cod Fish and Halibut, Choice Tared Teacher, auo Choice Pared Apples, 8 l-3e Choice Cotfee. 25e Maple Drip Syrup, $1 prgal Maryland Syrup, 75o making him come down with the regular fee, $5.00, which they came to town and sjefr in Kansas will meet in Fort Scott, on the 4th of October, at IS o'clock p. m. The session 8on. B63 Twenty-six different styles of writing And Other Goods Proportionately Low.

Ordinance Wo. Published Sept. 28, 1877.) VN ordinance to provide for a revenue for the city of Miniicai'ons for the fiacal ytar of UV. He it ordained by the mayor and oonncilracn of tho city of Minnenpolin: Suction 1. Thnt a tax of ien mills on the dollar be and the pame is hereby levied upon all property within tae corporate limit of the oity of Minneapolis, for the year A.

1). 1877. Pkc. 2. This ordinance shall take effect from andafterita publication in tho Srntinel and Independont newspapers.

l'aascd and approved Sept. 6th, 1S77. H.B. FAbCONER, Mnyor. Witness my hand and the seal of the skal.

city of Minneapolis this 26th day of A. T) 1S77. J. II. IIANKERS, Clerk.

Canned goods by doi. or case Damsons fir candy, apples, etc, Tho last few weeks has been splendid weather for the ripening the crops. Enough rain has fallen to keep them from drying, and the warm, genial sun has hardened and matured the corn. "Hope springs exultant Whortleberries Cove oysters ipcr at the postoftice. B3 The best lot of teas in tbe Solomon Talley at Davis'.

Jty" Henry Son have Just received a very desirable stock of clothing. Don't fail to see it. on triumphal wings," and the husbandman Strawberries Standard peaches Pie peaches Pine apples Tomatoes 3 kinds of syrup 3 kinds of yeast 15 kinds of spices 18 kinds of cigars 60 kinds of cundy Honey, Maple Syrup, White cherries Red cherries Blackberries Raspberries 4 kinds of matches 4 kinds of soda 5 kinds of smoking tobacco 10 kinds of chewing tobacco tj kinds of fish 4 kinds of coffee enrdincs Salmon Lobsters Egg plums Beans Jelly Chow-chow Pickles 15 kinds of teas 10 kinds of soup smiles, and thanks a bountiful Heaven. J. W.

Patterson left here last spring, and went back to Missouri, thence back to his old home in Indiana, and tried to live there, B6g Ladies, step in and see Barnes's fine shoes. The largest line ever shown in this section. J6 A splendid stock of dress goods at 'Davis'. will be opene 1 with a sermon by the Moderator, Rev. Dr.

Page, of Leavenworth. Fridav evening will be devoted to a review of Home Missionary Work, Saturday evening to Sabbath School Work, and Sabbath evening to Synods work among the Indians. All the meetings of the Synod are open to the public, and our citizens are invited to attend them. Members of the Synod, and delegates who expect to be present, are requested to notify the Committee of Arrangements as soon as possible. The excursion of our citizens to KansaB City last weok proved a most pleasant recreation to tbe participants, as our reporter is abundantly able to testify.

The party arrived in the City of Kansas about 5 o'clock Tuesday evening, and were most cordially received and entertained by the members of the Board of Trade and other prominent citizens. Among them, Mr. Jas. H. Dow- but finds he cannot.

He wants to come back unea rieef ana liuffalo, c. CooVSto res, ftoucccs trimmings, $l8to $H1 US' Everything guaranteed to give satisfaction. Job Work and Rennirinir tin nnd hero, where he left for a better country. He thought this a poor place until he went back to Indiana, but now he and his family think Kansas the best country Thursday of sheet iron ware done on short notice. TINWARE AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, Call and see us, and we will convince you of what we say.

teg" We will not be undersold' 23Janl8 U. J. ZDjft.VIS- this week is set for their return. Thus it goes with almost everybody who leaves. We will put Robert Sears, our harness From Bennington.

Fair days. Vote for a railroad next Tuesday. School commences here on Monday. The mill is crowded with custom work. Hand us $1.50 for the Sentinel one year.

Two lyceums will furnish food for the mind in this township this season. Township board met last Saturday, and squared accounts to date. Wo erred last Saturday in stating that Mr. Peter Baggcrly was to take charge of our school. Mr.

Lutes is the gentleman. Emigrant wagons are constantly passing for points up the valley, and most of the new comers speak of others coming. We were disappointed in not being able to attend the Kansas City and our county fairs. Business too rushing. Are sorry we cannot meet our friends.

Mr. Jacob Eicholtz talks of starting a butcher wagon. He would do well, as our people need beef, and Jake is the man to meet their demands. Major Crowell, Special Agent of the Post Office Department, passed up the valley last week, on business connected with his Department. Mr.

John Barker shipped three carloads of cattle last week, to Kansas City. Some of our farmers intend to hold their cattle and corn-feed them this winter. So J. Penniman has returned I We always thought that Sunny Kansas had a charm (cr) for Riley, although he denied the soft impeachment. If you folks wish to hold to our friend you must "bridal" him.

Shcppard Bros, are doing lots of threshing here. "Shep" looks as natural around an engine as behind the counter, but not so nice. In this connection we may add that they threshed wheat for Mr. F. B.

Struble, that went 31 1-2 bushels to the acre. "Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast," and serenades with four basses, six altos and one soprano are music, we suppose maybe but we wish they would not serenade ns, or "hang their harp on a willow tree," as we need all the willows to dry clothes on. Communion next Sabbath. All members are requested to attend preparatory meeting to-morrow night. A collection will be taken up for the Home Mission, at Sunday morning service.

Rev. Horace Bushuell, will officiate. Sabbath school, as usual, at 10 o'clock a. m. The sale of Mr.

Geo. Hein's farm to Mr. P. K. Biles fell through, as George, so soon as he heard railroad talk, put up the price twenty-five per cent.

P. K. has, however, succeeded in getting a suitable place, having purchased the farm of Mr. Kirkby, near Darling Point Bridge. Dr.

Osborne is cutting broom-corn, or rather having it cut. There are several things "Doo" cannot do sit on a mil-keg, for instance, on account of its limited $st-ing espe-Uy cr tat corn, tb rows Mrs. N. J. CLARK, man, against any man in the Solomon Valley for making good, strong and nice harness.

Administrator'" Sale of Heal Estate. BY virtue of an order of nale to me directed from Ihe Probate Court of Ottawa county, Kacsa. I will, as administrator of the estate of A. J. Jnircrsoll, deceased, late of Ottawa county, Kansas, sell at pnblic sale at the court house door, in tho city of Minneapolis on Saturday.

November Hd, A. D. all the followin real estate situate in Ottawa oounty, Kansas, known aa the A. J. Ingsraoil farm and described1 as follows, to-wit The north half of tho smith-west quarter V) nf aectinn twenty-live US), township twelve (12) rnnpe two (2), the west half of north-west quar-tor OO of afwtion thirty (30), town twelve (12), rangco one (1), and the east half (3i)ofnorth-e-tst quartor H) of section twenty-five (25) township twelve (12), ranee two (2), and a part of tho west half (Is) of south-east quarter iO of section twenty-five (2o, township twelve (12) rnge two (2).

and containing 300 acres more or less (aid land to be sold on the follow ins terms to-wit One-third of purchase prioe to be paid cash in ham), one-third in six mouths, and one-third in twelve months from dnv of sale- Purchaser to execute notes for defered payments with rood and sufficient sureties and drawing interest from date at tbe rate of ten per cent, per annum. Further particulars may be had by addressing tbe undersigned at Minneapolis. Kan'-as. J. 11.

MANNERS, Administrator of the Estate of A. J. Ingersoll, Deceased. 7w4 Sept. 2Uh, 1877.

He understands his business well. If he don't carry off the prize at our fuir for the best workmant-hip, Btyle of harness, bridles, we are mistaken. William Scott, who land, representing the Board, and also the firm of Grain Commission Merchants, Powers. Lynde Co. Kansas City understands her business, and that is why she prospers Elk Ilorii Mills GEORGE STRATT0N, MINNEAPOLIS, KANSAS Flour and Feed Always on Hanp AND Custom Grinding DONE TROMrTLY.

is working with Mr. 8., Is a clever boy, and has already learned to do pretty nice work. We advise everybody wanting anything in And dealer in JTJTSrCZ- GOODS. A Fresh and Complete Srock of Fall and Winter Goods. Latest Eastern styles of Hats and Bonnets this Hi to patronize home.

Prices low as can be had in this country. In addition to the religious services held in town, as announced in our last, Rev. D. C. Ribbons, Floweas, Trimming Silks, nnd Or Morris preached Sunday, at 3 and 7:30 p.

7 1-2 lbs. white sugar for fl.00 at Davis's. feS Henry 4 Son have for sale the Weber one of the best makes in the market. Call and see them. JJtjy" New stock of boots and shoes at Mackenzie Johnson's.

To buyers in dry-goods, see Davis's nvi stock. Sheetings from 6 1-2 to 10 cents at Davis'. Jtrgr Handsome prints, 5 cents a yard, at barker's. Bennington. Bfejf Good bleached muslin, 5 cents a yard S'arkcr's, Bennington.

Good dress goods 10 and 15 ots a yd Davis'. fiST" You can find fresh grapes and green ple at Davis's. EiF" 22 bars of soap for one dollar at Da A splendid stock of hosiery and no-jat Dais'. i A nice lot of builders' hardware carpenters' tools are being received at iris'. gr, Finest Merlmac prints at 7 1-2 cents yard at Davis'.

C59 Don't borrow a tand-caw of youi fcbr-or, fct go to Davis's and buy a good for 85 cents. Barnes received the largest stock fall clothing in Western Kansas 5J Best gingham at 10 cents a yard, at is's. Sig Go to A. J. Smith's and examine his ftook of dry-goods, eltohine, boots and naments in good variety.

Iileactnng and Making done to order. Everything in the able and interesting sermons to trowded SOLOMON VALLHY Millinery line done promptly. n6m3 houses. Mr. M.

is well pleased with this part of Kansas, and thinks perhaps he will arrange to remove and locate here. He HAWKINS DALE, PRACTICAL started for his home in Iowa, by way of Sa KANS. lina, on Tuesday of this week. The people in this vicinity, especially those of his church. SOLOMON CITY, TRAKSACTH A and not only understands her duty, but performs it well.

When a man goes to Kansas City, and is a man, it is no sooner found out than each man of the City considers himself a committee of one to see that the guest has a chance to live and let live and if he goes away, to see that he does so with kind remembrances. The one hundred thousand people who came there on one day attested this fact. We will not attempt to "write up" the exposition, nor all the other things that occurred there during our stay, but the chief attractions of Wednesday were Barnuin's show in the morning, and Goldsmith Maid in the afternoon, time 2:23 1-2, 2:18 and 2:20, the second being the best time ever mado on a half-mile track. There were, of course, ether things, "too numerous to mention." The intervals at Salina were of no small importance, and rendered very pleasant by the splendid manner in which we were entertained by the proprietors of the Pacific, Messrs Jeffries Postlewait. They make one feel at home, feed him sumptuously, and do not expect to get all his money.

It pays to put up at the Pacific. The courtesy of the Kaneas Pacific, and the various other pleasures enjoyed, will JEWELERS contributed to him about $25.00 in cash, and a new suit of clothes. Our people are. ren-erous, and believe in paying those who And dealers in CXOCSS, WATCHES AND Notice of Sale of School Zand. is hereby given that the following i.

Tracts of hand in section town 12, range 4, and section town 10, range 8, Ottawa county, Kansas, will be oflVred at l'nblie Sale at the Conniy Treasurer's I MTice in Minneapolis, (let. Kith. between the hours of 10 o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock p.

rn. (i. K. UURNJIAM, County Treasurer. South half of Dorthent quarter, action S3, town 12, range 4.

Appraised, fo.OO acre. of sc section 3i, town 12, ran ge 4, Appro ised JA.OO. nf ns lection 36, town 12, range 4. Appraised Timber lot No. 1, 5 acres, i of at nw of sw section 36, town 12, range 4.

Apprised tJiUM Timber lot No. 2, 5 acres, of mw of sw of sw see lion 3i, towu 12. range 4. Appraised 8e ol rr section 3 12, range 4. Appraised It.oo.

a of nw section 18, town 10, range 3. 1-1. (Hi. nf ne aectino 16, town 10, range 3. Appraised, -OO.

a nee. 16, town 10, range 3. Appraised, $-1 50. section 16, town 10, range 3. Appraised, Sw section 16, town 10, range 3- Appraised, I'M.

preach the gospel. We are in receipt of a letter from onr young friend Jack Beaver, who went from jcnciaf Sjutinet All kinds of exchange received, and Draffs issned direct on over 200 principal cities of the United States and Europe. Collections made everywhere. Monoy loaned en short time, and on good improved farms in sums to payable in five ye.irs or before, at low rates of interest. Deposits "reived sri Interest allnwcd on time certificates.

Note, Hondo, Clotd, Scrip, bought. Select Lands forsnle JtXCJTAXGZ here to Biggaville, Illinois. Says himself and father are doing well financially making lots of money, but some of the family "Music ai Instruments, Store one door east Olncya', MINNEAPOLIS, A good assortment of Jewelry, Watefces, Clorks, Violin and Oniliir strings kept eon. stnntly in stock, and Repairing made py ialty. All wmk snpprinlrndcd by Mr.

and warr.mud to give :ti.fVtK.. Give as lUWSW J4. are sick with chills, fever, abenf all the time. Says, give give him Kansas for health and pleasure. Says he hears from bs every week by reading the Delphos column of the To regalnrpatmn.

E. G. CLARKBi P'ltcerrre tc Ci.asvs fcni'v. bU and caps an'J id taet eve ryuung 4 jrsitrl jt'lk. lory It uzreirbtud 1 ear ctiuts.

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