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Solomon Valley Democrat from Minneapolis, Kansas • 2

Solomon Valley Democrat from Minneapolis, Kansas • 2

Minneapolis, Kansas
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THE DEMOCRAT. OTTAWA COUNTY lloitu Mutic. Plate of Khiinih, County of Ottuwu, Olllco ill' County Clerk, Jan. Htli, MM, Notice) Is licri'liv vivtm. thut.

on 11n HI li duv of Juu. lWW iidtltlon blKiiod liy W. H. ltowc, Park S. Warren, Man.

Editor. WATJn aim i ouhth wiih mo Hoiirior Ciiinly (miinlsHloiii'in ol' tliu Comity uml Stillo iiforcsiiiil, pi'iiyliiif for I hi) Vilcutlou of certain mad, ilewirlbtxl an follow Capital Stock, $50,000. BUB8CKIPTION BATBS IS ADVANCE. One year 1 00 8lx months 50 Turns months HO APE OWIVIAL PArEli OF OTTAWA CO. Unit purl of county road rucorded lu Itoiul Hocord piw II, denciiucd hh followH, vl: Commtmcliin ill corner of of mv-tlou cloven (II) town eleven (11) ranKC two westoftith J', thonee went- on ennter line, of wild miction.

Ono(l) inilo to a coinur ol' i of wild Koclion, whereupon said Hoard of County ComminKlonorH upiKiiutod the fol-lowluir-niiiiii'd persons, 8. Munson, Henry Jcuntnirs, and Iiadoro IUmnlslev, iib Vlewei-H with Instructioimto meet, In conjunction with 1 ho County Surveyor, at tho begin-nliw of wild road, in Hiehland Township, on the 17th day of February, A. D. MO, and pro-ctied to view wild road, and give to all paitlea a lii'ttilnif. Ily order of tho Hoard of County CmnmlsH-loners.

W. W. WAl.KBit, Jr. County Clerk. Minneapolis.

Jan. 24, 189V. 0FF1CE1W; 3. V. iLKEli, St.

Joseph. Mo. HUM AS MIDC LBV, too-Pres. W.vL'iEH MXrrr, Cashier. WHECT0IW: J.

W. WttlUrr, Franx Sejcton, Israel Mardlcy. Thomas Mldirlcy. Transacts a general banking biiclness, ouys and sells domestic und foreign exchange, discounts notes, loans money, also operates STANDARD INSURANCE COMP'ES. COUNTY CORRESPONDENCE.

Mr, 1. N. Richardson will receipt for any money paid him on account of the Democr at. Delphos Dsts. The la grippe is still raging in Tes-cott.

There are about thirty who are afflicted with it. The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Clias. Disney died Tuesday evening and whs buried Wednesday.

Beverly seems to be holding its own. Nothing rushing but a good steady trade and all appear to be happy. Do not compel the hogs to go on the ice on a jond or stream in order to secure a supply of water. Water them the same in winter as in summer. Wo understand that one of our creamery bovs was so bashful that when he went to Beverly with his best girl he wouldn't put his arm around her.

J. W. Simpson and wife returned from their extended visit east last Saturday. They report of having had a tine time but were glad to get back to Kansas. Mr.

F. Gleason, of Glendale, was married last 'Thursday to Miss Ollie Hunt, of the Mulberry, at the residence of the latter's brother. The many friends of the contracting parties wish them all the happiness possible. Makkiid: At the residence of tbo officiating justice, S. O.

Stanley, Mr. Gilbert Disney to Miss Lida R. Moore, all of Henry township. Long may they live to enjoy the balmy breezes of Kansas without raising the breezes between themselves. T.

3EL Has the largest stock James Sbippee is quite sick with the BREWEK, M. O. J. influenza. C.C.

Wood's family art) reported to Physician Surgeon Office and residence one door north of Concord Block. OF Itwail Nolle. Slate of KanwiR, County of Ottawa, ss. Oflleo of County Clerk, Jan. 9th, 1MK).

Notice Is hereby (riven thut, ou tho 8th day of Jan. WHO a petition signed by T. K. Scott, and 1 others was prroeutod to tho Board of County Commissioner of tho County and State aforesaid pniylnir for tho Location of a certain road, iU'ribcd as follows, Cominct.clnjf at a point on line between S'i and W- section 14 town 12 ranire 6. where road recorded In road record pago 200.

loaves said line, thence running West and northwest to lulersect with aforesaid road, on North ttouthwest section town IS rauire 6. Also to vacate tliat portion of the road above mentioned from aforesaid starting-point to Intersection of road above prayed for whereupon said of Couuty Commissioners appointed the following-named persons, vli. C. Larson, T. B.

Bears and B. C. Woods, as Viewers with Instructions to meet, in eon-junction with the County surveyor, at the beginning of said load, la Morton Township, oa the 10th day of A. D. M0, and proceed to view said road, and five to all parties a hear-Inf.

By order of tb Board of County OombIm-loners. W. W. Walkbr, Jr. ffiJanWwJ County Clerk.

WALL PAPER, ROOM MOLD, WGEAGIS MID BORDEOS In the Solomon Valley. be on the sick list. A Barna arrived home from Boston Saturday evening. Mrs, P. C.

Hull has been sick with an attack of influenza John Richards was off duty Tuesday on account of sickness. Mrs. Keables tad daughter, Ollie, returned to Stockton Tuesday. Sijj Smith was ia attendance at his mother's funeral last Sunday. Shorty Baughman came in Tuesday, to visit hie mother and friends.

A number of Minneapolis people were in attendance at the Richards' wedding. Dr. L. H. Murphy, Physician and Surgeon, Diseases of Women and Children Specialty.

Will attend calls in town or country. MiMMisroLU. -Kaswaa Section foreman, Avery Johnston, ia He cannot be undersold. JJILLS ASWKNSON, Tonsorial Artists. Under the Minneapolis Bank.

Everything done la First-Class Stvle. Scissors Grinding also done. Union Pacific Railway. On Sunday Nov. 17, "The Limited Fast Mail" train to rnn daily from Coancil Bluffs, leaving at 6:16 p.

m. reaching Portland in 60 hours and 46 San Francisco 61 hours and SO Los Angeles 83 and 16 min. This ia the finest equipped train in this country, and takes the plaee of the "Golden Gate Special" discontinued, whieh only made two trips a week. Only first class tickets honored on this train and no passes. Train 201 leaving Kansas City at 11:16 a.

m. connects with this train at Chey enne at 2:50 p. m. next day. H.

M. Gem int. Ag't U. P. Ry.

Jl It. RKKS, Attorney at Law, AN H0IE8T D0LLAE. At the Wichita meeting ex.GoTeraor Anthony criticited otne thing whieh had been said about tnaneia)inanera, and ia referring to the free coinage of ailver, be said that the present silver dollar ia dishonestno more than a' of wheat would be. He insisted that because the quantity of silver in a dollar, if sold on the market aa bullion, would bring onlv about 70 cents, the dollar is only 70-1000 of a dollar. The ex Governor ia not alone In that belief.

A great many other peoole have said the same thing; bnt Mr. Anthony is altogether wrong. When the first coinage act was approved, April 2, 1792. the quantity of silver in a dollar was fixed at 371 grains, and that has been the law ever since, to that the dollar now in use ia exactly what our silver dollars have always been 371 grains of pure silver. never was any law requiring the quantity of silver in a dollar to be changed whenever the price of silver bullion changed, and there is no such law.

Therefore our dollars are honest dollars, as much ao as sixty pound Minneapolis. Ottawa County. Kajuas. Call and examine his stock and if you are about to repair your rooms he can certainly please you. IJR W.

T. MARTIN. Dentist. Minneapolis Ki.nia, Henry's Block, uv tain. Teeth extracted without pain with oxide aaa.

Glycerine Tooth Tabhrta for polish-in and cleanse, teetk for sale. All work ruaranMftd -O-. Professional Business Card E. RICHARDS. An examination of subscription lists, made by Edward W.

Bok, shows that seyen-eighths of the subscribers to the magazine literature of to-day are women. Mrs. Ella Haggard, mother of the author of "She" and "King Solomon's Mines," has jittt diad, aged seventy. She was a good rausfolan, and the author of a number of poems. Miss Mary Morris, daghter of william Morris, the poet and socialist, possesses Paper can be hung now as well as in warmer weath Oslea am door Cast Puatoffiea, mp on the sick list and not able to be oa duty.

Lord and Duncan shipped a oar load of hogs Monday, and the alliance a car corn. C. D. Johnson: lost his grip Monday and was caught in the embrace of la grippe. Ben Moore and wife arrived Wednesday evening and are visiting friends and relatives.

Joe Duncan is able to be out again, after a severe attack of la grippe and pneumonia. The Richards Mclntyre wedding was quite an elaborate affair. Many beautiful as well as useful presents were given. Dr. C.

C. Surber received his appointment as commissioner or examining surgeon for pension claimants. The doctor is a skillful surgeon and well qualified for the position. Eliza Smith died at Topeka, Kansas, on iMt Friday. Her remains were brought here for burial.

The funeral was held on Sunday. Mrs. S. was a sufferer from mental derangement and was an inmate of the state asylum at Topeka. An anonymous writer, labeled "Joanna gazei opoa the Messenger correspondent Iferough tbtf 5IflM last week's Republican, If Ma dwitt't reform pretty soon he'll catch the and then his Christian fertitnda Will have vanished like banqno's ghost.

Next Saturday evening the literary organization, known as the "Literary Society for Scientific Research," will hold a meeting in the basement of the Universalist church. The evening's programme will, consist of short ad dresses, select readings and the expression of ideas upon any topic of interest. A lelegram was received Tuesday, announcing the death of Prof. T. C.

Vine, at Camden, Ark. He was buried at Onyita, on Tnesday. the order of Odd Fellows, to which he bo-longed. It is reported that suicide was the cause of his death. Mr.

Vine was a resident of Delphos some few years ago, and is well known to many who sympathized with him in the trouble which is supposed to have driven him to commit the act of death. Man tat. er. a great talent for embroidery and designing. She is turning to account by starting a regular business, where she receives orders for work and gives stea- JAMM MLTBT.

Attorney at Law. OtSoo over Minneapolis Hat'l Bank. dy employment ft a number of women. The pupils of Iowa College, at Grin- pARK 8. WAEKELN, Attorney at Law acll, propose to giye a Greek festival and banquet to raise funds for the American school at Athens.

Among the features of the entertainments will be seven scenes from CEdipus Tyrannus, and Collections a specialty. 'OfBee' wiu Soto-non Valley Dbmockt. MinaeaiHtlis, Kas. bushels of wheat are honest bushels. It is time that men get over this.

In 1834, when silver was more valuable than gold, the weight of the gold coins was reduced 6 per to that a debt of 11,000 could be paid after that law took effect with gold eolaa that would haye paid only 1140 before that date, if weight of gold waa to govern. There can be no cemparison between wheat and money, because one lit commodity haying no permanent value an article of merchandise, while the other is used only as a aediam of exchange. It is a measure of value in any sense. Tom cannot measure the yalue of a' horse, or a house, or a farm, or coat with a dollar But when yon know what the value of an article is you pan pay for it with dollars, because dollars represent value. The value of a dollar is an ideal thing.

It is impos sible to state what is Jhe value of a dollar. But when congress determines what a dollar shall be, that is a dollar, no matter what it is made of or how heavy it is. Every contract which has been in ado in this country since Aplil 2, 1792, was made under laws which fix 371', grains of pure silver as the quantity which shall be put in the standard dollar. And that is an honest dollar. Let us have all we can set of them.

Kansas Farmer. hymn in the purest Attic Greek "sung by fifteen Iowa girls. muoQWAnrTBD wrn ra OBOoaam or txb ooovtbt. wni oitaiw mat Y4LOABU nrroiMATiow note a stout or nu Mir or Mrs. Margaret Taylor, living near Cot tage Grove, Oregon, tired two pistol shots at M.

P. Martin, who visited the house in her husbaud's absence and at 1 lino all kinds of rowU. Farmers uim rf I'Uwm- mil and sea or laavaa ti.rx it tin- tiicv klliji.L Smith. KI HAKD RINDINU. Minneapolis, kaa tempted to assault her, killing him instantly.

The despatches say: "After a thorough examination, the coroner's ju ry exonerated the woman from all blame. Public sentiment justified the killing." The Poi'tia Club of Boston is made up of women lawyers and law students. Miss Lelia G. Robinson and Miss Mary A. Green are the onlv women admitted to the Suffolk G.

Bar, but there are THE MINNEAPOLIS Building and Loan Association. Minneapolis, Kas. President E. L. CHAPI! Vice President T.

K. HURL.KV Treasurer WALTER SCOTT Attorney IOE T0MLIN8ON Secretary. GEU MACKKNZIK Loans Monev to Stockholders on Rpal Etat Security. four Series bow Running, aad Series will begin on January 1st, 18SI. MONET CONSTANTLY ON HAND.

Regular Meetings oa Second Monday Irralng of each month. For farther Information Inquire of Ui 8e-retarv, wao nay be found at Ue ofBes of tk Aseoelatloa under Odd Fellow BeJU. now eight women students in the Law School of the Boston University. lles Mews. Miss Phillipa Fawcett, daughter of Mrs.

Millicent Garrett Fawcett and the Henry Kuefcer went to Kansas City last week. late Postmaster-General, of England, is H. W. Kueker shipped a car of hogs a very bright girl, and is making Cambridge men look about them. The Westminster and Lambeth Gazette says; Wednesday night.

TCZ Cr.IOf.C3, CCSXJtlKD ft PACIFIC MILCH, The cold and snow have stopped corn VnLhracbM sad oztenalona Bast tul Wet of the "Those who are going in for mathemat ItwDirvot Route to ana void cacti, wonet, onsvs. and from delivery for awhile. It is a period of ta iLunuis-iWTWMn mu VMBert, ta ILL! ics are trembling lest their laurels should be wrested from them and the L8tMottM, stock Isitutd, iwev OwsJoo. dm Motnoa. wintara! KuiotUD.

Sanaa, and OooboU waiting. An a. to IOVAltifiB-9oUa aad U. PauL la MlWl la I we honors carried off by a Tv VaOa, ta DAKOTA Camera, ax Jovh. a4 Cltr.

in Cattle are doing well notwithstanding uui-v-aaa rtaraory, aaa who ia suauaartiwiL Topeaa. 1e Leaatag Westera If ewsaaaeav 1 n. raoM. nm Ttmet kas earned tat a) the rough weather. This is one good There are two ladies on the committee result of a plentiful supply of feed.

aslskf tasys.beiagia ttsfersmssi ntt el appointed by the British Medical Asso CattMa, rXOTOT, Pooblo, ta- COLORADO. FBSJ nxrtlalaa Chair ftw to a42 Cfetoafo, o52waU, Putetalaaoa. aad Podge fair. aoH Kttot tit ta Can ettwstn Oaleave? WloaHa. aal Hutcalaaaav ttavte aa4 ciation to mvesticate the state of brain It was thought in November that 16 rents was yery low foe cm and many na araaa trf rtoa amaf tal arof afcet aaaa ajatltti jatoTaiwiiwnnleMoato aO tovna aid cttttw aati tweak aortawaat development and power among school children Mrs Bryant.

D. of the The laws of health are taaght in the schools; but not in a way to be of much practical benefit and are never illustrated by living examples, which in many cases might easily be done. If some scholar, who had just contracted a cold, was brought before the school, so that all could bear the dry, loud cough and know its significance; see the thin white coating on the tongue and later as the cold deyelopad, seethe profuse watery xpaetoratioa and thin watery discharge from the aosa, aot one of them would ever forget what the firat Fymjrtoms -of a oold were. The scholar should then be givea Chamberlain's Cough Remedy freely, that all anight see that even a severe cold could be cured in one or two days, or at least Creatly mitigated, when properly treat-ad as soon as the first symptoms appear. This remedy is famous for its cures of coughs, colds and croaa.

It is made especially for tbaaa diseases and is the most prompt aad asost reliable medicine known for taa purpose. 60 cent bottles for sals by S. Downs. wmaaooaaK JSlBim. North London Collegiate School for farmers refused to sell, even hiring money so that they could hold for awhile.

Now it is worth from IS to II cents. We should thick bottom waa Girls, and Miss Cooper, of the High Laaaaaf an aaeaaaytof a ta ar'aa School, Edgbaston. UVart attttj i MWalgaay, reached. Mrs. Bently, the wife of one of the Ma in tea, uoaaau aaa wmb, Jtsxi rpsjvea, m99 aaa aatwaMi aiov i laii, nm aa.

mi'i, aaaaaa ur at 1 MiTl alt best known African missionaries, ia teaching telegraphy to sonfe black boys on the Congo. The last tkne Bhe was From Teseott Herald. fBAwwala Kaearaioaa aaOr. vtth CaOUJM Of Wfj SaSa? WIIUSw- Mieaeaa, taa Baaitari- BMtropeUta wesura aewisa part w-oeaUnf tbe IcteresU of tbe Wssk Ia(hfaffl-ra asoaey VktTimmla taafcsO BBSS) -aa tts'best renertor of the eeafltuaet II Wast, aid litis pots a ia tat sesiUaa 1 Mag fa twstadvoeatt West taaaava Haas aet tot Ha opwrttnlUs psMt, bot eveit twtaatt) KaeMtUta lit power teward Us apbaOttaj sarfBlt iwat WetUra oooetry. Aaetaf erpal tsdact It bat aavotated, Kate at aMf tevebaeJitaoeeseral, art: Opeatal OkJaktaaa; Opealag of lbs Cbtrotta Strip; Irrigation tot the srM rtffttas; Catap ttsMpwtaMta tor sTaassai ta tbis good work the Kmtm Ctty Tiaua eaBcikitttiopft tTtntatra sua.

fin Dally B) tat brlgbttt tad test t4ttt4 at West, an Its Weekly, via Us tirtlvt targ pacta, raiki witk uj wttkly ataspapM ta tt wart. Tbt rauM aty TtoM alt tbt ftrsj ta taauguTatt tbs tyttea ot fast trains aej Xaatat Cttf carrvtsg tfit rtgolar etlttoa si OM TataliwrsnrT aad dtfUlbuHag IttvesKaaO two kaaarta auMa ttt by tigbt s'tlMtaaS tam an btfttt tbt rajular amia Itavai tat(. a. aa4 ftaaata traaden Rey, McGurk closed the meeting at VIA Ttll ALCZHT LEA Beverly last night. K.

A. Hinkle. of Hays City, was ia tm. 3Uan eMatiTOaalrOaregaAt aa4 attaaaapaUB aad St. PauL to aa freai aaaaa ipatata aai Mtmi cWm Lafc, ttita Liaa ta HaaaSoaa.

Wator- batweaa rfatto.SarttUi Catr Car ard Ppepir icntr. iar town the forepart of this week. aa4 ataax TatU, via Bock Island, tova, BleuK nlU, aaa tha Bom toom aaa HubUbc bb Flaaiag in Europe she learned telegraphy for the purpose of training native opera tors. She hopes to liave them ready for service by the timo the Congo railroad is laid. A banquet in honor of her seventieth birthday will be given Miss Susan B.

Anthony at the Riggs House, Washington, 1). C. ou Feb. 13th. Tickets, at $5.50 each, can be obtained from Mrs.

Rachel Foster Avery, T48 No. ltb Philadelphia. flrauoda af taa Morfawast. A special train of fifteen empty stock cars went up oyer the road this THB BBOBT LI KB VIA 8BNBCA AKS KANKAXBB aflara c1MS to traval btvMi OlaetoaatL lodlaaapoUa, LaBkrMta. aad OowaaU idaaa, Sa.

Jo ph, Atchlana, LaavaawartB. Banaae City. BfHiaaapoHa, aai 61 FauL rorTUkato, atapa, rotdara, or daatred tntrnnaMoa, avptr to aar Tlokt morning. Ofaealatoacanaa atataaor One of the hands on this section was The Kansas State Grange has appointed Mrs, B. A.

Otis, of Topeka, Mrs. J. (). Henry, of Olathe. and Mrs.

C. A Rippley, of Severance, as rtaading committee on woman's wrk. ordered to Ellis yesterday to help put C. ST. JOHN, faaanl Baaaaat.

JOHN StCASTlAW, OHICAOO, ILU ltlaMaa np ice. i.

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