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Solomon Valley Democrat from Minneapolis, Kansas • 3

Solomon Valley Democrat from Minneapolis, Kansas • 3

Minneapolis, Kansas
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esnarn 'jjmi. fjiifti uhj-miji THE DEMOCRAT. Balho at Mills Swcnson's. Flint's is tho place to tfot your GLEANINGS. I KB Our morning exercises are getting more interesting.

A new feature is to give the notable events of the day. Thfa, of course, must' bring the wide-awake pupil in clireet communication with the best part of tho newspapers. Quite a number of our pupils who live in tho country and went homo to Christinas turkey, saw in tho columns of the Messenger that there would be two week's vacation, and, hence, are not with us this week. Moral Read the Democrat. Repoktek.

9 UNION PAGIHO RAILROAD -4 ('rhe Overland School opened again last Monday. Bring your poultry and game to Carson's. Flint keeps the best drugs in the market. A sister of Mrs. Germeny's is visiting her.

Harry Colo is at home spending the holidays. Miss Mary Clark spent tho holidays in Beloit. Dr. Keys, of Delphos. was in town yesterday.

Mrs. Herbert Charters is visiting friends here. M. A. Svveel, of Kansas City, spent New Year's day in our city.

highest market price paid for poul- paints. Mr. A. A. ni i III wmit to Ellsworth this week.

Mr. A. L. Parker wont to 'Salina last Saturday. Mr.

C. T. Hilton, of Salina, was in town last Monday. (luo. Hurley and Ted Lord went to Salina last Tuesday.

Capt. Davis, of Clay Center, was in our city last Sunday. Miss Florence Kioji, of Topekn, is visitinjj friends in this city. Miss Corlis entertained friends at YV. W.

Walker's Saturday evening last. Miss Hortlia Corlis, of Topeka, is yisiting the family of W. Walker. Miss Borden, a Salina leaeher, is vis kins her sister, Mrs. (Jall'ord, this week.

I Chickens. Morris Jack has opened the old stand Ill the tiE-TTlmiQtp east of the Ballon where he will pay the ON SALE lighest market price for poultry. jyasHsaifet TO Unclaimed Letters. Tho following letters remain un th a i 1 i claimed in the postoilico at Minn'oap' ry and game at Carson's. V.

E. Richards made a. brief visit to rill. I olis, Kansas, up to date, Dec. 31, 1889; Qod fioniE5-T3l) VMi DwrsJfc NorW.8pA JSenA for 4mpk CP.

Cambuoll, Fiaiieis Iliiteliins, Edw. II. Topeka the latter part of last week. EAST, WEST) Howe, Mrs. It, P.

Kle'iards, J. W. Go to Carson's for your fresh oys a pound or six Try it at Porter's Winner, I. J. Parties calling for the above letters ters.

Fresh arrivals ervery other day Starch liye cents pounds for 2.r cents. Grocery. flORTH and SOUTH will please say "advertised." Married. By Judge W. D.

Thomp G. B. Falconer. P. M.

son, Dec. 30, 1889, Cornelius Hurst and Miss Maggie Ueucler, of Ada, spent I I Lizzie M. Campbell, of Niles. a day or two in our city this week, yis-iting relatiyes. We want some good farms to ex Notice to Shareholders.

The annual meeting of the Minneap change for eastern land or for stocks. Mrs. W. C. Buchanan entertained THAINS EAST.

L. A. Buell Co. olis Building and Loan Association for the friends of Miss Leah Buchanan Passenger, arrives 10:11 a. m.

Geo. Novis has a constant supply of Accommodation, 1:50 r. m. 5:05 p. M.

If i74, fresh oysters for sale in bulk or cooked the election of officers for the ensuing year will be held at the office of the secretary on Monday the 61I1 day of January 1890, from 2 to 4 o'clock p. in. last Monday evening. Wanted. A girl to do housework.

Mits U. F. Thomi'Son, 24lf Minneapolis, Kas. TRAINS WEST. to order.

Mr. Allison, of Beloit, in company Passenger, arrives l. m. Accommodation, arrives 8:15 a. m.

departs 8:31 A. M. By order of board. Goo. Mackenzie, Sec' v.

A dozen of our Masons went to Del with Mr. Gicger and Misses Gieger and Xlie forurti. A MOHTHLY KEYIEW OF HYING SUBJEC: Dy the Foremost Writsrc in tho World. (Silt phos last Tuesday night, to visit their Spalding, of Glasco, attended the New Year's ball in this city. 373 and dally except Sunday.

brethren. They were nicely entertain Bucklen's Araic.i Salve. Both trains connect at Solomon for the ed. For pain in the stt mach, colic ami J. T.

Silver and family were called choltra morbus, there is nothing better 1 ho best salve 111 the world lor cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fevci sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, 272 connects without uight lay over for to Iowa last week, to visit Mr. Silver's than Chamberlain's Colic. Cholera and west west jSTo.27 0- Diarrlia'a Remedy. Fcr sale by E. corns, and all skin eruptions, and pos mother, who is reported as being very sick.

Downs. itively cures Piles or 110 pay required. i'IOAGO, KANSAS WESTERN B. E. Mrs.

Sadie Hutchins. stenographer Last Monday evening the young It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price '25 TRAIN'S EAST. in the First National bank, of Medicine THE FORUM has won the highest pla reached by any periodical for it pul lishes articles by more authoritativ writers and by more workers along instnu tive linos of activity than any oilier publics lion. It contains eleven studies cf subjects every month.

It is impartial, i'r ing hearings alike to each side. It in f.nar daily independent, and it belongs to 110 set or party or "interest." It is never tional, but it aims always to be instnictiv folks areeablv surin'ised Charlie. East issenger leaves at. Lodire. is spendinsr this week .7:45 1-.

A. cents per box, For sale by W. Dunn. gjeommodutlon leaves with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.

Uriah man. A very pleasant time was the result. Miss Myra Parker, who is studying TKA1MS W.KHT, issenger leaves at. J-eominodatUn leaves at .8 a. m.

m. A son of Mr. M. U. i'usscr, a mer 11.

Spencer and Car music in liosion, inut an attaeu 01 me chant of Gibraltar, N. was so badly John i). Carlisle. rie Jeiincss, of Niles, were married iu (Passenger train dally. daily except Sunday intluen.a last She is getting afflicted with rheumatism for a year or more, as to be unable to work or go to Kansas City last Mouday.

Mr. Spen better. The Fonrst is of preat value to that part of mv college work vhih itch with practical noli I current questions. Two seta aio LurUly enough fur daily uao by htu.1e11t3.-m. AU-RED LUM.l.

HART, of Haruard. cer will be remembered as Mr. Buell's THE MARKETS. school. His father concluded to try Chamberlain's Pain Balm on the boy Mrs.

George Flenner, accompanied by her daughter, Miss Oliie. of Beloit, are spending the holidays with Col. It scon cured him and he has since linnenpoIiM Market. Wheat. No.

2, 53.c; No. 3, 4k-. walked one and 11 half miles to school Lavzalere's family. and back every school day. 50 cent CpKN.

13 to 14c. The ladies of the W. F. M. S.

will bottles for sale by E. S. Downs. to 83. 10.

give a social at tne residence of Mrs. I cotiBiJerTirE Forcm as furnMilnR the most intWlicent and sympathetic audience that a thoughtf writer can find to address In any ALEXANDER WINCHELL, of the Unwersitij of Michigan. Tint FonrM continues to I10M Its place as th foremost nf our magazines, for the variety, tl value, and the weight of its contributions. 77 HEW YulM TIMES. There lias come forward no problem of grave importance since The FORCM to established that has not been discussed in its pages by masters of the subject.

Ai: nouncenients of forthcoming articles can seldom be made long in advanco, for Til-Fouom'S discussions arc alwaysof problemsof present concern. Every such problei that the year 1890 will bring forward will be discussed, whether in politics, or religior or social science, or practical affaire. Tho January number will contain a reply ex -Speaker J. O. Carlisle to Senator OuUom's recent article on "How the Tan Affects the Farmer." THE FOKUM PUBLISHING COMPANY, 253 Fifth Ave, N.

CO Cents a Number. Subscription! nethed at thta office. $5. 00 a Year. Knnu City Slarkel.

3, No. 3, 6fic. Jno. C. Hart next Friday evening.

All are cordially invited. Iryin T. LeBaron, a student of Gar ors. No. 2, 31X22c.

No. 3, Dr. JOHN MACLAY, partner two years ago in the abstract bufiuess here. When the blood is impure, thick and sluggish, or thin and. impoverished, there can be no health.

With these condition, all the functions of the body are imparcd, and the result is a variety of dangerous complications. The best remedy is Ayer's Sarsaparilla. Visit any town in Kansas and you will learn that liquor is sold in every other towa except that. While there are five or six men left in Minneapolis who wouM take a drink if offered, it is remarkable that not a drop has been sold here for a year. We are a nice town aad are inhabited by the nest men I3.52K- pfua AS Oii (7h A Oli field University, Wichita, who ha been 1 7Ci fH OA Physician Surgeon en in so as spending the holidays at his home near Pleasant Hill, returns to his studies iEBP.

83.25 $5.00. Office Over First National Bank. at the college to-day. PRICE Taylor See haye sold a half section 3 Lnll kinds of fancy groceries at Car- Special attention paid to Chronic Cases. May be found in the office or at Hurley ft Downs at any time of day MKS225.

near Teseott, owned by Dr. D. hMQWiolacream Dunn, of Minneapolis, to a Colorado or night. The "Webtkrh Trmplb op Music" Is In THIS preparationjwithout investor. The consideration was 96, 500.

Salina Republican. oMettand laryest musle home on the UUsourk mm ure neats foot oil for arncss at the Fromace Dru8 Store-Accoij, cjieap money y0U Wanl go to A. Buell Co. rivar, aoanapest la America. on eartii.

The only thing we have to fear is early deaths as the "good die a iniurr.removes Froclc-vcui ie. LlYer-MoleB. Pim- THE ORGANS at $60. The Golden Links gave a reception young." DO NOT BUY AN INSTRUMENT New Year's at the residence of L. 5NT until yoo iricei.

fianoo ly payments. until prices, fianoo payments. have tent for our catalogues and The editor of the Democrat has KANSAS CIT7 STAR, and onrans sold for cash or on easy BY mmhsioner Smith, of Delphos, lis in the city on Saturday last. spent tho week in the firmest grip of MDSICilinMUSIC ploa, Black-Heada, Sunburn and Tmn. A few applications will render th Btost stubbornly red akin soft, smooth and white.

Viola Uream is not a paint or powder to cover defects, but a remedy to cure It ii superior to all other preparations, and ia guaranteed to give aatisfaction. At drug-arjtttor mailed for 60 cents. Prepared by O. O. BITTNER Sc TOLEDO, OHIO.

Sold br R. Downs The Lradisg Daily of the Vest LltUIiikr Milan. PnniOtrSosr. Wlmsa. 40 Ct.

the influenza. While no physician has pronounced an opinion upon his case, he quotes every bono and nerve of his LIU). Kl.her U.lrt.u, W.lti, laeilwi w.ium, Olsty Bsna, O.H Bus Ncb.ulmh.. Very popular, Vi.b.r, SS Cl CslsktiMria43S tlM stiui. Mii fru.

Bmaiorlu 8. R. HOYETT, St. Joseph. Ma The 8t4K is tbe acknowldged lending otto- iner paper in me neii.

It contain in a concise form all tbe am of the world up i o'clock P. m. ot the day pnh- nsDeo, Kivntg iu patrons inc ireanem mm from twelve to twenty hours in advance IrcifiitiiifH The Golden Links will meet with iss Grace Kelley next Saturday. i jWanted: A girl for the dining room to wash dishes at the City hotel. Mrs.

Bushnell of CawkerCity schools viskiug her sister, Mrs. W. L. Har- y. Standard horse and cattle food 7 jnds for $1.00 at the Palace Drug ore.

IV "Luxury" a nickel smoke at mornlnic cotnoBiporanes. Cm for ImpotiM. Lot Tho Lin. -elected by theU.S.C.aV".. to carry the Fast Mail.

of Uuooi, 8mlital It publishes the Kansas City Markets, and the fall and oomplete Live Btoek and Market including the closing reports from tmlUto. ttpenmnvrrarm, Ntrowsxeu, Self Oittruit, IVmnra. An. Ulli ew York, St. Louis and Kansas OR wmm The Stab controls and publishes exeluslvejy maXtomia STROM, WffOT" nut Uan 81.00, 9 Boxei, .1 me lull flay Associated 1'ress Keport, ana large line tf special telegrams.

The 8ta bas the larirest average dailv cir LJU culation of ajsy paper published between St. body as sneezing tingling aching and suffering with pain. We trust our readers wont catch it from the paper the editor has been out of the office most of the week. The Golden Belt Medical Association met at city hall yesterday. There was a good attendance, Diok-inson county sending Drs.

Felty, Haz-lett, Ross, KulFraan and Gunn. Dr. Daughertv of Jnnction was present. Dr. Gunn read a paper on Diseases of the heart, and Dr.

Bovce, of Bennington, treated of malarial fevers. A general discussion of rheumatism was entertaining, particularly to the Salina delegates who drove over. The genial doctors enjoyed their trip to our city yery much. They praise our hotels and beautiful city. Louis ana can ranrlseo.

in Sf9 illiWsworths lunch stand is proper- The large variety and good character of its I.UCH3 Avt. eT.LJUiW, MO. mining nam named. miscellaneous reading, its exhaustive tele graph news, its forcible and independent utterances on leading questions makes it one Miss Julia Buell, of the Salina Wes- of the roost popular and influential papers ci an University, was at home for the 21 published in the West. HUMPHREYS' SB Ask your Post-master, or write for a sample ristmas turkey.

i Last night Nazareth Encanipnwn in- I Dr. HUMPdRKTa'Spacmcf! are scientifically and carefully prepared preacrlptlont used tor many yean In private iiractlee with uucoew.and for over I tfalrty yean med by the people. Every single Sfie-, ciflo a speotal cure for tbe disease named. These BpeeUloa ear without droning, nor(f-' lac or reduclnc the ayttoBi, and are hi aot and I I deedtheMTvretca re saeeHeeef the World. copy.

TERMS: One Month, .50 Three Months, 1.00 One Year, O0 i ailed officers and had a social time. le Delphos eucampmcnt was inyited. Eld. Palmer, of Beloit, was in our un or rancipaL Roa. ccasa.

si on Saturday, en route for Teseott, Fever, VoegmiUm. Ufiammations era Woraa Fever, Worm Cobc. here he is holding a protracted meet- rriat USUcw Teeuunr or Inf uii larrM, of Children or Adults Merryfield. An interesting programme and delicate refrcshtuenls helped contribute to the enjoyment of the occasion. A natural and uniform color of the whiskers is produced by using Buckingham's Dye.

For a hacking cough, a slight cold, or lung troubles, take Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. Preaching every Sunday evening at the United Brethren chapel. Prayer-meeting eyery Wednesday evening. Sunday school at 2:30 p. in.

D. M. Smith, Pastor. Travellers may learn a lesson from Mr. C.

D. Cone, a prominent attorney of Parker, Dakota, who says: "I never leave home without taking a bottle of Chamberlain's Cohe, Cholera and Dihrrhoo! lieniedy with me, and on many occasions have ran with it to tho relief of some sufferer and have never known it to fail. For sale by E. S. Downs.

Mr. William T. Price, a Justice of Peace, at Richland, Nebraska, was confined to his bed last winter with a severe attack of lumbago: but a thorough application of Chamberlain1 Pain Balm enabled him to get up and go to to work. Mr. Price says: "The Remedy cannot be recommended too highly." Let anyone troubled with rheumatism, neuralgia or lame back givVit a trial and they will be of the eaaie opinion.

60 cent bottles for sale by E. S. Downs. E. S.

Downs, druggist, desires to inform the public, that he is agent for the most, successful preparation that has yet been produced for coughs, colds and croup. It will loosen and relieve a severe cold in less time thin any other treatment. The article referred to is Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. It is a medicine that has won fame and popularity on its merits and one that can always be depended upon. It is the only known remedy that will prevent croup.

It must be tried to be appreciated. It ia put up in 50 cent and 1 bottles. For sale by E. S. Downs.

Orlplac vommnc a. Mir.ES IN THX SYSTEM, With Elegant Through Trains contalnfftf Pulrma lac Steeping, Dining and Chair Cart, between the folloring srawlntnt citki wltheut change: CHICAGO, PEORIA. 8T. LOUIS, KANSAS CITY. DENVER, OMAHA, ST.


PUoooM Breathlaf fl alt mheawi, KnTlpelae, ErupUona. hesnUei, RfceaaaaUc Palas a Uah, viotoot Oosjfka. fulfil laanaM Bwitu .1 Kalarted OlaBdaBweQtM Brar IOC EsHtntty Capiat Ptstttr Tra4 raanlhf dairy mm Utl perfect SftrM, ptlJ Into tod t'wih tht Impartaat CIU a4 Towns la She great Stale ILLINOIS, IOWA, MISSOURI. KANSAS, NEBRASKA, COLORADO. 1 1 i ri 1 iimi aeaatj Beereaoos 1 Nerves School Notes.

We bad vacation New Year's day. Thre are about 450 pupils enrolled. Ed. Stetler, from Lamar, is a new pupil. Prof.

Clark says the latest fashion is influenza There are two more weeks before examination. The golden rule in the school room it: "Do not whisper." A "fellow" is an outlaw at school, is Prof. Clark's motto. The pupils of the High School presented Prof, and Mrs. Clark with a pair of beautiful vases for a Christmas gift.

Miss Manila Simiion, of the Middler Class High School has gone to Topeka to live. She has the best wishes of her many friends here. We had several visitors last Tuesday, among whom were Mrs. Herbert Charters and Miss Anderson, of Abilene, and Messrs. Rollo Clark and Theo.

Scheffcr, of this city. We suggest that others follow their example. Sh "wis-" uatary Wanted: At Carson's, chickens, r.rkeys, quail, prairie chickens, small wbbitg, ducks and squirrels. Will pay highest market price. I A.

K. Treadwell wants to sell his law prary- Books in first-class condition. erms easy. Also a nice book-case at fne-third coat. I Mr.

and Mrs. W. 1L Logan and Mr. nd Mrs. E.

K. Baper entertained their iends last Friday evening. The re-eshments were plentiful and very ce. I Felt McCrum are closing out a line jn's shoes. French calf, hand sewed ondon toe cap, in button only 3.

5Ve regular price of these shoes was and they are worth etery cent of it I Monday night the whist club met at (jneral Mackenzie's. It occurred to aryem that it was the wooden anniyer-try of Geo. Midgley'a marriage and '-pe? went over in a body and surprised kenvem the presentation of a beanti- PtSfSSS the lisrt.lKlpltUo ewmr. St. vans' TMnes slkorlau Ulosrrtedtoe srwwie CfagtUsia tmptu .54 ftf tarlrat Ira Hmiata Viarn tAA skM Connecting la Unlsn tof ell pelt's la ffht Mites an Ter'Rartt.

ST, W(T, HOITK. SOUm. mHf where yea are going, parch wwr tlckati BURLINGTON ROUTE Oattf Trains this Lin between KIMSA8 CtTY. LEAVENWORTH. ATCHISON.



HANNIBAL and CHICAGO, WHheul ClMeg. T.J. POTTER, nMntieniM.c., a so mm. PtRCIiVAl. LOWELL, atiiWM inws i.

f. 6ARNARD, an a. J. a s. s.

it, a sr. et. mm C. DAWE8, mm. AS St.

A av h. a e. bt. imt 1 HVfmWTW VmRWAJtT t4srtUt evavrewBerweaadCAt asmehrwre tie. A DCMmiHlBxaMrr oopr of Itr.

rnvT sM ina. Hnf uo mm rmm mx, a. w..

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