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Goddard Gazette from Goddard, Kansas • 1

Goddard Gazette from Goddard, Kansas • 1

Goddard Gazettei
Goddard, Kansas
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RnYTTTn iDrAZucjl 1 Ik IT" rfURIAn Fifer, Local Editor. Chas. M. Fifer. Editor Prop'r.

Vol. in. No. 41. Goddard, Sedgwick County, Kansas, Friday, February 14.

1913. Office Phone 39. Ras. Phone 7 M. E.

Sunday School Notes. DR. C. B. MAGEE PHYSICIAN SURGEON Local and Subscribe for the Gazette.

Get your your Job Work done here. Office Phone 8 Res. i DR. C. F.

McMILLEN Physician Surgeon Diseases of children and treatment of asthma cases a specialty. Goddard, Kansas. Kansas. All calls promptly answered. Miss Vera Taylor was a Wichita visitor Saturday.

Corn Shelling---See Jim Mclntosn Goddard, Kan. Phone 416. Adv 42 Methodist Episcopal Church Preaching, each Sunday. One Sunday at 11 a. m.

and the following Sunday at 8 p. m. alternate. Give Us a Trial On your coal hauling, dray-ing and transfer work. Prices reasonable.

Phone 14. J. C. PIKE. Holmes Henshaw is here from Nevada visiting friends and Fifty-five ontimers and so many that tried to be and only missed it by two minutes or less.

Even the first song was full of enthusiasm and go. Let us all make an effort for next Sunday again. A cordial welcome for all. The Junior boys had been planning for some new tables and they were certainly pleased to find them in place Sunday morning. They came Saturday evening and Ray Brown hanled them up in the morning.

It makes it mucn easier to write in their "Pupils Work Books" Now the Junior girls do not intend tT be very far behind and they are planning for new tables too, i -r Class 7 have paid in their $5.00 for the support of our student nreacher, Jiva Kalidas. Sunday School every Sunday 10am Epworth League Prayer meeting every Thurs. J. M. Alexander, Pastor Baptist Notes.

Did ycu enjoy the F. U. Glee Club Tuesday evening? If you did not, then you certainly were not there, for all who came enjoyed every moment of it. There was not a dull minute, and college life and spirit pervaded. The Ladies Aid certrinly mad2 a success of their lunch counter at Mr.

Decker's sale. They took in about $40, with an expense of nearly $11. Their lunch was splendid too. They wish to thank the non members who so kindly helped them by bringing food and also by working during the day. Your help was certainly appieciated and thej sincerely thank you.

The services last Sunday were well attended and were unusually interesting. The leader for the Y. P. U. next Sunday is Haughton Cross.

Every one come by 7:00. The Sunday School and and B. P. U. convention will meet here nex Wednesday.

Beginning Wednesda morning with a seavice at 10:30 Afternoon meeting at 2:30 and evening services at 7:30. This will also be the order for Thursday. It will only last two days. State Sec retary Gurley will be with us. Ycu are are invited to come.

Do no flODDARD LODGE NO. 266, I. O. O. F.

Meets every Saturday night. Visiting Brothers always welcome. R. W. Gregory, Arthur Heinig, Secretary.

Noble Grand. Postoffice Hours. From April 1, 1912, to Sept. 30, 1912, the postoffice hours will be as follows. From 8:00 A.M.

to 12:00 M. From 1:00 P.M. to 5:35 P. M. From 6:05 P.M.

to 8:00 P. M. For the benefit of the out-of- Mr. Huffman always thinks about he benevoiences at this time of the Dr. Magee reports a baby boy born to Mr.

and Mrs. Jake Giesen, of Clonmel. Mrs. W. W.

Graves was a Wichi-''ta caller Tuesday, as also wa3 Mrs. A. L. Wright. -s T.F.Moore and B.

Jones transacted business in the county capital Tuesday. Miss Mae M. Elliott attended the postmasters convention in Wichita Monday and Tuesday. Buy that tailor made suit or overcoat from the International Tailor-ing Co. represented by Theo.

G. Harvey. Adv G. W. Harvey, Rural Route carrier No." 2 delivered 58 parcels post packages one day last week.

Not ko slow after all. Phone Market 4433. 0. D. KIRK ATTORNEY AT LAW Special attention to business in, the Probate Court.

1007 Schweirer BIdg. Wichita, Runs. ear, and although he was in Los town patrons the office will remain ngeles, California, he still remembered id sent a $5 check to help. open until 8:30 Saturday evenings. Mae Elliott, Postmaster.

It is such people that help to make Khe chnrch work easier by not waiting to be asked to do their duty. Let us make 1913 a better year by trying io do our duty and giving before we are asked. It will help etch one that tries to grow into a stronger christian life. Mr. FARMER: The farm gate is an index to the sort of farmer who swings it.

Don't spend hours in the winter shoveling snow let your work keep you away. This The Fidelias will serve a general supper at the hall Valentine dsy The little son of Perrv Wykoff in some manner got a bean lodged in his nose. Dr. Magee was called It will commence at six oiclock is for all, not only for Baptist but M. nonchristians and every one Remember the date 19 and 20 and come.

even if it is a cold day. Prices 25 away from your gate but get the habit and Sjbuy one of the Ameri- can Farm Gates that you extracted it. and 15 cents. Don't you wish ycu were a child? Mrs. S.

Gregory took tb) Methodist Episcopal Church. Livingstone started out as a mis lift up and carry thrcugh THE COMLEY LUMBER A most any snow. 4 FOR SALE BY 1 Goddard, Kansas, Garden Plain, Kansas. Preaching next Sunday 11 a m. train here for Illinois to be at "the bedside of her mother, who is- not expected to live.

sionary when he was 27 years old. It took them three months to sail by Rev. Anness. In the evening at 7:30 by Mrs. Alexander.

from Scotland to Cape Town, Afri ca. He trekked with ox teams School Notes. 700 miles north to Kuruman, where Missionary Moffat had been, and had told him "I have seen the smoke of a thousand villages in the morning sun where there has never been a missionrry." When Living' stone heard this he had asked to be sent to that very place. So here he was and anxious to trek farther Last Tuesday P. Bell and Horace Burke hauled some bogs to Garden Plain for Robert Miller.

While there Mr. Burke took on a losd of something else, and on the way home attempted to crawl on Bell's wagon and take him off and thump him. But as his head appeared on top of the wagon Mr. Bell promply hit him with a wagon rod. Then there was a merry chase for home.

Burke arrived home got his shotgun and went hunting for Bell. In the meantime Bell tele phoned for the constable and Burke was arrested and tried before Judge Ralph and sentenced to $10.00 and 6 mouth in jail. Jail sentence suspended on condition that he wonld leave the county. Ray Sterling was absent from school part of last week on account of sickness. The Caesar class is progressing rapidly having finished the twenty-second chapter of Book Two.

John James was absent from school Tuesday. Minnie Schroeder, who was absent from school all last week on account of a "physical disability," has returned again this week. Thelma Lumbert was badly fright ened Monday when the stove blew up as she was standing near it. STOP! LOOK! LISTEN! Young man we are in a position to save you from $2.50 to $8.00 on that tailor made suit. Drop around and invistigate.

International Tailoring Co. THEO. HARVEY, Agent north to Bakwena. When he reach there he lived with them six months and showed them how to irrigate their gardens, hqw to have school aijd how to be kind to each other. He laughed with them, he worked with them and when they were cruel to each other he told them about Jesus and how he loved them and cared for them.

Those people lived in villages of round huts, oo Livingstone could talk to many of them each day about God and his care for them. When it was announced that Al A New Year berta Rosenstiel had put in her birthday money, the Century class If held up some money and said Mr. Should always be an improvement on the old. We Print Sale Bills Wunch had sent his birthday money since he could not come. When a class has members that take that much interest it certainly helps the whole Sunday School, We are all 1 herelore, 1 will lniorm all my pid as well new patrons that I have lately obtained a good supply of A.

No. 1 Mattresses and a good stock of all kinds of Household Office Furnishings ii Bring Your Job Work which I offer at lower prices than you ever be one big family and are trying to be a help Uo each other. Ben Stockman transacted business in Wichita Monday. S. L.

Nolan, C. V. Bradherrv an L. A. Adler transacted business in Wichita Saturday last.

Mrs. A. Davidson spent Friday and Saturday in Wichita vjsiting friends and doing shopying. fore paid tor the same goods. (Jome and see and be convinced.

XV. H. Booze. To This Office. GODDARD, KANSAS.

JJf i.

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