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The Erie Sentinel from Erie, Kansas • 7

The Erie Sentinel from Erie, Kansas • 7

The Erie Sentineli
Erie, Kansas
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THE ERIE SENTINEL, FRIDAY, JULY 4, 1919. PAGE 1. 0 0 0 000000 CHURCH and SOCIAL 6000000000000000000 Mrs. A. P.

Parker was hostess to Needlecraft Club last Friday afternoon, Members present were: Mre Sam Dice, Mrs. C. Schryver, Mrs. L. A.

Wooster, Mrs. W. S. Evans, Mrs. W.

E. Moore, Mrs. R. B. Smith, Mrs.

Alf. Q. Wooster. Refreshments consisting of fried chicken, sandwiches, wafers and lemonade were served. The club will not have any meeting on the next regular day on account of Chautauqua.

Mrs. P. W. Kyle was hestess to the Carnation Embroidery Club Tuesday afternoon. Those present were: Mrs.

Glassner, Mrs. B. H. Clark, Mrs. W.

M. Kimmey, C. W. Stevenson, Mrs. C.

P. Cummings, Mrs. R. J. Harlin, Mrs.

P. W. Cummings, Mrs. L. S.

Cambern, Mrs. F. M. Osburn, Mrs. L.

A. Mrs. L. A. Wooster, and Mrs.

F. N. Brelsford. The invited guests were: Mrs. M.

E. Lake, Mrs. A. Q. Jones, and Mrs.

J. A. Abell. Refreehments of sandwiches, salad, chips, pickles, and peach sherbet were served. Miss Cora Anderson entertained the members of the Entre Nous Embroidery Club and a few guests at the home of Mrs.

W. Mitchell, last Friday. The members present: Mrs. J. Y.

Bartley, Mrs. R. J. Harlin, Mrs. M.

Cain, Mrs. W. T. Allen, Mrs. F.

J. Nye, Mrs. 0. P. Baker, Mrs.

W. I. Light, Mrs. Nellie Mrs. E.

W. Mitchell, Mrs. Winifred Neill, Mrs. J. Palmer.

The guests were: Misses Cora and Etta Tom, Mrs. J. A. Wells, Mrs. Laura Robertsraw, Miss Mary Simmons, Miss Jennie Adamson; Mrs.

L. L. Simmers, of Parsons; Mrs. C. J.

Burrows, of Parsons; and Mrs. Sadie Kelley, of Kingfisher, Okla. Refreshments of ice cream and light and dark cake were served. The Missionary Society of the Christian church will meet with Mrs. John Roseberry, Thursday, July 10, second division having charge of program.

Neighbors." Song; invocation; business period. Devotional, led by Mrs. Beard. Song. Bible reading Luke 10.30-37.

Prayer. "My Friend Moss" -Mrs. Kyle. It Shineth Unto ban Roseberry. "Houses Made With Hands" -Mrs.

Erie Meleen. for the Busy Mrs. Moore. Negro Schools" -Mrs. Wyman.

Benediction. Social hour. A. jolly bunch of folks enjoyed an al)-day picnic at the Country Ciub Sunday, with fried chicken and all the good things that go with it. They had one picnic dinner long to be remembered.

Those who enjoyed For Sale Choice 160 close to county seat; good two story house, large barn and other outbuildings; 75 A. cultivated, baalance good pasture and meadow; plenty good water. Choice 80, improved, close to town; no rock, all tillable. Choice 80, 6 miles of prosperous town; improved; 8 A. meadow, 20 A.

pasture, balance cultivated; no rock; good cistern; stock water. Choice improved 160; 40 A. fine meadow; 60 A. good blue grass and blue-stem pasture; balance cultivated; peach orchard and vineyard; plenty good water. Choice 80; fine house and barn; 30 A.

pasture, balance cultivated. Well improved 120, well located, close to school, church and town; R. F. D. and telephone.

These are all real bargains. Write for list and prices. Buy before the after harvest rush. BYRD H. CLARK, Erie, Kans.

and the dinner were: Mr. the day and Mrs. Dan Carroll and family, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Carroll, Mr.

and Mrs. John Shumisch, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Mr. and Mrs.

P. Gene Snow; Mrs. D. H. Bray, Denison, 0.

S. Snow, Kansas City, Violet Thoman, and Mary Carroll, Denison, Helen Carroll, Ruby Winans, Lillie Chilson, Flora Berry, Louise Burkhart, Jennie Burkhart, Ila Inman, Mabel Schumisch; Clare, Cleo, Gertrude and Gene Smith, Genevieve Carroll, Nell Gossett, Walter Schumisch; Ray, Gerald and Jim Carroll; Foster Snow, and Forest Smith. Ogeese Church News. Splendid services Sundy morning. subject, "Keep Yourselves in Sermon the Love of God." There were no night services on accocunt of the rain.

We urge every member to be present next Sunday at 10:30 as there is important business to come before them. Monday morning at 2 o'clock Mrs. Walter Blair, a member of Ogeese Sunday school, left us to go live with her Savior, Methodist Episcopal Church. William L. Morris, Pastor.

Bible school at 9:45 a. Will Allen superintendent. Epworth League at 7:30 p. m. At 11:00 a.

m. the holy communion. Jesus said, "This do in remembrance of me." In order that we may be faithful to our covenant obedient to the command of vows, Jesus, and grow in spiritual strength and usefulness by the appointed means of grace every member is earnestly requested and urged to be at the holy communion service. A cordial invitation is extended to all and especially Cristian people who do not worship elsewhere to join us in this high and solemn service. The pastor will preach at 8:30.

The orchestra is adding much terest to the evening service. The home-like church is a good place to worship. Try it. Why not? First Baptist Church. At the First Baptist church Sunday, July 6, services will be held as follows: Sunday school at 9:45 in the morning.

Regular church services at 11:00 in the morning, subject of the sermon, "Christian Manhood;" in the evening at 8:30, the subject will be, "Excuses." B. Y. P. U. at 7:30, Miss Ruth, Wiman leader.

Mid-week prayer meeting Thursday evening at 8.30. OTTO L. RICE, Pastor. Presbyterian Church. The average man believes in the church.

Let him be consistent and go to church, Good music and singing here. We are taking up a discussion of the social problems facing the church today, in the evening services. Next Sunday morning will be the communion service. Sunday school 9.45 a. m.

Orchestra music and chorus singing for you. Church services at 11:00 a. and 8:30 p. m. Ada Roach Ruth Freeman Billie Williams Ada Roach's Irish songs and stories, Ruth Freeman's Swedish impersonations and Billie Williams's comic songs have become traditions in many towns.

These people are listed in the "Who's Who" of every town where they have appeared. They make a place for themselves in the hearts of the people. They put silver linings in the dark clouds; they make the old silver linings brighter. They bring sunshine and happiness wherever they go. Their sketches in costume; violin, piano, accordion, and vocal numbers and impersonations are indeed varied and productive of continual bursts of laughter.

Come out and enjoy the Chautauqua with them as you never enjoyed a chautauqua before. ERIE, Afternoon and Night JUNE 11 REDPATH-HORNER CHATAUQUAS. The electrical fans are great relief from the heat. We believe they will help you to enjoy yourself. A.

FRANK JOHNSON Minister. Christian Church Notes. What is the Church? What is her work in the world? Some fail to understand the church and ver mission. Come to the Christian church at 9:45 and study this subject in our Bible study period, after which we commune with our Lord and then hear the pastor preach on "The Church and Her Mission." Christian Endeavor at 7:30. Miss Ethel Adamson, leader.

The contest will close. Come and help us make this a good meeting. At 8:30, Children's Day program, which was postponed last Sunday, will take place. Come, bring your friends, and enjoy the evening. C.

0. WILSON, Neosho County Sunday School Rally July 13, 1919. Interdenominational Sunday school rally at Shaw, July 13. Every school in the county should be there. Everyone come and bring a basket dinner.

Hymenial- Gilliatt-Cox. Sunday, June 29, 1919, at 9:300 a. Rev. William L. Morris united in holy wedlock, Miss Velma M.

Gilliatt and Charles L. Cox, at the Methodist parsonage. Miss Leota Pearl Cox was bridesmaid and Fay, J. Gilliatt was best man. Mrs.

Cox is the accomplished daugher of Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Gilliatt, of the Shaw community.

Mr. Cox is one of the progressive young farmers north of Erie, and a son of Mr. and Mrs. G. W.

Cox. This estimable couple count their friends by the number of their acquaintances, who wish them a happy and prosperous voyage on the matrimonial sea. Married -Stitzel-Smith. Miss Mabel Stitzel, of Erie, and Warren Smith, of Coffeyville, were married at Independence, Saturday, June 28, 1919. Miss Stitzel is the daughter of Mr.

and Mrs. J. M. Stitzel, of Erie. Mr.

Smith is at present manager of a wax plant at Coffeyville. He returned from France in April, having been in the service as a wireless operator while overseas. Mr. and Mrs. Smith will make their home at Coffeyville where he already has a home to which to take his bride.

The Sentinel extends congratulations. Obituary--Carrie Lee Kyle-Taylor. Carrie Lee Kyle was born August 8, 1870, near Rockville, Park countty, Indiana, and died in Erie, Kansas, June 26, 1919, aged 49 years, 6 months, and 18 days. She moved with her parents, Jacob P. Kyle and Manda Kyle, to Kansas in 1884, settling in Erie, and has lived here ever since.

She was married to Samuel D. Taylor, July, 1890. Two children were born to this union: Mrs. John Hines and Charles Taylor, of Erie. She joined the Baptist church in Erie about twenty years ago and has been a faithful member and devoted Christian ever since.

Her husband departed thisi life thirteen years ago. She leaves to mourn her departure her father and mother, two brothers, Frank and Walter Kyle, of Erie, and one sister, Mrs. Lue Mary Moses, and a host of friends; but they mourn not a8 those who have no hope. The funeral was held Friday, June 27, at 3 p. at the Baptist church, services being conducted by Rev.

Otto L. Rice, pastor. Card of Thanks. We wish to thank all trose who were so kind to us during the death and burial of our dear daughter, sigter, and mother, the late Mrs. Carrie Taylor.

Also for the many beautiful floral offerings. Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Kyle. Mrs.

Louie Moses. Walter, Frank and Edd Kyle. Mrs. Letha Hines. Charley Taylor.

DOINGS IN DISTRICT COURT. Some Late Decisions and Orders by Judge Brown. F. T. McManus, who had been found guilty of assault upon a Chanute police officer, was sentenced to serve twelve months in the county jail, J.

M. Bessey was given a judgment for $554.07 against the Ameri. can Glycerine Co. for damages by automobile collision. J.

0. Flemming was granted a divorce from Maggie Flemming. M. R. Horrell was given judgment against the Mutual Oil Gas Syndicate for about $4,000 on drilling contract.

Daisy Treadway was divorced from W. J. Treadway. In the action of 0. L.

Holley vs. A. G. Bardwell et to recover in-' terest in real estate, the judgment was for the defendants. A decree of divorce was granted Edna Wiggins vs.

Benj. V. Wiggins. Wilder S. Metcalf was given judgment for $2,241.65 against M.

Egan et and mortgage ordered foreclosed. John R. Peterson WAS divorced from Marie Peterson. The American Glycerine Co. was given judgment for $272.88 and T.

R. Jones named as receiver of property to make collection. In re appeal to supreme court of Millie Gilliland vs. Ash Grove Lime and Portland Cement a mandate from the supreme court reverses the judgment rendered in favor of plaintiff and remands the case for a new trial. NEOSHO CO.

PROBATE COURT Late Proceedings in Estate Matters and Orders Issued. Bert Sanders was appointed guardian of the persons and estates of Cecil Sanders et minors, and filed a petition to sell real estate belonging to said minors. The will of A. H. Coffield, deceased, was admitted to probate and Cyntha Coffield was appointed executrix of his estate.

A. S. King, administrator of the estate of Christopher Fry Bogle, filed final settlement. Sarah A. Clark filed affidavit of the death of Alva Clark.

Order to sell real estate was issued to Ann S. Grigson, guardian of the persons and estates of Samuel R. Pickens et minors. Clara Cravens, guardian of the person and estate of' Lillie D. Cravens, minor, filed annual settlement.

Sarah H. Anderson, executrix of the estate of J. W. Anderson, deceased, filed annual settlement. F.

E. Smith was appointed guardian of the person and estatae of Wm. T. Mitchell, a feeble minded person. Peter J.

Munding, executor of the last will and testament of Mary J. Munding, deceased, filed final settlement Anna M. Boerstler, guardian of the person and estate of Dayton F. Boerstler a person of unsound mind, filed annual settlement. The resignation of V.

E. Tremain as administrator of the estate of Celestia M. Tremain, deceased, was accepted and W. 0. Harper was appointed administrator de bonis non of said estate.

Blanch Collins, guardian of the property of Chas. F. Collins, filed annual settlement. Affidavit of the death of James Rader was filed by T. F.

Morrison. H. C. Bodley was appointed guardian of the estate of Gilda Beryle Rader, minor. Nellie Schaal, guardian of the person and estate of Willis C.

Schaal, minor, filed annual settlement. C. E. Conklin, executor of the estate of E. R.

Stone, deceased, filed annual settlement. Mary J. Clark, guardian of the estate of John P. Dixon, minor, filed annual settlement. J.

L. Morrison was appointed guardian of the estate of Maabel A. Martin, minor. W. B.

Young, administrator of the estate of Mary O'Connor, deceased, filed annual settlement. Willie Hanson, administrator of the estate of Charles Hanson, deceased, made final settlement. Iola M. Blanton (nee Norman), administratrix of the estate of W. F.

Norman, deceased, made final settlement. Lizzie Roberts, administratrix of the estate of W. H. Roberts, deceased, made final settlement. Tena Daniels, executrix of the last will and testament of John Essig, deceased, filed annual settlement.

John Lindenman, guardian of the estate of Louesa May Watkins minors, filed annual settlement. Nellie Martin was appointed guardian of the person and estate Earl R. Martin, minor, Marriage Licenses Issued. G. Henkensiefken, Humboldt, 38; Orpha Ables, Humboldt, 21.

Maurice A. Shay, Parsons, 28; Mabel J. Ross, Parsons, 24. Pearl 0. Wood, Girard, 60; Josephine Foster, Fredonia, 50.

Carl T. Foxworthy, Erie, 21; Cuba H. Stevenson, Erie, 21. Henry Frazier, Chanute, 28; Leota Schooley. Humboldt, 22.

Fred Hamner, Parsons, 27; Garnet Hudlow, Parsons, 19. Ray Amos, St. Paul, 25; Maudie Dixon, St. Paul, 20. Chester L.

Burke, Manhattan, Lura Myree King, Erie, 28. Donald W. Woods, Bartlesville. 28; Bess Musselman, Bartlesville, 26. Charles L.

Cox, Erie, 23; Velma M. Gilliatt, Shaw, 18. Ray M. Griffin, Chanute, 24; Doris Scribner, Chanute, 22. R.

C. Finley, Chanute, 24; Wood, Chanute, 23. Charles E. Herrick, Chanute, in-' Nina 0. Lowe, Goodman, 20 00000000000000000 WANT COLUMN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING 8 Rates- Minimum One 10 cent cents.

word Count each each word, time. initial and number as word. Send money with order. 00000000 000000000000000000 000 WANTED OLD FALSE TEETH Even if broken, $2.00 to $35.00 per set. CASH for Crowns, Bridges, Gold, Silver, Platinum.

CASH by regoods returned if prices unsatisfactory. BERNER'S FALSE TEETH SPECIALTY, 22 Third Troy, N. Y. 22t4 FOR SALE. FOR SALE -New 1918 Ford coupe.

Call 5F13. 27tf ESTRAY NOTICES, STRAYED To my home 10 miles northwest of Erie, two roan colts. Frank Schaal, Rt. 1, Shaw, Kans. Owner pay for advertising.

24 LEGAL NOTICES. (First published in The Erie Sentinel, (July 4, 1919.) NOTICE OF EXECUTOR'S SALE OF REAL ESTATE. In the Probate Court of Miami County, Kansas. In the Matter of the Estate of Sarah E. Barnhardt.

Notice is hereby given that virtue of an order of sale issued by the above named court directing me to sell, the lands hereinafter described, will, at the west door of the court house, 'at Erie, Neosho county, Kansas, on Saturday, August 2, 1919, at the hour of 10 o'clock a. offer at public sale, and sell to the highest bidder, the following lands, to-wit: The southwest quarter of section No 35, in township No. 28 south, in range No. 20 east of the 6th P. in Neosho county, Kansas, and comprising 160 acres more or less, according to government survey.

The buyer will be required to pay a forfeit of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) on the day of sale and must the remainder within twenty days thereafter. Possession of the premises will not be given until March 1, 1920, except that the purchaser may enter upon the premises and prepare and seed all stubble land in wheat in the fall of 1919. addle crops grown or growing upon premises are reserved and do not pass with the land. W. R.

CLINE, Executor of Will of w4 Sarah E. Barnhardt. PUBLICATION NOTICE. (First published in The Erie Sentinel (July 4, 1919.) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF NEOSHO COUNTY, KANSAS. May Plaintiff, vs.

E. P. Elliott and Ruth The defendants in the above entitled action will take notice that they have been sued by the plaintiff in the district court of Neosho county, Kansas, and must answer the petition filed therein by the plaintiff on or before the 15th day of August, 1919, or the petition will be taken as true, and judgment therein will be rendered accordingly in favor of the plaintiff and against the defendants including a decree of divorce between the plaintiff May Elliott and the defendant E. P. Elliott and cancelling and setting aside a certain mortgage of record in the office of the register of deeds of Neosho county, Kansas, purporting to have been executed by the defendant E.

P. Elliott to the defendant Ruth Lang, on lot 1, block 3, Alliance, now a part of the city Chanute; also judgment for costs of said action and for general equitable relief. MAY ELLIOTT, Plaintiff. Attest: ESTELLA M. ROTH, (Seal) Clerk of District Court.

FARRELLY Attorneys for Plaintiff. (First published in The Erie Sentinel June 6, 1919.) SHERIFF'S SALE NOTICE. In the District Court of Neosho County, Kansas. Hestor. Eleanor Willson, Esmarilda Freeman and Mrs.

J. C. Walker, Plaintiffs, vS. No. 9108.

Jacob G. Coss, Lottie M. Stainer, James W. Coss, Sarah M. Fearing, Laura Leda Lester, Percy S.

Coss, Mrs. Nettie Clark, A. J. Coss, George Calvin Coss, Mrs. Sarah McLaughlin, Marion A.

Chamberlain, Ida M. Dunham, Miss Mary F. Chamberlain, Miss Anna Martha L. Brighton, Hannah 0. Fox, George W.

Coss, Katherine Chichester Maud A. Anderson, W. E. Myrtle E. Hunter, Fred A.

Fulgham, Hannah L. Hunter, Samuel L. Fulgham, Claude R. Fulgham, Lola May Fulgham, Mary F. Fulgham, Laura Zaugg, George F.

Coss, Fred F. Coss, Cora Coss, Carrie Coss, Samuel T. Coss, Ben F. Coss, Elijah J. Coss, Urmenelar Shears, Lovina Catherine, Mrs.

L. C. Havard, Mrs. Addie C. Edwards, Mrs.

Rosetta Pettibon, Callahan, Mary J. Longnecker, and Mrs. Hannah Matilda Notice is hereby given that by virtue of an execution in partition to me directed and delivered, issued out of the Seventh Judicial District Court of the state of Kansas, sitting in and for Neosho county, in said state, I will, on the 8th day July, 1919, at the the hour of 9 a. m. of said day, at west door of the court house, in Erie, in the county and state aforesaid, offer at public sale and will sell to the highest bidder, for cash in hand, the following described real property, situate in Neosho county, Kansas, to-wit: A certain tract of land commencing the northwest corner of the town Dalton, (now Kimball), in Graat township, Neosho county, Kansas, thence running south 140 feet, thenes west 50 feet, thence north 140 feet, thence east 50 feet to place of be ginning, all being in the southeast quarter of section 25, in township No.

27 south, in range No. 20 east of the 6th P. M. AD of said property to be sold as commanded by said execution in partition and in pursuance to the judg. ment heretofore rendered in the above entitled cause.

Given under my hand, at Erie, Neosho county, Kansas, this 27th day of May, 1919.. LON GREGG, Sheriff of Neosho County, Kansas. W. R. CLINE, Attorney for Plaintiffs.

W. R. CLINE LAWYER Erie, Kans. J. Q.

STRATTON LAWYER Erie, Kans. Office Opposite P. 0. Phone LAPHAM LAPHAN LAWYERS Chanute, Kansas SMITH BAOBST LAWYERS Chanute, Kansas A. B.

SMITH, LAWYER ERIE, KANSAS Office in Dr. Means Across Street from the Post Office. DR. F. R.

HICKEY ERIE, KANSAS Special attention to diseases women. Office in the Mrs. Henry Lodge residence, one block west of Bank of Erie. Phone 190. All calls promptly answered.

C. W. MEANS Dentist 0 Opposite the Post-Office ERIE, KANSAS. UNDERTAKING We carry a complete stock Undertaking Goods. We also have a licensed embalmer ready serve.

you Calls answered day or night. Day Phone, 21. Night Phones, 162, 261, or 189. ALDERSON BROTHERS. ERIE, KANS.

CALL 4 NUMBER KIMMEY TRANSFER BAGGAGE CO Prompt Attention, Satisfaction Guaranteed. W. M. KIMMEY, Proorietor. When irregular or delayed Triumph Pills.

Safe and always dependable. Not sold at drug stores. Don't experiment with others, save disappointment, Write for "Relief' and particulars; it's free. Address: National Medical a Institnte, Milwamkee, BUY THE BESTGATES MILEAGE DOUBLE TIRES Made of Long-strain South Sea Island Fabric. HALF.

TIRES SOLE AND VULCANIZING Satisfaction Guaranteed. HARRY D. CONKLIN In The Sentinel Building. ERIE, KANSAS..

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