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The Independent-Sun from Yates Center, Kansas • 4

The Independent-Sun from Yates Center, Kansas • 4

Yates Center, Kansas
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'), KASHA A WEtTSliX, rtHl.ltiUliD KVKMY KKIHAY AT i plitHleil that Will ctc a- hci'i-xs. AT DOWN OAUD 81ZK, FULL FORM $1.00 I'KK UUU CABIN K'l'S, FILL FORM 3.M I'KR DO' ill Cloudy as wall tisCk-ar Weather. ALL WOltlt GUAKANTKKI. Koulli of ouilaun NaUuuul lluik, Vatea Coulor, Ivui) ftllll BBH TIUIKS. lhocn luoii Clif Tu ttunsas City Ho, OlJXtt, Arrive-No.

WJ, Kansas CHf i 5 j. m. Cvluiijr 1 p.m. CfDuvn UiM p.m. i-b I NVeslio Full 44 pt ui 1'J i.

aW'1" Csulsr irilve. I.tavo Ualiy sut Svnilay. tiuin. with a iiiit'gluix of I'iuii mid I lit-perils mid possible rescues of their precious let us renew our cITurls tuid forward in the grand crusmlo for Gnd ami liinne and tmiivn Intnl. Mrs.


Will endeavor to keep on hand at all times a full lint of SUdU Bard ware such as, DOOR LOCKS. POCKET KNIVES. TABLE CUTLERY. PA PES, SCREEN WIRE. FORKS.


CEDAR CHURNS. VARNISH, OILS, PAI1-TTO, V7AO-ON WOODWORK, PUMPS. MOWER REPAIRS tSo. --4 In fact every thing usualy kept jn a first class Hardware TiNWOEIC A SPECIALTY Gim me a call, M. E.


BANCROFT PROPBIETORa'. are Hltll', IiuihJ t'l) M. K. I A Kent. Wnrucontly printed 000 dewmptive t'lrculai'H of Al.

V. U. IVursoll's unrserv Iti'llllllllt luwiMlilp, All who huvu liiilroiiizeil Mr, I'eai'Holl say thitt they eati do belter Willi lnm than with any foreign luraery. ilh Hi feu good rittrHeries in llioctnnity, there la certainly uo necessity jHirchiwItiK iibroiid, If "he who causes two blades of jnuft crow where only ono grew before i a beneftitttor to mankind" certal'ily lie who saves ten blades to one that was saved before is a benefactor as well, Moral; you would become a benefactor to man kl ud stive the (treat hay crop of 1893. Wo understand that the Belmont Prohibition Club Is in a flourehlng condition, and that its light is shining outside of the township.

Itecoutly, John Dewitt organized a club at the Lovctt school house in Toronto Tp. Let the good work go oh NOTinToF PUBLIC SALE. I will sell at public sale at Kaltenbach's Livery stable in Yull'S Cei'tefl'-ou Saturday, August 18th, at 2 o'clock r. tlie following property: 2 work horses; 1, 3 ear old mare; set of harness and wng- n. Said property to sell for cash This day of Aug.

1S88. M. V. B. Pearsoll.

At the special election held last Friday, was decided to add another room to the old school btiildinir. The new room ill bo twenty by thirty feet aud enclose hall between the two rooms on tiie. south. These additions will add much to the convenience of the teachers and pupils and to the' effectiveness of the school. When a witness of ordinary iutelii gencc is asked the (lucstion Do you con- ider tho defendant was druhl as charged? ho hangs his head and asks for definition of drunkenness, it is notli- ng more than just and proper' that the court should consider the dkmkanoh of the witness os well as tEG direct testimony in rendering a decision.

AN ADDITION. B. Xewburger, our drygoods merchant, who has been very successful since open- ng ins business here a yearogo has added a department kkady made clothing to his establishment. He bought the stock of the oldest aud largest manufacturing house in Philadelphia, M. Newburger, his brother, for all new, no trading transaction.

A complete stock; latest sty les, lowest prices are the inducements New burger" offers to the trade. The Glorious Rain. Last week we said something about there being ample time to laugh at our fears when everything in the vegteable line seemed burning up, so hot and dry was the weather. Last Monday night the hot and dry spell was- brokeu by a glorious rain and a cooling temperature. Since which time up to date (F.iiday morning) there have been several fine showers.

These ra-ins pratically put the corn crop out of danger and ensure a large yield. The reports from all over the state show the rain fall was general and in soSte places very heayy. Ed. Sun: The Union Labor man, of Liberty Township, met at the Byron. School house Thursday evening, Aug.

1, and organized a Union Labor Club with 16 members. The meeting was addressed by Messers Gray and Wise of Coffey and apeeeches were made by Several other gentlemen. A great deal of euthusl asm was manifested and evnry body-seemed confident of succes in the coming contest. The regular time of meeting will be Thursday evening of each week Every body of ever party affilia tions, and especially tho ladies arelnvited to attend. Ed.

Kinyon, Secretary Fred Shenk having reached his twenty first mile stone in the jourrfeyof life last Wednesday, his parents resolved to hon or Iho occsion by giving him a surprise party. Accordingly invitations were sent out and a goodly number of young folks gathered at the parental abode, Wednesday evening where they spent the hours in a manner befitting the occasion, Mr. Fred was greatly surprised of course, but having been in the butcher business some time he was not easily "cowed," so stood the oideal pretty Willi. May his twenty-first anuiversury occur many times before being called hence. The National W.

C.T- T. are planning to erect a magmncijnt temple in the heart of Chicago aud the women of the laud aie enlisting in the grand enterprise with a spirit and zeal that en sure suc cess. I no temple as proposed win cost $830,000 and this vast sum is to be raised by whatever plans or methods the women can devise. The following clipping from "The Union Sionai." of august 2ud wil 1 serve to show the inventive genius of a typical W. C.

T. U. woman who with 300,000 wore will, ere long, te' the fruition of their hopes in the triumph of the prohibition cause "No more sweet and blessed gift for the Temple has yet been received than a cheek for $20, which was forwarded a few days ngoto MisR Pugh by Mrs. S. S.

Weatherby of Le Roy, Kansas. The money was earned bv her two little boys, Eddie ind Roy. judging from what their mother says in her letter, it would not be surprising if these two dear children should keep to work until they earn a sufficient sum to entitle them to have their names inscribed on the mnrble pan YATKd CJCNTER KANHAB OK ovur l.aivli A Moti Uinlwara HUne, ft ub rlitUun yenr advuuan. FAKMK118 HMll.H. Mbhi'uanth Htrr toi.

PltlNTMlH Wll.l. HMU.B I.Al kK O.N. Tlie Irwt of llm old corn is now coming Flunk LnnHi Is buying and shipning horses. Clean up your alleys and tUui luve a doctor Mil. FOR 8.0,15.

A span of largo mules, enquire at tills oltlcc Tlie Independent-Sun for twonly live cents for tbo campaign, Subscribe for the SON. Only 26 cents for tne campaign. Flsk ami Brooks badges" for stlo at this office at fivo conl8 ouch. If ho (Fry) was drunk, ho was for I drnnk too" gays Milt Jewitt. Paint your buggy for $1.00.

R. I). Webster co. soil the paint. The Bittul of Hope leaves have at last, arrived and will bo used next'sunduy.

The Yates Center Gas Co. expect to re sume operations at the gas well at once. The Santa Fe folks arc tearing up one of their switch tracks at this place. P.Grandma Shippey and her little grandson, Hartwell, are visiting In Lelloy this week. A car load of Milburn hollow axle wagons just received at H.

D. Webster Oa'r real estate men are Vying'with each other in showing the bur corn In our couDty. A little child of Sir. Oswould north of town died early tlifs week from cholera Infantum. I.

M. Jawitl's youner child has been very sick with Summer complaint, but, is better now. Harry Coblontz has been on tiio sick list for the last two weens but is eonra fe9ciii'g slowly. Henry Snyder and wife of Leltoy are visiting Mr. D.

II. Eurt's family of this place, this week. "If I was drunk yesterday I am today' said Col. Jim, after which the Court tie cided him "guilty." "I confess that I drank yesterday and again today" says Col, Fry "but I wasn't drunk for all that." Mai Plumber wanted to take back his plea of "guilty" as he had "sworn to lie" in convicting himself. TWENTY-FIVE' CENTS WILIj PAY FOS THE UNTIL AFTER KLEC TION.

SUBSCRIBE NOW. The doctors report a great deal of sick ness throughout the country, principally fovcrS anil bowel complaints. "No drunkerthan says Jas. Kee ney in reply to Frys query: Do you con sider that I wta'drifnk yesterday? Great God! to what depths will some men descend In order to shield their fel lows from the charge of drunkenness. The farmers are pretty well agreed that tho corn crop of will be the largest ever raised in Woodson county.

Jas. was down from Kansas City Wednesday last, he reports fine rains in the northeast corner of the state. B. Dobyns has added! a stock of gro cedes to his already large stock and wil take all kinds of produce in exchange for good's. Where was' the prosecution in the liquor trld when Jewitt zTiid, "I know mcrre about this case if you wish to question me." Joe Vanclevc secured the contract for the erection of-the new schoolroom He is to fprnish all material and finish the building for $380 Our streets present a busy scene nowa days.

Many farmers come to town to help in the general rejoicing- over the rain and tho prospects. A pcf son writing a letter last Wednes day could properly arrange flye 8's in line. When can the like properly be done with any other figures. We leafn frfanrlMr. Jas.

lieeney that quite a number of CHttle died from the effects of the terrible heat in the Kan eas City stockyards last week. We romraend the article entitled "Th two edges of the sword" to our Republican friends who are declaring the Prohi bition party to" bo a democratic nex. They were only talking politics, you know, that caused the marshal to make the arrest, probably only discussing the merits of the "ringing" temperance plan in the Chicago platform. Our farmers should save all the hay possible, as it is sure to bring ar good price if kept for the spring market, or if fed to stock at home in greater qnantitie it will pay in the increased value the stock. We wish to make a correction iu a statement we' made some time since when we said that Mrs, A.

J. Graham had sold her resident' property to Mr. Davi Gaiiey. It should have been Mrs. Matilda Gailev.

We understand that Mrs. L. A. Carpen ter and sister, Mrs. D.

E. Gardner, to- eelb with their children expect soon leave for Empotia where they will make their hoitic and send their children school. Mrs. A. h.

Falcr is expecting a iocj of Ladies furnishing ifoods, loc'ii'itn drc-'S trimmings, Ac, also ludi iirtderware, which she will open up in few days. Call on berat herpiucc of 111 of to If Do tiiii oi i l.i 1 1 14 una tunc ii is mu: ly lo he cut short the dry weather. Mr, II. II Winters and Mr. Lewis lutye a variety of fair sized corn Unit they tiro (or ut.leii it Mr.

Winter Is) cuuiiigtip now, the corn being fully matured. GfeouiMo on tho lieh bottoms a litter variety will resist the dry weather longer, but the safest plan seems to be to plant an early variety every where. A iming Establishment. Wo have spoken frequently of the profit and ndvatituges of a Canning fuctory tor our town and country, Iu view of the Immense quantity of early corn, tomatoes, piuplunt, and all otherklnds of fruits and vegetables raised in tho country tributary to Yates Center, it certainly seems that it would well pay the Investor to engage in the' enterprise. With a good plant established, our farmers, and fruit growers would soon furnish an abundant supply of cannabic fruits and vegetables.

They would thus find a reud-y market for their produce and thousands of dollars puss into their hands where now their perishable produce is often an ontiro loss. There is no such thing as overstocking the market in cunued corn, tomatoes, for they are sihple'ar-ticles and are always in demand. Tho cost of canning is small compared with the profits mid if properly canned, tho goods will keep for a -lifetime. Who will undertake this enterprise? By all means let us hare a canning factory. The fourth quarterly convention of tlie Eveitt 3.

8. Association will convno at C. IV Howard's grove mi. west of Vernon on the 10th of Aug, 1838, at 10 a. m.

PROGRAM. Devotional exersises II. B. McIIugh. Use and abuse of feswm helps J.

M. Purccll aud J.N. Shannon. How to draw parents into the S. DyKcman and Rev.

Craig. lauNi'-it. 8. S. lesson by classes.

1 Bible class J. if. Shannoa. 2 Bible class S. B.

Dykeman. 1 Intermediate F.Wilklneon. 2 -0. B. Norton.

1 Primary Mrs. J. N. Shannon. 2 Mrs.

M. M. Frevert. True source of power in the S. S.

work B. F. King and J.D. Smith. Reports of schools.

Election of officers. Miscellaneous business. Program interspersed by music from Gospel Ilymus. Basket dinner. Come everybody with well filled baskets.

A. J. Crooks, Thos. Bell, President. Secretary.

Belmont Fruit. Corn will be King. The heaviest ruin of the season Mou- day night. A good portion of the hay crop is the stock. Wolves are making trouble lu this lo- T.

II, Wix is building a new and substantial barn "Tom" did not come to Kan. for his health altogether. Mr. Pearsoll aud his twin daughters attended the prohibition meeting at the Lovctt Sell del. house Tuesday evening of last week.

Mr. Chas. Young lately returned from an extended trip through Wilson, Elk. and Greenwood co's. Ue reports many additions to the U.

L. parly. P. Start made uite a mistake in counting tho Belmont Prohibitionists, but we will not be hard on him for while counting, ho was reading the Saloon keep er's temperance plank in tho Republican party platform and persuading himself that it would hold the preachers and S. upts.

But it failed to do it. Wise birds are not caught with chaff, U. P. Start. "Paul Kevere's ride" has been read and forgotten by most of our boy's, but two or three of them having each a tooth fur tho festive watermelon, will not soon forget the midnight ride of Thomas Wix.

I. A. Wooten and family have just arrived from Kiowa Co. Their home will be in Belmont for a time. This adds one more Prohibition vote to Belmont.

The next meetihg of the fit'. Pleasant Prohibiton Club will be held at Oak (Zmvn Or.1,,,.1 lmnuu milium UVU.W 4HUaUHJI IVUUlllg Aug, 21. Iu tlie Poliece Court. Major Thos. Plummer and Col, J.

B. Fry were arrested last Wednesday on a charge of drunkennessand brought before Judge Chellis who yisited upon each the five dollars and costs. The Ma the democratic party of which he is a typical member, plead guilty at the start, aud thus shut out all discussion, but the Cob, like the Republican parly of which he is a typical member, plead not guilty and thus necessitated a trial. Several witnesses were examined, one testifying that the Col. "was no drunker tbnn usual" another that if ihe Col.

was drunk lie was too as they had drank together, and the Col. himself testified that if he was drunk yesterday he was drunk-today. In accordance with this testimony the Judge passed sentence as given above, whereat the Col. made a speech and grew eloquent, and said that iu the face of the over whelming testi mony to his innocence if justice was UCDieu uiui mi; niaiiitau uuiu aiiuillll be torn from bis lofty perch and hrs tail- feathers dribbled in tbe He also stated as a reason for his acquittal of the charge of drunkeness that he hatl done a great deal for the town, in the way of building the ch trclies, and the school hoti'ei iu the town and county, and ,,,,..,,1 his in tlienrmv. whil had trv in I if nrmv win Hi ronmrkMl didn't think the point inaiie bv the orator ud an v- thing to do with ie eue.

Tlie Col. then jidered nn ar-peal to the Hist, court where 1.3 li'ipi a to see tlie "dribbled'' iil fcitllieis of the American entile plumed anew nnd Ui bird himself restored to ihfit lofty por-ition to which the pium lo rf "pr'rsoiil liberty BUCKEYE, WALTER A. WOOD MOWERS REAPERS. A FULL LINS OF II AUNG TOOLS. MOWER REPAIRS LUBRICATING W.

COBWEB SCtTA-IRE, Yates Cenlorv ilt. Wear. a. n. li m.

Oeiiev Not 10: p. in 10: 10 in S3: Ms. m. Neosho Kail' IMS p. in Yates Canlarl :0 p.m Frslfibt leaving Kansas Uly i arrival it Yatts Caatsr next aiiiruluf at IX in'eldrV-Tkroifk tUkeCi :6 ill points Bust, West, Norlli luitk.

Bui'tJt checked through to duslluft-l. Tf od duyllgut route (or Kansas City. M. Kii.lekbkuuiiii, Agent. Mo.

Pac. V. V. I. T.

Division South Bound JfY. all Dally Em. City Wlnflald ffxp. 8.65Ytu il Kan. City Mull 4.10 4411 Freight 7.00' pjnj North Boitii I Io.

481 Dally Kao. City Itxproas 1I.M a JK- "Mall Express 1.00 pin 4T "Ftelght 18 t'arry passengers Whin provided with tickets. By. Ft.Siclt Wichita Western Dtv, ifcst BrfnM No'. 4 Dally Kan.

City Express. S.Wam 4M St. Louts Mall Exp. lO.fflim Freight 7.1S Knat Bound. 1T, 482 Dally Kan.

City Express 12.30 a 464 Bt. Louis Mall Exp, 4.10 pm 4M Freight Iti.W gleaper and Chair Car runs through from St So Wleblta without changa. freight trail attar 44 Carry paeecngera when provided with VT. Bdlsa Agent xM-nu'An city EQUIPPED (F1TE FREE RE cm iXG CHAIR WITH 5 JtlL-ST BETWEEN tnsas City 4. Pueblo Denver VTA THE "Colorado short Line" V.miBR AflBKT P.


Bt. Louia Mo. A'tThSf' TATBSBWVirf MifiBii'fii WORKS JDaal la all kJnda at Foralgn and' Domeittc Mar tM. soanmastai wora a peciaii; II. C.

SMITH, ATT0ItMY AT LAW. faWt dtnter KBsas. tTOBaa la Yates Center Bink. THE TOFEKA CAPITAL. Tb Cheapest and Beet Ka ml ly paper" ZMadMrs.

HudBona Story, wrlt-Ws expressly fur the Topeka Capital. fHi.WaaklT CBnltnl.nntjllfhcd at Topeka. k-oaea. Sa column, frit ctaaa family newapa It fives the Inteisf telegraphic, and Btat Bwa, reports of aH important tieclinpii, political Mltrtnna ajid sdeiitific crtnvintlona bold at the apHal of the atnte. Every eitiain of Kana akonld take a phj er'glvfng the proceedinge of the Wftalatnre and newi front the capita'.

All wha anbac.flba once will have I)en(lt af Mra. J. K. Hudson's aiory, "Esther, the Gen-fta," which will be continued ench weyk for elev-a weeka commencing Nov. 17.

Competent judges bo have read tills story inniannscript pronounce oft of great lntcrrst and strength, carrying aflth It a powerful argument against the Mormon taiqnily, JW. Hiiuson, who has contributed stauy aketifaea and abort to the Kunsna Famer In ycara past, aut.i' Tiro Capital, and Is not an milre atrangor to Ksnsna reuders, Tba Weakly Capital, the price of which la 11.00 par year, and the iKDityEKiiKKT-Stm will bo sent any address yearfor $1 The cash must teoMpany tbo order. THE KANSAS FARMER. Fke Kaasaa Farmer, published at Topeka, has ofu enlarged to a 20 page, 80-colnmn paper, and ilia price reduced lo 1 a year. It ranks among the Boat P0lers In tho country, and for Kansas farmers rt la tha best, because it ia made an specially for them.

It Is now 24 yeara old, is imdiH-ird by practical fanners, and publlihed wbolly in the interei'tef agriculture in tba broadest sen of the word. rt F.Mimr iiiiljlifhes full crop, ana alker reports for the rntiro state rvven times a year. It also publishes, weekly, Hat of ll tba atsay anlninla takesi any part of the stale. VY have arranireineiiUJ whersby we con offer Tsa lin)rNriiT-bra sort Hie Kansua- Farmer, bh pspereone year for 81.H0. This is an oppor-tsDlty to gat two needed papers for a very small sella J.

Thonnn4 spp'tnillnri. fir pnlenls in I the L'niiid snd Vorenn eoim. II t.i.. in anr.M'Si-M of the i continus toset I fc ..1 I 1 Unild tluio, and ia otitia paUota in Can.U, Ens; I and. ail othAr countries Ibelr export no.

ofieqaaiei aodthaic laeilities are ausur- Dwrln'ana "twHScatilns pt'narod and Slid ta Wis Patent (ft oa sriorl none. Term, verf Io charts fur examination of modsiS at Airtct hy free 'iirjM'i Mnan APo.ara noticed Bb iK.IK.ST I Kk; AM I-'. Il li- A which baa lar eirmiatiTO and 'he nit InilueDlial ew.t.wr it it kio'i pulilih4 in toe wor.a. Tt ado'a snob a aunt every patent Tan larnes" sptMid'y newspaper (a WKKKI.Y at rt)a r-ar. and is admit'-i be tn best papw tfoted to fe.alit!.

inr-iiintia, eMrrtwm wrVs. ana eji.r oirtranta of progrm. put ii ftfif it yriiR oamta of a1 and title of frF pa'yt4 atlh mri Try it 1-it asnit.a tor one daiiar. B--. .1 ail It Tc ba an i A P'lb1 Mim to rtnt write io hrs ol Aiasneast x.a atw-J sseili fra.

ADDITIONAL EDITORIAL. Kaunas Weekly Weather He port. Furnished by the Kansas WeiUher Service. Abstracted from the week ending Thursday, July 20; Precipitation. An average rain fall occurred In the northern tier of counties cast of Iho 'Republican rivur and iu Douglas, Johnson, Wyandotte, southern half of Leavenworth and liorttieastern half of Over the rest of the Stales a deficiency occurs, -which Is quite marliod diagonally across tho State from the northwest corner to the southeast corner, and is most decided in the.

extreme southeast counties wheie no rniu has fallen. Temperature and Sunshine. Tho Tem perature and amount of sunshine have ranged above the average in tho Southeastern countiMs, below the average in the northeastern count ies, while over tlie rest of Ihe Stales they have been normal. Result the Western counties the recent rains have brought the crops forward rapidly. The conditions have improved somewhat in Mitchell, Osborne, and Rooks, but aro not encouraging ill Llsworlh, Russell or Ellis.

In the north eastern counties the improved conditions continue unabated and all crops are fine. In tho southeastern counties the week has proved a trying onu for corn, much oi wnicu is nring oauly, hile some is permanently injured; prairie grass also is drying, compelling the farmers to begin mowing to save their hay. In the counties south of the Great Bend listed corn is doing well, but corn put in with the planter ia being touched. T. B.

Jennings, Signal Crops, Assist. Director. TOl'KKA REPORT. Abstract for llm week ending Saturday, July, 2S, 18W: Temprntiire. -lllirhest atU p.

m. Olson Thurs day and Friday, the ail and 37; lowest at same hour 70 on Tuesday 21th. Highest recorded dn ring-tho week, on tue HMvAad 27th; lowest' Gl'onthcVth. Rainfall. Rain fell on four dnyn, 21th, 25th 27th and 23th.

Total for tho week, 47-hiindrcdthu of an Inch. LIFE OF GENERAL CLLNTOX B. FlSK. This biography, prepared (with the General's approval) by Prof. Hopkins.

who lias enjoyed free access to all tlie General's ptivate papers, is very accurate and complete. It is of pentiancnt and stnndard value to the American people and thousands of copies will be sold, not only among his party members, but also among the masses of tho people indis criminately. It is purely Americun in its revelations national' in its examples, patriotic in all its teachings, and will inculcate in our rising generation the deepest self-respect, and incite to great er energies tlie noblest ambitions. It is the record of. a self-made man; tho biography of a typical American life; charming story, reaching from the log cabin of a pioneer to positions of nation al honor.

When we read (in the narrative of his ambitious boyhood) of his early struggles for an education, and find the hearthstone of 13 cubin floor serving him both as slate and tablo, the flame and glow from the burning logs as his only light, while be, prostrate on the flooi, in absence of-better accommodations, pursues- his studies after a hard dy's work on the farm; when we watch him in his walk of twenty miles to learn from another boy how to pronuncc aLalin diphthong, we discover in him a will commensurate to the way, and find exemplified in him the qualified acceptance of the saying "where there's a will there's a way." Our expectations of great things in the detail and progress of this remarkable man's life tire never disappointed. Nor is it surprising to learn of his intimacy with such men as Lincoln, Greeley, and Gyint; his distinguished record in the civil war, wherein he won his well-earned commissions; his endearment to both the whites aud blacks of the South, t.nd his popularity among the mixed multitude of the North, East, and West; his splendid business career, and noble Christian activities; his championship in many patriotic movements; his eminent soeial quulities, eloquent oratorial abilities, philanthropic spirit, and, essentially, his well-known temperance principles: It is not necessary that one should be an experienced agent to sell this' Biography. A million of our people aro to-day looking toward General Clinton B. Fisk with the greatest interest. The distinguished Standard-Bearer and Presidential Nominee of the Prohibition Tarty is undoubtedly the honored cynosure of the nation iu this campaipn.

Th calumny so freely resorted to by opposing factions in a Presidential Campaign no doubt, be directed against him. Ail this may be effectually mvi by the presentation of facts culled from this history of his life. Bis record is beyond reproach, ithout a stain, and full of honor. All who are in sympathy with the best-interests of their country, who appreciate a charming bock, who would place a stepping-stone of at the portals of youthful ambitiou, mid who would fully inform Ihemselvej of tlie life history of General Clinton B. Fisk, should hasten to secure copies of this Biotmphy.

The above Is a handsomely bound Tol- i Ql 11 an.l V. bra Tllrna 7 hat ue cw furnish ths IU to nuuouiiiu suae, postage prepaid, to all who way. so dearie for ous dollar. Yv nU -DEALER IN Books, Stationery, Notions: Choioo Cigars and Candies. At The Post Office.

GENERAL NESS. Yates Center; A1BWADD NATIONAL EXPOSITION, KANSAS CITY, MISOURI. Tho National Exposition" of im City will open September 10, 1SS8, and continue till November 1. This Imposition, by reason of Kansas City's location its prosperity, and the prosperity of ths rich surrounding region, offers larger I. duccmenU to exhibitors than any othsr.

exposiaion in the country. Ths Classification will embrac pre ducts of the forest, Sold and mine; machinery in motion and mechanical appliances; art and architectual designs; inter 'or decorations; in short all meritorious objects, methods and processes, whether Industrial, artistic or scicntlficstuceptibls)' of being displayed at an exhlbitioa tf this character. I have several Resident houses for sala from three rooms up to slcht rooms anal Jn th, best in mfl knnw wlut kln4 of towns. 1 rnn a nfl uh Improved farms as fine as there is in tbV Ot unlrv. A Inn a house and lot in Eldorado Butler Co, Ksu.

W. F. Brew-- HHNBBiL II Sold at Lowest Prices, 7 inwork done on short notice. SOUTH DE SQUARE, YATISOlNTia Dress Making, Cutting and fitting to be found on the west side over the hardware store. Minnie Connelly." Give ns a share of your job work.

We can show you something new by way of letter heads, and at lowest prices. For Sale, I have 10 acres of land adjoining the Santa Fe depot south of town which I will sell at a bargain if sold soon. Title clear. A splendid chanco to make a beautiful home and fruit farm. Enquire at this office, W.

B. There will be a Senatorial Convention of tho Union Libor party of the 13th Senatorial District of Kansas, composed of Allen and Woodson counties, held iu tho tho city of lola on Saturday the 11th day of August. Ie88, at 1 o'clock p. m. for the purpose of placing In nomiiiatisn a cand Idatc for stale Ser.aio.

Hid the tranwu. tioa oi sucti oilier business as may prop erly come before the convention eounty will be entitled lo 10 delegates. By order of committee. els or WHlanl Hall. eat lierlty IMn nrn-ste-l him had foutht writes: "Inclosed find $20, which Bebc! side, Ac.

And yet boys. Eddie (age twelve) and Roy (aire notwitlislsii.ling all this testimony elubt) st-ini to the 1 empuruticc Temple lbe rdusedto change his decision fund. Ihe money was earned aewmg, carpet rac-j for me at five cents per pound, r.nd reprrsents nirtny hours of pa tient working and pricking of little buy ih fingers. 1 hey are pow "eeds Iroin tlie wild Bowers on our prairies, whicu they propose to niter for ile in little packe'a at cents each, the proceeds to go to the 7tmxk-, I cast side tf the.

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