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The Independent-Sun from Yates Center, Kansas • 4

The Independent-Sun from Yates Center, Kansas • 4

Yates Center, Kansas
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Christuras line of Cos. at other City, ons, nuts, large to E. you and us and in need of anything in THE WOLF PHARMACY exhibiting and offering for sale the finest line of Ever Brought to The City. No Last Year's Styles, All New and the Latest, Call and see Them, WOLF WEIL, Pharmacists. To Trade.

A valuable farm for stock or grain for a business house in. Yates Center. WRIGHT. GULF ROUTE. Kansas City, Ft.

Scott Gulf R. R. Offers you the most pleasant and desfrable route to Kansas City and all points east. north and west; to Memphis and all points south. At Kansas City connections are made in Union Depot with all through trains for Chicago, St.

Louis and the east; to St. Paul, Denver, San Francisco, Portland. the west and northwest. Via this line, entire train with Free Reclining Chair Car and Pullman Buffet Sleeping -Car runs through to Memphis, Pullman Sleeping Car through to Jacksonville, Fla. There is no other direct route from the west to Jacksonville, Pensacola, Nashville, Chattanooga, and all Southern cities.

This route via Ioxie, is over one hundred miles shortest line to Little Rock, Hot Springs, and points In Arkansas. Write for large map and time tables, showing through connections. Before purchasing your tickets, call upon a ticket agent of this company, or write to the undersigned for rates. rates and arrangements for parties and their movables, going South to locate. Send for a copy the Missouri and -Kansas Farmer, giving full informaLion Southwest relative Missouri.

the cheap Mailed lands free. of J. E. LOCKWOOD, Gen'l Pass. Ticket Agt.

Kausas City, Mo. Don't Fail To come to Phillips Phillips' and see the line of dolls ever brought Center, and they are largests to be sold at bottom prices. 16-tf .1868, -TH 4 KANSAS CITY TIMES THE KANSAS CITY TIMES keeps ahead of Kansas City, the most prosperous city in the United States. THE TIMES building 16. just completed, and is fully equipped with new perfecting presses, new type And a double plant of new machinery.

THE TIMES never lags, As a newspaper it 18 better than ever and is rapidly increasIng in circulation. It covers all the rich territory of which Kansas City is the trade tenter, and has no equal as an advertising medium. BY MAIL -IN ADVANCE -POSTAGE PAID: Daily and Sunday, one year $10 00 Daily and Sunday, six montha. 5 00 Monday, Wednesday and Friday 5 00 The Sunday Times (double number), one The Weekly Times, one year. 1 00 Address all communications to THE TIMES KANSA'S CITY, Mo.

Postmasters authorized to receive subscrips Mons. TREES! Woodson County Nursery, 7 1-2 Miles South West of YATES CENTER, -AND10 Miles East of Toronto, Keeps on hand everything called for In the nursery line. 18 Good fret -class apple trees from 2 to 4 years old at I0 cents each of $9. per hundred: Other stock in proportion. good assortment of Evergreens; Hedges, ke.

Call and see stock before giving your order to some distant nursery. darI will save you money. M. V. B.

PEARSALL. Car load of fence posts just received by Carney Curtis. 18-tf. Car load of fence posts just received by Carney Curtis. 18-tf.

A nice Hanging lamps at R. D. Webster Notaing nicer present: 18-tf: Mr. Pheny, who lives on Cherry creek, reports a loss of eleven head of cattle. Same old story--from letting them run in the stalk field.

Farmers should certainly take warning from this. Some one blundered in transmitting or copying a telegram which called J. P. Ford to Princeton last week. It stated that bis mother was dead, but when he arrived there, he found it was his father who had died.

There was quite a speck of war between two of our prominent citizens last Tuesday. It occurred in the pro- a bate judge's office, but prompt interference of friends prevented serious outbreak. Keep cool. gentlemen. Remember! The Prohibition Club will meet next Tuesday evening.

Everybody in- a vited, and the members are especially requested to be present, as business of importance is to be transacted. W. S. SHIPPEY, Sec. A herd of eleven thoroughbred Hereford cattle, raised in this county, were purchased this week by H.

W. Swain, who owns a fine stock farm near Burlington, la. The purchaser shipped them on Wednesday for Burlington, by the Santa Democrat. Mr. Elliot, who lives south of town, brought in almost a wagon load of hides Tuesday.

He turned his cattle into the "stalk field," and as a result lost twelve head in one day. He told us that everyone who let the cattle run in the fields were meeting with losses. Geb. Wille, who has been living in Kiowa county since last spring, is quite sick. Mrs.

Wille cane back here 8- few weeks since, by rail, and George was expecting to follow soon to spend the winter. She returned home this week to attend him. Col. J. B.

Stockton and Miss Lettie Hall were united in marriage at Eureka, last Monday, by the probate judge of Greenwood county. They came back here and remained until Thursday morning, when they left for Arkansas City, where the colonel will engage in business. Attention, Sons of Veterans! Every member of Geo. D. Carpenter camp should be present at the next regular meeting.

Saturday evening, Dec. 18th. Important business demands attention. A. F.

Captain. The people along the line of the Mo. Pacific between this city aid Independence are very anxious to know when mail service will be put on that road. The Benedict Echo thinks that the mail service is very poor when it takes a newspaper four days to come eight miles, with a railroad in tion betweell the two points. Jim Vaughn desires us to state that a representative of the Chicago jewelry house of whom he buys his goods will be here to-morrow.

(Saturday 18,) and anyone desising to purchase a fine Christmas present should come around and look at his goods. They can get anything they want. He carries the goods with him and you will get what you buy. Railroad Assessment: In respouse to a request from Perry towhship we would state that the assessed valuation of the St. Louis, Ft.

Scott Wichita railroad in this sounty is $6,494.47 per mile, and of the K. T. is $4,977.14 per mile. The V. V.

I. W. was not completed i in time for the last assessment. The roof of the naw court house is ready for the slate, and high above it vaults the frame work of the clock tower, upon which the carpenters are now at work. When completed the building will look more beautiful, more grand and imposing than is indicated by the pictures of it which many thought were -Fredonia Democrat.

ON pure toaj III.M nox puy friosque InaDeuo Red pus og quop 'MOU nos 'pred 401 ST 41 108 poo3 (00) nos pind st wondrosqns anol J1 spiom yeeds 01 em My quip ur nos pure peer 04 pear uo pa 10 'unop faded aus um, 104110 04 puq JO Williams' Little Duchess Combination gave two performances here this week, Monday and Tuesday evenings. We have not space to notice any distinctive features of the entertaintainments, but will say that both evenings were highly enjoyed by those present. All members of the pany performed their parts with credit to themselves and pleasure to the audience. Matie Williams, the star of the combination, is a brilliant actress, but we think where all carried their parts so well it would be tice to give precedence to any particuJar member: Fine Work. We noticed a fine, well finished buggy, all setup ready for business in W.

H. Kaltenbach's store, which led us to enquire if he was running a livery business in connection with his mammoth dry goods and clothing establishment, but he replied that in order to reduce his large Stock of goods he was going to give that buggy to his chstomers. Every cash etistomer will get one chance at the buggy with every dollar's worth of goods bought. The drawing to take place April 1, 1887. Low prices will continue to be the rule.

For further particulars call at the store. Millinery goods are being sold at greatly reduced prices by 18-2w BOTHE Gause. Fall line of candies, oranges, M. Curistmas cakes a specialty. 18-2w With this issue I retire from business: that la to say, from the active business connected with the newspaper business; (fighting editor) and have disposed of my interost in Tam SuN office to Mr.

J. A. Overbey, who will continue the publication. Dear readers, treat Mr. O.

kindly; he's young yet, and knows nothing about fighting, but he is one of the ablest writers in the state, and will continue to send you one of the best papers in the state. Wishing you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year, WILL SEE YOU LATER. I am Respectfully, R. R. WELLS.

Sumner Holcomb, who has been in Butler, for some time, to answer charge of murder, returned home last week. The jury was only fifteen minutes and returned a verdict of not guilty. He was met at the train by many of his friends here, who welcomed him home. Sumner is a young man of promise and we note with pleasure the fact that his character was vindicated by the law and a jury of his peers. The trouble out of which this charge originated took place some time ago, and the fact that Sumner has been on bail, and with the consent of his bondsmen left Missouri and came to Kansas, with nothing to bind him to return but his honor as a man, proves that his friends in Missouri had great confidence in his integrity.

-Toronto Topic. Holcomb Acquitted. The jury in the case of the State of Missouri against Sumner C. Holcomb, wherein Holcomb was being tried for his life for the killing of night watchman Aleshire, returned a verdict, Friday evening, of acquittal, after being out only a short time. It will he remembered that Holcomb shot and killed Aleshire on the night of March, 1888, while resisting the two night watchmen, Kelley and Aleshire, who were attempting to disarm him.

Holcomb was indicted by the grand jury for murder, and at the November term of the Bates circuit court was tried, convicted and sentenced to twenty years in the penitentiary. The case was taken to the supreme court and remanded back for a new heariug on the ground, in substance, that the nightwatch had no authority to arrest and search him without a warrant, while he was quietly walking the streets, making no disturbance. and that if said search was attempted it was in the nature of an assault, and defendant had a right to repel force with force, even to the taking of life. (Mo.) Times, Dec. 1st.

MARRIED. MARRIED. Sunday. Dec. 12.

1886, at the Pearsall School House, by Rev. J. C. McQuerry, Mr. 1som Wooten and Miss Josie Pearsall, both of Belmont township.

The happy couple will please accept the thanks of the SUN force for a bountiful supply of and our best wishes for their future happiness and prosperity. At the residence of the bride's father in city on Wednesday, Dee. 15, 1886, Mr. J. J.

Reeve to Miss Watson, Rev. C. E. Creager, officiating. The groom is a young man of good character and his choice of a partner for his life's joys and sorrows, he has exercised good judgment.

The bride is a daughter of W. A. Watson, of this city. Immediately after the ceremony they left for a visit to Jacksonville, Ill. We wish them bon voyage.

the residence of the bride's A parents, in Emporia, on Thursday, Dec. 16, 1886, Mr. Fred L. Garland to Miss Hattie C. Bouser, formerly of Defiance, this county.

this city on Wednesday, Dec. 15, 1886, Mrs. Naylor, relict of Henry Naylor. Her maiden name was Shelley. She was born in Pennsylvania in July, 1807.

and wss in her eightleth year at the time of her death. She had for a number of years been a member of the Evangelical church. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. Troyer end Rev. Shuman yesterday at 2 o'clock, P.

after which the remains were interred in the cemetery north of town. PERRY PICKINGS. L. Wayman is in favor of the bonds. Some of the farmers, are making good use of the fine weather by plowing.

The St. Louis, Humboldt Western R. R. Wants bonds in Perry to the tune of $10,000. Most all the farmers have quit pasturitig stalks as no cattle are dying that are not on stalks.

Our bachelor friend on section 20 is solid on prohibition and opposed to R. R. bonds if he does have to sleep alone these cold nights. The Hurney Brothers will lay their farin out in town lots as 80011 as the St. L.

H. W. R. R. is surveyed.

Out good looking merchant at Center Ridge thinks that a two year old heifer makes very tough beef, but juiby and well flavored. Our Prohibition friends at the fall election talked very lond about principle. Some of them don't talk so loud about R. R. THE Sux shines very hot 011 some of our anti-prohibitionists.

P. H. Notice. Ail parties contracts for soft having coul at reduced prices are requested to get same out by Dee. 20.

17-tf JONES Co. I haven stock of Xmas goods, an before don't fail see them buy. C. FLORENCE, 17-tE O. Book Store.

Neosho Falls Items, The meetings at the M. K. church still continue. Will Michener painted the ceiling of the now opera house. John Dice is running his steam wood saw, and wood is cheap.

Prof. C. A. Bishop will spend the holidays at his home in Emporia. The infant daughter of Mr.

and Mrs. G. W. Neighbarger was buried last week. Miss Fanny McFadin will rest from her school work and spend Christmas at Neosho Falls has another feather in her cap.

Belva Lockwood is to lecture here the 30th of this month. The Wagon Tongues still wave. The Elder has gained a much needed moral equilibrium by attending the revival meetings. Mrs. Parks, from Nebraska, and Mr.

and Mrs. Stewart, from Yates Center, were visiting at W. F. Tennyson's last week. Should an organization of female "wagging tongues" be formed here, the male members of said society would be nowhere.

The health is so good here that our M. talk of forming a medical colony and starting for a place where somebody is sick once in a while. Bob Adams says he'll never again vote for a man that will get drunk if every voter would say the same, some office seekers wouldn't get elected by forty-one majority. The Congregational 8. 8.

will celebrate Christmas by making the children happy. That's the only true way to celebrate what should be the happiest day of the year. B. H. King, one of the most successful farmers in the county has recently lost two valuable brood mares.

with a mysterions disease that baffles the skill of all the horse doctors. At the meeting of the Prohibition Club Tuesday euening two more members were added to the executive committee. It now consists of 0. P. Haughawout, Nathan Jones, W.

F. Tennyson, Ellis Stevens and Mrs. M. J. Hamilton.

Arrangements were made to right royally receive Van Bennett and Hawkins, who will be here Saturday evening, the 18th. The former talks and the latter sings of prohibition. MAY WINN. Dissolution. The partnership heretofore existing between the undersigned, as Overbey Wells, in the publication THE SUN, is this day dissolved, by mntual consent.

J. A. Overbey will continue the business. J. A.


13, 1886. Every body goes to the P. O. Book Store when they want a bargain in Xmas goods. 17-tf Go to the P.

0. Book Store for all kinds of Xmas toys. 17-tf Don't Fail To come to Phillips Phillips' and see the largest line of dolls ever brought to Yates Center, and they are to be sold at bottom prices. 15-tl Go to Troyer Co: for your Holia day candies. Nice candies cheap for cash.

18 Best brands of cigars. 18-2w J. WILCOX. Fine line of vases for Holiday trade at E. J.

BEAM'S. SOLDIER OVERCOATS at cost at HARRY BELTZHOOVER'S. The "sleekest" line of Gent's clothing in the city at Harry When you buy a Christmas present, be sire to first examine Jim Vaughn's stock of gold watches, chains and charms. Gents fine wool shirts, neatest and cheapest in the city at Harry Beltzhoover's. 18-tf.

Fine stock of jewelry at Vaughn's. We make a specialty of Ladies and Gents' fine shoes. Call and see us. Harry Beltzhoover. 18-tf.

Jim Vaughn has a large stock of beautiful silver ware for the table. Every body come in and examine our goods and prices; it will cost you nothing to look. We are sure we can save you money. Harry Beltzhoover. Bociety charms and pins at Vaughn's.

Don't fail to see those fine shawls at Harry Beltzhoover's. 18-tf. Nice line of cake stands at J. BEAM's. Be sure and see those elegant Dress Flannels at Harry Beltzhoover's before they are gone.

18-tf. Seventeen lbs sugar for $1.00, and 9 lbs good roasted coffee for $1.00 at E. J. BEAM's. Fine line of spectacles at Vaughn's.

Candies, oranges, lemons and nuts at E. J. BEAM'S. I have moved, and can now be found at W. H.

Kaltenbach's store, with a large stock of watches, jewelry, silver and plated ware for holiday trade. 18-2w J. W. ELLIOT. Heating Stoves at cost for cash at R.

D. Webster Co's. 18-tf. See those ruches. bills and midnight zephyrs at BOTHE GAUss's.

Tie P. O. Book store is looming up with Xmas goods. 17-tf "Espanola" is the name of a new cigar, manufactured expressly for Wolf Weil. It is a hand made, havana-filled 5 ct Organs! Organs! will sell ORGANS at Actual Cost if bought before the 1st of '87.

No Humbug About This. Sell the Famous Estey and Western Cottage Organs, Fully Warranted in Every Respect for 5 Years, and Will Cive You Your own Time in Which to pay for it. I GIVE A STOOL AND BOOK FREE WITH EVERY ORGAN, JUST THINK, An Organ, Stool and Book $60. Yates Center, S. S.

HOLCOMB. THE SUN. PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY AT YATES CENTER, KANSAS. Office over Lewis de Sons' Hardware Store. Subscription $1.50 per year in advance.

If not paid in advance, 82.00. W. C. T. U.

DIRECTORY. President. Mrs. E. A.

Templin. Corresponding Mrs. E. Paler. Mrs.

Dora Wells. Treasurer. Mrs. J. Wilson.

Supt. Dep't. Social Purity, Mrs. W. 8.

Shippey Supt. Dop't. Evangelistic Work, Mrs. 1. A.

Geary. Supt. Dep't. Franchise and Petition Work, Mrs. A.

E. Supt. Dep't. Juvenile Work, Mrs. Al.

Grahar. Supt. Dep't. Press and Literature Mrs. Dora Wells.

Regilar meetings at6 held every Thursday afternoon at 1:00 o'clock. SUNBEAMS. Cherry Creek has a dramatic club. Calvin Ernst started to Coronado Monday. J.

W. Beard, Noosho Falls, was in the city Tuesday. Dr. Kellenberger reports a new girl baby at Rev. Mollugh's.

Hon. T. Dwight Thacher, of Topeka, was at the Central yesterday. Jim Keeney: and John Savidge came in from Kansas City Sunday morning. Hon.

Rodolph Hatfield, of Wichita, was registered at the Central last Friday. W. L. Kean, of Kansas City, was selling groceries to our merchants Tuesday. This office is under obligations to Rev.

J. C. McQuerry for favors extended this week. A. A.

Stewart and J. W. Buchanan made a business trip to Ottawa last Friday and Saturday. H. H.

Hubbard, of Reece, came in yesterday morning to attend the funeral of Mrs. Naylor. J. A. Barnett, of Toronto, was in the city Tuesday, on his way home from a trip to Moran.

H. A. Newman has become one of the fixtures of Yetes Center, and will make his home with us. Pr. R.

Wells is assisting Treasurer Stewatt in collecting the semi-annual rents, at the court house. The Union elevator and Southern Kansas depot at Chanute were burned the evening of the 14th. The Literary Society at the Kalida school house is now in full blast, and meets every Wednesday evening. Frank Landes started last Friday morning to Kiowa county. It is a busness tour and he will return in a few lays.

Mrs. H. II. Hubbard, of Reece, is in the city, having been called here by the illness of her mother, Mrs. Henry Naylor.

Mr: Beaver, from Illinois, is visiting the familly of M. Parish. He Mrs, Parish's cousin, and will remain till after Christmas. F. M.

Bell has rented the Hogueind building on the west side and ill move his restaurant business to bat location soon. Win. Briscoe and wife, of Perry township, old time friends of ye editer. were in the city Thursday. Mr.

B. came in to pay his rent. D. M. Brower, who now lives in Edwards county, was in the city Thursday and Friday of last week.

He is well pleased with his present home. Mrs. Cora Curry is in Nevada, where she will visit a few weeks at the home of her brother-in-law, Mike Curry, Division Road Master on the Mo. Pacific R. R.

Wednesday afternoon four men were severely, and some of them, it is feared, fatally injured by an explosion where they were at work in a cut Off the new railroad. Ed Grossman arrived Monday morning from Washington Territory. He says the Yates Center colony are all doing well, and that I. M. Jewitt is rapidly regaining his health.

L. Wilkerson received intelligence of the illness of his little daughter who is staving with her grand parents at Ottawa. He left for that place Sunday afternoon. Tom Powell went to Wyandotte Sunday night to attend the trial of the cause in which the Powell heirs are contesting the title to some Wyandotte real estate. A protracted neeting is in progress at the Christian church.

Rev. R. L. Lotz, of Emporis, will be Trere to-morrow to assist fit the meeting, and will will remain several days. R.

D. Webster, of Osage City, came down Saturday night and returned to his home Monday. He is a member of the popular firm of R. D. Webster hardware dealers, but as yet lives R.

Osage Mr. Marple being the meinber, and cesnitig kore. A. A. Stewart de Cou ABSTRACTERS, Land, Loan Insurance Agts.

Post office Building. Yates Center. H. I. DICKERSON.

R. H. OPDYKE. YATES CENTER BANK. Exchanges Bought and Sold.

Prompt Attention Given to Collections. INTEREST PAID ON TIME DEPOSITS. References. Correspondents. Freeport National Bank, Corn Exchange Bank, Chicago, Ill.

Casa County Bank, Armour Bro's Banking Atlantic, lowa. Kansas City, Mo. Dickerson Wood, Third National Bank, Atlantic, lowa. New York. Money Loaned on Real Estate.

DICKERSON OPDYKE. To Boom the Business. A. Offers New Attractions for the MONTHS Abis assortment bought for cash, must and will be sold At Hard-time Prices. Headquarters for Dry Goods, Notions, Boots, Shoes, Clothing, Groceries and Queensware.

Still another advantage; I will take 1, 2, 3,4 and 5 year-old Heifers and Cows in exchange for Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes, and pay cash price for 'Southwest Corner of Square, Yates Center, Kansas. An Immense Line of aNV WINTER GOODS Just Received By W. H. KALTENBACH THE LEADING Dry Goods and Grocery Merchant. CALL AND SEE ME.

South Side. Yates Center. DIES. W. F.

BREWER, Real Estate and, Loan Agent. All kinds of property bought, sold and exchanged. Yates Center, Kansas. One section of land, all fenced. 100 and lots.

A good stock ranch. Terms FOR SALE OR FOR SALE. acres cultivated. House, stable, shede easy. Within 3 miles of town.

EXCHANGE. 200 acres of farm land. Good Drugs prefered; would trade for other chandise. 80 acre farm for house, cattle or merchandise. 16 acres adjoining townsite for horses, cattle or merchandise.

5 acres in town, good house, stable, fruit and shade trees. 3 houses and 6 lots for merchandise. 1 1 1 1 house and 3 lots for good team and part cash. 1 house and 14 lots for horses and cattle. house and lot.

Price $850. Good location. Plenty of soft water. house and 1 lot in Lamar, to exchange for house and lot in Yates Center, Kansas. All the above and other property for sale or exchange at once.

Call and see me, up stairs over hardware store, horth side of square. Money to loan on improved farms. Will do the best I can to dispose of any. property entrusted to care. No sale no commission.

A reasonable cominission on all sales I make or help to make. JOHNSON BROTHERS, DEALERS IN Furniture, Undertaking GOODS, WALL PAPER, CARPETS, We have a complete stock of Coffins and Caskets, Parlor Suits and Chamber Suits. EASY AND ROCKERS. Be sure and come see when our line. We shall try to please you give you entire satisfaction.


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