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The Erie Sentinel from Erie, Kansas • 5

The Erie Sentinel from Erie, Kansas • 5

The Erie Sentineli
Erie, Kansas
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THE ERIE SENTINEL, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1922. PAGE 5. NEIGHBOR- For Clerk of District Ceurt. I hereby announce that I wiQ be a candidate for re-election to the office of Clerk of the District Court on the Democratic ticket at the Ne-' veznber election. MRS.

ESTELLA M. ROTH. (Political Advertising.) HOODNEWS 5HELLENBARGER 42. A Stitch in Time Saves a Lot of ObHury. John V.

Poiseit Sr. was bora near Avon, Dl, Ferruary IS. 1844, being nearly 79 yearn old the time of his death. He lived with his parents until 1866, when the West appealed to him, Coming to Kan Baa in May, 1868, he settled on a homestead where he remained until death. He was married to Rose Mary Smith at Osage Mission on May 2, 1878, and to this union were born ten children, of whom only five survive.

They are William, John V. Oscar, Mrs. Alma Madison and Fred. Also four grandchildren. Mrs.

Poisett, his wife, died July 16, 1922. He died Trouble 'e ton and family. C. E. Johnston and Elmer rev da I of St.

Paul spent Sunday morning wrta tL E. Johnston and family. (By the Pupils Miss Gladys Swaa Teacher.) Edw. Richardson was trading in Erie Saturday. Mr.

and Mrs. L. C- Deweese spent Wednesday in St. Paul. Mrs.

J. R. Oliverson spent Sunday afternoon with Lucy Foxworthy. Mr. and Mrs.

W. 0. Johnson were NEVER Has a depositor, complying with the terms of the law, LOST A DOLLAR when deposited in a KANSAS STATE BANK operating under the Bank Depositors' Guaranty Law, THE BANK OP ERIE operates under that law. Capital and Surplus, $60,000.00. We will appreciate your business and try to give you real banking service.

Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Johnston spent several days of last week with Mrs, Woods and Mr.

Williams of St Paul There are people living in this community who do not know the convenience or value of an account with this bank. Every little while, bills are presented that you think have been paid," and yet you cannot find the receipt. If you can show a cancelled check for the payment of a disputed bill there will be no Mr. and Mrs. C.

E. Turner and after a few days' illness, on October 19. 1922. Chanute visitors Thursday of last son Omar spent bunday with Mr, and Mrs. 0.

Compton and little soe. week. Mr. and Mrs. Otie Simmons of OnVy 91 year for aa S-page real newspaper The Erie Sentinel.

Kansas City wre in the neighborhood Thursday calling on old friends and looking over their old home where OFFICERS AND DIRECT0R3. Asa Wilson lives. TRY A Leila Evans, Fay Weast, Verna Weast and Roscoe Allmon visited our B. W. Garvin, Cashier.

Howard Nation, Asst. Cashier. Marion Johnson, President L. R. Kyle, Vice President MADE-IN-ERIE MUSICAL COMPOSITION W.

T. ALLEN. President, further argument. W. E.

CRAIG, Cashier. E. A. CRALL We Wl11 06 lac to serve you. GEO.

GASTON f. a. johnson ALLEN STATE BANK school Friday afternoon. The follow. ing program made the afternoon en joyable to all present: Flag salute by the school.

Song by the school, "loday is Miss Vera Nooner of Chanute is visiting her sister, Mrs. L. C. Whit-worth. The pupils expect to start their work in sewing and manual training this week.

Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Whitwortb spent Sunday with Mr.

and Mrs. Guy Sample. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Willson spent Sunday with Mr.

and Mrs. Harry Butler and family. Clyde Easier of Erie spent Thuirs-day, Friday and Saturday with his friend. Eill Whitworth. Mrs.

EdVrar King and Mrs. Mac Ellis are visiting their sisters, Mrs. Harry Butler and Mrs. Carl Willson. Mr.

and Mrs. James Parker of Illinois are visiting Mrs. Parker's sister, Mrs. Will Johnson, and Mr. Johnson.

There was no school Thursday and Friday of last week as Miss Swan attended the State Teachers' Associ Monday." "Since You've Gone Away" A Semi-Classical Waltz Ballad Who can find tha most words formed from the letters in the word Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Edwards of top kafir corn Saturday. Mrs. George Clemans visited at the J.

N. Clemans home Sunday. Chanute neighborhood spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W.

S. Edwards Policeman in five minutes? Pauline Evans led with thirty-seven words. Walker McCann spent Sunday with and family. Song by the primary class Loie Johns. Loretta Lander, Ella May Mr.

and Mrs. G. R. Lowe and Everett McCann and family. Anders and Alta Johnston.

Short memory verses from the Lyric and Melody by LESTER A. WOOSTER Music by DORA STEINMAN Supervisor Music Oswego Schools 30 cents a copy WOOSTER STEINMAN Erie, Kansas. primer were siven. Miss Alta Debler helped Mrs. L.

J. Heaton clean house last week. Mrs. M. E.

Edwards called on Mrs. 0. L. Clark last Wednesday. Mr.

and Mrs. Sanford Miller made a business trip to Chanute Saturday. Orland Ellis spent Saturday night and Sunday with Loyd Whitworth. Who can name the most objects in the school room which begin with the letter in five minutes. Fay daughters, Maxine and Neva, attended the surprise dinner at Ansel Samples' Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. R. Lowe and children. Eileen, Roy and Verl, spent Sunday with Mr.

and Mrs. Joe Lowe and son Wayne. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Coover and Mr.

and Mrs. Clarence Brown and twin babies of Parsons spent Sunday with Mrs. A. L. Coover.

ation at Pittsburg. Weast led with thirty -nine words We have You need Mrs. P. J. Hudson anh daughter Reading "by Mrs.

Kious, "The Rail Lima left Thursday for New Mexico Ray and Birtha Stout played with road Crossing." where they will make their new home, the Ermey children Saturday eve- Very 'brief readings were given by PROFESSIONAL CARDi! the followmer: Francis Wil3on. Mar Mr. Hudson expects to join them in mng. a few weeks. O.

L. Clark and M. E. Edwards Mrs. L.

C. Whitworth and daugh-! have been working on I. N. Whit- LADORE DIST. NO.

37 C. M. Brobol R. B. Smith ter Lorraine and son Bill, Mrs.

Chas. SMITH ft MMRIT Basler and daughter Alta and son Clyde were Chanute visitora Thurs wortns car. Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Miller spent Sunday evening with Mr.

and Mrs. J. N. Franklin. The Baker children were absent from school Thursday and Friday day of last week.

Let us supply you-now. IVAGGEHER'S BEST PAIHT ALWAYS 01 UAHO Grain, Flour, Feed, Field Seeds, Etc. We want your Poultry, Eggs and Cream. (By the PupilsRalph C. Houghton, Teacher.) Frank Oler's visited WiB Oler's Sunday.

Miss Mary Reasor gave a party at jory Landers. Idell Johnston, Donald Johns and Albert Bolander. Reading by Pauline Evans, "Safety First" Exercise by Omar Turner and Agnes Hall. "Looking Forward." The last half hovr was devoted to a geography match in which both pupils and visitora took part. Pauline Evans and Agnes Hall choosing sides.

Visitors are always welcome to SALEM DIST. NO. 56. on account of sickness. L.

J. Heaton shipped two carloads fce' at Melvin Bolinger was visiting (Written by the Pupils Imogene of stock to Kansas City Thursday Oral Buddenhagen's Thursday. for the Farmers Union, III I I II IA UHUUUI I LAWYERS i Practice la All Coarta. Fi Means BIdg. -Offloee- ConklinBU.

I miE KANS' J. M. HUMPHREY i LAWYER HFks Kansas Earnhardt, Teacher.) They are grading the roads past Mr. and Mrs. Frank Malson and our school.

TURN TO PAGE EIGHT TIE ERIE FARMERS' the Geonge Winans home this week. family spent Sunday at the Frank Miss Marguerite Bartley of Erie Blaylock home northeast of Stark, visited our school Thursday after-! Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Miller and noon. Mr.

and Mrs. Rolla and son at- Special attention given to finishing Kodak pictures take your films to EATON'S DRUG STORE. Mr. and Mrs. John Marshall spent Ruth Oler entertained her cousin, Esther Oler, Sunday evening.

Mrs. Buddenhagen and son Willie were Parsons shoppers Saturday. Oral Buddenhagen and Ivan Brene-man entertained each other Sunday. Mr. and Mrs.

Frank Oler and family were shopping in Parsons Friday. Bertha Wagner and Louise Long visited Ladore school Tuesday afternoon. Inez and Willie Buddenhagen were Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Roy Dyson and family.

tended the first number of the lecture course at Stark Thursday evening, which was given by the Little Theater Co. of K. U. Among those who attended the Mr. and Mrs.

George Sprenger E. A. CRALL, Manager. Stations: ERIE KIMBALL TRENT visited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.

M. Hendricks of Erie. surprise at Mrs. roicerrs tunaay Mr. and Mrs.

Foster Babbs and were: Mr. and Mrs. 0. L. Clark and guests Sunday of Louise and Charles daughter Nadine spent Sunday with family, Mr.

and Mrs. I. N. Whit- (T TXT TT hit. ana lure.

w. r. nawes. worth and iamuv. Mr.

ana iwrs. LAWYERS Chanute, Kansas Miss Balsora Simmons of Parsons Orval Ellis and son, Mr. and Mrs. (Finrt published in The Erie Sentinel, October 27, 1922.) IS THE DISTRICT COURT OF NEOSHO COUNTY, KANSAS. Josiah W.

Babcock Plaintiff vs. No. 9911. L. Rlnker et al Defendants PUBLICATION NOTICE.

State of Kansas to R. L. Rinker, Bessie C. Rinker. his wife; and H.

T. Nelson. Greeting: spent the week end with her cousins, Frank Whitworth and family and Long. Mr. and Mrs.

Boyd Reasor were guests at the home of T. A. Reasor'a Sunday. Mr. and Mrs.

Maynard Wagner visited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. George Wagner. Edna. Georgia and Hilda Simmons, Mr.

and Mrs, Art Franklin and sons. Mr. and Mrs. Will Madl and family of near St. Paul visited with Verlyn Richardson and daughter Sat LIBERTY DIST.

NO. 29 Isabell and Clarense Harris were urday. You and each of you are hereby DR. F. R.

HICKEY ERIE. KANSAS. Special attention to diseases of fi women. Office in the G. C.

Dntton 1 residence, opposite the Sunflower Hotel Phone 190. All calls promptly answered. Miss Ruby Earnhardt of Parsons entertained 'by Oral and Lottie Buddenhagen Sunday. Louise Lonsr and Charlie Budden notified that you have been sued by Josiah W. Babcock in the above en spent Saturday night and Sunday atj WALL PAPER WALL PAPER Before you huy hz sure to inspect our large stock of New Patterns which are of fered at VERY LOW PRICES.

Alsc many remnants and last year's patterns at less than cost We will please you. Phone 146. A. WiilTE. M.

Main St. titled cause in the District court ol (By the Pwpils Opal F. Oliphanti Teacher.) (Last Week's Items.) L. F. Deweese and famflv went the home of her parents, Mr.

and Mrs. L. M. Earnhardt. hagen called Sunday evening at the Mrs.

J. M. Phelps and son Maurice! DR. H. J.

MILLER spent Sunday afternoon with their i nutting1 Saturday. Neosho county, Kansas, and that you must answer the petition filed by the plaintiff in said court on or before the 19th day of December, 1922. or said petition will be taken as true and judgment rendered thereon accordingly arahi8t you and each of ciaugruer ana sisier, mrs. xuiipn Willie Deweese has been absent Earnhardt, and family. from school all week.

home of G. E. Buddeahagen. Mr. and Mrs.

Frank Oler and family visited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Oler and family.

Mrs. Florence Pruitt and children, Ladona and Darrel. spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. C.

J. Wagner. We are all elad to hear that Mrs. Mr. and Mrs.

Artnur Simmons and p. M. Brown and familv went to daughter Balsora of Parsons spent Ft. Scott Sunday morning. DENTIST SPECIAL ATTENTION TO PLATES AND BRIDGE WORK ill Over Olson Mere.

Co. Erie, Cans Jl Phones Offl 303; Residence, 24g Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs.) Mr. and Mrs. A.

T. Pontious via-Chas. Simmons and family. ited with Mrs. I.

J. ComDton. Rav Ewine. who has been at the hospital, has returned home. GET YOUR iCW.MEANS Mr.

and Mrs. O. J. Moore of Par-j John and Willie Houghton spent sens and Mrs. Maurice Callahan and Sunday evening with Samuel Yockey.

children of Girard spent Saturday Mr. and Mrs. L. Gibson spent with their daughter and sister, Mrs. Sunday evening with S.

E. Gibson. Oswald Bamhardt. Lyman Gibson and family visited Mr. and Mrs.

Andy Hinee and sons with J. E. Dribble and family Sun-and Mrs. George Winans and sons. I day.

Verl and Cleo, and daughter Mildred Mr. and Mrs. Bob Audiss spent motored to Dennis Sunday to attend Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. S.

the home-coming picnic. i Yockey. Mr. and Mrs. V.

L. Showalter via. ROMAN DIST. NO. 89.

Lwitshunday Mrs- you, foreclosing the mortgage on tne real estate hereinafter described and forever barring you and each of you of and from any right, title, claim or interest in or to said real estate, to-wit: The northeast quarter (NE4) of section twenty (20), in township thirty (30), south oir range eighteen (18), east of the sixth principal meridian containing 160 acres, more or less, according to the government survey, Neosho county, Kansas. HAMILTON HAMILTON. Attorneys for Plaintiff. Attn S8TKLLA M. ROTH, (Iwi) Clerk Distriet Cenrt GLADYS RICE, Deputy.

(Pbet Published im the Erie Sentinel Window Our school was dismissed Thursday and Friday while our teacher attended the teachers' meeting at Pittsburg. Misses Louise Long, Bertha Wagner. Cora Reasor, Viola and Blanche Bussinger spent Friday night with Mies Mary Reasor. SHAW DIST. NO.

6 (Written by the Pupils James Hav-iland and Eula McGowen, Teachers.) Tommy Hudson spent Sunday night with Nathan Hole. Everett Strange is installing a jack Meinmitz ana cmidren ami DENTIST Opposite the PocftofJta, Erie, Kana. UNDERTAKING Mrs. L. J.

Bailey and children went nutting Sunday. J. E. Steinmitz attended the surprise supper Wednesday evening at (Written by the Pupils Esther Greve, Teacher.) S. Wheeler is making a cellar.

Audrey Crapson spent Sunday with Lola Ermey. Henry Crapson visited the Rush school during vacation. Henry Crapson visited Sunday afternoon with Glenn Cox. I Mr. and Mrs.

John Kyle's. free air station in his garage at Faye and Loren Trammell spent We carry a complete steak Undertaking Goods. We also ha ft Licensed Embalmer ready to Shaw. The people of Shaw neighborhood inloaded a car of coal at Shaw last Saturday. Emory Kelsey and Keith Knetzer visited the Meeker school, on Friday of last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Terfertillei spent Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. S.

C. Yockey and family. Mr. and Mrs. R.

N. Audiss and family spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. S. C.

Yockey and family. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Blair and son spent Sunday evening with Mr and Mrs. S.

C. Yockey and family L. J. Bailey and familv and Miss Friday at S. C.

Wheeler's. NOTICE OP FINAL SETTLEMENT State of Kansas, Neosho County, ss. DJf THI PROBATE COURT OF SAID COUNTY. In the matter of the estate of Alonzo P. Parker, deceased.

To all creditors of and other persons interested in said estate: You are hereby notified that I wish to make final settlement of the above-named estate, and, having filed Bertha McGuffey is working at the I serve yon. Calls answered day Harvey House in Chanute. AT JOHNSON SON NOW Don't wait until the snow comes and the cold winds make you put pillows where panes ought to be. GLASS is a lot cheaper now than it once was. JOHNSON SON Dealer fen Graia and AH Binds of Building ERIE KANSAS Mrs.

Nelson from Salma is visit ing her sister, Mrs. J. A. Peterson. Irene Foster is back in school after being absent for five weeks with the whooping cough.

Fave and Loren Trammell spent Opal Oliphant attended the surprise or night. Day Phone, XI. Night Phones, 162 and 188. ALDERSON BROS, ERIE, lAKBia. Sunday with the McGuffey children.

supper Wednesday evening at Mr mv renort in said court. I will on James Rice loft Shaw Thursday Mr. and Mrs. O. S.

(Jiaus and and Mrs. John Kyle's. evening to go to Elgin whese he, the 18th day of November. 1922, at i 1 1.1.5 l4.n. 1 1 II 1 Xl is ironic to worK tnis winter.

daughters were trading in Chatiiitel Thursday FATR VTTCW NO 4fi W. E. Brookshire, who has been John Thornton and daughter Mabel 'm i ill for several days, underwent an spent Sunday with George Thornton by the Pupils Esther 1UU WUC operation the first part of this week. S. C.

Haviland bought the gas well on his place at sheriff's sale last IKE SUNFLOWER HQTEL Mae Clifton of Walnut visited Fleming, Teacher.i Grandpa Moffit is on the sick list MARY V. LONG, Proprietor uie nour oi iu ciock a. in uic probate court of said county, in the city of Erie, Kansas, present said Teport and my final account to said court, and sfso my claim for compensation aa executrix of said estate and for attorney fees and expenses incurred in the administration of said estate, and ask to be discharged; and at the same time an application will bo made to said court for an order finding and adjudging who were the heirs, devisees and legatees of the said deceased. Dated this 19th day of October, 1922. EMMA J.

PARKER, Execntrix. Mary and Myrtle McGuffey spent uiuay. i.T- Corner Main St. and Fourth Ave. V.t i 4:1 ro Will hi.

onill li ERIE. KANSAS. irom weanesaay evening uum ouh- wu hmj day with home folks. slj l'st- J. N.

LaRire, at Shaw the first of the week. Mr. Wood comes from the vicinity of Pea Ridge, Ark. The children enioved their vacation 1 rumun naywaro. visited Lex and Homer Copeland Sundav.

while Miss Greve attended the teach We are going to have a pie swpper (Fiat Published tn Che Erie Sentinel October IS, 1922.) IN TUB DISTRICT COURT OF NEOSHO COUNTY, KANSAS. Don't forget the pie social at Fair View Friday night, Oct 27. Luther Rush of the No. 8 neighborhood has a new Ford car. Mr.

and Mrs. Ray Edwards and as Shaw some time before Thanksgiving. At present we are looking forward to the pie supper at South Valley on Friday night of this week. ers' meeting at Topeka. Faye and Elijah Matlock came homo Sunday from Chanute.

Their mother was operated on Saturday. Mr arA Mrs PnmnVipll and dilll.o'h. Anwe J. Wilson Plaintiff Katurdav nitrht and children went nutting, Saturday. will be rendered and watered in said action cancelling and satisfying certain mortgajre for (235.00 which mortgage was filed for record on tb 25th day of October, 1873, and is recorded in Book of Mortgages at page 615 in the office of the register of deeds in Erie, Neosho county, Kansas, and covers that part of the N.

E. VI lying east ol Flat Rock creek in Sec 18, Twp. 29 south, Range .1, east in Neosho county, Kansas, and forever excluding you and your unknown heixa, devisees, administrators, executors and trustees from any interest title, estate, HORSE-SHOEING We now have an, expert horseshoer and will give your work prompt and careful attention. Call on us for anything in the line of iron or wood work. COMER LARUE The Bell Telephone company is going to move the Shaw school's flag pole so that it will not interfere with their wires when they set their poles over out of the way of the new rravel road.

OAK GROVE DIST. 20 vs. Jams R. Wilson Defendant PUBLICATION NOTICE. You are hereby notified that jro have been sued in the above entitled' court by Annie J.

Wilson who seeka divorce, alimony, care and custody of the minor children. That plaintiff's petition is on Sunday with their daughter, Mrs, Mr. 'and Mrs. Marvin Cravens took Henry 'McGuffey, and family. supper with G.

C. Watts Sunday Those who visaed the Cook family evening. Sunday were- Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lewis Whitworth.

our road overturns, Grandpa and Grandma Cook I seer, is improving the roads in F. V. nnd son Jaws, Mr. and Mrs. Steve I district.

Trammoll son Bill. Mr- and Mrs. James A. Lowe and Grandma Fowler spent Sunday at rkTOrn "Mr Kn Mrs. Lee Lowe's.

(First published ia The Erie Sentinal. October 27. 1922.) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OJ NEOSHO COUNTY, KANSAS. J. L.

Tye and wife. Addie Tye vs. C. B. Daudson and his unknown beirs if living and if dead the executors, adnvnistrators, devisees, trustees and assigns of said deceased person or persons Defendants PUBLICATION NOTICE.

The above named will in said court and you must answer 1X1 IV t) oil LlOii xiv. fu. Mrs. H. i Mitchell and daughters TAT rUTi Potion on or before the 27 CM Krirk Burn.

SRIE, KANS. (By the Pupils Mrs. Fred Kioua Teacher.) Miss Berry v'sited our school on Tuesday evening. Mr. "and Mrs.

P. G. Johns spent F'-rdav in Parsons. i Rolla (By the spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. F.

Miller, Clarence Ellis and children. i Mr. and Mrs. Luther Rush and Teacher.) LADIES visited Raimon Mere Dr. take that he has been sued a3 Rock creek in Sec.

18. Twp. 3 south, Raivre 21 east in Neosho county, Kansas, or any part thereof and such other and further relief will be given plaintiff as to the court may seem proper and for costs of this d'lup-htfr called on Mr. and Mrs. H.

F. Mlttht'll Sunday morniaf. Coover will lead the Chris Mr. and Mrs. C.

E. Turner mads riefonda-mt bv J. L. Tye and wife, nvrt with business trip to Parsons Wedncs- Addie Tye, in the district court of clay. Nc-osho county in the state of Kan- tian Endeavor next Sunday nieht day of November, A.

D. 1922, or said petition will be taken as true ana judgment rendered as prayed" for. Given under my hand and seal of the said court, at Erie, Kansas, thi 12th day of October, 1922. Attest: ESTELLA M. ROTO.

(Seal) Clerk of the Dist Court SMITH BROBST. Attorneys for Plaintiff. v'nitwl T'lvl Whit- Oct. 29th, Everybody is invited. Mr.

and Mrs. Chester Wierles- aim nnd vou must answer the petition 1 action. Whn irrecular or xuppwised Triumph Fill. Safe and depedaMt in all proper cases. Not sold at dro stores.

Do not experiment wUh ethers; save disappointment. Writefoi "iMit-f" nnd particulars, National Medical Institute, tfilwauk. WU- Svrdwy. deftnted acain last kafir corn day by Oak Grove at ball hut nevertheless wo enjoyed the game very worth left for Atchir.on Sunday of rMnt'ff fiW in said court on or.T. F.

MORRISON, mornir-g. Ibeforo the 6th day of December, Attorney for Plaintiff. Mr. Newton and 'amity of St 1 1922. or said petition will be taken Attest: ESTELLA ROTH, Pari spent Sunday with H.

E. John- a4 true and judgment and decree (Seal) Clerk of District Cour at tfii Odin Tia'vim helped Rolla Millar much..

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