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The Towanda News from Towanda, Kansas • 3

The Towanda News from Towanda, Kansas • 3

The Towanda Newsi
Towanda, Kansas
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VOICED ALL THEIR THOUGHTS NEWS FROM THE LEGISLATURE i HUSBAND TIRED OF SEEING WHAT THE LAWMAKERS ARE DO ING AT TOPEKA. XD(DnQ9fi; Office Boy the Only One of the Crowd of "Mourners" Who Was Truth- ful In His Speech. The treasurer of the bank was dead. Wordvhad just been received over the telephone. It was shortly after business hours, and as if by common con Interesting and Important Happenings in House and Senate During Past Week.

HER SUFFER 1 A.r". The Senate has repealed the law passed by, tne ly xi, icsiaiature t5S.a I lishing the sanitarium for tuberculosis at Newton. A subcommittee of the Senate and House ways and means committees made an investigation of the sanitarium proposition! In a report it urged that no appropriation be given for the building at the institution because the Santa Fe railroad, the Newtcn water company and the Newton electric light company were attempting to "hold up" the state on ratesvf or water and electricity and the Santa Fe wanted about three times too much for building a switch to the site. It was also charged that the price asked for the land was exhorbitant. A bill was introduced and passed without debate to abolish the institution entirely.

Procured Lydia E. Pinkham's The executive and judicial "budget for the 1913 session of the Kansas legislature has been completed by the If you have catarrh and are neglecting it you are doing a great wrong to yourself. In time it will undermine your whole constitution. You cannot begin too soon the work of shaking it off. Doesn' require any great effort.

Begin today. House ways and means committee. It Vegetable Compound, which made His Wife a Well Woman. shows a saving of 1107,878 over the appropriations made by the 1911 legis lature for the same departments. The executive and judicial budget is the MiJdletown, Pa.

"I had headache. Appropriation Dill to pay the salaries backache and such awful bearing down sent, all of the employes gathered together in a little group. "I feel as though I had lost a brother," said the assistant' treasurer. "I shall never get over it," added the cashier. "It makes, me sick," whispered the paying teller.

"It I very, very terrible," murmured the receiving teller. "I shall think about it all night," remarked the bookkeeper. 1 "It's awful awful!" said the clerks. There was moment's silence, then the errand boy spoke. "I wonder who'll get the job?" he Everybody gave an involuntary start.

The errand boy had been a mind) reader. Puck. and expenses for all state depart pains that I could cot be on my feet at ments, trie salaries of tne supreme timet and I had organic inflammation so' badly that I was not able to do my work. court justices and officials, and the salaries of the judges of the district courts and the stenographers of these I could not get a good meal for my hus band and one child. My neighbors said courts.

The total appropriations two they thought my Buffering was terrible. My husband got tired of Beeing me years ago' were $1,437,184 and $1,329, 826 for 1913. suffer and one night went to the drug The following shows the appropria store and trot me a bottle' of iu tions for the various departments proposed for the 1913 bill: Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and told me I must take it. I can't tell you has a curative effect tipon all mucous surfaces, and hence removes catarrh. In Nasal Catarrh it is well to cleanse the passages with Dr.

Sage's Catarrh Remedy while using the "Discovery, as a constitutional remedy. Wkv the "Golden Medical Discovery 'eradicates catarrhal Governor 37,000 BY MOONLIGHT. The senate jhas backed up on its former defeat of the bill creating a state fire marshal and after a long debate has passed the fire marshal law. bill creates anew jab fourth expense of the department is to be paid by tne insurance companies. A tax of as much as 1 per cent of the total fire insurance premiums is to be levied against all the fire insurance companies doing business in the state.

This money will raise about $15,000 a year to pay, the expenses and salaries of the fire marshal and his in-, spectors. The inspectors are to visit business houses and residences, and compel the removal of combustible materials which might cause fires. The fire marshal is also given authority to condemn fire traps. I Fed like m. New Woman" Mrs.

Benj. Blakb. of Port Dover, Box 86. write Lieutenant governor 14,000 Secretary of state 33,200 State accountant 12,000 all I suffered and I can tell you all that your medicine has done for me. I was greatijf benefited ronoi the first and it has made me a well woman.

I can do State auditor State Superintendent of insurance. all my housework and even helped some affections, of the stomach, bowels, bladder and other pelvic Catarrh. indigestion, femal. 1 1 itSSSSi0? organs, will be plain Co you if you will read a booklet of extracts from the writings of eminent medical authorities different doctor' care, and .1 Attorney general of my friends as well. I think it is a 26,400 30,000 20,800 30,400 90.026 113,800 30,100 106,000 Executive council Adjutant general "wonderful help to all suffering women.

I have got several to take it after see- wouia gm oener lor lime ptlfinrsinor 1TQ lflOTRn RHTS II 1 1 1 1 eXDiaiIJJ.Il LI1CI1 LUlallVC UlUUti" eet Superintendent public instruction Public utilities commission Board of while, then I would id go sown nmotinn ill 1 1 J. all with chronic inflammation 22,800 ing what it has done for me. Mrs. Emma Espenshade, 219 East Main St ues. 11 is mauea ircc uu rcqucau through me.

cor umpteen years I bad this poison in my blood. After trying nearly everything I got worse. I read tate library Board of control 33,600 Tax commission 33,406 Middle town, Pa. "The "Discovery" has been put up and sold in its liquid form for over 26,600 Livestock commissioner 1 Board of health Th Pinkham record is a proud and hon- orable one. It is a record of constant Bank commissioner Medical Adviser of Dr.

pierce5? 40 years and has gven great satisfaction. Now it can be obtained of medicine satSrh0 dealers in tablet form as well. A trial box sent prepaid for 50 one-cent stamps. caiaDlBcoverT'nd 'pleasant Address Dr. Pierce's Invalids Hotel, Buffalo.

N. Y. and have used flva bottle oi Dr. Sage Catarrh Supreme court 71.800 86,500 91,750 4,000 17,900 10,800 5,000 2,600 victory over the obstinate ills of woman ills that deal out despair. It is an established fact that Lydia E.

Pinkham's Oil inspector State architect Traveling' library Legislative reference library Academy of science Horticultural society Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellet regulate and strengthen Stomach, liver and Bowels. Assist nature a and then, with a searching ffr.rl cleansing, yet gentle cathartic, and thereby avoid many diseases. Vegetable Compound has restored health to thousands of such suffering I am now able to do my work and walk with pleas ore. I feel like new woman.

I enjoy everything around mm and thank God for letting me live long enough to find some-things hatmariemnwallngain. 7,000 Historical society 20,200 women. Why don't you try it if you Bureau, of labor, including mining: Kansas is not' likely to have a minimum wage, bill from the present session, of the legislature. The Senate committee on labor voted three to two that the bill should not be passed and thus the pleas of the big employers of women were acceded to and the living wage for women defeated. An effort may be made to revive the measure.

Senator Meek, a farmer; Senator Josepr, a banker, and Senator Porter, a rich lumber merchant, voted to kill the bill in the committee. Sen need such a medicine? industries and free employment bureau under law passed at this session 30,000 If yon want special advice write to Veterinary examiners 1,050 Board medical registration 6,240 tn. I'inJtnam medicine jo. tconn-dential) Lynn, Mass. Your letter will be opened, read and answered by a Judg-es district 206,000 Court stenographers 81,600 WHY INCUBATOR CHICKS DIE Write for book saving' young- chicks.

Send us names of 7 friends that use incubators and get book free. Raisall Remedy Blackwell.Okla. QUICK RELIEF EYE TROUBLES woman ana neia in strict confluence. The Kansas women, who "became First Actor The hotel clerk just handed a bill for $10 for our board two days can you beat it? VERY FALSE. eligible to jury service when the equal suffrage amendment was adopted last fall, may not be compelled to serve on SAD-100KING MAN SCORED Second Actor Sure, if I get my ator Huffman, a physician, and Senator King, a farmer, voted for it.

The House already had passed the bill Constipation Vanishes Forever trunk out of the window! juries in this state. The Senate passed the Sutton bill which allows the fixing the minimum wage at $6 a There's full weight Guaranteed in every packaga of HANDS CRACKED AND BLED Prompt Relief Permanent Cure week. women to claiman exemption because CARTER'S LITTLE of their sex. It does not say that women cannot serve on juries, but St. Clair, Mo.

"My trouble began The senate has passed the Corpora-, LIVER PILLS 5 about fifteen years ago. It was what faiL Purely vegei LSPT simply provides that any woman, when summoned for jury service, may tion Tax law, which will raise about $200,000 a year for state expenses. The some claimed eczema. The form the ble act Carter's on plead her sex and the judge of the house had already passed the bill, fix disease worked under was a breaking out with watery blisters on my hands which would tthen dry and scale, and court is compelled to excuse her. but gently the liver.

Stop after dinner dis ITTLE IVER PILLS. ing the tax at one-half of 1 per cent. The senate reduced the tax on small TE then would follow the trouble of Two farm exDeriment stations for tresscure cracking and bleeding, also Itching His "Bluff" Worked, and as a Conse-" quence the Laborers Went Hun-' gry Through the Afternoon. A sad-looking man entered the shanty where the workmen were eating their lunches. He was holding a red can.

"Hey, fellers," he saluted them, "look at this can o' powder I picked up outside. I've a mind to blow me-self up." "Aw, cut out that stuff and beat it out of here," ordered the foreman. The man looked around, then walked deliberately over to the stove, opened, the door and thrust the can inside. There was a yell of dismay and in a moment the shanty was empty. Ten minutes later the runaways returned.

The can was lying harmlessly western Kansas to show the farmers indigestion, Sold in airtight tins only and hurting. My hands were disfig of that section the best methods of improve the complexion, brighten the eyes. farming and to prove that ail of the SMALL PILL, SMALL DOSE, SMALL PRICE. ured at the time, and sore. The trot-ble was very annoying, and disturbed western third of the state is arable Genuine must bear Signature have been authorized by the Kansas my sleep.

This last February it waa ever so much worse than before. I corporations to one-tenth of 1 per cent, but kept it on large corporations at one-half of 1 per cent, The senate also Included the nine hundred state banks, but exempted -building and loan associations and insurance companies which pajf a percentage of the premiums collected. The bill must go to the house and it is expected there will be a conference before the bill can be passed, as the house wants the higher rates and would exempt the banks. senate. One of the' stations is to be in Kearnv Mimtv and the other in did not do all my work on account of Cough, Cold the condition of my hands.

I could Thomas county, both to carry on experiments especially suitable to the not put them in water without mak Has To. ing them worse. I tried a lot of home different sections of the state. Kear "Do you really believe In this home remedies, also salves and liniments ny county is to furnish 160 acres of rule business?" that claimed to be a cure for. the First Chorus Girl What do you think of that report about her hair? Second Chorus Girl False.

land and spend on improvements with the state spending $10,000. "Of course I do. Ain't I married?" trouble, but I did not obtain a cure. on the fire and the sad-looking man was gone. So were their lunch palls.

Thomas county is to furnish the same "At last I saw the advertisement for Cuticura Soap and Ointment. I sent SoreTforoat Sloan's Liniment gives quick relief for cough, cold, hoarseness, sore throat, croup, asthma, hay fever and bronchitis. HERE'S PROOF. Prick, of Fredonla, writes We uae bioaii's Apology. Tou called me a dog, sir." amount of land and spend $15,000 and the state is to pay an equal amount.

MORE ATLANTIC ri 'Oh, no! Some dogs are very fine The Kearny county farm is to be devoted chiefly to methods of irrigation creatures. I called you a. cur." LINERS REQUIRED Up-to-Date Finance. Thomas W. Lawson said the other day of a scandalous financial deal.

"These people traded on popular ig- norance. They were like Calhoun Clay, who opened a bank in Nola Chucky. "All the colored people around Nola v.uxo, oir ocut tuna uii'tcui. uui Ji. Cuticura Ointment and some Cuticura Soap.

A doctor advised me to keep ahead with th Cuticura Soap and Ointment and they cured me com and pumping from the underflow while in Thomas county, experiments in dry The recall of public officials In Kansas is now almost a certainty. The Kansas senate adopted the house resolution for the constitutional amendment providing for the recall of all elective and appointive officers. Some amendments were made, but It is asserted by house leaders who watched the debate in the senate that the house will agree to these. The senate spent over five hours in the debate on the bill Most of this time was spent in the fight on excluding the judicial officers from the recalL Its Style. CONGESTION ON EXISTING STEAM- The child actress in that piece has farming are to he carried on.

SHIPS ON ACCOUNT OF CANADIAN IMMIGRATION. a part which fits her like a glove." "Yes, so to speak, a kid glove." meut in the family and find it an excellent relief for colds and hay fever attacks. It stops coughing and sneezing almost instantly." SIOAM'S The senate ways and means commit tee has completed its recommenda Chucky deposited their savings in Cal houn's bank, and Cal soon began to It Is reported that eight new Trans- tions of appropriations for the state pletely. No trace of the trouble remains." (Signed) Mrs. Mary Taylor, Mar.

29, 1912. Cuticura Soap and Ointment sold throughout the world. Sample of each fre, with 32-p. Skin Book. Address post-card "Cuticura, Dept.

Boston." Adv. wear, instead of cowhide boots and university and state agricultural col Atlantic liners are under construction for the exclusive use of the Canadian Trade. These are being built by the Queen Victoria Detested Tobacco. The nunlber of smoking rooms now distributed over Windsor' castle would considerably astonish Queen Victoria, could she but see them. Her lege for 1914 and 1915, and sent them jeans, patent leathers and broadcloth "Then, one day, Wash White called DDMEKT to the house committee for concur- and at the bank and said: The total recommended for rence.

White Star, Canadian Pacific Cunard Companies. late majesty could never bring herself the university for 1914 and 1915 is 1 In the Day of the Billionaire. to do more than tolerate the weed in $1,246,000 and for the agricultural col- The liners to be built for the White Star are to be of the same type as the Laurentic and Majestic, and will re lege $1,002,500. For the university this A brilliant New- York lawyer said at a dinner at the Lotus club apropos 'I'd like for to draw out njy money, 'Your said the banker, lighting a ten-cent cigar. "'Yes, sah; my "'Your $10 my $10 what I 'posited last is an increase of $266,630, and for the of certain trust magnates: place the Canada and Teutonic.

The agricultural college an increase of Several days ago the House passed bill putting a franchise license tax on all corporations. The Senate passed the same bill but the Senate Inserted in the measure a provision to tax the state banks but exempting building and loan associations. The bill went to the House and in fifteen minutes the House concurred in the Senate amendments and the bill was a law) lacking only the signature of the governor. "Thanks to watered stock and wa Cunard Line's new steamer, Ascania, $25,500. If these figures stand, the any form, and the smoking room was always relegated to a very distant part of her various residences.

Nor were the guests permitted to solace themselves with a quiet smoke in their own apartments, as on their arrival they were specially warned not to do so. university will receive $668,784 less tered stock is criminal abroad-1 these men are indeed rich beyond the has already completed successfully her maiden voyage from England to RELIEVED SORE THROAT. Mrs. l. Brewer, of Modello.Fla., writes: I bought one bottle of your Liniment and itdidmeall the good in the world.

My throat was very sore, and it cured nie of my troublo." GOOD FOR COLD AND CROUP. Mr. W. H. Strange, 3721 Elmwood Avenue, Chicago, writes- "A little boy next door had croup.

1 gave the mother Sloan's Liniment to try. She grave him three drops on sugar before going to bed, and he got up without the croup in the morning." Prlco, 25c, BOcm, than it asked fox and the agricultural dreams of avarice. college $242,500 less than it requested. Montreal, and her sister ship will be 5 A. summer.

'Why, man shouted Banker Calhoun Clay angrily, 'don't you know the interest done et that up three months xauncneu eany next year. "If the watering of stock is allowed to keep on we'll hear our billionaires Each institution got only one new building. The university was given a It Is predicted that the Canadian Northern will not be slow in following laboratory at Rosedale, and the agri talking like this some day: When the Sun Will Die. It may be said unqualifiedly that The Senate has passed in commit cultural colege an animal husbandry 'Hullo! There goes Jones in bis 300 horsepower car. Do you know tee of the.

whole the bill giving the barn. the sun, like every other thing connected with the present order, will the example of the other big concerns, as It is a matter of common belief that Canada, more than any other In the world, will be the country of the fu bini?" state fair to Hutchinson. The bill carries an appropriation of $5,000 a year to help pay the premiums offer A hospital for every county in the Sloan's Treatise on the Horse sent free. state for the care of the sick and for 'Do I know him! Do I know Why, man alive, Jones, and. I were struggling young millionaires to ed at the if air and the conduct of the fair Is to be ir the hands of a general hospital purposes is proposed in the bill which passed the House the other day.

The bill was intro New York Times. ture, and the best field for investment by shipping interests. An official of one of the companies already building steamers for this trade told the American yesterday that the ideal steamer for this service Automobile Aroma. Farmer Hiram was mending the front fence when an -automobile whizzed past, emitting a trail of blue smoke from its oil-choked engine. Farmer Hiram's hand went to his noseJ When the car had disappeared far down the lane and the 6mell had died away he ventured to address the hired man.

"Sam," he said, "they may be swell city fellers an' all that; but they certainly was- smokin' some vile see- finally cease to be what it is today. The time will most surely come when the sun will have ceased to throw off light and heat. Long before that happens, however, the earth and other planets will have become "dead worlds," like the moon no life of any sort upon them. It has been calculated that the snn will cease to throw out its heat somewhere about seven million years from now. duced by Representative Carnahan of f-Jl Address y4J Dr.

lQjarlS. Sloan Growers Shipping Broom Corn. commission composed of members of the state board of agriculture and horticultural society. The Hutchinson fairgrounds are to be deeded to the state. i Clay county.

About two-thirds of the As the price offered for Broom Corn at shipping: points is below the cost of pro Kansas counties have poorfarms, but is the two-cabin boat, having accommodation for second-class and steer duction many growers are refusing: to there are only fifteen real hospitals sell and instead are shipping" their corn to in the state for the care of the sick age passengers only. COYNE 160 W. SOUTH WATER The Senate heard one hundred and for general hospital work. The "We do not expect that the $5,000 CHICAGO. The financial responsibility of this firm exceeds one hundred gars," cabin de luxe class will travel be bill provides that two hundred property owners of any county may peti thousand dollars.

Growers should correspond with them. Adv. more bills this session than two years ago, while the House reduced its number. When" the barrier fell there been 773 Senate bills introduced as tion the county commissioners to call LADIES CAN WEAR SHOES tween Canada and England very extensively," he said, "but the business that is to be obtained there will be Immensely lucrative, and for the next one sle smaller after using Allen's Foot- Ready- Some Method. Ease, the Antiseptic powder to be shaken in an election for the voting of a tax to build the hospital.

The tax cannot to the shoes. It makes tight or new shoes "Don't you think, dear," began Mr. Comfy, "that our next door neighbors, feel easy. Gives rest and comfort. Refuse exceed two mills for the establish compared with 667 two years ago.

'In the House 926 bills made the total to 1,061 two years ago. substitutes. For FREE trial package, ad dress Allen S. Olmsted. Le N.

Y. Adv. ment of the institution and one mill the Scrubbs, are putting on a great ten years the eyes of -the shipping world will be riveted on Canada. The Panama Canal, undoubtedly will re Cooked Meals PARKER'S HAIR BALSAM ClsSBMf and beautifies tha haft Promotes lozuiiant ffrowth. for its maintenance.

The house has passed the Kincaid deal too much style, considering the fact that they never know from day to day where the next meal is coming Awful Blow. "Yes," said Slithers, "Mickey was Nc-rer Tails to Restore OrajH ceive a lot of attention, but the business in that route -will be nothing com The senate considered the bill of bill to compel the sand companies to n.mir to im xoutium imam Prevent hair falling-. 60t. and at TVngTrlgti. from?" my dearest friend, and I shall never- pay the state a royalty on all sand and Senator Stavely of Osage i providing pared with the Canadian trade for the immediate future.

Panama will de gravel taken from the beds of naviga are rapidly growing in pop-nlar favor. rr 1 wen, Tepnea Mrs. uomry, "you cease to mourn his death. It was a terrible blow from which I shall never ble streams. The state executive coun for a censorship of moving picture films.

A subcommittee was named to redraft the measure to include some see, the more style they put on the cil is to fix the rate and make the more likely they are to be invited out velop and become bigger In the years to come, but at the present we are most concerned with the tremendous tide of immigration that is being di to 'dinner. minor amendments and decide upon terms of the contracts and all the 1 who shall censor the films. "Why, I thought you married his widow," said Jepson. "Why er ahem! why, yes, Idid! but" i money is to go to the state. IJVXSv EERIUDEIHJ SIMgSd6AB always reliable: nmAUrr TARRH easiest to work wftn ana yLMAnUK.

dlJinun ttrche clothes ilcest. verted from the United States to the Important to Mothers Examine carefully every bottle of A deadlock in the pending initiative The House has passed the appro Dominion. .1 CASTORIA, a safe and sure remedy for Infants and children, and see that it "The farm land of the vast North referendum resolutions before the Kansas legislature looks more and Here Slithers subsided into a deep and uncomfortable silence. Harper's Weekly. 11 oasoes Wichita Directory priation bills for the state charitable institutions.

Not a --new building was allowed any institution but there were slightly increased' appropriations for more certain. A new conference com West is the attraction, and while this flood of immigration is, at its height, the Canadian Government exercises a Signature of LSiTJJfji mittee has been named and is trying to thresh out the differences. The maintenance. Tne appropriations strict censorship over the class of im PILES CURED IN 6 TO 14 DAYS YonrdrogKist will reiund money if PAZO OINT-MUNT fails to cure any case of Itching, Blind. Bleeding or Protruding Plies In 6 to 14 days.

60c 1913.f 1914. committees is composed of Senators Carney of Cloud and Howe of Dickinson, and Representatives Barrett of 69,700 We buy oi sell At all points WRITK US J. H. TURNER WICHITA, KANSAS In Use For Over 30 Years. Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria Some Measure Love It is best to love wisely, no doubt, but to love foolishly is better than not to be able to love at all.

61,300 School for 31,750 School for 69,700 Boys' industrial 61,300 Girls' industrial 46,750 Topeka insane 210,000 Its Merit. migrants admitted. In this, way they are drawing their future citizens from the Northern countries and have shown an unwelcome face to the people of Southern Europe." Advertisement, Pratt, Miller of Ottawa and Foster of 46,750 "Why is a mirror considered one of 210,000 Ness. insane hos the best of critics?" 195,000 103,000 "Because it always faces the truth." Senator Howe introduced a bill to 15,000 pital Epileptic hospital 100,000 Private? chart tiesj 15,000 "Total $719,500 permit paroles Deing granted to life served either with cream, or; good milk; or preserved fruit, make a most appetizing dish for breakfast, dinner, or These delicious toasted flaky bits of white corn have a delicate taste that is very leasing at this time of year. PostToast ies are economical, make less work for the busy housewife taid please everyone at' the table.

prisoners "in the Kansas penitentiary. exclusive $722,250 Acorn Crcnd Many a great man has knowledge of the fact! Make Crcpa 0 FOLEYS In the future United States sena Through a mistake Senator Klein- TAB tors in Kansas will be nominated at the primaries by a plurality of the was recorded as voting against the bill for the recall of officials. He voted Not Unlikely. "Well, my boy," said the visitor to Bobby; "I suppose some day you expect to step into your father's shoes?" "Oh, I suppose so," said Bobby, gloomily. "I been wearin' out every-thin' else he wears since mother learned how to cut 'em down for Harper's Weekly.

and are especially adapted to the soil and cltmaf of Kansas and Oklahoma. Before burlnn send for our iai3 BeecfBook of Field, Garden and Flower COMPOUND popular vote of the entire state, and for it. Mrs. Wiaslow's Soothing Syrup for Children teething, softens the grams, reduces pain, cures wind a bottled Every man thinks he knows a lot about women until he marries one. not by a plurality of legislative dis Seeds.

Poultry and Bee Supplies, and other vain-able Information. Rosa Brothers (Seed Ilouae, SSO Bast ltougliM, Wichita, KautiM W. N. WICHITA, NO. 9-1913.

STOPS COUGHS CURES COLDS Contain No Opiates Safe) Fof Children tricts. The house has passed the The Senate, working In committee of the whole, amended the House senate bill of Senator Lambertson of Corporation Franchise Bill so Brown on the subject. The vote was 65 to 53. All it needs now Is the signature of Governor Hodges to be "The Memory Lingers Sold by Grocers everywhere come a law. i l(ik 1( that the small corporations would not have to pay so large a tax, while the larger companies would have to pay higher each year than the House bill provided.

The ibill provides for an annual franchise license tax to be paid the The Simpson "Pure Shoe" bill lacks only the governor's signature to be postnm Cereal JEiattle Creek, Mich. come Jaw,.

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