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The Barnes Enterprise from Barnes, Kansas • 1

The Barnes Enterprise from Barnes, Kansas • 1

Barnes, Kansas
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Enterpri The Barne se. NO. 47. BATISTES, KANSAS, FRIDAY, JUSTE. 23, 1893.


H. DBARBOHN. To-day (Friday) is the longest day in the year. 0. H.

Dimmitt, RESTADRANT Sufferers from chills and fever, who ft you want to buy good and cheap farms, call at the Enterprise office. We have the best farms for sale that there is in Washington county. Mrs.L.B. Parton, Rogkford, 111., writes: ''From personal experienoe I can reoommeud pe Witt's a cure for impure Mood and general debility. TUB BK8T 0F Drugs Medicines Chemicals; have used quinine as a remedy will appreciate Ayer's Ague Cure.

This preparation, if taken according to directions, is warranted a sure cure. Residents in malarial districts should pot bewithout it Id order that we could attend the Woodman picnic on the Blue river, issue the Enterprise one day early his week. CELEBRAl 4TB. The citizens south of this city will celebrate the 4th of July in Mr. M.

Morrisey'8 grove 4 mile southwest of Barnes and 2 miles north of Chepstow. Everybody is invited to meet with them and have an old fashioned 4th of CHEESE, TOI1ACC0, CIGARS, COLD UhlNKS. BKEJP. CAKES, PIEB, ROLLS. PA.IITTB.

OH- "VwA-IiTISSa: Sc ss-'crsiiES. Bead the advertisements in the R. J. SEUFERT, Druggists' Notions, Toilet Articles, Glass Etc PRESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY COMPOUNDED DAY OR NIGHT. ALSO Oranges.

Lemons. FANCY CANDIES and NUTS. HOT COFFEE and LUNCH BARNES, KANSAS. Iliid not slept lor years. Mr.

A. J- Jackson, an old resident of Hunk, Texas, and manager of the magnlfleent new uly celebration. Arrangements have been made to have good speakers pres AT ALL PHYSICIAN AND 8TJ KG EON BAKNES, KANSAS Office opposite Exchange Bank. WILLIAMS ent. Also plenty of sports such as Dearborn DEALKRS IN- races, tub foot races, pudding race, horse races, etc.

(Someone. all, and help us, celebrate the glorious 4th of July. There will be jdancing in the afternoon and evening. There are nine political parties in Germany. Hotel at'Busk, informs ua be had not slept at night for years except In short naps, owing to incessant coughing.

Ho was advised when very much rub down to try Ballard's Horehound Syrup; he was immediately relieved of bis corfgn nt his rest improved to such a degree that he could eleep soundly all night( Mr. Jackson states: "I regard Ballards Horehound Syrup' superior to any cough eyrup on the market, and its freedom from Opium and Morphine leave no constipation after using it. For this reason alone 1 consider it the best cough syrup in the world for children. My lungs are now stronger than they have been for years. This syrup is Very soothing to the throat and lungs Sold by O.

H. Diinmitt. Picture frames, Wall Paperv TRUNKS, VALISES, dc ALSO A FINE LINE OF FOR KANSAS NeWs. TheTopeka Weekly capital contains more Kansas news than any other paper published, and should be read by every Kanan who desires to be thor Hallarct's Know Ijiniment Ig the best liniment in the world for animal. It will work wonders where ever any pain or inflammation may be found.

Every owner ol a horse should have it In his stable. For sprains, cuts, bruises, galls, lameness and all inflammation on animals, it stands without a parallel. There is no painBallard's Snow Liniment wil not relieve, no swelling' It will not subdue. No wound It will not beal. Gov, McKinley's speech has made jhim more popular' as a presidential oughly posted on Kansas affairs.

We Organs and Sewing Machines. will send you postage paid, tor one candidate. vear, me AND ALL KIND OF Topeka Weekly Capital From the extreme hot weather we jliave had this week we are reminded summer has come. Undertakers Goods. Deeds, Mortgages, Leases, and all kinds of Legal contracts written at this office.

AND THE Barnes Enterprise, FOR $1.50 Subscribe now at this very low rate. We desire to say to our citizens, that foryeaiswe have been selling Dr. King's New discovery for Consumption Dr. Kinvj'sNew Life Pills Bucklten's Arnica Salve and Electric fitters, and never handled remedies that sell as well, orthathave given such universal satisfaction. We do not hesitate to guarantee them every time, and stand ready to refund the purchase price, if sati factory results do not follow their use.

These remedies have won their great popularity purely on their merits. II Diramitt druggist. 1 The attendance at the World's fair have to increase greatly or it will Jiot prove a financial success. Kansas is trying to make up in a (corn crop for her losses in wheat, and If seasonable rains continues, she bids iair to succeed. I'Arllilll Bank, The Enterprise and the following weekly papers one year as follows Vamnyton national 1 rwune.

$2 00 Cleveland Leader 2 00 Toledo Blade 2 00 AU'Mson Champion. 2 00 Leavenworth 1 imes 200 Chicago New 2 00 The World's fair question in regard the Sunday opening has at last been jsettled and the gates are to be opened Sunday hereafter. OF BAENES CAPITAL STOCK, $5 F. Everest, President, E. G.

AKMSBYlVice-Piesident, J. R. Tripp Cashiev Draf tsjlssued available in all parts of United States. Collections made, and Remittance promptly forwarded. Correspondents Exchange National Bank, Atchison Hanover National New York.

The Sunday Schools in this part of sthe county will celebrate the 4th of July in Mr. Savage's grove about four northwest of Barnes. Everybody invited to attend. Pneumonia and Bronchitis carry off One-third of the Human Race. It is not generally known that Pneumonia and Bronchitis carry off one-third of the hu-jian race, but such are the facts, and What Is more surprislhtf, both of the above dlscai es result from neglecting' a common ordinary cold.

A Cough should never be neglected. If it is, every time you catch cold you cough harder, and it sticks by you longer. Ballards Horehound Syrup la the best remedy in the world for Pneumonia, Bronchitis and all Throat and Lung troublor. If you have any throat trouble, call for Ballard's Horehound Sprup and take no other. agent.

JAMES WINSOR, BARNES, KANSAS, RealJEstate LoansnNegotiated. Contractor Builder! Do you want Something good? We have it, and Almost give it away Think of a great Big Newspaper, the Weekly Journal and Agriculturist. For fifty cents a year, or A trial six months For twenty-five cents. Interesting Stories And Miscellany. Special features for The Farmer, The Stoc roan, The Fireside.

Take your home paper First, then the Weekly Journal and Your Postmaster will Act as our agent, or Send the money direct to The Journal Company Kansas City Missouri. There is a great deal said in the east the financial distress in Kansas, jowing to the howling Jerry Simpson. But it is worthy of mention that the Will Work by the Day or Job. bank failures are in the east. Satisfaction uuarauteei YOUR WORK SOLICITED.

W. E.STONE, of the Square. DEALER IN HARDWARE, STOVES, TINWARE, GROCERIES, mv stock of Groceries will be found Fresh and oorrmietfi. Consumption Cured. An old physician, retired from drac-tice, having had placed in his bauds by on Tnili.

mitfaintiarv the formula VI 1 A 'a How to economise time and mi of a siuipu vegetable remedy for the a money to see th- world's Beloit has formed a Keeley League will now reform drunkards at jhome.Harry --Boot in Atchison What's the matter with inforceing the law on the drunkards Jand liquor dealers in your town brother Koot? K'oi-p hair to best advautafr. is a Cfcii question that may have puz zled vou. Avoid TiiiatHkpn by getting posted in advance. Perhaps the and prices reasonable, come and test my ceffees and Tl 1 A 11 nit 1 1 speedy ana permanent cure or consumption, Bronchitis, catarrh, Asthma and all throat and lung affections, also a positiue and radical cure for nervous dobilitv and all nervous complaints, after having tested its wonderful cur-atiua nnurpi'9 in thniisands of cases, has tilUHtratea towers just issued by the Santa Fe Route is what you need. It contains view of World's Kalr buildings, accurate map of Chicago, and other infnrniation of value to ueaaquarters lor me lelebrated Marysville loor the Best Building Hardware and Steel GoodB a specialty, and sold as cheap as by anr sight-seers.

Address T-rrrA SANTA FE felt it his duty to make it known to his suffering fellows. Actuated by this motive and a desire to relieve human anffor tiit I will send free of charee. to Topeka nans, and usk TJ rtTTfpT? Remember the place the corner store, south of the depot; tor tree copy, AbW A Ua The Democratic party seems to be nited upon every important question aiow agitating the minds of the people except the tariff, the silver problem, banks, an income tax, the question and a few others we might mention. UAKJNES, KANSAS. all who desire it, tins recipe, in iw It is dreadful to have a dirty, yellow! or man Vronc I or Knir I 11111(11 BUCKLEN'S ARNICA SALVE.

greasy complexion. It is caused by a disord recti'ons for preparing and using. Sent man ho nililrPHRin? with stamn. ered liver, and can be relieved at once by a The best Salve in the world for Cuts, TJruises, Sores, ulcers. Salt Rheum.

thorough use of Beggs' Blood Purifier and Blood Maker. Sold by City Drug Store. naming this papr. W. A.

Notes, 820 Powers' lilocK, itocnesier, i. Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains. Corns and Skin Eruptions, and postively cures Piles, or no rav re J. Sheoard DEALER IN FRESH and SALT MEATS, HIGHEST MARKET TRICE PAID IN CASH FOR HIDES. You can have your property insured quired.

It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price Ihe Atchison Weekly Champion has (doubled its size and is now a sixteen paper. They have added an agricultural, live stock aud home department feature. You can secure that paper at a reduced figure through the Entkrprise. in one of the best companies in the country, by calling at the Enterprise Fast Mail Route so cenis per uox.

For Sale By. Dr. Wallace office. Safe laavestnaezvt RUN8 oui nw ini nam ins omt Is one which isguaraiiteed to brictr IlilZfll. TRAINS74 FLOWER SEEDS yon satisfactory results, or in case of failure a return of price.

On this safe BETWEEN plan you can buy trom our advertised Ex-Governor Glick was asked not Jong ago how the World's fair board getting along. His reply was: we're all mixed up. The trouble us is that there are only three American citizens on ths board; the est are populists." druggist a bottle of Dr King's New vattfREE! Atchison 4 St. Louis -DEALERS IN discovery ror consumption, it is guaranteed to brinsr felief in every case, AaTTanaralUl4 Offer tT i (EQUIPPED with when used for any affection of Throat. ALL OF THE BEST GRADES OF FLOUR FEED PULLMAN BUFFET SLEEPIHG C1RS L.ungs or Uhest, such as consumption Intlamation of Lunes, Bronchitis, Asth OM-Eatabllahed and Kelt-aMa FubluhUc Baaac! Tn Ladim1 Wokld a a Urr 10-fafa, 80-coliuoa Ulutrmted Maca-ataa for ladlaa and tha family clrcla.

It a daTotad to atoflaa, aoaaa, ladW fancj work, ftrttotk aaodlawork, homa daaoratioo, fcoaaakatptng, jor.Dlla raadinjr, atlqu.tta, ate. To lutrodaca thla eharmlnf ladlta raiwr lute 100.000 ma, whooping cough, croup, It Store north side of R. R. track. RECUSING CHAIR CARS "ELEGANT PARLOR CARS is pleasant ana agreeable to taste, per fectly safe, and can always be depend ham, whm II la not alraadv Ukaft.

wa now eu on. Trial ootties tree at Dimmitt's drugstore. 1 Import'd Spanish Jack naka tba followtnf euloal oftr I'jxm r. enpl ooJ 1C OaaU or Jron Mountain Route We suggest to some of the young ynen, that when they take their best girls out driving they should pay every attention possible to their safety and welfare, and noc allow the ladies to do the driving, while the young men do Atheir best to keep them from falling out, especially while inside the city jimits. Ex.

It is said that dancing makes girls' Ml m. The Ladle Werld Three Mentha, and to rack aabaarlbar wa will alto i I.O.O. F. tNXTV Lodge, No. 2T6, Inependent Ordef, Odd Fellows.

Meets every Saturday nlfht( at Their Hall. Brolheis of the order -id' (food standing eordlallyinvited to visit us. 1 H. OBEit. N.G.

Wright, Rcc. Sec. THE ONLY LINK to tub it uoes seem singular that so many people will let their skin become yellow, dark and greasy, (finally resulting in blotches and skin eruptions, as well Famous Hot Springs ol Arkansas leotloa of Caolse Flower feecda, bnirtd tacluJIat- Verbanae, Ckryaajithanrama, AaUra, Phlox DrMiiinondll, Italian, Cypr.pi Vina, Slocka, Dlrltalla, Doable Zinnia, Plnka,, tw.W.cnU p.y. (ortb. mo.

tin. thrra mootba and thia anllra macnlnoant Collection of Choice (THE CARLSBAD OF AMERICA.) Flown Seade, pat up by a nm-aiaai i naao naeei ao (nab and nibble. Mo lady can aaord to mm Ihli wondarful opportanlly. Wa puaM arary aebecilber many Unm tin value will refund row money and mak. yon a praotot of monay eent, and wl All principal oities in the United States feet large; it is also eaid that ice-cream of both aMda and Maraalna If yoa an aot aatlaM.

Oura la aa old and reliable pibllabliif hoiaa, andoiwwl by all th. laadlni nawa-vapara. Wa hannariTad huadrada of taaUmonlala from plaaaad are reached via the makes freckles; hanging on the front as a general drying up or tne Diooa, causing wrinkles and premature old age), when this can be remedied with so little expense. Two bottles of Beggs' iilood Purifier and Maker will renew and purify the blood through out the whole system, leaving the skin clear and free from all eruptions. Dimmitt, druggist lQ88oaxi Pacific Railway ilrooa durlni lb paat yaara waw.

gate produces rheumatism and the yoa ami au a yoata fc. ami fnm owiiM huw IClf Your Nearest Agent for Tioketa ra oj oa.rlia." Mr. oajuoi, Lm ini far vanow Mini aaWfuia to of gum distorts ther mouths (lwll and particulars, or address wuf wad lam la 6r r'ly MMutm.n Barnes girls are not afflicted with large barla, Brooklyn, N. T. Mt.

Hanry ward Bwcaar (a aVX-21 BBlcnoar, ana uraoa wiwbww oraarod onr Mdl Ujt aaaaoD. Do not aon- feet or rheumatism, or freckles, but when it comes to one sided mouths fimdtklaoff.rwllh ttiaaalcbpanny acn. CHAS. E.STYLE8, Put.TlckatrU 1TCH1S0I, Ell R. BAKNKS POST, No.

G. A. R. meets at Odd Fellows hall the First Thurs lay of each' month, at 2, clock n. in.

Oouirades vie-Iting in town are cordially invited to metC with us. a. HAZEN P.C. M. W.

of A. Giiardlan Camp No. S65, Modern Woodmau. of America meets In Odd Fellows Hall every. -2nd and 4th Tuesday evening of each mouth F.

K. Dikeman. Clerk J. R. Thipp, R.

C. W. R. C.of this city meets in I. O.

O. F. Halli Bt Urd Saturday in month at 2, u. ui Sharp, Mrs. E.

Rogers President Mrs. M. H. Williams MARSHALL KNCAMPMRNT No. (10, meet4V In the Odd Fellows Hall in Barnes every st.

and Hrd Tuesdav evening at 8 in, sharp- P. C. Young Scribe E. Potteh, C. P.

af vnaenipnloo paraona. HnM daal put it ofll Sli aabKriptlon and ALPPIONSO. ALPHONSOlsa jet black, 4 year old, 19 WA bands hiirh. weinlis poiuids. wag Im Ave are in the front rank.

Collacllon aaol for cania. SPECIAL OFFER ISlWSt N. C. T0WNSEHD, fiei'l tut. It Tkt ST.

LOUIS, 10. The daily papers reported last Fri Pamphlets describing the Cj resourses of KANSAS, ARIZONA, OKLAHOMA, NEW MEXICO, and Jay that Mr. Cleveland was growing fr bov offer, mmd naming tht nap in mAuA raw thit advtnuiMru, wt will wnd frtt, la tdtMMon ll thi ftbo, OBtnnk! of the Ml kntod Etkfor! 6wet Pemn, trrabrMlng A Dtwnt vm-mHm, InctotJlnif llortMtto-t, Im Vfr4. Hplvador. Tk QaMs, OnwM trlmm, ported from Spain in July 16W1 by Luke M.

Kuierson of BoleiiKroim, Missouri will make the serson of ln3 at W. HullowoU'sfuru) utile southwest of Barnes. Insure inare in foal. in I BIomom, tU Swtct PM arc the motl po tki fubtonabla bounat flowm now cnUivUl. teadily in fatness and that walking was becoming a burden to him and he is again taking treatment to reduce Jiis flesh.

If Mr. Cleveland would only th Skford Vuivtie wbih offtr. mf tha Urrat, 1 may be tand by addressing G. T. Nicholson, I U.

41' A. T. 8. F. H.

K. Topeka, Kas. Care will be taken to prevent accidents but will uot be responsible should any occur. C. Hallo-wrteXl, Keeper.

fiMk sad meat aaUbnUd known. Tbav now to 1 htibi of 6 fttt ud prodne for thrt month eontiououi pro KISSOUIU PACIFIC RMIWAV TIME TABLE -CH TKAL BEAICINVISIU. EASTWAHD. No. 4W, 10:43 it Express.

No. 423, 8:40 P. Dally No. 420, 6:55 A. except Sunday Local Frt WESTWARD.

No. 403, P. Dally. No. 421, 5:40 A.

Mixed Dally. No. 425, 5:10 P. except Sunday Local Frt. T.

A. rait am, liarnes, Kans, MtDuon hub paper. fnMMi or frurrftnl llCM'mi or in mom urlllluit coionnff. time to consider what a redicu MRU I IlLn UnUll Ul I Lll I Hvnt (onr rt nUcrlpUoi. prict) will land The Ladlen orld for Oae Jous failure his administration has 1 etaVF ainar WIM Vmt IUfUlalbua wiiimna mmvw been up to the present time, he would id nd justly calibrated Bkfrl wnI Kw.

AMitm IL MOOUK A 0., HI trk I'laee, ew Trlu reel small enough. We understand that a pensioner by i'i i 1 1 fen i 1 1 1 I Notice of Final Settlement. name of Bacher, who lives a few OFFICIAL DIRECTORY, row 'isiiroFru ins. Township Trustee WC Hau.owfli.. Township Clerk EH Potter' fowuship Treasurer CD Molbt-' Justices of the Tcaee pxrkkr Constables: j' KVAHu.

I 8 BeyeklV CnilOBKS. EVANGELICAL LflTHKRAN RKV. J.E. Af HEM, astor. Services every Sunday, at II a.

nd every alternate Simony at 7 p. in. Prayi meeting every Wednesday evening. jtniles southwest of town in Washing State of Kansas, Washington County, sr. TpTJl trip to view rrlUlXil the property to Ave acre holders, rf4U ton county, has got himself into troub le with the pension department by hav TTCR VKAIl Kuuranteed yon, when ir.

In the Probate Court In and for said County. In the mutter of the estate of Jeremiah Oakley, deceased. riirat lon bi'irins. We olant the land for you Iur drawn a double pension for several years. He got $12 a month for himself KJ-iKK pay the lulxir and taxes for lialf what wo raiHO, alter VOtJ OJ0T sjM-O.

We tntike statoinent under onth, proiiiptly Creditors add all other persons interested setm you prollt niter eacu crop, win seuo nd also $12 a month as a dependent father, a son having been killed during In the at'orcxald estate are hereby notified Unit 1 shall unply to the Probate Court, in you the names of IK) nersons who last year re and for im Id County, slttlnir at the Court Luthkkn Sunday School, every Sunday at ten o'clock a. in the Laitlieran Churob: the war. An examiner visited him a few days ago and took up one of tlie House In WnshltiKton, County of WaHhliiK-ton, State or Kitnxas, on the Uth day of AiiKUftt, A. D. 1HKI.

for a full und tinal settle All invited, J. H. CLAhK, Superiuteuuenf i celved from sjf to )G u-l on ot.e year's purchase. We iruarantt a tree deed, no taxes, no cost for labor or tick et to view the property und pay you '-0 per year, you to help pay for Irrigation, it Is of no value without irrigation. For full details, address.

California Land and Water Kxrhange, DAITOK, 1 certificates, and he will have to pay (back the amount that he has illegally ment or suid estate. John D. Oaki-isy. Administrator of the estate of Juttiiuiab D. MToniTBpisooPAi.

Rev, B. F. Webb. pastor Services every alternate Bunrint til three o'clovk p. iu.

in tbe uaw M. Wvf', drawn. Watervillo Telegraph, UHkiey fii'ceaaed. ii-4t,.

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