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The Daily News from Baxter Springs, Kansas • 2

The Daily News from Baxter Springs, Kansas • 2

The Daily Newsi
Baxter Springs, Kansas
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What a charm there is in the sound of a fife and drum, and the bugle, to THE DAILY NEWS If you wish anything in the banking line call at the old soldiers. They called him from Wednesday Morning, October 8, 1884. his drousy slumbers at reveille in the morning, to breakfast, to quinine. Yesterday the colored baud of this ity appeared on the grounds in their BAXTER BANK. guard mounting, squad, compauy and battalion drill, dress parade, well call and lastly taps," which was the neat uniforms and attracted much at BAXTER SPRINGS Carriage Works, E.

E. Edwards. Proprietor. Makes a specialty of painting, trimming and repairing buggies, car-riages and spring wagont. Call and get prices for putting new wheels on old jobs.

New Work Built, to Order. I also sell eastern made buggies and carriages at the very lowest figures. Call and get prices. tention and favorable comment by signal for "lights out." On the march their excellent music and precision in the fife and drum often rested weary marching. limbs and tired feet with strains of It is really wonderful to see tile "The Girl I Left Behind me," "Rary various schemes and devices that fa O'Moore," and other faroiliaij airs.

SPRINGS HOTEL. Centrally Located. Best Accommodations in the city. One block South of the Celebrated Chalybeate Springs. CAPT.

J. S. PRICE, Proprietor. and in going into battle the shrill kirs will invent to make money, and it is more wonderful to find so many notes of Yankee Doodle was often people ready to patronize whatever an inspiration of the soldier's brave may come along. ry.

In the patriotic hearts of the old veterans there will ever be a warm What memories of the past will crowd in on the minds of ihose who corner for the old sheep-skin band, Now, boy's, there's the old "gray RESTAURANT AND BAKERY, HOT 3JElUA.TiS and. LTJ1VC1I at all Times, EVERYTHING FIRST CLASS. WHITCRAFT CON LEY, Two doors south of Baxter Lank. Baxter Springs Carriage Works south side of Sheridan ave. Plow Work ami General Black-smithing done on hurt Notice.

August IIehm. ''wore the blue" twenty years ago, they meet old comrades and around back." You haven't forgotten him the camp fires and relate incidents of have you You remember very dis i camp life, on the march, and bivouac tinctly the first one you found 011 you Fort Blunt with its frowning walls You felt then as you would notv if you were caught stealing sheep. (You is located north of the camp, and pre did not have much compunction of senls a most formidable appearance, conscience about stealing sheep dur It- will be garrisoned Friday with troops and heavy artillery, and will ing the old days.) But to our subject, lie was the "ornryest." cuss in the t3 boseiged iu the sham battle. arm)', and then how prolific he was MONDAY, OCTOBER 6th. Why iu numbers he could exhaust the The "Woman's Relief Corps of this city will give an old army dinner at multiplication, table from guard- their eating stand just north of the RECEIVING AND ASSIGNING INVITED GUESTS AND G.

A. 11. POSTS TO QUARTERS; mounting until tattoo, and when you would lie down at night, twenty corps giaiid stand, to-day of genuine armv Opening of Canipfires, short addresses and songs by Comrades, Glee Clubs, Etc. seemed to be maneuvering at once, and ha-id tack," beans and pork. Now, how you would gouge and cuss! boys, here's a chance for a square meal of the old kind.

TUSEDAY, OCTOBER 7th. It has been suggested by soldiers on Miss Carrie Crowner, a former the grounds that a published list with the name, company, regiment and Reveille; Roll Call; Sick Call; Officers' Call; Breakfast; Guard Mount; Reading of Orders; Baxter girl, but now of Boulder, Colo rado, arrived in the city Friday eve present address of each soldier regis Registering of all ex-soldiers and sailors Formal Opening of the Reunion tered would be a good thing. We ning and will visit friends here in the will do so in out- weekly issue of Oct, Address of Welcome, on behalf of the City, by Mayor J. B. OPPERMAN; Address of Welcome on behalf ountyfor a month.

She is a printer lStli, and furnish each man as many and is foreman in the composing room of State, by His Excellency Goy. G. W. GLICK; Response, on behalf of G. A.

by Col. J. R. HALLO WELL. copies as desired at five cents eacfy if of the leading paper of Boulder.

DINNER. we can receive the proper mcourage- Tom Word, of the Illinois Cash ment for the undertaking, which will Music, Band; Song by Modocs; Oration by Col. JOHN A. MARTIN; Music by Band; Song, Glee Club; Stoie, made'a rich hit on the Blaine be attended with some expense and a great deal of labor. Those desiring Dress Parade and Reading of General Orders; Supper and Lighting of Canipfires; Annual Election of Officers of the Border Tier Brigade.

copies can leave orders at "Press Head and Cleveland caps for cbidreu. The first six dozen were sold in twelve hours after arrival and the second six dozen vanished in an hour after the box was broken and' the children still quarters" or at this office. Rev. A. G.

Robb, of the Methodist WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER Sth. Episcopal church in Columbus will oc howled for more. cupy the Methodist pulpit in this place next Sunday morning aud Rev. E. C.

Reveille; Roll Call; Breakfast; Guard Mount; Music by Band; Sou" by Modocs- Mr. Frank Arnold, of Lamar, Vi It 1(1 i' one of the survivors of he battle here Boaz will occupy the pulpit in the Orations by Geus.W. CLOUD and W. T. CALDWELL; Procession and Street Parade of the G.

A. R. DINNER. at tins point arrived last evening. Mr evening.

This is our third quarterly Arnold was seemingly shot all to meeting occasion. Sacrameut of the pieces and was left on the field as one Music by Band Song by Glee Club Oration by Gen. C. W. BLAIR Son by the G.

A Lord's supper after the morning ser mon. Business session at 9 o'clock that was dead. Considering the terrible ordeal through which he passed, it Monday morning. A full turnout is Address by Gen. B.

M. PRENTISS Dress Parade, Review and Inspection of Posts by Gen. II. W. POND Department Commander, aud Competitive Drill by G.

A. R. Posts for Prize Banner Supper desired. Let everybody come. seems wonderful to- see him alive to ilay.

Camp fire Short Addresses by Comrades St. Clair, Anderson, Cook and Others Song by Glee Club Music. J. N. Be all, Pastor.

The formal opening of the reunion Yesterday was the twenty-first anniversary of the massacre of Gen THURSDAY -OCTOBER 9th. took place at 3 p. m. yesterday after Bin nt's body guard at this place, by noon. Hon.

J. B. Opperman, mayor of the city of Baxter Springs, deliv the notorious guerrilla Quantrill Roll Call; Breakfast; Guard Mount; Music by Band; Song by Glee Club- ered the welcome address, which was responded to by S. O. McDowell, of Elsewhers we present a graphic sketch of the battle, written by Dr.

W. II. of Girard, Kansas, who was post surgeon at this point at the time Address by Hon. B. W.

PERKINS Song by Modocs Oration by Senator J. J. ING ALLS Music by Band DINNER. Columbus, after which short address es were made by Col. Ward, of Se of the battle.

Competitive Drill of Uniformed Rank Knights of Pythias Music by Band Address by Gen. MOONLIGHT dan, Kansas, Mr. Frank Arnold, of The camp last evening presented a Lamar, a survivor of the battle here, Col. Weldy and C. II.

Coan. Song and Chorus by Glee Club and Veterans Oration by Hon. G. W. PECK Supper and Lighting of, Campfires; Torch Light Procession and Drill by the Uniformed Rank K.

of Fire works; Songs; Stories and Experience Meetings. "Say, Short Creekcr," is the un dignified manner iu which some of the fellows -address Col. Weld v. If FRIDAY, OCTOBER 10th. some of the impertinent cusses escape spread eagling," buck and gag ging," or being shot, they can simply Reveille; Roll Call; Breakfast; Guard Mount; Music by Band Glee Club attribute it to the Colonel's leniency.

Address by Hon. E. II. FUNSTON Music by Baud Song by Glee Club Address by Hon. A.

P. RIDDLE Oration by Senator P. B. PLUMB Song and Chorus by Glee Clubs and Veterans; GOTO J. T.

ATKINS Grand Sham Battle, Participated in by all Troops in Camp; Closing Addresses bv Hon. L. IIANBACK -FOR- and Gen. J. II.

RICE; Music by Band; Supper; Closing Canipfire; Speeches, Songs and Music and a Good Time Generally. First Glass BnM'g Material. Yellow Pine and Poplar Lumber, very animated appearance. Fifes and drums, and bands were playing, and the people were constantly moving along the streets and avenues, camp fires were blazing and a thousand torches were burning, presenting a as viewed from the heights overlooking the camp, as one of grandeur. The following were the arrivals yesterday Toppiug post, No.

2G8, from Allamont, Labette county. Chetopa post late last evening. Col. Gibbons post, of Ilallowell. Fleasant Hill, Ross township, martial band.

Seneca. The camp and garrison equipage, of Gen. Baily post, of Girard, came in late aud will be followed by post to-day. A lot of veritable- sons of Belial, made a raid on. Register Man-love during the wee small hours of yesterday morning, surrounded, his tent and impudently awoke him from his slumbers by singing "Mary had a little lamb'' and other choice pieces from.

Mozart and Beethoven. Sol was too sleepy, to care anything about Mary and- her old lamb. Sol has 110 ear whatever for music. The officers and members of the Border Tier Brigade, together with the citizens of Baxter Springs and vicinity Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings, Lath and Shingles. extend to all a cordial invitation, hoping that the programme for this reunion will fully sustain the reputation of the rigade, and in consequence of there being 110 State Reunion this year every thiug will be done as far as possible to Yellow Pine Flooring; and Fin supply its place.

ishing a Specialty. BAXTER SPRINGS, KANSAS. The Kansas City, Ft. Scott Gulf Bailroad Will carry passengers for one faro for round trip from all stations on its line and branches. Tickets good for six ays.

Special excursion from Paola on Tuesday, October 7th and Thursday, October 9th, leaving Paola at 5 a. m. Julius InUCOlSG-PRACTICAL MGliitoaM Mat, Opposite thk Post-office. WOMAN'S BELIEF CORPS PO. S3 Will have a largo Dining Hall on the grounds, where a good square ration can be had for 2-5 cents.

Proceeds to go into the Widows and Orphans Relief Fund. -ALL MOUNTED COMRADES AND OTHERS WILL REPORT TO COL. S. O. McDO WELL- ALL Posts 4210 Comrades, Ex-Soldiers and Sailor3 are Requested to' Register as soon as Possible After Their Arrival in Camp.

To facilitate arrangements it is requested that all posts promptly notify the Quartermaster of their intention to be present Bring your tents and garrison equippage. Col. 11. G. Ward, editor of the Sedan Times, arrived in the city yesterday evening.

Col. Ward was the colonel of the 1st Kansas Colored Regiment, and was here when' the post of Baxter Springs was established, aud under his the stockado was put up, rifle-pits, were dug and breastworks thrown up. The Colonel will look 011 the scenes of his military operations of, twenty-two years ago with a great deal of. interest. Ho was stationed at Fort Gibseuiattho time of battle In conclusion the executive- comniitteo assert that the programme will be enlivened every day with new fea tures, such as Shooting.

Tournaments, Base Ball games, Velocipede Racing, Dancing, Drills, Parades and choice selec Lions of instrumental music, and the camp will bonado lively withsongs and choruses, quartettes and duets, by the, A full stock of Jewelry. Watches. celebrated Modoc Glee Club, of Topoka- Crocks. Silverware, Spectacles, li WELD IU Col. Musical Instruments, which I reasonable, prices- I 8 A r..

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