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The Barnes Enterprise from Barnes, Kansas • 2

The Barnes Enterprise from Barnes, Kansas • 2

Barnes, Kansas
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Business Cards, flic Barnes Enterprise. The governor of exas has before him over thirteen huqdre4 application for pardon. It is caicl that his time is very largely occupied in considering applications of that character. Published tvery Friday Evening. EITEKP KISE U'lLISftlll (OUllT, 1.


Henry Ober, I III i The Barnes Lnmber Yard KSTABLISHID IN 1883.) CABBIES A FULL LINE OF Uer. Doors, Blinds, Building Paper, etc. full stock of Material always on hand, Justice Peace, All buelnmu left in my chanra will be eri. pertain ocality there Js a strong following in favor of a protective tariff, and the managers think protection will he a winning card, then protection is the policy adopted, and a free donunci-Htjon of free trade follows. If a eolation wjth the greenbackers or prohibitionists or the labor party will be likely to help beta to success in the election of democratic candidates, then suoh a eolation is made.

It baa for years made it a practice to shift its policy to suit the locality, only bo it can drift into position. This is all there is about it. Bartering, palvering, shifting, with only one object in view, the spoils of office, TBHMS OF SUBSCRIPTION Jnecopy, pne oopy, nix months 50. Jne copy, three .0035. tally loofcud after.

nade anfl The Greenleaf Herald, has been purchased by a stock: company, and Mr. George Gird, ha.9 been installed as Editor. The first issue under the new management is a good one. We wish the new company success. US.

KANSAS. Bought for Cash and will be sold on the closest margins consistent with good grades. City Parber Shop. El). KARL, Proprietor.

I am a candidate for election to the office of county Treasurer of Washing-ion county Kansas: Subject to the de ision of the Republican county eon S. S. Longlsy, I hereby announce myself a candU date for election to the office of comity Treasurer of Washington county Kan- This is an excellent time for farmers in northwest Kansas to plow wide fire guards. The ground, is in good condition for plowing, and a dozen furrows run around a piece land now may save hundreds of dollars by and by, The purchaser will always get Lumber True to Gbadi A good clean shave lOcts. Hair cut called for, and can be assured that it has not been asgorted after reaching my yards.

E. K. FELT, Barnes, Kansas, ting 25cts. Seafoam lOcte. When in need of anything in tl TouBorial line, give me a call.

UARNF-B KANSAS. Mr. Cleveland and the democratic party are so thin-skinned on all matters involving the action of the Grand Army, that they are constantly on the alert to construe everything said or done by the old veterans as a personal affront to the President. Exebaoge Hank. Dr.

7. S. WAITUA-CB, Renews nR He altji, Phoebe Chesley, Peterson, Clay Co. Iowa, tells the following remarkable story, the truth of which is vouched for by the residents of the town; I am 78 years old, have been troubled with kidney complaint and lameness for many years: oould not dress myself without help. Now I am free from all pain and soreness, and am able to do all my own housework.

I owe my thanks to Electrio Bitters for having renewed my youth, and removed completely all diseases and pain," Try a pottle, free at any Thug Sure. 4 A Gift For PHYSICIAN AND SrKGEQS, publican county convention. R. Vincent, I am a candidate for election to the office of oonnty Treasurer of Washington county Kansas: Subject to the decision of the Republican county W. li.

Boal. I hereby announce myself a condi-jdate for election to the office of county of Washington county Kaunas: Subject to the Republican County Convention, L. Spradlino. I am a candidatrf for re-election to IIAHMEaVKANSAS. Calls promptly attended to day or niirht Office druu Btore.

ty We now hear farmers talking about their corn yielding from 20 to 40 bushels per acre, where a few weeks ago they thought they might get 10 or 15 bushels. Northwestern Kansas is going to furnish millions of bushels of as good corn this year as ever grew on Kansas soil. ihe office of County Clerk of Washing J. I. JAMES, Harness Maker.

CAPITAL STOCK," W. W. Hbthekingtoit, President, i- F. Everest Vice-Piesident, J. B.

TitrrP Cashier. Drafts Issued available In all parts of United States. Collections made, and Remittance promptly forwarded. Correspondents Exchange National Bank, Atchison Hanover National New York. Real Estate Loans Negotiated.

In order to give all a ohance to test It. and thus be convinced of its wonderful curative power, Dr, King's New Discovery for consumption, coughs and oolds, will be for a limited time, given away. Thisoffier is not only liberal, but shows unbounded faith in the mer If you want a act of gooi Hnrnoen roade (rive me a call and you will find it to you? navammre. nootH, nooR and Hubbers neatly repaired. Terms, cash.

Ne. 5 North Avenue. BARNES, KANSAS, its of this great remedy. All who suf fer from coughs, colas, consumption, asthma, bronchitis, or any affection of throat, chest, or lungs, are especially reauested to call at anv Drug Store. Xast week Lamoreaux Anderson, of Cottage Hill township, threshed 1, 837 bushels of grain for John Nelson a prominent farmer of that township.

They are old threshers and believe that this is the largest amount threshed this year for any one man in that part of the county. Watemlle 0. D. I and get a trial bottle free, large W. S.

McKELVY. M. McKELVY. ton County Kansas: subject to the decision of the Republican County Contention. John E.

Pickard. I am a candidate for re-election to he office of Sheriff of Washington jounty Kansas: Subject to the decision fit the Republican county convention, A. H. Scott I am a candidate for re-eleetion to Ahe office of Register of Deeds, for -Washington County Kansas: Subject the decision of the Republican vCounty Convention. J.

W. Barley. I hereby announoe my self a candidate for the oflioe of County Commissioner of Washington County for the First Commissioner District: Subject to the action of the Republican 'Convention. M. Dustin.

bottles Ji.uo Keeps oaa. liaaadL at fuU toclc of novtr, JTeetil of all ldxid.s axiA. Veg-etaTslea. Call and aee me at tbe JCorth Railroad trade. A.L, Hat ton, Contractor Builder McKELVY BED'S, GENERAL MERCHANDISE.

(Successors to Henry Ober.) Fresh Goods at the Lowest Possible Prices. BUTTER and EGGS It is reported that there is a man in Philadelphia who looks so much like Mr. Cleveland that he is often mistaken for the president, In connection it has been suggested, as the president has been overwhelmed with invitations to visit western cities and towns, that he send this individual off on the side track journeys through the west, and reserve for himself only the first class towns. I am now prepared to do all kinds of Stone, Brick, Plastering or Cistern work, jft Call on me At BABITES "SCA.1TS.A.S. At Highest Market Price, Exchanged for Goods.

M. WILLIAMS, Notary Public. Deeds. Mortpafres, Bonds, Transfers, an all notary business satisfactorily transacted Collections made and promptly remitted Barnes, 43 Kansas, Also a ull and complete line of Millinery Goods. BARNES, KANSAS.

CIalesmeN WANTED! The latest postal laws are such that newspaper publishers can arrest any fraud who takes a paper and refuses to pay for it. Under, this law the man who allows his subscription to run a-long for sometime unpaid, orders' it discontinued, orders the postmaster to mark it "refused" and have a postal card sent notifying the publisher, lays himself liable to arrest and fine, same as for theft. By the oldest, largest and best known Nurseries in the West 3Per- W. E. STONE, Southwest Corner of the Square.

DBALEB IN noaxiexit Good. R. C. Bloomfieia Real Estate Loan and Insurance Agent. Office on North Side of Kailroad, on Center Street.

Loans made on short or long terms Insurance in the best of Eastern Company8. Real Estate sold on small commission. BARNES KANSAS' 48-3m Outfit Cfafilr VniKiopJoo Louisiana HARDWARE, STOVES, TINWARE, GROCERIES, Missouri. Free My stock of Groceries -will be found Fresh and Complete, and prices reasonable. Come and test my coffees and tea.

HpQiJniiQprpTC fop fk PilpWprt MamrcvillA FIaup tfiA Red llfaifo! uvuu(iuu ivio wv vvivviuvvu hum juium iivui uiv uu uiuuv. GOTO Ik Fast Mail Route. Missouri Pacffic EAILWAY. Our exchanges are banding this puzzle ajnong themselves: "A freight train one mile in length stopped at a station with the caboose just opposite the depot. The conductor got orders to move his train to the next station, which was just five miles distant He gave the engineer the signal to move which he did, while the conductor walked over the train to the engine and reached there just as the locomotive reached the station, where he got off.

The question is how far did be walk, or how far did he ride, or did he ride at all." Building Hardware and Steel Goods a specialty, and sold as cheap as by any house in the county. Remember the place--the corner store, south of the depot, i. II. MM BARNES, KANSAS. Atchison to St.

Louis and The EAST- HAYES HOUSE, GEO. O. MURREY, Prop. The Greenleaf Tailor When in need of Clothings of any kind-Low Prices, and Good Pits, Guaran teed. This is the Route selected by the United States Government for the FAST MAIL TRAIN.

3Fxlcs Barnes, TCansas, No road exceeds the time made by this Line between Kansas City and St. This house is new and kept in first-class style. Everything is new, its ap pointments are specially arranged for the accommodation of its patrons. GOOD SOwCPIjE OT COlTCfcTZECTICCfcT. Louis.

S. II. Clark, 1st, Vice Pres. and Gen'l Manager. W.

II. Newman, Gen'l. Traffic Mg'r ALEX Contractor Builder, Contracts taken and Material fur nislied at lowest possible rate. Also Brackets furnished in all descriptions All work done in a workman like man ner. BARNES, KANSAS, H.

C. Townsend, Gen'l Passenger Republican County Conventiftn. A delegate convention of the Republican electors of Washington county, Kansas, is hereby called to meet in the court house, in Washington on SATURDAY SEPT. 24, 18S7, At 11:30 o'clock a. for the purpose fit nominating candidates for the following offices: County Treasurer, County Clerk, Sheriff, Register of Deeds, Surveyor.

Coroner. The basis of representation in said (Convention shall be as follows: One 4elegate for, every twenty-five votes or fraction over one-half thereof upon the average vote cast for county officers by the different townships at the flection held in 1886. The various townships will de entitled to the following representation: Av. Vote. Delegates.

Union. 45 2 Lowe 64 2 66 2 28 1 121 6 Haddam 172 7 Mill Creek 80 3 Farmington 102J 4 4-5 2 Hanover. 77 129 5 92 4 Washington 361 14 Logan 100 4 Little Blue 100 4 Bradford 123 5 Strawberry 118 6 114 6 Greenleaf 197 8 Barnes 113 5 -Clifton 194 8 Sheridan. 105 4 JShernian 114j 5 Kimeo 79 3 Lincoln 76 3 Total delegates 113 It is recommended that the primaries be held at the usual places on Friday, Sept. 23st at 2.

p. m. A. J. Mokrison, Chairman.

M. J. IIolloway, ifecretary. Notice is hereby given that a caucus will be held in Little Iflue township, at the regular place of holding elections at 2 o'clock p. m.

September 17th 1887 for the purpose of electing four delegates and four alternates to the Republican County Convention on the 24th, and also to nominate township officers. By order of township Committee. The Republican electors of Barnes township willmeet at the Enterprise of (ice on the 23d inst, at 3 o'clock p. bo. to elect delegates to the- County and Commissioner Conventions; also to put in nomination candidates for township officers.

By order of Township Committee. Wichita is negotiating for a $200,000 foundry. A movement has been started amoog U. A. R.

men to persuade the Government to pay pentions monthly instead of quarterly. Webb WiiuerTsnJiemost efficient Insurance Commissioner the state has ever had. He does not hesitate for a moment to expose those companies that are unsound. The Enterprise acknowledges receipt pf a complimentary ticket to the first annual fair association to be held at Hutchinson. A'ansas, October 4, 6, 6, vml 7th, liW.

Look Here. and Ticket Agent. MSSOl'RI PACIFIC RAILWAY. I have opened a Flour and Feed Store, south of R. R.

track, in my new store room, where can be found at all The Missouri Pacific railway offers unsurpassed advantages to the traveling public In tbe shape of fast time, elegant equipment and superior accommodations. This (treat system embracing miles of road, runs Its trains Into the Union Deoots of St. Louis. I CO. times best and cheapest brands of Flour, and choice Kansas City, Hannibal, Atchison, Omaha Parsons, Denver, Ft.

Worth, Mlneota, Taylor, San Antonio, Galveston, New Orleans and all other prinoipal cities of Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Loulsana, and Texas. Their coaches and ratrtrare cars are of the latest and finest make DIED. At the family home near Barnes, September 6th 1887. Father Henry Rosebaugh, aged 80 years and 4 months. Brother Rosebaugh, gave his heart to Christ early in life.

He was a member of Saint John's vangelical Lutheran church of for fifty years. He removed to Kansas in 1878 and united with Messiah Evangelical Lutheran church of Barnes, and served as a member of the church council to the time of his death. He has been a true member ot Christ's church on earth, and looking to the promises. "We have parted with a kind father as well as a true one. May the thought that thou art happy now redeemed, and saved by Christ, in love console our aching hearts, and closer bind us to our heavenly home above." J.

R. Ex-Gov. George T. says "When people speak of Kansas not having enqugh grain to feed her own stock, they know nothing about what they talk of. There wfll not only be enough corn for home consumption, but Kansas will rank among the surplus states, and there will be train load after train load to ship away.

1 In the western portion of the state the late crops will be the best on account of recent heavy rains. Kansas is far better off than most people give her credit for being, and it is time this loud talk a-bout short crops, drouth and failure was stopped. Taking the entire Leavenworth county, including wheat, corn and all kinds of fruit, this year has been the most successful one for twenty years, and the same can truthfully be said of several other counties." and luxurious fui'man palace Sleeping and Hotel ours are attached lo all throuirh trains Provisions. Also, fresh and salt meats in connection. Competition Defied.

J. XX. Fxop. Barnes, Kansas. The novel Duffet Parlor and Sleeping oars are run on all day trains, and Keuliuintf Cli air cars on nlfrht trains between St.

Louis, Kansas City, Atchison and St Joe. Pullman Palace Sleeping cars on night trains between Kansas City and Omaha. The rates via this line are always as low afl any other, and di rect connections are made with express Druggists. AUTOGRAPH ALBUMS', SCRAP PERFUMERY" Toilet Articles and Druggists- Suit) dries. Bonier. F. MEM, GENERAL INSMCE AGENT, BARNES. KANSAS'. trains or otner lines at junction points. H.

C. TOWN8KND, Gen'l Passenger and T'kt A'gt, St. Louis Chahlks S. Stvlis, Passenger and Ticket Agent, Atchison, COMMERCIAL HOUSE. AS.

McGHIE, Proprietor. Old papers for sale, at five cents per dozen at this office. The only rmsT-ctAss Hotel in the city. We are also Headquarters for WANTED. MEN AND WOMEN.

Commercial Men, having built in addition to the Hotel a fine Sample Room. We are here to please, and claim to be second to nonc in the County Call and see us. Barnes, Kansas. To subscribe for the Leawmoorth Daily or Weekly Times, in connection with the Enterprise. H.

BRUCE, Proprietor The place occupied by the Times in Kansas Journalism and politics is too well known to need commendation from the Enterprise. It is fearles, outspoken, independent Republican or THE- LOOKHEHEl LOOK NOW I KNOW WHKKE I CAN GET FURNITURE At Prices that Defy Competition I Also OHROMOS, WINDOW BLINDS, PICTURE FRAMES, Ebony Paper Racksi, Spring Mattressea, Clock Shelves, And evarythlng- tbut oun ho rouml In an FlrHt-ClNis Furniture lit ore at B. S. wpel'M iTKHmilW! STOW-, K4K e. K4as paper; in fact the State paper.

It fa wed Barn lew Livery A fact was never more forcibly presented than the following from the Wellington Ouid Nunc: "The democratic party is not a party so founded on principle as to be worthy of confidence. The only ambition of the party is place and power. It is willing to make any sacrifice of principle so it can obtain the spoils. It is ready to promise anything so the dear people give it a vote. It constructs its platforms and makes its nominations so as to provide for every conceivable want.

If in a vorsthe enforcement of law an order. We can furnish our paper and the Barnes, Daily Times for $5.00 a year. We can furnish our paper and the Weekly Times for $160 a year. Bend for The Times Premium Lint. Having purohkstd th Livery and Feed Barn, aorth of the railroad, from Vlnler Lee, I propel to make mr ctaarr reasonable and keep food team for lb accommodation of the Pxielle I alto 4 tke ekf Drayinf.

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